she is also pointing at you

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I looked over your limits and I know you don't do hardcore smut, so I hope this isn't too much for you. How about the RFA++ pin MC down on the bed, trying to get ~freaky~ but MC is super tired and doesn't know what's happening so she just pulls them down and hugs them like their a teddy bear. And like not even 10 seconds later she's out like a light. Extra points if the land in her cleavage. 😂 hope it's not to much for you lovely~

Hey, thanks for reading the rules~ 

Also, same. Like I can’t make out with anyone without getting exhausted. Like fuck my life, amirite? hhahaha

Let’s get back into this.

I hope y’all enjoy this

Exhaustion was the only thing your body could register. You could feel yourself becoming one with your mattress. Nothing else matters. Not even your lover, slinking towards you with the shiniest bedroom. It was sweet of them to think they were going to get anything out of this.


You appreciate the surge of confidence, but as you embraced him and squeezed his face onto your chest, anxiety took over. He struggled to regain control of himself but then he heard tiny snores, which is when he decided this was good enough.


This was a daily routine at this point. However, he did not anticipate this change to his routine. And being engulfed by your arms was definitely NOT what he anticipated. But as much as he enjoyed the more turbulent of your activities together, memorising you in quieter moments was just as sweet.


Usually it was her who would fall asleep before you could initiate, but I guess today was the day you decided to role-play as each other. She didn’t mind though; napping together counts as couple bonding.


Usually when Jumin wants something, he’ll get it. Everything changes when it comes to you. Who is he to deny you? And if your sole desire to trap him in your arms, then so be it. 


He didn’t anticipate that his afternoon would involve getting sleep-motorboated, but here we are as a society. In retaliation, he starts to purr as loud as he can.


He doesn’t mind one bit. It just gives him an opportunity to relearn your body; like how your heartbeat is always a little faster than normal, you have the lingering scent of where you’ve been and what you did. He’s especially awed by how your existence makes his so much better.


He doesn’t enjoy being trapped on top of you, so he wriggles to your side and traps you with his arms instead. So then you turn to the side where he is and wrap your arms around him again. He grumbles, before going back to snuggling you.


Imma make this quick: look at this scene (you know the one everyone is talking about):

OK SO LOOK: ppl be saying that allura sees Keith who’s looking at lance and allura looks between the two of them. Well lemme point something out: looking at the photos allura is looking to her left and sees Keith right? Keith is looking to his right. And assuming that we are looking from allura’s perspective (and also if you notice the two red-headed aliens I pointed to that match the description of the red-headed alien on keith’s left thereby placing him on the teams LEFT) Keith can’t be looking at lance unless the team is on his FAR right WHICH ISNT POSSIBLE SINCE ALLURA IS LOOKING ON HER LEFT

Like look I’ll draw it for you:

Here’s if keith was on the right side of the team then yes he could see lance

THIS is from allura’s perspective showing she’s looking to her left/Center and therefore Keith is looking aaallll the way to the right and not the team in general. LIKE GUYS. EYEBALLS ARE NOT CURVEBALLS OK they don’t do this:

I like klance as much as the next person but YALL.

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considering the manga review and your point about the story takeuchi tells us she's telling, it makes me wonder how many hardcore manga fans binge-read it, and how many read it in chunks so that by the time they get to the next part they don't clearly remember all the details so the retcons seem legit? because ever since you started this i can't help but wonder *why* the manga gets so much devotion from certain people, and that seems plausible.

As always, I have to say up front that people love what they love, and whether or not I also love that thing is irrelevant. I love the anime with all my heart, and that’s true with all of its NUMEROUS flaws, and ways it’s hashtag problematic and thin as fucking rice paper sometimes. I may not get the devotion to the manga, but then, I don’t have to. More power to them.


I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen “I BLOTTED THAT OUT” or “THAT WASN’T HOW I REMEMBER IT” or something similar while going through the manga. I think when we love something, we have a tendency to focus on the positive over the negative, and so it can distort our memories. Things shine a little brighter, taste a little sweeter, than might be completely true.

