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hi! here it is! the third part to let’s hurt tonight. the first two parts are linked below if you missed them! i hope you like it, only two parts left!

let’s hurt tonight | future looks good


questions, comments, concerns

The drive home wasn’t pleasant and it wasn’t something you were accustomed to driving through in California. In fact, now that you think about it, you’re not sure you’ve ever driven in a storm like this. The rain fell down in sheets so heavy your windshield wipers couldn’t keep up. You had to keep your hands firmly on the wheel when wind threatened to push you into another lane. You held your breath every time your car hydroplaned for a few seconds, taking all your self control not to slam on the brakes. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled as you finally pull your car into the garage, close to 12 AM. With a sigh, you shut the car off and grab your things, fumbling with the keys in the lock. The door gets stuck and you push it a few times before it gives and you practically fall through the threshold.

Candles are lit all around the house and its a moment before you realize the power’s out. Harry walks into view, phone in hand, looking panicked, “Where have you been?”

You frown, “Work.”

He raises his eyebrows, “You were at work until 12:00 AM?”

“Actually it was more like 11:15…” You trail off when you see the look on his face, “What? There’s only a month until this trial I need all the time I can get.”

“You could’ve at least called! Do you know how worried I was? I thought you were wrapped around a tree somewhere.”

“I’m sorry, my phone died and the power in the office went out.”

“You couldn’t have borrowed someone else’s phone?”

“I was the only one left in the office.” A lie, but you didn’t think now was the best time to tell him you and Ron had been alone in the office all night with nothing but candles to light the room.

He gives a short laugh, “Of course, of course you were the only one left, you’re the only one crazy enough to stay at work that late especially when there’s no power.”

“Don’t be an asshole, Harry.”

“Me? I’m the arsehole right now? You’re six hours late and you didn’t even call.”

“And I said I was sorry!” You walk past him and start up the stairs, rolling your eyes when you hear his steps echo your own.

“You always say you’re sorry, but you never mean it. You just keep doing the same things. When was the last time you got home at a decent hour?”

You round on him, “This is the most important case I’ve ever had! Can’t you just cut me some slack until it’s over?”

He’s a couple steps below you so for once you’re eye level, neither of you yielding to the other.

“I don’t know how much more slack I can cut you when you don’t show any regard for my feelings.” His voice is low and layered with indifference. He’s tired and he can’t fight you anymore.

Maybe if your day had gone different, maybe if you had gotten home earlier, maybe if you weren’t so stressed and frustrated, maybe you would’ve apologized and meant it this time. Maybe you would’ve kissed Harry and told him to come to bed.

But instead, you scoffed, “You’re being ridiculous. You’ll be over this by morning, I’m going to bed.” And you do indeed go to bed, leaving Harry on the stairs.

You’re awake when he climbs into bed and you think it might be the first time he doesn’t reach for you before falling asleep.


“They did what?”

Ron throws a pile of papers on your desk and you immediately begin flipping through them, “They changed their story.”

“Why… Why would he do that?”

“Probably because he figured it would be easier for us to catch them in a lie if they stuck with the whole ‘I’ve never seen her in my life’ bit. Oh, and a witness came forward who said she saw the three boys talking to our client during that party and that one of them got her a drink.”

“So we could use that witness to imply that they spiked her drink, just like she said they did.”

“Yeah.” He collapses in his seat, “So this case just got a lot more difficult.”

You quietly scan the papers over as quickly as possible, “They still won’t admit sexual relations with her.”

“Because we have no evidence to prove otherwise.”

“Except her testimony.”


You lightly toss the papers and lean back in your chair, “Shit.” You murmur.

Ron runs his hands over his face, “There really was no physical evidence?”

“We’ve been over this, she never went to the hospital, or anyone until days later. She only let me take pictures of her bruises, nothing else. She wouldn’t let anyone touch her.”

He’s quiet a moment, “What about her underwear? What happened to that?”

You flippantly wave your hand, “She never found it, she left… without it.” Your voice trails off as an idea begins to take root.

“Oh!” Ron points to you, “That’s your idea face, I love that face, gimme something good darlin’.”

“Call me darling again and I’ll have you castrated.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, I’m a misogynist, you’ve told me a million times, yada yada yada, now what’s churning in that pretty head of yours?” You glare at him. “I meant, in that intelligent, brilliant head of yours.”

You roll your eyes, “I was just thinking that maybe we underestimated these boys.”

He frowns, “I’m not following.”

“What if… what if they took her underwear in case it did have semen on it? What if one of them still has it?”

Ron sits up now, you have his attention, “Do you think we could get a search warrant?”

You shrug, “The judge did give me access to the school’s records of past accusations. He might give it to us, but I don’t know, it’s just a guess.”

He gets up and pulls on his blazer, “Come on, let’s go.” He tosses you your keys, “You’re driving.”

“Where are we going?”

“The judge’s chambers.”

“Oh, okay, yeah that’s super reasonable, let’s just show up unannounced. I’m sure he’ll take that very well.”

He ignores your sarcasm, “He loves us, it’ll be fine.”


You try calling Harry in the car because being alone with Ron for so long makes you miss him, but he doesn’t answer.

And you, being so oblivious to others lately, don’t realize that he ignored you on purpose.


“Usually it’s the police that come to me asking for a warrant. This is quite unusual.” He looks down at the both of you through his wire framed spectacles.

You knew this would be coming. “Of course, Your Honor, but given that the police were hesitant to even carry out the arrest warrant because of their… connections with the defendants, you can imagine why we’re concerned that they haven’t proceeded with this investigation as thoroughly as they should have.”

“I agree with you, but this also seems like a desperate attempt to get more evidence and it sounds to me like the two of you are struggling to build a case.”

“Not at all, Your Honor, it’s just that most of our evidence is subjective and we know how a jury loves some DNA.”

“You’d be hard pressed to find DNA on that underwear still.”

“Even so, finding the underwear in their possession would be damning enough.”

“And do you have reason to believe one of them has the underwear?”

“When our client awoke after the incident she was never able to find it, so we were thinking it was possible they took it to cover their tracks.”

