she is his saviour

Phil Coulson's strategy in Season 3B

“You wanna fight the bad guys ?”
Answer : Melinda May

“You wanna capture the bad guys ?”
Answer: Melinda May

“You want someone you can talk to since the guy you thought you killed is back but not exactly back ?”
Answer: Melinda May

“You wanna train the new guy who’s dating my sort of daughter and teach him how to be an Agent ?”
Answer : Melinda May

“You want someone to share a drink with after the mission and just relax for a while ?”
Answer : Melinda May

“You want someone to remind you that you’re asking the wrong question when you ask the Science Babies to explain about time and future ?”
Answer : Melinda May.

Basically Phil Coulson’s strategy when it comes to anything in this season (or even before this season) is Melinda May


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Prompt: Hi, its me again. 😊. I saw that requests were open. If they still are I came back to make that request for a story where the reader disguises herself when Negan comes to Alexandria so he wont notice her. However one of the saviors starts bothering a young girl causing reader to tackle them and blow her cover. Thank you. ❤ @Lokis-Imaginary-friend (Tag isn’t working!!)

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,573
Warnings: Curses, sexual assault threats, violence
Category: Angst/fluff (???)


You stood in front of your sink in your cramped bathroom. You stared at the mirror before you, it was still steamed from the hot shower that you’d just had. You lifted one baggy sleeve of the sweatshirt you were wearing and caused a gap in the foggy glass.

A male version of yourself looked back at you. Your hair was tucked into a hat to give you the look of someone with short hair. You pulled the hat down a little so that it would implead most of the view of your face. You deemed yourself presentable and in all honestly a pretty hot man.

You were also wearing a grey, food stained, baggy sweatshirt that made your body look almost box like and also taking away the curve of your breasts. You looked like any other tired man in the end of the world.

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could i have a scenario of rfa plus saeran and v reaction when they mention rika, mc tells them their name also happens to be rika (my full name is Henrika lol my family and friends call me Rika)? and can you also add how chat conversation would go? would they call mc by rika or full name or would they give mc a different nickname? how would they feel about it? thanks a lot

Okay but Henrika is such a nice name I love it? Your name is beautiful and I”m jealous. I don’t really know how I’d do a specific chat (it isn’t really in my writing style so I’m not sure if I could do a good job lmao), I’m sorry! ^^;
Also spoiler warning for this, for pretty much every route and the secret endings!

And unrelated note I finally got a new laptop and it’s a Macbook and I’m so hap py with this omg I can actually do writing stuff again


  • He’s actually really cool with it
  • I mean he calls you “babe” more than anything else so it probably wouldn’t come up a hell of a lot
  • Honestly he would call you whatever you want sweetie ;)
  • He thinks it’s a cool coincidence though?
  • And Rika had faith in his abilities, even when he wasn’t very well known, and it was probably one of the first times this really happened for him
  • So maybe the name is more of a blessing for him than anything else?


  • oH no
  • no no no no no no no no no no
  • Nobody in the fandom let’s go of his Rika obsession
  • Well guess who won’t now 
  • Seriously, there’s consideration into if he has issues with his cousin (especially if he goes into the stage of comparing you to Rika still)
  • Because the first person he ever gets attached to has quite a few similarities to Rika in his eyes
  • But all in all your name won’t really get in the way of anything? He’ll just have to use a nickname for you


  • Nope ^^
  • He had feelings for Rika before, and when he finally opens up his heart to someone else
  • It’s another person called Rika?
  • well k then
  • After a little bit though he finds he doesn’t really mind
  • I mean he may opt to give you a different nickname at first but it’s just a name at the end of the day


  • She’s never really shown to be close to Rika, in either a positive or negative way
  • And actually finds it amusing that the same position is being filled by another person called Rika?
  • She wouldn’t really make a big deal out of it though
  • To her, it’s just something that ended up happening and she’s chill about it
  • Both the nickname and your real name are fine with her, so whichever you’d prefer to hear, that’s what she’ll call you ^^


  • He honestly thinks it’s hilarious that this coincidence has come up
  • “Maybe it’s not a coincidence lolol”
  • Talk of Rika coming back to haunt them is pretty much being spammed into the chat for a while or until someone slaps him for it
  • But honestly? She opened up this life for him, so you having the name Rika wouldn’t bother him at all
  • until the secret ending stuff goes down :))))))))))))
  • Then he may be a little awkward with it


  • He’s really conflicted about this
  • I mean Rika was his Saviour but she also really fucked his life over
  • Something about the name just puts a funny taste in his mouth 
  • It’s nothing against you though! He may even go to calling Rika a different name instead
  • he’s pretty much used to calling her Saviour anyway, why not call her “evil bitch monster of death” or smth it doesn’t really matter to him-
  • He’s probably going to try working around using your nickname for a while though, so be prepared for that and he is actually sorry about it


  • For a while, the name will bring up some memories
  • And at first, he was worried that he’d get a weird feeling if he used your nickname
  • But really? it ended up bringing up good things as well
  • Sure, the memories of his past lover may still be painful, but she is a past lover and his present is with you
  • There were negative and positive feelings coming up with it
  • But he’s not letting the negative side of it get in the way of anything between you

Hello! I`m going to tell you an interesting story for five minutes.Just make yourself comfortable and listen.

