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He stared at her with his cat like eyes, searching for an unspoken answer heneath those Shrek green orbs of hers.
Perhaps there was a chance she had accepted his feelings, but the prolonged response was biting away at his soul bit by bit.

She parted her plump lips, her heart raced as fast as her mind, yet she could not speak. Could it be? He was serious about his confession? Adrien, the boy with the most beautiful ass she had ever seen, the boy she adored for a whole year… had feelings for her?

Finally, she had the courage to speak. Drawing in a gulp of air, all four of her eyes made contact with his. With determination and grit she finally spoke, “A-adrien… **WHAT ARE YA DOIN IN MY SWAMP**!?”

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Why I follow Gillian: She is fierce, courageous, kind, so good to her fans, a caring, wonderful mother, an activist, and so much more. She has taught me that it is ok to fail. It’s how we respond to failure that defines us. It’s ok to have fear. It’s ok to ask for help. IT’S OK. Use that as motivation to overcome your fears and faults and be a better you. You be you, don’t change for someone else. She has taught me to get off my ass and be of service. She has taught me to be kinder to others, but still kind to myself. I used to hide, I didn’t come out of my safe place. Now I have marched and marched, stood up for myself, stood up for my rights, marched for women everywhere. I won’t back down. My motto for this year has been Stand Tall, Stand Proud, and Sing Loud! I have my ups and downs, but I will always stand up when needed.

Her heart is broken but still filled with kindness, her eyes shed tears at night but shine brighter than the sun everyday.
—  t.i // She is brave, she is strong, she is courage, she is love.

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“My daughter speaks with the wisdom beyond her years. We’ve all come here with anger in our hearts, but she comes with courage and understanding. From this day forward, if there is to be more killing, it will not start with me.”


“The only thing I knew, is that you, Juliana Crain, are the only hope any of us had. You asked me if you were in the films - you are - you were. Over and over again. Sometimes I see you in the background somewhere, protest, a speech, a war zone, maybe. Someplace that mattered. I started knowing where to look. You could never stay out of it. Some of the people you knew, I started seeing them, too. Revolving around you like an atom. But they would change, different behavior, different relationships, different points of view shaped by their lives. But you were always you, you and your unnatural consistent mind. I got to know a woman who would bet on the best in us, who bet on people, no matter what the world said about who they were, who they should be. That woman would do anything to save a sick boy - a Nazi boy, even, because she would believe he deserved the chance, as slim as it might be, to live a valuable life. And I knew that was the key. The only way to make sure that your sister’s father wouldn’t prevent that boy’s father from stopping a war. Dixon died in an alley so that son-of-a-bitch Smith could live. But - San Francisco is still here! Millions of people will live because of the choice you made. The goodness in you, Juliana. One selfless act of love and hope… That’s what I put my money on.”



Lars asked us not to wear black today. He did so to remind us that this is no ordinary funeral. We are here to celebrate Bianca’s extraordinary life. From her wheelchair, Bianca reached out and touched us all, in ways we could never have imagined. She was a teacher. She was a lesson in courage. And Bianca loved us all. Especially Lars. Especially him.

She remembered who she was and the game changed.

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“She has more courage than she knows,” said Sam. “So do you, Sam. Have a swift, safe voyage, and take care of her and Aemon and the child.” The cold trickles on his face reminded Jon of the day he’d bid farewell to Robb at Winterfell, never knowing that it was for the last time. “And pull your hood up. The snowflakes are melting in your hair.” ― Jon II, A Dance with Dragons.