she is being sassy here too

Getting real for a sec: I post a lot of sassy shit on here because Baby is delightful when she’s sassy, but in case anyone thinks she’s all sass, I just feel the need to express that whenever one of us leaves the house, it’s with a chorus of “I love you!” “I love you more!” “Drive safe!” “I will! I love you!” “I love you more!” and so on. She’s the best of all human beings and she never let’s me forget that she loves me.

Casino Night - Tyler Seguin (Part 2)

A/N: I’m really enjoying writing this, so I hope you enjoy reading just as much. Again, English is not my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes.

Word Count: 1319

Warnings: None, I think.

Part 1

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I walk around, not quite sure if I need air, a shot of tequila, sleep for a year or someone to slap me. I feel stupid, to be honest, like I was a freshman who is starstruck by the senior quarterback. Tyler has got under my skin way too easily and I don’t like it. I’ve always been hard to impress, way too sassy, it’s difficult to keep my attention… and now I can only think about this guy I met less than two hours ago and that I know nothing about.

After walking around without direction I decide that it is time to find (Y/F/N) and getting the hell out of here before I start banging my head against the walls out of embarrassment. She is where she said she was gonna be, playing roulette and being the life of the party.

“C’mon, Miss Luck! Take some risks!” The guy I assume it’s Jamie Benn is yelling at my friend when I get to the table. God, I literally know nothing about the Dallas Stars and I make a mental note to investigate about them tomorrow.

“Having fun?” I ask her from behind, scaring her.

“Omg, (Y/N)! Don’t do that! I could have die” She scolds me and I laugh, kissing her cheek.

“I think you will live another day” I say, looking at the table “So, what’s your bet?”

“I kind of want to go for a number, but there is no way I’m getting it, right?” She whispers

“Just do it!” I cheer her and she pulls out her best smile before grabbing a couple $100 chips and putting them on the number 14.

Jamie looks at her closely and smirks “Good choice”

The little ball starts spinning around the roulette and I hold my breath, actually anxious about my friend losing $200 on a game. It seems like it is taking forever for the ball to stop and I can’t help but to shut my eyes before it does. I hear my friend laugh and I open my eyes to see the ball on the number 30, right next to the number 14.

“It wasn’t meant to be” she says and I put my arm around her shoulders.

“You still look bomb” I try to comfort her

“Cheers to that” Jamie says from across the table and my friend blushes until she looks more like a tomato than a human being.

“Shall we go?” She looks at me with puppy eyes and I realize that she is trying to not think about all the money she has lost.

I nod and we wave goodbye at Jamie as we walk to the elevators, ready to take a cab and leave the casino. We donate all our chips on our way out and the lady gives us an envelope.

“They are tickets for the next home game” she explains and we just take them and walk out.

The drive is quiet and my head can’t stop thinking about Tyler. I try to make a mental list of all I know about him; he is a hockey player, he plays for the Dallas Stars, he was drafted five or six years ago, he used to play for the Bruins…and that’s it. I know nothing more of this guy. I have never been too interested on the players’ personal lives, not even the Red Wings players, so I don’t know where he is from, his family, etc… Maybe it is for the best.

The ride feels shorter that it really is and before I know it I am home. I take my heels off before climbing the stairs to my apartment. My feet ache and I’m quite sure I have blisters all over my toes… ugh, gross.

My apartment is small but cozy. It has a decent size bedroom, a bathroom, a small kitchen, a living room and my favorite part, a nice terrace where I have a small table and tons of plants. The color scheme is simple, light blue, light grey and white. Everything is perfectly coordinated and my red dress doesn’t go well with it, so I walk to my room and change to a pair of leggings and a white sweater, feeling more like myself as soon as I do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m comfortable with my body, but the dress was just too much for me…I’m more of a pair of jeans and a nice top kind of girl. I walk back to the living room and sit on the couch, pulling my white faux blanket over my body as I grab my laptop from the coffee table in front of me.

“You are gonna regret this, dum-dum” as I get in the browser and type Tyler Seguin on it.

There are thousands of websites talking about Tyler Seguin and I spend what it feels like hours reading articles about him. Apparently, he is a good player but he is also known for his love for partying. I keep reading, learning about his trade from Boston to Dallas due for his attitude outside the ice and how it seems like he has calmed down and matured since his arrival to Dallas. I smile watching a video about his charity Seguin Stars, which is incredibly kind of him. I might have watched the video of his ESPN body issue too, but I will deny it if you ask me.

I yawn and I realize that it is pasted 2am and I probably should head to bed sooner rather than later but, as much as I love hockey, I didn’t start looking into him because I wanted to know his stats so I push myself and I type girlfriend next to his name and hit enter. I spend ten minutes scrolling through websites until I shut my laptop and frown, feeling like the biggest fool on Earth.

{Tyler’s POV}

“Tyler, I would’ve bought you that drink”

That sentence is playing on repeat in my head. I can’t believe that I didn’t come back with something witty to say. Man, I can’t believe I didn’t even get her number or instagram. God, I can’t believe I didn’t even ask her what her name is.

I hit the wheel of my Ferrari with the heel of my hand out of frustration and I speed, needing some sort of distraction from her. She knew who I was, but she wasn’t impressed and that was refreshing. I’m too used to girls throwing themselves at me and I just have to choose my favorite and the rest is done, but this mysterious girl wasn’t having it. A challenge, I haven’t had one of those for a while.

I get to my new house and park the car inside the garage before walking in through the door that leads to the kitchen, where pair of happy labs greet me.

“Hello boys” I coo to my sons “have you been good?” as I push Cash away before he ruins my Tom Ford suit.

They follow me to the kitchen, where I grab a bottle of water from the fridge and get a couple treats for them as an I’m-sorry-I haven’t-been-home gift. I walk upstairs to my room, knowing that the dogs will follow me as soon as they are done eating and walk into my closet, taking my suit off and hanging it next to a couple of pieces of clothing that I need to take to the dry cleaner. I walk to my bed and get under the covers when I hear the boys racing upstairs and hooping on the bed, getting comfortable next to me.

“You two are sooooo spoiled” I whisper to them and they just look at me like they own the place. They probably do.

I turn to my side, this girl still stuck in my head as I drift to sleep.

John Doe | Rucas Oneshot

Prompt: I got requested to do a rucas modern ‘true loves kiss’. Anon wanted Riley as the one who was asleep but I remembered the david nolan/mary margeret arc from OUAT and felt inspired. So in this one Lucas is the one who’s “asleep.” I hope that’s okay anon and I hope you enjoy it anyway. xoxo
Word Count: 3,330

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Ever since she could remember Riley Matthews has wanted to help people. When she was a child her parents would tell her that her empathy and compassion for others was because she was a product of true love. A concept that, of course, she didn’t really understand at the time. She saw it in the fairy tales and got to witness it firsthand growing up, how amazing and life changing true love could be, but never really understood that level of intimacy or what it meant.  

In her teenage years she dabbled in the dating world under the impression that in order to find true love she’d have to kiss a few frogs…lizards…and maybe even a turtle or two. But nothing ever stuck. So after years of unsuccessfully trying to find something real she put her heart and her mind to her first real love, helping people.  

