she is beautiful and plays such a strong character

2 Year Anniversary

I did it. I rewatched Your Lie in April and planned it accordingly just so I could finish today, March 19th, which marks the 2 year anniversary of the day the final episode was aired. I’m in tears; actually, I’ve been in tears through the entirety of rewatching this and this anime is even more beautiful the second time around because I feel and see so much more. Knowing the ending and still being able to enjoy and feel all these emotions is what makes Your Lie in April such a masterpiece. As a musician, this anime speaks to me on such a deep level. Some might say that the anime exaggerates, but in all honesty, being able to play like that, being able to feel what they feel, is what I strive to be. Watching the characters grow in just a span of 22 episodes is such an amazing feat. All the characters are loveable, relatable, and unique in their own way! Except Tsubaki because I just can’t bring myself to like her  I can most definitely say that nothing can touch my heart like Your Lie in April can. 

Kaori is so beautiful, and so strong and I can’t help but love her so much. Her outlook on life is amazing, and she smiles even at death’s door. She’s everything that I aspire to be. When I was following the anime as a new episode came out every week two years ago, I desperately hoped that she wouldn’t die. This innocent, beautiful angel couldn’t just die like that. Alas, the ending that we all wanted never came to be. The anime remained faithful to the manga to the very end, and our amazing heroine had to leave us behind. The letter that she left behind was so beautiful and heartwrenching and was the main source of my tears. She didn’t have any regrets. In essence, her dream came true. She built Kousei back up when he was down in the dumps and made him into a better man. After her death, I was sure Kousei would relapse and quit music for sure, but he didn’t. Kaori’s influence was able to help him move on and mature so much than when we first saw him. And that shattered my heart even more. They’re perfect together. They were soulmates and anyone could see that they were the perfect match. How cruel is it of fate to take her away from him? They are aware of each other’s flaws, but they see it as beauty. They think each other’s imperfections are perfect. They were meant to be. And his last song; their last performance together in spirit— goodness gracious that tugged on my heartstrings. He overcame his fear to play despite knowing he would lose everything again and played for her. He played for her to say goodbye. Excuse me while I go cry my eyes out in a corner again :’)

I have so much more to say about this, but right now I’m a jumbled up mess and this anime just pulls out emotions from me that I didn’t even know I had and throws them right back at me without remorse. Watching this is like going on an emotional rollercoaster and not knowing where you’ll end up. But the messages and the symbolism that this anime conveys is like no other. It’s something that I can never forget and something that I would willingly throw myself into again even though I know it will cause me emotional pain.

But you know what? Being able to feel all this, just watching something that can evoke so much emotion and make you reflect upon your own life like that: that’s what makes me love Your Lie in April so much. Say what you will, but I think Your Lie in April is beautiful.

P/S: I was also so inspired that I wrote a poem in response to Kaori’s letter from Kousei’s point of view—

At this point, I’m just trying to do everything I can to relieve myself of these tears…

Saying ageist things about Carol is not only hateful and disrespectful to Melissa McBride (undoubtedly one of the greatest actresses of all time) it’s awful to the many women who watch the show and champion Carol. Sometimes I watch the show with my Mom (a domestic abuse survivor who is Carol’s age) and I see the happiness it brings her to see a character that reminds her of herself who is such a force of nature. Representation matters, and when you diss a character like Carol for trivial shit like her (lovely) gray hair, you’re attempting to invalidate what she represents based on age alone. She represents survivors. She is strong and capable. She is beautiful and desirable. And though it doesn’t define her, because she would be just as great of a character without it- she is definitely worth the attention and love of the favorite male lead.

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You guys

Belle has always been my favourite Disney Princess because she likes to read and is strong-willed and sticks up for what she believes in.

Emma Watson - aka Hermione, aka one of my favourite HP characters who loves books - playing Belle.

My childhood has come full circle.

Little girls are going to watch the new live-action Beauty and the Beast and see Belle: they’ll see a strong girl who is stubborn, strong-willed, intelligent, loves to read and stands up for what she believes in. She’s inventive, not afraid to stand up to Gaston, not afraid to do something if it means saving a loved one.

I just think that’s such a good image for girls to see!

“It’s kind of refreshing as a woman not to be playing a character that’s just defined by whom she’s in love with, to be honest. With Margaery, political ambition is motivating her—her relationships with all these different men has an agenda. Game of Thrones is like The Hunger Games in so far as it has beautiful writing of strong, complex, contradictory women—whether you’re talking about Arya Stark or Brienne of Tarth, who are physically empowering themselves; or women like Cersei and Margaery, who are doing the more traditional political court machinations. Margaery represents a very modern sort of PR, winning the hearts and minds. I’ve called her Kate Middleton crossed with your First Lady, Michelle Obama. She is a politically savvy woman who is harnessing romantic notions of royals in the populous’ mind.”

lol so how come su is praised so much for destroying gender roles and all that, even though…

1. the butch characters are always villainized, shelved, given less attention and development, etc.

2. the skinny feminine characters get all the development and attention.

3. the characters who destroy beauty standards, such as the fat ones, are pretty much nonexistent now? you can give me that “rose lives on in steven’s gem!!1″ stuff all you want but the show pretty much treats her like she’s dead, and amethyst has become more and more nonexistent in each episode (also the whole amedot situation…ugh), along with smoky quartz. stevonnie is also sexualized to the extreme and is pretty much treated as a girl in the show. we also can’t forget how the fat characters are being slimmed down!

4. the show wanted to have a majority-female cast, but then rebecca turns around and says “nope the gems aren’t actually women lol” but we also get literally NO mention at all of the gems being nonbinary in the show so…what’s the point of that if you’re not even gonna intend to write that into the show somewhere, like, ever…? those two facts cancel each other out, ending up in us getting rep for neither one, basically.