The Bible shows a good picture of relationship between men and God. God truly wants a close relationship with men.

Only when men have a close relationship with God, can they enjoy life to the fullest like a leafy tree.

However, men rejected this close relationship with God and made themselves distant from God.

That is how they became alienated from God.

Likewise, God calls this rejection of a close relationship with God “sin.”

Romans 3:23 says that for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, for all have sinned

Everybody who lives as they please without God is a sinner. And this very sinner is judged by God.

Hebrews 9: 27 says that Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgement,

Death is not the end but is followed by God`s judgement.

Don`t we pay the price when we sin in this world by serving the time in prison? It`s the same with God.

A judged soul descends into hell which is eternal death.

Romans 6 : 23 says that For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The wages of sin is death; therefore some people think they can reach God when they do many good deeds or live a moral life.

Or some try to reach out to God by practicing religion such as Buddhism, Confucianism, or Taoism.

But nothing in this world such as good deeds, morals and religions can lead us to God. See, he is not able to reach God.

Proverbs 14 : 12

There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end

it leads to death

So all people that live as they please without God are running toward sin, God`s judgement and Hell-the eternal death.

So God who loves us came up with a marvelous solution which only God is able to implement. That is non-other than Jesus Christ.

God paved the way for men to reach Him by having His one and only son Jesus Christ carry every men`s sin for us and crucifying him.

See, he is able to reach God.

Roman 5: 8 says, But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

While we were still sinners, Chirist died for us.

You can receive Jesus as your personal saviour by hearing and believing this fact which is God`s Word.

John 1: 12 says that Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.

God gave the right to become His children. In this way, anyone who receives Jesus as his/her personal saviour becomes a child of God.

Well, cats have their own life, puppies have their own life and man have their own life as well.

Likewise children of God will be able to have eternal life which is God`s life.

The Bible promises us a blessing where a person who became a child of God is not condemned by God but is transformed from a sinner to a righteous man, from eternal death to eternal life.

John 5:24 says that I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.

Now, think on which side you stand.

Are you standing on the place where there are God`s judgement and eternal death far away from God because of your sins? Or Are you standing on the other side where there are righteous man, no judgement but everlasting and abundant life that God has promised?

It`s up to you, brother( or sister).

Right now you may feel like something is touching your heart.

That`s the voice of Jesus. Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart right now.

Revelation 3:20 says that Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.

I just hope that you`ll open your heart wide and accept Jesus as your personal saviour so that you`ll be transferred from here to the place of blessing.

Let me pray for a minute and finish.

You just have to say “Amen” at the end.

Lord! I believe that it is not a coincidence that this brother(or sister) is hearing your Word today.

Lord, You made him/her hear Your Word because You loved him/her. I pray that he/she will make his/her heart wide open and receive Jesus as his/her personal saviour so that he/she won`t lead to God`s judgement after being transformed from a sinner to a righteous man and will be moved from eternal death to everlasting life.

In Jesus` name I prayed. Amen. (Say “Amen”)

Struck (Part Ten)

EXO Fanfiction: Fantasy AU
Main pairing - Female Reader x Kim Jongdae/Chen
A mysterious group move into your apartment building and you find yourself drawn to them, one in particular… but is it safe? Who are they really?

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You stared as Yixing and Jongin carried Jongdae out of your arms and down the corridors of the council chambers, which you had immediately teleported back to.

You couldn’t move, you couldn’t think.

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To Build a Home (2/3)

Rating: M

So…this got away from me and will now be in three parts because I needed to add some Captain Cobra.

Killian throws the note in the water and Emma waits in a house that is no longer a home.

Part One here

Henry is wondering, not for the first time, if he is the only sane person left in this town.

(And really, last time he thought that, he had totally been right. Cursed and all.)

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Emma doesn't have to help Gideon

Reminder that Emma is under no obligation to help Gideon or spare his life why should she show any remorse to a man who has tried to kill her, exploited her pain and has separated her from her true love. Just because she’s the saviour doesn’t mean she should be putting his life before hers because she gets to live too and it’s not her job to redeem Gideon because we know Rumple wouldn’t do the same for her family.

