she is honestly my favorite character in the show

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Final Rate: S
Cry-o-meter: 4/5


+First of all, holy shit
+The protagonists are extremely likable, well-written, and complex. 
+I’ve never been more invested in a cast of characters 
+The villains are also likable, well-written, and complex. I can’t believe this show threw the most irredeemable ruthless killer at me and then made me cry over him.
+A well paced, slow-burn story that starts deceptively lighthearted and then gets dark and violent and genuinely upsetting
+Stellar character development. Everyone gets a turn to be the antihero and I fucking love it.
+Actions have actual consequences and the show isn’t afraid to kill off characters
+Intense and creative fight scenes
+The Phantom Troupe arc was dope as all hell
+Kurapika is the accumulation of all of my least favorite tropes but it’s played completely straight and he’s my favorite 
+The art gradually increases in quality. It starts off kinda mediocre but by the end of the show it’s great
+It progresses almost like an RPG. The characters start off level one, with not a whole lot of skills or punch, and by the end they’re level 100 or so. The main characters don’t start off powerful (with maybe a small exception to Killua).
+The characters train? They actually train to get better? This is such a little thing but you can actually watch their progress.
+That *iconic* shot when Killua goes full-electric mode for the first time
+It’s not cheesy! it’s not! It seems like the show that would be really cheesy with a lot of angry screaming but it’s not!
+No filler! Everything is plot relevant!

-It’s been on hiatus for a while because the creator is dealing with back problems and people aren’t all that hopeful about it continuing 
-I need more Kurapika! The last clip of him at the very end just left me wanting to see more of him. The next arc in the manga is actually focused on Kurapika and Leorio but it won’t be animated for a while…
-The Chimera Ant arc probably could have been cut down in length, and a lot of the character designs were goofy. It changed and became better, but still. 
-The Alluka mini-arc didn’t really do it for me. She didn’t have any character depth, she came out of nowhere, and it didn’t make me feel those sweet sweet emotions the show usually provides
-Hisoka pops a boner for a 12 year old 
-”sorry but you take second place to alluka lol” b i t ch after everything you’d been through together?
-Unfinished, for now.

Final Comments: Holy fuck I wasn’t expecting to like this show as much as I did. Easily joined my list of personal favorites. I honestly can’t even say anything but if you love that slow burn frog-in-a-frying-pan type of show then you’ll love it. The pacing is so good, I love everyone, honestly please give it a chance and don’t get turned off if the first few episodes aren’t your style. 
Imagine Jared and Misha teasing Jensen because you, his favorite actress and celebrity crush, got a part in Supernatural and he acts like a fanboy.

“So how’s it going guys? It’s been quite some time since I last saw you and so much has changed!” the interviewer said with a smile as the three men nodded their heads.

“Oh yeah definitely! I mean I- I died, so there’s that.” Misha said with a shrug and Jared and Jensen snickered “You know-” he spoke up again, raising a finger “I think the only sad thing about it is that it wasn’t Jared that did it, it’s sad for him at least.” he looked at the taller man you nodded his head with a grin.

“Agree, absolutely agree! So I am just here and apologizing to you Misha, I will try harder next time to convince the writers to let me do that!” he said and Misha laughed himself.

“Well, glad to know you guys are taking well to that!” she laughed.

“Oh yeah, he’s a Winchester. He’ll be back, we don’t worry about that.” Jensen shook his head and Misha grinned.

“I love just how normal this sounds in the fandom to be honest!” she chuckled “Speaking of which: there has been a new addition to it, right?”

“Uh the Nephilim, right?” Jared spoke up with a smile “Yeah, I am sure this will be so much fun, we have already filmed a couple scenes and I’ve read some of the future scenes too and it’s all so much I honestly didn’t know they could take it this far! I really think he’s one of the most interesting characters we’ve ever had.”

“That’s amazing, try not to kill him to fast boys.” she chuckled an they laughed.

“Well, I’ll- I’ll try to hold Jared back since he wants to turn this into Friday the 13th all of a sudden!” Jensen said with a grin, pointing at his friend.

“Me or you? Dude, we need to avenge our friend’s death even if he is not directly responsible!” Jared shook hs head with a laugh.

“You said you’d like to kill me yourself just a second ago!” Misha exclaimed and Jared shrugged.

“That’s exactly what I mean. Took away the perfect opportunity!” he said so simply that it actually made everybody laugh.

“Glad to see you still love each other just as much as the first day, even after all these years.” she said with a giggle.

“Oh trust me!” Jensen piped in “I still want to off both of them just as much as the first day of meeting them!”

“Seriously?” Misha laughed at him as Jensen grinned “What am I supposed to say then you assholes?” he said in disbelief and Jensen shook his head, laughing wholeheartedly.

“Yes, yes we really are a family here as you can see!” Jared said with a big smile.

“That is great to see then.” she chuckled, flipping through her card for the next question “Other than this one addition to the show, one we’ve really been waiting for actually there was one that has been announced this summer and it really surprised everybody! I’m talking about a new ally that we may not know the actual name of but know is going to be one hell of an appearance since she’s portrayed by an amazing actress as (Y/n)!” she said with a grin and Misha and Jared smiled widely as the glanced at Jensen, whose head hang low.

“Oh there we go.” he mumbled and she raised an eyebrow.

“And that would mean?” she asked as she too a look at the snickering Jared and Misha.

“You know I actually thought I was going to avoid the embarrassment but nope, here comes possibly the worst moments of my life.” Jensen rested his chin on his palm and sighed, a little too dramatically.

“Why so?”

“You’ll see. Oh you’ll see.” Jensen mumbled, glancing at his friends from the corner of his eyes.

“Oh relax, we’re not gonna embarrass you… a lot.” Misha said with a shrug as Jensen scoffed.

“Well, let me explain everything cause you seem confused.” Jared got on a serious face and Jared just hid his face behind his hands at what was coming “Jensen is a fan of (Y/n)’s. Like not the normal kind, if there is that, no. Not the ‘Oh I love your movies, can I have an autograph?’ absolutely not. He’s more like- Do you remember Becky from the show?” he asked and she nodded her head.

“Yeah, yeah I do. That kind of fan?”

“No, no.” he shook his head “Worse! Actually much much worse!” he exclaimed and Misha snickered “He’s seen all of her movies at least ten times each, and his favorites- oh those I can’t even count. He knows the dialogs better than the actors that have actually been in them. And he’s seen every interview she’s ever had, like every one of them I am not kidding you! And- and Chuck forbid if she uploads a photo or video on any of her social media oh dear! The first like will always be his! Always I swear!”

“And he sure as hell won’t stop talking or at least thinking about it all day!” Misha spoke up, looking at Jensen who was shaking his head with a small whine leaving his lips “He hasn’t commented on any of them, not yet but oh Castiel help anyone that dares say they are her biggest fan! Nope, they don’t live to see the next day come!” he shook his head “Absolutely not! And let’s not get started when someone mentions her, he will pop in worse than Castiel himself! He almost gave one of the make up artists a heart attack!”

“So as you expect-” Jared wet on from then “When we found out that she had actually audition for a role in Supernatural, we did our best to avoid him at all costs!”

“Why that?”

“Because he was a mess of nerves and stuttering and awkwardness. Dean around a woman has nothing in common with what he was just at the mere thought she’d be on set with us! He’d ask questions about himself, and what she’d think and then thing of everything that could go wrong and all the ways he could embarrass himself in front of her!” Jared said with a chuckle as the only thing Jensen could do was mumble 'I hate you’s.

“Wow I really think that filming this season is going to be interesting then huh?”

