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Black Pink Reaction~ Dating Someone Who’s Not Korean

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Lisa would freaking adore you. She would always take pictures with you or bragging about you to her friend saying how lucky she is to have someone as beautiful as you. Also expect a lot of off guard pictures when you aren’t paying attention.

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Jennie would think its hot. Not just because you’re of a different race but because I feel like she enjoys to go against the standards of Korean society. She would always tell you how hot you are, and not forgetting to remind you how much she loves you.

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I don’t think jisoo would care. Honestly I think she would think of you just as someone she loves and cares about. For her I think its more of your personality rather than how you look. She just seems to happy and bubbly to care about that.

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Maybe it’s just me but Rose doesn’t strike me as someone who would care about ethnicity. She grew up around people who aren’t Korean pretty much all her life. She would just love the fact that she can call you hers.

I hope you enjoyed it ~I now do text with any Kpop group

All request are open~

BlackPink Reaction #13 - Their s/o sees snow for the first time tries making a snow angel face-down

anon asked: block b, b.a.p, and blackpink reaction to their s.o never seeing snow until they visit a snowy state while they’re with them on tour and when they see it they run outside without a coat on and flop down in it face down and start making snow angels xD i can just imagine them saying “JAGI YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG PUT A COAT ON” lmao

Jennie: -She’s used to Korea and New Zeland’s weather so when they were on tour in the USA and there was 3 feet of snow she’d be too cold to want to play outside-

“Y/n…Please… You’re going to get frost bite if you don’t protect your face! Can we pleaseee go inside now??”

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Jisoo: I have no doubt in my mind that she’d flop down right beside you to make snow angels face down in the snow. She’d be so gleeful because you were happy that you two would end up having a snowball fight afterwords and you’d stay in the cold long enough that your faces were numb when you went back in

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Rosé: -internal struggle- ‘If I tell them that they’re doing it wrong and they’ll stop… but Y/n is so cute right now. But they could catch a cold… but-’

She’d end up telling you but not until after your snow angel was finished! She thought you were too cute to stop you

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Lisa: She would whip out her phone as quickly as possible to film you being this adorable. After about 2 minutes of recording with you flopping around in the snow, she’d join you.

You two would probably end up rolling down a snowy hill without meaning to, laughing hysterically once you reached the bottom. You’d get hot chocolate afterwords at a street cart and wouldn’t go back inside until you were half frozen to death.

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A/N: LMAOOO I loved this reaction xD Thank you for requesting lovely anon~ I hope you liked it <3

Mean Queens Ch.5 (Group Fic) - NymphCAMP

Nymph’s A/N: we’re incapable of writing short chapters, we’ve got so much to say. But it’s good, plenty of jokes, plenty of fun. As always, thank you for the feedback, we have so much fun writing and talking about this fic, and we’re so grateful for anyone who reads and enjoys/has a little chuckle. Nymph out.

PureCAMP’s A/N: Keeping it short and snappy - I love every single one of you who has read/left feedback on mean queens and we hope you enjoy it! <3

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Jonrya Reread Week 1

Jon grinned, reached over, and messed up her hair.Arya flushed.They had always been close. - Arya I, AGOT 

This is the first time we have Jon messing up Arya’s hair, something Arya reminds us of and misses throughout the next books.And Arya’s reaction to it?She flushed.

(of a person’s skin or face) become red and hot, typically as the result of illness or strong emotion

It does come off as weird blushing over your brothers touch.

Arya snatched her arm and glared at him.Jon messed up her hair again. - Arya I, AGOT

“Nothing is fair,” Jon said.He messed up her hair again and walked away from her, Ghost silently beside him. -  Arya I, AGOT

Jon messes up her hair 3 times in only one chapter, he adores and loves Arya so much he basically can’t keep his hands away from her.We are told that they always have been close and at the same time we are shown trough their actions.

“Touch has a memory.” ― John Keats

Dance With Me (Veronica x Reader Request)

Request: ‘36 and 37 with Veronica?’ – Anon

Prompts: ‘I’m so in love with you.’ ‘Dance with me!’

It’s you and Veronica’s 4 month anniversary and she decides to take you to a club for the first time to celebrate.

Characters/Pairings: Veronica x Reader, Kevin, Josie.

Warnings: Swearing, underage drinking, kissing.

Word Count: 846.


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I carefully painted my lips with a red matte lipstick. My aim was to look grown up tonight, I was going to a club for the first time and the last thing I wanted to look like was some high school kid. Veronica had already reassured me I’d look good whatever I wore. I could hear her singing along in her bedroom, she was clearly in the partying mood. I followed the music and found my girlfriend looking stunning as usual, in a skimpy red number. She even made dancing like a goofball look hot.

‘How do I look?’ I interrupted her, my hand straightening my y/f/c dress. Veronica turned around, she gasped. I could only hope that was a good reaction. She walked up to me and held my hands.

‘You look stunning y/n. Everyone’s going to have their eyes on you, tonight I think I’ll be playing the role of jealous girlfriend.’ She leaned in and gave me a gentle kiss. I separated quickly, remembering I had make up on for a change.

‘Ronnie, watch the paint job.’ I joked. Veronica frowned at me, sticking her bottom lip out for comical effect. She looked adorable, this girl really knew how to get to me.

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Beautiful girls, Toned arms, Smitten Superheroes, oh my!