5. steven doesn’t even feel like a sweet, sensitive, and “not your typical, hypermasculine” boy anymore. he’s just an entitled, lying, hypocritical jerk who sympathizes with the feminine characters and accuses every butch character of being a Big Bad. and of course the show has become WAY too much about him now, and how he impacts and leads the gems, even though they’re supposed to be strong female-coded characters who teach and raise steven, and help him with his powers??? the only other character who gets as much attention as him is pearl, who is literally the definition of “what beautiful women should look and act like” she also plays into the stereotype that women are just emotional wrecks and “crazy ex-girlfriends” or something with how much she cries over rose, jesus christ. i understand that people believe she’s mentally ill but…whatever you consider her, she’s definitely not good rep lol.

6. there’s barely any characters that aren’t a boy or a girl, besides stevonnie and smoky (who are just a boy and a girl mashed up together anyway). the gems just don’t even count at this point, it seems. and the nonbinary characters are sexualized or shelved after 2 episodes.

so…yeah, what does this show even do to destroy gender roles, again?

Dear Shadowhunters: Representation fucking matters

Ok, after hearing that one of my favorite series in the entire world would be on the screen again, of course I was geeked. And soon after I accepted that this wouldn’t be like the books and learned to enjoy the show. But there are some problems that feel the need to let out.
1) Playing on somebody’s triggers is disgusting and should never have been written in. And it was inconsistent with Luke’s character henceforth.
2) We finally have a black girl who I enjoy watching - someone strong, smart and beautiful and she gets written as a villain after some amazing bonding w/ Simon and that pisses me off. The vilification of black women on tv pisses me off.
3) the addiction? Seriously writers?? The first problem is that Aldertree gave them to her - another poc is being tied to addiction and villainy and that frustrates me. He can be a rude, arrogant control freak but did he have to be the one to get his subordinate hooked on drugs and then ask her out on a date?? The second issue is Izzy’s character is supposed to be ridiculously independent and strong- this addiction doesn’t even fit her character. And it frustrates me how her relationship with clary has completely evaporated this season. Girl power matters and the writers are playing all the women against each other. Plus, I liked Raphael and even Rizzy, but throwing them together this way sucks.
4) I love Malec too, but Alec as the savior of the show runs in line with white queer men being the end all and be all of good representation. The fandom frustrates me too just because Malec is so important but there is so much fucked up representation and no one talks about it. The lack of female friendships, the vilification of poc, I’m not a fan of the addiction role given to Latinxs. A FUCKING TRIGGER SCENE IN THE SAME EPISODE AS MALEC CANDIDLY AND HEALTHILY TALKING ABOUT SUICIDE. What the heck???? The writers have shown that they are capable of good representation w/ Malec so why can’t women, poc, and mental illness other than
suicide get proper representation as well!???
5) this is more of a personal problem, but honestly Clary’s acting has gotten so much better and no one gives her credit. Also, Climon imho is cute as hell even if it did take Maia being pushed to the side to get it. And honestly, Jace is such a missed opportunity. The writers fail to reveal the nuances in his character, and layers to his behavior and that also pisses me off. Just because he’s a straight white guy does not mean you have to make him the jackass of the show. Frankly straight white men surprisingly got shitty representation too.

Ok , I’m done. If you disagree, please comment - I love having these discussions. But the moral of the rant is: Representation is important. And just because the show has a healthy relationship between a gay man and a bisexual man does not mean it has gotten it right at all.

Newsies Live, a review of sorts

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So it’s looking like the reply I wrote up last night for @party-with-books on mobile, during a wifi issue, is just not going to ever post and is lost to the netherworld, which is unfortunate because, even if nothing I said was coherent, I wrote it while everything was still fresh and I was still on the most beautiful ecstasy high - the kind you can’t get arrested for. But I’m gonna try to do the play justice here, and using a lot of gifs, XD so we shall see.

Guys. Guys. Guuuuyyysssss. I just can’t. Let me start by saying I have never seen a stage production of Newsies. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for months, but for a lot of the bits the stage show has added or edited from the original film’s story, I had absolutely zero context for, and the soundtrack is sadly missing like a crap ton of reprises. Therefore, if you care about spoilers, I suggest you stop reading this and wait for the dvd to come out or something, because I don’t feel like holding anything back.

After that note, where the heck do I even begin? The production itself. And by that, I don’t just mean the sets and the cast and the lighting and the camera. Nah, primarily at this point, I mean Spectacle.

I’ve now seen a good number of shows, in various formats, but none of them have been so energetic, alive, and overwhelming. The dancing is superb. I know for the filming they pulled out all the stops, with bigger leaps, more twirls, and a larger number of Newsies on stage, and let me tell you, IT WAS WORTH IT. A stage filled with forty or more singing, tap-dancing, leaping Newsies is a sight to behold.

I mean, there was this:

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This is Ryan Steele, as Specs, doing the full-out twirl. Our Specs was played by the amazing Jordan Samuels, but it’s a different cast member entirely who performs this move, and we get a sky high view of the spin, which I’m pretty sure is faster and longer, and the entire theater gasped and applauded.

There were hundreds and hundreds of flips, spins, cartwheels, splits, jumps, tricks, and moves I cannot name. There was tap dancing on tables. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A DANCING TROUPE OF THIS LEVEL OF EXCELLENCE IN SUCH AN EXTRAVAGANT SHOWING EVER.

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The set and staging was absolutely dynamite, and it will never cease to astound me how theatrical productions can amass an entire world on a few hundred feet of stage.

