she is beatiful

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is it true that kishi said : even i can't believe how beautiful sakura has become (or something like that)

I gave Sakura, unlike Hinata, a more slender design, a pretty Onee-san. She has a long, slender neck, and as for her hair..


Yep sakura being a beaty has always been 100 % canon <3

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Hi, which design of Sakura you like, with longer or shorter hair? Mine's the longer one. Especially in the gaiden flashbacks, she is a perfect mix of Tsunade's beauty and Itachi's aura, just divine! That's why i never want SP to animate it.

Omg sameee <3 That hairstyle and calm aura that reminds Itachi. But the affective part tsunade <3 I thought I was the only one

Also I love how strong the mamavibes is with her hairstyle like this. She is enchanting

As for me I love all both short and long hair on her <3 she is just beatiful in anything

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Normally wen u hate/dislike a character u sort of don't like anything associated with them.. But wen it comes to sakura haters even though they hate her with passion, some want her plot , some want her bonds with the main male leads, some want her power status & some want her popularity (in manga) only to be replaced with their fav characters or fav ships .. this ppl is not considered as hatred this is called JEALOUSY!!

It’s a given they are jeaous lol . Nh hate on sakura since she was naruto’s only love and it destroys their bullshit about hinatitits being everyone’s dream .Plus the fact that she is in canon a beaty and the most powerful just make their ass hurt lol. NS bash her for nor being with naruto Lmao ( when she always loved sasuke) while the fujoshi rabbits on heat are just mad that their gay fetishism didn’t happen. Honestly Sakura deserves more

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Just finish ep.13 and now I’m 100% on masked man team!

(Actually, I’m in his team since ep. 1 but… even… ¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯  ) 

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To me, the forehead poke was the most unexpected thing to ever happen in Naruto!!! It made me love sasusaku so much(even when I was a hardcore narusaku shipper back than) Was it the same for you? Did you ever expected sasusaku​ to become canon like that??

Oh so you were a narusaku fan? Didn’t know that

As for me, among the many fantasies I had about them becoming canon, I wouldn’t even dare to think about the forhead poke.

The most precious memory for sasuke. The gesturethat made him relive the  happiness he shared with his family, the epitome of lovethat  only a family can give you you, was used as the the link to the love of his ife, sakura.

I have no words to express howbeatiful its is. No kiss, sex scene or ooc confession could ever change that.

And sakura knows that too, that’s why she shows us the most beatiful and heartwarming smile whenever sasuke is mentioned :D