Ship: Marichat
Author(s): Alisen and Camryn
Word Count:  779
Rated: PG-13

Adrien had never understood what the fuss was about. Like, was this even a big deal? It seemed kind of weird, actually. But, God, now he knew.

Sitting in Marinette’s room late at night was a regular occurrence for Chat Noir. Adrien had seen a lot of Mari as Chat. He had seen her in deep concentration as she drew a design. He had seen her slowly fall asleep as they watched a movie. And, Adrien admits, that the first time he had seen her with her hair down, he stuttered a bit.

But now (God help him) he can’t even speak. Not when Marinette is wearing a tank top in his presence.

She leans against the wall next to her bed, her shoulder almost touching his. He swallows thickly as she stretches her arms above her head, her hair falling off her shoulders (yes, her hair was down. Once again, God help him). Kim was absolutely right. Girls with toned arms… Damn.

“And when I found out that Alya had recorded the whole thing, I– Chat, are you even listening?”

His eyes snap up to hers. No he hadn’t been busy staring at her arms, what was you talking about?

“Sorry Princess, I was too busy meow-veling at how purr-fect you looked tonight.” He grins.

Marinette cringes and frowns a bit, but he could tell she was trying to hide a laugh by the way her lips slightly shifted and by the scarlet blush that graced her freckled cheeks.

“Is that so?” her voice has an intentional teasing tone to it.  

He nods, leaning a bit closer to her face, “Absolutely perfect.”

Marinette blinks in surprise at Chat’s sudden serious behavior, clearing her throat. “W-Well, th-thank you then…”

Chat starts to lean in and Marinette’s face becomes scarlet.

What’s this? He thinks to himself as he leans closer, What am I doing? He takes in her flustered form that’s just writhing under his spell. I don’t know what it is, but I like it.  

He leans in until there is just a centimeter between him and Mari’s soft, rose colored lips until pulling away with the most cheeky smirk a boy could have. Kissing seemed nice right now, yes, but he wanted to get her cheeks as red as possible first.  He chuckled to himself at the look on the sweet girl’s face. Her scarlet cheeks that were dusted with a galaxy of freckles. Her eyes were glazed over, but still dazzling.

He paused for a moment. And in that split second she surged forward and pressed her velvety lips against his own. Her lips gently moved against his own as if she was nervous of rejection.

Okay, now I really don’t know what’s going on. Chat’s whole body goes stiff, eyes widening, cheeks reddening.

Marinette tilts her head in a way of deepening the kiss, still seemingly afraid that he’ll pull away. All thoughts are now blurred as he kisses back full force. He slowly pushes her back onto the bed, lips pulling apart as his go to her neck.

Oh, I definitely like this~ His throat vibrates with a purr as his lips trailing along her jaw, her neck, her shoulders. My God, her arms.

Chat kisses down her arms, moving back up to her neck and gently biting down.

Marinette gasps and the sound reverberates through his body like a shock wave.




(And as you can probably guess, things went on like that for the rest of the night. (and not that far, you perv))

*ze next day*

Adrien walks into school with a sense of pride the next day, beaming widely. Kissing Marinette, God kissing Marinette, was quite the experience. It left him in an all smiles kind of mood. He couldn’t wait to see her reaction from their activities last night, especially considering the fact that she won’t know that Chat is right there in the room.

Finally reaching the class, he sits himself in his seat, a smile never leaving his face as he silently waits for his adorable Princess.

Just as he finishes the thought, Marinette herself walks into the room, adjusting a light pink chiffon scarf close to her neck. Adrien is already grinning, knowing why she would have a scarf on such a hot day.

She’s hiding a mark. His mark. Well, a few of them…

But then a thought crossed his mind; Those are my marks on my territory.

He had a cheshire grin, a devilish look in his eye to go with it. His smirk grows wider as his and Marinette’s eyes connect, a blush settling on her features at the very flirty expression.


I have such a viscerally positive reaction to botw Zelda. I just see her and am bombarded with the instant urge to wrap her in a blanket, hand her a hot beverage of her choice, and protect her with my life. Like I will personally ensure that this cute little science princess is happy and safe and healthy. I love her and would die for her. 

Red Velvet Reaction to: Her Members Seeing Your Flirty Text & Sexy Picture, Meant For Her

Irene: ashamed was her first emotion. She was not only the oldest but the leader, she needed to set a good example for the girls. To have been caught red-handed made her feel so dirty. But also turned on? “How could you have let them see you like that, in a way that only I should? Maybe you need to be taught a lesson?”

Wendy: blames you, “Why couldn’t you have waited until I came home?!” She’s not ashamed of being caught but just the fact that it was by her friends, who she adored and worked with. “How will I ever be able to look them in the eye again?”

Seulgi: the flirty text was embarrassing, but the picture they seen made her jealous. “Your body is for my eyes only … yet my friends have seen it too. You’re so naughty,” she’ll tell you, half pouting, half angry. She didn’t like that her friends had seen such an intimate aspect of the relationship but it’s also … kind of hot?

Joy: has such an extra reaction, screaming and trying to shield her phone screen. Not realizing the photo that was about to come through, Wendy grabs the phone to jokingly read out the text, just as it pops up. Her jaw drops, as does everyone else’s. The humour is gone, leaving behind only awkwardness. “Ah, sorry,” Joy mumbles, “I think I should let myself out.”