“Oh I’m already sure we’ll have the best gag reel ever!” Misha said proudly and Jared nodded his head.

“We can’t wait for the teasing- er I mean shooting to begin!” he said and Misha snickered.

“I- I don’t really know why I hang out with these guys anymore.” Jensen huffed, shifting in his seat.

“Well, although Jared and Misha made it pretty clear I’d like to ask you Jensen if you have anything to say about (Y/n) being in Supernatural?”

“Well, uhm I’m sorry for a moment I was too caught up planning their deaths.” Jensen cleared his throat, blinking.

“Pff as if. He’s too caught up thinking about her. Cough – celebrity crush for life – cough some more.” Jared said with a smirk and Jensen only rolled his eyes.

“I’m gonna try to ignore the moose and uhm say that, honestly and all jokes aside I was really excited that we were going to have such an amazing actress on the show. It’s not every day an oscars’ winner wants to be part of this. I know she declined several movies to be able to be here with us, at least for this season and if that’s not honoring enough I don’t know what is.” he shrugged “I think- honestly, know she is going to do an amazing job in bringing this character to life and give her the depth and feelings she really needs and yeah maybe it’s the fan in me talking but I really think this is going to be my favorite season so far!”

“Alright, it’s great to hear that from you guys now.” she flipped through her cards, her eyebrows shot up once she read the question.

“Oh wow, alright- so I have a you could say question here that has been sent by the actual authors of the show to me. They told me they wanted the reactions captured on camera and I couldn’t understand then but now I really do understand.” she chuckled, catching their attention.

“They said they wanted to tell it to you when giving out the script for the next episode you have to film but found this as a great opportunity to let you, especially Jensen, know.” she looked at them.

“I’m… kinda scared now.” he mumbled.

“They’re killing you off dude!” Jared said with a snicker “Shame you won’t have a scene with your princess.” he said and only got a hit on the head from him.

“Uh actually quite the opposite.” she spoke up “To Jensen: How does it feel being told that (Y/n)’s character is going to be Dean’s most serious love interest along with everything that comes with that?

Supernatural 12x23

I honestly hate to rant but my bb Cas deserves this And yes Misha is a regular next season but couldn’t that just be Dean imagining him, or hallucinating again… Now, I understand that I am not a writer for the show, and none of us are. But seriously? Cas? Of all characters?! Rowena, I understand she was a favorite for some people, and Crowley had an honorable death (that still broke me a lil’ bit) but Casti fricking el? Cas has been a main character, no, an important character, for the past eight seasons. Supernatural won’t be he same without them. I’m not going to venture into the past few character deaths that were unjust, (Eileen, Rowena,etc.) but imma stick to my buddy Cas. Honestly, I don’t know how they could just kill off Cas like he was not important! They didn’t even give him a line! There is no reason, none at all, that they should’ve killed him off. I’m honestly trying so hard to think of one good reason…ONE. I also understand that a lot of you think Chuck or the devil spawn is going to bring him back, and I know they’ve killed all of hem off multiple times before but you have to remember that it is the twelfth season going on thirteen. If the thirteenth isn’t the final season then there can’t be an awful lot more can there? Cas is dead. For good. But what he left. WHO he left. Is in frickin ruins. Castiel is an angel of the stinking lord, he could’ve been if some importance in the next season. And he didn’t even get a final line! The last thing he heard was Dean screaming his name and he didn’t even get a final line. Cas deserved a whole lot better than this shiz. Now let’s talk about Dean. The man that made Castiel fall from heaven. The one that was broken when Cas was still in purgatory and he wasn’t. The man that went through heaven and hell to save Cas. The man that gave Cas a mixtape The man that got nervous when Cas didn’t answer his phone for a few days The man that loved Cas, platonically or not, no one can deny the more than profound bond that they share. (No I am not making this about Destiel,) Dean was broken when Cas was in purgatory, but he knew that Cas was more than likely still alive, and Dean was broken at the fact that Cas wanted him to leave purgatory without him that he would rather think he left Cas than the alternative which was hat Cas didn’’t want to go home with Dean. Now, knowing Dean was empty and miserable when Cas was in Purgatory. We can’t even imagine what horrors await Dean in the next season. He watched Cas die right in front of him. Dean crumpled to his knees at the sight of Cas dead and his wings burnt around the two of them. The next season can go in a few directions with Cas’s death One: they can bring Cas back and all will be merry again. (Highly unlikely) Two: Dean can be extremely depressed about Cas to the point where he is hallucinating again. So broken this time that I don’t think there would ever be a happy ending for Dean. (Likely) Three: Dean doesn’t get depressed. Now, if this is the direction the writers are planning to go in…I will honestly quit watching. They have already ruined every single characters plot line, and if they do this then they are digging their own graves. I’m not saying I want Dean to be broken and depressed, believe me when I say I would want Cas back no matter what, but honestly, it would be so out of character for Dean not to care that I would slam myself into a brick wall. Dean cares too much about everything, but doesn’t show it. If Dean hallucinates Cas after purgatory I bet my ass that he will hallucinate after he dies right in front of him! (Unlikely) Four: Dean can sell his soul again. He talked to Mary about doing so earlier in the episode. So maybe this is what the writer have planned? Honestly this wouldn’t be in character-like of Dean. So I wouldn’t be surprised, but I would be so heart broken if it did because we all know Sammy’ll try and stop it and then when it does happen, Cas’ll be so mad at Dean. Ugh. (Highly unlikely) Five: Dean can be so hellbent on revenge that he rips apart worlds just to avenge Cas. Honestly,, this’d be entertaining. Now believe me, I don’t like my Dean-o to be hurt. So any of these directions hurts like hell. But. This would be likely of Dean. This is one of his characteristics, so I don’t doubt that the writers may use this (likely) Castiel deserved better, Misha deserves better, We deserve better than this. Supernatural will not be the same with out Castiel. Neither will team free will. Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. -Robert Frost We love you, we will miss you, goodbye Cas Wait you know what?! Cas isn’t right. Goodbye, Castiel Winchester

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Okay, so, I’m probably going to be talking about this a lot since it’s like, super amazing. A lot of fans have been pondering and contemplating things, and these are my personal opinions on it all. I’m just doing this before this spectacular plot unfolds and reviewing it so far. I guess this is gonna be kind of long?? I’m not sure, anyway here’s a something some of the fans have been talking about it.

1. How long is it going to last? 

Since Naruto was out for a very good fifteen years, a lot of people expect the same from Boruto, but a lot of people (judging from the opening scene) believe that it’s going to be a pretty short series, some don’t even expect it to last a year. It’s not because the fans necessarily hate the show, actually from what I’ve seen we’ve been pretty supportive, it’s just that the opening scene for the series is this:

So this scene is basically between some guy (who kind of looks like Iwabe? I’m not sure if it’s him, I kind of have mixed feelings on that theory) and an adult Boruto. This is what has made some fans believe that Boruto is going to be some quick, abrupt, series that’s probably going to end in a short amount of time. Others believe that it’s going to be long because, well, look at Naruto:

(Damn, I shouldn’t have picked such an emotional picture) Personally, I don’t what the Next Gen series to be short, but I’m not exactly expecting 15 years. Although Shippuden admittedly did have a lot of filler/insignificant episodes, it still takes decent writing skills to be capable of writing that long. Rather it’s a book, anime or some movie with sequels, it still takes a lot of thinking and effort. 

I love the Next Gen series with all my heart and more, but that wasn’t exactly the best scene to start on. It kind of already disappoints fans because they think that it’s going to be rushed. Or at least it’s going to feel rushed.