Near the end of “Once and For All” the Newsies completely drop out on the vocals and then come roaring back in, and again, my entire theater gasped in awe and delight, and I was crying and covered in goosebumps.

As for Jack…

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Jeremy Jordan is the definitive Jack Kelly for me, okay?

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If you’re a die hard Christian Bale or Corey Cott fan or anyone else, I’m sorry, but it’s true. There will never be another player who so fully encompasses that role for me. His Jack is so intense and passionate the. entire. time. Every single thing he says and does. The only moments we see him physically relax at all are when he’s with Crutchie (and we’re too busy crying to notice) or sharing the stage with Katherine.

And that brings me to Katherine Plumber. I was not especially anticipating her role, I have to admit. I love my Denton too much, and I was horribly concerned that the romantic angle between her and Jack would be too strong, taking away from the real love story of the play, that of this family whose name is Newsies. But I couldn’t be happier with her character and Kara Lindsay’s performance. She was amazing, and I could feel the rest of the audience connecting with her too. “Watch What Happens” is just one of her shining moments, and I am in love with her, and so happy of the way the writers brought her character in.

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It’s also beautiful to weave in the feminine vocals of Katherine with the only other female singing cast member, Medda Larkin (our very own being played by Aisha de Haas) in the middle of all those guys. Don’t get me wrong, because the Newsies chorus is the epitome of what makes the show so great, but having those softer moments and the gals singing brings enough of a change that it completely enlivens every other male vocal in the story.

Okay, enough being calm, rational, and technical for a minute. Let me “be real.”

I Am Not Okay. Not in this or any other universe will I ever be the same.

(The rest of this post is probably going to just be me screaming at random about different things.)

CRUTCHIE. HOLY COW. CRUTCHIE MY BABY. “Letter From the Refuge” absolutely killed me. THE FREAKIN ATTACK ON CRUTCHIE FREAKIN KILLED ME. Just him standing with Jack in the prologue with “Santa Fe.” THERE ARE NO GIFS FOR THIS. Andrew Keenan Bolger is of such high caliber, I can’t even begin to describe how much I love him in this role.



Little Les is amazing. Like, in the old movie, he wasn’t so much a character as a plot device. He was literally the little boy with the cute face who could sell the papes. In this, Les is the one who strikes up the deal with Jack, and Les is the one who shouts a message for Pulitzer as the guard closes the door in their faces. He is so precocious and adorable and perfect, and so much more a character in his own right, I am so pleased.


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HIS SINGING. HIS ACTING. HIS CHARACTER AND INTERACTIONS WITH JACK AND LES. The confrontation between him and Jack later on when Davey is trying to get Jack to rejoin the Strike, and he says “it’s not like anyone died” and Jack whirls on him in rage, because of what happened to Crutchie, who could very well die at that point. I COULDN’T HANDLE. And when Davey reminds him what they’re fighting for, and why they shouldn’t stop. PERFECT BOYS, PERFECT.

AND I ALMOST FORGOT RACETRACK LAJKDHF. Race is my favorite Newsie from the old movie, and I was not disappointed by him here. Benjamin Cook is an adorable angel and my favorite bit of him probably has to be when he is staring wide-eyed at Governor Roosevelt at the end, so happy and in awe. Unfortunately I can’t find any gifs of him either arg.

AND SPOT, HOW COULD I MISS SPOT CONLON Tommy Bracco’s performance left nothing to be desired, he was as spot-on as his character’s name. WE ARE BROOKLYN NEWSIES

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Oh, and then there was This:

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I HATE/LOVE THIS PART OF THE STORY SO MUCH. When Pulitzer forces Jack’s hand, makes him face the Newsies and turn on them, in order to save them and save Crutchie and Davey and Les, but Pulitzer also gives him money to go to Santa Fe and that is all the Newsies ever see. LKDJFLHDHFAJDHFLA MY HEART HURTS

I love Jack Kelly more than Raoul or the Phantom, or Dimitri, or Valjean or Marius or Enjolras, or even arguably Fiyero. I feel every single beat of “Santa Fe” as it blooms and changes from dream to dust to dream.

I adore how the stage version plays up the affect the Newsies strike had on child laborers everywhere, how Jack proclaims it isn’t only Newsies’ rights they’re striking for.

The singing was absolutely flawless. Flawless I tell you.

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This is on par with the night I saw Wicked on tour. I will be buying the DVD. I will watch it at least once a year. I guess, if I wasn’t before, I’m a Fansie now.

So, yeah, to close: I don’t think I will ever find another thing on this earth that impacts every bit of my soul as much as musical theater does. That is a part of me I will never outgrow, and never give up. Doesn’t matter if I ever make it to see a show on Broadway, or if I ever get on behind the scenes at a theater company. This is me.

This is an experience I want to relive every day for as many days as I have. I laughed, I cried, I came home to my roomies in such a state of embarrassed, blissful exhilaration you’d think I just came home from my first date with the love of my life - which is a completely accurate comparison.

I cried so much, I laughed so hard. #NewsiesForever and all that. There is so much more I could say, so much I feel like I am completely leaving out. But truthfully, when it comes right down to it, there are no words in the human language to describe this experience and how thrilled I am that I was able to go, that I live in the same universe as this caliber of artistry and storytelling. This phenomenon is beyond anything I can say, so I’ll stop trying. ;)

I hope that answers anyone’s questions to whether or not I enjoyed Newsies Live.