I think as well that there are so many iterations of Sailor Moon that it can be difficult sometimes to remember what goes where. I venture to say that each and every one of us with any particular love for this franchise have more of a hand-selected assortment of pieces from across all the official versions, filled and seasoned with our own preferences and focus and fanon and headcanon. Fuck, even the ACTUAL CANON ITSELF isn’t “pure”. The anime was influenced by the manga, the manga was influenced by the anime, the musicals are a slurry of both along with their own crazy gay vampire disco ideas, and from what I’ve seen of it, PGSM picked pretty much the choicest bits from everything and rebuilt it its own way from the ground up.



So yeah, I think it’s a million reasons, some personal, some universal. I doubt there’ll ever be one answer to that question. JUST LOVE IT YOUR WAY AND LEAVE THE REST I THINK

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i remember in one of your post you said the amount of time that happened between starcrushed and bfm , but i can't find it, do you know? (I'm pretty sure it was 2 weeks but can you confirm)

During the Star & Marco livechat post-BFM, Star (or more like Eden Sher) said that, while hiding, she got bored of eating snacks from the vending machine in the Sanctuary for two weeks, so this gave us a vague indication of time. This still doesn’t tell us how much passed from Starcrushed to Return To Mewni, but it’d make sense if just a handful of hours passed - Moon was clearly in a hurry to hide, to the point of barely telling River about it. We also don’t know how canon this information is. Knowing this I tried to draft a possible timeline of the events, but it’s mostly guessing and filling the voids, and I honestly doubt the writers/storyboarders gave that much thought about it:

- Starcrushed happens

- Some hours later, in the night, Marco mopes and Star and Moon get to the Temple (Return to Mewni)

- Ludo wakes up in the ruins of the Monster Temple, following the explosion seen in Starcrushed (Book Be Gone), destroys the book by night time, decides to conquer the Butterfly castle

- Marco gets on Mewni. Hard to tell when, but Ludo seemingly gets there soon after him, so it might have been on the second day after Star left -but we don’t know how long it takes to get from the Monster Temple to the castle, nor if Ludo needed some time to organize his army of rats first.

- Star and Moon have to leave the Temple and get to Buff Frog’s home, and so far two weeks have passed since they got there -  if we are to trust the livechat (Puddle Defender). Impossible to tell how many days have passed since Ludo took over the castle, but Buff Frog already knows about it.

- Star leaves for her castle, while Marco escapes the dungeons and meets with Ruberiot & co. The king gets levitatoe’d

- The next morning Star gets to the castle (I don’t think it took more than one night for Star to get there, or Moon would have noticed her absence earlier), and everything seen in Toffee happens.

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Hello! I just wanted to ask if you had any theories/ Headcanons on Keith's parents? I'm betting that Kolivan Knew his mom. He seemed exasperated yet fond of him.

YEAH. man i don’t have any except that i won’t believe either of them are dead until we see it in a dramatic flashback sequence. i don’t think his mom was full galra. i think if that shack was his dad’s at some point, it’s really suspicious that it’s so close the garrison lol. that’s one big indication to me that the garrison has known about the galra long before the series. going on what you said, yeah, i’d love to go back and check kolivan’s expression that scene. like he had to be aware that one of his Blades had gone missing somewhere and Wondered when keith showed up with the knife. also, kind of off topic: i don’t know how acxa is related to keith, but i’ll be genuinely surprised if she isn’t.

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Sophia in her live was asked 'are you competing this season?' And she just goes something like 'I don't see the point I'm beyond it and I am at a professional level'. I mean she's probably right but it came off snooty

also like

dancers like tate and avery are competing, who are also at an insanely high level


DirkJohn Week Day 4


John couldn’t help the snickers that passed his lips when he walked out into the backyard and saw Dirk in a tank top and shorts, his usual shades, and a giant, floppy straw hat. Dirk didn’t even look up from the little garden he was tending to.

“Yes, John. I picked up gardening. Jade seemed to think that being in charge of taking care of a living thing might help me with my impulsivity and give me something positive to focus on. But she said I might not be ready for a pet, so gardening might be a good starting point.”

John smiled and sat beside him. “I wasn’t laughing that you were gardening, I think that’s really cool! I was laughing at that hat! You look absolutely ridiculous, dude!”

“I do not!” Dirk threw a glare at John. “I just needed more protection from the sun! Also shut up. Also you’re an asshole.”

