she is growing on me more every day

I had the pleasure of meeting my now dearest friend Sarah Potempa in 2005. We met at a very small photo shoot - I was in an Off-Off-Off-Broadway production of a show, and I was lucky enough to have Sarah do my hair that day - and we’ve been working together ever since. And years later, as our lives grew and our careers grew, Sarah is now the mother of two beautiful children, Grayson and Lauder, and wife to her handsome, successful, dentist husband named Pat. They live in a lovely home in Chicago, Illinois with their perfect dog named Ash. So as if those credits aren’t enough, Sarah decided to take her ambition and grow her life and career even more by creating what is now one of the hottest tools on the market, The Beachwaver. Sarah continues to be an inspiration for so many women in this business, but also as her friend, she inspires me every day. And if you know Sarah, you definitely used the phrase, - more than once - “I don’t know how she does it”. It’s the truth because Sarah continues her celebrity hairstylist career while continuing to grow the Beachwaver company while remaining to be an incredible friend who answers every single text about a guy I like, and gives me advice. She’s so wonderful; she inspires me to be an independent, strong, successful business woman and an overall a good person. So I’m honored to be here tonight to introduce and support my dear friend Sarah, and then we’re going on vacation this week to celebrate! I love you Sarah!
—  Lea Michele presenting Sarah Potempa with the Hollywood Beauty Award [Product of the Year: The Beachwaver] | Feb. 19, 2017

     Sometimes, I hold on to my favorite portraits that I took months or years ago because I can’t decide if I should share them.
     Last year in October, I met this woman in Iowa City. I stayed there for five days, and I kept looking for her every day. Each time, she readily agreed to let me photograph her, but remained distant and reserved. The first several days, she had a distressed, tortured expression. I worried that she might grow tired of me. Instead, she became more relaxed, almost upbeat.
     On the last day, she smiled—ever so slightly—for the first time.

Everlark Advent Day 2 - O Tannenbaum

O Tannenbaum

Rated G

It seemed like a great idea; a walk through Katniss’s uncle’s hobby farm to pick out and chop down our very first Christmas tree together. An afternoon together in the snow. A chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a couple of hours enjoying each other’s company.

But the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Or possibly with pine needles.

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Why the hell did I draw this I stopped giving a fuck about this horse and show 3 years ago

okay but like, susan goes to visit her family’s graves once a week (sometimes more if it’s been particularly trying) and she often sits, a few feet away, talking to an audience that isn’t there (she likes to think they can hear her) and every now and then she just lays in the grass and cries and imagines that her tears help the flowers grow

then one day she meets someone. a chance encounter. she meets them on the train or in the coffee shop or at the library and the feeling it inspires in her- it’s so… familiar- it makes her feel so- it makes her-

it reminds her of- the other place. of…. home.

it reminds her of narnia.

she shivers when she allows herself to think the name, the place she has forbidden herself from believing.

the place she has exiled herself from.

she can’t remember what that stranger said to her. she can’t recall their face. but she remembers their voice.

there’s a low… growl, deep below their voice. like… like a lion.

she goes back to their graves, one more time. she says she’s sorry (again). she says she misses them. that she loves them. (again, again, again)

she whispers that she believes. that she was wrong. (for the first time in years, she admits to herself that it was real, they were there, they were royals)

(she thinks about how she’s not really worthy of being a queen of narnia, not now, not anymore, maybe not ever)

but when this happens, months or years or decades after the train crash, when she starts to believe again,

when she finds her faith again,

she begins to know narnia again. begins to know aslan again. begins to find hints of magic in this world, this horribly mundane plane that had beaten her down and ripped her family away

(she stops herself from going down that path, aslan had a plan, he always has a plan)

she finds narnia in our world and it helps her cope and it helps her heal and when she finally reached the end of her life when she crosses that bridge when she journeys into aslan’s country

she looks back and realizes she lived with her father’s strength her mother’s beauty her brothers’ magnificence and justice her sister’s valiance her cousin’s intellect her mentor’s logic

but mostly she realizes she’s lived with her own gentleness


Today marks one month since the lil bean came out. Words cannot begin to express how much i’m so proud of her. The internet was filled with so much joy and acceptance and it was a miraculous day. What was even more amazing was that she was able to interact with fans and help them with any lgbt+ issues that many of us face. I was so honored that she was also able to talk to me and gave me some great advice. She is such a talented actress and an even more amazing person. She’s so beautiful inside and out and she makes the world a much safer and better place for us. She brings to life every character she plays and makes us grow attached to them. She has the most kindest and gentlest heart around. I want to dedicate this day to the beautiful @bext-k and i want her to know that we all love her and we are all so proud of her. Bex, you have a family of fans who will always stand by you and will always be there for you as much as we can. I want you to never feel alone because you are loved by so many. I cannot wait for the day i meet you and give you such a big hug and thank you for all you have done. I’m proud of you and i cannot wait to see what the future holds for you dear. ❤

Thank you for being you and remember, never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. 💝

buffy/tara: new moon

for @buffysummere, who prompted buffy x tara, and for @restfield, who prompted ’what if Tara got turned into werewolf during “New Moon Rising”?’. this is these two prompts combined!