 But no matter how long it ends up being, I’m still going to probably love it, as long as it has a decent ending and doesn’t feel rushed are anything, I’ll be fine Besides, if it ends up getting popular among the Western side of the community, then it may end up being very long, either way I’m supportive.

2. The characters

Can we just talk about how well written out the characters are? Like, it wasn’t even much of a bumpy start in my opinion, I think everything went pretty smoothly from the start and so on, obviously, that can change, we don’t know yet, but so far it’s been doing pretty good, at least to be 

Boruto Uzumaki 

Okay, there are lots of things to say about his character but lets just start with this:


But honestly, fans thought that they were going to see that mischievous, ignorant, (yet loveable) male protagonist that always ends up rising above what everyone initially thought he was going to remain. Naruto was the original guy, besides Goku, despite their stories being quite different. But then other anime writers decided to do it, thus, turning it into a cliche.Yet, we somehow end up loving these idiots, I guess it’s because despite them having similar personalities, it’s different stories that they have to tell and different messages they have to bring out. As nerve wrecking as this cliche may be, I couldn’t imagine any other protagonists for some of these anime’s.

Back to the core subject though, Boruto’s generation or Boruto himself may not or never Naruto Uzumaki, but he was the perfect guy to take on the the legacy. However, in the movie he appears to be some spoiled, cringy, selfish, good-for-nothing brat:

And even though he did redeem himself later on during the course of the movie, it still couldn’t help but leave a very bitter taste it our mouth’s, including my own. Even though I have to admit, it did manage to make me cry. But then again, that isn’t a hard thing to do. 

Then Kishimoto decided to release Gaiden, probably a pretty good move being how mad half of the Japanese and most of the Western fans were at him. But after the movie a lot of people nearly completely separated themselves form the fandom. Then came this blessing of a series:

When I first heard of this, I screamed. That was my first reaction. But then I remembered the bratty Boruto and my excitement immediately disappeared. But one day, I decided, why not try watching it? I was pretty scared that I was going to be disappointed again, and I didn’t really want that, but when I saw the series I immediately became attached to it.

Boruto is so different, yet similar to how Naruto is. I didn’t want a completely different character that made the show’s feel go away, but at the same time, I didn’t want a complete duplicate of Naruto, that would’ve been quite disappointing to think one of the writers of your favorite shows wasn’t very versatile, but Boruto has a great balance of both Hinata’s and Naruto’s personality. He’s not the shy, prim and timid person Hinata was:

But he’s not the idiot Naruto was (still may or may not be at times but that’ why we loved and still love him):

Not only that, I love the message Boruto is giving to not only his friends in the series, but his fans, that he’s not his dad, and he’s choosing to take a different path. This isn’t Naruto’s story anymore, it’s Boruto Uzumaki’s story and he’s going to live it however he wants. We saw so many sides we probably wouldn’t have found out existed in the movie or even the manga, and now that theirs a series even more. 

Not to mention the fact that he’s freaking adorable:

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You can’t convince me that he isn’t. His personality although not a classic, is still really loveable. A lot of people have mixed feelings about his character, but I’m already pretty attached to him, and I can’t wait to see what his story has to bring.

2. Sarada Uchiha 

As far as how fans view her, all I see is love. Only a few people actually hate/dislike her character. Which I don’t know exactly why, because unlike Boruto, she didn’t necessarily do anything idiotic or bad to get any hate just yet, eventually, she is, and I think that’s when fans should start actually developing actual dislike for her character. Some fans only continued to watch the series because of her and I don’t blame them, she does seem kind of badass.

But I never knew fans could like Sakura’s offspring so much, let’s admit. Sakura got a lot more than enough hate from Shippuden viewers:

This was basically a joke that got way out of hand, because a lot of people actually began ranting about how useless she was, to put it short, Sakura became the most hated character in the entire series, personally, I loved Sakura, but a lot of people didn’t. Coincidentally, majority of those who hated her also shipped NaruSaku, which I will never understand since most fans don’t exactly ship a character that they hate with the main character.

Back to the core subject-(once again smh at myself) Sarada has a very interesting story, not only that, it could have a completely different outcome from the manga version, due this being rather very different from the manga. Although I just believe that it’s going to be written out a bit differently and nothing more. It doesn’t make Sarada’s story boring though. Because honestly, it’s just something that draws fans to her. 

Like Boruto, she seems to be a perfect mixture of both of her parents, she doesn’t push any emotion away as Sasuke does, but she also doesn’t have too much emotion like Sakura tends to have. It seems like she only pushed away major emotions.

Sarada didn’t exactly have the decent or okay childhood that Boruto had, even though Naruto can be somewhat neglectful of his family (with fair reasoning) Boruto still had Naruto their during his younger years. Sarada on the other hand, was basically only raised with a mother and has little to no memory of her father. Her childhood was most definitely different from Boruto’s.

Her story also seems to be different, but it’s way different from how Sasuke’s was, that’s probably why most fans find her story to be the more compelling out of the two. She isn’t short tempered and over emotional like Sakura was:

But she doesn’t tend to accidentally come of as cruel or try to be void of emotion like Sasuke:

Honestly, if Sarada had taken more traits from one parent than the other then I’m pretty sure she would have been hated, too.

She’s a perfect mix. When you really think about it, especially from a writer’s/creator’s point of view, it’s kind of a amazing their have been more than plenty of shows where the main character’s children always end up too much like their parents. But this is absolutely perfect. Honestly, I may not have given this show a chance if it wasn’t for this character. She was pretty interesting in the movie even though she wasn’t a major part of it.


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3. Sai 

Initially, I was just going to leave it at Sarada and Boruto, but the fact that they even put Sai in the series is pretty cool. I’m not going to say that he was one of my favorite characters, but a lot of the Japanese viewers adored him. He’s not really what I’d consider a main character, but I just like the fact that Kishimoto listens to his fans. Sai could’ve been completely gone from the series and that Kishimoto kept him just goes to show that the way this whole entire series has been written is far from being messy, unlike a lot of other animes.


There is definitely a shipping war beginning to brew among most fans, a lot fans are already shipping characters. Personally, I think the fans are justified. Sakura was in love with Sasuke when she was around their age, so fans shouldn’t be blamed for shipping anyone. Although their are a lot of ships like MitsuSara, MitsuCho and more, I’m just going to talk about the two main ones involving Boruto:

Borusara and BoruSumi:

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Can we please just take a moment of silence to admire this beautiful, wonderful, ship (I’m obviously talking about BoruSara

Okay, I’m going too far, I’m sorry. But seriously, I find this ship so cute. I’m not saying that it can’t be a simple rivalry/friendship like Naruto and Sasuke’s just because Sarada is female I strongly believe that is could being a female myself, but I do ship them pretty hard.

I love the fact that when they’re in public they constantly argue but when they’re alone they tell each other really important things. Personally, I was pro NaruHina all the way, but since Sarada and Boruto’s characters are a pretty good mixture of their parents’ this could be another chance for those who shipped SasuSaku or NaruSasu.

Obviously, I could go on all day as to why I ship these two precious cinnamon rolls, but then I’d be wasting your time. 

As for BoruSumi, honestly, initially I found Sumire to be so annoying at first, once I heard her story she grew on me though, I like her as a character in the series but I don’t ship her with Boruto. I’m just not a fan of the whole NaruHina dynamic happening all over, Hinata is the only character who can really pull it off. Admittedly, I’m probably just another butthurt BoruSara shipper. 