John laughed again and leaned in to kiss Dirk’s cheek. “Yeah, but you love me. Do you like…read to your rosebush?”

“Excuse you, blueberries. But yes, I read to them a little bit every day.”

“That’s so cute,” John smiled and kissed him again gently before giving the bush a gentle pat. “I gotta get inside, though. Dave needs my help with a musical score he’s writing for a screenplay Karkat wrote, and I promised I’d play the piano for him.”

“Okay, I’ll probably be in soon too. I just need to finish weeding around Lord Bushington the First…Jane named it.” Dirk chuckled and returned to pulling up weeds around the bush. John laughed and nodded, turning inside.

“I’ll see you at dinner?”

“Yeah, I’m gonna help Jane make the desserts once I’m done out here.”

“Then I call dibs on the spot next to you that she doesn’t sit in!” John grinned as he closed the door behind him. Dirk smiled to himself as he kept weeding. He wasn’t sure if it was the gardening or John, but he was feeling better recently.


Day 3 (October 18):

Fan day
(This day is dedicated to all those fan theories and characters. Show off an OC, fan theory, or head canon that you’ve been holding on to)

The day of Elena and Zack’s marriage, the priest would have been quite confused, seeing all those empty seats, and yet the couple’s friends who were invited saying there were no more seats left. The poor man couldn’t immagine those “empty seast” were occupied by monsters.

Also, headcanon that Elena, at some point, took off the skirt of the wedding dress, revealing a pair of trousers and sneakers. Some questioned her choise, that day, but she only said “If Teddy says something stupid, as he usually does, i have to be able to run, so that i can catch him and make him regret it for good.”, as if that explained everything. And for those who knew both her and Teddy, that did explain everything.
In the end tho, Teddy did tease her, and got beat up after that. The friends even started to wonder if he was a masochist or something like that.

[W] Idol Transformation

So, for the past month i did different idols

[click on the name to see it] BTS’s Jimin, Girls’ generation Yuri and Sunny, Sulli, F(x) victoria, EXO Chanyeol

For this week, i choose to do 


I can say that i didn’t really like Soyou’s past outfits but recently i see improvement in her style.

I love her voice, and many of her outfits on performances or events were on point, her hair is nice and also her body is wow. 

So i wanted to show u her improvement

Now.. she stills have days when her fashion seems out of place..but u can see an improvement

as for hair… i did really enjoy her no bangs look. She looks better without them

Here are the hairstyles that i like the most

What do you think?

It sucks that some anons have had some bad experiences and didn’t get to meet JT like they wanted. We have no idea why LV was the way she was because as you can see in the pic she’s been in the car when he has stopped for fans before however I don’t think it is very common common since I think they mostly drive separately and then maybe LV goes home earlier since JT himself have said that he likes to stay behind after games and workout (also pointing out that it sometimes drives LV and his parents crazy when they just want to go home but have to wait for him so that could be why). We have to remember something else and that s that there is no obligation by anyone to always stop for the fans, it’s great when they do but you can’t expect them to do it, that’s why they have events that are specifically are for the fans like the conventions and different signings and we’ve never seen any players miss those and never have the wags kept them away either but when they are on their personal time then it’s a 50/50 shot. I remember when Lidstrom said that he had an off day and was very excited to finally go and see one of his son play a hockey game but when he was there of course the other kids and their parents wanted to meet him and since he was too much of a good guy to say no he ended up missing the whole game, he admitted that while he loved his fans he had to be better at saying no when meting them could have a negative effect on his personal life and that’s how it should be for all public figures. My advice is that if you really want to meet a player and they can’t stop after games when they have their off time then I’d attend any of the many public events that the team has and then I can guarantee that you’ll get your autographs and pictures with no one getting in the way.

➡️ The last piece is good advice anon!

Inktober for Writers/Fictober:

Day 16- Defiance (Darejones)

Sorry, friends- still a day behind. But I’ll catch up, I promise.

I don’t know what to say other than… this one took a bit of a turn, and I decided to break this vignette into two parts, directly linking today’s and tomorrow’s prompts. So if it seems unfinished … it is. This is just part 1. Also, sorry for the angst, but I haven’t written much of that so far, and I had to slip some in somewhere. Continuity-wise, this fits specifically with my Start of Something series, as well as with Day 7, but could be read with all the other vignettes to this point. Hopefully my two-part idea works. Thanks for reading! You’re all awesome!

