she is competent

I see your “Julia survived instead of Magnus” AUs and I raise you a Lup and a Hekuba as her adventuring buddies …Trois Rowdy Gurls, anyone?

I didn’t even realize how annoyed I was at the general way women in comedy shows are portrayed until TAZ didn’t do the thing and I realized how amazing it was.

The thing is: when you have a group of funny male characters and one or two women, and the women are always super mature and emotionally together and much too responsible and reasonable to engage in shenanigans.  Basically the perpetually annoyed straight man for the jokers to butt up against.

And then TAZ introduced Lup, and immediately she was petty, and smug, and egotistical, and FUCKING HILARIOUS, and it felt like taking a breath of air when I didn’t even realize I’d been underwater.  She’s allowed to be every bit as ridiculous and self-obsessed as her brother, and they just trust that we’ll love her the same way we love Taako, faults and all - they never feel like they’re apologizing for putting a girl in with all this silliness, not once!  And, like, they joke about  a “competent woman” - she is HIGHLY competent!  And very moral!  And capable of tremendous love and sweetness!

And she ALSO wants her fucking fifteen dollars back, GREG GRIMALDIS.

as much as i like the idea of “symmetra detaches from vishkar slowly and carefully and works around her superiors to do so because she can’t compete with them” 

i much prefer “symmetra throws her boss out of a window and leaks a bunch of incriminating vishkar files then gets the fuck out of dodge and goes on to help save the world with overwatch”

You Died

Author: Juju

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary: Sebastian comes home only to find you crying. He freaks out, thinking something happened, but he calms down once he figures out what’s going on.

Warnings: A smidge of angst but it’s hardly there. A shit ton of fluff.

A/N: This happened like 2 minutes ago. There are still tears in my eyes. I don’t know why I decided to re-watch The First Avenger.

P.S. I just realized that I’m on my period and that’s why I’m so emotional. I’m sorry.

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“Y/N! I’m home!” Sebastian called out as he walked into your shared apartment. He turned to the living room, where you usually were when he came home, only to find it empty. He went to the kitchen, but you weren’t there either. On his way to the bedroom, he heard you sniffling and picked up his pace in fear.

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Hello neighbour from hell, may I help renovate your house?

Strap your seatbelts, this will be Odyssey long one. First thing first, let me take some time to introduce you to Cruella de Vil of this story, who I hated for many years with a fury of a thousand raging diarrheas. You know that joke if you had a gun with two bullets and you were in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden, and x-person, you would shoot x-person twice? Well, not only would I shoot her, I would proceed to beat her with gunstock, perform exorcism on her lifeless body (just in case) and then burry the remains. She is stereotypical neighbour from hell. And hell is in this case the Mediterranean.

I live in a medium sized Mediterranean town with ancient heritage; all the houses are old and jammed close to each other. My neighbourhood is also made of these stone houses which share walls, so for instance when my neighbour to the right plays guitar in his bedroom, I hear it in my living room (I don’t mind him though, he is always really quiet, respects the hours and plays Rolling Stones and Metallica really well) and when I fart in my toilet, Cruella on the left side hears it clearly. Suits her well.

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Another thing about Black Panther:

Can we talk about how T'Challa is defying every toxic masculinity stereotype? He is a strong fighter and a king but more so he is a thoughtful, calm and compassionate diplomat that wants to protect and serve his people.

He recognises injustice and he has so much empathy. At a point where it would have also been understandable if he ignored things to just keep his memories of loved ones intact. But he does the hard thing and faces the consequences.

He has the utmost respect for the women around him, having no problems with being outmatched by them in some aspects. (Shuri is way smarter than him, Nakia is more level headed and Okoye looks like she is actually the more competent fighter) And yet he never has anything to prove

He is such a strong person but not once does the movie need to establish that by putting anyone else down. Not even the antagonist. Killmonger matches him, even outdoes him at times and it is, among other things, thanks to Shuri, Nakia, Okoye and his mother that he wins int the end - and it doesn’t take away anything of his bad-assery or coolness factor. ;) But most of all: He is shown as a person with a very big heart.

For his family, his people but ultimately for the entire world. His entire struggle is defined by it. "You have a good heart - and it is hard for a good man to be king" gets said very early in the movie and it’s the theme of the whole thing.

It IS hard. And it sound like his challenge might be to learn how to be a good leader despite being such a kind person in the beginning. But it is much more everyone and himself realising that he can be an amazing leader BECAUSE of it. 

 I just… have a lot of feelings about this move.

Tracer competing in a Splatoon match! She’s not a squid, but she can compete! Who’s gonna win?

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Oh shit, sweet flips!

I imagine they sparred 


A ship full of boys needs a precious gem to help find their lost mentor, but the Princess who owns it won’t give it up without a fight. The simple Search and Rescue mission soon becomes an adventure holding the fate of the entire Poseidon Ocean in the hands of a ship full of children.

Zack Underwood: Stand-in-Captain of the Chronological Voyager (Chrono for short). His real position is First Mate to the ship’s owner, Sir Ortin Mahlson, the greatest adventurer in the Seven Seas. Native from the Desecrated Island of Nila, he comes from humble roots, the son of the Royal Fitter and Seamstress. He holds resentment to anyone rich (Noblemen, besides the Royals). Zack was the first of many of Mahlson’s boy students, when the man decided to begin teaching boys how to sail and the wonders of the Seas in the Seven Kingoms. Zack has been his student since he was 4, and knows the most of all the young crew about Mahlson’s journals and studies, and has a vast knowledge of the seas. He is proud and secretive, and only the crew knows why he is so cautious around the newcomer. His pride is challenged when Princess Melissa refuses to give him the Gem he needs to find Mahlson, and he finds himself having to work with a stubborn yet pretty Royal.