But whatever happens in the series as far as that, I’ll still be completely supportive, Boruto isn’t exactly a love story, afterall.


Boruto is an awesome show, and even though I had my doubts, I couldn’t imagine being without it and we haven’t even reached the climax of it yet. I can’t believe I ever wasn’t interested in this show. I’m pretty glad that I decided to be open-minded instead of being completely dedicated to Naruto like a few of other fans have chosen to.

(If you disagree with anything in this post, please be respectful about it if you don’t believe you can be then personally message me, even end up commenting anything negative that’s disrespectuful I’ll delete your comment, reblog, or whatever)












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  • what i say: katara is my favorite character
  • what i think: katara is one of the most complex, multi-faced and important characters ever written and i honestly don't think i will ever connect and empathize with a character more for the rest of my life. the fact she is allowed to be the heart of team avatar, the most maternal, feminine force on the show, while simultaneously being unapologetically angry, unforgiving, vengeful and petty is so incredibly significant. the fact that a fourteen year old girl saved the world, time and time again - the fact that the world wouldn't BE saved without her. the fact this child, this barely-teen, raised herself and her brother, lived in a world where war and bloodshed and death was all she knew, never lost hope. never gave up. the fact that this character, this young female character, could've been reduced to the Strong Female Protagonist or The Chick or even simply the Hero's Girl. but she is instead allowed to be all, and more. she is a mother and a friend, a hero and a lover, a fighter and a soldier. honestly so important i will protect and fight for katara 2kforever.
my Great Comet experience

I sat in front mezzanine front row next to the aisle and there was so much interaction with the ensemble!!! This is kind of long sorry but there were so many things!!!

•In the beginning Mary threw me a Pierogi
•Courtney was incredible as Mary omg she was so amazing
•I noticed before prologue started Dolokhov chills in the left front orchestra and talks to the audience and throughout the whole show he generally stays in that area and the left banquets (so if he’s you’re fave you might want to sit there)
•During Pierre (I think) Anatole and Dolokhov sit on the steps together and Anatole rests his foot on dolokhovs leg and he holds it
•Nicholas was amazing as Bolkonsky and so funny! His French little thing kept leaning away from him when he was trying to whisper in her ear
•Paul Pinto hobbling in as the servant during The Private and Intimate Life made me laugh so much
•No one else was so beautiful and the blue lighting and Andrey in the snow ugh
•Anatole leaned over a man to kiss his (presumably) wife in his entrance  
•Natasha’s face after the opera. She was so shocked and confused and everyone laughed
•During Natasha & Anatole Anatole looks at an audience member and smiles when he says “isn’t that so?”
•Dolokhov’s little dance when he comes in during the duel
•Dolokhov was literally yelling all his lines in the duel he’s way more aggressive than in the soundtrack and his movements were very dramatic and exaggerated I couldn’t help but laugh
•Anatole ruffling Dolokhov’s hair
•"Just as a duck was made to swim" Anatole did like chicken arms and motioned them back and forth as if to be a duck swimming it was adorable
•I was lip syncing to the duel and Billy (ensemble) came in front of me and screamed along “HERES TO THE HEALTH OF MARRIED WOMEN…” in my face and I mouthed the words back at him (he also spit on me it was great)
•My friend said he also tried to grab my shoulders from behind but I was leaned over towards her so he couldn’t and I didn’t notice some how
•Pierre almost came up to where I was sitting during the duel
•After the duel Anatole did a little finger gun and made a pow noise at Pierre it was so cute
•Dust and Ashes was incredible and all the cast stand in a line in the rear mez and sing (you can’t see this if you’re sitting in the orchestra)
•Helene was amazing in Charming I love her so much
•The ball had same sex couples
•Two male ensemble in bear masks danced right next to me and it was amazing and they danced together but right after the song ended one tripped up the stairs and it made me so sad :(
•I didn’t get a letter during letters but I think you mainly have to be in the orchestra to get them. A few were passed out individually by some ensemble in the mez though.


•Ingrid was incredible as Sonya and her voice is so gorgeous
•Sonya alone and letters? (I can’t remember the second song) but Natasha walked past me in the front mezzanine
•You could see Dolokhov spitting during preparations
•During balaga dolokhov whispered into anatoles ear and then went in for a kiss and their lips touched but anatole pulled away and then dolokhov pulled him back closer and smacked his butt
•Dolokhov also smacked an ensembles butt a bit later
•Balaga was honestly such a fun song and my mom got a red shaker
•During the Abduction Anatole sat next to an old man and he kept looking away and giggling and then they fist bumped
•The abduction was sooo much fun and omg no one talks about it but Nicholas Beltons dancing!!! His legs kick so high and he is non stop energy
•When Pierre giggles after his whoa it’s so adorable
•Also an ensemble member jumped on Nicholas Belton’s back and he gave them a piggy back ride
•Marya and Helene making out
•I think someone forgot to whistle for Dolokhov in his line in the abduction?
•In find Anatole, off to the side Pierre literally pushed Paul Pinto down the stairs to the orchestra and it scared me
•In Pierre and Anatole after Pierre is threatening and grabbing anatoles throat Anatole touches his throat like he’s really hurt and starts gagging and it’s so sad
•Andrey really hit Pierre hard in Pierre & Andrey and then Mary went to comfort him and he threw his hands up defensively and walked past her
•Pierre didn’t struggle to find the sleeves :(
•The lights in the ceiling during tgc1812 were so gorgeous and beautiful

Bonus stuffy stuff

•Helene is like half naked during her bow it’s wonderful
•Anatole and Helene are caressing each other the whole show and it’s gr8
•I love grace so much she is perfect
•Courtney and Ingrid were lovely I’m so happy I saw them
•Paul being literally everywhere and every single character he’s honestly one of my favorites and deserves more love
•Also Nicholas Belton’s dance moves
•The ensemble were all so amazing they did like hand stands and stuff off the railing and danced in front of and next to me omg
•Andrew played violin in my friends face and another ensemble girl in the beginning played in mine

also if you have any questions feel free to message me and I’m going to post my stagedoor experiences later

Something just occurred to me

So, I love It’s Over Isn’t It. It’s probably my favorite song from the whole show (it’s only competition is Here Comes a Thought). But I’m also one of those people who is fully able to acknowledge that Pearl is poorly written, has too much screen time, and has honestly been turned into an abusive character when I’m sure she was never meant to be.

But that song, that whole episode really, is SO important to me. A beautiful, musical telling of the story of a lesbian who was in love with her best friend, was rejected in favor of a man, and must now take care of their child, a child who she loves but is also a constant reminder that her love chose someone else and died as a result.

So I was thinking, how could that beautiful, meaningful song have been delivered better? And then it hit me.

We should’ve had no idea Pearl was so screwed up because of Rose and Greg. Sad because Rose was gone, yes. Explicitly in love with Rose, yes. But resentful of Greg? Resentful that she has to take care of Steven, even though she’s grown to love him as her own child? Those should’ve been secrets that she kept close. She should’ve known how much they would’ve hurt Steven’s early development. She should’ve acted polite yet distant with Greg. She should’ve acted like her jealousy never existed, or was a thing of the past.