There’s a long pause, and then he sighs. “I’m going to send three separate warrants for each of the defendants permitting search of their dorm rooms and their cars. I really hope you’re right about this.”

You couldn’t believe your luck, “Thank you, Your Honor.”

You felt like you were walking on air as you walked out of the courtroom, you had a really good feeling about this and your first thought immediately was to call Harry and share the good news. Though, you couldn’t do that in front of Ron who would surely jump down your throat about confidentiality.


You practically skipped into the house around 4:30, you and Ron deciding to take the rest of the day off after the success of the search warrant. Her underwear had been found in the trunk of one of the boys’ cars and sent to the lab immediately.

“Harry?” You call through the house, unable to keep the smile off your face.

It’s a few moments before the basement door creaks open and Harry appears, “You’re home.” He frowns.

“Yeah, so are you.” You say, setting your things down and walking towards him, “Why didn’t you go to the studio?”

He shrugs, “Wanted to work by myself today.”

You’re excited to tell him your good news, but something seems off, “Is everything okay?” You reach to put a hand on his arm and he very subtly avoids it, walking by you to the fridge to grab a water. You turn to follow him, confusion and hurt warring on your face. He wasn’t subtle enough.

“Fine,” He says and takes a sip of water, “Why are you home so early?”

You’re still recovering from his rejection, “Um…” He blinks at you. “I’m sorry, I just, something seems off here.”

“Does it?” He says, “I haven’t noticed.” He opens the fridge again and then closes it, “We need groceries.” He goes to grab his keys.

“Can I come with you?” You refuse to sit at home doing nothing knowing something’s wrong.

He looks like he might say no, but then he sighs, unable to say no to you, “Sure.”

Harry turns the radio on almost immediately and turns it just high enough so that talking would be difficult. You reach out to turn down the volume, “Can we talk?”

“About what?”

“About why you’re clearly angry with me.”

“I’m not angry, I’m tired.”

Your eyebrows knit together, “Tired?”

His fingers tighten on the steering wheel, “I’m tired of coming second to your case.”

Realization dawns on you, “This is about last night.” He doesn’t answer. “Harry, I said I was sorry. I even came home early today.”

“And I have no doubt that that decision had nothing to do with me.”

“Does it matter?”

“Yes, it matters! Because you never come home for me. Ron probably gets to spend more time with you than I do. For all I know there’s something going on with the two of you.”

“Now you just sound stupid.”

“Yeah? Why did you lie to me about being alone in the office last night? I know Ron was with you.”

Oh no. “How did you know that?”

“I ran into him this morning when I went to get coffee. Why did you lie to me?” He repeats.

“You were already mad at me and I didn’t want to give you another reason to be upset.”

“So you lied to me? Did you think when I found out I would be happy about that?”

“I didn’t think you would find out.” You said quietly. “But I hate Ron and it’s ridiculous for you to think that there’s anything going on and I know you know that.”

“Maybe it’s ridiculous or maybe you realized you should’ve married a lawyer like Ron so you’d have someone more understanding than me.“

You roll your eyes, “Well, we’re not married yet, so you still have time to change your mind.”

You’re at a red light and he turns his full body to you, “Is that what you want?” He says quietly.

“Of course not!” You throw your hands up in exasperation, “If I wanted to marry a lawyer I wouldn’t have gotten engaged to you! But since you wanna be so damn dramatic about this—”

“You know what, I don’t want to talk about this anymore because you’re just not getting it and I’m tired of talking in circles.” He turns the volume of the radio back up.

You immediately reach out and turn it back down, “So, what? You’re just going to be mad at me forever? Do you want me to quit my job, is that it? You’re asking me to choose between you and my career and we promised we’d never ask that of each other.”

He pulls into a parking spot outside of Whole Foods. “That’s not what I want! I don’t want you to choose! I just want to feel like we’re equally prioritized and right now it feels like you’re picking your career over me.” The car is parked and turned off at this point.

You close your eyes and pinch the bridge of your nose, growing tired of constantly having to defend yourself, “Harry, I’m doing the best I can.”

“What happens when we have kids? Huh? Are you going to abandon them the way you abandon me every time there’s a case that’s more important?”

For a moment, the devastation plays across your face, but then you set your jaw and furiously wipe at the one tear that managed to escape your eyes. “That’s a really shitty thing to say.” Your voice is thick and you get out of the car, slamming the door before walking into the store, Harry trailing behind you. You try your best to look normal because despite Harry’s comment, you don’t want anyone to get a shot of the two of you fighting.

You sniffle as you reach the shopping carts, but the one you want is stuck and you’re getting more frustrated, aggressively trying to separate it from another cart when Harry gently pushes your hands away and pulls it out for you. You sniff again, “Thanks.” You murmur.

You’re both silent as you push through the aisles, each grabbing things you want. You’re grabbing a couple rolls of sushi for dinner because you’re too lazy to cook tonight when Harry finally says something, “I didn’t mean to make you cry.” He says softly.

You place the sushi in the cart and continue pushing without saying anything for a while. Then, “Do you even know how much I love you?”

He sighs, “Yeah, of course I do—“

“Then how could you even say that to me? Abandon you? Abandon our future children? And on top of that you think I would leave you for another lawyer? Is that really how little you think of me?” You’re fighting back tears again in the cereal aisle and Harry steps in front of the cart, to stop you from moving.

When he moves to you and cups your face in his hands, you let him, “I didn’t mean that, I was upset.”

You push his hands away, “People always mean the things they say when they’re upset.” You press the sleeve of your shirt to your eyes before continuing down the aisle.

He makes an exasperated sound from behind and then lengthens his strides until he’s next to you, “Look, I—“ He blows out air between his lips, “I was wrong to say that. I know you would never… I know how much you love me and it was a stupid thing to say. And I hate that I made you cry and I don’t want to fight anymore—We need coffee—It’s just I miss you and things with the label aren’t going well and I just… I just feel like I’m grabbing desperately at the things I love and they’re all falling through my fingers and I don’t know what to do.”

