she is honestly my favourite character in got

  • me: while Orihime isn't my favourite character, I understand that she is, as a person, good-hearted and willing to strive towards bettering herself and while I have a lot of problems with her inspirations and find them unfeminist she's got goodass moments of development in canon, like that time an enemy called her a sadist and honestly I can appreciate that--
  • Orihime stan: Orihime is a pure vanilla sugar childe uwu who can do no harm she's a flawless cinnamon roll flower princess
  • me: ...u know what fuck Orihime

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I loved the Hilary drawing you were working on! Did you ever finish it? What are your headcannons for her?

I was so excited to hopefully get it finished - because it’s been a very long time since I drew my favourite characters in that style. Unfortunately, that image of Hilary was the one that recently got destroyed and tore up by my mum, so I’m working on something else at the moment.

I’m definitely going to get round to working on another image for Hilary, so hopefully I can drop that soon and share that with you all, because I love Hilary so much, and she honestly deserves so much more! ♥

As for headcanons about Hilary, I have a few, but the main one that I think about a lot, is the Blade Breakers looking to Hilary when they need someone to actually talk some sense, and help them out. Whilst Hilary might not be skilled within the handling of a beyblade, she sure knows what the hell she is talking about. At first they definitely criticised her judgement, and I think it might have been from the perspective of ‘she doesn’t beyblade, what the hell does she know?’ - it was actually Kai who thought: wait a minute, this girl has some sense. Which is true, Hilary is very clever, and very motivating when it comes to her friends.

Hilary is also the only person who can hit her friends on the head when they’re being idiots, and she’s also the only one allowed to regard them as idiots… No one else on the outside is allowed too, unless they fancy her foot up their ass, because Hilary will do it. No one talks shit about the shitface Blade Breakers unless you’re Hilary. Hilary is probably the only who also gets away with calling Kai an idiot, in fact, he probably sits there mentally agreeing with her to be honest. 

Hilary is the actual queen. Can I headcanon that? Haha. Really, she is. Hilary is the queen, and should be appreciated more, for the things that she did for the boys, and for herself, for that matter, especially in the second season, she was fantastic.

alias + pronouns: vici (she + her)
age: 25
timezone: cst
favorite plots: all kinds of drama plots, but generally, my favourite things seem to stick closely to whatever involves close knit groups of bratty little shitkids. crime plots and unintentional pornstars are my bread and butter, so honestly, i’ll take all of your awful things and i will love them ok. 
possible character ideas: i don’t really have anything set in stone yet, but so far, i’ve got ideas for a bratty junkie with too much time and a lockpick, the absolute sweetest camboy you’ll ever meet in a dimly lit bathroom stall, the weird neighbour you never wanted who’s damn sure his unit is haunted, and a ridiculous amount of different types of fucked up family/twin plots, tbh
what are you most looking forward to: i just wanna meet new people and play, bro
what’s one suggestion you would like to give to us: events every now and then, maybe! \o/
freestyle time: it’s like 5:30am and im dead, omg send help 

This is honestly one of my favourite frames in Nichijou, it’s just so good

I mean first off you’ve got Chiyoda doing whatever Chiyoda’s doing

These three are some of the more studious ones it seems

Meanwhile Shirosawa’s just completely had it before the class has even started

And it’s kind of neat how KyoAni actually put detail into the relationships of the background characters, like these two seem to be good friends judging by their other appearances throughout the anime

But best of all is Oogo’s conversation with Yukko,

she just tells Yukko “Mustard!” out of nowhere, and Yukko responds with various rhyming words while Oogo gets increasingly frustrated. Absolutely no context whatsoever, I love it

  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: Honestly Flandre Scarlet is the most overrated character in touhou but I like her a lot and she's got a solid design. She could really become one of my favourites if she was more than just an extra boss in an early game. I just wish she would appear again just to see some interactions with other characters and more of her personality