And THEN It’s Over Isn’t It should’ve happened. Not as some big turning point in Greg and Pearl’s relationship, but as a reveal for Steven (who is 14 now, he has a right to know more about his guardians’ histories with his mother). It wouldn’t be a justification for Pearl’s abusive actions either (because, as I said, in this version, most of those actions would’ve never taken place. She would’ve acted like everything was fine and she had no emotional turmoil about the whole thing). It would just be Steven learning Pearl’s side of the story. Perhaps there would be a note in here about how Pearl is uncertain that she’s been a good guardian to Steven, because she knows, deep down, there’s still that emotional pain resulting from his origins. THEN the line about “I think you’re pretty great” would’ve happened. Not in response to “Gee I really wonder if Rose is in there somewhere judging me”, but in response to her fears and insecurities. It would be Steven assuring her that she is doing a good job, that her pain doesn’t make her a bad person, and that he’s grateful she told him about her past.

Think about what a good message that would be. Showing someone suffering heartbreak, fearing they’re abusive without realizing it, and being assured that they aren’t. Showing that having “bad” thoughts and feelings don’t necessarily make you a bad person, just as long as you don’t let those thoughts and feelings dictate your actions.

I would’ve appreciated that so much more than a Pearl who puts Steven in danger, tries to kill him, and then cries about how she just loved Rose so much and that’s why all her abusive actions are justified. The Pearl we have now is just a little too close to Snape for my liking. :/


April Fools?

We could never leave Love Live behind. While Aikatsu is an amazing show, and it deserves a lot of love, Love Live truly holds a special place in our hearts.

We lost about 500 followers, so thank you for those who knew we were trolling/aren’t upset when we have fun. We were trying to come up with ideas this year, and I suggested we just… throw a real big curveball. Successfully getting at least 1,000 of you had me laughing so hard. 

But, we will be getting back to regular scheduled programming here soon. I dug deep in the ask box and made a few old ones.

For those who are unaware on how we do April Fools, we make a bunch of confessions in advance so we can have them ready to throw out. I have a couple friends help me, but a lot of the confessions I made this year were from you guys! I didn’t want to leave anything hanging, so under the cut, you can see all the other confessions we got, plus my bits and pieces of commentary. WARNING: Many of these confessions contain spoilers, so please be careful if you wish for a clean cold watch!

Thank you for letting us troll you, and we look forward to another year together!

- Admin Honoka

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anonymous asked:

could you stop shitting on this show?


I’ll stopp shitting on this show when they start making good episodes that don’t involve heavy CGI or action sequences. 

I’ll stopp shitting on this show when they stopp with the mischaracterisation of my most favorite characters.

I’ll stopp shitting on this show when they start using logic again (behold ep06 *shruggs*)


I’ll stopp shitting on this show when they start showing my girl Sansa kissed by fire Stark the respect and love (and orgasms) she deserves. 

I’m sure I could find more reasons but honestly, I don’t even care that much anymore. This show made me hate my most favorite Characters and I’ll be forever salty for that. 

My blood is sea water, my skin is salt and if you don’t like my whining you can either blacklist ‘got negativity’ or unfollow me. I won’t be mad it you do. 

Thank You For 1000 Followers!!!

As promised, guys, here we are. For those who are fairly new, here’s what’s going on.

To celebrate reaching 1000 followers, I said I’d cover an episode of another show. This is something a lot of people have asked about for awhile, and it seemed like a good way to show my appreciation. One of the donors requested American Dragon: Jake Long, and yeah. This show does seem right up my alley.

I was a bit torn on which episode to cover. I was initially going to just go over the first episode, but if I’m going to be covering the entire thing at some point, I won’t want to leave myself with nothing else to say. Instead, I decided to cover what was one of my favorite episodes as a kid. The second episode, Dragon Breath (which ironically is about a school dance where the protagonist’s date turns into a monster. Go fig.) This episode features just about all the important characters and introduces some things that give me a lot to say.

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orihime inoue is such a beautiful, wonderful and thoughtful character who is so loving and considerate of her friends and even her fucking enemies. she is passionate and empathetic. she is a gift and deserves everything good

like, she was so insecure about herself, and even when she was feeling jealous of rukia, she still loved her and talked to her. She felt terrible, she hated being jealous of someone she loves so much and the feeling is honestly so relatable

she is one of my favorite characters of all time and it’s hard to see people hate her just because she’s the “pretty girl with big boobs that everyone lusts after” but they forget orihime is human and as someone who has friends almost exactly like her, she honestly showed me no matter how “perfect” you seem in the eyes of others, you often think you’re not enough. Orihime helped me understand that I do not see myself the way my loved ones do.

I love Orihime Inoue and this is officially an Orihime appreciation post

The French Mistake: Convention Edition

Author: @beckawinchester

Characters: Dean, Jensen x Reader, Sam/Jared, Richard/Gabriel

Words: 1,205

Warnings: Mild Swearing

A/N: Here is a story I just came up with over an hour ago. I hope no one else has a similar story! Enjoy!

Tags will be at the end as always. I will be tagging Jensen and Jared tags in this story also. If you would like to be tagged in my stories add yourself HERE

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Stalk (Part Five)

Title: Goodnight (Part Five)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Unofficial Chapter

Ship: Reader x Dean

Warnings: Fighting, choking, fighting

Word Count: 3,798


After Sam discovered that Ginnette and Peter were buried at two different cemeteries, he printed off directions to both and headed out. Dean stayed with (Y/N) to keep her safe, just like Sam told him to, the awkwardness between the two diminishing as soon as they sat on the sofa to watch a little TV, waiting out the night together. The distance between them bothered (Y/N) immensely, so she slowly began to scoot next to Dean, who didn’t mind one bit she was getting closer. “Is there anything in particular that you want to watch?” She asked, taking him into consideration. “Whatever you want to watch, it doesn’t really matter to me.”

A memory crossed her mind, making (Y/N) giggle a little. Dean looked over to her, furrowing his eyebrows and smiling, “What are you laughing about?” (Y/N) smiled as she turned her head to him. “Remember when we were kids and had to mess with the antennas on my old TV just to get PBS on?” The memory sent them both into full blown laughter. “It took me like twenty minutes just to get a clear picture and it was usually something stupid.”

“Those were the good old days.” (Y/N) sighed, settling on one of her cop shows to watch with Dean. “Too bad Dr. Sexy MD isn’t running anymore.” (Y/N) sighed, her eyes focusing on the characters on the screen. “Wait, you watch that too?” Dean asked, surprised since he never knew that (Y/N) was into dramas and soap operas when they were younger. “Oh my god. Dean Winchester, you watch Dr. Sexy MD?” His eyes widened when he revealed himself to her. Dr. Sexy MD was one of his many guilty pleasures that not many knew about. “Don’t judge me. I’m not judging that you’re making me watch Criminal Minds.”

“That’s because Criminal Minds is an actual good show?” (Y/N) rolled her eyes and put her attention back on the TV. “What about Criminal Minds is good, (Y/N)?” Dean asked, making her pause the show and turn all the way in her seat towards him. “You want to know what’s good? The cases, the characters, the plot, everything is good about Criminal Minds. It’s my favorite show.” Dean smiled, a thought crossing his mind. When they were younger, he loved to make her flustered. Both Sam and (Y/N) thought it was because Dean liked to tease both of them, but honestly? It was because he thought she was cute when she was embarrassed. “I think I know the real reason why you like Criminal Minds.”

“And what is that?”

Dean motioned towards the TV, “Because you can’t take your eyes off of that guy’s ass.” Dean winked as (Y/N) turned her head towards the TV, her cheeks growing red. He accomplished her embarrassment successfully. “Who? Dr. Reid? Never!” Though her cheeks told a different story, “Besides, I’ve seen better.” She smirked. Dean knew where this was going, and he definitely wanted to go there. “Oh yeah? Who’s?” He challenged her, leaning his elbow on the arm of the sofa and placing his head in his hand. (Y/N) tightened her lips, not wanting to make things awkward if her attempt to flirt went wrong.