You’re throwing the coffee Harry said you needed in the cart before you turn back to him, “I’m sorry things aren’t going well at work, but you and I both know you’re brilliant at what you do and things will work out. As for me? You’re never going to lose me, Harry. And I don’t know what I have to do to convince you. I mean, I already promised to marry you.” You both smile as you always do at the mention of the engagement. The giddiness never fades. “I’ll spend more time with you when I’m home from now on. No more late work nights until the week of the trial and no working at home, does that seem fair?”

He nods and takes your chin between his thumb and index finger and presses a chaste kiss to your mouth, conscious that people have been watching you since you walked in, “I’m sorry.”

“So am I. And I never want to have this argument ever again.”

“Well thank God because I’m tired of having it.”

You smile and press another quick kiss to his mouth before continuing through the store.


“And so,” You pop another piece of sushi in your mouth, “The judge gave us the warrant, the police went to search the properties… and they found her underwear.”

“Really?” He swallows, “That’s great, babe. You have this in the bag then.”

“Not necessarily.” You wanted to talk about the case, but also Harry was looking exceptionally snuggly in a big pink jumper and sweatpants, his hair still a bit damp from the shower he took when the two of you got back from the store. It was ridiculous that he still had this effect on you, even watching him eat his sushi was somehow endearing and distracting.

“…Are you going to elaborate on that?” He asks, trying to hide his smirk when he realizes you’re staring at him.

“I’ve decided I don’t really want to talk about the case anymore.”

He raises his eyebrows, “Really?”

You nod, “Really. Could really use a good cuddle, actually.”

He tosses out your empty sushi containers, “I might know a guy who can help with that.“

You raise your eyebrows, "Oh yeah?”

He nods and grabs your hand before tugging you towards the stairs, “As long as you promise not to leave the bed from now until the morning unless it’s for food.”

You smirk, “Anything else?”

You’re in the bedroom now and he pushes you back on the bed, “Yeah. You let me be the little spoon occasionally.”

He barely let’s you settle yourself before he collapses onto the and wraps himself around you, “Deal.” You agree just as you feel his lips against your skin and his hand slide gently under your shirt to rest on your stomach.

“Your skin’s really soft.” He murmurs and his breath makes goosebumps spread across your body.

“Do you wanna talk?”

He pulls back and looks at you, “About what?”

“You… Your work.”

He raises his eyebrows, “My work? You mean where I spend my days trying to think of more poetic and sonically pleasing ways to convey how much I love you?” He’s kissing your neck again and it’s hard to focus.

“No, I’m serious, Harry.”

He pulls away and rests his head on your stomach, no longer kissing you. You gently run your fingers through his still damp hair to try and soothe him. “I just feel like I’m never going to live up to this pedestal everyone’s put me on. And I hate the idea of disappointing my fans or, well, anyone really. Especially you.”

“Baby, come on, you’re never gonna disappoint me. Let’s be real.”

“I am being real.” You can see this is genuinely bothering him, “I don’t know what to do.”

“I think you should talk to people who know more about this than I do. But if you want my advice, I think the music you believe in has always been your best work.”

He crawls up to you and presses his lips to yours, slow and gentle, “Thank you, love.”

“You’re welcome,” You murmur, "Can I hear any music yet?”

He laughs into your mouth before nibbling on your lower lip, “Absolutely not.” You pout at him and he runs his thumb over your lip, “Stop that.”

You stare him down until you can’t keep a straight face anymore, “Hold me, please.”

He obliges you and reaches to turn on the TV and an argument ensues about which movie to watch, but it doesn’t matter because you fall asleep in his arms a half hour later.


Ron walks into your office and sits at the seat across from you. After a moment you look up and notices he’s smiling. Smiling like he did the day the cops found the underwear. You put your pen down and then fold your hands in front of you, “What d’you got?”

“You remember ages ago when we hired a psychologist to evaluate our client, but she refused to go?” You nod, “Well, it looks like she showed up there on her own today to be evaluated.”

You frown, “Is she okay? She wouldn’t have gone there unless she was desperate for help.”

“The psychologist doesn’t think she’s a danger to herself or anything, but she did call me and gave me the results of the evaluation.” He smiles, “Are you ready?”

You stare at him, “Obviously.”

“She has PTSD, the psychologist is willing to testify that if we need her to. She also advised us to be careful during the trial because seeing the defendants may trigger her.”

“What happens if she… gets triggered?”

He shrugs, “Could be anything, panic attack, mental breakdown, flashbacks to that night.” You sigh. “But this is good, I mean, she wouldn’t have PTSD if it didn’t happen.”

You shake your head, “They can argue that it could be from anything, that she had it before that night, even. It might prove she was sexually assaulted, but it doesn’t prove they did it.”

“But with the underwear and everything, I think it’ll put enough doubt in the minds of the jury.”

You nod, “Maybe. It might be enough. Thanks, Ron.” He stands to leave just as there’s a knock at your door and Sophia’s there and someone’s waiting behind her. No, not someone, Harry.

“Sorry to bother you, but your fiancé said he needed to speak with you privately.”

Harry walks in and Ron and Sophia leave, closing the door behind them. You frown and walk towards Harry, “Is everything alright—?”

He grabs you and pushes you against the wall, his mouth colliding with yours in a frenzy. Once the shock wears off, you kiss him back, pulling at his hair. His hands begin to push up your skirt, and that’s when reality comes crashing in and you pull away, “Harry, what are you— What’s going on? Did you come here just to have sex with me? Because you know I’m busy and—“

He sighs, “No, no, I just wanted to start this off positively.”

“What are you talking about?” You’re more confused now than ever.

“Before I tell you, I want you to remember what a loving person I am and how much I care about you—“


He sighs, “My mum just called and… they didn’t want me to tell you, but her and Gemma have insisted on throwing you a surprise bridal shower—“

Your face falls, “No… No, I don’t want that, didn’t you tell them—“

“I did, but they insisted. They’re also worried because the wedding is in six months and you haven’t picked out your dress yet.”

You open your mouth to defend yourself, but for a few seconds nothing comes out, “I’ve been busy.” You say quietly.

“I know, sweetheart, and I understand, I do, but… They won’t listen to me. And they feel like they have to because of the situation with your— your parents—“

“I don’t have parents.” You say harshly.