Although she majored in journalism in college she was sure to spend her free time doing right by others. She donated to charities and volunteered for organizations she supported. It wasn’t much but she always did what she could. Just knowing she was making a difference always put a smile on her face. 

And as luck would have it, her aunt Morgan, managed to get a job upstate as a physician in the ICU which meant Riley had an in at the hospital. She quickly became a favorite among the workers there, always willing to grab them coffee or lunch and sometimes even just sitting with patients who didn’t get any visitors. 

That’s where she first saw John Doe. 

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Friday 13th October, 2017.

Guys, I don’t know where to start other than this is the most incredible experience I have ever had the chance to be a part of…

On Monday 2nd October I was contacted by Taylornation about a secret & exciting event in London. Not going to lie, I freaked out and I haven’t told a single soul until now. There’s so much I’m probably forgetting to add but I wanted to tell you all as soon as possible!

I still can’t believe it but Taylor invited me and a bunch of fantastic people into her home to listen to Reputation for the first time, a whole month early. (!!!!!!)

After loving Taylor for 8 years it finally happened, I never thought it would and the whole evening was the most beautiful blur.

She fed us chicken (which makes every situation better), REP cookies, and so much more, played us the album, shared the most personal stories about each song, chatted to us all individually, took pictures with us and WE GOT MERCH.

I don’t want to say too much about the album and Taylor’s trust is something I will never abuse. What I can say is that this album is one of the best I’ve ever heard. It’s a direction I’ve dreamt the album would go and exceeded every expectation. It’s strong, sassy, sexy, and is LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

Taylor told us so much about trying to get things out internationally and how grateful she was for us being here through the drought and for dealing with her having to go off social media and out of the public eye so well.

One of the biggest things that was clear the entire night was how HAPPY Taylor was, her life is in such a good place and that was one of the best things to see. I will never forget all the stories she told and I’m so grateful I got to hear them.

And after all of that, I got to speak to her and pictures! Firstly, yes, she is even more beautiful in real life. I told her how I loved her hair and she was so kind, we even booped heads and she apologised and I was so fine with it, if anything it made the night better (let’s be real she could have thrown a chair at me and it would have been the best thing). SHE EVEN SAID ME AND MY BOYFRIEND WERE GOALS when I told her that for as long as we’ve been together he’s known how much I love her (7 year!) she was so nice and it was everything I could ever have asked for!!!

I got to speak to Scott, which was insane, he was telling us fan stories and he gave us loads of guitar picks. (EVERYTHING!!!)

Andrea looked beautiful and I saw her singing all the words the whole night. And her entire team were amazing to all of us.

Thank you Taylornation, Andrea and Scott for being so unbelievably kind and hospitable.

Thank you Taylor, from the bottom of my heart, I will carry this night with me for the rest of my life.

I said it my note that Speak Now saved my soul, well Reputation has officially murdered it, I REALLY hope you got the note and the picture I painted for you ok, I will never forget this.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 💕💕

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“Daisy is just a Peach clone!” The Ultimate Response

“Daisy’s just a Peach recolor!”
Peach is a blonde and Daisy’s a ginger. Peach’s dress is rose and pink while Daisy’s is yellow and orange. Peach’s jewels are blue and Daisy’s have been green since 2002. They don’t even have the same skin-tone despite Daisy having a short-lived tan. So they are color-coded for your convenience, but they are not differentiated by color alone.

Daisy has always had her own facial-features and hair-style, as seen in her first two appearances, Super Mario Land and NES Open Tournament Golf, but in 2000 her facial-features were made more distinct in Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64. In 2002, with the release of Mario Party 4 on the Nintendo GameCube, this became more obvious with the graphic-enhancements from the jump in console generations.

At this same time, Daisy was also given an even more unique hairstyle, as well as her own body-type. She’s shorter than Peach, and is recognized as being thicker than her, having even been categorized in a heavier weight-class in some Mario Kart games.

The most similar thing about their appearances are the princess gowns. Even those are differentiated, though, with Daisy having a flower motif, as well as a number of other visible differences. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi wear the exact, same outfit aside from Luigi’s hat having an ‘L’ patch and Mario’s having an ‘M’. Additionally, in 2003, with the release of Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Daisy and Peach are shown to have different, primary athletic-clothing; Daisy having sport shorts, and Peach a miniskirt.

“Daisy’s just a Peach recolor!” in-close
The alternate color Peach has in the Smash Bros. series of Daisy’s color-scheme is just that. Mario has had a Wario color since the first game, and even Luigi has a Waluigi color; so on with many others in the series. The discrepancy was in Melee, where they added Daisy’s floral details to the alternate outfit. This was based on their appearances on the N64, a time when, as exemplified, the characters’ appearances weren’t as established and differentiated as they now are. This was not an actual representation of Daisy, and unlike Luigi to Mario, Daisy has never been a Peach recolor.  

Above compilation provided by Outfoxy on Kinja.

“Daisy doesn’t have a personality!”
In 2003, with the release of Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Daisy was given a new voice, Deanna Mustard. Daisy’s voice finally matched her original description of being a tomboyish, energetic Princess. This was a description made in her debut as a damsel-in-distress, despite the role. On the character select-screen, Daisy poses from side to side, flexing her arms and exclaiming, “Mhm! Mhm!” sassily. Some of her quotes from the game include:“S’up, I’m new, but golf is my thing! And I’ll go toe-to-toe to prove it!“ “Seriously, are you aiming there?” and, “Yes, yes! I rule! I rule!”

From here on, Daisy’s vernacular has had an American twang and recurring usage of Western slang. “Yo!” is a catchphrase Daisy utters in various appearances.

In 2004, in Mario Power Tennis, Daisy will scoff, “Tch,  I’m so sure!” and, “Whatever!” in response to the opponent getting a point. In her trophy ceremony, she rolls-out in a pair of roller-blades, remarking to Luigi, “Hey sweetie! I’ll take that,” as she jumps, spins, and lands to grab the trophy from him, leaving him spinning until he collapses.

Super Mario Strikers, 2005. Daisy will come out on the field exclaiming, “Yeah? Yeah?!” throwing her arms open and grimacing at her opponent before, “Tch. Mm-mm,” turning away in disapproval. Scoring a goal, she pops her hip and licks her finger before touching it to her thigh, sounding out, “Tsssss- Ow, Daisy!”

Mario Strikers Charged, 2007. Daisy drops down onto the field, raising up off the ground to exclaim, “Oh, yeah? Come on!” striking a boxer-pose as a bell rings-out. Upon being scored on, Daisy will turn to her teammates, crossing her arms and tapping her foot as she furiously growls; they are seen trembling beneath her. Scoring a goal, she brushes her shoulders off one before the other, simultaneously, “Uh-huh! Alright! Daisy!” followed by shrugging.

