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Top Ten Overwatch OCs

Hello guys! Thank you for following this blog first of all! I’ve been meaning to get more involved with the Overwatch OC Community here on tumblr for a while! A way of doing that, to me, was to create this list! In no particular order i have listen some of my favourite Overwatch OCs. These i have selected based on character design, personality, backstory and abilities. it was hard to choose from all the amazing OCs out there! So here they are!

My top ten Favourite Overwatch Original characters! 

1. Lucus Fiore

This guy has been my favourite for a while. His design, though pretty bland is easily recognisable and he seems like a character I would be interested in learning more about, such as his internal struggles, interests and especially his Talon life! (The quote ‘hatred doesn’t win’ doesn’t seem like a Talon quote so I am quite curious). The concept of his healing abilities (the shields) is not something ive seen before and honestly I’m impressed, he seems like a character that I would personally enjoy playing (perhaps I would even use him as a main)

Owner: @doodldan

2. Caveira

This gal is, in my opinion, an incredibly unique character; she can be recognised as a former Blackwatch agent. Her and Barrage (puppo) seem like a completely likable pair and despite their threatening appearance I am looking forward to finding out her soft side. The use of her dog in battle is honestly really awesome and something I think would be really fun to see in game! If I saw a Caveira in game I would honestly go over and pet the hell out of her pup! (if she doesn’t burn me that is ;P)

Owner: @berunov

3. Solaire

One of my original favourites, Solaire is a character that expresses the possibilities of the future and my god is he pretty. He has a unique outfit design which fits perfectly with his abilities! Solaire has made the list due to his likeable nature, the unique but fitting design and Amazing abilities! I might use him as a subject for one of my drawings if the artist doesn’t mind, that face is so Recognisable and adorable!

Owner: @earthprincewu

4. Margherita Lucilla Siani

This character is a Gameplay wise favourite of mine! Her nano-bots would be really cool to use and fun to implement into the tactics and strategies. Her design makes her seem almost kind but if you read into her a bit more you’ll find that she’s a talon agent! This honestly took me by surprise; she looks like such a happy lady! I would love to learn more about her and her story as time goes on, she has the potential to be a powerful character, one which I can see being a part of overwatch easily. Her ultimate, good lord is it cool, being able to possess someone is an interesting ultimate, one that could be abused if it wasn’t for the fact it is an ultimate!

Owner: @ufficiosulretro

5. Shima

The first Omnic OC of the list! Shima is a gorgeous OC with a unique and fitting design for her backstory/personality. Shima is honestly one of my favourite design wise, its just so pleasing to the eye! I have tried drawing her in the past and even though I’m not too confidant with my drawing I liked how it turned out because it was her! Her relationship with Zenyatta is adorable and to me she seems like a beautiful motherly figure. Even though she has no in-game data she still made it onto the list due to her design and fleshed out personality!

Owner: @baoxuu

6. Scrapper

Scrapper the Junker Omnic, Her backstory is very technical but I love it none the less! Overwatch is a Science story so Scrapper fits into this world perfectly! Her design is complicated yes, but still stunning to look at, the little details in her design make me wonder if the artist thought about the backstory of every individual part! Which makes sense considering Scrapper is a scavenger! She seems like a broken little Omnic to me, which makes me want to love her to bits. But that’s up to the artist! I hope to see more of her in the future!

Owner: @canagadoodles

7. Shark Bait

What a buff lady! Honestly I love it when characters break the stereotypes and Shark Bait did it perfectly! From her Strong Stance to offensive ability in game she is what I define as a wonderful character! This Artist took Water guns to a whole new level with this character!  There isn’t too much information about her personality for now but I love this character none the less! She seems like the type that would make her own personality, despite what the artist had planned!

Owner: @it-a

8. Dezba

Aka NOT SYMMETRA. As much as I love this character, for her unique design and interesting personality, it annoys me to no end that people have mistaken her for Symmetra!  But putting that aside Dezba is a favourite of mine due to her Complex design and Amazing abilities! I can see her being a part of the overwatch universe easily!

Owner: @teechew

9. Oliver

Diversity is a must in the overwatch universe! And seeing Oliver being such a handsome man makes him seem like a bland character. But with him being Trans changes my views on him! After doing some more research I found that he was quite an in depth character! I have come to love his design over time and personally follow his OC blog! I highly recommend people to have a look at the art and stories the artist has done for him!

Owner: @oliverlutro

10. Subira

Subira is an OC that encourages diversity! An awesome part about any OC! I love how you would be able to recognise her from just a silhouette; it makes her unique and a powerful character! Her abilities I never would of thought of and for that I give Kudo’s to the artist! She is a character that would fit perfectly within the overwatch universe!

Owner: @apselene

Carmilla things

I love Carmilla with every fibre of my being but after seeing this ask I also want to talk about some of the things I wish they had not done/done differently.