Harry just nods, used to the way you react when they’re brought up, “Yeah, that. So… They’ll be coming down next week to help you pick out a dress and then throw you the bridal shower and then they’ll be gone, I promise, just give them two days, Sunday and Monday. Sunday will be the shower and then Monday to pick out a dress, okay?”

You sigh, remembering that you promised Harry you’d put him first sometimes, “Fine, but if I have to take Monday out of work, then I’m staying late Friday to make up for it.”

He raised his eyebrows, “Really? That’s it?”

You frown, “What do you mean ‘that’s it’? Aren’t you mad I’m going to be staying late?”

“To be honest, I thought I’d have to give up my Saturday with you, but this is much better.”

You give him a small smile, “Well get out of here before I change my mind then.”

“Give me a kiss and I’ll be out of your hair.”

“You already got far too many kisses when you first showed up here, if you remember.”

He pouts and comes around the desk to get closer to you, “Just one? Just a little one?”

You laugh and quickly press your lips to his, “Now go.”

“One more, just one more, love?” And he’s kissing you as you laugh until you finally push him away and he backs off, a smile on his face that causes his dimples to make an appearance. “See you at home. Love you.”

“I love you too.” You say before he disappears out the doorway. You look at your desk, an opening statement beginning to be drafted, and then back at the door.


“Harry! Wait!” You catch him in the parking lot, out of breath, carrying your belongings. He turns and when he sees you with all your things he smiles. “Let’s go to the beach.”

He walks to meet you and takes a bag out of your hands before kissing you, “That sounds perfect.“

Ranger Mind Link Headcanons

-the rangers first found out about the mind link as a motivation tactic from alpha. (”The harder you train, the more connected you are! I mean, don’t you WANT to be able to read each others minds?” “Wait, what?!”)

  •  alpha explains the basics of the link, that they don’t exactly know the extent of the power seeing as human brains work differently, but essentially they can feel each others emotions 

-trini is the first to connect through the link (seeing as she clears her mind while doing yoga), and the other rangers get a loud and clear message of death metal

  • zack is sitting on his train car watching her, when the music suddenly gets way too loud and he screams for her to lower it
  • billy is working tinkering on some kind of gadget when the music starts blaring causing him to snap his screwdriver in half
  • jason is asleep in his bed when he shoots up in shock, punching a hole in the wall
  • and kim is in her room holding her phone trying to decide how to ask trini out for donuts in the least platonic way possible, and due to her thoughts focusing on trini she hears it the loudest of all of them
  • which is why it makes sense every ranger suddenly hears “What is wrong with her?” in a voice oddly like kims

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I can’t understand people who say Jon and Dany are “fanservice” and “rushed" because of so many reasons and I just rlly can’t tolerate seeing it anymore so I just wanna get my feelings out there. Decently long post with spoilers so putting everything under the cut

1. Since this start of this show, the writers had already started setting a foundation for the meeting of these two characters with similar camera angles, imagery, dialogue, and overall story. They’ve truly come from absolutely nothing to being two of the most powerful people in Westeros which explains their intrigue and interest in eachother.

2. Jon and Daenerys have been together on Dragonstone for at least a month, which is more than enough time to develop romantic feelings for someone.

3. In perspective, Ygritte and Jon spent around a week together before they had that cave scene and no one batted an eye.

4. Even putting romantic feelings aside, Jon and Dany both started from not knowing a thing about eachother:“I don’t mean any disrespect your grace, but I don’t know you” to fully trusting, supporting, and caring for one another.

5. Their relationship has a foundation built on mutual respect regardless of their different viewpoints. They are absolute equals.

6. They hadn’t had a single romantic moment until 7x06 (accounting for travel times, this is around 2 months after they first met) yet Jorah, Davos and Tyrion have all been shown to notice the way the two look at eachother. Tyrion and Davos mentioned their thoughts on the matter in 7x06 and 7x04 respectively while there was a clear shot of Jorah seeing it in 7x05. This is a visible buildup and its put there to show these emotions aren’t appearing from thin air.

7. When Davos mentions Jon’s attraction to Dany, (“I noticed you staring at her good heart”) he doesn’t even bother denying it. Jon knows how he feels right then and there. He didn’t avoid the question, he didn’t try to play around it, he got straight to the point by saying “there is no time for that”… as in.. yeah I’m interested.. but I’m sorta trying to save the world here. This is BUILDUP.

8. It’s love in a time of war. You can see it in the way they act. They try so hard to avoid physical contact or even say something mildly romantic so they hide their feelings under the politics but their emotions still pour out from their facial expressions. E.g, in 7x05 during that counsel meeting, when Jon mentioned he was leaving, Dany was visibly worried for his safety. She didn’t want him to get hurt or do something stupid (which she adds perspective to in 7x06). But….as a queen.. she can’t really say that so bluntly, can she? So she hides it all under another political comment: “I haven’t given you permission to leave”.

9. To add to what was written in the previous point, the actors as well as the writers have even talked about how it’s telling how comfortable those two are alone with one another and how the attraction between them comes out simply because of how they act with one another and not because of how the dialogue was written.

10. The boat scene was the first scene they’d had where they could be weak around one another and actually give into their emotions. This is the first time through words and physical contact they’ve allowed themselves to show how they feel about the other. Even adding to this is that Dany discovered Jon’s secret regarding his scar and in return Dany mentioned one of her own (and I fucking love that the writers made sure you could hear their gulps, breathing, etc in this scene despite the music)

“The dragons are my children, they’re the only children I’ll ever have. Do you understand?” 

*I can analyze everything on that boat scene for hours but I won’t here cause I don’t wanna dive too far into an episode that’s not officially released.

11. Their love isn’t meant to be Disney, it’s meant to be more tragic than that.  Given whats at stake, these two don’t have the luxury of being able to fall in love and despite that, here they are, desperately in love.

I’ve seen way too much mischaracterization and false criticism of these two because people have a different agenda with them and I just can’t rlly stand it anymore.

anonymous asked:

Do Tony and Bucky and Steve ever make that trip back to the former Stark kingdom in Recency? What happens? Does Tony show off any favorite spots? Or favorite foods?

