she is fantabulous


She didn’t come right out and say it. She never did, but you knew. You saw the side glances, the frowns when you and Barry spoke together, and the blank stares she gave you. You knew that Iris West defiantly did not like you. 

You didn’t mind. Barry was her best friend, of course she would be protective of him. You were someone she’s never met before, that has spent very little time in Barry’s life and he was still with you so much. Plus the whole he liked her first, and didn’t have a lot of girlfriends in the first place. You could understand why she was so uneasy. Respect it, even.

What you didn’t respect, or even be able to begin to understand, was why she didn’t come right out and talk to you about it. You were both adults, and sure you were a meta human and dating her best friend.. But you were both grown up now and you thought you two should start acting like it. 

So when Barry was with Cisco, you paid Iris a visit at work, and offered her a coffee at the restaurant she used to work at. 

The two of you had a lot to discuss.. 

Commission by  my dear friend ellyshepard

This is Maerad ten years after the year of the Blight. Six years as Warden-Commander of Ferelden and three years of doing Maker knows what take a toll, I think. 

Wonder Woman: my new fave

Like I don’t understand why wonder woman isn’t more popular and beloved. Like she’s a bad ass, has a pretty dark  backstory, takes no ones bullshit (man or woman) and is on par with batman and has even kicked his ass before. If you aren’t excited about Diana, then idk what to tell you.

Ten Reasons Why I Love Carol Peletier

1. She misses her vibrator.

2. She has fantabulous boots.

3. Her smile lights up the entire zombie apocalypse.

4. She loves her daughters (all three of them) so much that it bleeds right off the screen. (Go ahead – watch the church scene in S2, her face when she falls apart after finding Mika, or her expression right before she reaches for the gun to shoot Lizzie. There isn’t more love in this world.)

5. She ceaselessly takes care of everyone else, and she never wants a moment of credit for any of it.

6. At present, she’s the only character on the show who’s found the kind of balance between hope and pragmatism that can actually work in their nightmare world.

7. Everything she does is selfless.

8. She’s evolved from the sobbing woman who begged Andrea to leave Ed alone into the fearless warrior who’s going to march in and light up Terminus to save the people she loves. (And somehow MMB is so brilliant that Carol’s electrifying transformation makes sense, I mean wut.)

9. Despite the horror of everything she’s endured over the past four seasons, she’s never once given in to despair.

10. If there’s any justice in the world, she will unquestionably be the last woman standing.

Bonus 11. Like, have you seen Carol Peletier?