Buffy stands with Tara outside the door. Tara’s trembling slightly, clearly not feeling as well as she’s been pretending all afternoon.

“Scared?” Buffy asks sympathetically.

Tara shakes her head quickly. “N-no.” At Buffy’s quirked eyebrow, she sighs. “Well, yeah. I mean… it’s not every day you, you know… grow fur and…” Tara puts up her hands, curling her fingers to imitate claws. “Grr.”

Buffy smiles.

“And—and then there’s…”

“What?” prompts Buffy. “You can tell me anything.”

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On growing up

Last semester, an example of a 6th grade profile was being read and little by little I realised the profile was about me. At first, the vague blue eye blond hair description didn’t catch my attention, but I soon recognized the horse and the strict piano teacher references. I was suddenly captured. I couldn’t help but wonder what I was like in 6th grade, what the then-junior thought of me.

So, I searched my email. I found the very brief string of conversation between me and that junior, and could not be more embarrassed. She once asked me a pretty simple question: do you want to grow up, why or why not?

To my horror, I responded (quote end quote, typos included): No I don’t realyl want to grow up because one I don’t want my parents to die and I’ll be sad, and I’m scared that I’ll be broke and starve and wear the same clothes every day and not have a house.

Things got worse from that point on. She asked me what I did in my free time, to which I typed: “So I ride a ton and I practice jumping on four legs”.

Not to my surprise, I never got another email back! But recently, I realised that childhood has a funny way of completely disappearing from your life and never returning. One day, I was eleven years old, galloping on four legs and setting up obstacle courses out of the furniture in my house. In the summer, I saved baby birds and bunnies, hand fed and raised them myself. I didn’t think about homework (mainly due the fact that I didn’t have any), or remotely school for that matter. My hair was light and my skin was tanned.

I used to write stories. Day in and day out, I filled those black and white notebooks with fantasies about horse boarding schools, horse competitions, horse anything and everything. I bound together drawings that I created of my future horses. I made up dances that I would preform for any guests staying at our house. I dressed up in a Dalmatian costume and told them I was a dog. I remember dreaming about leaving my elementary school, and applied to Castilleja.

The next day I’m 16, driving by myself, thinking about college, doing all the things I used to think I would never be old enough to do. My skin has never been paler than it is right now, and I think it might be because I never go outside much anymore. I ride horses under a roof, learn, eat, and study under a roof. Apart from riding, my favourite part of the day is standing in the shower, willing my brain to eliminate all thoughts and just stand. Its a mindset that I try to achieve whenever I’m feeling stressed. I don’t write stories anymore. Although I don’t gallop on all four limbs anymore, I’m sure it would be negatively received anyways.

This sudden realization has made me nostalgic and sad in many different ways. Of course, I wish that I could go back to elementary and middle school and not have a care in the world. But, would I still feel the same about growing up?

I’m still uncertain about my feelings about this loss of innocence and its sudden revelation, but it’s definitely made me nostalgic.

We are not haram

I am a gay, afab agender Pakistani Muslim. I had a very tough time in the last couple of years because I was in a long distance relationship for over 3 years. She was still in Pakistan and I was in the US for graduate school. If I went back there was no way our Pakistani families would have let us be together. Last year we finally got married in South Africa and she was able to accompany me to the States as my wife. We are now living the life we could only have dreamed of as gaybies growing up in Pakistan. This Ramadan will be our first Ramadan together and we are both observant so I can’t wait to fast with my amazing wife. I will also be sure to thank Allah every day for bringing her into my life and making everything work out so perfectly in the end.

Ramadan Kareem everyone! Feel free to contact me if you want to get to know me or want to connect with more lgbt+ Muslims.

Demon Luke Part 5

AN So when do you guys think the update day for serial killer calum is? I’ll try to write one tomorrow but if that proves to be ineffective, I’ll keep you updated. I hope you enjoy the next chapter, thank you guys xx (also three updates today since I kept you guys waiting all week for updates) I’m having a bit of a writer’s block, but once I get going, I’ll figure it out. Sorry for the late post, I ran out of ideas, but it’s here anyways, yay!

