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Feysand Week - Family

This is my fourth fic for Feysand Week, and the prompt is ‘family.’



“Feyre. It’s going to be fine.”

I turn to look at Rhys, trying not to look as worried as I felt. “I know. But what if they don’t like me?” Hate me, in fact.

Rhys put his bag down on the front steps of the house and put his hands on my shoulders. “They’re going to love you, darling.”

I rested my forehead against his. “Really?”

He smiled, leaning down to snatch a kiss. “Really.” Rhys murmured against my lips before pulling away to knock on the door.

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how’d we ever go without

I don’t know what this is besides a refusal to study o-chem. Supergirl, superfam one shot.

Alex leans against the kitchen bar, wiping her hands with a towel, and wonders exactly how she got here.

How they got here.

How Winn, how her little brother, laughing a full laugh beside J’onn, has grown so much the past year. No longer a scared boy, he runs into missions with her now; his hands still shake with a gun in them, but they’re working on it, and he still remains behind the scenes helping Guardian, a genius there in his own right. He’s come so far and holy hell is she proud of him for calling Lyra out in her anger, in her abuse, for working through his own issues with fear and trauma left over from his father’s shouting and leaning on her, on Maggie, on James and Kara and Lena, especially Lena, for help.

How Lena, curled securely into Alex’s sister’s side, has woven herself seamlessly into their family. She is a rock for Winn, giving him a stress relief by testing his brain with new prototypes and experiments, by telling him how smart he is, and allowing him to do the same. Lena had come in with her own family problems, her own family issues, and god, her ability to understand Winn sometimes takes Alex’s breath away. Lena had nobody before them, but her ability to allow them all to lean on her without wavering is astounding. It had been Lena who’d held her hand for 3 days when Kara came down with a dangerous Kryptonian virus, her having had no immune system to fight it. When Maggie’s parents had shown back up one day, and Alex had been out of town, it had been Lena to come pick Maggie off the floor and wrap her in blankets, to watch over her until Alex got home. Lena’s almost as good at reading Kara as Alex is, now, and she’s grateful for her help because Kara carries the world on her shoulders, and sometimes Kara forgets that Alex does, too, and holding the world off her sister’s shoulders while bearing her own? It isn’t always easy, but she’d do it if she had to. She’s thankful those days are barely there, anymore.

Kara has grown so much this year, it’s almost as if she’s staring at a completely different woman. Gone is the girl with the slumped shoulders and the crinkle and the self doubt that had dated Mon-El and been so, so broken down. Kara practically is the sun now, with Lena’s hand on her lower back and her nose in Kara’s neck. She’s never seen her sister happier, and to watch her heal with Lena, with Kathy this year, to become Kara Zor-El, not just Kara Danvers or just Supergirl, to have finally found a balance, is a beautiful thing to watch.

How in the hell Kathy, who’s seated between Kara and Maggie couch, Maggie’s hand on her arm to keep her from buzzing, from floating in happiness, is here with all of them, is 12 years old today. She’s come so far from the near starved, wide eyed little girl they’d found on a mission shortly after the Daxamites left. Their littlest Danvers sister stands just barely to Alex’s bicep, her tiny tiny frame and straight, thin hair very reminiscent of a young Kara. It’s been a year, with Alex and Kara and everyone having to accept that holy shit there’s another, and helping Kathy overcome the extreme sensory issues her partially Kryptonian DNA gives her. Maggie is wonderful with her, patient and loving when even Kara reaches the end of her line. The little girl- our little bird, Alex- cause she was hatched, get it?- is the reason they’re all under this roof, because Alex and Maggie had taken her in, had bought a house together, to allow the girl to grow up as normally as possible.

They call it, affectionately, the frat house, because sometimes it feels like everyone lives there. Alex and Maggie have their room, of course, as does Kathy- a small one, just off theirs, with calming yellow paint and a nook perfect for reading- but they didn’t plan on Kara and Lena moving in halfway through the year, unable to take not living with Kathy as well. Winn slept in the basement guest room more often than not, claiming it convenient for emergency DEO runs. Alex knows, however, that Winn never got a house with a family to grow up in, and so when he “forgot” to renew his lease last week, all of his things had been moved in to the large renovated basement. M’gann and J’onn have their own room as well, though they tend to stay at their house down the street most nights. James crashes on the couch after a lot of movie nights, a lot of game nights, but most nights when he’s Guardian or just James Olsen, he spends at his own apartment. Still, their door is a revolving one as most down time, most family time, is spent in the 2 story Danvers-Sawyer household.