I don’t understand why so many people hate Sansa so much. She was a bit bitchy in season 1? Yes. I have known so many bitchy little girls at the age of 13. It’s quite common. She had idealistic ideas of Kings landing? Yes. No one tried to stop her. Her father didn’t warn her as he did with Arya. He knew she’d do her duty, that she wouldn’t bring any problems, so he let her in the dark of everything that was happening.
She made the mistake to trust Cersei & Joffrey when she was 13. She was a naïve little girl who had been raised around honorable people. Ned’s death was in no way her fault. You can’t blame a grown-up man’s actions & death on his clueless daughter.
She was boring / is a damsel in distress because she never tried to escape or fight back. Hello? Of course she wouldn’t. I wouldn’t. You probably wouldn’t either. She knew that speaking her mind would make them beat her, so she stayed silent. She knew that Joffrey & Cersei would NEVER let her escape, so she waited until she had a “safe” way to do it.
She didn’t trust Tyrion because he was a Lannister and she didn’t trust anyone. He proved to be a kind man and in the latter seasons she defended him a couple times.
She had no support in that city and was seen as the traitor’s daughter. So she definetaly couldn’t have pulled a Margaery.
She trusted Littlefinger? Ok, she didn’t know him like we do and he was her “saviour”. Of course she’d save his ass. She didn’t go with Brienne because she was a stranger that had failed to protect her mother and was wearing Lannister gold. Sansa didn’t know her like we do. Arya did just the same.
She married Ramsay because LF fooled her? Yes. Sansa wanted her home back. That’s all she dreamed of. She would take that risk if in exchange she’d retake Winterfell. That Stannis would never win and LF would never come back as was the plan were the risks. He failed her and she won’t ever forgive him for that.
In WF she gave Theon purpose and even forgave him. He helped her so in her mind he deserves a second chance.
She escaped WF, jumped of the walls, ran away from the hounds, crossed the ice river…and arrived at Castle Black completely battered and met Jon. She tells him she’s sorry. He wants to leave all this mess behind as he really deserves. Make a selfish move for once. But she can’t leave. She wants her home back and wants to destroy the Bolton’s. Jon would never leave her alone. Of course that letter helped a ton and Rickon’s safety was also a priority in Jon’s mind. But it was her, that gave him the purpose to take WF back.
She meets LF and doesn’t tell Jon. I don’t like that but I understand why she did it. She doesn’t want him in her life so she doesn’t accept his help. She believes in the north, like her father did. She thinks they can retake WF without the help of the man she HATES. But she also let’s him live because a dead man is not useful.
She lies to Jon as she wants the LF situation to be in her control. Lying comes natural to her because that’s what she’s done to survive.
She believes in the north like her father did, like her brothers did. She messed up with the Glovers. That’s fact.
She doesn’t trust Davos as she has seen Stannis’ defeats in BW and WF. She believed in him but both times he lost. She also spent a lot of time with Brienne who hates the Stannis crew. So of course he wouldn’t be the first person she’d trust.
BoB. She doesn’t tell Jon because 1. She isn’t sure that LF will come. He did break his promise in s5. 2. If Ramsay knew that she had the Vale, he wouldn’t have met them in the field. It would have lead to a siege. The starks would never have won WF back. It was a good strategy. It was cold and cruel but it was the smartest way to do it.
Rickon’s death. She realised he was dead the moment it was confirmed that he had been taken in ep 9. She sees Shaggydogs head and she knows there’s no way he will come out alive. She has become a realistic but cold person. That is true.
Sansa doesn’t want to be queen. She wanted her home back so she took it. She refuses the role of Lady of Winterfell that is hers by right. She tells Jon it’s his place and that she sees him as a Stark. She loves Jon. She is quite damaged after all she’s been through so trust doesn’t come easely to her. But she does love Jon.
When the lords name Jon king, she is disappointed. Not because she wanted to be queen, but because they didn’t give her any credit, no mention of her at all. She had a major role in that victory. Not more than Jon that’s true, but she deserved more credit.
That look with LF is not her changing her mind nor her being seduced by his plans. It’s the look of worried Sansa. That wasn’t in LF plans, so Jon is in danger.

So yes, she has made many mistakes. But all of them are justifiable. She is one of the most realistic characters of the series. Sansa isn’t a superhero, a badass fighter, she doesn’t have any dragons. She is a normal girl who accepts her role in society and tries to deal with the shit she gets. She is a survivor. Most people would be like her in her situations. Maybe that’s what isn’t likeable about her? That she represents us. She may not be the coolest badass character, but she doesn’t deserve even an inch of the hate she’s getting.

19 April 1689 - death of Christina, Queen of Sweden

On this day, 327 years ago, Christina, Queen of Sweden, died in Rome, at the age of 62.

Born on 8 December 1626, Christina was the daughter of King Gustav II Adolf and Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg. After her father died in the Battle of Lützen, Christina, his only heir, became queen-elect before the age of six. By his orders she was educated as a prince, with the learned theologian Johannes Matthiae as her tutor. Five regents headed by the chancellor Axel Oxenstierna governed the country. Her brilliance and strong will were evident even in her childhood. Oxenstierna himself instructed her in politics and first admitted her to council meetings when she was 14.