Luke’s POV

Leaving Y/N there to cry on her bed was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Partly because I could feel myself grow more attached to her every day, and the other part because I could hear her thoughts wherever I went. She missed me so often, her voice never left my head. Which left me feeling better than her, because even though I can’t see her, I can still hear her.

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Today I hung this gorgeous print in my office. It was painted by Claire Keane and is a reminder to me of Rapunzel’s creative spirit and wonder. It’s a great representation of how Rapunzel thinks, always curious and wanting to learn more about her growing world. The gold frame represents both her hair and the brilliance she brings to the people around her. I will look at this every day and try to bring this level of beauty and thought to the show.

Raven Reyes once again proving that love is not weakness

For me Raven is the most selfless character out of them all. Yes, even more than Bellamy. Even more than Clarke. I would also argue depending on the day that she is the strongest. 

Raven Reyes has consistently given every single things she has to everyone in this show, she has had every little thing she called hers even though it was broken and fragile stripped away from her. 

And when all is taken from her she continues to give and love. Because growing up unloved does that you. It makes you hungry for it.

From the beginning Raven’s love is what has fueled her every action. 

Raven Reyes is in love with Finn and he’s taken from her but she follows. Loves him for what he has given her, loves him for what he sacrificed for her. Loves him because he is her family. 

Raven Reyes is still in love with Finn. But here’s the thing he only half loves her and she’s too much for a story like that. Being half loved is not enough for a girl who holds the sun in her smile and whose courage is unwavering. But she loves him, loves him in spite of her rational. Loves him for what he’s given her and who he’s been, loves him in spite of himself.  

Raven Reyes creates a deep and meaningful friendship with Clarke someone that in her eyes was the catalyst of her love going astray. But Raven is rational and she learns to love this girl as well. Because bravery is something she admires and companionship is something she desperately seeks. 

In all of this Raven has never stopped loving Finn. And now he’s taken from her again and this time she can’t follow. Because Raven is unyielding strength and death will never come easy to her. She is angry and bitter and all of her broken but still beautiful things have been taken from her. 

And yet Raven still makes peace with it understands that the rules of Space aren’t the same and she adapts, and continues to love Clarke so fiercely. Her faith in Clarke wasn’t misplaced so long ago and she’ll continue to protect what she still has. 

At every single god damn moment Raven Reyes could have fallen apart and broken down. She had every right to it. She could have decided to push everyone away but she doesn’t. She loves everyone around her so fiercely and believes in them and always thinks about them. 

And when we all thought Raven was lost to us it’s that same love that brings her back. That invigorates and strengthens her. Because everything Raven has ever done has always been due to her love and care for other people. Love is what has always strengthened her. 

Earth and space have yet to create something that could stop her from protecting those she loves.


Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 3162 (see why it’s so long in the note!)

Summary: The reader only every saw three colors- black, white, and green. But as life moved on, she met Dean, and felt better than she ever had. Little did she know he was the key to unlocking every color.

This story is my 200th one shot on tumblr!! Oh my gosh!! I haven’t even had this blog for a full six months, but it feels like so much longer. Thank you all for helping reach this milestone, helping me grow as a writer and as a person. I’ve met a great friend, learned how to grow in my writing, and learned more about myself every single day. This story is so long because I wanted it to be special. It’s not a request, just an idea that I’ve always loved with a little twist. So please, enjoy, and thank you for helping me reach 200 stories. :)

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Here’s why you should like Clint Barton’s family.

  1. Their existence is independent of Avenging.The other team members have friends and girlfriends who are all involved in the superhero business. Clint’s family is completely separate from that. They’re not helping to fight or working towards the cause. It’s necessary that we see the common people that the team works so hard to protect.
  2. It grounds the Avengers. It makes them real people with real separate lives. As much as we like to think all they do between missions is party together, they do other things too.
  3. It shows how much Clint is risking every day to do the right thing. He’s sacrificing time with his family and more importantly, the possibility that they grow up without a father. And he’s doing it because he’s that dedicated to the cause.
  4. It cements that there is only a sincerely strong friendship between Clint and Natasha so that there’s no question of Clint pining silently for Nat while she has feelings for Bruce.

   I know people like me who read the Hawkeye comics are devastated they’re not getting that version of Clint and his back story. But can’t we be okay with just having this other goofy guy who just happens to have a family?

Yesterday I got to see Shelly in a dress for the first time since we’ve been together. To say the least, she would’ve been the first person in the whole room I would’ve seen if I didn’t know her.