  1. Danny. (I don’t like her at all.) they shoved her into Season 2 with this failed attempt at a redemption arc and for what exactly? In the first season she acted like a jealous and possessive girlfriend despite the fact that she and Laura were not a couple. That already doesn’t sit well with me but then she tried to stake Carmilla, she refused to be a good TA and made Laura reaching out about her work and struggling to do it into something to do with their so called “relationship”. Then Season 2 I had to deal with her being there and even then I didn’t feel as though she did very much. She didn’t get a redemption arc, if anything she just became even worse and I still don’t forgive her for how she just crushed Mattie’s locket without a second thought. I understand that Mattie was hurting her BUT Danny started it. Mattie was going for Vordenburg not Danny but Danny just had to be self righteous and then instead of just holding the locket up or trying to be rational about it she killed her straight off the bat. Not only that she was one of the ones that kept on sugar coating everything and making out that Laura was some innocent lamb when she wasn’t. Then she wasn’t even in Season 3 that much and yet still I found myself getting annoyed at her because I refuse to believe that despite everything she would just leave campus and basically leave them all to die without so much as an apology.
  2. The Hollstein break-up, honestly this was fricking ridiculous and we never got to hear either of them properly apologise because yes they were both at fault. But another thing that really, really irritated me about this is how insensitive they made Laura and practically everyone else be about it. They made Laura seem really petty and I hated how none of her so-called friends even tried to talk to her about it. No one called her out on it, no one ever told her that she was wrong and I don’t buy that kind of friendship. Laf was pretty damn blunt most of the time and they didn’t once speak up or say anything. No one told Laura when she was being out of line but they were the first to sharpen the pitch forks the moment Carmilla didn’t want to do something that made her uncomfortable. 
  3. The fact that Carmilla had zero friends. We only got to see a glimpse of the LaKarnstein friendship in season 3 but we never really got to see Carmilla interact with people that weren’t Laura or Mattie. Personally I would have liked to see Carmilla and J.P. interacting, given both of their histories I think their friendship would have been a really nice one to see. I also would been interested to see Carmilla and Perry interact more or Carmilla and Mel. 
  4. Laf being a hypocritical and shitty friend. I’m sorry but how they had the right to call Carmilla and Laura selfish for wanting to keep one another safe yet they did the EXACT same thing with Perry is beyond me. Laura gave up everything to save the whole campus numerous times and she never got a thank you and then both Laf and Perry just pissed off and left her to die. They didn’t even look back or give any sort of reaction. Plus Laf was the one who brought dean!perry into the Library without consulting the others and all they kept repeating was “Perry is my friend” blah blah, like excuse you but you didn’t care when it was anyone else.
  5. Not letting Hollstein say I Love You to one another is up there for me too. The fact that it was in one of the alternate takes angers me even more because I feel like that moment would have been a lot more powerful had that been in the scene instead.
  6. The unnecessary deaths of Mattie and J.P. like I get why for story purposes but that was just rude.

However I love this show so much so here are some things I really did enjoy.

  1. Mel. I was pleasantly surprised with Melanippe. At first I thought she was kind of wooden and to be honest I didn’t take to her until the end of Season 2. Her reaction to Danny’s death was mine the “I didn’t like you but you didn’t deserve to be killed like that” - the respect there was key. I loved her in Season Zero and her wit in Season 3 was hilarious. Her podcasts were so good and I really loved how much she was included. I love how she ended up being someone to rely on and someone who actually expressed how brave Laura was and that she was proud. That speaks volumes given that Mel isn’t an easy person to talk round.
  2. Laura’s character development and personal growth. How strong of an actor Elise Bauman is and how much we saw from her character, how she wasn’t this perfect person who got everything right - she made a lot of mistakes but seeing her grow in Season 3 was so beautiful to watch and really relatable at least for me.
  3. Carmilla and Mattie bonding. I loved how loyal they were, how much fun they had, how much love they had for one another. Mattie was such a good character and I loved how glamorous she was, I think that Sophia and Natasha’s scenes were just so captivating to watch because you could really feel their bond and the hard hitting scenes always got me. Having someone who was a morally grey kind of character is always really fun to explore and I love how Mattie fought logically, she fought in such a good way.
  4. The Dean possessing Perry. Honestly that was really interesting to watch. I know we all knew she was but the subtle changes, the odd looks, the sliding scale of Perry vs The Dean. Annie Briggs’s portrayal was outstanding and for all of Perry’s faults she was a very interesting character. My favourite being Season Zero Perry who had flower crowns and was a Professor Trelawney wannabe and she believed and I loved her with everything I had.
  5. Hollstein. Their ups, their downs. Fluff, angst, hurt.comfort. All of it. Their story was beautiful and there really isn’t anything else I can say that expresses how moving their story was. Just hats off to Natasha and Elise because their acting and their chemistry has always been one of a kind. 