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From the moment we see her, Jyn Erso is is treated in the story as a living, vibrant, multi-faceted human being. When we first see her as an adult, it is with the automatic assumption that she is strong. She is given an understandable backstory, compelling reasons to fight for her father and the Rebellion, and moments of humanity which reveal the strength of her character and heart. Jyn Erso is never sexualized, yet still is respectfully and cinematically portrayed as beautiful. She is given opportunity to shine in physical action scenes without being used as a prop or plot device to simply punch some bad guys and demonstrate what a “strong feminist action hero” she is. When the plans are transmitted, though the entirety of the Rogue One crew played an integral part in achieving that goal, the words we hear Admiral Raddus say are, “She did it!” Not theyshe. From her moments of incredible loss and heartbreak, to her overwhelmingly selfless acts of care, courage, and bravery, Jyn Erso is given the same thing male action heroes automatically get - legitimacy. Tell me again how Jyn Erso isn’t a strong female character. Because I’m just not seeing it.

This is decidedly my favorite character of game of thrones. She is stubborn, ambitious, strong, and beautiful.

“Fear cuts deeper than swords”

“I’m the ghost in Harrenhal, she thought. And that night, there was one less name to hate”

“nothing isn’t better or worst than anything. Nothing is just nothing “

- A little Lady shouldn’t play with swords.

- I wasn’t playing. And I don’t want to be a Lady.

Love this song  ♥

my top five fav kunoichis from “Naruto”

We all know that the series’ female characters got the short end of the stick. They were never as strong as their male counterparts, not as smart and mostly played the role of a love interest, a support for the male characters and\or a healer.

But a lot of these kunoichis were amazing in their own rights and must be praised nonetheless. These are my top 5 fav kunoichis in no particular order.


Beautiful, hilarious, and strong, this woman was simply amazing. Someone who was able to stand up for herself since she was a child and had a strong will power. Of course, you’d expect nothing less from Naruto’s mother.


Yet another support for male characters but brilliant nonetheless. The only female Akatsuki member, she was pretty dope during the Pain’s Invasion arc. Also, her fight with Tobi was amazing and she obviously would’ve won if it weren’t for the Uchihax. Also, she was a hot villain. My eternal waifu.

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I like that Overwatch has characters that fit into the typical action game tropes and then invert them

Like you’ve got your gun toting poster child, grass roots hero….. who’s pushing past his fifties, who the entire world thinks is dead, has turned into an agressive vigilante but is still soft hearted and just wants to make the world better beyond his hardened guise

You have your pretty blonde pacifist medic…..who opposes the male ‘heroes’ when she sees things getting out of hand, who puts her foot down the moment she sees injustice, who knows that sometimes you might have to resort to ‘preventative care’ to stop people from getting hurt, whose parents died due to war and who still became a world renowned surgeon

You have your ‘vigilante’ anti hero with a six shooter and a sarcastic streak…..who doesn’t use his position to get away with any shitty dealings, who looks at his criminal past with regret, who stood up to his ‘teacher’ when he saw things heading south, who makes sure no innocents get caught in the crossfire because this isn’t their fight, who doesn’t use his position to be intolerant or gruff to anyone who hasn’t done something to warrant his ire

You have your ‘plucky’ pixie warrior girl with a snippy catchphrase……who has proven herself to be the top agent in her field, never stops to be ‘sexy’ nor use her wiles to complete missions, who went through a horrific, life changing experience but doesn’t let her pain drag her down or lean on others, who is never moved on sexually by any character in the game and her most important relationship is with a highly intelligent gorilla who she dotes on like a sister

You have your beautiful, lady soldier……in full battle armor, a potential amputee, who never takes off her combat armor and keeps strategy in mind, always, who never lets her duty evade her, who’s never sexualized or has her abilities underscored to play ‘love interest’ or ‘second best’ to the boys, whose main motivation came from her mother

You have your strong, knightly character….who’s pushing seventy and repeatedly notes his frequent signs of aging, who is excited for the younger generation to become heroes, who wants to be a positive role model rather than be bitter that his proteges are taking his ‘glory’

You have your heavy, tank character…..who’s a buff, russian woman, who got her gun after ripping it off an armored truck, who left her dreams in her homeland to defend her country tooth and nail, whose sense of duty and honor outweighs her desires for personal greatness

Overwatch is just….such a good


If you are a fan of the books I’m pretty sure that we can all agree that this should be a movie series!
So I did a little fan cast
I tried to make it as accurate as possible including age accuracy (no one I casted is over the age of 20) but if you have any other suggestions let me know and I will make one for them too!

My girl Cinder! I love her
For her I picked my friend Kat
and OK OK…you are right she is not Asian.
But she is Native American and she explained how she is never represented in media cause there aren’t many Native American females whatsoever, even more than Asians and I want to change that. She loves Cinder and fits all of her describing perfectly!


I picked me ( @mistyxaesthetic ) naturally :)
I am an actress and I can give the character of Iko justice because I ADORE her! Also I believe that most of the cast should be unknowns as well.


Not everyone needs to be an unknown so for Scarlet I picked Sophie Turner.
She is curvy and can play a strong/kick butt character, she can totally pull off Scarlet!


For Cress I picked Natalie Dyer, she played Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things!
She is not a household name but she is fantastic!
She has a very small frame and if you give her blonde hair she would be a perfect Cress!


Winter is a beautiful dark skinned female and sadly dark skinned girls are barely represented. So I went with Diamond White, she is from the US XFactor and has gone into a career of acting. I haven’t seen her projects so I don’t know if she is good BUT I truly believe that the actress that plays Winter has to be described as she is in the books so that dark skinned girls can have someone to look up to/someone who looks like them who isn’t playing a poor girl from the hood (because that’s what Hollywood normally does with them) and see a successful and beautiful princess!!!

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Hi! I am a little bit confused. In all the promo materials for TWP so far EOY looks either deadly serious or quite miserable. I don't understand this angle of promotion. Why don't they show her with her children? She was happy mother of new dynasty, why don't they capitalize on that?

