she is braver than you


Morty… This is our last adventure. But I need you to tell Summer that she’s braver than she thinks. And tell your mom that she needs to let herself be happy. Okay, Morty? And I need you to tell Jerry… I need you to tell Jerry to eat a fart, Morty… I will, Rick! I’ll tell him to eat the biggest fart! But most importantly, this short time, getting to know you, Morty. It’s been… It’s been… It’s been real good, Rick. Real good. Rick and Morty… Forever and forever… A hundred years…

The Maze Runner Preference #2

Your daughter’s name. (submitted by anonymous)

Thomas: Janie (She may seem shy and awkward but she’s braver than most girls her age).

Newt: Ella (She’s darling! You two could spoil her rotten and she would still be the sweetest thing).

Gally: Jadelyn (A mini-Gally at heart. She’s tough, feisty, but is fiercely loyal and protects those she loves).

Minho: Willow (She’s reserved, laid-back, but isn’t afraid to speak her mind).

Alby: Ava (Total brainiac. She’s super intelligent and always has another plan on standby if the current one were to backfire. And not to mention, she’s quite a bookworm!).

The Sacrifice

It had been a few months since Allison died. The pack was falling apart. Allison was the glue that held us together. Although she was human, she was stronger and braver than you could ever hope to be, although you were a witch. Since she died, Scott would barely talk, Stiles had nightmares, Lydia would always be crying and Isaac just disappeared. If things kept going this way, we couldn’t protect anyone, not even ourselves. This depressive state was a danger to us and the world.

You flipped the page of the spell book your mother gave you a few years ago. You had to be careful with it, as it was hundreds of years old. There it is. The spell you had been looking for, a spell to fix everything. A spell to bring back Allison.

As you read through the Latin words, you see something you regretted reading. It loosely translated to, “To bring one back, one must be sacrificed”. This broke your heart. To bring back your best friend, you had to kill someone else. You weren’t going to do that. As you continued to read, your leg started bouncing up and down. It said that a supernatural creature had to be the one to be sacrificed. The pack was too important to you, and you would never kill anyone. You had to make a decision. It was either you, or Allison.

Allison. It had to be Allison. She held us together; she could save the pack from our current state. It would only take one sacrifice, and you decided it would be you. You had to give up your life, to give it to her. You were okay with this, your pack mattered more to you than life. As you take a deep breath, you start to write several different notes to the people you loved and would be leaving. Would this count as a suicide? You hoped not. That wasn’t how you wanted to go. You wrote a letter specifically for the pack, telling them that everything would be alright.

The time had come to do the spell. It had to be done on the night of the full moon, and that was tonight. You were alone in the forest, where the book said to do it. Usually, you would be at the pack meeting tonight. You opened the book and took a deep breath in. You started reciting the words on the page, channeling your powers. There were lights all over the place, and the wind was going insane. As soon as the final words left your lips, your breath stopped. Your heartbeat stopped. Everything stopped. You closed your eyes, accepting your fate as you lie on the ground, cold and lifeless.


The pack had been worried all night. They told you they were all sleeping over at Scott’s house that night. You weren’t one to be late, or to not show up at all. They hadn’t received any messages back, but that didn’t stop them from trying to contact you. They were waiting for you to show up, but they fell asleep. Who could blame them? None of them had had any sleep since Allison’s death.

They were awakened by the sound of the doorbell. “It’s probably Y/N, I’ll go get it,” Scott said tiredly, wanting to get some more sleep. He opened the door, expecting you to be there. Instead, he saw the love of his life. He saw the girl who died in his arms. “No, this is a dream, this has to be a dream,” he whispered to himself. “Scott, wha-” Lydia stopped in her tracks as soon as she saw Allison. She couldn’t believe it. It had to be an illusion. But it wasn’t, she was here.

Allison was just as surprised as they were. She woke up in the middle of nowhere, and she had no idea how she was alive. They talked for some time before Allison asked, “Where’s Y/N? I want to see her”. They told her you weren’t there, and that you were probably at home. They drove there, expecting to surprise you with your best friend. They were too caught up in the moment to realize that this couldn’t have naturally happened. They knocked on the door and your mother answered. She didn’t see Allison because she was still in the car, but she felt her spirit, and she knew something was wrong. She told them that you weren’t there and to check in your little spot by the forest. You spent a lot of time there, reciting little spells and practicing control. They drove there, excited to see you and show you Allison.