So idk, maybe what I’m about to say is super obvious, and maybe I’m just being dumb. But I was in the shower thinking about Elara…like you do…and I remember ages ago that Victoria Aveyard said that Elara would be a Ravenclaw, (maybe that opinion has changed it was a while back), and then it got me thinking about Elara’s motives. Also, none of this is backed with actual sources (like quotes or any thing…it’s late and I don’t really have the energy to invest in this…I mean who, besides me and like 5 other people, actually cares about Elara.

While one of Elara’s key motives is definitely power, her manipulation of Coriane was almost certainly for power, I think the underlying motive in all of her actions is a hunt for knowledge. She wants to see how much her ability can get her, how far she can push it and what she can do to other people with it.

I mean, with Coriane, while she did it to become Queen, it seemed to be a game to her. Coriane was a lab rat, she could use her test out what she was capable of, how she can manipulate thoughts and feelings to make them feel natural. Coriane was weak so she was an easy target and Elara was young(ish) at the time so it would have been an opportunity for learning. That also explains why she dreamt of nothing. It wasn’t a murder with any emotional links, to her it was purely an experiment. To be extremely cold, someone would benefit from Coriane’s death and suffering as it provided knowledge and what a Whisper is capable of.

Then with Maven, I think the fact she abused him kind of came as a surprise to me. I know she is twisted, but it was made very clear in the first book that she loved her son, and Victoria Aveyard has mentioned that Elara’s greatest fear is losing her son. So, I was kind of stumped as to what made Elara want to manipulate her son. I mean, there is the obvious fact that it would make him “stronger” with emotions often being linked to weakness, and she definitely wanted to manipulate Maven so he would see Elara as the only person who he loved and who loved him (with her cutting out his love for his father, Maven, Thomas, and Mare). But when he was a child, again, I think there was definitely a curiosity. With children there is more obvious room for development, it’s easier to pick something to work on and to see if it makes any difference. Forcing Maven to walk would allow her to see how he reacts as a child, how it impacts his development, and what it is like to simply manipulate a child.

I feel like this is going on too long and is too obvious, so Imma be quick with the rest.
With Mare, there is an opportunity to learn more as well. She is something entirely new, sure they know about the New Bloods. But Mare gives Elara a chance to truly find out how a New Blood works and what their limitations are. I mean, the whole thing with the prison in Glass Sword, Elara was experimenting on them (so maybe I am being super obvious).

Basically, yeah, power was important to her. And she would make a good Slytherin, though I feel like people mostly put her in that house because she’s a bitch. But she ticks the criteria of a Ravenclaw pretty easily, she’s got a sharp wit, she’s intelligent, a general thirst for knowledge….I don’t remember the fourth one! BUT! RAVENCLAWS ARE KNOWN FOR STABBING EACH OTHER IN THE BACK…just sayin’ 😉

I honestly don’t know why I spent my time writing this shit out. If you read it all I’m super impressed, go get yourself something nice to eat. Like chocolate, or a good Caesar salad, or a Heidi pie. Oh yeah, and just to clarify; Elara is my favourite character from the series (she’s sassy, and terrible, and hates Mare and I fully support her on that), but I won’t deny that she literally is disgusting. What she did to Maven and Coriane was horrible and despicable, and no human should ever do what she did. I’m not even entirely sure why I like her, maybe coz she gets shit done, and I also genuinely do like how much she does love her son. She was a really bad mother, but her actually caring about something makes her a lot more human.

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same anon who asked if you'd read the books. why do you say unfortunately? no disrespect to your opinion, just curious :)

well because i suffered through those books and when i finally got through them i even called them my favourites, and i kept thinking they were good books even after i knew all the shit about cc and honestly didnt realise/remember all the gross stuff in them until the show changed them. 

for example 

  • the needless girl hate between clary and any girl she thought was pretty, 
  • romantisation of incest and toxic relationships
  • awful portayal of an m/m relationship and general unfair treatment to lgb characters,  
  • the shitty portrayal of downworlders
  • the fact that main straight, white couples all got nice tidy happy endings but the one interracial (and inter species) m/m couple were left with one immortal and one not, plus they werent even able to marry
  • which was even more of a smack in the face when you realise that the other inter species couple (simon and izzy, who happen to be straight) got their immortality issue resolved by making simon a shadowhunter as well
  • the fact that simon cheated on izzy and maia and faced no consequences and barely even apologised
  • the fact that maia’s abuser was excused and they even got back together
  • the fact that Alec was a teenager when he and magnus first started dating
  • and the fact that magnus was like 600 years old and a whole lot more experienced that alec and yet put alot of pressure on him to come out 
  • biphobic comments made towards magnus, from his boyfriend specifically
  • just general poor development for any characters other than jace or clary

i could go on but hopefully you get i just dont like those books man

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Do you think Dallas cheated on his girls? I've seen such controversy with this, and I've always wondered. Like, he gets mad at Sylvia for cheating, but he says, "This time it's for good." And goes on about how she was two-timing him. So I'm assuming it's happened previously, or? But, on the other hand, people assume he's the player. Thoughts, pretty please? 🤗

Thank you so much for your question, darling. I really enjoy sharing my thoughts on my favourite book and its characters, so thank YOU. 💕

Honestly, I do think that Dally cheats on ‘his girls’. He wouldn’t hold himself back when he sees a hot girl. After all, he is Dallas Winston and Dallas Winston always gets what he wants. 😉 I think the reason why he got upset when Sylvia cheated on him is because he’s so proud. He just couldn’t accept the fact that someone preferred another person over him. He is free and loves to show himself off. He would flirt a lot and most probably have sex with random girls a lot, and tell ‘his girl’ that she’s overreacting and that it’s not that big of a deal when she gets mad.