A selection of the many quotes from 2011′s Fortune Street include:

  • “Yeah, sure. Big castle. Woooo. I’m totally impressed. Could use a few more flowers though…”
  • “I bet Bowser seriously thinks this goofy castle is totally intimidating. As if!”
  • “I totally want to scale up the side of that statue. What a challenge!”
  • “I’m supposed to pick out a new trade here, huh? Let’s see… Maybe I should be a professional athlete! Yeah!” 
  • “You may wonder why I want to win so badly. Well, it’s ‘cause I just HATE losing!”
  • “Winning is a matter of timing and luck. I don’t have either, but I’ve never let that stop me before!”
  • “Don’t underestimate me, people! Just because I’m a princess doesn’t mean I won’t fight dirty!”
  • “If you give me a good number, little die, I’ll promote you to court jester! I’m a princess - I can do that!”

“Daisy doesn’t have a personality!” in-close
So Daisy is not as proper or poised as she would be based on her appearance and status as royalty. She’s usually standing with her hands on her hips, exhibiting hotheadedness in defeat, showboating in victory, and showing off to get her way. Yes, she partakes in the princess life of luxury, but she’s well extroverted and outgoing, and as exemplified, she’s tough and sassy, too. Sounds like a personality whether you like it or not.

“Daisy’s annoying!”
If that’s your opinion, why are you saying it as if it’s a fact? You stop that. You can irrationally hate something if you want to, but it doesn’t reinforce the other negative matters here, and it doesn’t negate the facts. Any Mario character could be accused of being annoying. How about, “Wah!” And, “It’s-a-me, Mario!” Additionally, “Ohhh- Did I win?” Finally, [Random Animal Noises from DK]. Even Rosalina emotes. What you could find annoying about a character, all their fans could find admirable or charming about them.

“Daisy’s just a filler-character!”
A filler-character is someone merely included to make numbers, rather than to add something to the cast. Filler-characters have no intellectual or entertaining value, and no input.

This is only applicable to Daisy in certain appearances, and to certain extents. For example, in most Mario Party games there is nothing to differentiate the characters from one-another when it comes to most of the gameplay, but most of Daisy’s appearances in these games still include doses of her unique personality and representation, which are elements of gameplay. The best example would be in Super Mario Land, where Daisy filled the role of the damsel-in-distress, much as Peach does in most of her appearances in this role. This is the one and only time Daisy ever fills this role herself, however.

It should be pointed out, also, that Daisy was reintroduced into Mario games in Mario Tennis because they wanted more human characters. That is filling a role, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to being a filler-character; which should be obvious. In this game, Daisy did have her own play-style, voice, appearance, and personality. Indeed, for the first time she was portrayed to be outgoing, jumping around the court with each point. She also gets so caught up in her own victory celebration, she falls off the stage.

As her appearances continued, Daisy proved to have even more differences in play-style than not just Peach, but the other characters, too. In Mario Golf, Daisy’s play-style is entirely unique, having her own, designated attributes.  In Mario Power Tennis on the NGC, Daisy’s flower powers are heavily explored, being able to summon petals around her racket to deliver a powerful shot, and being able to float over a growing bed of flowers to reach the ball for a defensive return. As of the most recent tennis game, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Daisy is no longer even in the same category-type as Peach, being an All-Around type instead of a Technique type like in her earlier tennis appearances, showing this character continues to evolve over time.

Daisy has her own special abilities in many other games, as well. In the first baseball game, Mario Superstar Baseball, Daisy has the Flower Ball, which conceals her ball in a barrage of confusing petals. In the second baseball game, Mario Super Sluggers, she has the Flower Swing, which conceals her ball’s destination in a flower-garden with an accompanying fence, guarding it off. She has the unique ability of a Super Dive, as well, letting her dive great lengths to catch a ball. This game also introduced Baby Daisy, who has appeared in numerous games since. Daisy also has the Crystal Smash from Mario Strikers Charged, a special ability where Daisy punches the ground, which then erupts with giant, jagged crystals that wreck opponents. In Mario Sports Mix Daisy pulls out a pair of pom-poms to deflect objects and people.

Daisy also has her own levels in games like Mario Kart, where the Daisy Cruiser, her own, personal cruise-ship, was introduced. This level reappears in numerous Mario Kart games, and served as her personal stadium in Mario Super Sluggers. Other Daisy levels include the Daisy Circuit, Daisy Hills, and Crystal Canyon.

“Daisy’s just a filler-character!” in-close
They do not pay separate actors money to reprise a role for over a decade, create multiple versions of, create entire levels based-on, develop a unique design for, design multiple costumes for. establish a unique personality for, create individual special-abilities for, and assign personal-statistics to a mere filler-character.

Daisy has received developmental changes over time that address these matters. Saying things like this really ignores that effort, and it only acknowledges her status and description in her earliest appearances.

“Daisy’s a spin-off character!”
Daisy has appeared in more than fifty games to this day, December 15th, 2015. Forty-four of her appearances have her as a playable character. One of her appearances was in a Mario platformer game, that being her debut-appearance, Super Mario Land.

Did her appearance in this game contribute to the game, or even she herself? Well, it established her kingdom, and her description as a tomboy princess. It served to set a Mario game in a place outside of the Mushroom Kingdom for a change. If she was merely created for the spin-off games, she’d probably have less going for her character’s background and history. Still, as covered, she herself didn’t receive much of any notable attention in the game, serving as the measly, damsel-in-distress role Peach has so often.

The platformers aren’t necessarily all that they’re made out to be by Nintendo fans. The spin-off games are no less canonical to the Mario series than any of the platformers, and Nintendo gives zero gold-coins about story compared to gameplay either way. The platformers can be just as much of cash-grabs, too. Anyone who plays most Mario games should know all that. Why is it then that so much importance is placed on a character appearing in the platformers compared to the spin-offs?

Well for some characters the platformers have given that opportunity for good character growth in a short number of appearances, as opposed to the character growth exemplified here for Daisy, which has occurred over many appearances. That doesn’t mean that being in a platformer necessarily will give character growth, however. Many of the characters’ appearances in the platformers have given just as little to them as some of the spin-offs. There is still a clear advantage in a character gaining development in one of the platformers, however. This is simply what it comes down to.

“Daisy’s a spin-off character!” in-close
So yes, Daisy is a spin-off character. There’s a lot not being accounted for in her decade and a half of consistent appearances, though. A lot that has added-up to garner respect that she’s not getting.

So it’s like a double-edged sword where she now has a lot going for her because of these appearances, but the stigma of appearing in only spin-offs is preventing enough recognition.

Her fans still yearn for her to appear in more opportunistic roles because we know it’s what could turn others around. Appearing in the platformers or something like a Smash Brothers game would put her in the spotlight she needs to show all that she’s become. I hope the people who say these things against the character can read this and get a grasp of all there is they may be missing.

anonymous asked:

If Attack on Titan could fourth wall break, how would the 104th do it? And how often would they do it? Who would abuse it?

(Sorry that this has taken me forever to answer! I really hope you enjoy!!)