Milo Murphy: Orphan found on the Island of Auria. While Zack is proud and strict, Milo is the optimism needed on their journey. And he is for good reason, being cursed since birth. Found with a stray puppy by Zack at the age of 4, Milo has been part of Mahlson’s students since the beginning, and has known nothing but the Chrono as his home. Milo is nimble, and his alertness has gotten the Chrono out of many a sticky situation. While liked by the entire crew, only Zack is brave enough to spend more than five minutes within twelve feet of Milo (that isn’t to say Zack isn’t aware of the Murphy Curse; he just sets it aside half the time because they’re best friends). When Melissa joins the crew, Milo immediately befriends her, much to Zack’s dismay.

Princess Melissa Chase: Princess and only daughter of the King of Soleah, the Island Ruled by the Daylight and the Seven Kingdoms’ Strongest Defense against outside foes. She longs for adventures beyond her Island. Her father has become anxious, and this keeps him busy and away from her. Her only companion is her handmaiden Amanda, and the High Princess, daughter of the High Rulers of the Seven Seas. That is, until she “kidnaps herself” aboard the Chrono, striking a deal with the young Captain for the Gem passed down from her father. Learning that the ship belongs to her Hero and Inspiration, Sir Mahlson, Melissa refuses to leave. She enjoys challenging Zack and competing with him, and thinks only of adventure, until she makes a discovery that threatens the friendship between Zack and Milo, and the safety of their ship.


And yes, Diogee has 4 peglegs.

@spatziline​ and I will eventually give away more of this AU, which includes several adventures and two giant ones. Zack and Meli’s friendship is reversed in this au, where Zack has known Milo forever instead of Meli. Many more MML characters will show up. We also have music to go with everything, and a Map of the Seven Islands.

More BG info to come with more fun of course 8D


This chapter is called “Sakura’s depression”, she was sad because she didn’t feel that she was strong to compete in exam chunnin and Sasuke noticed her sadness. This scene happens right after, Sasuke praises her to make her happier, and he winks to her and smile when he knew that he was able to make her feel better.
Meanwhile, Naruto wasn’t understanding what was happening between them hahahah (he’s so cute!). Studio Pierrot completely destroyed this beautiful scene. (Click on second gif to see it bigger) 

PS: THIS POST ISN’T FAKE. Put “sasuke wink to sakura” on google images and you’ll see in the first picture that the translation of this sfx is clearly “WINK”, and it’s not an aleatory translation of the sfx from the internet that will change that. It’s incredible how haters put so much effort and lifetime in something they hate, get a life, leave us in peace, it’s not our fault that the end didn’t happen as you wanted.

Aunt Keyleth

After Vax is gone, Keyleth visits Whitestone more often. She still leads her people competently and wisely, but whenever she needs a moment of rest, a time without the weight of her world on her shoulders, she visits the castle. At first it’s to visit Percy and Vex, and then Vex, Percy, and the kids, later still it’s just Vex and the Kids. Keyleth becomes Aunt Keyleth as the kids grow up, and Great Aunt Keyleth after that.

When Percival V follows his grandfather into the natural sciences, studying engineering in Emon, Keyleth shows him around the city, shows him the Vox Machina fountain, his grandfather’s statue facing north-east, towards Whitestone, Vex at his side. Percival V asks if the one with the antlers is her.

Yes and No.

When he comes back to Whitestone with a plan to build a bridge from Tal’dore to Wynadir, Keyleth helps him to move the stone into place, taming the waters as the piles are driven deep in the ocean floor. The bridge stands for much of her life, a monument to engineering and magic. To the power that trust can bring to bear in overcoming separation.

When the tradition of naming the children Percival has long since ended, Keyleth helps Freddie to expand the bridge, to make it strong enough to support the weight of the new iron carriages, they aren’t teleportation, but they’re affordable, and they’re moving people in larger numbers than ever.

Emon grows into a city of history and industry, Whitestone shines as a beacon of ingenuity and hope, Westrun grows into a center of scholarship and craft, Vassellheim remains its conceited, pious self. And the Ashari, led by Zephrah return to the world stage, never forsaking their duty in guarding the places between the planes.

Throughout it all, throughout the rest of her Millennia and a half long life, Keyleth never forgets, never withdraws for long. She never forgets that Percy lives as long as Whitestone lives, and when things are at their darkest: at another funeral for her child (they’re all her children now and they’re all children to her now.) after the next big catastrophe leaves her reeling, still sensitive to the pain of others after all these years, she takes that phrase as her own. She will live as long as Whitestone lives, if Percy can make it through all these years then so can she.

And when she leaves the Material Plane for the last time, arm and arm with the man with raven’s wings, Whitestone remembers her- Aunt Keyleth, the woman who the city kept alive just as much as she kept it alive. When she and her friends, reunited after a thousand years, look back across the Astral sea, to check on the places that they loved she sees something that she never expected in her long, long life. For a thousand years beyond hers there is almost always a keyleth in Whitestone Castle. A Legacy in a Name.


Haru Urara (ハルウララ) is a Japanese racehorse. The horse gained nationwide popularity in 2003, not due to her success, but rather, due to a long string of consecutive losses.

At her debut, on November 17, 1998 at the Kōchi Racetrack, Haru Urara lost, placing fifth—and last. Over the next four-and-a-half years, she would compete once or twice every month, but was unable to obtain a single victory.

In June 2003, after garnering her 80th consecutive loss, the story was picked up by the national Japanese media, making “Haru Urara” a household name. She quickly became very popular in Japan, and was called “the shining star of losers everywhere” (負け組の星 makegumi no hoshi), for continuing to run with all her heart, despite her seemingly endless losing streak.