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its christmas!!!! how do you think the rfa+v would celebrate the holidays?

sure thing! it actually is christmas hahahah I suck! T^T I’m sorry for taking to long! 


  • I feel like he’d spend Christmas with his family.
  • In the DLC it was implied that this X-mas was the second one away from his family, so let’s just imagine it’s ext year’s.
  • He’d been really excited since he’d missed so much.
  • Like yeah, he did visit his family every now and then, but Christmas was special.
  • If you were together, he’d bring you over and be beyond happy when he noticed how well you got along with his family.
  • He’d help his mom with the whole cooking business.
  • Oh… MC looks so cute… Oh she’s with my sister. Wait… What are they holding? Is that… I-Is that… A PHOTO ALBUM!?
  • He bolted and snatched the photo album away.
  • “____, why would you show MC that!!?”
  • He was a blushing mess.
  • “But you look so cute, Yoosung! Specially in that dress when you were three!” You grinned while showing him the picture you took on your phone.
  • “I wonder what Seven will think…”
  • NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
  • His manly man side came out and he pulled you towards him and whispered, “Hmm… And here I thought I’d reward you tonight…”
  • He laughed and pressed a kiss against your nose.
  • Little did he know that the picture was safely stored in your recently deleted.
  • Anyways, once dinner and the gift giving was over you two stepped to the backyard and sat on one of those bench swings.
  • “Thank you for making my Christmas so special, MC. I love you.”
  • He placed you on his lap and wrapped his arms around you, burying his face in your neck.
  • “I love you too, Yoosung. Merry Christmas.”
  • “Merry Christmas, MC.”


  • When you agreed to spend Christmas with him, he was overjoyed.
  • He’d wanted to spend his Christmas Eve/Christmas Day with his significant other and it was finally happening.
  • It makes him extremely happy because he was usually alone during Christmas.
  • First, you decided to go on a walk to admire the beautiful scenery of the city.
  • You didn’t know he was so good? You looked like a newborn deer and he was the embodiment of a greek god.
  • Afterwards he takes you for a ride on his dicc on his motorcycle since you’ve been beGGING him to do so.
  • He refused because it was too dangerous for a beautiful princess like you.
  • He takes you to a cabin and you were ??? confused ???
  • Turns out he saved up a lot and rented it.
  • Everything was already there with a delicious looking full-course Christmas meal.
  • He spent too much on you… He didn’t have to.
  • As if on cue he planted a kiss on your shoulder and mumbled, “Don’t say anything. I did it for both of us. This has been one of my dreams and it’s my first Christmas in a long long time spending it with someone I truly love.”
  • You two sang BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE ACTING IT OUT AND EVERYTHING, watched movies, made out for a long long time, and cuddled while drinking hot cocoa.
  • Cliche as heck.
  • Best Christmas ever. 10/10.


  • You decided to stay at her place for Christmas Eve/Christmas.
  • She insisted you stayed with your family, though.
  • You prepared everything food related and set up the Christmas tree since she barely even had the time to do so herself.
  • You two started having a marathon of Zen’s DVDs while having dinner.
  • You were honestly just relishing on your girlfriend’s adorable reactions towards Zen’s acting.
  • You couldn’t stop yourself.
  • You grabbed her by the shoulders and placed a tender kiss against her lips.
  • If it wasn’t Christmas Eve she would’ve scolded you for interrupting art like this, but this time she didn’t have the heart to do so.
  • She checked her phone briefly and smiled.
  • It was rare of her to be so bold towards you but she hesitantly wrapped her arms around your waist and brought you to her lap, making you straddle her.
  • “Merry Christmas, MC.” She murmured as she placed her slightly parted lips over your own.
  • You two made out for quite a while until you pulled back, out of breath and panting slightly.
  • “Hold on.”
  • She was confused when she saw you stand up and come back with a huge box.
  • “Open it.”
  • She was gentle doing so and her heart stopped.
  • She was ecstatic. “MC! How did you—”
  • “Zen’s my best friend. He wouldn’t say no to me.”
  • Oh… She fell in love with you all over again.