Eren wouldn’t break the fourth wall too much. He’s got too many things on his mind. But when he does, it’s usually a quick smile or a joke told at the expense of a friend (usually Jean,) meant to be a break from all the trouble he has in daily life. He’ll also complain to the camera a lot. When people don’t share his passion to save humanity, when Mikasa or Armin’s getting on his case, when Hanji’s asking him to do weird experiments… he’ll vent to the camera. But that’s about it for him. 

Mikasa would look to the camera whenever Eren ignores her advice or tells her he’ll be fine. Cause she knows he’s lying. And she wants the people at home to know that too. She’ll also turn that suffering look to the camera whenever anyone says “I’ll be fine” or “What’s the worst that could happen?” because she knows that the worst is about to happen, and she’s gonna have to be the one to deal with it. She’ll also give little smiles to the camera whenever anything really good happens. 

Armin would be looking at the camera like Jim on The Office. Every time Eren tries to fight titans when he’s obviously in no condition to? Armin’s looking at the camera. Mikasa’s trying to protect Eren too much? Looking at the camera. Someone says something absolutely ridiculous? Armin is looking at the camera. 

Jean would be the early 2000′s movie protagonist that often goes off on monologues that usually start “That’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation…” He’ll do that whenever something crazy is happening, or something he finds ridiculously unnecessary. If he’s stuck with Eren or someone else he’s not fond of during training camp, he’ll start monologuing. When anything remotely irritating or bad starts happening, he’ll start monologuing. People like to yell at him when he does it. 

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First Impressions: Mysticons

So a new magical girl series is coming out on Nickelodeon called the Mysticons. 

About a girl with a dragon power

Jee, haven’t seen that before….

One of her friend’s is  lone wolf with the power of a wolf

Haven’t seen that before….

And a hyper active friend…

Oh boy…..

All out honesty though there are some things to like about the show. The tropes staring blankly at you in the face, is just kinda one of those things every series like this has. It’s in almost every kids super hero show known to man. I just hope they can flesh the characters out and make them realistic somehow, or at least make them more than just a stereotype. That’s the main point.

 I really do love the designs of their outfits, especially the main character’s design. I mean, it looks like a guy could also wear it and the fact she’s a leader of the team and her main color is green, not pink or blue. That’s pretty original there. So there’s those points.

I also like the unicorn character that is tough but really shy and very apologetic. She wears pink but doesn’t wear a skirt, she’s not your typical girly girl that associates with pink and unicorns. I know the whole “feminist agenda” has gotten old with these kinds of shows and it doesn’t hurt to have a female lead be emotional and dainty too, but it seems like there might be something more to it here. Least I hope.

The one other issue I do have is just the fact they are using lots of slang that will be dated and some of the typical tropes such as the main girl being sassy because “she’s a strong warrior”. Again, I just really wish for this series to at least flesh out the characters so they’re more than just types. The series and concept is interesting and it does feel like a classic Saturday Morning Cartoon. It has potential, I just hope it will succeed in giving us that potential.

So yeah, despite problems, I am going to check this series out when it comes out and I hope to like it. I hope it could even push the agenda for magical girls outside anime. If not, well, I still have hopes for other series.

anonymous asked:

Hi I would really like to hear your thoughts on James Norrington when you have the time (also Merry Christmas if you celebrate!!)

My thoughts? On… James Norrington? Please buckle your seat belt.

My thoughts on James Norrington range from the very specific to the incoherent, friend. They are numerous. I have come up with most of them within the span of the past year.

See, I used to think that ol’ James was awful and mean and generally dissatisfying as a person, mainly (entirely) because the POTC movies portray him as not-Will - they don’t show him to be any of the adjectives I used, but because he was the opposite of Will, and because he stood in the way of Ye Olde Heterosexual Romance, I despised him.

But I’ve come a long way since those days, and I like to think I’m a bit less invested in preserving that romance - don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful and pure and I Ship It™, but it’s no longer the pinnacle of the movies to me. Because James Norrington’s greatness lies not in his glorious villainy (at least in COTBP, the only one in which he’s anywhere close to being the villain) but in his heroism, which comes directly from his not-Will qualities.

Where Will is defiant, James plays by the rules; where Will rages, James glares; where Will gets breathless and flustered, James keeps his cool while inwardly screaming.

We’re talking about a guy who got his whole life fucked over and came out of it ready to fight, and even to fight, at least for a time, on the side of his enemies - and a guy who, despite his enormous, fragile, wounded pride, was able to see that he was in the wrong. Not only that, but he bucked up and switched sides as soon as he realized that, in the face of incredible danger. In true Severus Snape fashion (without being nearly as much of an asshole as Snape was), James Norrington died for his love, firmly on the side of right.

Apart from that, he’s a sassy motherfucker, too.

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Papyrus or Undyne for 11?

Headcanons Prompt (Still Accepting)

I’ve been pretty hardcore into these two’s friendship lately so this ended up a little lengthy.

Papyrus - Best Friend

Papyrus realizes he will likely never be anyone’s best friend, but that’s okay! As long as he’s the best friend he can be, it’s enough!

Papyrus has always had a lot of trouble making friends. He just always seems to say the wrong thing, or do the wrong thing, or mess up, or confuse people, or be too quiet, or be too loud, or too childish, too strange, too desperate, too opinionated, too wishy washy, too this, too that, and the one time he thought he had perfected the formula, the perfect pitch, the perfect blend of traits, the perfect Papyrus for friendship, he found he was too forgettable. Too boring. It was fine! It had just been an experiment, that time! He just didn’t quite figure it out!

He would think the whole process impossible, were out not for the fact that Sans manages just fine… and he doesn’t even try! Sans had said that was the trick, not trying, so Papyrus didn’t try and he still found little success. Sans had also said “just be yourself,” which didn’t make any sense, because he’d tried that the first few times and it hadn’t worked at all!

But he’d also explained that if Papyrus made a friend while he wasn’t being himself, he would risk losing the friend if he ever became himself again. And that made some strange kind of sense. He did like being himself a plurality of the time. It would be a shame to give that up.

So he decided to simply be himself, and try less…  and join the Royal Guard, because they were popular, and he would be popular, and then he would have friends almost instantly! Sans had not seemed to have much faith in the plan when he told him it, but it was completely logical.

If you’re feeling lonely or down, or blue… join the armed forces! He thinks he read that in a poster in the dump, once. It’s something different, at least.

Still, Papyrus knows very well how difficult becoming friends is. Who knows how much worse the competition and bloodsport(?) would be to become best friends!? He can’t imagine. He would be happy even being worst friends as long as he could be A friend! Though he would hope his friends would be kind enough to only call him that behind his back. Out of hearing range entirely, if he was lucky!

(And of course, any friends he makes are automatically his best friend. It would always be a tie because simply being his friend would make them the very best!)

Undyne - Best Friend

It was almost scary how quickly Papyrus went from being the nuisance outside her door at 1 in the morning to being her best friend. It was weird, and he was weird, and the whole situation was weird, honestly, but she isn’t about to jinx it by questioning it. Life has handed her a Papyrus, so she’s made a friend out of it. He wants her to make a soldier out of him, but nevermind.

This is so much better. For both of them.