Well, this is my opinion. Again, thank you so much. I absolutely LOVE answering questions like this one.

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computet jack, lana, and sanjit??

Computer Jack -

first impression: meh

impression now: he deserved better tbh

favourite moment: I liked it when he went on a search for water with Sam and Dekka bc it meant that I got to learn a lot more about his character

idea for a story: no idea :)

unpopular opinion: idek

favourite relationship: Jack x Brianna I guess

favourite headcanon: once again idk

Lana -

yayy I love her sm

first impression: I honestly thought she was gonna die before we discovered she could heal so idek, I think I felt bad for her

impression now: badass queennnnnn!! PROTECT HER

favourite moment: when she went to see the gaiaphage in Hunger and started to humming hello darkness my old friend, that just gave me life

idea for a story: so basically after the FAYZ her, Patrick and Sanjit live together and it would just be super cute

unpopular opinion: idk

favourite relationship: Lanjit :) I do ship Quinn x Lana a little bit though

favourite headcanon: her favourite tv show character is Lana Winters from ahs bc she is just as much as a badass as Lana is

Sanjit -

first impression: I thought he was pretty brave for standing up to Caine like that

impression now: aww

favourite moment: when he was helping Dahra at the hospital when no one else would, I just thought that showed what a brave selfless character he is :)

idea for a story: same as Lana’s probably

unpopular opinion: I seriously don’t have any unpopular opinions for any of these characters damn

favourite relationship: lanjit

favourite headcanon: idk


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Who is your favourite character?

Abby, definitely. Abby has always been my undisputed favorite. She is honestly the coolest goddamn character. She’s somehow got a quieter strength than her daughter, she tends to value the one over the many, but she’s got a spine of steel. She will take any risk necessary to protect the people she loves. She’s badass as hell, and unlike everyone else on the show (cough cough Octavia take some notes) she doesn’t have to kill anyone to prove it. I just…idk man, she’s fucking great. I want my life to look like hers. Well, maybe without the whole apocalypse part. 

Petition for Juvia’s role.

I believe Juvia is only one that truly deserves to come inbetween Gray’s seething rage. 

I don’t want it to be a simple, smiley and romantic reunion. I want Juvia to genuinely come in-between the Natsu/Gray dilemma during this arc. She deserves a bigger role, as Mashima has created a so many Zeref/Mavis parallels for Gruvia.


Why has she not fought one of the Spriggans yet? smh.
She is definitely strong enough. I swear if she only learnt the magic to save Gray’s life (as beautiful as that concept is), I would not like that. She deserves to at least use it for herself during a fight. 

Anyway, I have a strong feeling Mashima will sideline her. I am not asking for Juvia to have a bigger role because she’s my favourite character - I’m saying it because she NEEDS a bigger role.

Even Lucy. She has not done much this arc, and I feel Mashima is going to sideline her, or end up making her the damsel in distress. If that does happen, I would appreciate if you could all find me the cheapest flight to Japan.

And, (quite loosely), LEVY and/or CANA. They are very important as well. Honestly, I don’t understand why Levy is consistently sidelined. She’s got intelligence which is SO important in this arc. Please give her the role she deserves.

So in summary,

Juvia deserves a bigger role through getting a fight and being apart of the Gray/END issue.

Lucy deserves a bigger role through getting a fight and being apart of the Gray/END issue. In fact, I would love it if she has to confide to the idea of killing Natsu for the sake of her friends.

Levy deserves a dramatically bigger role in this arc through manipulating her intelligence. 

Cana is barely present. Mashima has clearly forgotten about her. He’s probably going to suddenly remember and draw her as having been ‘passed out’ in the guild from drinking too much. As a result, she has been absent this arc and has now only woken up to join the plot armour. 


Hurry up with the Erza drama. I am twitching to see it.

Also, Juvia is the best. 

No offence. 

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Since people are asking for top 10s... who're your top ten favourite female characters? (Any and all series.) And if you're up to it, it'd be awesome to hear why you like each of them specifically =D

Could I just do 5? Even that’s gonna take a while so yeah, I’ll just do 5. Some of these are fanon-based, I guess you could say, as in they had the potential to be badass in canon but never reached it for one reason or another. Not in any particular order.

