she is just amazing :d

“Yoongi leans on the wall by the window, head turned to gaze out. His jaw is a sharp line, the tendons in his neck apparent. Strands of messy blond hair fall into his lidded eyes. He brings the cigarette to his lips and inhales. His eyes drift shut, lashes playing across smooth skin, and he exhales. Smoke curls around his lips and dances among flecks of dust in the air, catching the sunlight that bathes him. Shadows move across his face but the light brushes the edges of his body like a halo.

Yoongi is so beautiful it hurts.”

Please read Running in Place by jonghyunslisterine ;v;;

Hahahahahahahah Root busting in on every operation to tell people that THAT MAN IS NOT [whatever undercover alias], HE’S THE ARCHITECT OF THE FUTURE

And Harold be like “please…root no…y u gotta blow my cover”


he’s the ARCHITECT

of the FUTURE

“root pls”


Twice reaction to: their partner being a great baker

Jihyo: Would try and bake with you from time to time, help with making the icing and making the mixture. She’d try and make a cake by herself one time for you, with little pink heart decorations on it, just for you.

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Nayeon: She’d watch in amazement as you decorated the cupcakes with swirls and patterns, wondering how on earth you got them so perfect. Youd would make a bunny one just for Nayeon, causing her to blush and gush on how cute it was and how it tasted amazing! 

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Jeongyeon:  Would get you to teach her, having small lessons with her every Saturday. She’d listen to your instructions very carefully, and would watch with amazement like Nayeon on your perfect decoration. On your birthday she’d make a special cake for you with your favourite flavor and decorate it with small flowers and hearts. 

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 Momo: Sneaky Momo would try and eat all your food, carefully watching you to make sure you weren’t looking,before sneakily stealing a cupcake! You’d only notice when you saw a number of cupcakes were missing, before looking at a guilty looking Momo, who then tried to get out of trouble with aegyo.

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Mina: Our princess ballerina here would be your no.1 food tester, tasting the food you baked before anyone else, giving you her opinions. Usually they would be good critics, with her begging you for more, with rarely a negative critic, like a bit too much icing.

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Sana: Like Jeongyeon, you’d give Sana lessons on how to bake, except you would have to be a lot careful with Sana, as the last time you left her alone to bake the cakes, she nearly burned the whole dorm down. After awhile, you learnt Sana was actually amazing at decorating, so she became your no.1 decorator.

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Dahyun:  Like Momo, she’d try and steal some of your cupcakes, only to get caught by you. She’d try with her adorable aegyo to get one (which you fell for because who wouldn’t) and you would give her a strawberry cupcake you actually made just for her. 

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Chaeyoung: Lil baby would just watch with fascination at how you decorated your cakes and how you got them so perfect. After awhile she’d have a go herself, making a cake just for you and decorating it with hearts and your favourite colours.

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Tzuyu: Tall baby would help you from time to time, getting you ingredients, or helping decorating. You and Tzuyu would have little baking dates where you would bake cupcakes for eachother, decorating them with your names and other cute decorations. 

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“…and they had Happy Angry Sex.”

I just thought Kageyama is really gentle during sex and sometimes that exasperates Hinata

So tonight in DND our barbarian met and had rebound sex with my son.

Ladies In Love

Hiya, @ladybeug! Sorry for the wait, but I was your secret santa! ^^ One of your preferred pairings was Alyabug, and so I attempted to write a fluffy little aged up piece with them! I hope you enjoy it! And thanks to my pals who worked so hard for @mlsecretsanta to be such a success! :D <3


“-and she was just so amazing, Marinette!” Alya exclaimed, face aglow with admiration. She did a little twirl, similar to what Marinette herself did in the past when she would squeal over Adrien. With a sigh, she fell backwards, onto Marinette’s bed, and dramatically draped her arm over her eyes.

Marinette snorted at her friend ad sat down next to her, reaching out to pat her shoulder. “There, there, Als, I believe you. And I’m sure you and Ladybug will have another date soon,” she said, sounding more sure than she probably should.

Groaning, Alya rolled over until her head was planted in the covers and her limbs draped over her best friend. In a muffled voice, she said, “You’re right, but I need to do something special. She brings me to all these super romantic, if not cliche, places and I just- how can I top the top of the Eiffel Tower? Mari, it’s impossible! This girl’s just too good.”

