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question: how well does alex get along with each of tjeffs siblings in the domestic au?


jane: she would be like “try me bitch” and alex would be so scared of her

mary: forced best friend for sure,,, they get wasted together because mary loves drinking and alex is like just like ,,,, u need to drink water and she’s like “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH”

elizabeth: alex and lisa loved to chill and just hang out go to the park


lucy: “u hurt my brother and i will kill u” and alex is like SWEATS,,,,,, but lucy loves him as a brother in law

anna and randolph: they make fun of him 90% of the time and alex just cries

Casual viewer watches The 100

My friend just started watching The 100 after months of listening to me all “obsessed”. I have no idea what she’s talking about. So, these are her thoughts after binge watching the entire series (so far).

“Fucking Bellamy was going to drop Clarke?! Asshole. I thought you said you loved him?!“

"Alright, I won’t judge anyone just yet, they have their reasons.”

“Fucking Charlotte killed Wells?! What is going on?! I hate creepy kids”

“Clarke fucking killed Finn!! I don’t want to talk about it!! I understand her but arhfjek 😭”

“Aw Bellamy and Clarke, they’re a team”

“Clarke and Lexa just let a bomb drop. I blame Lxa”.

“Didn’t Finn just die? Why she kissing Lxa?”

“I like Bellamy a lot but he still has things to learn”

“Aw, Monty”

“Ugh the grown ups are so annoying. They sent these kids to fucking die and now they think they can boss them around?”

“Clarke the martyr, "I need to leave”.. okay"


“Bellamy killed the grounder army. Yeah whatever, they were asleep. Idc”


“Lxa is so pretty”.

“Oh, Lxa just died.. it was sad, I actually cried”

“Freaking ALIE. What the hell is going on?!”


“Octavia is beating Bellamy…… okaaaay.”

“Can Clarke just chill”

“Omg, I love this show!”

“The end of the world.. again?! What the fuck!”

“Ugh what’s an echo. Who even is that”

“Come on Jasper, really.. though he’s pretty funny lol”

“Abby and Kane had sex. Meeeh”

“I love Monty. I have always loved Monty”


“Aw.. poor Bellamy. I really like him a lot buuuut I’m not as obsessed as you!“

“You know, I fucking hate Octavia right now!”

“WHEN WILL BELLAMY AND CLARKE GET TOGETHER? WHAT ARE THEY DOING?! Lol I mean, it’s so obvious they should be together”

Me: you know there will be a three week hiatus after 4x08


Me: lol. Welcome to hiatus hell. We’ve made a home here.

My friend: fuck.

honest to god, one of the saddest things in homestuck–and one of the things that struck a cord with me most personally–is pre-retcon Terezi’s belief that she “wasted her life.”

that the only thing left for her to do was to die “alone and irrelevant.”

like okay, Terezi’s been through a whole lot in her life, especially this iteration. she kills her best friend, eternally regretting her decision and hating herself for going through with it–even when her only other choice was dying herself. she would have preferred dying by Jack’s hand than live with the overwhelming guilt and unhappiness that came with her decision to cut Vriska down.

worse yet, Vriska foreshadowed this early on in Act 5.

can you imagine how many times Terezi played that conversation through her mind? again after again, realizing that although Vriska had been fronting for herself and her guilt over Aradia, Terezi had done exactly what Vriska taunted her over?

she gets abused by someone who’s supposed to be her ‘friend,’ and he convinces her to give up something she loved about herself and life: being blind. the thing that reminds her most of Vriska. the thing that she’s proudest of herself being, all because Gamzee goads her and she accepts Aranea’s misguided help. and then he beats the ever loving shit out of her once she takes matters into her own hands and decides to stand up for herself. his actions can’t even be called self-defense because she had already dropped her weapons once he told her she was hurting him.

and what’s worst of all fucking things: Terezi is sixteen years old. this is a child playing with adult stakes and outcomes. watching her loved ones die, one by her own hand. being abused in a relationship. feeling worthless, to the point where she doesn’t even try to keep going on by the end. she’s ready to die because she doesn’t think there’s anything left for her regardless. if Roxy managed to hitchhike to the retcon timeline, why couldn’t Terezi? yes she’s badly injured, but she keeps herself going through sheer fucking will because she’s determined to find John and get him to fix everything.

but she doesn’t have the will to keep going herself once that was accomplished. because she doesn’t think there was anything left to accomplish. that anything she’s accomplished in her life as of now doesn’t matter because she doesn’t matter.

this is a sixteen year old little girl who thinks her life is over, that she’s wasted it all, that it’s meaningless. think about that. sixteen years amounts to jack effing shit experience wise, especially given a teal-blood’s life expectancy, yet she thinks she wasted everything in such a short time and is haunted by her inner demons.

I dunno, man. as someone who’s struggled with the fear of ‘running out of time,’ of ‘wasting life,’ of dying ‘alone and irrelevant,’ this shit struck me like thunder upon reading and remains one of the most emotional scenes for me throughout the comic.

Daily McBride #18

I admire the quiet strength that Melissa seems to have. She is very open when it comes to her emotions both in her character and real life, yet she radiates this vitality that takes my breath away. 