  • He knew it was a family holiday and you knew he liked having civilized encounters with his dad, which is why you were surprised when he invited you over for Christmas.
  • Jumin was so happy when you accepted because this would be the warmest Christmas ever for him.
  • The light and warmth you gave off was enough of a gift for him.
  • “Babe… Did you invite your father over?” You asked timidly, knowing this was a touchy subject for your lover.
  • “No. He’ll be spending the evening with his new girlfriend.” He stared at the Christmas tree in front of him.
  • “Oh… Okay.” You didn’t want to push it so you left it at that.
  • Afterwards he decided to help you make dinner since he wanted to follow the “commoners’ ” traditions with you.
  • You two were now sitting on the carpet, Elizabeth the 3rd curled up in a ball next to the dark haired man.
  • Jumin hands you a poorly wrapped present with the cutest blush adorning his face.
  • You’re overwhelmed when you see a handmade scrapbook full of blurry pictures he took, capturing from meaningful to small moments of your relationship.
  • “It’s not much… I mean, I didn’t want to give you something that takes mo effort and I put everything I feel for you into this—”
  • He was surprised when he felt a soft pair of lifts moving slowly against his own.
  • “You’re pretty cute when you ramble. And I absolutely loved it. It’s the best present I’ve ever received and as of now it’s my treasure.”
  • He turned you over and hovered over you, his hot breath tickling your neck.
  • “Wait… Jumin… I still need to give you my present…”
  • “I’d like to unwrap it now if it’s okay…”
  • He started lifting your shirt when you grabbed his hand and brought it up to your lips, planting a loving kiss over it.
  • “I really want you to see my present, though.”
  • You sat up, leaving a confused and slightly frustrated businessman looking up at you with the cutest expression.
  • You handed him a box with decent wrapping and smiled shyly as he took it.
  • The moment he got the present out you hid your face behind your hair for two reasons.
  • 1. You were beyond shy about giving him a gift when he already had everything. What could you possibly give him?
  • 2. He was so strict when it came to Elizabeth the 3rd, so when he pulled out the plush you made and stared at it with a seemingly stoic expression (you were to nervous to read him correctly) you panicked.
  • “I… I know it’s probably not good enough since it’s such a small present and it doesn’t capture Elizabeth the 3rd’s full beauty but I really thought you would like it. I can stay with it if you don’t thou—”
  • Now it was your turn to be interrupted, more like astounded.
  • You noticed a single tear run down his right cheek and you felt your heart stop.
  • You were about to apologize when he brought you into his arms and started placing kisses all over your face.
  • “Just as yourself, this is the best gift I’ve ever received and… and I can’t believe I am this lucky. I… just…”
  • You shook your head and brought his head onto your chest, running your fingers through his hair, eventually making him fall asleep over you.
  • It was Jumin Han’s best Christmas ever.



(MC’s catholic for purposes of this hc. I’m sorry.)

  • A year had passed after the whole Mint Eye ordeal and slowly but steadily Saeran and Saeyoung’s relationship was starting to mend.
  • It was hard for Saeran to easily hang out with the othet RFA members.
  • He felt guilty, uncomfortable, and overall still didn’t trust them.
  • That was the only reason you still weren’t living there.
  • It was finally Christmas, the first Christmas these two would be spending together ever since they were separated.


  • It was weird for Saeyoug to suddenly go back to being even slightly festive again.
  • But Saeran was here and somehow he convinced him to at least have a Christmas meal with him.
  • He invited you over since Saeran was, thankfully, what seemed slightly more comfortable around you than he other members.
  • He was truly taken aback when you cancelled all your plans for the night and decided to stay over for Christmas.
  • You were such a kind angel.
  • You trusted his twin and had tons of faith in him and he just felt so lucky.
  • The three of you were about to have dinner when you intervened, “I’d like to say a small prayer before we eat…” You trailed off, as if asking for approval of the two redheads.
  • They both nodded, Saeran looking slightly uneasy.
  • “Thank you God for giving us the food we’re about to eat. Thank you for bringing Saeyoung and Saeran into our lives. Please take care of them and all of the members of this organization. Please, God, take care of those who can’t take care of themselves, please give them a helping hand.” At this, Saeran looked up at you, eyes wide.
  • All throughout this, Saeyoung was repeatedly thinking of how lucky he was to have you.
  • “Please bless these two knuckleheads and keep taking care of them. Please only bring good things into their lives because they deserve that much. Also, thank you God, for blessing Saeyoung… and… and…”
  • Seven was speechless and extremely touched by your kindness, but the moment he took notice of your hesitation he placed his hand on your shoulder trying to reassure you. He thought that you thought you’ve crossed a line.
  • You gathered up all the courage and managed to finally say it.
  • “And thank you for blessing Saeyoung and I with the best Christmas present ever. Amen.”
  • Now he was confused.
  • “Wait MC, what are you talking about?”
  • “Saeyoung, I’m pregnant.”
  • He stood up immediately and almost tripped trying to run over to you, pressing his lips firmly against yours once he finally knelt next to your chair.
  • “MC… There’s no better way I could’ve spent this Christmas than with my family.”
  • “You totally beat my present by the way.”
  • “What was it?”
  • “Let’s keep it 15+”


  • Saeran was reluctant to have you over.
  • He still didn’t entirely trust the RFA, but somehow, when he looked at you, all he saw was light.
  • He trusted you since you’ve shown him in the lapse of a year how much a person is willing to give to help others out.
  • Meaning she gave her mental and physical strength in order to help him get better.
  • Of course, both MC and Saeran knew it would take much much longer than a mere year for him to go back to whatever normal was.
  • The point was that you were coming over and he was extremely nervous.
  • He didn’t know how to celebrate Christmas and was extremely afraid something would trigger him.
  • But, the rest of the evening was quite the opposite.
  • Somehow you got him and Saeyoung to take a picture together.
  • It was totally worth it because you gave him the cutest smile ever.
  • He still wasn’t aware of his feelings for you, at least not entirely but you had made it clear that you felt a strong attraction towards him and that you would do anything in your power to help him.
  • You were playing Uno with the twins and Saeran watched as both Seven and yourself started laughing at something the goofier twin had said.
  • He felt a pang of… jealousy?
  • He wanted you to look at him too…
  • That pang was present throughout the entire night until the clock hit 12.
  • You were next to Saeran and decided to go for it.
  • You noticed how he started distancing himself and that was the last thing you wanted for him.
  • So you slowly pressed your fingertip against the palm of his hand, looking straight up as fireworks adorned the sky.
  • He jumped back and stared down at you, trying to fully comprehend the situation.
  • He armed himself with courage, trying hard to put all his past behind him, at least for this one small moment and slowly engulfed your hand in his, intertwining your fingers.
  • “Merry Christmas, MC…”
  • You stayed quiet in that position until the show was over.
  • This was his first true Christmas ever and he was able to spend it with his twin and someone very dear to him.
  • Finally he had a happy Christmas.