They do, but not until Peter is ten and Harley is seven, and then they leave them in the care of Sarah, Jarvis, and Ana. The unrest has mostly settled. It’s safe enough to do that now. They take Pepper and Natasha to personally guard Tony just in case though, and Bruce to monitor Tony’s health.

Steve and Bucky fall a little bit more in love with Tony as soon as they’ve crossed the border and Tony recognizes things.

“Oh! There’s Tower Rock! It’s a sacred place to the monks here–”

“Look, look! Peach trees! Oh, we should have come in the late summer, we could have picked some off the trees–”

“Steve, look, it’s the inn we stayed in when I was your prisoner and you walked in on me changing into my nightclothes!”

“I am almost certain I never regained my full hearing in my left ear,” Steve replies, stone-faced under Bucky’s confused expression.

Bucky turns back to Tony. “That’s why you screamed? The innkeeper said it was probably a mouse…”

“He walked out as apologetic and meek as one,” Tony giggles, and Natasha and Pepper smirk at him.

They arrive at the castle. It’s dark and dusty. Natasha and the other guards go ahead to clear out any squatters. Tony looks at the portrait of his parents in the entryway. He was a babe in his mother’s arms. They looked happy.

Tony turns to Steve and Bucky and barely manages, “Do you think–” before Steve is directing some of the remaining guards to search for a ladder to take the portrait down to take home.

The squatters are herded out. “Oh, no, they’ve got–we’re not using–” Tony says, and then one hunched-over beggar woman shuffles over to him, takes Tony’s hands in her own gnarled, arthritic ones, and pats him gently on the wrist. “Welcome home, dear. Your parents would be so proud of you.” And then she shuffles off without another word. Tony covers his face and cries.

The plants in the courtyard are overgrown. “I used to sit here and read, or knit,” Tony tells everyone, then circles the bench over to the pond. “And there should be–Yes! Come look, the fish are still here!” There are vines spilling into the pond but the large orange fish are still there. They’re quite big. Bucky opens his mouth to say so but Tony darts away again. “And over here, it should be–eek, get off me, vine! Over here–” Tony tries to tug a curtain of vines aside. Steve walks over to do it for him. Tony beams at him before gesturing at the tree trunk. “Here is where I came to remember my– …my parents,” he whispers, clasping his hands in front of him. Steve and Bucky lean in and their hearts break a little when they see a heart carved into it, with the letters M.C.&H.S chiseled inside it.

“Jarvis said that Dad did this a year after they married. I guess they didn’t get along when they first married, but they came to care about each other,” Tony explains softly, like speaking louder would ruin the story. Maybe it would have. “And Dad carved this as a promise to be loyal to her. He put Mom’s initials on top because he wanted her to know that she always came first.” He jerks, as if coming out of a daze. “That’s what Jarvis told me, anyway. He could have just been trying to be kind when I was lonely.” He puts his hand over the bark, palm on his father’s initials, fingers tracing over his mother’s.

Tony spends the day darting around, showing everyone things that make them want to weep for him. The peach tree that got them all scolded by the laundress, the moth-eaten couches he’d reclined on with his mother, reading, his bedroom that he’d been confined to after Obadiah took power (he doesn’t say it like that, but they know. They all know.). He pauses in the throne room. He’d met Tiberius here. But he’d also met Steve and Bucky here. He’d been frightened, but… it’d turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

Bucky glances at him, then looks back up at the abandoned throne. “This was where we first saw you,” he says, and Tony nearly jumps. “And I remember thinking, ‘He’s much smaller than I imagined.’” Tony scoffs, embarrassed. “I remember thinking a supposed enemy had no right to be so beautiful, either.” Tony blushes. Steve smiles a little. “I remember thinking, ‘This omega is just as stubborn as I am.’ I was reluctantly impressed. You were scared, I could tell, but you met us with your back straight and your chin out like you were ready to take a punch.” He turned to give the omega a smarmy grin. “And then I saw you disrobing at the inn and I was impressed by your figure.” Tony blushed and smacked his arm chidingly as the guards kindly pretended not to laugh. (Well, Natasha and Pepper don’t. But Tony hadn’t expected them to.)

“…Where,” Natasha begins at the end of the tour, and then falls silent with a nervous, “Never mind.” Tony looks at her knowingly. “Where did Obadiah murder my parents?” Natasha flushes. “Sorry. That was inappropriate. I–” “In their beds. They were sleeping.” Tony stares into the distance. “Jarvis said they didn’t suffer, but I saw. There was blood everywhere.” He turns back to Natasha sharply. “I hope they killed my mom first. It causes me great distress, thinking that she woke up to see her husband and alpha being stabbed to death and knowing she was next. I hope they killed my mom, woke my dad, and he killed as many of those animals as he could before they finally put him down.” Natasha stares at him for a long moment before she nods, sharply, and says, “I hope so too.” Steve and Bucky make concerned noises, but Tony just holds up his hand to stop them. “No. I’m fine now. I’m not sad anymore. Just mad. It does help,” he adds, just to make it clear to them. “That Jarvis killed Obadiah himself. I cannot think of a single person other than me who should have had that privilege.” “I can’t think of anyone else either,” Bucky answers immediately, and Steve nods in agreement.

The castle isn’t fit for royalty to stay there though. The squatters know that, are waiting outside the gates to shuffle back in. Tony pauses to say goodbye to them, the truest subjects royalty can have. Howard and Maria had taken care of them. Obadiah had changed that. “You’re a good boy. Your parents would be proud,” the hunched over lady repeats, patting his hand. “I do hope your children take after you,” she adds, voice taking on a rasp like she’s trying to whisper but incapable of actually lowering her voice. “The blond one’s eyes are too close together, and the brunet’s nose is crooked.” “…Is my nose really crooked?” Bucky asks after they get underway, and Tony laughs. Steve frowns at him. “I dunno. Are my eyes really too close together?” Tony laughs so hard he stops making noise. He doesn’t answer them when he finally stops though.