Due to her privacy we do not know much about her personal life, and that’s just fine. But from what we do know, and subtle things she has said on interviews, is that she has had it rough in her life. I don’t want to go into specifics out of respect for her. But I’m grateful that she still has her parents, and that she had always had a good family to fall back on as well as her family from TWD. But it just kills me to think that she has gone through a lot of heartache in her life…

Yet through all that, she has this strength about her that’s amazing to see, and she admits to trying to live everyday like it’s her last b/c life’s taught her there’s always a chance for that. 

I just love this girl!

Wow. You guys, I don’t normally talk about myself, but I have depression, and anxiety and a lot more issues, and today my sister told me that I mean nothing to her and that I should go lock myself in my room and go kill myself. She’s has a bunch of mental issues too, plus is a drug addict, and would abandon her four year old daughter to where me and my mom would have to take care of her. My sister is also messy and lazy, and literally stinks. Anyways, I mentioned some of this to here and she proceeded to tell me I am a fat loser who needs to get a life, and that my opinion doesn’t matter to her. I mentioned that she is a horrible mother and that she can’t even stay sober around her daughter, she then started making fun of my mental issues and all that. It makes me sick that she told me to kill myself since she’s always told me I can talk to her about my problems. She’s a disgusting human being and I am in constant fear of what’s gonna happen to my niece. Sorry for the sob story I just needed to talk about it. :/


We started in tumblr in October (me and marchingclocks-yep, tumblr tried to kill her but she is still alive, so take that! lol-) cause we wanted to share and photographers were reporting her so we opened a joined new blog so she didnt get banned .Now we are getting more help from 3 new people(thanks guys). We soon get a lot of followers and we decided to take over instagram also to keep on sharing what we found with all of you. We team up with @actualbrendonurie for this. We started on Nov. 2016 and it was hard at the beggining but now we have 6500 followers . Next step was obviously twitter (again me, marching and  little @actualbrendonurie), a lot of info is shared there daily so we though it would be a good idea.We started on March 18 and we are seeing how it goes, we have 100 followers till now.

The point is: we started all this to share and to have a good time so THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you for liking us. We will keep on trying our best to keep you up to date with all the p! info. THANKS!

If you still havent followed us:



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Fuyuhiko, I think that telling Mahiru that Peko killed her is a good course of action. It will take a weight off of your chest and you'll feel better for it afterwards

Peko might be the one who did it but she only did it because of me, I’m not going to place the blame on her like some bastard !

Besides I really don’t want to talk to her today. I might get angry again.

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You're so talented at analyzing scenes, so maybe you saw more into than I did. But all the Regina/EQ scenes were so cringe worthy, the resolution especially. I've never been under the impression that she hated herself. Quite the reason to go on a killing rampage and curse and entire kingdom. But maybe that's just me?? But seriously, that was the whole point of the arc?

That was a nice, neat little bow they whipped out at the last minute to tie on that irritating storyline, wasn’t it?

So what I’m getting is this. No matter how many people you kill in cold blood or how much misery you cause to innocent villagers all you need is a hug and some nauseating self-affirmation talk and you can end up living in your dream world with your true love.

Also that all the characters who have struggled for 5 seasons to be good and do the right thing were suckers because apparently no matter how evil you were in the past everyone is getting redeemed and given their happily ever after in S6.

There’s probably actually more to it than that but right now I’m fighting my gag reflex every time I think of that storyline. I’ll probably see it more clearly when I rewatch.

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📝&🐶 (I want more pictures of your pretty cat tbh)

ask more emoji asks here :)

📝 - Story from your childhood.

Aight so I was about eight years old on the bus to sleep away camp (where my jews at you know what i’m on about) and I was sitting next to this girl Jo. She was about ten and we had just met that day. We’ve been riding for a couple hours and she’s been talkin my ear off about her world domination plans and stuff. All of a sudden she goes “i’m gonna prove to you I’m really evil. Do you want me to kill you are just hurt you?” and im like “What?!” and she lunges at me and starts trying to strangle me. Obviously I start to freak out and I start screaming and crying (like after this I had fuckin bruises on my neck) and she lets go and goes “what are you doing? do you want me to get in trouble??” and then punches me in the arm and continues her evil monologue. So that’s the story of when I was almost murdered by a ten year old. We became friends after that, so was I a smart child? probably not.

🐶 - Do you own a pet? 

y’all know I do !!

we got daisy (my cat):

n we got pumpkin (my sister’s cat)

No Updates From Pax Today

Yeah, I know.  Sad.  Two reasons why there are no updates today:

1) I’m VERY angry today.  Artist Dork’s kittens kept me up all night, my head is killing me, Artist Dork exceeded my allotted bandwidth for the month and we have eleven days until it resets.  She also sprayed her kitten for being bad, drenching me in the process.  UGH!

2) I’m going to get my files together and submit them to my publisher for proofreading and ISBN filing.  First book will be out by late next month.  I need to do a little research into marketing as well.  Can’t wait for it to be released!

Hope you guys have a great day!  I say fuck Mondays.