An assiduous politician, Christina was able to keep the bitter class rivalries that broke out after the Thirty Years’ War from lapsing into civil war but was unable to solve the desperate financial problems caused by the long years of fighting.

Highly cultured and passionately interested in learning, she rose at five in the morning to read and invited eminent foreign writers, musicians, and scholars to her court. The French philosopher René Descartes himself taught her philosophy and died at her court. For her wit and learning, all Europe called her the Minerva of the North; she was, however, extravagant, too free in giving away crown lands, and intent on a luxurious court in a country that could not support it and did not want it. Her reign was, nevertheless, beneficent: it saw the first Swedish newspaper (1645) and the first countrywide school ordinance; science and literature were encouraged, and new privileges were given to the towns; trade, manufactures, and mining also made great strides.

Christina’s abdication after 10 years of rule shocked and confused the Christian world. She pleaded that she was ill and that the burden of ruling was too heavy for a woman. The real reasons, however, are unclear and still disputed. Among those that are often cited are her aversion to marriage, her secret conversion to Roman Catholicism, and her discomfort (after spending most of her life in the company of men) with her own femininity. She chose her cousin Charles X Gustav as her successor, and, when he was crowned on 6 June 1654, the day of her abdication, Christina left Sweden immediately.

In December 1655 Pope Alexander VII received Christina in splendour at Rome. He was, however, soon disillusioned with his famous convert, who opposed public displays of piety. Although she was far from beautiful (short and pockmarked, with a humped right shoulder), Christina, by her manners and personality, created a sensation in Rome. Missing the activity of ruling, she entered into negotiations with the French chief minister, Cardinal Mazarin, and with the Duke of Modena to seize Naples (then under the Spanish crown), intending to become queen of Naples and to leave the throne to a French prince at her death. This scheme collapsed in 1657, during a visit by Christina to France. While staying at the palace of Fontainebleau, she ordered the summary execution of her equerry, Marchese Gian Rinaldo Monaldeschi, alleging that he had betrayed her plans to the Holy See. Her refusal to give reasons for this action, beyond insisting on her royal authority, shocked the French court, nor did the pope welcome her return to Rome.

In spite of this scandal, Christina lived to become one of the most influential figures of her time, the friend of four popes, and a munificent patroness of the arts. Always extravagant, she had financial difficulties most of her life: the revenues due from Sweden came slowly or not at all. She visited Sweden in 1660 and in 1667. On the second journey, while staying in Hamburg, she had Pope Clement IX’s support in an attempt to gain another crown, that of her second cousin John II Casimir Vasa, who had abdicated the throne of Poland; but her failure seemed to please her since this meant that she could return to her beloved Rome. There she had formed a strong friendship with Cardinal Decio Azzolino, a clever, charming, prudent man, leader of a group of cardinals active in church politics. It was generally believed in Rome that he was her lover, a view sustained by her letters, which were decoded in the 19th century. With him, she, too, became active in church politics, insisting for years on the pursuance of the Christian war against the Turks. Pope Innocent XI, who pushed this war to its victorious conclusion, stopped her pension at her own urgent request in order to add it to the war treasury. In 1681, having secured a trustworthy administrator for her lands in Sweden, Christina at last became financially secure.

Christina’s extraordinary taste in the arts has influenced European culture since her time. Her palace, the Riario (now the Corsini, on the Lungara in Rome), contained the greatest collection of paintings of the Venetian school ever assembled, as well as other notable paintings, sculpture, and medallions. It became the meeting place of men of letters and musicians. The Arcadia Academy (Accademia dell’Arcadia) for philosophy and literature, which she founded, still exists in Rome. It was at her instigation that the Tordinona, the first public opera house in Rome, was opened, and it was she who recognized the genius of and sponsored the composer Alessandro Scarlatti, who became her choirmaster, and Arcangelo Corelli, who directed her orchestra. The sculptor and architect Giovanni Bernini, her friend, considered her his saviour when she commissioned the art historian Filippo Baldinucci to write his biography while he was being discredited in 1680. Her enormous collection of books and manuscripts is now in the Vatican library. She was renowned, too, for her militant protection of personal freedoms, for her charities, and as protectress of the Jews in Rome.

Christina died in 1689. Her tomb is in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

The Hero of Kvatch first meeting Brother Martin as he gently comforts a frightened woman in the Chapel of Akatosh. 

The Hero of Kvatch watching Brother Martin warily over a lingering camp fire as they slowly travel to Cloud Ruler Temple.

The Hero of Kvatch getting visibly frustrated as Martin grabs the Mysterium Xarxes out of her hand and chastises her for even touching it. 

The Hero of Kvatch producing a daedric artefact, the armour of his ancestor and a Great Welkynd Stone and realising Martin’s undeniable pleasure at being given these things has made it all worth while.