“Who’s, (Y/N)?” Dean pressed a little further, getting closer to her, faces inches from each other’s. (Y/N) shook her head and looked into his eyes. “Yours.” The single word made Dean grin and sit back in his seat. “I know. It’s great, isn’t it?” (Y/N) scoffed and hit him on the lap with a throw pillow. “Shut up, Butthead.”

“Hey, hey, hey. Wait a minute.” Dean put one finger up, signaling her to be quiet. “What, Dean?” She asked, rolling her eyes. “It’s shut up, Nice-Butt-Head.” He said, bracing for another hit with the pillow. “Get out of my house, asshole!” She joked, hitting him twice. “Nice-Ass-Hole!” he put his arms up in front of him to block the blow aimed at his face. After (Y/N) settled down a little, Dean leaned toward her a little as if he was about to tell her a secret. “Hey, I’m not the only one in this house with a nice ass.” He whispered into her ear, causing chills to go shoot down her spine. “Oh really?” she stuttered, nervously. “Yeah, I head old Ginnette had something great packing behind her!” He laughed harder than he has in a long time. “Oh my god, fuck you!” (Y/N) stood up and made her way over to the kitchen beside the living room.

“Come on, (Y/N)!” Dean laughed, standing up after her and following her to the kitchen, leaning against the island counter. “I’m only kidding around.” He sighed, studying her as she grabbed something from a cabinet and set it on the counter in front of him. A bottle of wine.

“Do you really think we should be drinking right now considering our situation?” Dean questioned, earning a smile and eyebrow raise from (Y/N). “It’s only a glass, will it hurt us?” Dean shook his head, “I only drink hard liquor. This is chick stuff.” Pouring the wine into two glasses, she handed one to Dean who stared at it before taking a sip. “Unlike you, Dean, I drink for taste instead of burn. Which is why I don’t get drunk at parties too much.”

“Hey, I like taste, too. I like tasting a lot of things.” He winked, making (Y/N)’s cheeks grow red. “I’m sure you do.” She rolled her eyes, trying to shake off the blush as she downed her entire glass of wine with one chug and refilling it. “Woah, woah. Slow down.” Setting her glass down on the counter a little hard, she leaned in towards Dean, licking her lips. “I don’t slow down, Dean. I like it hard, too.” Dean gulped, trying so hard not to grab her chin and kiss her. Kiss her hard. He turned his head away from her, smiling as he did. “You’re the worst. You know that, right?”

Dean turned his head back towards her, finding her still leaning over the counter. They stared into each other’s eyes intently before something behind Dean caught (Y/N)’s eyes off guard. “Dean, behind you!” (Y/N) backed up against the fridge behind her, pointing towards something behind Dean. Dean jumped at her yell, turning around to see a man standing behind him. His blonde curly hair got in the way of his face, but when he took a step towards Dean, it moved to the side a little revealing deep brown eyes. Dean’s eyes trailed down to the man’s neck, dark bruises covered almost all of his skin. “Leave.” The man groaned as Dean pulled out his hand gun full of rock salt and aimed at him. “No, that’s your job.” He pulled the trigger, causing the man to disappear and the salt hit against the door frame of the kitchen.

“It was…. That wasn’t who I saw the other night, Dean.” Turning toward her, he ushered her to come around the counter towards him. “It doesn’t really matter, he’s here now and we need to get a salt ring in here before one of us gets killed.” He said as she rounded the counter. Dean grabbed her hand to make sure she didn’t disappear as he searched her cabinets for salt. When he finally found a small can of it, he realized there wasn’t much in there to keep them both safe. “We could… huddle together.” She laughed, receiving a funny look from Dean. “Now’s not the time to flirt, (Y/N). Life or death here.”

He glanced over her shoulder to see the spirit had returned, reaching it’s hand out towards her shoulder. Moving (Y/N) to the side, he brought his pistol up and shot the ghost again, making it disappear faster than before. Pouring the salt into a small circle, he made sure that it would keep all of (Y/N) safe. “Get in.” (Y/N) looked down and noticed there wasn’t enough room for Dean. “No, no. No fucking way this is going to be a Titanic scene.”

Glancing up at her, he smirked, “You’re right, we didn’t even have sex in the back of a car yet.” (Y/N) scowled at Dean before stepping into the circle. “Stay here, I’m going to hold him off until Sam burns his damn bones.”

“Oh is that what you’re going to do? I thought you were going to draw me like one of your French girls.” She rolled her eyes. “I mean, if you want to take your clothes off for me, that wouldn’t be too bad of an idea.” (Y/N) hit Dean before noticing the spirit standing behind him. “Dean, he’s behind you!”

Dean turned his head towards the spirit, raising his gun once again, “You know, you’re really bad at this sneaking thing, kid.” He shot him in the chest and he was gone. Dialing Sam’s number, he handed his phone to (Y/N) so she could ask him where he was while Dean held off Peter.

It didn’t take long for Sam to answer, panting. “Did you dig him up yet?!” (Y/N) yelled through the phone, hoping that Sam heard her through Dean’s gun fire that was tearing up her home. “Just got to the coffin, hold tight.” He hung up on the girl, sending relief throughout her body. “What did he say?” Dean asked, shooting Peter one more time and turning towards her. “He just got to the coffin.” Dean sighed in relief before (Y/N) yelled at him, “Dean, turn around!” Before she could finish her sentence, Peter sent Dean flying towards her in the circle, making her fall backwards out of the salt circle. Peter disappeared from what she could see but reappeared on top of her, his hands digging into her neck. His tight grip cut off most of the circulation in her veins, causing pressure to build up in her head. “Get off of her!” Dean yelled before shooting Peter, making him disappear, relieving (Y/N) of the pressure.

She choked on her own breath, holding her neck. Noticing the salt circle was now messed up, she looked up at Dean who was holding his hand out to her. She took it and he helped her up. “What now? That was all the salt!” Dean held her to his chest as he pointed his gun out to the figure who appeared across the island. Right as he was about to pull the trigger, Peter’s body erupted in flames, causing Dean to jump back a little. “It’s over.” Dean whispered in the girl’s ear as she clung tightly to his body. She let go, tears trailing down her cheeks. Looking up at the man, a thought crossed her mind but she quickly shook it off. It would only make things more awkward.

But Dean had a different idea than her. Placing his fingers on the bottom of her chin, he tilted up towards his, bringing their lips together. As they did, that *familiar* spark erupted between them. They smiled between their kiss, not letting go of each other, not even for air. (Y/N) bit Dean’s lip, asking for entrance, complying, their tongues met, dancing together in a sea of fireworks. It wasn’t until they let go that Dean noticed a different spirit across the island, a girl with similar marks on her neck to Peter, but more like hand prints.

He raised his gun towards her, but she put her hand up as if to signal not to shoot her. “I’m sorry.” (Y/N) turned around as the girl spoke to her. Unable to speak herself, she allowed the spirit to explain herself. “Peter… Peter was very angry with me. I didn’t know what I did but he punished me anyways. It went too far, (Y/N).” Her name rolled off the girl’s way too easily, as if Ginette knew (Y/N) personally.

“He didn’t mean to kill me. He was just… he was just angry. And he was angry with you. I tried to warn you. I tried to warn you to leave, to stay away. Perhaps he wouldn’t be that mad if you left. It didn’t change anything. I’m sorry, (Y/N).” Tears rolled down the girl’s cheeks but all Dean and (Y/N) could do was watch her. “He came to you as that man because that’s who you feared. He needed to scare you and he was going to go too far with you as he did with me.” At this point, her words were through sobs as she began to fade away. The two looked at each other, concluding that she wasn’t going to be a problem as long as Sam gets to her bones. Turning away from Dean, (Y/N)’s eyes searched for her broom and dust pan. Grabbing it, she ushered Dean to move over while she swept up the salt on her tile floor.