It’s tough for her when it comes to friendships, sometimes. She has friends, like Gerson and Asgore, but they’re so much older than her, and it makes things kind of weird when all she wants to do is throw things and rant about stuff. They always pull out the “when I was young” stuff, or the Wise Eyes Of Knowing And Experience when all she wants to do is trash talk about obnoxious robots or paperwork. It’s awkward. They’re great, but they’re old enough to be her fathers. Her great grand fathers. A lot of great, actually. It’s downright weird to think about how many greats are actually in play. So she doesn’t. She just huffs and drinks her tea and calls up Papyrus to ask if he wants to punch each other for a few hours, and he always picks up, and he always is interested in punching and being punched, and it’s a really good system. Great guy, that Papyrus.

But it’s not just Asgore and Gerson. She’s friendly with most of her subordinates off-hours, sure, but they’re subordinates. It’s weird. It’s imbalanced. It’s wrong to get too personal, and sure, she can spar with them if she wants to but it’s not really enough. She wants to hit things with passion! There’s less passionate hitting in an employee/employer relationship. That’s just how it is.

And outside of her basically-dads and her soldiers, there’s a lot less. She’s friendly with people, neighbors, mainly, but not quite friends. She cares about the people around her and she loves teaching Shyren piano or watching Napstablook trend to their snails, and she appreciates a chance to be quiet, to be contemplative, but it’s just not enough. She always feels like she’s toning herself down so much, but she scares people off when she gets excited or physical or passionate.

She never scares Papyrus off. 

He likes fighting, he likes loud, he likes danger and excitement and he also likes spa days and listening to piano and talking about life and love and the surface and dreams and hopes and cool shit. He’s less enthusiastic about certain topics but he can never hide that he’s having fun, too, and she enjoys his sassy comments, the bizarre things he’ll say or do, and it’s just fun and free and no matter what side of herself she’s showing, she feels like Papyrus isn’t wishing she was being something else.

Well, aside from watching anime. He never wants to do that. He has some kind of weirdness against it, but, hey, that’s why she has Alphys!

(That’s not the only reason she has Alphys! Gah that sounds bad. She just… Alphys is… she’s great okay? But she’s not the topic, here!)

And with Alphys, though Undyne cares for her a lot… a lot, it’s different. It’s different in a way that’s just… just different, okay!? She doesn’t need to justify it or explain it, but she can justify and explain it to Papyrus, and she does, and he tells her she’s definitely in love and that’s definitely not it, because her feelings for her are a vast ocean of deep, deep, strictly platonic love. But it's… well, possible that Papyrus is right, and she considers it, because he’s smart and insightful and he doesn’t make claims like that unless he really believes them, but he’s more smug about it than wise and ageless and she doesn’t feel weird noogieing him for potentially being correct. And the noogies never stop him from trying to make smooching noises at her in retaliation, and she lets it slide because there’s nothing funnier than the sounds a guy without lips makes when he’s trying to make exaggerated, mocking kisses to the air. It’s hilarious. Infuriating in its intent, but hilarious.

And whatever, maybe she’s in love. Maybe she’s been in love for months.


The fact that she has someone to talk to about that, someone she can see being her best man at the wedding she sometimes (platonically) fantasizes about, or more likely someone she can cry and eat ice cream with and punch each other until first blood (Papyrus might have the advantage) when the inevitable rejection happens… it’s really something special, something she wouldn’t trade for anything. Maybe not even for the girl of her dreams.

Honestly, the only thing that’s actually weird about it all is how much Papyrus talks about wanting to make a friend. A friend.

She’s not sure he realizes he has one, and that she’s not going anywhere.

zunairaghazal  asked:

I think i've asked this before, but I can't be sure, but if you imagine your TheCherryOnTop characters as adults, where will they be now? 😁

so i just checked and oh dang tomorrow (aug 4) will mean it’s been ten years since i posted that fic. a friggin decade. wow. wow i am old af. 

but for the sake of your ask, i’m going to take “adults” to mean 25-26 bc that’s where i am now and that’s just easier. also i refuse to reread that thing so i’m just kinda guessing here. i apologize if this doesn’t match up with who they all were in that fic.

  • sakura just finished her MD and is ready to gtfo of school. she’s still dating sasuke because #truelove. 
  • after being roomies with ino in their first year of university, they had a moment of “how the hell were we not best friends before?” and have been such ever since. 
  • she doesn’t blog because she’s too lazy to, but she tweets something sassy every five minutes and lives the most glamorously photoed life on instagram (read: she doesn’t actually). she’s not happy because holy shit student loans, but she’s okay. coming home to ino and their twinkle lights that just rack up their hydro bill while dating her high school sweetheart is good enough, even if she has no hope of ever owning property until she’s 100. 
  • sasuke went from leaf academy to konoha university like all the other children. he studied something to finish his degree (mama’s orders) but had no passion to pursue anything in particular so he kept the job he had at one of KU’s offices. eventually they hired him full-time and he was like yeah sure because he had student loans to repay and then all of sudden he turned 25 and he was still there. 
  • it’s fine though. public sector pays pretty damn well considering how little he actually does. also he has benefits and isn’t that a plus? anyway he wants to propose to sakura by the end of the year. they’re still pretty young, sure, but it’s been a long time and when you know…well, you know. and honestly he’s known for a long time. 
  • naruto is on his way to become a teacher. he’s trying to, at least. he works at two different schools part-time because that’s the nature of the job market unfortunately. he’s in the union though, so that’s a good start. internal applications? hell yeah! first dibs yo! the best part of his day is when he stops for ramen on his drive to the second school. idk how the fic ended for him but you know what? 
  • he recently started dating ino because i said so. his studio apartment has the basics: a bed, a tiny kitchen, and about two dozen succulents. they’re essentially his children.
  • naruto and sasuke have an app idea that they always talk about making one day when they eventually go about studying the technical stuff.
  • although she’s roomies with ino, sakura mostly lives at sasuke’s apartment because he has a dog and sakura loves his dog more than she prob loves sasuke. it would be infinitely more economical to just move in with him but like her parents would be displeased. or something.
  • sakura has been a bridesmaid like four times already in the past two years and she starts crying when tenten asks her to be one for her upcoming wedding because she’s a broke ass bitch and cannot bring herself to wear another “team bride” tank top.
  • sasuke and sakura make their morning commute together everyday. or like they did when she was still in school. now it’ll depend. but they like to do the crossword together each time. they’re those annoying people who talk on the subway at like 7 in the morning while you’re trying to sleep.
  • OMG.
  • k that’s how he proposes to her. he writes it in the crossword puzzle before getting off at his stop and leaving her on the train for the rest of her trip. 
  • did i write a sasusaku crossword proposal already? yes. but that’s not the point.

anyway i’m trying to keep this as vague and short as possible, mostly because i HATE when something gets a full ending and takes away your chance of, well, imagining your own stuff (lol like how naruto went).

to be clear, they’re all struggling millennials but they’re all v happy, esp with each other. :)

like sakura and ino regularly complain that they’re broke as bitches but the second one says “wanna get sangria” the other immediately says “when” soooo.

okay i hope i didn’t ruin anything for you. if so, my bad. just ignore this.

