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You Want Her. You Need Her. And I’ll Never Be Her.

Dearest nonnie, I’m so, so sorry you had to wait so long for your request but I really, really hope it was worth the wait and that you enjoy it, and that I did your idea justice. Please let me know x 

Title and the lyrics in bold are from this song:

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Request: Steve x Reader. “You love me because I’m like Peggy. You never loved me for me, but I’m ok with it. I’ll be Peggy - I’ll be anyone you need as long as you’re mine.” Fluff and a shite load of angst? Happy ending though?

Warnings: The first half chronicles what I would consider to be a really toxic relationship, but it does get better. Eventual fluff.

Words: c.2,299

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You reminded him of Peggy, he’d told you a thousand times.

He told you it was what he loved the most about you, he had never met another girl that matched her in spirit, in stubbornness, in gumption.

At first it had been the greatest compliment he could have given you, Peggy Carter was one of your personal heroes and for Steve to compare you to her had meant the world to you and you had seen how devastated he had been when he’d gotten the news that she had died, so you knew first-hand what she had meant to him.

But sometimes you wondered if when Steve looked at you he really saw you, or was it the ghost of Peggy Carter that was staring back at him.

You annoyed him when you were too goofy, you irritated him when you overreacted to things that made you excited, he told you to hush when you laughed too loud, the traits of your personality that were characteristically un-Peggy like and oddly the aspects of your personality that most people loved about you.

Sometimes Steve would collapse into bed exhausted and pull you close in the darkness and tell you over and over again how much he missed you, and you knew, deep down you really knew he wasn’t talking to you and it killed you in places you didn’t even know could hurt.

You loved Steve Rogers with every bone in your body and you would have done absolutely anything to make him happy, and if that meant being the version of Peggy Carter you could be then so be it. You pulled back the aspects of your personality that made you, you and slowly you began to withdraw so far from the person you had been before Steve and slowly the weight of Peggy Carter began to crush your soul. Steve only loved you because you reminded him of her, and you began to obsess that if you messed it up, if you weren’t more like her he would leave you because what you had left to offer him after that would never be enough to make him stay and so over the next few months you stuck to your role and you played it well.

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robolurk  asked:

Who was your weirdest Fallout character? Mine was the old cannibal granny who joined the legion

No one especially weird, at least not yet. I was planning on starting a new character on 4 once I get back home but I’m not entirely sure what kind of character to make him. I’m open to suggestions ^^