The Hero of Kvatch and Martin carefully exploring each others troubled pasts and forging a deepening friendship as they sit in front of a great crackling fire in Cloud Ruler Temple.

The Hero of Kvatch looking back at Martin as she marches to Bruma and seeing the concern for her safety darkening his already tormented face. 

The Saviour of Bruma smiling and reaching to urgently embrace Martin as she whispers to him they were victorious and the Oblivion gate is closed. 

The Saviour of Bruma’s hand brushing against Martin’s as she reaches for the same book as he and noticing that neither one flinches at the touch of the other.

The Saviour of Bruma being told by a broken Martin that the journey he’s proposing into Cameron’s paradise is almost certainly a one way trip. 

The Saviour of Bruma’s lone, silent tear being brushed away by Martin’s thumb moments before she steps into the fiery portal. 

The Saviour of Bruma looking up at Martin Septim’s eyes as she lies on the floor of Cloud Ruler Temple and pulling him into her for a long anticipated kiss, not caring that there are a group of battle hardened Blades surrounding them. 

The Saviour of Bruma promising Martin Septim, as she pulls his naked body in closer to hers, that no matter the outcome of their plight she will always love him. 

The Saviour of Bruma looking back for Martin Septim as she charges, panting through the burning streets of the Imperial City and only pushing forward again when she sees he’s safely behind her. 

The Saviour of Bruma desperately reaching towards Emperor Septim as he smashes the Amulet of Kings and transforms, giving his beloved one last look before saving the souls of everyone of Nirn. 

The Champion of Cyrodiil sitting, broken but victorious in front of the great fire once again, wondering if one day her love might return and fill the void he has left in her soul.

I’m normally a silent member of the Glee/Klaine fandom, but something just occured to me and it needs to be shared.

Shue DIDN’T save Kurt.

Or, at least, he didn’t do it alone.

Emma was his real saviour. She stopped a student she didn’t know when she saw him looking at her pamphlets. She introduced herself and talked to him, really talked to him. She took the time to notice exactly what that boy was looking at, and she didn’t brush it aside. She let herself get worried. She went out of her way to schedule a parent meeting (for a student she previously didn't know existed) on the off chance she was right. On the off chance she could help.

Emma Pillsbury looked, and noticed, and cared and saved Kurt’s life before he even walked through the choir room door.

Emma was the true best teacher. While Shue ignored blatant bullying right in front of his eyes (Rachel’s slushie, Karofsky’s advances, Santana’s assaults) Emma stepped up for the students and tried to be someone they could talk to, to trust, all to make their lives better. Maybe it was because she looked at him and saw herself, maybe it was because she was actually a caring adult who understood what it meant to teach, who knows.

Whatever caused it, she was the real hero of this show. And no one will ever convince me otherwise. 

What I like about Fairy Tail

I’ve seen alot of people saying they don’t like Fairy Tail, and I respect that of course it’s their opinion. Which means this is also my opinion, please don’t try to take anything personally.

1. The characters

Fairy Tail is full of interesting and different characters. I don’t mean just the main group, but everyone.

I love the heartwarming way the characters act together and I also love their bonds and relationships. I enjoy seeing animes where there isn’t alot of love triangles constantly being throw in your face, or drama between characters. My favorite character is Lucy Heartfilia, she’s cute, smart, nice and tries to protect her friends dearest to her. I know she isn’t the strongest wizard but she doesn’t care, she still tries to help out her friends in need.

I love the members of Fairy Tail, aswell as the other guild’s. They are so interesting and unique and it’s so nice.

2. The ships

I know, everyone has different ships within fairy tail and that’s alright but these are my own ships. Natsu and Lucy are adorable, and they have a relationship based on mutual trust, and friendship. They are one of the most developed relationship I have ever seen in an anime. You can really see the difference from the first time they met to now. Levy and Gajeel always had a bit of sexual tension, and I always expected them to get together before everyone else. Its the “bad boy and good girl,” trope that gets overused but in fairy tail it works pretty well. Jellal and Erza are one of the most obvious ones that make me scream. They knew each other since they were small babies and they obviously care for each other. He sees Erza as his saviour and light in the dark and she gives him hope. She sees him as the small child that once was her best friend. I really do hope they end up together because they would make one bad add couple. Juvia and Gray is the obvious Senpai ship. Juvia is obsessed with Gray and Gray tried to deny her. Yet, the character development is crazy. He sees her as a strong wizard and a caring person, and even though she does annoy him he still cares about her. I do think Gray has changed his mindset about Juvia since she joined the guild.

Some ships I do ship, but not really based on alot of evidence is Mira and Laxus, and Happy and Carla. They are cute but I haven’t seen any development.

