she is charm incarnate in this scene and it terrifies him

Everything Right With Sailor Moon Crystal Part II

(See part 1).  Disclaimer: This is meant to be a post in support of Crystal, and not meant to bash other incarnations of SM.  I do make a few comparisons, but this isn’t meant to be a “Crystal vs, Classic” debate. I myself love all versions of sailor moon, and wanted to make an appreciation post specifically for Crystal. Also, this is all strictly my opinion. :) Please enjoy!

21.Showing us Luna in her human form! 

22. Heck, the whole reunion scene at the end of the Dark kingdom arc was beautiful.

23. This specific piece of character development from Usagi:

24. Episode 14′s title-le petit étranger: In French, this translates literally to “the little stranger.” A “little stranger” is commonly used as a euphemism for a fetus or an unborn child. As Chibiusa is Usagi and Mamoru’s daughter from the future who has yet to be born, this is a brilliant bit of foreshadowing her identity. 

25.  Ami’s backstory being expanded upon in episode 15 during the chess match provided some delightful insight into her character.  

26. Usagi cheering her on during said match was very heartwarming to watch. 

27.  The Tsukino Family: One more minor thing I really like about SMC is their portrayal of the Tsukino family: Before SMC, I’d hear people go on about what a great mother Ikuko is, and I’d just be like:?But SMC actually does a really good job at portraying her as a strict but very caring and loving mother, so yet another thing to give them props for!:) As for Shingo, he and Usagi have a realistic brother-sister relationship without being excessively mean to one another. They fight sometimes, but certain things are left out; that cutaway gag in the manga where he acts shocked at the idea of Usagi being considered aesthetically attractive is cut out, and he’s notably less critical of her intellect and clumsiness than he is in other incarnations, although he still teases her about these flaws occasionally. Also, Usagi’s family generally seems to be more accepting of who she is, instead of constantly comparing her to other girls, particularly her alter ego, Sailor Moon. This I know was done several times in the 90s anime in particular for irony/comedic effect, but-imo- it grew old after a few episodes. Smc doesn’t have anyone lament she’s not like Sailor Moon or other girls anywhere near as often, which is nice. 

28. No fat-shaming or appetite shaming: This is actually-unless I am mistaken- the only incarnation of Sailor Moon in which there is truly no body shaming of any sort, nor is there any bullying Usagi about her appetite. Unlike the 90s anime which was rife with teasing Usagi about her love of food, or the pilot episode of PGSM in which Mamoru insinuates that Usagi’s too chubby to become a model(that scene in which she’s comparing her figure to a model’s dress and looks upset that she’s not skinny enough to fit it, and Mamoru comes by, stares at her waistline, and tells her no one would mistake her for a model, for those who are confused about what I’m talking about) or even the manga-that scene where Sailor Chibi Moon says another girls’ thighs are too fat for her to be Sailor Moon technically qualifies- , SMC truly has no shaming of any sort in it…and that’s great!

29. The Title cards of the episodes: Not only are they super pretty, sometimes they’re even in French, which I like.

30.  When Demande tries to touch Usagi without her consent, he is (almost) struck by lightning, which is a product solely of Usagi and Mamoru’s love. Needless to say, this not only demonstrates the power of Miracle Romance, it also was wonderful seeing Demande’s shocked expression once he realized his attempt at “seduction” failed. And speaking of Demande….

31.  The non-romanticized depiction of Prince Demande: Demande is a heinous creep, and Crystal makes no attempt to glamorize or cover up that fact. Although he breaks away from the rest of the Black Moon Clan, there is no last minute, romanticized, naive redemption arc in store for him. He is still clearly as evil as he was initially, and  tragically truly seems to has lost his sanity by the end of Act 24.  Because Demande is a tragic villain: He has been corrupted by the Black Moon Clan’s promises for power, as well as his own  unhealthy lust. However, he is by no means a hero, or Prince Charming, and Crystal does not pretend otherwise even for a second. His “love” for Neo-Queen Serenity is possessive and objectifying, and more likely to be pure lust rather than genuine love: He does not care about her needs and desires, he simply wishes to have her for his own, even if it means destroying her planet in the process.  Crystal neither romanticizes him nor his behavior, and to that, I applaud Crystal immensely. 

32. Usagi verbally shutting down Demande in episode 24. People are not things indeed!

33. The non-romanticized incest: I like to think of Black Lady as more of a symbol than a character. She represents Usagi’s and Chibiusa’s deepest fears and insecurities. Her relationship with Mamoru(read: making out with her dad) is disturbing, and it is supposed to be. Not just on an incestuous level, but also playing on and exaggerating Usagi’s fear of losing Mamoru after the two have just been reunited. Nothing about Black Lady is romanticized, it is all intensely disturbing for a multitude of reasons, and I think Crystal has done an excellent job with it.

34. Wiseman’s true form: He is terrifying, as he should be.

35. Baby Pluto: 

36. Diana: Diana herself is adorable, but her offering to guard the door of time for our favorite(well, my favorite anyway) sailor senshi? Precious.

37.  Sailor Pluto’s relationship with Chibiusa is especially endearing in this version, which is definitely saying something!

38. No Chibiusa fanservice! Seriously, all those pantyshots in Classic were kind of creepy, don’t you think? I like Classic too, but that was a little too much for me!

39. Sailor Pluto’s relationship with Endymion and Serenity: She clearly seems to have an unrequited crush on Endymion, but it doesn’t sour her opinion of Serenity in the slightest, nor does she at any point flirt with Endymion.She simply strives to protect them both, and is very sweet to their daughter. You go girl!

40. Crystal Tokyo Palace: It’s just beautiful. 

What do you like about SMC?