(“I wish we could spend more time here,” Tony whispers. “I wish… Things could have been so different. Do you think we would have ended up together if my parents had lived?” Steve and Bucky don’t know. They just don’t. Howard had been good friends with Duchess Margaret, and Sarah trusted Margaret’s judgement. It’s possible. But then maybe they wouldn’t have. Maybe Howard and Maria would have tried to find a match for Tony closer in age. Maybe Shuri, or T’Challa. Sarah talked about how Howard had wanted some Wakandan ore, and Tony gets along with them. He’d have been happy with them, too. “Yeah,” Steve says after a moment, and reaches out to grab Tony’s hand, grip it tight. “Yeah, we would have.” Tony smiles at him. It’s a lie Steve and Bucky are okay with.)

((Before they left, Steve pulled out a piece of his drawing paper, a piece of charcoal, and pressed the paper over the carving in the tree, used the charcoal to take a rubbing of it. Tony would never ask or allow for the tree to be cut down. He’ll appreciate this, though, when Steve gives it to him. Maybe they’ll return to the old castle again. Maybe they’ll bring the boys. Maybe Tony would like all of their initials carved into the tree too.))

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The Dads react to a mute Dadsona, who lost their voice during Amanda's childhood.

(I’ve seen one like this!! I love the idea tbh!)
🔪isn’t too suprised, just more like “oh, you can’t talk”
🔪personally. I see him having a knowledge of sign language already due to a childhood friend teaching him. So i see this kind of being a nice memory revisit for him as well.
🔪if they got together, Robert would be his second hand translator.
🔪probably not as cold with him as he usually would be with new people.
⚰kind of taken back? Honestly didn’t expect he would ever meet someone mute.
⚰Has a hard time understanding him with sign language, and obviously feels very bad. Like you can see his sadness with himself. It’s soulcrushing for him.
⚰Dadsona and him probably get along really nicely, due to both being different in their own way
⚰Low key Damien would probably send Dadsona flowers with what each one means.
💦I can see Dadsona losing his voice after losing touch with Craig. When they met again, Craig was all excited, but was confused when he didn’t talk.
💦Shocked when he finds out how dadsona went mute. Like absolutely floored.
💦he tries his best tbh.
💦happy to chill with his bro no matter what.
📿He knows it. He sees some people come to him during church who communicate with sign language, so he learned it to help others.
📿Very happy to see the reaction he got when Dadsona saw he understood. Pure joy.
📿Very pleased to help out Dadsona.
📿Honestly, loves to see how others are with communication.

☕Kind of confused, more shocked that Dadsona is mute. Amanda probably would translate for Dadsona.
☕This dork ends up guessing at it like a game
☕I would like to imagine he ends up getting Dadsona into playing a musical instrument so they can have music jams together, and so they can express an emotion with not just voices, but with a musical outlet melody that the both could understand.
☕slowly catches onto the sign language.
📚He has experienced some mute or deaf children in his classroom over the years, so he has some experience with sign language and translating.
📚Be a bit rusty, but can use understand sign language pretty well.
📚He’s pretty happy to see that Dadsona isn’t letting it really get to him much. How he still goes about with a smile brings him happiness.
📚Makes sure that Dadsona is alright and if there needs to be assistance, he is there to help :>
🐶Pretty confused at first, not sure why Dadsona doesn’t talk. It takes a bit to pick up on what’s going on.
🐶He tries his best to understand. Picking up small phrases here and there. Daisy probably would help as well.
🐶Daisy would probably be able to pick up sign language pretty fast, so she helps her dad by teaching him more than just simply hellos and simple phrases.
🐶Brian does his best to help keep clear communication, even if he gets stumped. Sometimes feels like he’s plating a guessing game.


Okay, let me tell you, there were too many cheating involved in white wlw ships before and people kept saying they are just human, they made a mistake and keeps on shipping them guilt-free but Adena did the same thing and suddenly, she’s a bad person and Kadena is unhealthy, like I don’t condone cheating, I hate it as much as the next person and I think it is lazy writing on the part of the writers, BUT don’t be hypocritical and apply your moral values when it only benefits you


Here’s a little SSS from a new fic I’m working on. No idea when it will be ready…. Question! Do you guys prefer sporadic updates when chapters get done or write it all first? Lmk! It will determine how this one gets posted. ❤️Pbg


“Are we really doing this?” Katniss asks Peeta as they finish the last of their beers. Peeta sets his empty glass down and she watches him twist it back and forth between his fingers. He shrugs.

“I mean, we’re both swamped with work, no time for dating much less a relationship. It’ll be a great way to unwind. Are you okay with it?” he asks hesitantly, lobbing the ball back in her court. One perfect blonde eyebrow quirks up as he waits for her answer.

She nods slightly, still disbelieving the idea they’ve come up with and that she even agreed to it. It’s so not her style, but if she’s going to be anyone’s fuck buddy, Peeta would be her choice. He’s been a great friend to her over the last year, and he’s the type of guy who wouldn’t hurt his worst enemy. Throw in the hard body Katniss can tell is hiding under his crisp button downs and diagonally striped ties, and add in his selfless nature, there’s no way she can lose. He, on the other hand, should be wary of her ‘run away when things get messy’ nature, so with his emotional safety in mind, she says, “I think we need some ground rules first, though.”

Ouat Con San Francisco 2017 - Rebecca's Panel

(x) (x)

  • Emilie is her bestie :) even if she didn’t work with her a lot on LOST she’s glad to have done so on OUAT (x)
  • “Why was Emilie talking about me so much yesterday?? …she must love me.” (x)
  • “I feel like I’m a part of something bigger and that I’m proud of” (x)
  • “What if Hades wasn’t really in love with Zelena?” @bexmader “thank god I didn’t sleep with him!! …I make really good choices!” (x)
  • “It’s not easy being green… it’s hard to get it off” (x)
  • “When things are really crap, just know that the universe is just positioning you for something better” - the best advice from Bex (x)
  • “I love driving because then it’s like my recording studio and when I get to the stoplight I’m like nailed it!!” @bexmader on music (x)
  • “let’s not talk about it” on the Rumple / all of the Mills women (x)
  • “Friends (the show) are literally my friends” (x)
  • “I was thinking King Arthur..he has nice baby blues, he’s British we probably watch the same telly” who Bex would ship Zelena with (x)
  • #wickedcharming thoughts? “Ginny might kill me!! She’s strong, she may be small but she’s strong!” (x)
    • Q: what do you think of Wicked Charming Bex : I think Ginny would kill me! (x)
  • Bex has listened to both Defying Gravity and Wicked Always Wins at the same time to compare them (x)
  • Bex panel: The hardest about acting is that u don’t get a break&have 2 keep going even when you’re ill or cold or anything like that (x)
  • Bex panel Q: do you and Lana have a sisterly bond outside the show? 
    • Bex: me and Lana are very close and Lana is one of my most important friends. We know what they feel by just looking at each other. (x)
  • Bex thinks Zelena and Snow would get along and organize play dates for their kids (x)
  • Bex said she loves singing and when she sang along with her own song from the musical ep she’d think “I’m NAILING this harmony” (x)


