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caramel lattes

takashi ninagawa x mc (misaki kasagi) // coffee shop AU

She stretches her arms out in front of her, a plain back apron tied around her waist. The coffee shop is silent, this early—the streets outside are just beginning to wake, dawn turning puddles from the night before to gold. She crosses behind the counter to turn music on in the cafe, and Rina hip-checks the door open. 

“Incoming!” Her friend and co-proprietor calls, the kitchen door swinging shut. The pan of croissants smell sweet, warm as the morning sunshine as her dark-haired friend slips them into the case. Amidst various other European-style pastries and mini desserts, the croissants glow gold. Easily their best-seller in the morning; Rina sweeps her bangs out of her eyes and props her hands on her hips. 

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Christmas Carol

It was his final concert. After tonight, he would be stepping down as director of the Symphony.

It was a bittersweet Christmas Eve. He didn’t regret his decision to leave and move into composing full-time.

No, it was the Principal Violinist who was haunting his thoughts this night.

It wasn’t love, he told himself. The same thing he’d been telling himself for three years.

But lately he’d been having a hard time believing it.

Brushing a hand through his curls, Sherlock flipped through the stacks of music covering the stand. Behind him, the audience’s applause had died down and they were breathlessly waiting.

The final movement was his own interpretation of the Christmas hymn O Holy Night . Featuring a Violin soloist. It had taken him months to get right before introducing it to the orchestra. But when he did, seeing her brown eyes light up in surprise and delight made all his work worth it.

Finally, he pulled out the director’s piece.

He looked beside him to where Molly Hooper stood. Her red gown fit her beautifully and she’d left her hair down, a silver bow pendant her only decoration. She looked up at him and smiled when he nodded.

He lifted his arms and she lifted her bow.

To hear her play was near heaven; her fingers curved around the neck of the Violin gracefully as she moved with the sway of her bow.

As the piece progressed, the accompaniment grew to a crescendo, then faded quickly. Leaving Molly to play the final stanza alone.

Sherlock lowered his arms and turned to watch her play.

The haunting notes that poured from her fingers pulled at him like nothing else had ever done before. She truly lost herself in the music, forgetting the audience, the orchestra, even herself it seemed.

He was proud of her, of how she’d grown since she joined the Symphony. Her confidence in herself and her remarkable talent as a violinist grew and she’d flourished under his tutelage.

He was suddenly struck at the thought that he would no longer see her every day, or catch her eye over the stand and watch her nose twist when she played a wrong note, see the fierce determination in her eyes as she took whatever composition he gave her and poured her heart into it until it felt as if she was playing his very heartstrings.

Sherlock’s pulse began to race as realisation began to dawn.

As the strains of her final note faded into the stunned crowd, Molly opened her eyes and looked right at him, tears on her cheeks, and he finally saw it. The pain and beauty of her emotions, poured into song, all for him.

She was playing for him.

His baton clattered to the floor and his long legs closed the distance between them in two strides. With one hand on her waist and the other on her cheek, he lowered his head and kissed her with all the longing and love that he had finally set free.

‘Merry Christmas, Molly Hooper,’ he mumbled against her lips. She smiled and pulled him back down, her arms going around his neck.

Around them, the audience applauded wildly and cheered. From the wings, his assistant director, John, could be heard shouting ‘It’s about time, mate!’ as the rest of the orchestra stomped their feet and tapped their bows against the music stands.

But neither Molly nor Sherlock particularly cared.

the universe collapsed and recreated itself in calum when the sunlight spilling from his lips was brighter than that of the sun that warms our earth. and the stars latched onto his veins and infiltrated his blood stream until there was nothing left inside him but barren bone and stunning solar systems. mother nature kissed his lungs, and there, flourishing flowers found their place. the sun found his mind and danced under the moonlight that resided there until an array of lovely words took it’s place. he is a fantastically beautiful composition of space and earth, and i swear even the moon loses her hold on the ocean when she looks at him.

A Note From Froggie

With my recent decline in health, and then the back hole incident, I realized that I was foolish to try and run everything all on my own. Content was becoming inconsistent and I was finding it hard to maintain the level of quality I hold myself to. 

So I asked for help. 

Erin was kind enough to become my photo assistant. As my photographic process becomes ever more complex, I have more equipment to set up and move around and it was getting very hard for me to do it all on my own. But with her help I have already been able to accomplish so much, and I feel like some very exciting photos are going to be created with her at my side. 

Our first goal was to create an organized space to work in. Gear was piling up and I couldn’t find anything when I needed it. So we put in some shelves and got a label maker and we are very close to having my studio in shape. Perhaps we can do some kind of tour when we finish. 

The reason I added Erin as a contributor to this blog is to show the perspective of someone learning photography. I will be teaching her everything I can fit in her brain and I thought you all would find her photographic education interesting. She’s already taken some stunning photos and I can’t wait to see what she does in the future. 

My second contributor is the lovely Joanna. She and I have been friends for years and started becoming shutterbugs at about the same time. While I took a more technical approach to photography, she has always had a natural instinct for composition and capturing natural light. Not that she is not technically proficient–it’s just that I tend to work with a lot of gadgets and software in my little studio and she heads outside to find beauty in the world. She is kind of the yin to my photographic yang. I can’t go outside so I have to sort of bring photography to me, she is able to counter that–which is why I felt that she could really bring a nice balance to this blog.

Add to that, her photos are stunning, so that’s a plus too. Pay especially close attention to her composition and you will learn a lot about how to frame a photo. 


Joanna - Friend and photographer

Special skills include natural light and outdoor photography, composition, outdoor macro, photography on a budget, cat wrangling

Photos will be tagged- joanna’s photos

Erin - My photo assistant and student (and friend!)

Scientist by trade, works at the Zoo, animal guru, Otis corgtographer. She will be sharing her photographic education.

Special skills to be determined as she learns :)

Photos will be tagged - erin’s photos

The Frogman - Huge photo nerd that knows things like what a t-stop is

Special skills include inane technical photographic knowledge, studio photography, studio macro photography, speedlites, 10+ years Photoshop experience, Lightroom ninja

Photos will be tagged - froggiephotos

If you have a specific question for Erin or Joanna, please note that in your message. 

Please make them feel welcome and say hi if you like :)