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‘The Walking Dead’ Costume Designer Reveals How the Women Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
The AMC drama’s season 7 finale airs tonight.
By Charlie Carballo

Throughout the show’s run there have been subtle changes in wardrobe styles for the characters. For katana-wielding Michonne’s introduction in season 3, actress Danai Gurira’s heroine was equipped with a boot that symbolized strength.

“Michonne has lots of studs on her boot in the beginning — that was all a part of the plan, but Danai, in real life, wanted something more comfortable for her knees,” she said. “So I covered her sneakers — a hiking boot covered with a leather boot topper so it makes it look like boots, but it’s really not.

Gurira’s customized footwear now features buckles and straps.

“With her, especially, everything she’s wearing is on purpose,” Womble added.“When you see her coming, you’re like, ‘oh s**t, maybe you don’t want to mess with this one.’ She looks like she’ll take you out — it’s like a warning. If you see her in the apocalypse, you’re going to be afraid.”

Womble said that designing for Michonne ‘s season 4 flashback scene is among her favorite style moments.

“She was a lawyer before she became Michonne, the warrior,” Womble explained. “When you go back in time and she’s a mom, with a baby and in a fancy apartment with artwork. I wanted her to look like an African princess,”Womble said, adding that she took inspiration from Gurira’s Zimbabwean ancestry. “I made things that were soft. It was very African-inspired. It was so beautiful and orange. Because it was a dream [sequence], I enhanced it and made it more fancy than anything you would have on in the house.”


I’m thinking dinamis gonna wanna up that armor class a bit before the tournament, and i think she may hypothetically have a couple of options here.

nothing says symbolism like wearing your dead bffs’ armor 

also sorry if i’m being overbearing with the dnd3d stuff i am just having a fuckin ball over here

edit: added two? top left to bottom right, gold, silver, rose gold and tarnished silver

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My style would be 'I'm a loser who stays in her room all day and scrolls through tumblr but it's cool cuz she follows this one awesome blog that posts jokes all the time' tbh idk lol

hey, come on now. you’re not a loser.

you follow me on tumblr. that makes you the biggest winner in the world.

At the fireworks show today there was a dude selling light up flower crowns so ofc me and my pal got some and on the way home this little old lady stopped to tell us we looked very pretty and I felt like a shiny flower prince it was sweet

here’s my d&d character Lami! She’s a gnome, bard and a scoundrel =3

Anon requested:  Headcanons about how the boys would react if candy told them she chose another guy pls? (Your blog is awesome tbh)

A/N: Thank you so much! I hope you like it! :)


Nathaniel would probably be really surprised; he thought that he was finally getting somewhere with his and Candy’s relationship. So, when she told him that she was dating Castiel, he was completely caught off guard. 

“I-I’m happy for you,” he told her, forcing a smile. And to be honest, he was happy for Candy. She’d found someone who liked her just like she deserved; how could he not be happy for his friend? He just wished that she had realized that he could be the one to make her that happy…


Castiel’s immediate reaction was jealousy. Candy was his! He was the only one she could date! He stopped, though, when he realized that it might have been that kind of thinking that caused her to choose someone else in the first place. 

“I knew you had a soft spot for him,” he smirked at Candy. She was dating Lysander. He couldn’t be mad at either one of them. They were two of his best friends, and if anyone deserved to be happy, it was the two of them. He couldn’t help feeling like maybe if he was more affectionate the way Lysander was, Candy would be his girlfriend instead…


Lysander’s eyes widened as Candy told him the news. She was dating Nathaniel! Had I not been clear enough with my feelings? he asked himself, absentmindedly feeling for the poem he had written that was in his pocket.

“That’s nice,” he smiled. “I hope the two of you are happy.” I should have given this to her sooner, he scolded himself in his head, referring to the poem. It was going to reveal all of the feelings he held for Candy; his admiration, his passion, his love. It was too late.


When Candy had come racing to Kentin to tell him “the greatest news”, he assumed it would be something that would make him just as happy. Boy, was he wrong. 

“Y-You’re dating Armin?” he squeaked, biting his lip. He didn’t want Candy to see how upset he was at her news. “That…that’s great!” he continued feigning his happiness. In reality, he was trying to hold his tears back. He’d thought that when he came back from military school, Candy would see a different side of him and would finally realize how perfect they were for each other. I’m so stupid…


Armin and Candy were sitting on his couch playing some video game when she revealed that she was dating Kentin. Armin dropped his controller and turned towards Candy in surprise. She paused the game and looked at him, smiling. 

“Oh…well, that’s cool,” he said nonchalantly, pretending like the news didn’t affect him. “Let’s get back to the game.” He picked up his controller again and unpaused the game. For the rest of the day, though, Candy and Kentin was the only thing he could concentrate on. Candy beat him every round after that until she decided it was time for her to leave. “Alexy?” Armin called once she had gone home. “Can we talk?”

A/N: Sorry for the second announcement, but I have a question for you guys! I have a few different accounts on My Candy Love, and on one of them, Kentin is about to come back from military school. This wouldn’t be such a big deal, but I wasn’t the nicest to him before he left. I checked and his affinity is at -20…

Do any of you know what happens when he comes back? I know that he’s nice to you if you were nice to him, but I wasn’t nice to him…Also, how hard is it to regain my affinity points with him? Thanks if you’re able to help :)

Request an edit, scenario, or headcanon!

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Rules: tell me your 10 favorite characters from fictional works (movies, tv, books, etc.) and tag 10 people!

I’m not really into too many fandoms, since i tend to forget other fandoms pretty quickly after i get obsessed with a particular one, but… here we go

1 Gladiolus Amicitia from FFXV (who would’ve thought, mh? lol)
2 Riku from KH
3 Aranea from FFXV
4 Noctis and Prompto -I can’t decide :c- from FFXV
5 Aqua from KH bbs
6 Death from @fairyghibli OCs because her ocs are awesome and she should post things about them. tbh i love all of them but Death has a weak spot in my heart
7 Fiona Gallagher from Shameless
8 Natsu and Lucy from FT
9 Hisoka, Kuroro and Kurapika from HxH
10 and the last spot… ahahahah i can’t think of anyone else tbh. I’ll say Me from my personal life lmao It kind of feels like a fictional story. A bad one ahahahahha

I’ll skip with the tags because i know these chains gets out of hands pretty easily lol. If you want to do it…. as if i tagged you!


FEMALE AWESOME MEME: [1/5] female characters who are unfairly hated » Tauriel (The Hobbit)
“It is our fight. It will not end here. With every victory this evil will grow. If your father has his way, we will do nothing. We will hide within our walls, live our lives away from the light and let darkness descend. Are we are not part of this world? Tell me, mellon, when did we let evil become stronger than us?”