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Hi! I'm sorry that it came across as an anti ask. I just meant that so Jon also understands that Dany loves him too? I was excited that Jon may know that Dany loves him too. I think the wording was a little confusing. My bad!!

Omg don’t apologize. I’m sorry I was a bitch. I was in defense mode because I’ve been deleting really nasty replies off of my gifsets for the past half hour :( I understand what you were trying to ask now anon. Please don’t take my temper the wrong way haha. 

I DO think Jon understands how Dany actually feels. I was just saying this recently! Here I said that even though Dany is trying to be closed off, Jon can tell that she reciprocates what he’s feeling. At least, in my own interpretation he can :) I think it’s why he’s trying so hard to get her to let him in in this scene. He senses that she needs him right now even if she is too self-conscious and upset to admit it. He just wants to help so badly and it’s SO sweet. 

I can’t handle my love for Jon honestly hahah.

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I think my fav part about Victorious is how they tried so hard to make it seem like Victoria Justice was the most talented. Like don't get me wrong, she's talented but Leon, Liz and Ariana had been on Broadway. 😂


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What if the missus needed to have a full hysterectomy due to medical issues, while she and H were still in "baby-making" gear? x

I think a lot of how they would both feel would depend on whether or not they had some of the kiddos already. Maybe they have D and the twins when whatever causes the need for the hysterectomy comes up. So, while they’re a little sad that the chance of having more biological children won’t be there anymore, they’re thankful for the children they did get to have.  

But if it happened before they had any children, it would be incredibly hard on both of them, but particularly on the missus. Maybe she finds out just after they get married, and it crushes her. 

All Harry can do is hold her as she curls up in his lap and cries into his neck. 

“Hey, s’alright,” he’d whisper, and instantly regret it. It’s not alright. Nothing he could say would make it alright. He whispers comforting things and buries his cheek into her hair as he listens to her cry. Trying to deny to himself that there are tears falling into her hair. 

Maybe she tries to convince him brokenly that they can have a baby and then she’ll have it done

“I wanted…I wanted to make a baby with you,” she’d cry into the collar of his shirt. “I wanted to be a momma.” 

That last part breaks him. He can feel it searing into his heart. 

“I know,” he murmurs into her hair, letting his lips rest there. “But I don’t want you in pain anymore, baby, Hmm? And if this is going to help, then maybe that’s what’s best. And we’ll have lots of babies running around here, you and me.” He’d nuzzle his nose to her forehead comfortingly. “Maybe not how we thought, but that’s okay. You will be a mummy, I promise you. There’s lots of kids out there who need a couple of cool parents like us, right?” And he wiggles his eyebrows and nods, squints a little, trying to exude coolness, and this all works, because she wetly snorts out a laugh into his chest. “But right now…” He touches her cheek so her eyes drift up to meet his. We need to make sure you’re feeling alright, okay?” xx.


@deathmeowtal  🎩: draw a character in fancy wear

I did both because I honestly couldn’t decide. Abby looks A+++ in a suit so that was an easy decision, but demon Pickles was kinda hard and, in the end, I decided he was sewn into the damn thing. Just given a shirt and jacket with an open back and someone honestly sewed him into it. Because wings aren’t fun for anyone.

Used reference for both, just random Pinterest searches. Honestly, if you search “women in suits” and “men’s fashion” you’ll find em.  

Aruani Week day 1- Eyes


Wow I was almost a day late there! Late for an event I planned. Fashionably, of course. I hope you enjoy. <3 I listened to Sweet Child Of Mine on repeat while writing this so I’ll be spending the next few hours trying to get it out of my head.

“I’m…not really great with the whole ‘eye contact’ thing.”

Out the corner of her eye, she could see Armin snicker.

“I figured that out awhile ago, Annie. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I understand.” While she was turned away, he took the opportunity. His lips brushed across the exposed skin of her neck. Annie’s short, tensed gasp was something to absolutely revel in, especially as she tried so hard to contain her smile.

With a grin on his face, he continued up and down her jaw.

“Taking advantage of my weakness, huh? I’m impressed. Almost.” Her voice was peppered with laughs, stifled only by unintentional sighs of approval. For a moment, he brushed the tip of his button nose against her warm skin. He was beaming, she was sure, at just how much she melted into each touch. Annie wrapped her arms around his neck, pushing her fingers up into Armin’s increasingly unruly blonde hair. “Almost.”

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stydia - game of thrones au

YO. Lydia on the iron throne. That’s an image we all needed. 