Because conflict generally moves a story line and captivates an audience, and the truth is that Elizabeth was more on the fringe in many cases than a power player – she was deprived of the ability to do much besides being a mother, the womb of the dynasty effectively, and the light of the court and England for her beauty, grace, sweetness, and charity.

To say nothing of the fact that it’s playing up the popular “feminist” narrative, which is a Strong Female Character the likes of Buffy and co. The writers apparently thought they were better able to sell this than a more passive and quiet personality that EoY appears to have been. They probably believed it gives the audience someone easy to root for a la Elizabeth Woodville of TWQ (although I found her grating myself) or GoT’S Danaerys.

The problem with historic individuals like EoY, Anne Neville, and so on is that they’re enigmatic. Usually these figures are used and reduced to tell a story of men. You’ll encounter this often in both biographies and fictional works for similar women in history (including Matilda of Flanders, Eleanor of Castile, etc), that their lives have to be pieced together through the men they associated with because chroniclers didn’t really pay them mind and we don’t always know what they were really doing or what they were even feeling for that matter. It’s easy to project on them.

But – and not to be harsh here – I think people need to realize this is based of Gregory material. It’s not going to follow even known history closely. Remember, it has the protagonists practicing magic. And in the book, which I haven’t read but have been recounted by many friends, she is miserable. As for being a happy mother – TWP book has her favoring Arthur over Prince Harry, which we know to be almost certainly historically inaccurate. It’s possible that perhaps she will be shown as a happy mother at some point, but the previews are playing up EoY as very much a member of the conflict, which is intended to bring in viewership.

The incentive of the creators of this show is not to educate you; it’s to entertain you. Some writers respect history more than others. For example, The Tudors was flawed but often quoted recorded dialogue nearly verbatim. If you’re going to watch the White Princess, I suggest lowering your expectations and, if able, enjoying it for what it is, the way I did with The White Queen.

On a side note, what I do find hilarious is that from the little I’ve witnessed most of the people going on about how awful this show is going to be – a bastardization of history – don’t particularly care about accuracy, as they’ve demonstrated on numerous occasions. What they abhor is the fact it’s not to their satisfaction, which is to say: they hate that it’s portraying HVII and his marriage in a negative light. I don’t believe HVII was a demon or that he was raping his wife continually as the source material has him, but simultaneously he was neither the “beautiful healer of divisions and most intelligent man in England always two steps ahead of everyone who worshiped his wife.” He certainly didn’t end the Wars of the Roses, nor did he save EoY from a life of misery and peril. In an alternate world EoY would have gone on to be Queen of Portugal and probably been able to properly exercise consort powers. But oh wait, according to some of them, that Portuguese marriage was never ever entertained for EoY?? Alrightie then.

I’ll be honest, though – I’ve only seen the very first trailer and nothing else except some gifs that have shown up on my dash. I’m nowhere near as interested as people that are claiming to hate it but can’t stop posting about it.

Beauty and the Beast: According to Society Women Can’t Be the Beast

There have been various adaptations of the tale Beauty and the Beast since its conception and it is undoubtedly one of the most cherished tales among children and adults, but just as any tale gender roles play a part in it. In western societies these gender roles are divided into male traits: assertiveness, aggression, anger, strength, lack of emotionality, and females traits: kindness, purity, sensitivity, demureness, and weakness. Almost all roles then in television and films follow these guidelines when creating their male and female characters, which can be frustrating to those who are not limited to the traits for their gender. The response of many to change this has been to create the ‘strong female character,’ who ends up being a hypersexualized and beautiful female with male personality traits. Game of Thrones is a culture phenomenon, and one of its greatest accomplishments has been to create the character of Brienne of Tarth (played By Gwendolyn Christie). Brienne is not beautiful by any of our typical standards, but she is strong of heart, mind, and body, yet throughout the first seasons of the show it is made known that no one has ever been interested in Brienne as a woman, and she suffers for an unrequited love for another man. 

When Brienne meets the character of Jaime Lannister (played by), they clash in more ways than one:

Brienne takes Jaime as prisoner and they are forced to work together as reluctant allies. Somewhere along the journey a friendship blossomed but underlying it was an undeniable tension. 

Many fans became enraptured by the relationship between these two characters and hoped they would get together romantically. Even so, there are other members of the GoT fandom that want Jaime to stay with his current lover, twin sister Cersei, and for Brienne to stay with Tormund, a man who shows interest in Brienne to which she does not reciprocate. There appears to be a rejection of females that lack physical beauty. Females that are considered ‘ugly’ or conventionally unattractive are considered fit partners to individuals that are of equal physical attractiveness. Cersei and Jaime are very attractive, Brienne is not. It would be interesting to see if ingrained gender biases for female beauty cause fans to be against this relationship. Many current ‘strong female characters’ are tough, but beautiful, possibly strengthening the relationship between beauty and strength in women. 

Brienne is all about honor and valor. When they began their journey, Jaime was lost and Brienne could not respect him, but she understands him in a different way than his sister has. Cersei is a great female character herself, but she is undeniably selfish, and to have honor, which is what Jaime desires to achieve there needs to be no selfishness. Though these two have started as friends, they have fallen in love with one another. The actor who plays Jaime states:  ‘You constantly feel this subtext of a weird fondness and attraction between them that they never act on, and could never act on. It’s intriguing. You kind of go, “Why can’t you just…?”’

Many fans of sci-fi/action/fantasy genres believe that if women get into a relationship with a ‘masculine’ or ‘traditional alpha male,’ they suddenly lose all agency or ‘cool factor’ previously attributed to them. They prefer these female characters be with non-threatening or non-attractive male characters in order to preserve the female’s ‘strength’ and moral character, even if the female shows no interest/rejects the character in a romantic way. 