3. The magic

I love the magic in this anime, it’s so pretty, cool and interesting. Espically the different types of magic, I thought it would get boring since there were multiple people with the same magic but no, it’s the opposite. The idea of only a certain amount of people having the same magic is fascinating.

4. The humor

Fairy Tail is definitely comedic, it’s very funny. I have enjoyed the humor in this anime for a while now and I have never stopped. Its hilarious!

5. The drawing style

Yes I know the anime and manga are different but I love the manga. The drawing style is so simple yet so beautiful. I have never gotten tired of how pretty and detailed hiros comics are.

6. The length

For someone just joining Fairy Tail it may be bad that it’s so long! But for me, I’ve been here since the beginning and I love it. I like longer manga and anime series and it also doesn’t end right away…which makes me sad.

7. The plot

I have always enjoy the plot in Fairy Tail, the twists and turns and character development and cool magic and cute outfits. Who wouldn’t love it? I enjoy the intense plot and interesting facts about this other world. I love it

Those were a few things I love about Fairy Tail, hope you enjoyed. If you want me to make another list of something, let me know.

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anonymous asked:

you can hate on emma swan all you want but everyone benefits from her savior status and she gets little to no reward.

I think you’ve hit the nail in the head as far as what I don’t like about this season’s “core plot”, anon. Emma Swan was ruined by season 5, so why is she still bugging me come season six with this whole exploration of the Saviour mythos? After much thinking I’ve realised there are two reasons:

1. Back in season 2 one of Emma’s story arcs was all about her having an identity crises: she had fulfilled her destiny almost completely unintentionally so she was wondering what her purpose was moving forward, now that her Saviour duty was done. And it was great to see her come into her own, begin to learn about her powers and what she wanted to do, which was embrace this protector role. This was great because it was her choice, made after a long journey of self-discovery.

Season six has retconned that and made Emma into someone magically destined to be the saviour. Her only real chance at “escaping” that fate is the shears and they’d pretty much remove a portion of who she is (for example her powers) as a price for her freedom. And it’s either that or an early death. And that is SUCH BULLSHIT. 

“But Emma is choosing to be the saviour in season 6″. It’s not the same. Back in season 2 Emma had the complete freedom to do whatever, her “role” as the saviour was fulfilled in the eyes of destiny. And it’s that freedom that made her choosing to still protect and help others all the more altruistic. It’s what made her wanting to stay in SB back at the end of season 3 all the more meaningful. Season six has her whole character being wrapped up around being the saviour to the point that Emma giving it up with the shears would be fundamentally changing who she is, and that’s not the same. That’s just… no.

2. Emma Swan being the Saviour has amounted to nothing. Let’s make a list of baddies in OUAT and the people who defeated them, shall we?

a. Regina/Dark Curse: Defeated by Emma with a heaping of help from Henry. But let’s give this one to Emma completely, I got no problem.

b. Cora: Defeated by Snow but actually heavily manipulated by Rumple. But let’s say Snow.

c. Peter Pan: Defeated by Rumplestiltskin.

d. Zelena: Defeated by Regina. Bonus points to Neal for help.

e. Snow Queen: Defeated by herself (she saw the light). Emma and Elsa were involved, though, but it was a self-defeat in the end.

f. Rumplestiltskin: Defeated by his wife, Belle. She got no love for that, no saviour medal or recognition. This is such a fair show.

g. Cruella: Defeated by Emma with the big plot twist that she actually wasn’t a threat. Events actually manipulated by Rumple. If you wanna give this one to Emma you gotta remember she defeated someone who wasn’t actually a threat. It’s a double-edged sword.

h. Maleficent and Ursula: not defeated, appeased by family members.

i. Dark One Hook: Defeated by Emma. Does not count as Emma CREATED the Dark One only to later need to kill him because he was threatening her entire family. Did not find it necessary to defeat him before, even though he was killing people and cursing thousands. This is also a self-defeat, since at the last minute Hook realised killing everyone was kind of a bad thing and so he took it back but died in the process. Also assistance from Rumple, in the form of Excalibur.

j. Hades: This villain was actually BROUGHT to SB by Emma’s actions and was defeated by Zelena/Regina. Emma helped, so she ended up kind of undoing her mistake a bit, thought Robin died as a result.

k. Hyde: Defeated by Hook (assistance from Belle who had injured Jekyll previously).

l. EQ: Likely to be defeated by Regina (she does not get brownie points because she created her). Fingers crossed they go for the “reabsorbed because Regina accepts all of herself, good and bad” option.

m. Jafar: the show is pointing towards Aladdin being the one to defeat him, showing he can still do good even if he’s not the saviour.

So… why is Emma the Saviour again? How is she special or different? Why does the narrative sell her as this selfless hero who defeats the evil and pays the price when pretty much everyone has done that, including Rumple and Regina?

So, you know? Please take Emma and send her as far away as possible. Give her the HEA she wants with Hook and just let her retire her Saviour status. I think it’s safe to say everyone will make do.