The Real Thing

Characters: Dean Winchester,Reader (Y/N), Sam Winchester (mentioned), fake dick (cause it deserves a mention as a character - it is blue and exist in real life :P Note from Rachel: AND IT’S MINE!  And Kari adds: Bought with guiding from her Denmarkish big sis ;P)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Cheeky Dean, fake dick/dildo (not used), oral (female receiving), Dean’s horsecock, language (not to bad), unprotected sex (wear a life vest if you go swimming!)

Wordcount: 2000ish

A/N: Rach was complaining about it being too hot for jeans and I made Dean give her a remark. Rach wanted a drabble but Kari can’t drabble cause she is a wordy bitch so here you go guys.

Written for, about and betaed by my amazing, sassy @mysupernaturalfics - go check her out. She is the best and a total sweetheart <3

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

It had been hotter than hell outside for the past couple of days and you would know cause you had been there. Not for as long as Sam and Dean granted, but still you had paid the underworld a few visits and today you almost prefered Crowley’s domain to the earth.

You ran down the stairs to the entrance of the bunker, moving quickly as you could trying to insure that the ice cream you had bought wouldn’t melt before you could ingest it.

The ice cream was quickly forgotten as you saw the oldest Winchester in the middle of the war room twirling the packaged you had secretly ordered a few days ago, with a newly stolen credit card and behind your locked bedroom door.

Keep reading

Work It Out

“Can you please do a sequel to I’ll Be Okay? I loved it so much.”

Sequel to I’ll Be Okay (btw can we talk about the fact I posted IBO like an hour ago ((from the time I’m writing this)) and I already got a request for a sequel like THANK YOU SO MUCH ILYSM)! (P.s Pippa is characterized as really sarcastic in this bc idk I just assume that’s how she is irl so if u have a problem with that I’m sorry)

Part Three is here!!

Send me a prompt + person from this post!
Masterlist Askbox

Warnings: Swearing, Pippa being way too OOC because I love the sassy best friend sorry
Word Count: 3,104
Pairings: Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader

“Oh my God,” Pippa whispered.

Tears brimmed your eyes as you watched your child on the screen. Dr. Michelle smiled, watching you and Pippa gaze at the sonogram like it was a masterpiece, which it undoubtably was. She got the same reaction from everyone who had a pregnancy sonogram, but there was something different in your eyes. It was like this, looking at your child, was a safe haven for you. The one moment of peace in the middle of a disaster.

“Would you like to know the sex?” Dr. Michelle asked softly. You barely tore your eyes from the screen, looking at her. You thought for a moment, and nodded. Dr. Michelle smiled. “It’s a boy.” You gasped. “Congratulations.” She chuckled.

“A boy, oh my God!” Pippa squealed. You looked at her and grinned, cheerful giggles leaking out through your teeth. You squeezed her hand, which you had been holding ever since your baby appeared on the screen, and laughed.

“A boy,” You breathed, looking back at the baby. “A little baby boy.” You beamed. A tear ran down your cheek, and you quickly wiped it away. Happy or not, this moment was not one for tears.

“Your boy is completely healthy.” Dr. Michelle smiled. “Are you feeling well during your second trimester?”

You sighed, “Well, uh,” you began, still gazing at your boy. “Yeah, but I heard that nausea and stuff is supposed to stop during this time? And, well, mine hasn’t.”

“Typically, yes, nausea stops or slows down during the second trimester. But if your hasn’t, then we can talk about adjusting your vitamin B6 with supplements. That should help with everything.” She wrote something down on her clipboard. “Is that all?” She asked without having looked up from her writing.

You glanced at Pippa, who was still watching the sonogram, and smiled, “No, that’s all. Thank you so much, Dr. Michelle.”

Dr. Michelle grinned, “You’re very welcome. If there’s nothing else, then we’re done here. I’ll have the nurses get you a prescription for B6 supplements, and then you’ll be on your way.”

Dr. Michelle helped you wipe your stomach and guided you and Pippa to the front desk. The nurses congratulated you as they handed you your prescription, and you and Pippa chatted about the sonogram your way to her car.

“That was just…wow.” She sighed as you rode in the elevator. “I can’t believe there’s a boy in there.”

“Me neither.” You laughed, hands on your bump. It was small, but your hands seemed to gravitate to it at every moment. “I always assumed it was gonna be a girl.”

“Really?” Pippa asked. “See, I always knew it was gonna be a boy.” Her eyes widened, and she laughed. “In fact, Steve owes me five dollars now.”

You laughed as the door dinged open, and the lobby turned to face you. Your cheeks burned as the both of you walked through and out the front door, bursting into laughter against as soon as the automatic doors had shut.

Pippa lugged in her phone and played the Wicked soundtrack as you drove home, you playing Galinda and her playing Elphaba. The soundtrack has just ended and switched over to Into The Woods as you parked in front of her home, climbing out of the car whistling along to the opening tune.

“Steve!” Pippa called out as you walked in, setting both of your purses down on the front table. “We’re home!”

“And hungry.” You said, swinging open the fridge. Pippa laughed and leaned against her counter as Steve ran down the stairs, rearing the corner with a smile.

“Hello.” He said cheerfully, kissing Pippa. You held up your hand as you searched through their produce cabinet, and Steve high-fived you with a smirk. He paused for a moment, and then asked, “So?”

You peered over the door, an eyebrow raised. He waited, leaning forward and crossing his arms. You smiled, “It’s a boy.”

“Oh!” He exclaimed, grinning. You shut the door and clapped your hands, laughing. Steve pulled a face and reached in his pocket, retrieving his wallet. He shuffled in it for a moment and then handed Pippa a five dollar bill, sending the three of you into laughter. He put away his wallet and crossed his arms again, “How did Lin react?”

The laughter stopped immediately, your smile dropping instantly and Pippa elbowing him with a scold. The three of you were silent for a moment, until you broke it, “He wasn’t there.”

Steve raised his eyebrows and gave you a look that asked if you were being serious. You nodded, and he continued, “Wait, seriously? He’s the father of your child and he wasn’t there when you found out the sex?”

You leaned against the refrigerator and thought for a moment. Lin, your husband, whom you hadn’t seen in almost three months due to the fact you caught him with a half dressed girl in your bedroom. Just thinking about him made your heart twist, with both contempt and fondness. It was a strange feeling, knowing what he had done and yet still feeling so much love for him.

“Why should he? He’s been AWOL ever since he decided he wanted a side piece. Even at practices, he’s just s-” Pippa began to rant, turning to Steve and glaring.

“He’s right.” You cut her off, sighing. Both Pippa and Steve turned to you and raised their brows in shock. You shrugged, “I need to talk to him.”

“Wait, what?” “Exactly, thank you.”

Pippa and Steve looked at each other. Pippa hardened her gaze and stepped forward, “Y/N, are you sure about this? I mean, will you be okay?”

You shrugged. “Who knows?” You put your head in your hands. “I don’t know. But I need to talk to him. Steve’s right, he needs to know.” You ran a hand through your hair. “Um,” You paused. “Can I pick you up from rehearsal tomorrow?”