1. Haruno Sakura (Naruto)

Ugh, so much character growth lost here. By the end of the anime/manga, she was basically a copy of Tsunade, and not even that good a copy imo. But she had the potential. So much potential to be her own badass. She had moments in canon where she shone, but then immediately after, she’d just… regress and then it would be all about Sasuke-kun again and just adljfaifahgh. I could pull my hair out with how back and forth her character was. As it is, I like the bamf fanon-version of her a lot more. I wish she’d developed her own style instead of just inheriting Tsunade’s super strength and medical skills. That was basically her entire repertoire in Shippuuden and it drove me nuts. Even Naruto and Sasuke weren’t just exact copies of Jiraiya and Orochimaru. But I’ve read fics (and written one) where she’s stronger, and not just an unbelievable jump from weak to crazy strong either, there’s development and she takes initiative to become stronger for herself and not for a boy or whatever. That’s the Sakura I like to see.

2. Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)

I guess I like her because of her flaws? Which is rare for me but she’s emotionally stunted and socially awkward and hot-tempered, and that makes her very human to me, especially when she’s put next to Peeta, who was basically angel personified and doesn’t seem quite as believable to me (or I’m just cynical about human beings in general). Katniss can be selfish and selfless about the small group of people she cares about. To me, she’s the sort who’d say screw the rest of the world if it means her family stays safe, but she’s dragged into the rebellion anyway, a rebellion she didn’t even mean to start and became a hero/figurehead she never even wanted to be. It’s been a while since I read the books but I remember thinking she could’ve had more character growth in the third book. Still, she took a stand and got shit done when it counted, though the first book is still my favourite.

3. Margaery Tyrell (GoT)

I adore how manipulative she is. I don’t know Game of Thrones that well, my knowledge of it basically consist of a handful of episodes and a whole lot of gifsets so Idk if that’s how her character is supposed to be or if Natalie Dormer is just that badass at acting (probably both), but she’s not even your classic supervillain manipulative like Petyr or something. She uses her charms and her cunning and she makes everything she does so genuine. Like, when she was making nice with Sansa, I honestly believed Margaery really liked her but was also playing her like a fiddle the entire time. And her interactions with Joffrey, she could barely stand him but she made it seem like there was no one else she’d rather be with and that she was interested in everything he had to say, and I know she was doing that to get in his good favour but even Cersei couldn’t keep up the pretense that she was one hundred percent okay with the things he said. Also that scene where she visited the people to sway them onto her side right before she convinced Joffrey to step outside - several steps ahead of everyone, love that. So I guess what I like most is how genuine she can be in her manipulations. With characters like Petyr and Cersei, their manipulations are more… in your face I guess? And it leaves a wary kind of impression of them. Margaery doesn’t, at least not for me. From an objective standpoint, you can see her manipulating whoever, but at the same time, it feels like she isn’t, and that really stuck with me.

4. Luna Lovegood (HP)

Sweet and smart in her own way. And she’s the sort of independent I love. She lives life the way she wants to and screw everybody else who looks down on her for it. She’s weird and believes in things nobody else believes, and maybe that’s part of why she’s so non-judgmental about everyone else’s quirks. And she’s tough too. She’s abducted and tortured by Death Eaters and she comes out of it hurt but she’s still rock-solidly dependable, someone Harry can count on to be there and fight with him, and she never loses her kindness.

5. Parker (Leverage)

Now here is character development done right. If you’ve watched the entire series, you can totally see how much Parker’s changed from beginning to end. She’s still a bit odd but that’s to be expected what with the childhood she had, and it’s part of her charm anyway, but her time with the team taught her to care about more than just herself and the next theft and survival. She’s a thief, but she learns to be more than just that, and she’s better for it. She finds family, people she can rely on and who depend on her in return, people she loves, and she’s never had that connection before. Even her father figure kept her at arm’s length for a long time, but Leverage teaches her how to be human and still lets her be Parker.

Ok, I realise I’m going into fanfic territory here but just to speculate a little…

Okay, clearly Sophie is thrilled with her and Aidan’s storyline and where it’s headed. She doesn’t have any problems kissing him, finding him an attractive man, etc. And it really looks like HBO is pairing them up for a possible long haul. I really don’t think she’s going to kill Petyr this season or anytime soon. They need each other for survival now and regardless of anything else she knows about him, I think she knows that she can trust him.

Sophie has mentioned in interviews, etc… that their relationship (Petyr x Sansa) is messed up, crazy, creepy and that’s what it supposed to be. She says that outsiders don’t understand it. I can see Arya being someone that doesn’t get why her sister would be with him or anyone that knows Sansa is a Stark and not Littlefingers “niece”. They know they’re using each other. But she’s not disgusted by him, wary but not fearful of him that he would harm her. She actually wishes she were more like him in some ways. She was bored in the Eyrie without him. In AFFC I think she is beginning to see him in a different light. She knows he desires her, but I think he’s showing he actually likes her, trusts her and does genuinely care for her. I think he’s fully aware that she knows he desires her and will play him along those lines. I don’t think he’s stupid at all.

