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god. thinkin about how assmcgee couldve been such a chill, nice dude if he never fell into the wrong crowd. instead, daisy dug her little claws into him when he had no one else and guided him into being like her bc she saw how needy he was and she rolled with it so she could get another boy under her foot bc if that girl loves one thing, its control. helped too that she thought assmcgee was super hot and he her

Okay since my opinion on Kali is probably confusing as hell (since I’ve reblogged posts with different opinions) I’ll make it clear here

I liked kali. A lot. From the first time she appeared on screen. I think she’s a fascinating character and I hope we’ll get more of her in s3.

I don’t believe she’s a bad person. I think she has the full right to hunt after the people that have abused her and other kids. I think those people deserved it. I might not be like the fondest of killing people but you can’t deny that. Those people electrocuted her and took away her family - and did probably way worse things.

Now on to her relationship with El. I truly believe she cared about her. She didn’t just fake that emotion when she saw her again. And her completely shaken and upset face when she left? That was real.

But she also knew that El would be useful for them, and that probably had a lot of impact on her decision to let her stay.

And, she never forced el to stay. She told her it was her own decision to stay and kill - even before the scene where she literally said it. ‘We can’t all be fighters’ - eleven was the one that said she could do it.

She also taught her that she shouldn’t be ashamed of her powers and how she could use them. She probably saved her life in the long run, because without that help, El would probably not have been able to close the gate.

But that all doesn’t erase the fact that she used her abuser against her. That scene was heart breaking and not okay.

But that doesn’t make Kali the worst monster on this show. We have Brenner and all those other assholes from Hawkins lab. They literally abused children. And we have Billy and troy, an abuser and a bully. And we have those mean former best friends of Steve that were just straight up assholes.

Out of all of them, Kali is in no way the worst person and she definitely doesn’t deserve all the hate she gets. She’s not perfect and she’s done wrong things, but she is not the worst and doesn’t deserve all this hate.

The Fuckmokers are Fakes

It’s so gawd-damned aggravating when puerile poseurs beat out talented artists on so-called award shows that give them bragging rights to claim to be the “Best”. I dislike their music so much I think their fans have killed their brain cells by drinking too many aspartame-poisoned diet sodas, illegally obtained beer, tripping on molly, or whatever other ways our nation’s youth currently abuse themselves for the sake of having a good time. I even suspect the gross twosome of being frauds like they’ve got bots inflating their streams to claim top spots on the charts. I look at the one w/ the surly ugly face & actually have fleeting nano-seconds when I purely hate him! 

Then I calm myself down. These bogus award shows are nothing but Twitter Popularity Contests that have absolutely nothing to do w/ the quality of their winner’s music or performances. The shows have some truly great performances but the reason for the show is utterly meaningless. Also, the same bots that have fake accounts on Spotify could also have Twitter accounts.

OR those guys are working their asses off…

I went to their website this morning & guess what? In addition to doing Vegas once a week, these dudes are playing the full Jingle Bell Ball circuit at the lesser cities AND hitting low-end venues w/ reasonable ticket prices all across the country AND the UK, too. Three times a week they’re living The High Life in hotel rooms w/ babes, booze & buds that frat boys can envy & virtually enjoy AND their girlfriends can dream about scoring a one-night stand w/ one of these lizards. If you’ve recently attended their show & had drunken fun then hell yeah, you’re going to vote for them via Twitter. It’s too easy & why not?  

 Calvin hasn’t given a fuck about fans…

…since last year. Not being popular is his own damned fault. Hell, he hasn’t done shit to promote the best album he’s ever made! Now for us true music lovers, our next hope for seeing Calvin rewarded for his actual talent comes on 28 November when we find out if the Grammy’s are as bogus as the rest of the award shows. I don’t expect him to win anything because the Grammy’s are often another popularity contest won by going to parties w/ the voters. But he damned well ought to be recognized in the nominations, hopefully in multiple categories. 

So this is where my mind is: the Fuckmokers are gawd-awful but maybe they are legitimately earning the popularity contests. And if Calvin gets Grammy nominations, he should try to win by playing the Fame Game & give a fucking interview to get his hairy face on the cover of Rolling Stone.


Have you seen Dan Wootten’s latest broadside? Someone is losing her popularity & has angered the Grammy jury. I don’t actually believe what he’s saying but the story is already being repeated on other sites. It’s another episode of “Gossip becomes Fact” to watch for its amusement value.

Today I was walking behind a mother and a small child who couldn’t have been older than five. The child was walking in that syncopated gait that is instantly recognizable as a small child avoiding sidewalk cracks, which was completely adorable.

And then this adorable golden-haired child looked up at her mother and said in a completely even voice “Someday, I’ll step on it.”

That child is going places. Maybe jail. But places.