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For the 'Valentine Fandom Ask Meme': 1, 4, 8, 16, 17, 18 and 19.

Thanks, Nat! *looks at first question and realises I never thought about how hard this would be*


Alright, lemme get to it!

Your favourite non-canon ship?

Bahahaha. You will not believe how long I sat and thought about this before I eventually realised Bellarke. Like, that’s how canon they are to me already; I don’t even think about them as non-canon anymore. So Bellarke or, at the moment, Flynn and Lucy from Timeless (against my will). OH and Cisco and Caitlyn in The Flash. My babies, I cry for them.

I try to limit my pain as far as possible so I don’t usually ship things that aren’t at least heading toward canon (which is why that last one causes me particular heartache).

Oh and Joanlock from Elementary 😥😥😥 Ok maybe I cause myself a fair amount of pain.

Name a popular ship you don’t get the appeal of.

Like every current TVD one lol. Kidding. I’d say chiefly Stefan/Elena but I think I’ve bashed that one in enough in my lifetime so I’m gonna go with Damon/Bonnie. Do. Not. Get.

Also, obviously, the unnameable NOTP that has turned poor Carebear as OOC as ever.

Is there a ship that made you realise something about yourself?

Drew and Alex (PERALISH FTW) on Quantico. Mainly because Drew made me realise he was a kind of character with nuances that I’d never seen on TV before and, moreover, that he was the exact sort of guy I would fall for in real life. His strong views on morality and how he remained steadfast to his principles and way he views the world made me realise I’m still single because I don’t know a guy like him yet lol. The scene I always remember is how honourably he gave up Alex at one point? He was just like super mature and kind about it, knowing she wasn’t over Ryan (aka The Worst) and I thought: You are perfect for me.

Is there a type of ship you always go for?

Alwayyyyyyys. Bad guy who treats the girl like his queen. That’s it. Klaroline, Captain Swan, Bellarke, Haleb, Chair, Flaurel, Shaleb… I could go on.

Is there a ship the writers have ruined for you?

Probably Delena. Man I have so much TVD PTSD lol *is reminded of when Ian said the show is a venereal disease hehehehe* 

OH OH and, recently, Brian and Miller on The 100. Idk I can’t stand Brian now. OH AND MY JANE THE VIRGIN SHIP 😬😬😬 Oh and Kalijah #TVDPTSD

Is there a ship the fandom has ruined for you?

I don’t know if this one counts anymore (guess this counts as one the writers ruined too), but Octavia and Lincoln from The 100. I loved their story and how strong and weak they made each other and then I started reading metas about the start of their relationship (Lincoln kidnapping her) and Octavia’s quasi-racist actions toward him and suddenly I was like …Um. Although Octavia in general is a character you can only enjoy if you ignore fandom lol.

  • Pearl: *loses Rose Quartz, the woman she has loved for thousands of years, and is now stuck on a primitive planet fighting a battle for the sake of an alien species, in which she and her compatriots are hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, while dealing with the loss of the person who was her friend, her leader, and undoubtedly the love of her life, trying to remain strong in the face of overwhelming pressure and her own self doubt, all while helping to raise the son that Rose left behind, treating him with kindness and love in spite of the pain his creation has brought her*
  • The SU fandom: lol Pearl so salty lol

“When a gem is made it’s for a reason

They burst out of the ground already knowing what they’re supposed to be

And that’s what they are


But you… You’re supposed to change

You’re never the same even moment to moment

You’re allowed and expected to invent who you are

What an incredible power

The ability to grow up…”