  • Let’s imagine he managed to survive the Mint Eye situation.
  • It was his first Christmas without Rika truly around and someone else next to him.
  • But, the difference, the one thing that made a huge difference, was that this other person was you.
  • You who received him with open arms, you who helped him heal.
  • You who never doubted him.
  • And you, who helped him change for the better.
  • You’ve been begging him all year to take the surgery, to make it better and this Christmas, he was going to give you the biggest surprise ever.
  • He decided to spend Christmas with the RFA, since he wanted to be surrounded by those he fought so hard to protect. His second family.
  • He loved seeing you laugh alongside his friends and was genuinely surprised when you managed to make Jumin chuckle.
  • But once everything was over and you two were back at his apartment, with your help he sat next to you at the edge of his bed.
  • He flashed that kind smile of his at you and searched for your face, gently cupping it between his gentle hands.
  • “I forgot to tell you…”
  • “What is it, Jihyun?”
  • He loved it when you said his name.
  • “I’m taking the surgery. I already made the appointment.”
  • Everything was silent until he heard sniffling. That was when he took you in his arms and held you as you cried.
  • “This… This is the best gift you could possible give me… Give yourself… Jihyun…”
  • You started peppering his face with kisses.
  • This was one of the happiest Christmas he’s ever had in his life.


magicmaiden36  asked:

I absolutely adore your reaction posts! :3 Could I ask how the samurai/ninja would react to their female S/O asking to take a dip in the hot spring with her?

I’m so glad, thank you kindly! ♥ I wrote it like they won’t wear anything then because I think swimsuits were not so swag back then and there.

Nobunaga would grin and tease her, saying something like “What? You want to see me naked?” Still he would be very glad that she asked and would eagerly do it because actually he would be the one who wants to see her.

Mitsuhide would smile at her and answer with answer with a brief “Of course.” Once they are in the water, he couldn’t help touching and kissing her.

Yukimura would redden, before she even finishes her sentence. “Y-y-y-you and me, in the w-w–water…wear-ing, n-n-n-nothing?” After she affirmed her statement he would go in with her. Despite blushing at first, he would turn quite bold once he sees her body, exposed, visible for no one but him.

Saizo would be astonished at the blunt offer, but start teasing her immediately. “Anything else you want me to do?”, could be something he would say. After they are in the water, he’d keep teasing her and enjoy her reactions. 

Masamune’s eyes would go wide for this question and a blush would creep up his cheeks. “You and me, in… the same spring?”, he’d ask. His reaction would make her a bit embaressed as well, but he would suddenly agree. However he would make sure that really no one is around and would love to play with her fingers and cuddle in the water.

Kojuro would absolutely love the idea. He would agree eagerly and be charmed by her adorable offer. He would make sure that there is absolutely nothing between them and would hardly allow the water to seperate their bodies. 

Toshiie would blush and want her to repeat what she had just said. “Have you lost your mind?”, he’d shout before she could even start a new sentence. When she isn’t already intimidated, he’d say “Forget it.”, before flicking on her head. 

Hideyoshi would think that this is a great idea and would start stripping himself down. He would be really cute to her and thank her for this experience. After he would make sure to brag about it, if she’d allow him.

Ieyasu would refuse. She wouldn’t manage convincing him, but he’d convince her to go in without him. Despite being extremely abashed to be nude and go in the water, while he is standing beside dressed, she would do it. He would watch her the whole time, grinning and laughing at her when she gets embarassed. However he couldn’t keep that up for too long, once he sees her body and would join her.

I hope you liked it!

Nozakura Movie Night Fic

[Note: *I don’t think Nozaki has a couch but for the sake of this fic, he recently purchased one* Also, this isn’t based off any specific horror movie, it’s general]