One of the things that bother me most is that women complain that they feel uncomfortable when men make overly sexual gestures at them when they obviously have no interest in them. I know how that feels like, my friends have told me how it makes them feel and it is very unpleasant.

I am not sorry, this is not the face of a woman who feels happy this is happening. The director, Dan Sackheim confirms that this attraction is very one-sided: Brienne isn’t quite smitten with the bearf–ker just yet, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope. “I think it was fairly one-sided, but that’s OK,” he reasons. “There’s nothing like a challenge. Men love a challenge.”

Brienne is one of the greatest characters of all time, and while incest is extremely creepy, people want someone who had sex with a bear? At least Cersei and Jaime could give consent to one another.

It is one thing that a woman feels an attraction from the start but is either closed off emotionally, or is not sure she wants to be in a sexual/romantic relationship. If that happens it’s okay to try to reason to the person to open up to them and if it does not change their mind then leave them alone. But someone who is not interested at all being worn down into accepting a romantic partner? Don’t do that, to yourself, or to anyone else, and do not do this to Brienne. I believe it would send a extremely important message in regards to female beauty in heterosexual relationships if Brienne finally gets to be with a man she loves. It would be the opposite of every ‘guy falls for girl’s personality but then she gets a makeover and becomes the perfect woman’ trope, which would be pretty dang cool.

There’s been quite a few bootlegs that impacted me, because a performer acted out the scenes of characters I love in a way that made me see new nuances in the writing of said characters, etc, but one of the single best bootlegs I have is this audio I got: 

In the Heights (Broadway) − July 25, 2010: Corbin Bleu (Usnavi), Courtney Reed (u/s Vanessa), Janet Dacal (u/s Nina), Jon Rua (u/s Sonny), Bianca Marroquin (u/s Daniela), Gabrielle Ruiz (u/s Carla), Rick Negron (Kevin), Rickey Tripp (u/s Graffiti Pete), the rest is the Original Broadway Cast. Tracked.

This is the absolute fucking best, you have no idea. 

Corbin is amazing as Usnavi. He plays the character so distinctly, a much more serious, grounded vibe to him, and his voice is deep and beautiful. An excellent Usnavi.

Courtney Reed, who I did not love as Carla, is an incredible Vanessa, she gives you exactly what you want in a Vanessa, all the grump and the assertive and the emotional side as well, really really strong performance.


Chris Jackson, in addition to that, was ON FIRE during that specific performance, this is the best I’ve ever heard him, you can hear in his voice how good his acting is, amazing.

Rick Negron is my favorite Kevin, he brings so much depth to the role, I love him. 

Bianca Marroquin aka!!!! finally!!!!! a decent Daniela understudy!!!!! Does a superb job of portraying the goddess queen of el barrio!!!!! 


so yeah this bootleg was just excellent surprise to the next, this is hands down my favorite non OBC performance

Review of Harry Potter and the cursed child (play)

Hello!. So on Sunday 1st January i finally got to see Harry Potter and the cursed child in the Palace Theatre in London. And here is what i think:

It was absolutly incredible!!! One of the best shows i have seen so far (and i saw a lot of shows on west end). It was beautifully artistic and it nearly made me cry several times which means a lot.

The Plot

I know a lot of people don’t like the plot, but it worked so great on stage. I loved the plot, it was exciting until the end. It is not perfect of course (there is nothing that’s perfect not even the original books) but the plot was very good, i loved the time travelling and it served it’s main purpose: character development. Other than the books or fantastic beast cursed child is not about adventure or about the world and the plot so much, but it’s about interesting characters and character development, mainly about the development of Harrys and Albus’ father son relationship. So the main focus is not on the plot, but on the characters. So i will move on to the characters.



The characters/actors

I saw the whole main cast (which made me really happy) so here we go:


Harry James Potter

I saw Jamie Parker as Harry Potter and i can’t say enough how amazing he is. His performance was one of the best performances i ever got to see on a stage and this man is so talented it’s not normal any more. His portrayal of Harry’s pain about his relationship to Albus and about his haunting memories of the past was beautiful. His screams in Harry‘s nightmare scenes were bonechilling and we see how much Harry as a young adult with all this preasure on him is still haunted by his past. At the beginning of the play Jamie plays Harry very sorrowless and happy, we see what a loving father he is and Jamie Parker has great charisma on stage. With the developement of the plot however, Harry gets more and more stressed, there is a lot of preasure on him and Jamie‘s portrayal gets darker and he shows us the troubled but beautifully complex and very emotional human being. We see how much he loves his son and is trying to be a good father, but he has no idea how to show Albus his love. Harry as an interesting character is beautifully written and Jamie Parker brought Harry from the books to life on stage. I think he is perfectly casted and one of the most talented actors on the west end.



Albus Severus Potter

I saw Sam Clemmett as Albus Potter and he was amazing. His portrayal of Albus shows how angry Albus was and we understand why he is so angry. Everyone expects him to be like what they think Harry was: a perfect human being (which Harry of course wasn’t ). It must be very very hard to see that all your siblings go to Griffindor and are popular and you are sorted into Slytherin. He makes Harry‘s fame responsible for his suffering (and bullying in school) and that’s why he behaves the way to Harry as he does. He doesn’t want to see the famous Harry Potter he wants to see his father which is very hard for both of them. The most important scene in the whole play is the blanket scene in part one act one. The scene was tragically beautifully played by both Sam and Jamie and you could see that they both understood their characters perfectly.