Hooked Up

Prompt: Emma visits Hook in the hospital in season two. When Emma walks in, his heart monitor goes crazy. Fluffiness ensues.

Author’s Notes: I hope you like this! I had so much fun writing it. If any of you guys have a prompt, don’t be shy! And let me know what you think. 

Also a big thank you to @irishswanff for the prompt! 

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Emma placed her hand flat against the cold metal panel and pushed. As the door swung open, she stepped inside, letting it close behind her. The room was small and dark, the only light source a lamp hanging from the ceiling. It was enough that she could see the bed in front of her. More importantly, she could make out the person in the bed.

“Hello, love.”

“Hook,” she greeted, expressionless. She made her way over to the window, and pulled on the blinds until they squeaked and broke. Yellow sun poured through the gaps and flooded the room.

That was better. She could see him properly now, squinting in the sudden light, his hand thrown over his eyes.

He was dressed in hospital clothing and the thick, cream dressing gown they’d provided. It was odd to see him in such a thing. Emma had become used to the long leather coats and his swashbuckling style. It was hard to picture him as a pirate now. Especially since she was still finding it hard to believe fairy tale pirates existed anyway.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” he murmured. Once he’d gotten used to the light, he removed his hand.

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Promise - Steve x Reader

Promise – Steve x Reader

Words - 1197

Warnings - Arguing, Upset, (But you make up <3)

A/N - I had legitimate tears writing this, so you all better enjoy it. And, I had to sacrifice revision. Nah, don’t worry, just enjoy!

“Why Steve?” You shouted, from the other side of your shared apartment. The tears continued to effortlessly roll down your face, the smudges of Mascara staining your cheeks.

Of all people, in the world, you would least expect your boyfriend, Steve Rogers, to come home, his white shirt collar, coloured with red lipstick stains. It took thirty seconds of silence, before he broke out in nervousness, confessing he had kissed another woman, whilst out with Tony, Bucky and Thor.

“It’s…she looked so much like Peggy…” He trailed off, realising what he had just said. You felt your mouth open slightly, before Steve leapt in, trying to cover up what he had previously said.

When you had first come together with Steve, you knew of his feelings for Peggy. She was ‘His Best Girl.’ And, although you questioned that, you never doubted, for one moment, that his affection for her, would overcome you and him.

“No, (Y/N), you know I don’t mean it like that!” He shouted, feeling his eyes beginning to water. He had messed up now, big time. He was going down.

“Steve, I…” You paused for a moment, pulling yourself together. “I know you loved Peggy, and that you miss her, but, I’m not trying to be like her, and I’m not going to be.” You trail off.

That’s when it happens. Your thoughts build stronger and stronger, and you need to let it out, the thing you’ve been holding.

“I kissed Clint.” You said, blankly. Steve looked up from where he had been trying to conceal his tears, his blue eyes darkening, directly into your (E/C) ones. There was a pregnant silence, before he spoke up.

“When?” He mumbled. He didn’t want to believe it, he couldn’t. You had both been together for so long, and always there to pick one another up. If he hadn’t of gone out tonight, none of this would currently be inflicting.

“Last week…” You whispered. “We were a bit tipsy, because he had split from his girlfriend, and it happened.” Your voice grew quieter, feeling tears begin to reform in your eyes. Were you really this person? Did you deserve the ‘Great and Good’ of Captain America?

He coughed gently, before you said them words. The words which meant that your life was about to get crushed.

“Well, I guess we’re done.”

You couldn’t think straight after that. You just wanted out, and to get as far away from your guilt and pain, as humanly possible. Silently, you began to take your bag, placing in your purse, keys, and telephone. Sighing, you looked back towards Steve. He hadn’t moved an inch. His eyes still lost, confused, and drowning in tears.

Shaking your head, and roughly wiping your eyes with the back of your sleeve, you exit the apartment, the door gently shutting behind you.

It took three minutes. After packing your small bag, and shutting the door, you kept a straight face, waving to your neighbours as you did so, even stopping for a moment, to pet the dog, which had been tied up outside, whilst the neighbour rain in to obtain his coat.

But the second you hit the empty street, you broke down. The tears were now continuously flowing, starting to mess with your vision, and the path you were taking. However, instead of stopping, you had to continue walking.

You didn’t know where, nobody was going to welcome you with open arms, were they? You were a cheat, a sinner, and you hated yourself for it.

Your feet continued trailing, beginning to slow down now. That’s when you heard it. The familiar engine of a motorcycle. Not just any motorcycle. One which had been tuned by Tony Stark, so it’s noise was, (to some,) unbearably beautiful.

“Need a ride?”

You turned around hastily, to see none other than Steve Rogers, sitting on the seat of his motorcycle. His eyes were red, probably as much as yours were. He had taken this terribly. To see you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), the most important thing in his life, broken, broke him, too. You had taken priority now. Peggy was gone, and as sad as it was, she would never be coming back.