  • Lydia’s father is by far the stupidest man at court. And he’s the king. So when he dies in a hunting accident nobody’s surprised. 
  • Lydia’s his only child so when he dies she get’s to sit on the Iron throne. The first thing she thinks is what like it’s hard to rule a kingdom? and it’s not. Not really. It’s long hours and time persuading old men that no killing everyone wasn’t the answer but Lydia has an algorithm for it. 
  • She gives gifts to the people, bread, corn, money and she introduces laws that make her popular and occasionally when people….misbehave she’s fair but harsh when needed. But she’s well liked by her people.
  • Her main problem is the North. 
  • They like her fine enough but it could be better. So she decides to marry. The Warden of the North has a son. Stiles. She tells her council and shockingly they think it’s a good idea too and the wheels are put into motion. 
  • Stiles arrives a few months later. Lydia is hardly ever nervous but she feels her heart rate pick up. Stiles is handsome. Covered in freckles. He looks thin but Lydia can see his forearm resting on the hilt of his blade and it’s strong.
  • Their wedding is a spectacle. Not that it could be anything else. Stiles offers Lydia a nervous smile as she approaches and they’re united under the seven. At the end of the ceremony he takes her hand and Lydia walks back down the aisle with her husband. 
  • They feast and Lydia plays the perfect host as usual. Stiles sits but she can see his eyes wondering the room. Watching everyone. She can practically hear the gears turning in his head.  
  • The bedroom is awkward to say the least. They have to stay in the same room but Stiles is looking anywhere else but the bed and for tonight thats fine by Lydia. 
  • The next day she has a council meeting and is surprised to see Stiles there when she arrives. He doesn’t say anything. Sits away from the table in the shadows but she can hear him shuffling. They make small talk at meals and smile at each other but he never comes to her at night. 
  • He’s in every council meeting, she catches him rolling his eyes at bad suggestions and even huffing. One day she turns to him after everyones left and grits out a harsh “WHAT?” 
  • it turns out he’s a good tactician. Sneaky. Slightly underhand. Determined. For all of Lydia’s qualities she doesn’t have his deviousness. His willingness to draw a harsh line. She asks his opinions in council meetings from then on. 
  • It escalates from there.They have something to talk about at dinner. Lydia recommends a book and finds Stiles reading in her library later. He recommends another for her and they talk about it. Lydia mentions that she visits the poor and finds Stiles waiting to accompany her. 
  • And then she starts to notice him. Notices that him and the guardsman scott seem to be best friends, notices how he’s fierce and forceful but loves the people he cares about. How he’s smart and resourceful. 
  • They start to get along. Lydia lets Stiles speak in meetings. He stands by her on the Iron throne. When she needs assurance or support she looks to him. Looks in his eyes and knows what he’s thinking. They don’t always get along or agree but they always know they’ll support each other. 
  • Stiles holds Lydia’s hand one night at dinner. They’ve been more tactile lately. But Lydia feels the flex of his hand under hers. Notices the strength of his arms. The broad shoulders. She doesn’t let go of his hand when they reach her rooms. Instead she pulls him in and pushes him onto the bed. 
  • They wake up the next morning a tangle of sheets and Stiles leg flung over Lydia’s. It’s warm and its safe. The iron throne is cold sometimes. A lonely place. But she doesn’t feel it. She feels happy. 
  • Lydia’s always known she could rule the seven kingdoms , but with Stiles by her side she knows she could rule The Jade Sea to the Wall. She could rule the world. 

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Nesta needs a redempion arc, as of right now I don't think she deserves Cassian, he treates him like dirt (the only exception is when either of them is about to die so that really doesn't count, at least not for me)

*glances furtively about*

*screams* I. AGREE.

I’ve said this from the beginning, but I have a really hard time cozying up to Nesta because of how abusive she is. And I’ve seen people say “y'know, if you’re gonna say Nesta is abusive, you have to say Elain is abusive” and YA KNOW WHAT


I’ve ALSO said that I am ALL FOR REDEMPTION ARCS FOR EVERYBODY. I get nesta’s personality and I get where she’s coming from, I really do, but nothing excuses you for lack of decent human kindness and respect.

I am, however, all for Nessian. I think Cassian is breaking her down (and I also don’t think people do or don’t deserve each other. God knows I don’t deserve half the people in my life and everyone deserves love)

S4E19- House On Fire

Emily knew she was in for a hard long battle when she walked in her superior’s office to find him already drinking. “Hey, you started without me?” she pouted. She figured it wouldn’t do anything, but it never hurt to try.

Hotch didn’t look up until the agent sat across from him and poured herself a glass. “I’m sorry, I-“ he broke off, bringing his hand to his forehead. “I’m sorry.”

Her heart turned to hear him speak with such a weak voice, a stark contrast to his usual commanding air. “You don’t have to apologize.” She contemplated a moment before deciding that being direct was probably the most efficient way to get him to talk. “What’s wrong?”

“I went to thank Penelope.” Hotch paused to take a sip of scotch, hoping the burning liquid would numb him. It didn’t work. “Everyday I delve elbow deep into horrors regular people shouldn’t have the stomach to look at.”

The profiler winced at the term ‘regular people,’ as if isolating himself from the rest of the world. “We all do,” she whispered.

Hotch looked at her desperately. “Am I turning you into monsters?”

Emily’s breath caught, rendering her speechless.

“All of you are so brave and smart and kind, but most of all you’re eager to please. And that selflessness, that dedication to others and to me, has led you all through some of the most nightmarish situations possible. What kind of leader am I to charge you through this maze of barbarity and cruelty and expect you to follow in my footsteps?”

“A good one.”

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Callout post for @neko-otaku13

Where do I even start? 

Do you ever meet someone who just doesn’t know how awesome they are?

She’s so talented, her writing is always amazing and OMG don’t even talk to me about her art.

On top of that, yeah, she has the audacity to be a genuinely sweet and funny person? Like, no? Get out of my face? You’re not allowed to be talented AND nice, it doesn’t work like that!

But that’s not even the worst of it? Like, she’s so down on herself? Look, if you’re gonna be amazing, talented, beautiful and a genuinely lovely person, fucking own it! 

I’m not gonna put up with this person being so hard on herself!

TL;DR, Penny, you’re a gem. I just wish you knew it.

I don’t know how callout posts work lmao

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I just read DiscontentedWinter's newest fic and I'm just feeling so much. Her writing is always amazing and her fics always hit me hard in the feels but this one was A LOT and affected me more than usual. I actually stared getting nauseous/shaky at one point. My poor Stiles, I honestly cried. It ends happy but I'm heartbroken and worn out from reading it and now I'm gonna read some super fluffy sweet domestic fic. I recommend the fic for everyone but heed those warnings and prepare yourselves.

The thing that drives me crazy about L is that she does this in such simple and accessible language.  Like, if I write, “the hat is red” it serves to tell you that the hat is red, but if she writes it then like, the hat is red, the same color of the blood spat our of Stiles mouth and the red that bled from Derek’s newly obtained alpha eyes and the red of my eyes as I ugly cry.  It’s really distressing, lol!