Sam had great on stage chemistry with Jamie and Poppy (Ginny ) and with Anthony (Scorpius) of course. These two boys were brilliant together. Sam is an amazing and very young actor and we will definetly see more of him in te futute.




Ginny Potter

I saw Poppy Miller as Ginny and she was awesome (you will hear this a lot). In the movies i never really liked Ginny and i don’t think Bonny Wright did much for her character, it was so refreshing to see the strong and fierce Ginny we love so much from the books. Poppy portrays Ginny as a strong woman, a loving mother and as a very supportive wife (she has one moment when she doubts Harry, but this flaw and her apology just made her character more interesting and beautiful). She and Jamie had amazing chemistry and the kiss was so adorable. My favourite Ginny line, which is perfectly presented by Poppy, is when she answeres Draco with “my son is missing too!” Poppy literally screams this line and it’s such a strong moment (Draco‘s /Alex’ reaction is priceless).



Hermione Jean Granger

I saw Noma Dumenzweni as Hermione and you can tell me whatever you want but this woman was born to play Hermione Granger. She is one of those very rare actors/actresses who have such an authority when they enter the stage. Her Hermione was so strong and fierce as i remembered her from the books and she played such an amazing Minister of Magic (i really can’t imagine Emma Watson playing Hermione as Minister of Magic, it really wouldn’t fit for me as i always found Emma to be not strong and bossy enough to play Hermione). But Noma also has some beautiful soft scenes in the play e.g. in her kissing scene with Ron (they are a perfect couple) and this one scene after they changed back time and she sees Rose and then fully realized that her daughter didn’t excist in the other universe and they share a very heartbreaking hug. I don’t care about her skin colour or that some idiots think that she is too ugly to play Hermione, she was incredible and perfect in my eyes.



Ron(ald) Weasley

I saw Paul Thorne as Ron Weasley and it was such a delight watching him. Ron has a lot of funny moments in the play , which paul played masterly, he is trying to be the light in those dark moments, but at the same time he is still the good friend we saw in the books. He stands up for his wife and his friend and Paul made me love Ron even more. He had amazing chemistry with Noma and their kissing scene was so cute and heartwarming.



Rose Granger Weasley

I saw Cherrelle Skeete as Rose. When reading the script book first i didn’t like Rose that much, but Cherrele managed to let me see the Hermione part more in her and i actually really liked Rose in the play. She gives a very energetic performance and had some good moments with Scorpius. I think i saw not enough of her to properly judge her, but i think she is a very talented young actress.



Draco Malfoy

I saw Alex Price as Draco and he was amazing. In the first part he portrays Draco as we all know him from the books (at the beginning he is a little brat), but the more we get into the play we see the real Draco, he loves his son more than anything like Harry does (and yes they have a lot of father son issues too) and he gets more and more in touch with Harry, Ginny and Ron and Hermione as he has the same problem as Harry, his son is missing. To see Draco working with the golden trio makes a really great dynamic at the end of the play. I also love that through Alex incredible acting we see how lonely Draco always has felt and that he indeed is not a bad human being but a very interesting and developed character.



Scorpius Malfoy

I saw Anthony Boyle as Scorpius Malfoy and i tell you if Jamie Parker wouldn’t have been such an incredible actor this young man would have totally stolen the show. It’s very hard to describe Anthony’s acting and his high voice but this young actor is something special. I don’t think anyone came out of the theatre not totally in love with Scorpius Malfoy. Anthony has perfect comedic timing and he was so talented in the more silent scenes (i swear i saw a tear in his eyes). Whoever will play the part on Broadway has some big shoes to fill and in my opinion has to go with a totally different interpretation of Scorpius because you can’t imitate Anthony Boyle.

Before this blog gets even longer i won’t go into detail about the other actors, but i have to especially mention Esther Smith as Delphi and Paul Bennett as Snape for doing an especially great job.



The special effects

Please don’t ask me how they do it! The special effects are incredible, they are like real magic and with some tricks i still have no clue how they do it . I was sitting there with my jaw open and it was just magical. I can’t even say what i loved best it was all so amazing. But please never let the Dementors near me again. They were so creepy and frightening, amazingly made, but so creepy, not to even mention their terrifying screams. I never felt that horrified in my life before, i guess that’s the biggest compliment i can make the person, whoever designed them.




The costumes

All of the costumes were beautiful and fitted the characters very well. I loved how flowy the cloakes were, what looked really good in the dance numbers. I especially liked the costumes for the alternate Voldemort timeline, they were all black and so beautifully elegant especially Scorpius‘, Draco’s and Snape’s costumes.




Things i didn’t like

There wasn’t much that i didn’t like and it’s really just nitpicking, but every great thing always has some flaws that’s normal.

First of all i had some problems with some specific actors, mainly with the actor who played Bane. He was so over the top that it was nearly hilarious to me. Maybe he had a bad day or just is not my cup of tea.

As much as i loved Paul Bennett as Snape his voice was way too special to play Voldemort as well, it was a little bit outputting as it was very clear that it was the same actor. Normally theatre can hide it very well when an actor plays multiple roles, but that really doesn’t work with Paul Bennett. I really loved his Snape (which means a lot form e as a hardcore Snape fan), but because he was so special and fitted so well to Snape, it was to me as Snape tried to pretend he is Voldemort, which felt really weird to me. And i really didn’t like that they went with no nose ,new body Voldemort as up to my knowlegde he only looks like this since book four. I guess they made it so the audience can recognize him better.

The last things i wasn’t too fond of (but didn’t hate either) were the Trolley Witch (it was very cleverly made and funny just a little bit too much for me personally) and Delphi. I loved Esthers portrayal of her especially at the beginning and i don’t have anything against the idea of Voldemort having a child and overall i liked Delphi, but they could have developed her character a little bit more at the end, that’s all.  As i said nitpicking.