As soon as they stepped into the forest, Scott knew something was wrong. By now, he should be able to hear your heart beat if you were there. They kept walking, trying to find you. As soon as they see your lifeless body on the ground, they ran to you and kneeled around your body, trying to find some trace of life. “No, no, no Y/N, this can’t be happening. Everything was going great,” Lydia whispered, cradling your cold face. Allison was in tears, she was so hopeful. It was Stiles who saw the notes first, next to your spell book. He picked up the largest one and started reading it.

Dear Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and hopefully Allison,

Please don’t be sad. I made this decision myself and I will be very upset if you blame yourselves. I did this for all of you. Your happiness and safety mean everything to me, even if it meant sacrificing my life. You needed Allison, and she’s our glue. She’ll keep you all together, and I hope that you’ll all be okay. The spell I did should bring Allison back to life, even if it meant sacrificing mine. Please don’t think of this as me leaving you, think of it as Allison re-joining you. And Allison, I love you more than anything, please watch them for me. I love you all, and I don’t regret this decision. Please protect yourselves and the world.

                                                                                                                                  All my love, Y/N

He passed the note around, wiping tears from his face. When Allison read it, she started sobbing. “No, she died because of me. This can’t be happening, it’s my fault,” she said shakily. Lydia hugged her, whispering comforting words. Scott wiped his wet eyes, preparing himself for what he was about to say. “She died for us. She asked us to protect ourselves and the world, and that’s exactly what we’ll do. We’ll do it for her. We’ll be as strong and brave as she was, as she is.”

You are braver than you believe” she used to say. “stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”.

I always worry that I will never believe in myself in the way that my mother believes in me.

I don’t know how to be brave without her. I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t able to sit down with her and talk in the way that we do. I can’t do that with anyone else. No one else knows me to the depth that she does. No one else knows just what to say, and just when to say it. She knows my fears without me voicing them, and knows how to help me without saying one word.

I don’t know how to be strong without her. Even if I don’t voice it often, it’s on my mind. She may not always be the best mom. She isn’t the best if the best means never getting angry. She isn’t the best if the best means cooking a gourmet meal every night that her kids will reminisce about thirty years later at Christmas dinner. She isn’t the best if the best means wearing black stilettos and red lipstick. She wears yoga pants and has her hair in a bun most days. That isn’t what “the best” means to me. The best to me means imperfections.

She isn’t the best if that’s what the best means. I’m not necessarily the best daughter either. She’s not perfect, but God, she always makes us feel loved no matter what. Every effort she puts in to make her children the happiest people on the planet see through, even if we don’t thank her nearly enough for it. She may not always think she’s the greatest, but i swear she’s braver than she believes and stronger than she seems. I hope to be even half the woman she is when I’m her age.

She taught me that you don’t always have to have music playing to have a good time. She taught me to be kind to everyone, but to be a bitch when necessary. She taught me to stand up for everyone, especially for the Will Willson’s and Siliq Hale’s of this world. And myself. She taught me to not care about the people that are bringing me down, and she taught me to rise above them. Success is the best revenge, after all. She taught me that having no one but yourself is better than having lots of fake friends. She taught me that it’s possible to get out of the worst situations in life, to never give in to the nagging voice in your head saying, “Just do it, life would be better without you in it, anyways”. She taught me that even the person you think you’ll spend the rest of your life with can turn into your worst nightmare. She taught me that you don’t have to be thanked to do nice things for people. The feeling you get in the pit of your stomach for doing something kind for another is thankful enough. Most importantly, she taught me to follow my instincts. If you have kids and a good house and a life to live, but you aren’t happy, get the hell away from whatever is causing the sadness. No matter what you have to do to get rid of it, no matter how long it takes, don’t die knowing you were unhappy with something you could have fixed.

She taught me that, sometimes, no combination of words can express the pure love and appreciation a person brings to you. I love you.

—  emmuuhhhhhh