Pippa sighed. She glanced between Steve and you, and crossed her arms. “Fine.” She shrugged. “Fine. But if he pulls anything,” She looked you in the eye. “I’m punching him in the balls.”

“Steve! I’m heading out to pick up Pippa!” You called up the stairs.

“Have fun! Don’t have a mental breakdown and don’t let Pippa seriously injure anybody!” He shouted back. You chuckled and shook your head, picking up your bag and slinging it over your shoulder. You pulled your keys from the pocket on the side and locked the door behind you, skipping down the front steps to your car.

You let your confidence break once you were sitting in the front seat of your car, gasping for air and hitting your hands on the steering wheel. “Oh my fucking God, what the hell am I thinking?” You spoke to yourself, looking around your car wildly. You picked up the stress ball in your cup holder, and began to squeeze it rapidly.

What the fuck? You couldn’t do this. There was no way you could just waltz in there and act like everything was nonchalant around him, not when your heart still fluttered with frustration and glee everyone you thought about Lin. Not when you saw flashes of your wedding day and the girl who stood in her panties when you opened the door on him.

After at least ten minutes of you freaking out in your car, you finally put your key in the ignition and pulled out of your parking space. You pulled into traffic and began down the road, towards the Richard Rogers theatre. You hadn’t been there in almost three months, because truthfully there was no need for you to be. You’d been demoted once you got to Broadway from theatre manager to managing the finances for Hamilton. With that, you just needed a computer and the numbers, but you came in every other day just to be with Lin and to be with your friends.

You pulled up in front of the theatre, finding a convenient parking spot. You saw the collection of fans wrapping around the block towards the side, and pulled a pair of sunglasses from your glovebox. You slipped them on and exited the car, breathing shakily. You looked down and sped towards the front door, getting into the theatre as fast as you could. You held out your employee I.D as you walked past the security guard, even though he obviously recognized you. His eyes glanced down to your protruding stomach, and he smiled just the tiniest bit as you entered the theatre.

You shut the door quietly, looking out at the stage. The house lights were down, so no one could see you. Most of the cast were congregated on the stage, chatting nonsensically. You pulled off the sunglasses and placed them in your bag, searching for Lin in the group of people. Once you concluded that he was somewhere backstage and not in the immediate area, you breathed a sigh of relief and walked forward.

“Am I dreaming,” Daveed started, standing from his seat on the stairs. “Or is that Y/N Miranda?” You smiled as you set down your bag on a front row seat, waving. He walked to the side of the stage and sat down, sliding off of the stage. “How are you, it’s been so-”

Daveed paused, looking down at your stomach. Mentally, you smacked yourself for wearing a tight shirt. Even though your bump was relatively small, it was still noticeable. He looked up at you, “Okay, I don’t mean to offend you,” He laughed. “But, are you…?”

You chortled, placing a hand on the back of your neck. “Yes, I am. I’m almost four months.”

Daveed gasped, “Oh my God, congratulations!” He opened his arms, taking you in gently. He laughed in your ear, “I’ve always wanted to be a godfather!”

You laughed, pulling away from his embrace. “Hmm, sure, Jan.” You said sarcastically. Daveed bellowed with laughter, and Oak appeared behind him.

“Did I hear correctly?” He teased, and the two of you hugged. “Congrats.” He whispered in your ear, and you thanked him with a squeeze.

“Oh my God!” Jasmine screamed as she sprinted down towards you. You collided as gently as possible, her arms wrapping around you and squeezing tightly. “I’ve missed you so much.” She said. The two of you stood there for a moment before she pulled away and looked down at your stomach, “And I’ve always wanted to be a godmother!”

You laughed again, but mostly at the fact that Daveed called out, “Ha! Already made that joke.”

Anthony and Renee gave you similar greetings, wishing you congratulations and hugging you tightly. You stood and chatted with the group, all of whom wanted to know why you hadn’t been around for a while, until Pippa walked out onstage.

“Y/N!” She said cheerfully and loudly. You gave her a look, knowing damn well that she was trying to attract Lin’s attention. That could only mean that he was near, and the thought of seeing him again made your heart skip a few beats.

You smiled and walked towards the stage, entered through a side door and went up a small flight of stairs until you were on the left side of the stage. She smirked and adjusted her bag on her shoulder, giving you a quick embrace and whispering, “He’s backstage.” prior to walking offstage and down to the audience.

You gulped and wiped your sweaty hands on your pants, heart pounding like a bass drum in your chest, and walked across the stage and off of it. You walked through the curtain separating side stage from backstage and skipped down the stairs. You knew the layout of the theatre like the back of you hand, and before you could even think, you were standing in front of Lin’s dressing room.

You took a deep, deep breath, repeating it’s gonna be okay it’s gonna be okay it’s gonna be okay over and over again in your head. You brought your knuckles up to the door three times with your eyes clenched shut, and didn’t open them until you heard the lock turning.

When he opened the door, it felt like a huge weight was lifted off of your shoulders. Granted, you were still nervous as all hell for the actual talking part, but at least now you could see him, and he knew you were here. There was no chance of you chickening out and running away anymore.

He looked so much different. He wasn’t the same guy. His eyes were dull and had bags underneath them. His lips were dry and cracked and his skin was pale, almost sallow. He looked like he was dying. The sight of him sent your heart into your stomach.

He gasped as soon as he saw you. His brow raised almost to his hairline, and his eyes went alight. Not enough to cover the deep sadness buried in them, but enough to make you notice. The two of you stood in silence for a moment, and then he spoke, “Hi.”

You couldn’t help the smile that came to your face. “Hi.” He smiled back, a glimmer of joy dancing through his eyes. “Can we talk?” You asked softly.

“Yes, yes, of course.” He said quickly, opening the door wider and allowing you to come in. His eyes focused in on your stomach as you slipped past him, sitting down next to his mirror. He closed the door softly and turned to you, launching into questions like, “Do you need anything?” and “Are you comfortable?”

“I’m fine, Lin. Thank you.” You smiled comfortably. He nodded and sat down at his vanity, playing with his wedding ring. He still hadn’t taken it off, despite not seeing you in months. You couldn’t judge him, as the glittering diamond was still on your finger as well.

“Can I start?” He asked quietly. You nodded slowly, and he sighed in relief. He sat up straight, looked you in the eyes, and his voice broke as he spoke, “I’m so sorry.” His vision clouded as he looked at you, and quickly began to spill down his face as he continued. “I made the biggest mistake of my life when I cheated on you. I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.”

You breathed in sharply, crossing your legs. Lin continued, “I don’t know why I did it, and I’m not going to try to make any excuses for it. It was stupid and immature and the worst thing I’ve ever done and ever will do. I made a promise on our wedding day to never hurt you and to love you and only you for the rest of my life, and I broke that.”

“I don’t ever expect you to forgive me for what I’ve done. I just want-no, need you to know that I regret it more than anything in this world, and I always will. I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to make you see that.” He wiped his cheeks. “And, if you’ll let me, I’ll always be by your side to help you with anything and everything, including our child.”