I KNOW the fandom hates these two together in any way, shape or form. But I actually think it’s a very interesting and potentially awesome pairing. You have your classic hero/heroines and major characters people are rooting for, etc… I see Petyr and Sansa as the anti-heros. No one really liked Sansa in the beginning and wrote her off as a dumb girl that just changes with the wind. Then of course, there’s Petyr that just pisses everyone off (of which I fucking love) and fucks everyone over.

Considering that GRRM and D&D love to shock and not give two shits about the fandom in general and take the story wherever they want…. would it be so crazy to find that Petyr and Sansa genuinely care for each other in the end?

Petyr is shady as fuck, yes we know that. And to play devils advocate, it’s certainly possibly that he would kill her to win his game. But I think Petyr sees her more as Cat 2.0. Everyone treated her like a naive fool of a girl and he’s been doing the opposite. He’s educating her in the reality of this world and how to survive in it. She may have been highborn but in many ways she’s very much like him. Naive in love and the way the world works. Petyr has learned how to climb on his own and still no one amounted him to anything. Yet, he has controlled this game and become extremely powerful to the detriment of those that mocked/used him.

Sansa would have been unhappy married to Joffery even if her father never died or was deemed a traitor. Married to Tyrion was better because he actually treated her with respect and pity but she still would have been powerless and in a family she didn’t want to be in ultimately. She most likely would have been unhappy in HighGarden as well. She wanted Loras but shattered that she would be the wife of another Tyrell. She still would have been married only for her claim to Winterfell and nothing more.

Yes, Petyr is using her to control the North and possibly/eventually the throne. But he could have just taken care of her and nothing more. Given her jewels and dresses and treated her like a little princess. No, he includes her in his plans. He teaches her. In his own twisted way, he opened her eyes to the real world even thought he is the reason for some of her grief. But if Ned had not died, she would have  been married to Joff and I’m betting that would not have ended well for her anyway.

Yeah, Petyr is definitely in lust and quite possibly really in love with her. He sees himself in her and that of a stronger woman than  anyone gave her credit for. Just as no one saw that he could become a powerful man from the low born, lovesick boy cut down by those highborn he wished to be.

Petyr and Sansa are yes, using each other. But in the end they both know they need each other and in their own way only trust each other. Petyr has shown a lot of trust in her in the books. And we see Sansa is starting to see him in a new light and in his own way he does care for her perhaps beyond being just Cat’s daughter.

I don’t think it would be such a stretch to say that either of these character could end up actually having genuine feelings for each other at some point. Whether a friendship, mutual respect or more. Neither wants to be weak. Petyr has learned that the hard way and it’s made him harden his heart. I think he knows that Cat never loved him and that ultimately he loved her but he’s let it go. I think he respects Sansa a lot more than the fans would like to admit. He makes her think and reason… to understand why he is making such choices for her and him. As I said before, if he only wanted her sexually, he would have taken her long before now. I think he wants her to choose him. She’s no longer that naive little girl that sees knights, flowers and happy endings. I think she could be the one that honestly sees him for who he really is….or been hiding for years. Petyr. Littlefinger is the mask he wears. She actually takes note of the differences between the two. She does like Petyr and yet Littlefinger scares her. But she does say that is his mask he wears.

Since we have no POV of Petyr. We’re discovering more of who he really is with Sansa. We see  more of Petyr than Littlefinger with her. 

I think people write him off too easily as nothing but a villain. I think Petyr is far more complex than that. I don’t agree with everything he has done but I understand where he’s coming from in a sense. Petyr is a bit of sad and tragic character. He came from nothing. Raised in a highborn house and raised essentially as one. He was young and naive and fell in love with someone who didn’t love him. It happens. Today we’d just shrug it off and move on because we’re rather on the same playing field. In his world, he was never going to be good enough for Cat or even Lysa if he wanted her. Unlike just being lowborn and being around those like himself, it was rather cruel to be raised like a highborn and then knocked into the gutter. Mocked for his height, family, that he would never amount to anything and never be as good as highborn. He still fought for love and lost. Fandom writes this off as meh - friendzoned, meh should have just got over it, meh…. but again they’re looking at this in modern terms. Petyr didn’t feel like he was nothing. Plus, he educated and intelligent. I always say, Cat was the catalyst for what he became. He wanted what he couldn’t have but more importantly was told he could never have because of his birth. I think that makes a big difference. If he was on equal grounds and considered worthy of Cat, I think he would have let it go that she chose someone else. I also think he saw Cat as not really having a choice since ‘family/duty/honor’ were the code to live by. Women were forced into marriages and rarely if ever married for love. So highborn women may have riches but their lives weren’t necessarily their own either. Maybe he thought he was saving Cat from that? Who knows? All in all if left him a hardened man. More than anything, Petyr hated the system as a whole. So he spent his life climbing, gaining power….and in a way, he may have childishly wishes that maybe if he were of noble rank that he could win Cat. Well, he didn’t . And I do believe he knew before her death that Cat never loved him. By then, I think he saw Sansa going down the same road. She would have been married to a horrible person. So in his own way, he was saving her from that. You could argue that he wants her for himself, yes. And I do believe he has real feelings for Sansa. But I don’t think he is the naive boy as he was with Cat. He got lost in the moment with Sansa in the snow and I don’t think he planned on kissing her. It just happened. His moment of weakness.