“What are you doing?” Dean asked, confused. “What does it look like, Genius? I’m cleaning up.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot you’re kind of a neat freak.” Dean chuckled, placing his hand on her hip as she cleaned up the salt, tracing circles into her hip. “I can be another kind of freak, but I’m not going to get to that today, Dean.” After scooping up all the salt into the dust pan, she walked over to the trash can leaving Dean in awe.

Sam returned to her home an hour later. After hearing what Ginnette had to say, (Y/N) had no interest in Dean, only wanting to sit on the couch and think to herself. Though the kiss was nice and badly needed, too many things were going through her mind to even think about doing it again, among other things. “You guys okay?” Sam strolled into the living room, noticing the fresh bruises that were already forming on (Y/N)’s neck. “Peter kind of got rough.” She sighed, pausing the television and looking at the brothers, her legs across Dean’s lap as Sam sat down at the end of the sofa.

“Uh, wait, you need to shower before you even think about sitting on my furniture.” (Y/N) scolded him and kicked at the youngest Winchester. “That’s the thanks I get for digging not one, but two graves for you?” Sam laughed before standing back up from the sofa. “Hey, what can I say? I like my furniture clean, kid, I paid a lot for it. Bathrooms on the second floor, door right across from the stairs, you literally can’t miss it.”

Sam made his way out of the living room and up the stairs. When Dean knew that Sam was out of ear shot, he turned towards (Y/N) on the couch and locked eyes with her. “Hey, are you okay?” He asked, his emerald green eyes making butterflies form in her stomach. “I guess you can say that.” She sighed, moving her legs off of him and sitting like a normal person. “Tell me what’s on your mind.” He was sincere with his words.

“It’s really hard not to think about Peter choking me. I always knew that ghosts could harm people, but I never thought it would happen to me. Twice.” She sighed after she spoke. “It’s a hard thing to go through. I know if I was woken up by someone choking me, I wouldn’t want to be in my own bed alone either.”

“Sleep with me.” She blurted out the words, not even thinking about what she said. “Well, I mean, if you really want to!” He laughed. “Not like that, Dean. Just sleep in my bed tonight. Please?” she took ahold of his hand, almost like begging him. “How many times have we shared beds growing up, (Y/N)? I really don’t care. I’ll sleep in your bed with you tonight.” He chuckled.

As they settled into the bed together, at a comfortable distance from each other, (Y/N) moved to face Dean. “Thank you, Dean, for everything. I don’t know what I would have done without you.” She properly thanked him this time, placing a peck on his lips, the spark happening again. He looked at her in silence for a second, switching his gaze from eye to eye.

“Did you… did you feel that, too?” He whispered. (Y/N) nodded, knowing exactly what he was talking about. “Let’s feel it again.” She said before pressing her lips to his fully, the kiss more passionate than earlier, but much shorter. “It feels the same as the first time.” She sighed, before turning on her other side so Dean could pull her close to his body, arms engulfing her. “I know…” He smiled as he spoke. “Goodnight, Dean.”

“Goodnight, (Y/N).”

August of 2000

“Dad, I’m sorry, but I’ve already been accepted! I just can’t turn them down now.” (Y/N) felt the hot tears stream down her face as she studied her father, who was more worried than angry at her. “Why didn’t you choose a college closer to home?! Do you know how far (Y/C/N) is from here?” His voice was stern as he spoke. His tone reminded her of the first time he yelled at her for disobeying his orders, making her even more full of grief as she listened to him. “I… I’ve always wanted to go there. It’s the perfect college for me. It’s my life, Dad, I can choose where I want to go.”

Just as she spoke, the front door of the house opened and shut, two pairs of footsteps making their way down the hallway and into the living room towards the kitchen. John and Dean stood there watching them as they had their fight, awkwardly trying not to intervene, in fear of the backlash that would follow them. “So you choose to leave me?” His eyes grew red, as if he was fighting back tears as well. “God, you don’t even understand.” (Y/N) had enough. She couldn’t stand fighting with her father, especially about her life. Storming off, her shoulder hit Dean’s who turned around and watched her as she opened and slammed the front door once she was out of the house.

John turned to Bobby, a questionable look on his face, not even requiring him to answer to know it was just family drama. “What can I help you with?” Bobby muttered, turning to the younger man. John explained himself but Dean just tuned them out, his eyes staying with the door that just let (Y/N) out. ‘Is she okay?’ he asked himself, waiting for Bobby and John to make their ways upstairs to the study. Once the coast was clear, Dean made his way to the door and stepped outside, the cold night air engulfing him. The end of summer was the hottest in South Dakota, but at night, it got crazy cold.

Dean knew exactly where to find (Y/N), it was the place she went to cool off whenever she was angry. There was a particular car that she transfixed on, only because it was a convertible with comfortable leather seats. Missing an engine, (Y/N) made it her mission to make it her own little hideout from her father and all the problems that came with the hunting life he was involved with. Dean crossed the salvage yard to the car, finding her there laying on the hood, back to the windshield instead of her usual spot laying across the backseat. (Y/N) turned her head towards Dean as he approached. “What do you want?” She asked, obviously still angry, fresh tears staining her cheeks. The twenty-one-year-old joined her on the hood, crossing one leg over the other as he used his hands as a pillow.

“Somewhere else to be.” He sighed, “Kind of like you.”

“What do you mean?” she furrowed her eyebrows, turning her head towards him. His eyes studied the stars above them, a clear night sky revealing the beautiful millions and millions of stars in the galaxy. “I know you’re leaving. You’re going to college… but when?” His eyes finally met her (Y/E/C) ones. “Tomorrow.” Her voice was quiet as she spoke, sort of embarrassed to be abandoning her father. Dean nodded, not wanting to say anything that would upset her.

“You were right back there, you know.” He sighed as the both of them directed their attention back to the galaxy above them. “Which part? I said a lot of things that my dad disapproves of.”

“Bobby isn’t right for trying to keep you here. It’s your life and you can choose to do whatever you want to do.” They were quiet for a while, his words still lingering in the air when (Y/N) finally spoke, an obvious conversation change. “The galaxy is so beautiful.” She sighed, hoping her words would fill up the empty air between them. Dean thought for a second before speaking, “So are you, (Y/N).” He turned towards her again, finding that her eyes were already on him.

“What happened, Dean? That night that you hurt those two boys?” She asked, her eyes bloodshot from crying before. “Why are you asking?” He stated more than asked. It was something he never wanted to talk about. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to talk about it, it was that he taught himself not to, because if he brought it up he would feel the same heart break that he did that night. “We almost kissed and then we just never talked about it ever again. Like it never happened.” She whispered.

“Your dad told me to leave you alone.” He spoke quietly as he noticed the anger take place in her face. “Why? You saved me from that kid, it wasn’t your fault!” Her tone changed completely as she sat up on the hood of the car, “Do you understand how confused I was for a long time? I thought you didn’t care, Dean.” She sighed and laid back down. “I did and I still do, (Y/N).”

“You do?” It was a sigh of relief to know she wasn’t the only one who cared about the events of that night.

