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I just realized that Drautus probably assigned Nyx to protect Luna so that Nyx would get attached to her somehow - so that he’ll eventually to lead the glaives to the Nif ship trap unknowingly. He knew Nyx would stop at nothing to rescue the princess, since he was the one with the “always wanting to save someone” attitude and somewhat blind to what was actually happening at first because he had a nice interaction with Luna earlier thay made some sort of bond, even if it’s short (there’s probably more interaction in the party that the movie didn’t show). And having bonded with her would just psyche him in just giving his best in rescuing her.

In other words, Drautus was technically a LuNyx shipper (LOL!!!), or at least played a subtle matchmaker for them, albeit for the wrong reasons xD.  I just imagined him thinking like “Ulric and the princess… hmmm… He’ll get attached to her and she’ll be perfect and charming around him. Nice. Perfect. It’ll work” And then when the party came and he saw Nyx giving her the hair pin he’d be like “Oh yes! I knew it! Even more perfect! I can already see the heart eyes.”

It’s probably just me and my shipping goggles but yeah… it’s hard not to think about it like that LOL. 

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I just checked out that music video grant Elise applied for and it seems like a pretty big deal. They award around like $50,000 to upcoming musicians to encourage their art. It's cool that she's passionate about acting but is serious about her music as well.

I hope she gets it!~  And then she’s 90% of the video XD  I like that Elise gives her 100% in everything and we might not see her feel down but it always feels like she’s very optimistic, even if she doesn’t get what she wants no matter how hard she worked for it.

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Oh! Oh! Congratulations for the new blog guys! Could you do Reborn with a stubborn, hard to get s/o? Like, literally hard to get - since she's always travelling from place to place just to annoy the hitman. xD Thanks!

Reborn was irritated. His work had been running long and his s/o was playing hard to get. Quite literally. Last week she was in Japan, the week before that it was the UK, and now it was Spain. It has been almost impossible for them to actually have a date or two, and it was getting Reborn pretty angry.

“Okay, you said you’re coming back from Spain today. How about we celebrate your return tomorrow?” Reborn tried to compromise with Name on the phone.

“Sorry love, but I’m actually taking a transfer flight from here to Paris…” She said in an apologetic tone.

“Paris?! But you have been gone for weeks-”

“You’re gone all the time for work so I thought I have a little fun.” Name huffed before he could argue with her, “Besides, you’re probably really busy with work. I don’t want to annoy you.”

What? Her jumping from country to country isn’t annoying? How shocking. “Name, really, just come home.”

“And waste my chance to go see the city of love? No way! I’ll be back before you know it, so don’t worry. Gotta go!” 

“Name wait…” The dial tone rang in his ear.

Reborn clicked his tongue and hung up the phone. This was frustrating him. He hasn’t seen her in so long, it was kinda lonely. Name was playing quite the game. A smirk grew on his face. Reborn had a great idea. 

Name was walked out of the terminal, a big smile on her face. This is the first time she’s been to Paris and was ready to explore! Though she wished a certain hitman was with her. However Name concluded that she needed some revenge, he was always so busy with work. Name was getting annoyed so she figured she annoy him too.

As she got out of the airport she took out her phone, wondering if she should go to her hotel first or go sightseeing for a bit. Name grumbled at her phone, not knowing which to do.

“I suggest a crepe shop near your hotel first.” A voice said in her ear.

Name jumped, preparing to attack but relaxed when she saw who it was. Her eyes widened, “Reborn?!”

“Ciaossu~ Name.” 

He wasn’t in his usual suit and was carrying a suitcase, Name almost didn’t recognize him.

“What are you doing here?” His s/o asked still shocked.

Reborn smiled, “Since you couldn’t come to me, I decided to go to you. Trust me, you were not that hard to find.” Reborn took her hand and kissed it, “So mon amour, lets adventure around the city of love together.”