I do think he’s trying to show Sansa that this society ruled by the highborn is not good. She doesn’t want to marry. Even Harry who seems to be charming and handsome ….someone she may have found appealing once as she saw Joff and Loras. She is already taking off those rose coloured glasses. I don’t even think she would want to marry Loras if it were presented to her at this point. She has been a pawn her whole life and Petyr is trying to teach her to think for herself even though it could backfire on him. You see a lot of pride coming from him when she connects the dots and figures things out. He’s very proud of her. He could keep her naive and stupid but he doesn’t. And that he takes pride in her growing strength shows a genuine affection from him. I think he knows full well she could turn it around and kill him but he teaches her anyway. Petyr is not a good man. He’s been made into what he is. Most wouldn’t take revenge but he is. But it also shouldn’t negate that he does have true feelings for a person or good intentions. He may want a revolution but is going about it the wrong way? Who knows? He may think he could be a better king? Or just burn it all down and put people on an equal playing field. Since we don’t know his true motivation, all we can do is make assumptions based on how other character perceive him.

I know people cry about the age difference and so forth…but I’m not going there. Almost all the main female characters are very young with much older men at some point in their story. I’m just going to let that argument go for now.

I just think Sansa is better off with Petyr. She will become wiser, better player, self reliant and more powerful with him. Everyone else will just cast her aside.

I think what scares the fandom is that she just could be more like Petyr than they want to admit and that she could actually like and respect him. She is starting to think like him and understand him. Honestly, he is probably the best person to learn from. She’s not physically strong or a fighter like Arya….so she needs to play the mental game. Like Petyr, people are going to underestimate her based on her past. And like Petyr she’s going to come out of the shadows and bite them in the ass when they least expect it.

Petyr and Sansa is my favourite pairing just because it can go anywhere and together they could really make trouble for other major characters.
They are the dark horse and I love it.

No fucks given

This is honestly one of my favourite frames in Nichijou, it’s just so good

I mean first off you’ve got Chiyoda doing whatever Chiyoda’s doing

These three are some of the more studious ones it seems

Meanwhile Shirosawa’s just completely had it before the class has even started

And it’s kind of neat how KyoAni actually put detail into the relationships of the background characters, like these two seem to be good friends judging by their other appearances throughout the anime

But best of all is Oogo’s conversation with Yukko,

she just tells Yukko “Mustard!” out of nowhere, and Yukko responds with various rhyming words while Oogo gets increasingly frustrated. Absolutely no context whatsoever, I love it

  • me: while Orihime isn't my favourite character, I understand that she is, as a person, good-hearted and willing to strive towards bettering herself and while I have a lot of problems with her inspirations and find them unfeminist she's got goodass moments of development in canon, like that time an enemy called her a sadist and honestly I can appreciate that--
  • Orihime stan: Orihime is a pure vanilla sugar childe uwu who can do no harm she's a flawless cinnamon roll flower princess
  • me: ...u know what fuck Orihime

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Not a confession, but any favorite canon pairings? Least favorite?

Gabby: I love Hercules and Megara. Megara is one of my favorite Disney ladies and I was really happy when she got a happy ending. My least favorite pairing is Kristanna. I honestly can’t stand it. I can’t explain why because it’ll take too long. 

Jen: Um, Ariel/Eric, Esmeralda/Phoebus, Nani/David and Tarzan/Jane. Agree about Kristoff/Anna, they’re poorly conceived and written and spend most of the movie bickering. Also not a big fan of Milo/Kida

Grace: I find Rapunzel/Flynn & Tiana/Naveen really cute. My least favourites would be the older pairings where they didn’t get time to develop chemistry or the prince wasn’t really a character but more of a plot device (So couples like Snow White/Prince)

Jonna: Like Jen said, Ariel & Eric, Tarzan & Jane, along with Aurora & Phillip and Snow White & the Prince. I guess I just love how simple and innocent their love is, and how it only took a gaze for them to fall in love. And I appreciate the love between Belle & the Beast. As for least favorite…Anna and Kristoff. You don’t see them falling in love, They don’t like each other, and suddenly they’re in love. And it’s not like they have chemistry to make up for it. Also Cinderella & Prince Charming (I mean he wouldn’t even go look for her, but send others to do so!) and Mulan & Shang…that couple is just so awkward, and not in a good way.