You placed a hand on your stomach. He looked down at it. He smiled, “Is everything okay with the baby? Are they alright?”

“He.” You corrected. Lin’s eyes widened. You repeated yourself, “He’s alright. He’s perfect.”

“He.” Lin laughed through tears, covering his mouth. “We’re having a boy?” He blinked, and corrected himself, “You’re having a boy?”

Your smile faltered, and you reached out to him. “It’s your child too, Lin.”

“I know, but I-” He began, looking away from you and placing a hand behind his neck.

“I know.” You interrupted him. “I get it.” You sighed. “But it’s ours, Lin. Yours and mine.” He smiled and nodded, tears still flowing freely. They dropped down onto your hand, which was laced with his.

“I don’t know if anything between us will ever be the way it was,” You began, tearfully. “And I don’t know if it should be. But all I know is that,” You broke off, sobbing. “All I know is that I still love you, Lin. And I want to work with you to fix this, so we can be a family.”

Lin beamed. “I do too, I do too.” He collected himself for a moment, his emotions were becoming too unwound and he was beginning to fall apart into an incoherent mess or tears. “And I promise, I’ll do whatever makes you feel comfortable. We go at your pace for the entire way.”

You thanked him silently, unable to speak through your tears. You took a deep and shaky breath, and laughed. Lin smiled as you wiped away your tears, taking your hand away from him. You grabbed both of his hands when you were done, pulling him closer. He slowly wrapped his arms around you, savoring in the feeling of having you so close again.

You were still angry. You were still hurt. You still didn’t understand. But Lin was willing to explain, and Lin was willing to work through this with you. He was willing to be there and do whatever made you feel more comfortable. He was willing to try and rebuild this into something better than it was before. And that made everything seem okay.

Lin opened the door for you and followed you down the hallway and across the stage. Pippa looked expectantly at the two of you when you grabbed your bag and nodded towards the door. She eyed him warily as she followed you, with her jaw set and her hands stuffed in her pockets.

You let Pippa go through the door first and called out to everyone to say goodbye, “Bye Daveed, bye Oak, bye Jas, bye Anthony, bye Renee!” You paused for a moment, and then shouted, “Bye Lin!” You listened for the chorus of responds, and then closed the door.

Pippa looked at you curiously. “So everything’s okay with you two?” She asked.

You smiled. “No.” You replied. “Not now at least. But we’re gonna work on it, and then, hopefully, it’ll be better than okay.”

You waited for a minute, watching Pippa think. Then, she pulled out sunglasses of her own and shrugged. “Alright, fair enough.” You laughed and followed her out of the theatre and to your car. She got in the passenger seat and kicked back, grinning, “Oh, and if you’re gonna be having your therapy get togethers here, can you always take me home afterwards? Makes it a lot easier on me.”

New Adventures - Chapter 11

Synopsis: You are back at the Sanctuary, and Negan decides it’s time for your punishment for jumping the gates.


Characters: Negan, Elizabeth (My OC)

Word Count: 2,056

Warnings: Negan’s dirty mouth, smut, fluff, NSFW

*Don’t forget to read the previous chapters! The masterlist is HERE.

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Returning to the Sanctuary was one of the best feelings you’d had in a long time. Negan left you to his room to get cleaned up; he had other things he needed to attend to before he could be done for the day.

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EXO Reaction to you shipping them with other members

I really wonder what they think about it.. What do you guys think? Love, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: “Are you trying to say that Baek is my lover and not my bro?” *Doesn’t get it*

Kris: “Jagi? Why is there a fanfiction of me and Tao on your computer?!”

Sehun: “You’re thining Luhan and I.. when I stay with him…what?”

Tao: “You are into that stuff too?!” *Laughs non stop*

Kai: “I can’t believe you” *Ignores you for the rest of the day*

Xiumin: “Are you suggesting a threesome?”

Baekhyun: *Judges you so hard*

Luhan: “Which part of me being manly you didn’t get?”

Chen: “Bitch… just no” *Sassy Chen*

Kyungsoo: *So this is what she thinks of me huh..*

Lay: “If that’s the case.. then I want Xiumin”

Suho: “Come here babe, I’ll show you who you should ship me with”

reputaetions  asked:

i would pay good $$$ to see raven and emori get together in space (@ writers pls don't kill off emori she's too good)

i’ve been begging for at least an emori x raven friendship since early s3 and I’m still waiting. out of everyone i mean… they’re both sassy as all hell, have an enthusiasm for tech, love to give murphy shit, deal with physical disabilities (we saw raven stick up for her when roan called her a freak or something), emori seemed hype af about being in space like…. MAKE THEM AT LEAST BEST FRIENDS PLEASE 

I’m here for a hook up too but i ship memori too much to be 100% on board lol

Things OUAT has to do to get its shit back together

1. Be done with CaptainSwan in its entirety.
2. Let Belle and Gold have a peaceful life together for once in their damn lives.
3. Let Regina be happy and not take it away for once, k?
4. Bring back Neal. Adult Neal. Baelfire. But baby Neal is also adorable and deserves more screen time.
5. Bring back Jefferson and Grace.
6. Henry needs more plots.
7. More Merida please.
8. But seriously I feel like Jefferson and Grace are the only ones living happily ever after here and I want to see them again.
9. Stop adding in every fairytale you can think of in a rush and just work on some characters you already have.
10. I’m a sucker for all the Snowing so more more more of them being adorable.
11. I kinda miss Elsa. But I wanna see her without her being obsessed with her sister again.
12. Just stop giving Rumple all the shit stories, okay?
13. I was so here for Emma being a kick ass woman and I’m not saying she can’t have a love interest (see my intense love for Swanfire) but I’m sick of her being codependent and lovesick all the time.
14. Killian was my favorite back when he was all smirky and rum drinking and the pirate he was before he became a puppy dog to do all his girlfriend’s bidding. Sassy badass Killian back, please.
15. Where’s Cinderella been at because she’s gorgeous and I loved her and want her back???
16. More Mary Margaret / Emma moments plz.
17. Also more Charming / Emma moments too.
18. Don’t bring back Cora or Peter anymore. They’ve been played out. See numbers 4, 5, 7, and 11 for characters to bring back instead.
19. And Ariel. Bring her back too.
20. Just go back to basics like seasons 1 and 2, okay?

Victory - Bucky Barnes x Reader

• Request: Hey, I’d like to request a one shot, where reader is playing Call of Duty, and Bucky walks in and asks her what she’s doing and she explains, and invites him to play, (she’s undefeated against the team) he bets he can beat her even though he’s never played. And Sam walks in just as reader beats him, and she jumped up screaming “victory, suck it Barnes!” (Playfully) With lots of sass between Sam and Bucky and fluff between reader and Bucky, please and thanks :) - Submitted by @angelsdeadromance

• Words: 1,166 (wow didn’t expect that)

• Warnings: Sassiness, cuteness, fluff

• A/N: I’ve never played Call of Duty but once or twice, so bear with me here. XD

Originally posted by theworldofshipping801

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