It was a cold, Friday night. The rain had just stopped. Sakura had stayed at Nozaki’s place the whole day helping him with his manga again. They sipped hot chocolate together. Nozaki breaks the silence.
“Hey Sakura, Mikorin dropped off this horror movie. I had asked him what would be good reference for ‘being scared’ and he handed it to me. Would you like to watch it with me?”
Her heart raced but she looked down disappointed because he would use her reactions for his manga. Again. She quickly darted her head up and nodded nonetheless.
“Perfect. I’ll get everything ready.” He slipped into his room to change into pajamas. Sakura thought he looked adorable but all she could manage to say was,
“N-Nice pajamas—”
“Thanks. I have an extra shirt you could wear if you’d like since you’re already wearing shorts. I’d like you to be comfortable.” Words like those always took her by surprise even with his usual nonchalant expression.
“Yes please!” She burst out happily. He couldn’t help but return her smile and went to retrieve the shirt for his bubbly, orange-haired friend.
She changed as fast as she could and met Nozaki’s eyes as he gestured for her to sit next to him, patting on the couch. She hesitated momentarily, leaving a good 6 inches of space between them.
“Come closer. If you get scared at any moment, you’re more than welcome to wrap your arms around me.” He looked at her.
Her face was a blushing mess and she removed the gap between them slowly. Their sides were touching. Her breath was shortened. Nozaki noticed her uneasiness and without thinking slipped his hand in hers and grasped it. Uh-oh. Her heart was racing even faster now. Nozaki could feel her pulse. Worried, he asked,
“S-Sakura, are you not feeling well? Can I get you something? Anything? Or I can walk you home if you’d like?”
She felt completely frozen. His hand was so warm and it was intertwined with hers so perfectly. He was extremely concerned about her at that moment. She had to say something.
“Nozaki-kun, thank you, really. I think I’m ok now, I wasn’t feeling very well before. Your hand is warm.” She closed her eyes. Now Nozaki’s face suddenly began to get pink.
“W-Well, it was because of the hot chocolate. I’ll be right back with a blanket.” Squeezing her hand affirmatively, he went to his room and returned with a blanket. He spread it over the two of them and got comfortable on the couch again. He started the movie. The first 15 minutes weren’t so bad. There was a moment where the man opened a door and the camera slowly led in. And then… a jump scare! Nozaki let out a short scream and threw his side of the blanket over himself, cowering. Sakura was scared too but Nozaki’s reaction was out of nowhere. She tried not to laugh.
“I-Is it gone…?” He peaked out from under the blankets at Sakura.
“'If you need to wrap your arms around me, you’re more than welcome,’” She slyly quoted him. He narrowed his eyes but smiled seeing what she did. They both ended up getting scared from time to time and got tangled with each other, legs up, down and arms flailing here and there. They tightly hugged each other a lot. Near the end of the movie, things weren’t so scary. Nozaki put his arm around her warmly and she snuggled against his chest.
('This must be what it feels like when couples watch a movie together. Hmm. I’m trying to imagine this with Mamiko and Suzuki but, it wouldn’t feel the same. Having Sakura here with me feels like a pleasant experience, even though I was the first to get scared. It feels nice.’) Nozaki thought to himself.
Eventually, Sakura feel sound asleep. By the time the movie ended, Nozaki said it wasn’t so scary and he turned to look at the sleeping Sakura. With his free hand, he held it up to her cheek. She was warm. He observed her with great attention: She looked blissful. Her scent mixed with the smell of strawberries, she had put perfume on earlier, a lovely aroma. Her hair was soft and the perfect length. Her gem-purple eyes were closed but he knew what they looked like. Her petite mouth was pink and pretty. His large shirt let one of her shoulders peak our from the collar. She looked like a princess. Almost immediately, his heart raced as he gazed upon her. He felt something he had never felt before. Was it love? He didn’t know but he felt fuzzy and it wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. He ran his fingers through the orange strands of her hair softly. He caressed her face, still warm. He brought up the blanket and wrapped it around her better. He thought about getting up and letting her have more space but she seemed perfectly fine the way she was sleeping on his chest. Still sleeping, she hugged him with her right arm, leaving it there. He blushed again but she was asleep. It felt right anyway. He couldn’t help himself from kissing her head so he did. In the end, he decided not to use that time they spent together as reference because it held a sweet meaning for him; he used someone else’s reactions. Some time passed and he ended up falling asleep too. They were in each other’s arms, sleeping peacefully.

Veronica's a Navy fangirl from way back...

Would someone please gif the flashback scenes in “Lord of the Bling” of Veronica’s super adorable reaction faces regarding going to see sailors in San Diego for Fleet Week with Lilly?

I love that Veronica used to go to ogle hot Navy guys annually back in the day and now she has one in her bed. (Made exponentially more awesome cause it’s Logan, obvs.)

More full circle! :)

LILLY: Oh, but we’re still going to that fleet week thing in San Diego, right?
VERONICA: Uh-huh. (grinning broadly)
LILLY: It’s the best. All these weird, angry bands play and hundreds of cute sailors get totally wasted and fight on the sidewalk.

VERONICA: (nodding and smiling enthusiastically)


A/N: So I decided to join in on Nalu Love Fest, mostly because this popped up in my head yesterday and it went with the first prompt, so why the hell not, right? Unfortunately I am not good enough to write smut, so this is very tamed compared to other fics, but I think its cute. This is also my first Nalu fic, so be gentle! The quote in the beginning is from Brooklyn Nine Nine which helped inspire this little fic I made.

Much thanks to @i-like-yougreenie for being my editor on this!

Prompt: Laughter.

Summary: Lucy can count on Natsu for a lot of things, but the most important is that he always know when to make her laugh.

Word Count: 1,199

“How did you know he was the one?

“He makes me laugh.”

Laying in her bed, staring up at the ceiling, Lucy couldn’t help but have one thought screaming in her head.

Holy crap, did that just happen?!

There she was, Fairy Tail’s very own celestial mage, Luck Lucy Heartfilia, lying in bed with nothing but a sheet covering her and her breaths coming out in pants because of the…activities she currently finished with her best friend and resident fire dragon slayer.

That’s right folks, Lucy Heartfilia just slept with Natsu Dragneel.

She and Natsu just had sex.

Honestly, there was no way she could word it without it sounding a tad outrageous.

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Make a non platonic Harley Quinn x Reader.


I lock the door of my apartment and sigh deeply. Today has been awfully long and all I want to do is crawl into my bed and sleep. I take off my shoes and tie my hair up. Without bothering to change my clothes I go to my bedroom and open the lights. I turn around and see someone sitting on my bed.