They were quiet as they looked into each other’s eyes again, but this time deeper, as if they were looking for each other’s souls. It happened so naturally, like they were used to doing it. He placed his hand on her cheek, bringing her closer to him as they closed their eyes and lips met, the kiss that just felt… right. It felt like nothing could hold them back anymore, even though the truth dawned on them quickly. They might never see each other again, which only prompted them to keep each other on lock, not letting go in fear that the moment would pass by too quickly.

But it was fate that they would meet again, even if they didn’t know it.

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willzgirl  asked:

Other than Danny and Colleen what were things you really liked about Iron Fist?

Ah yes an ask that is going to force me to get my thoughts together. So here we go, and not in any particular order of how much I liked it. Probably won’t cover everything because I’ve only watched it once and it’s sort of a blur xD I’ll cover some main points though.

• this is gonna sound weird, but the colors. This show was a lot brighter/more vivid than the other shows (particularly dd/jj) and I just really love how they’ve used that in these shows because this really matches the show and idk I just love it

• Danny. Which I mean is obvious, but. It was just really refreshing to have a character who was more childlike and innocent and naive, who has a brighter look on things compared to the others, which I think was really needed. Danny was kind of an idiot sometimes and way too trusting but I really enjoyed watching him change from episode 1 to episode 13

• on a related note, I’m always so fascinated by the moral side of things, the arguments, the way people try to justify things and idk dude I think they did it really well here. Watching Danny, particularly as well struggle between thinking that he has to fulfill his duty as the Iron Fist but also really not wanting to be that??? Not the way he was taught, anyway, was great. And even just smaller things, like Colleen deciding to not kill Bakuto, even tho yeah in the moment she probably could have. I am v proud of her. And also on this note, Claire and that scene in the plane where she is just like “yeah you can never justify killing”. Loved that scene.

• finally getting more information about the Hand. Because in Daredevil s2, we honestly did not get a ton of information and in this show we got much more and saw a lot more of it and the different parts/groups of it and that was nice that it’s not just being left as some shadowy group that no one knows stuff about.

• might get yelled at for this, but the fight scenes?? I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about how they were unrealistic but guys, it’s a show about a character who has powers that make his fist light up. I think they get a little leniency here. I personally really enjoyed them.

• THE SOUNDTRACK. Cannot say enough good things about the soundtrack omg. I love how it’s vaguely like the daredevil ones but sort mashed with like. The Tron soundtrack I guess? But also with its own unique elements and almost a trippy quality sometimes and just guys I love this soundtrack. My favorite of all of them, now.

• The fact that, while I was not particularly fond of the Meachums, I couldn’t make myself hate them. Because that’s a problem I run into where the “villains” are always just not layered enough and just easy to hate. But while I didn’t love them, they’re absolutely fascinating. Their actions, their justifications, the way they work and think. I’m going to do a lot of analyzing when I watch the show again because I’m really impressed with them and how they were written.

• Colleen. Literally everything about her, but like. It wasn’t the Colleen I expected? Yeah she was tough and a colder (especially towards the beginning), but I really did not expect the sweeter and a lil softer Colleen that we got in the show. And I have exactly no complaints about it. Again, like with Danny, it was refreshing. I mean, she’s got issues but she’s not like a lot of the other female characters we’ve gotten so far in that she is kinder and softer and genuinely a good person at heart (again, she has issues, but) and I really loved that.

• this is kind of obvious, but Claire. She was a gem in this honestly. Probably my favorite appearance of her so far, since she’s been so developed now. She was hilarious but also knocked some sense into my stupid children. Also, Claire learning to fight gives me life okay.

• kind of said this earlier but want to say it again but just. How conflicted Danny is. How he’s torn between these two sides of himself, and choosing between what he was raised and taught to do and what he’s starting to believe is the actual right thing. and how he does not handle this super well, and it’s not easy for him. They wrote this really well in that he was honestly just a wreck. It got ugly sometimes. It wasn’t handled gracefully, it was messy and emotional and difficult and Danny could not have handled it on his own without Colleen and Claire. I really enjoy when they don’t try and force a character like this to deal with it and figure it out alone and I’m glad Claire was there to knock sense into him.

• Tiny note but like, all the references to characters. Daredevil, a couple times. Jessica. They even mentioned Karen and it was beautiful.

• Danny, Colleen, and Claire: the actual team up we all needed in life. Bless. All of their scenes together were great, and having Claire there to balance out the other two was wonderful. Would watch an entire show of these three working together, not gonna lie.

• Going sort of back up to what I said about the Meachums, I love that the people fighting against Danny in the show wasn’t just some creepy guy who out of the blue decided he had a problem with Danny. It was Harold, it was Ward and Joy, people he grew up with. It was Gao, it was Bakuto, it was even Davos and Colleen for a bit. Mostly people he trusted. Which made it more painful but idk I enjoyed it.

• How they handled all the stuff with Colleen. Personally think they did that well. And I’m so, so glad that they didn’t drag it out longer than necessary. It felt, pacing wise, like it worked really well. It didn’t drag it out, but it wasn’t too fast. The rain scene is always going to make me cry.

Nothing else directly comes to mind right now because I kind of just got up and my brain isn’t awake, but. To sum it up it’s a show I thoroughly enjoyed with characters that hit me pretty personally sometimes, so that was fun. Personally, I think it’s the best show I’ve seen since Daredevil, which is my favorite show. I need to watch iron fist a couple more times, but I’m positive I enjoyed it more than JJ/LC.

I just. Really love this show, guys.

Well that’s it for Island Adventure!

I gotta say, I really really liked this episode! It didn’t do much for us lore wise, or move the plot forward at all, but it was still sooooo good. I love love LOVED the song. That was honestly my favorite part. The island was beautifully drawn and animated as well. And seeing Sadie and Lars so vulnerable was just… A breath of fresh air. I loved it.

I’m also noticing this show really likes to show the viewers the good and bad to everyone- that bad characters can do good things, and that good characters can do bad things. There are no flawless characters. What Sadie did was awful; she lied and tricked both Lars and Steven. She let Steven take the fall for it. They were living in very unhealthy conditions- unable to brush their teeth or eat a proper meal, for example. This was not okay. But it doesn’t make Sadie a bad person. And hopefully she’ll learn from this… Why, even though she had good intentions, it was wrong of her to do. 

Anyways, I’m rating this episode a 9/10, and ranking it at #1, replacing Space Race.

Hopefully I’ll be able to do another tomorrow, but as always I’ll keep you guys updated.

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What do you think of Sakura? Not talking about what potential she had bit as she was presented by Kishimoto?

I love her. She’s my favorite kunoichi, honestly, and the character growth she shows up until the last few chapters is arguably the best, most in-depth in the manga. If you compare Sakura from pre-Wave to Sakura in the war, you can see how she grew and changed, and it’s lovely. She doesn’t start off as someone likable, but I feel like she shows that people really can make themselves better as they grow. I’ll forever be furious that Kishimoto undid all of that in the last two chapters, because Sakura is amazing and deserved so much better. 




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“me wo tojinaide kudasai- Please don’t close your eyes”

I rewatched the Mitsuba Okita arc, and I must say, it is quite sad. I honestly didn’t feel that upset the first time I watched it; most likely because I didn’t know the characters well enough. But now that I’m caught up and I understand both Sougo and Hijikata’s motivations and feelings, this arc had a much bigger impact on me. I think Toshi did visit her before she died- there’s no way he wouldn’t have. I wish they showed more emotion from him, rather than hiding it completely. Okita is one of my favorite characters because of how fleshed out he became during this arc, as well as Toshi. And seriously Toshi, why didn’t you just marry her anyway?? You loser. Ok, I’m done hehe