she is hot and her reactions are adorable


It just ocurred to me….. picture this guys!! 

……after a passionate night of love making (let’s say Kara did something really heroic and cool as Supergirl and Lena just jumped her when she came back home)….there are clothes everywhere, including Kara’s supersuit….

They’re thirsty so Kara, being the one who can still move, offers to go get some water. So she goes and in the mean time wolfs down a few potstickers that leftover from dinner or something… The point is….that when she comes back to the bedroom…..

Picture this guys!! Lena put on Supergirl’s suit…. Like obviously it’s big on her but she was so curious she couldn’t help it. And obviously she wanted to see Kara’s reaction.  And when Kara sees her she freezes and her jaw drops, stunned…. And sure, Lena looks adorable in the big suit but she also looks hot as fuck! Kara very much appreciates the view.

So she shows her just how much she appreciates it,,.

Nozakura Movie Night Fic

[Note: *I don’t think Nozaki has a couch but for the sake of this fic, he recently purchased one* Also, this isn’t based off any specific horror movie, it’s general]

It was a cold, Friday night. The rain had just stopped. Sakura had stayed at Nozaki’s place the whole day helping him with his manga again. They sipped hot chocolate together. Nozaki breaks the silence.
“Hey Sakura, Mikorin dropped off this horror movie. I had asked him what would be good reference for ‘being scared’ and he handed it to me. Would you like to watch it with me?”
Her heart raced but she looked down disappointed because he would use her reactions for his manga. Again. She quickly darted her head up and nodded nonetheless.
“Perfect. I’ll get everything ready.” He slipped into his room to change into pajamas. Sakura thought he looked adorable but all she could manage to say was,
“N-Nice pajamas—”
“Thanks. I have an extra shirt you could wear if you’d like since you’re already wearing shorts. I’d like you to be comfortable.” Words like those always took her by surprise even with his usual nonchalant expression.
“Yes please!” She burst out happily. He couldn’t help but return her smile and went to retrieve the shirt for his bubbly, orange-haired friend.
She changed as fast as she could and met Nozaki’s eyes as he gestured for her to sit next to him, patting on the couch. She hesitated momentarily, leaving a good 6 inches of space between them.
“Come closer. If you get scared at any moment, you’re more than welcome to wrap your arms around me.” He looked at her.
Her face was a blushing mess and she removed the gap between them slowly. Their sides were touching. Her breath was shortened. Nozaki noticed her uneasiness and without thinking slipped his hand in hers and grasped it. Uh-oh. Her heart was racing even faster now. Nozaki could feel her pulse. Worried, he asked,
“S-Sakura, are you not feeling well? Can I get you something? Anything? Or I can walk you home if you’d like?”
She felt completely frozen. His hand was so warm and it was intertwined with hers so perfectly. He was extremely concerned about her at that moment. She had to say something.
“Nozaki-kun, thank you, really. I think I’m ok now, I wasn’t feeling very well before. Your hand is warm.” She closed her eyes. Now Nozaki’s face suddenly began to get pink.
“W-Well, it was because of the hot chocolate. I’ll be right back with a blanket.” Squeezing her hand affirmatively, he went to his room and returned with a blanket. He spread it over the two of them and got comfortable on the couch again. He started the movie. The first 15 minutes weren’t so bad. There was a moment where the man opened a door and the camera slowly led in. And then… a jump scare! Nozaki let out a short scream and threw his side of the blanket over himself, cowering. Sakura was scared too but Nozaki’s reaction was out of nowhere. She tried not to laugh.
“I-Is it gone…?” He peaked out from under the blankets at Sakura.
“'If you need to wrap your arms around me, you’re more than welcome,’” She slyly quoted him. He narrowed his eyes but smiled seeing what she did. They both ended up getting scared from time to time and got tangled with each other, legs up, down and arms flailing here and there. They tightly hugged each other a lot. Near the end of the movie, things weren’t so scary. Nozaki put his arm around her warmly and she snuggled against his chest.
('This must be what it feels like when couples watch a movie together. Hmm. I’m trying to imagine this with Mamiko and Suzuki but, it wouldn’t feel the same. Having Sakura here with me feels like a pleasant experience, even though I was the first to get scared. It feels nice.’) Nozaki thought to himself.
Eventually, Sakura feel sound asleep. By the time the movie ended, Nozaki said it wasn’t so scary and he turned to look at the sleeping Sakura. With his free hand, he held it up to her cheek. She was warm. He observed her with great attention: She looked blissful. Her scent mixed with the smell of strawberries, she had put perfume on earlier, a lovely aroma. Her hair was soft and the perfect length. Her gem-purple eyes were closed but he knew what they looked like. Her petite mouth was pink and pretty. His large shirt let one of her shoulders peak our from the collar. She looked like a princess. Almost immediately, his heart raced as he gazed upon her. He felt something he had never felt before. Was it love? He didn’t know but he felt fuzzy and it wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. He ran his fingers through the orange strands of her hair softly. He caressed her face, still warm. He brought up the blanket and wrapped it around her better. He thought about getting up and letting her have more space but she seemed perfectly fine the way she was sleeping on his chest. Still sleeping, she hugged him with her right arm, leaving it there. He blushed again but she was asleep. It felt right anyway. He couldn’t help himself from kissing her head so he did. In the end, he decided not to use that time they spent together as reference because it held a sweet meaning for him; he used someone else’s reactions. Some time passed and he ended up falling asleep too. They were in each other’s arms, sleeping peacefully.

One thing that I really like about Shaw/Root, is that Shaw isn’t really that affected by Root when Root is actively obviously trying to flirt and get a rise out of her. Shaw is however very affected when Root is just being Root.

This woman has tasered me, zip-tied me to a chair, and is now threatening me with an iron. I think I like her this is the perfect time to flirt. 

Root wants to just take out the Bad Guys real quick, grabs two guns, and Shaw is all ‘That was kinda hot.’ 

The Machine tells Root to grab a dead guys keys, Root’s all ‘Okay, no big, you got it boss,’ and Shaw’s reaction is basically ‘She’s hilarious and adorable, and that was awesome.’