Kathy squeals, drawing everyone’s attention to her, as James throws her over his shoulder and runs around the room, causing everyone to laugh jubilantly at the girl’s joy. Maggie turns, picking up Alex’s gaze, and motions to the seat beside her on the couch, which Alex takes immediately. Reaching over to peck Maggie’s lips, she reaches for the bottle of water she’d left on the coffee table earlier. Lena and Winn are mercilessly tickling a giggling Kara, while James throws a still-hysterical Kathy into the middle of their pile, never ones to miss out on a giant tickle fight. Maggie reaches up to scratch Alex’s scalp soothingly, and Alex melts in to her willingly, earning a wink and another peck from Maggie. J’onn and M’gann smile at them from across the coffee table, his arm thrown protectively over her growing stomach and her head resting easily on his shoulder. Maggie sighs contently when Kathy crawls out of the dogpile to curl up on her lap, Maggie willingly allowing her to play with her wedding ring in order to calm down a little.

“Thanks Mags, and ‘Lex, for the cake. And for the new books. And.. everything else. Love you.” Kathy mumbles, staring at Maggie’s hands as Alex shifts to pull the girl into both their laps.

“You are so welcome, bird. Thank you for completing our family.” Maggie looks over at Kara, who’s heard the exchange, and scoots over to kiss the girl on the head, an action that Maggie and Alex both repeat.

Their family, Alex thinks.

What it was always supposed to be.

I have a lot of headcanons about the youngest Danvers so like?? hmu for those, for prompts, whatever. gooooooodnight

Imagine Lucius and Narcissa with more children after the war though. Especially a daughter.

Narcissa got pregnant in no time because they just fucked too much, who cares we’re free and we’re safe.

They would be so incredibly happy when they found out.

Narcissa being so scared that they’d lose this child too, because I’m certain she miscarried before having Draco.

Draco being very happy to become a big brother, and he’s the best big brother in the world.

But Draco is also kinda scared because he loves his parents so much and their attention and what if they don’t notice him as much anymore?

And what if Narcissa does miscarry? He doesn’t want to see his parents in pain, not again.

And how could he ever take care of his baby sister of brother? Draco being so scared he’ll fuck up.

Lucius and Narcissa reassuring him dozens of times that they’ll never love him any less, and that he’ll be a perfect brother.

When they find out it’s a girl, Narcissa drags Draco and Lucius along to shop for more babyclothes than they would ever need, “But this one is so adorable too! It would match her eyes if they looked like yours love”

All three Malfoys getting really nervous when Narcissa is almost due because, please don’t let it go wrong.

Narcissa and Lucius both cry of happiness when she holds their little girl in her arms.

They call her Lyra, to continue the tradition of the Black family.

Lyra is Lucius’ little princess, she has him wrapped around her finger from the minute she was born.

Lucius is really over protective, fight me.

Draco holding his little sister for the first time and trying not to cry as well, he fails.

Lyra has Draco wrapped around her finger as well.

When she is like five or something, Lyra goes everywhere on her father’s shoulders.

Narcissa braids flowers in her hair every morning

Narcissa keeps buying cute dresses for her

Lyra secretly doesn’t like dresses at all, she’d rather wear skinny jeans and a blouse.

When she tells Narcissa this, she just smiles and starts buying jeans for Lyra.

Lyra going to Hogwarts in the same year as Victoire Weasley.

Lyra and Victoire becoming good friends, their families don’t like it much at first but Fleur and Narcissa become really good friends as well.

Lucius being over protective and not wanting any boy touching his daughter.

Lyra laughing at him and coming out as a lesbian

Can I ship Lyra and Victoire? I’m gonna ship Lyra and Victoire.

Lyra and Victoire start dating during fifth year.

They are like the golden trio together with Teddy Lupin.

Weasleys, Malfoys and Potters being a big happy family.

Narcissa and Lucius crying at Lyra’s wedding. (With Victoire obviously)

Victoire living with Lyra and Lucissa at Malfoy Manor after Draco and Astoria moved out there.

Did I just write out the life of a probably non existent character? Yes I did, but we have no proof this didn’t actually happen. Except that Victoire kissed Teddy Lupin. Maybe just like friends? Like “Goodbye Vic, goodbye Lyra” *kiss Vic**kiss Lyra* Maybe?

Am I gonna include this in my fanfic Professor Malfoy? Probably. Or im gonna write a different fic about this. We’ll see.


I’m gonna make Lyra Malfoy an OC