Oh, and prompt list here, plus links to previous days at the bottom. Enjoy!

Day 16- Defiance

The first time that she gets mad enough that she wants to deck him - how she felt when he returned from the “dead” notwithstanding- they’re working a case. A client suspicious of her employer had come to Jessica asking that she do some digging into the company’s finances. And after she did, the whole team had gotten involved when they found connections between said employer and a crime syndicate Danny and Luke had been after for a while now. Jessica’s client was still their main source of information, so Jess had been staying in close contact with her… at least until she ended up getting exposed, then kidnapped and held hostage.

Upon learning what has happened to the woman, Jessica absolutely loses it. Because there have been too many innocent people in her life who have died or been hurt while trying to help her handle bad situations. And she will not lose another. End of story. Full stop. Not as long as she can draw breath. And this determination, along with the fury she feels, clouds her judgement and causes her to make some very rash decisions - like going in against three of the employer’s strongmen, alone, to rescue the woman. And as soon he learns of her actions, this causes Matt to lose it. And now, here they are, having a shouting match in her apartment as they lose their collective shit all at once. And it is a decidedly rough sight.

“Jess, what hell were you thinking? You knew that the rest of us were on our way to help, if you had just waited long enough to take a breath and call for backup. But instead, you raced in by yourself when I specifically asked you not to!”

She doesn’t think she’s ever seen him so angry- face red, nostrils flaring, and lip quivering. In a different set of circumstances, one in which she was not just as furious, she might have laughed at the sight. But not tonight.

Instead, she stalks over to her desk and picks up the bottle of Jim Beam she left there, unscrewing the cap with a haughty air. “Yeah, well, it all worked out fine. So there you go. Now can you lay off? Jesus.” She knocks back a generous swig, then wipes her mouth with the back of her hand.

He scoffs at her, standing straighter and putting his hands on his hips. “No, as a matter of fact, I can’t. Because that’s not the point! You could have been in danger and I-“

She rolls her eyes and huffs an exasperated sigh at him. “Oh my god! Are you kidding me with this? What is your fucking problem?”

She watches his eyebrows raise violently at the question. “My problem is that you don’t take your own safety seriously, and then you get pissed at me when I express my frustration at that.”

She sets the bottle down and crosses her arms over her chest. With a dangerous tilt of her head and a sardonic tone, she speaks just softly enough to let him know that she’s not fucking around.

“Because I don’t need your help. I can lift a car with my bare hands. I’m fine. And, by the way, you’re one to talk about not taking their own safety seriously.”

His brows furrow at that, and she can almost see the gears working in his head as he tries, frantically, to think of response. “That’s different-“

Using the razor sharp edge of her tone, she cuts him off. “It really isn’t.”

He sighs heavily and brings one hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose. “Jessica, I’m just trying to keep you safe.”

But that does it. Matt doesn’t call her Jessica. No one calls her Jessica. At least, not like that, and not anymore. Not since… him.

And with that bomb of a thought, all of her defenses spring up into place, and the big guns come out, regardless of the fact that it’s a disproportionate reaction to the situation. Her logical brain screams this at her from the locked, padded room it currently finds itself in, while her irrational brain takes center stage.

Her eyes narrow and she all but snarls at him. “Don’t ‘Jessica’ me. And here’s a novel fucking idea- quit it! Because your help is patronizing, and I don’t need you to save me, anyway. I’m not a wallflower or a damsel in distress, Murdock. I can handle myself.”

“Whoa, what happened? Why are you angry at me?” He has the audacity to look confused and shrug at that, and suddenly the white-hot rage that has been simmering in her stomach for the last minute ignites.

She drops her arms and stalks back in his direction, stopping directly in front of him. And then she proceeds to seethe at him, eyes wild and voice brimming with contempt.

“Because I don’t need your help. Because it’s not your fucking job to save me. Or that girl. Or the entire goddamn city. And are the one that’s going to end up hurt if you continue with this savior complex… and I won’t help you do that. Because I’m not willing to hang around and watch you needlessly throw your life away to save someone. Again.”

