she is amzing

i watched up and coming theater’s heathers and i loved it wtf


Mob City meme » seven quotes - [6/7]

-“Look, Jas…you and me, I’d do it again. All of it. If you don’t feel the same way, we can be done the moment I walk out the door.”

-“Sure, Joe. Maybe you’ll get a job selling vacuum cleaners, and I’ll learn to cook.”

anonymous asked:

How would raph react to a random hug? *hugs him*

Raph: “Yeah, nice try.”

((I would like to introduce the amazing, the incredible, the talented @alphamaoyinrp!  She did this amzing piece for me! ( you can find more of her art here: @hynmy-art-and-aus)))​ 

This tweet makes me ponder:

To all those people who continuosly keep saying she’s arongant, she is off, she is not humble or not ackowledge her fans, just read this tweet. Consider that she took time to write and thanking us for all the wishes. She took time from her time off Castle, time just days after her wedding to ackowledge people she doesn’t even know. Think about this and then speak.

(Btw my final conclusion is that she is just an amzing person, and there are a few perople like her.)


omg listen to her she is so f uckinga amzing