  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: Honestly Flandre Scarlet is the most overrated character in touhou but I like her a lot and she's got a solid design. She could really become one of my favourites if she was more than just an extra boss in an early game. I just wish she would appear again just to see some interactions with other characters and more of her personality

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Hey Audric! Haven't spoken to you in awhile ^_^ You may have answered something like this already (and if you have then you can just ignore me), but what do you think Kishi could've done better (or more of) that would've made the manga better? I want to know your thoughts :)

Whenever someone asks this, the first thing that always comes to my mind is that I feel that Kishi should have focused less on Naruto and Sasuke. It was almost as if the sheer amount of focus that was placed on those two essentially siphoned much needed and deserved attention away from other characters. They became God-tier ninjas and completely left their peers in the dust, gaining power up after power up, and some of them were just completely unnecessary. That’s one of the reasons why the Sasuke Retrieval arc was my favourite arc in the manga, because it was the final time when Naruto and Sasuke were shown as being on par with their peers, and they all had their moments in the spotlight.

Through his continuous power ups of Naruto and Sasuke, Kishi gave Naruto the Jesus no jutsu, allowing him to negate Gai’s inevitable death due to the use of the 8th gate, and also enabling him to restore Kakashi’s eye. Therefore, through one power up out of nowhere, Naruto surpassed Sakura in the field of healing, something which she had trained tirelessly for years in order to reach the level she had attained. Naruto eclipsed her in an instant. I just couldn’t accept that. While needlessly trying to make Naruto seem even more like a god, Kishi took a shit on so much of Sakura’s hard work. I’m sure he didn’t intend to do so, but it was careless. There was no need to give Naruto yet another ability out of nowhere. Why not give that power up to Sakura, you know, your main heroine who’s actually an expert in medical jutsu?

Another thing I feel as though he could have done differently was not make Naruto some super special “Child of Prophecy”. The story started off depicting him as a common nobody who prevails against the odds through hard work and perseverance. But then, you found out that:

  • His father was the 4th Hokage.
  • His mother was the previous Jinchuuriki for Kurama.
  • He was the “Child of Prophecy” according to the Toad Sages.
  • He was the reincarnation of Ashura.

And was therefore anything but just a common loser; Naruto’s heritage screamed elite, which I feel went against what he was originally being depicted as. And quite honestly, that was annoying. The common, untalented ninja who succeeded through hard work was one of the things that made a character like Lee so likeable, and Naruto was like that too, until Pt.2 changed that.

Now this next point kinda links with the first one. Because Naruto and Sasuke got so much attention, other characters didn’t get the attention they deserved, and one character in particular who got shafted really disappointed me:

When Anko was first introduced, she was instantly my favourite female character. She seemed like a really interesting, badass character with a troubled history, kind of like a toned down, female version of Sasuke. I felt as though she could have been that lone wolf, take no shit type of kunoichi, especially since she also had the Curse Seal. If Kishi had chosen to expand on that, we potentially could have had a story line where maybe Anko and Sasuke bonded over their Curse Seal troubles. Seeing as how they not only had similarities in personality, but they also had links with Orochmaru, it would have been really cool to see Anko acting as maybe a protective, big sister figure to Sasuke. The potential was definitely there.

This is why it was all the more disappointing when she was kind of just forgotten about. Anko wasn’t a character like for example Samui, who I’m sure the majority of fans remember for her chest alone. Anko had a lot of depth to her; she was literally a blank canvas full of possibilities due to her character and ties with very dynamic individuals (with my favourite possibility being stated above). But Kishi instead decided to throw the canvas away instead of allowing it to fulfill its vast potential.

Anko was never even shown activating the Curse Seal in the story. She even shared the same Seal as Sasuke, yet another similarity between them. Think about how cool it could’ve been to see her looking out for Sasuke and tutoring him in how to suppress the seal? (Or use/control it, depending on which Angle Kishi may have decided to go with).

It was stated that only 1 in 10 people survive the Seal adapting to your body. So why not show why Anko was part of that special 10%? Too much emphasis was placed on Naruto and Sasuke in the story. A lot of the excess spotlight could have been given to those characters who were deserving of more attention, and Anko was definitely one of them. Unfortunately, due to her severe lack of screen time, her position as my favourite female was usurped by Temari, Konan and Sakura respectively, but Anko always held my number 4 spot, solely for what could have been.

Ok so I went on a major Anko rant there, my apologies Olivia, lol. But you asking me this just reminded me of a few very irritating gripes I had with the story, not least of which was how much I loved Anko, and how disappointing it was to see such a potentially great character get shafted.

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Honestly after the new episode I kinda like everyone but Mabel. Like I still love her I'm just kinda upset with her rn. Like Dipper asked her if she wanted to play with him, she said no and mocked him, and then got upset when he was hanging out with Ford? Like that's really unfair of Mabel.

It really is.  But while Dipper’s always been my favourite, and while I’ve always found the way Mabel acted in many situations a little irritating, she’s still a great character with room for development in the show (by that I mean that she’ll learn and grow just as Dipper does, or Pacifica did). I think the fact that she will have to own up to her mistakes will be an important moment for her. So feeling disappointed in Mabel at this point is an okay thing ;)