But, he had you. His saviour. His love. If only you would listen.

Instead of walking towards him, you continued walking, trying to keep your strength, and trying to move on. But, Steve was persistent. He rode his motorcycle in time with your footsteps, keeping up the constant pace, calling your name, every few moments.

“(Y/N)…(Y/N). Please, (Y/N.)”

Eventually, he understood that this wasn’t going to work. Instead, he displaced himself from his ride, walking a little faster to keep up with you. His large hand reached out, grabbing your dainty wrist as he did so.

You turned around, ready to dispatch yourself, but instead, lost yourself in his blue eyes, as he lost himself in yours. It took a moment, before his hand reached out for your other one, taking them both, and kissing them.

He didn’t speak. That was what you did. And maybe a little hesitant, but you did so.

“Steve, I am so sorry. I should have stayed home, not gone out, and maybe, things wouldn’t be like this…I never should of kissed Clint, and…you deserve every happiness. You deserve somebody like Peggy.”

After that, you let go of his hands, turning yourself to continue walking. A new life, a new way out. And you would of continued, but you heard four words, which turned everything completely and utterly upside down.

“I don’t want Peggy.”

That sentence, made you halt in your tracks, your head slowly turning back to see The Captain looking directly at you. Your pause took long enough, and without even thinking, he ran towards you, resting his hands either side of your delicate face.

“I want you, (Y/N.) Every single part, of what makes you. And I love, every single part of you.” He paused, taking a lock of your (H/C) hair in his gentle hands.

“I love your hair.” He said, kissing the item in question. He looked towards your eyes next.

“And your eyes,” Steve kissed each eyelid as you shut them, feeling his warm lips, which you were oh-so-used to.

“And the way you sing the loud songs on the radio when you wake up. And when you promised me you wouldn’t laugh when I asked what ‘YouTube’ was, but you did anyway.”

The list continued, pointing out every single thing he loved about you, until he stopped, completing his monologue with a final sentence.

“And, if our love can overcome this, then, we can make it. Please, for me. Just, come home. I love you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N.)”

And with that, he came forward, gently gripping your head, and forcefully pressing his lips to yours. You didn’t need a reaction time. You kissed back, holding the back of his neck, whilst his hands found your waist, holding you, even after you stopped kissing. When you did, he looked back into your eyes, his happiness somewhat restored.

“Please stay with me, (Y/N.) Promise?”

“Promise.” You say, as his lips find yours once more.

Let’s make something clear

Negan’s not a fucking rapist okay. He didn’t say to Sherry “Marry me or I’ll kill Dwight,” she offered. Negan has rules, and he kills people, that’s his role in the Saviours. He stated that she was “super-hot” so I’m guessing he’d rather have her as a wife than kill one of his men. He even says to Dwight, “You can have anyone you want as long as she says yes.” The fact he hates sexual assault/rape is part of his character because technically, he’s not a bad guy. If anything, Rick’s group was in the wrong. So now, Negan is not a rapist.

What could have been

@drifting-sunstone requested a fic about the above image. Hope you enjoy my darling and thank you for being so patient. If anyone wants a fic based on an imagine or image let me know. Crimson kisses <3

AU. Spoilers. WARNING: Its not all rainbows and kittens, blood and death are talked about, please don’t read if these affect you.

“Thomas, Thomas are you in here?”
He loved hearing her voice, the way it sang whenever she called his name. It didn’t matter what hour of the day or night, it always reached his ears and brought a smile. Looking round from his work desk he saw the flash of yellow as she rounded the corner of the elevator as she head for his work shop.
“I’m in here” he called back, standing and unwrapping himself from the large check blanket, lying it over the back of the chair as his wife came into view.
“What is it darling?”

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anonymous asked:

I really liked your comment on the famle characters (and their physical appearances) in Noragami, can you maybe write something about Hiyori in spcific? I feel like we don't appreciate her enough.

Hmm, are there any people who are ‘Anti-Hiyori’ tho? So far I have only seen unreasonable hate towards Yukine, which is ridiculous considering that his character development is one of the best I’ve seen in any manga/anime.

(Here is the previous post for those who haven’t read it yet.)

Anyway, let’s appreciate our beautiful Hiyori Iki. (FYI: This post contains SPOILERS)


Personally, I view her as the glue that holds Yukine and Yato together. I mean, she is the female protagonist and somehow everything started with Yato meeting her. Without Hiyori, he would have never met Yukine in the first place, hence he would have never had a shinki like Yukine.

I see Hiyori as a key character who mostly observes and solves puzzles. Interesting is, that she, as a human, is the least likely character on the show to actually be able to do these things. She constantly surprises the audience with her (mental and physical) strength and I really love that she isn’t just Yato’s love interest.

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