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A very fail Annie’s costest xD I can’t work with wigs lol My real hair is short so its hard to hide it wearing a ponytail. You can see my pink shirt and I only have the Survey corps jacket. Plus, the pic is flipped xd

It’s funny how I’m showing my nose here. I hate it. Toucan, mosquito, Pinnochio, any kind of jokes for having a big nose, I’ve hear them. When I saw Annie the first time I thought she is a beautiful girl with a big nose. I never saw an anime girl with a nose. (I mean.. they always have cute small noses). 😢 So I was happy. And we share height too. (And I have a horse face as Jean too yikes)

Tolkien Characters as Orchestral Instruments
  • Strings: Elves (everyone else thinks they're divas but they are an integral part of an orchestra, whilst being able to stand alone).
  • Violin 1: Arwen (shines brightly over the orchestra)
  • Violin 2: Legolas (in the texture, hard-working and when accompanying, bouncing off the beats from the double bass...)
  • Viola: Elrond (in the heart of the sound, making everyone else sound amazing)
  • Cello: Aragorn (supportive role for the entire orchestra with occasional beautiful melodies that everyone wants to listen to)
  • Double Bass: Gimli(the percussion section of the strings, plodding along-also, imagine a dwarf playing the double bass xD)
  • Harp: Galadriel (not always there but when she is, you listen)
  • Woodwind: Hobbits and beings close to nature (not as in the limelight as strings/brass but they have very important solos that shape the mood of a piece)
  • Flute: Frodo (not the most obvious soloist but comes out of the texture with important melodies)
  • Piccolo: Merry & Pippin (supports the flute but sometimes is just a little too loud over the orchestra)
  • Oboe: Bilbo (Boboe :P) (tunes the orchestra-effectively starts the orchestra off; quirky with very occasional solos but usually in the background)
  • Cor anglais: Gollum (darker than the oboe, with haunting laments as solos but does not come out of the texture often)
  • Clarinet: Sam (literally sitting behind the flute, carrying the harmony as the melody from other instruments projects)
  • Bassoon: Radagast (can sound eerie or weirdly beautiful, usually supporting the woodwind and underpinning the bass line of the orchestra)
  • Bass clarinet: Fatty Bolger (not always aware that they are playing but a very necessary extension of the clarinet)
  • Brass: Men (loud and important)
  • Trumpet: Boromir (unapologetic and bold)
  • Trombone: Théoden (important but not as willing to be in the limelight)
  • Bass Trombone: Éomer (occasionally forgotten about but adds richness and depth to the section)
  • Tuba: Denathor II(underpins the section so has the power to mess up the section the orchestra, whilst not being immediately noticeable)
  • French horn: Éowyn and Faramir (sat on the other side of the orchestra from the brass, next to the woodwind and can support both sections; it doesn't solo often but when it does, no other instrument could do it justice)
  • Percussion: Dwarves (more in the background and doesn't usually team up with other sections but integral and will come to the forefront if necessary)
  • Timpani: Thorin (arguably most important percussion instrument for an orchestra)
  • Cymbals: Fíli & Kíli (loud, brash and sometimes exactly what you need)
  • Claves: Bifur (not easy to pick out of the sounds and just involves whacking)
  • Gong: Bombur (big, round and loud)
  • Tubular bells/chimes: Bofur (instrument with pitch but does own thing)
  • Xylophone/Marimba/Vibraphone: Balin (arguably most difficult/complicated instrument)
  • Bass drum: Dwalin (big and strong support)
  • Guiro: Nori (he is sneaky and you don't know he's there and nobody knows the name of this instrument, even though everyone likes it)
  • Castanets: Dori (he's fussy, prim and sharp)
  • Triangle: Ori (bright tone, trying to be a cymbal and highlights important moments)
  • Cowbell: Óin (shouts over the orchestra and his ear-trumpet looks a bit like one)
  • Tambourine: Glóin (a support to the section and sounds a bit like money, as he was the money keeper)
  • Misfits:
  • Recorder: Treebeard (was once very important but now does not fit into the orchestra unless very old music is being played)
  • Composer/bagpipes: Tom Bombadil (you could just imagine him coming on stage saying 'yeah this is my piece, I'm gonna improvise on the bagpipes')
  • Saxophone: Saruman (very charismatic, alone or with the support of brass but is out of place in the orchestra and can cause a disturbance in the texture)
A shout out to every Voltage MC

I give the MC a lot of crap for being clumsy and clueless sometimes, but something I love about every MC ever is how hard she works. Most of the time she wasn’t looking for love or anything like that. She was just working hard every day enjoying exactly where she was and was happy with her life. Everything else just fell into place. She’s always happy to do her best in every way no matter what life throws her way; princes, black market auctions, thieves, gods, fake marriages, pop stars, assholes, ANYTHING. She never loses sight of who she is. Let’s face it, we all get scared of the future sometimes, but we just have to be the best we can be wherever we happen to be and let everything else fall into place when the time is right.

Sorry for rambling! XD