“What are you doing here? You scared the hell out of me!” I say trying not to snap at her. It’s not her fault o had a crappy day.

“Sorry puddin’” she says in a sweet tone and I smile at her.

“So, any particular reason why you broke into my apartment?” I ask her calmly. I’m not mad at her, just curious.

“Do I need a reason to see my girlfriend?” she asks and I chuckle. “So how was your day?”

“Well… Terrible. My boss is a first class jerk. He made me stay 3 more hours to finish the paperwork he should do. And then started yelling at me because apparently I was distracting him from his ‘work’” I say. She pouts and hugs me.

“You know I can kill him if you want” she suggests and I actually think about her proposition for a second.

Originally posted by lelio-rising

“It’s okay, I’ll just try to find another job” I reply but I know it’s not nearly as easy as it sounds.

“You can come and work with me and Mr. J!” She says excitedly. If I was the average person I would decline immediately, but what do I have to lose? I hate my job and I don’t have many friends and if I accept I’ll get to see Harley every day.

“I may take you up on this” I tell her and she smiles brighter than I have ever seen her do. I can’t help but giggle at her adorable reaction.

“You’ll love it, puddin’! We’re gonna have so much fun!” She says giggling. “We’re going out, we have to celebrate this” she adds pulling me up. “Go take a shower and I’ll pick an outfit for you!” I do as she says and get into the shower. The hot water halos me relax and I think about how much my life of going to change. Strange thing is I don’t regret it at all.

I get out when the water turns cold and dry my hair quickly. I walk out of the room in my underwear and see Harley already dressed up fixing her make up in from of the mirror.

“Damn girl” I say when I see how she’s dressed. She’s wearing a gold and black dress with a deep v neck. She giggles and leads me in front of the mirror. She does my hair and my make up and then shows me the clothes she picked up for me. I grin at her choice: a tight short black dress with heels.

When we arrive at the club I look around in awe. I had never been to Joker’s club before and it’s amazing. We start dancing and somehow Harley and I end up in a glass box putting on a show. Usually I hate being the center of attention but somehow I don’t feel self-conscious. I’m not sure if it’s the drinks or Harley’s presence but I decide not to think about it too much. The song ends and everyone’s clapping.

“I really need a drink” I yell at Harley who can nearly hear me even though she’s right beside me.

“Yeah me too” she replies

“I’ll be back in a second” I say and wink at her before walking to the bar.

“What would you like miss?” The bartender asks me

“A Bloody Mary and a Martini please” I reply. I see a guy walking towards me from the corner of my eye.

“What is a beautiful lady doing here all alone?” He asks. His breath stinks alcohol and he’s slurring lightly.

“Getting a drink for my girlfriend” I reply dryly hoping he’ll just leave.

“Well if you want a good time you know where to find me” he says and places his hand on my thigh. I slap his hand away but before I could say anything I hear a familiar voice.

“Hands off of her! I think she said something” Harley tells him.

“Don’t tell me what to do, bitch” he replies pushing Harley away. I punch him in the face causing him to stumble and before he can find his balance Harley does the same leaving him unconscious.

Originally posted by disneystudios

“That’s what happens when you mess with my puddin” she tells him and kisses me. I giggle and we break apart hearing the bartender awkwardly clearing his throat.

“Your drinks are ready miss” he tells me. Both me and Harley burst out laughing at his awkward reaction. That moment I know I made the right choice.

Writer Appreciation Week

Hello lovely followers! This is writer’s appreciation week so Christine and I decided to list some of our favorite stories and writers for you guys to read and to thank the writers for their time and effort to produce wonderful fan fiction. Thank you guys for your hard work!

Fav stories: lonestorm  - Somewhere to Begin (Nalu)-  The first part is probably my favorite NALU oneshot. All the angst and sadness and I just love Natsu so much. I could feel his pain and loneliness in my heart like it was my own which is an amazing talent for an author to have. -Shelbi

storyquipster -Taken by the Wind (Gruvia)- A wonderfully beautiful Gruvia story set in the Avatar universe. My favorite Gruvia story. Very heartbreaking but it’s perfect in everyway. Seriously do yourself a favor and read it. -Shelbi

msleadWhat’s A Witch (Nalu)- An amazing story with a creative plot and wonderful writing. It has everything, fluff, angst, as well as some Gruvia and Gajevy. Definitely a must read. -Shelbi

kanarenee - Seas of Change (Gruvia)-  A really creative Pirate AU for Gruvia! The characters are written so well and it’s so fun to see them in this type of universe. The author’s ability to build this universe astounds me! - Christine

 lonestormKeys of Fire (Nalu)- Cause obviously, has anyone not read it? A Ninja!Fairy Tail with tons of cute Nalu fluff? Yes, please. -Shelbi

proudtobeaginger -Silence (Nalu)- A super cute multichapter Nalu story where Lucy is mute but that doesn’t stop them from forming a deep bond. SO MUCH CUTENESS.-Shelbi