I never put anything up on this site that’s really sappy, because I don’t believe you have to share everything you feel, you just find it for yourself & keep it a secret. It’s just no secret though that I love this girl more than anything in this world. About a year ago we were just finding out about eachother & by Christmas she was in my arms. Since last year, this girl has done nothing but support me through every single thing I’ve tried to do & have done. She inspires me to my core. Not only do I feel like a growing human being every day that I’m with her, i notice it consistently as we function together like a team.

It’s very rare that you find someone willing to go out of their way at all times to make sure you’re happy, and Shelly’s first instinct is always to make me happy before herself. No matter what’s going on with her life, no matter the differences, if I need anything at all she’s there for me in full & I hope I genuinely am giving her enough in return.

For anyone out there with a girlfriend, take a few minutes to stop & look at the person you’re with. Recap on all the things they do for you. Think about times like this, where lucky people like me get to witness their girlfriend completely out of her comfort zone, just thriving with absolute beauty.
This is my girlfriend in a dress, & this is me fangirling over her / using this pic as an excuse to show you all how great she looked.

Let me repeat myself, you looked absolutely stunning yesterday…. But I still like the part where we go home & you put on your laziest clothes the best. theywerekids

I’m going to miss you while I’m in Texas.

“To the young lady that loves Sakura(s),

Continue shining brightly; you’re as gorgeous as these flowers. And stronger than this vase. Continue keeping as grounded as these roots. For every day I will keep watering you and helping you grow to become a full blossom. 🌸

With much love,

You know who.”

I opened the front door this afternoon to find these amazing pink orchids on my porch with this beautiful note attached. I have no words. I am so thankful for Kevin and for those who pushed me to stay strong and fight for him. Even though we won’t see each other as much, I will wait for him every single day. 

Sakura and Sasuke just started out as cosplays for us, but now they have become so much more. If Sakura can stay strong and fight for the one she loves, so can I!

I will continue to grow stronger and shine even brighter with all the people I love supporting me! Thank you so much! I hope you are all having a lovely day/evening!

On Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who have sat in my classes over the years, whose lives are more complicated than I could ever imagine.

Happy Mother’s Day to the girl in my third period, who wears the baggy sweaters every day, no matter how hot it gets in my room, even though we have all known for months what is growing underneath those hoodies. But her mom didn’t know. Until last weekend. “She didn’t kick me out, Ms. S,” she explained. “She just thinks me and my boyfriend should be together.”

Happy Mother’s Day, wherever you are, Tina, who was in my third period class a decade ago and then went on Independent Studies at the end of her third trimester. She got her work, had a baby on Thursday, turned all the work in, completed, the next Tuesday. We had Monday off for a holiday.

Happy Mother’s Day to L, who sat with me once and we went over her transcript together. All Fs for two years, not even a D- in sight. And then…As, Bs. “What happened here?” I asked. She burst into tears. “My son was born,” she whispered.

Happy Mother’s Day to Yani, whose baby was born with her insides on the outside, who lived in the hospital for about a year, who came back and worked hard and took extra classes, so she could be a role model for her little girl. They are both fine now. They have the same beautiful brown eyes.

Happy Mother’s Day to those of you who went on to college, and those who dropped out to make more money and support your kids. Happy Mother’s Day to those of you with wonderful family support and those of you going it alone. To those of you who stayed with your baby daddies and those who had to leave and were strong enough to do it. Happy Mother’s Day to the teen moms who whisper to me that they have babies, like they are ashamed because somewhere, someone made them feel like they should be.

Never be ashamed, you who are brave and strong and who made this choice and never be ashamed you who were brave and strong and made another choice.

This is my tribute to every teenage girl who ever peed on a stick and thought, “What do I  do now?” and survived.

The world is not easy.

I salute you. Today. Every day.


I LOVE Riley Matthews to death, and did from the get go - for the same exact reason Shawn does: “He loves my parents, and I come from them. So he loves me.”

And just like her dad before her (note, DAD, not mom, NOT Shawn) - she has to meet the world.

She has to GROW, and learn - fail, stumble a few times - get it right…and then stumble some more.

Cory’s learning (just like in real life) is done through the lens of the people around him…

“Ever since I was young I never understood anything about the world, and I never understood anything that happened in my life…”

Just like Riley is learning through HER family & friends. 

Cory to Josh: “You are going to learn something from life every day. And make mistakes. And you’ll make good friends…”

So, no, speaking for me, at least…it has nothing to do with my love of Maya, or Maya & Lucas, or “bashing,” when I highlight the fundamental PLOT of the show…Her not understanding the world quite yet. 

Her being naive at times, a bit misguided (though always well intentioned) - and a “dreamer.” 

And that is OKAY, because she’ll grow, just as Cory did…just as every kid does.<3