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Another NDAE submission

because I wanted to write another one… for some reason…

You know how Danger by Design only wraps up stories for half of it’s characters? Have you ever wanted to know what happened to all of them? That’s what this one is about. It’s not really a story itself, more like subplots I invented. None of it will really make sense unless you’ve played DAN. 

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Silence is Golden -- Chapter 4



 The night Emma Swan arrived in Storybrooke, Rumpelstiltskin made two stops before returning to his empty home. The first was his pawn shop, where he retrieved the dagger which he’d been keeping displayed with a variety of other blades and had priced for about two hundred dollars (and my wasn’t that a terrifyingly bad idea). The second, with the dagger tucked safely in his jacket, was the library across the street. It was boarded up – probably because Regina hated happiness, including her own – but that didn’t mean it wasn’t stocked. He smashed a window and let himself in after double and triple checking for witnesses. If anyone bothered to even file a police report, he was reasonably certain the entire thing would be blamed on “teenagers.”

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Living With 5sos

(Oh geez. It’s been a really long time. Sorry about that guys)

U: *Starts singing your favorite song*

A: *Comes in unnoticed* Was that you singing?

U: *Acts like nothing happened* What? No! That wasn’t me. Must’ve been someone else. *smiles nervously*

C: No it was definitely you.

A: You heard it too?

C: Yea. And it was pretty freaking amazing.

U: Oh come on guys. It wasn’t that good.

M: It was better than good. It was amazing!

L: Totally freaking amazing!

U: Guys stop. No it wasn’t.

M: Yes it was! Can you sing a song for us?

U: No.

C: Awe come on! Please?

A: Please?

L, C, M, A: Pleeeeeaaaaaaasssseee?

U: *Sighs* Okay fine. What do you guys want me to sing?

L: How about a Green Day song?

M: No. Those won’t do well with her voice.

C: How about she sings Amnesia?

A: Yea! That would be perfect with her voice!

M: Y/n, sin Amnesia!

U: O-okay. *Sings the song*

L: That…

C: Was…..

M: Freaking….

A: Amazing…..

U: R-really?

L, C, M, A: Yes!!