All in all it was one of the best days of my life and the show is amazing and i love it with all my heart. If you have a chance to see it: DO IT!!! It is one of the most beautiful Harry Potter related things i have seen and please don’t judge it too soon by just reading the script. The script is very empty without seeing this wonderful show bringing it to life

I know this blog is very long, but i hope you enjoyed <3

Natalia Cordova-Buckley and Diego Luna,

Natalia Cordova-Buckley and Diego Luna,

My name is Jessica. I was born to a woman whose second language was English and whose first language seems almost controversial in this country right now. I was born to a woman who was called stupid because she struggled to find the right words to use. I was born to a woman who-when she was mad-would yell in Spanish at people who couldn’t understand her. I was born to a woman who would sing lullabies to me in her native language. I was born to a Mexican woman. When I was growing up, my mother and I lived far apart for personal reasons, but that didn’t mean we didn’t love each other. She would always tell me to be proud of my ethnicity.

Living in Vermont (a predominantly white state), my darker complexion made me different, made me a target. When I was in first grade, the kids would ask me why my skin was dirty, and I remembered asking to take extra showers. All the while, my mother told me to embrace my dark skin. I loved being outside growing up because my natural skin tone would show itself, but when I saw ads for beautiful women, I saw how light their skin was, so I stopped going outside. Plus, my dark skin made me “look like a dirty Mexican” (something kids my age used to tell me). All the while, my mother reminded me that strength and resilience are beautiful no matter what the color of your skin is. When I wanted to take a proper Spanish class in middle school, I was harassed until I settled on taking French because it was “more realistic” living in a place like Vermont. I was always proud of my ethnicity until people started singling me out because of it. They would ask me if I was legal, and they would push me to work on a farm because that was where “people like me” belonged. All the while, my mother supported me as I lost touch with our traditions and culture in order to fit into a group that never accepted me in the first place.

Then, when I was 14, my mother died.

I’m almost 21 now, but for such a long time, I had been ashamed of the color of my skin and the family traditions that this woman was proud of regardless of the harassment, oppression, and racism she faced on a daily basis. She never had the opportunity to see representation in this form. Natalia Cordova-Buckley, a woman who plays a powerful and badass Hispanic superhero/inhuman on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”. A woman who-in the real world-is a strong voice for women and someone who seems so comfortable in her own skin, someone who is beautiful and gracious. And Diego Luna, a man who played one badass character in STAR WARS!!! Since I was a kid, Star Wars held a very special place in my heart as my favorite movies of all time. However, it was the last place I thought I would see someone who looked like me. My mother didn’t live long enough to see this representation, but I did. I am so incredibly touched by the strength and resilience you have both shown the world, and for the first time in a very long time, I am proud of who I am. Thank you for representing me and giving me a voice. Thank you for being a light in the darkness. Thank you for making me feel beautiful. Thank you for making me feel valid. And, thank you for being a hero to me and so many others like me. I am eternally grateful.

listen i love all the foxes (matt and nicky alone make me want to write gilgamesh-esque epics in their praise) but the girls. the girls

  • dan wilds is a goddamn force of nature but i think people expect her to be after three years of captaining a team that was shitty to her and absolutely fucking owning her past as a sex worker (and her old stripper friends are mentioned!! frequently!! with much love!!). and her reaction to neil or anyone on her team (HER team. HER family.) is so heartbreaking like she will go to the ends of the earth for all of them, even the twins.
  • but allison has no such excuse, so when u sit back and realize that this girl not only gave up her inheritance to play Exy, she also takes an hour to get ready in the morning ur like ‘fuck this is one of the strongest female characters ive ever seen ‘ and ur fucking RIGHT she is, playing after Seth, fucking backhanding andrew when he was way out of line, patching up neil with as much care as she had anger on his behalf like how amazing is it that she was introduced as a ‘catty bitch’ and then shes like one of the first people neil thinks about when he thinks about strong women
  • so when u realize all that you get sucker punched with the beautiful person that is renee. renee who is a glowing pastel cloud of pretty and nice and good christian girl aesthetic. also she started the whole ‘ending a cycle of violence’ thing when she gave her knives to andrew (who gave them to neil symbolism). renee who was in a gang and knows so much horror and is probs neck and neck with kevin in understand neil’s background. renee who could fuck u up so easily but instead saves people. she saved andrew, she saved jean.

in conclusion: the foxhole girls, women in a co ed sport where women are discouraged from playing

Kellita is a goddess

We have seen the strong woman trope, we have seen the strong black woman trope. The ones that don’t need a man, the ones that are MASCULINE in a way. Gosh, Zoe Saldana said that Gamora had masculine qualities and that that was difficult to play. Masculine.

Anyway. Roberta Warren is bad ass, is a strong black woman. And her love life… is a bit unlucky. But despite being a badass Z killer, Roberta Warren is imho a very feminine character. She is caring, she is loving and beloved and she is beautiful. Somehow Roberta Warren is the most feminine bad ass female character we could have had. Men and women would lay down their life for her. Would sacrifice their soul for her.

I mean, I love Michonne, but we barely see the WOMAN in Michonne, cause Michonne has to guard her emotions most of the times.

But with Roberta… Kellita is a goddess. She doesn’t hide any emotion. She puts it right on display. In Heart of Darkness you could see her pain on her face. In Resurrection Z you could see her love. She is beautiful and caring and feminine and badass and I love her. Kellita Smith is capable of displaying so many different sides in her… In interviews they always say that she is a princess in real life and not badass. As the character Roberta Warren, she is a queen.