she is carmen


“Welcome to my new apartment!” Carmen beams, beckoning Westley into her housewarming party. “Come in, come in. I have a surprise for you!”

West pauses, suspicion emanating from his narrowed gaze. “For me?”

“Yes!” she exclaims, and grabbing his arm Carmen lowers her voice to a brisk whisper. “I heard about you and Gena. She was furious with you, and frankly I can’t blame her. However, she and I had a little chat yesterday, and…”

“Hi, West,” Eugenia waves to him from across the room. “I was hoping you’d be here. Carmen said you would, but I wasn’t sure that you’d want to see me again. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to see you again either, but I guess I’m more forgiving than I realized,” she laughs and exchanges a smile with Carmen. “Anyway, do you think we can talk sometime tonight? Y’know, privately?”

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All right, kids, the President is evil, so you know what that means?

Antihero movies.

Lots of them.

I’m talking criminals traveling through time to rescue national artifacts that are going to be destroyed, masterminds stealing the entire Lincoln Memorial just so he doesn’t have to look over the city he loves anymore, I’m talking trenchcoats, I’m talking big hats, I’m talking daring intelligent PoC women, I’m talking double-dealing divas with tastes for thievery who glide around the globe to flimflam every nation…

But we need to find her first, so tell me…

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?


“Thank you for the ride home.” The woman hesitates, studying Westley’s face for clues, but his dark, hazel eyes reveal nothing. “Would you… Would you like to come upstairs?” she smiles, her voice as sweet and smooth as honey.

Westley blinks, his mind churning with excuses. In all honesty, he had expected this. Tonight marks their fourth date, and he would have been disappointed if she hadn’t suggested it. But even so, Eugenia, or Gena as she prefers to be called, still feels like a stranger to him, and the idea of sleeping with her seems somehow hollow and unsatisfying.

“You don’t have to,” the brunette frowns, a slight pout in her words. “I just thought… It might be fun…”

“I’d love to,” Westley cuts her off with an abrupt kiss. “Just let me grab my phone.”

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my new OC, Carmen!

like Fours she’s some kind of Faerie, but she isn’t as fond of humans as he is. her favor can be won with offerings of sweets, especially cotton candy (which many people think her hair is made of. you can eat it, but you absolutely should Not), and fruit. if you get her to like you, she’ll bring you treasures–sometimes it’ll be money or jewels, sometimes it’ll be bottle caps she thought looked cool. always show your appreciation for her gifts, but never directly thank her. 

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So Maybe We Should Start All Over Again

You carried the last box up the steps to your new apartment when you realized your keys were in the most difficult spot possible. You tried to maneuver the box so you could grab them and ended up dropping it spilling its contents.

Just my luck. You thought to yourself. You bent down to start gathering the various picture frames and art supplies. The last paint brush had rolled over to the door across the hall. Just as you reached for it, the door opened and you were met with dress pants standing in front of you. You slowly looked up to meet a gorgeous pair of green eyes that were staring at a one of your pictures in his hand.

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#BestActress2016 - showtunes sung by the 2016 tony nominees for best perfomance by a leading actress in a musical

if you knew my story - bright star // somebody gonna love you - the color purple // helpless - hamilton // will he like me? - she loves me // what baking can do - waitress // at long last - bright star // vanilla ice cream - she loves me // burn - hamilton // she used to be mine - waitress // i’m here -  the color purple //


anonymous asked:

i just re watched beyond the mat and i think its very sweet that dean had just lost cas in the previous episode, and gets nervously flirty(?) around lawless - and then a season on got awkward and flirty around a waitress. just wanted to appreciate deans bi vibes with this ask but now im wondering if the writers are being constant w dean using coping mechanisms to avoid his worry about cas! :0


Ahh, Beyond the mat, another fantastic Dabb episode :)

I mean, Dean’s coping mechanisms have been the same pretty much for the whole series which I really enjoy, it means it’s easier to pick up on the subtle evolution over time…

For me there are three main coping mechanisms for Dean: hunting, sex and food

In season 3 when he knows he is dying he goes straight to find the bendiest one night stand of his life, he eats cheeseburgers like there’s no tomorrow (because there isn’t) for example and hunts, hunts, hunts. These continue throughout the seasons but there is a steady, interesting change over time.

During the pestilence episode it’s hammered home to us what his coping mechanisms are in the fact that he doesn’t succumb because he is a whole heap of ‘nothing’ inside and suicidal… the metaphor is showing us that actually what he is desperate for is not to have these coping mechanisms.

We also know that Dean is a bit of a neat freak in his own space from s8 and glimpses into how he folds his clothes in the back of Baby in 12x04 etc. We also know that he is in fact an excellent cook, enjoys ‘nesting’ in the bunker, thinks Jeoffrey is a dick…

These are fantastic metaphors, even more so now in ‘season fanfic 12′, thanks to Dabb encouraging the use of past subtext on to another level, Chuck bless him. He’s used food, sex, hunting, cleanliness and so much more to show the nuances in Dean this season *whispers I love you Dabb*!

I’ll go into the sex part now as that’s what you prompted me about :)

Originally posted by deanandcasstuff

It’s really interesting to see how he interacts with his one night stands throughout the seasons and I think there is a really clear reading that is become more and more obvious, culminating with 12x18 with what it is showing the audience about Dean and his emotional side.

Now I’m going to delve into these one night stands a little deeper and it shows a clear arc for Dean…

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