At that statement, Marinette felt real sympathy. She hadn’t meant to make her friend feel such a way… but she did have an idea on how to help fix it.

“Alya, I am about to tell you top secret info, okay? Adrien told me not to tell anyone, but…”

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Here is some more Danger Mouse stuff! I love all danger agents but Danger Moth and Professor Squankencluck are my favorites together with DM and Penfold, they’re pretty great characters! Actually I’m pleasantly surprised by Danger Moth’s recurreing appearances, I appreciated every time she was on screen :D And the Professor is just amazing, you go girl! Also there are some Duckulas and a Sinister Mouse because they’re really funny to draw as well.

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Oh man so me and my gf have been together for nearly 3 months now and I love her so much!!! She's the most amazing and adorable and just aaaaa!! I love her so much I am so gay for her!! It's an ldr though and I miss her so much- but she's moving less than an hour away from me in a couple of months and I can't wait to see her again and aaaaaaa!!! She just means the world to me!! :D

that’s so amazing anon omg! and same!! i relate!!! i love my gf too!!!! :DD

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Pll questions~ Who do you think A.D is? Do you think its two people? If it's different from who you "think" A.D is, who would you "want" A.D to be? Would you be mad at any character being A.D?

My brain thinks Mary is A.D. but my heart will forever want Melissa as A.D. I told Marlene how much I loved Torrey and she just has the most amazing pokerface that you’d ever seen. Nothing could get that woman to talk lol I think the only characters I would be mad at being A.D. would probably be some random ass twin, Lucas, Wren, or any of the parents (not including Mary of course)

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even though i've got my exams and i've spent the best part of an hour reading your jacob tag and now i 100% need this to become canon! i can see robert taking jacob to the high school both aaron and robert went to (at different times) but there's a teacher there who was there for both of them that they both hate and jacob has a run in with her and she hates him purely for his dads and so robert goes Protective Dad Mode™ and holds a meeting with the teacher

jacob is a much better use of your time than pesky exams ;)

and omg that idea is just… so amazing!! she’d hate robert and aaron because neither were exactly model pupils and when she realises jacob is their son she immediately takes against him. and jacob tries to deal with it on his own but eventually it starts getting to him so much that he says something to liv and liv tells aaron and robert because she’s worried (and maybe because she had a similar run in with this teacher). and robert and aaron just flip… they go up to the school asap and demand to speak to her and then just rip into her. robert threatens to sue, aaron says he’s going to have her sacked, and she basically cracks instantly, apologises profusely and that if she upset jacob then she’ll have a word and smooth things over. robert and aaron leave, smug as anything, and tell jacob it’s been handled. jacob goes in the next day and the teacher immediately takes him aside to apologise, looking guilty as sin. jacob decides he’s never going to mess with his dads ever


request meme || @lucinasparallelfalchion asked: akatsuki no yona + favorite hero

princess yona

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Hey, if you're still doing the "Give me a series and I'll tell you", could you do that with Until Dawn?

yeah! sure!!

  • Character I’d want as a best friend.
    • Probably Sam cause she’s the nicest and i love her
  • Character I’d want as a parent.
    • Matt, he’d be such a great and loving dad!!!
  • Character I’d want as a sibling.
    • Beth, she’d just perf and she’d have my back no matter what
  • Character I’d want as a significant other.
    • Mike…. because… reasons
  • Character I’d want as a child.
    • Emily so i can treat her right and help her learn to relax a bit while still motivating her to succeed and try her best to prove just how amazing she is. 
  • Character I’d want as a weird inlaw.
    • Chris cause he’s super funny and nerdy but also a total sweetheart

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Last night, Marina and the Diamonds absolutely SLAYED it in Amsterdam (10/05/15).  I also have recorded her playing ‘Obsessions’ and 'Happy’ on the piano.. She sounded marvelous!! It was just amazing! It’s a night I’ll cherish forever.. :D :D Can’t wait for the NEON FROOT tour! :D :D 

It’s been sitting in my drafts for a while and I forgot about all it .__.

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Can I just say that I really love your D&D character? Umbra's pretty amazing! Does she just drag her claws on the ground behind her as she runs/walks?

well, those gauntlets are basically the size of her body =w=;;

Floor repair goes up to 20gp sometimes