Miss Mungoe - Hard Liquor (Gajevy) - 1920s AU. My favorite Gajevy Fanfiction ever. It has amazingly written development and plot and I love it so much. If you’re a Gajevy fan, you have to read this! - Christine

squisherific - Space (Gruvia) - An adorable one-shot of Gruvia. One of my absolute favorite. Juvia decides to give Gray some “space” after an argument. His reaction is priceless. It’s just SO CUTE. - Christine

sad-axolotl - A Glitch (Gruvia)- SERIOUSLY ONE OF THE CUTEST GRUVIA STORIES BUT SHE LEFT IT AT A CLIFFHANGER AND I’M SO MAD! Juvia doesn’t believe that Gray could possibly be confessing to her so cuteness ensues.-Shelbi

gildarts - Irredeemable (Gajevy) - A Beauty and the Beast Gajevy AU! Need I say more!? - Christine

gildarts - Smokin’ Hot (Gajevy) - Another Gajevy classic. Firemen AU. The chemistry between Levy and Gajeel is so amazing in this fic. - Christine

celestialcontrail -Unwavering Acceptance(Gruvia)- A wonderfully sweet short story about Juvia’s reaction to Gray’s mark.

Favorite Writers: bonneyq - writes awesomely creative gruvia stories. I wish I had her imagination and skill, she’s incredible.-Shelbi

wordsofawitheringwriter - the first Fairy Tail writer I read, introducing me to the world of Fairy Tail Fanfiction and I couldn’t have had a better first impression. Everything she writes is perfection and so wonderful, so go follow her and gorge yourself on her amazing stories!-Shelbi

carliwritesfics : A really talented author who writes the cutest stories! I especially love her Gajevy prompts! They’re just so adorable and sweet and amazing! But definitely check out all her works because she is amazing! - Christine

Other Awesome Writers you guys should follow: muffindragon227, comewhatanime, nothingbutwordsstuff , hannah-nobody, rivendell101,  snogfairy, soprana-snap

Read our other favorite stories here!

Read our other favorite authors here!


100+(all the moments I can find) Adamtina moments!

100+9 - Adam when Christina asks for a mic, he’s like yeah! she’ll sing

100+10 - right after salsa dancing

100+11 - Adam looking for Christina’s reaction on a battle (I think this is when someone sang Genie In A Bottle)

100+12 - Christina describing Adam on the bilnds & Adam stares at her and then laughs adorably

100+13 - after spanking him… she walks away and he claps, clearly: he loved it 

100+14 - Christina describing Adam on an interview 


It just ocurred to me….. picture this guys!! 

……after a passionate night of love making (let’s say Kara did something really heroic and cool as Supergirl and Lena just jumped her when she came back home)….there are clothes everywhere, including Kara’s supersuit….

They’re thirsty so Kara, being the one who can still move, offers to go get some water. So she goes and in the mean time wolfs down a few potstickers that leftover from dinner or something… The point is….that when she comes back to the bedroom…..

Picture this guys!! Lena put on Supergirl’s suit…. Like obviously it’s big on her but she was so curious she couldn’t help it. And obviously she wanted to see Kara’s reaction.  And when Kara sees her she freezes and her jaw drops, stunned…. And sure, Lena looks adorable in the big suit but she also looks hot as fuck! Kara very much appreciates the view.

So she shows her just how much she appreciates it,,.

Operation Albatross- The Nursery

A series of one shots set after Emma and Killian are saved from the darkness where she, Killian and Henry attempt to fix up an old house by the water. A fresh start. A real home. A family. This is Operation Albatross. Read the rest here.

It had started with a stomach flu. But then it hadn’t ended despite the aches passing. Killian was beside himself with worry every time Emma woke up and ran to the bathroom. It went on for weeks. Henry spent most of his time at Regina’s in an attempt not to get Emma’s plague. Mary Margaret kept a close watch on the situation, asking strange questions about Emma’s diet but never giving the opinion that Emma knew she was anxious to give.

By the second week Emma was starting to think that it wasn’t actually a flu anymore. By the nineteenth day she knew it wasn’t. And that was terrifying for her. All the memories of sitting in her prison cell and staring down at that white test stick in her hands came flooding back. Eighteen and terrified. Alone.

It was why she didn’t tell Killian when she started suspecting something. She knew Killian wouldn’t leave but they hadn’t exactly been trying for a child, content to just spend the first year of their marriage as just the two of them and Henry. But now they were only four months into their marriage. How would Killian take the surprise? Would he be upset? Angry? Think that Emma was trying to trick him?

Turned out Emma had been oh so wrong about how Killian would react. When Emma had come home from the hospital after her appointment under the impression of getting medicine for her flu, she’d presented Killian with the file Whale had given her. Killian had read it quickly then looked up at her, wonder in his eyes.

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i always loved how barney comforted robin, because he didn't lie to her, he lied about lots of things, but when she needed him, he never told her what she wanted to hear, he told her what she needed to hear, and it always worked, like when she breaks up with don, ted still tells her how she is amazing and how she is still beautiful, barney doesn't do that, barney tells her that she is a mess, and that she isn't hot anymore, and he always got a positive reaction out of her, i really like that

It’s very adorable, I think, in Swarkles’ relationship, how they sugarcoat nothing with each other. Both of them are always blatantly honest, no matter how rude or offensive it may seem, because that IS their relationship. It’s one built on teasing, lies, and insults, and granted it may seem like a bad one sometimes because of that, but they really do love each other underneath. It’s just that they are not the kind of people to hurdle sugary sweet compliments at one another, because it’s not in their nature. Now, Ted on the other hand, is that kind of person. He will candy coat anything for Robin, probably to the point of it not even being true.