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Top 6 Harry vocals from 1D songs

ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL MEEEEEEEE????? FFS DUDE! Gaaaah, ok, here you go:

1. C’mon C’mon

“Come on, come on
Show me what you’re all aboutYeah I been watching you all night
There’s something in your eyes
Saying come on, come on and dance with me baby
Yeah the music is so loud
I wanna be yours now
So come on, come on and dance with me baby”

And also:

“ Every step I take
I feel it more and more
She’s calling out
She’s looking good
My heart is racing
She’s turning around
I reach for her hand and I say”

2. Drag me Down

“I’ve got fire for a heart, I’m not scared of the dark
You’ve never seen it look so easy
I got a river for a soul and baby you’re a boat
Baby, you’re my only reason”

And all of the ad libs at the end of the song <3

3. Happily

“You don’t understand, you don’t understand
What you do to me when you hold his hand
We were meant to be, but a twist of fate
Made it so we had to walk away”

And the whole chorus!

4. If I could fly

“If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you
I think I might give up everything, just ask me to”


“For your eyes only, I’ll show you my heart
For when you’re lonely and forget who you are
I’m missing half of me when we’re apart
Now you know me, for your eyes only
For your eyes only”

And also

“Know that I’m just wasting time
And I
Hope that you don’t run from me”

And the falsetto “I’m missing half of me” at the end of the song and the harmonies too in the ending.

5. Infinity

“How many nights does it take to count the stars?
That’s the time it would take to fix my heart
Oh, baby, I was there for you
All I ever wanted was the truth, yeah, yeah
How many nights have you wished someone would stay?
Lay awake only hoping they’re okay
I never counted all of mine
If I tried, I know it would feel like infinity
Infinity, infinity, yeah

Basically every time he sings in that song if perfection.

6. Love You Goodbye

“Oh, why you’re wearing that to walk out of my life?
Oh, even though it’s over you should stay tonight
If tomorrow you won’t be mine
Won’t you give it to me one last time?
Oh, baby let me love you goodbye”

Honorable mention to Where Do Broken Hearts Go cause that WHOLE SONG makes me weak, whenever he’s singing.


2am conversations
  • ~ AU Prompts with friends ~
  • B: What would dad-Kaiba even be like. I can't imagine...
  • M: Would Kaiba be the one who is suddenly the over protective parent or would he be like a lion and just throw her out onto the streets?
  • H: Nah, he wouldn't throw her out, but she'd probably have to duel for anything she wanted. "Dad, I want ____."
  • H: "Then, duel me."
  • B: So...she'd go to Atem first and pout if he ever says "ask your father, dear."
  • H: I sorta assume that in this AU, Atem is still quite dead. He'd be a single, lonely dad.
  • B: Aww, sad dad. "What was mom like...?"
  • H: Killing me softly there...
  • B: He lives off her resemblance to Atem, and when he's having a bad day, she learned at a young age to challenge him to a duel. Challenging him to a duel always sparked some light in his otherwise tired and anguished eyes on those days.
  • H: AsdgasgdyuaASHkhasdkas *keyboard smashes*
  • P: Wow, that went straight to my heart.
  • ---
  • Post-ideas:
  • -Kaiba gives her something like daily Duel Links challenges for homework. When she rakes up enough points he grants her one thing.
  • -If he duels her himself he probably gives her a handicap, except when she uses a Spellcaster deck. In which case it’s no holds. But her favourite deck is probably Fiend.
  • -Originally he was going to bio-engineer a boy to Atem's likeness but destiny and mutating variables had other plans.
  • -Yuuitsu only verbally talks during Duels, probably.

So I have my Ryder! Her name is Emma and she is currently very, very confused by everything that’s going on. There’s a story behind her scars and tattoo (they kind of go with her twin’s), and she used to wear her hair like in the last picture to hide most of the scar because it made her self-conscious, but in a last-minute act of defiant confidence to hide how nervous she was about going into space, she got it cut so that she can’t hide behind it.

For anyone who’s been playing longer than me, is there really no HUD, or can I just not find it? Having to fight live is good for maintaining the confusion and pants-wetting panic shared by my Ryder, but it is literally killing me.

Ok this will be a cry for attention, but I really need some. I want to tell you guys what happened. My mom is suffering form depression for few years now, and last 2 weeks it has been getting a lot worse. This friday, in the morning my mom came to my room telling me she is going to kill herself, that she’s calling my father to tell him he has to take care of me, that she’s going to transfer all money to me. I was so mad and sad, and devastated. I went to school, but cried in class all morning while my biology teacher decided to torture me even if she saw I’m not ok, and that I’m completely shut down. My mom wasn’t answering my texts, I didn’t know what to do. Finally one of my friends noticed, asked me what’s wrong and took me to school psychiatrist. My mom was okay too, she called me earlier. It was terrible guys, it’s terrible not having an adult to lean on. I’m trying to be as supportive as possible, but I’m a 18 yo girl, with my own struggles and finals next month. My mom went away to be with her friends now, so I can take care of myself more,, but well, if any of you can give me a bit of time, and care, I’d be very grateful. I really need some love :)


Clarke backing Lexa into things + Lexa’s reaction




she had the world // panic! at the disco