She backs away from him, trembling with the raw emotions that are bombarding her. She closes her eyes as she forces a breath to keep the panic rising in her chest at bay.

His face crumples and he takes a step toward her, hand outstretched. “Jess-“

But she’s having none of it. “No, Matt! I’m fucking serious. Figure it out, or we’re done. Now get the hell out of my apartment.”

The look of terror that she sees come over his face hurts more than she imagined it would, but she funnels that pain into her anger, fanning the flames higher- her protective skin against the many other emotions threatening to overwhelm her.

His voice wavers and is uncharacteristically small as he pleads with her. “Jess, wait. Please. I-I’m sorry. But please don’t do this-“

She remains still, her defiant gaze fixed on him, as she raises a finger and points to the door behind him. The care she uses to over enunciate the words makes him flinch. “I said ‘out’.”

He closes his eyes and folds his mouth into a thin line. “Well, can I call you tomorrow?”

She pauses for a beat, staring him down, then turns and reaches for the open bottle of whiskey on her desk. She gives an apathetic shrug, voice flat and lifeless. “You can try.” With that, she slams back another shot, and licks her lips as she sets the bottle down and leans both hands against the desk. “But I’ll say it for the last time. Get out.”

He winces at the words, and hangs his head. A tense silence falls as he gathers his coat and walks toward the door. The only sound in the apartment is the sound of his shoes on the hardwood below his feet, the rustle of his clothes as he moves. Just as he reaches the door, putting his hand on the doorknob, he pauses and turns back. “Jess, whatever is going on, whatever I did to make you angry, I’m sorry. I’ll give you some space. But I’m begging you- please don’t shut me out for good.”

She has to swallow a sob that comes out of nowhere and threatens to escape her throat with a slew of tears. One hand creates divots in the edge of her desk with force of her grip while the other reaches for the bottle so she can drink again. As she is swallowing, she hears the door open and shut, and immediately tears begin to stream down her face. Because she doesn’t know what happens now. All she knows is that she’s terrified that she’s ruined everything and she isn’t prepared to deal with that possibility. So she does the only thing she can think of to do- she drinks until she passes out. Hopefully tomorrow she’ll be able to find her way out of this mess.

Day 15

madchen replied to your post “madchen replied to your post “Guts is different from Griffith. Guts…”

oh yea i assume the same bc of guts central role but also i think people are definitely unwilling to extend understanding towards griffith that isnt one dimensional…

yeah and it’s absolutely not only because Griffith’s narrative is shown in less intimate detail. people go out of their way to avoid sympathizing with him.

also. ot to tangent here but HOW do people work around that guts clearly gave more of a fuck about griffith and saving him during the eclipse he didnt even think once about casca until she showed up for the plot trauma convenience. wow what an epic romance. 

i’m so baffled by it. it’s even weird in the manga, like, you’d think if miura hooked guts and casca up solely to make the eclipse more dramatic he would like, show that guts gives a shit and have him prioritize her at some point during the Eclipse before being literally forced to watch her suffer, and yet.

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness



I spent like 3 hours on this.

doing it for them tho *wipes tear*

Unpopular opinion time: A lot of the hate Ayn Rand gets is because she was a womyn. The shit she says about self interest actually is very similar to other theories men have put forward and it is very telling that that is the thing she is most hated for. The number of “Ayn Rand hates children” jokes I see is just gross because like, when does a man ever get that shit? She is called rude, unemotional, ugly, unloving and basically a failed womyn by leftist men. And this is obvious misogyny? A million men advocate for the free market and of course Ayn Rand is the one that is hated because she was a womyn who interrupts men in interviews and advocates self interest!

At the end of the day a womyn advocating self interest and relationships based not on self sacrifice but on what you want and get fulfillment from is terrifying to leftist men because…well, what would that actually mean for womyn?


It’s Kevin time *gets hit in the face with a chair*

satanslesbianmother  asked:

I am creating a black female character for a story that takes place in an area where...well, she's surrounded by white people who are almost obsessively politically correct, to the point of enforcing "colorblindness." I feel it's important to her character and to authenticity for her to react to her white friends being intimidated around the subject of race, but I don't want to end up writing the white person's "ideal black response" unintentionally. Any pointers?

Black Girl Living in a “Colorblind” Environment

Hey there,

Wooow, that’s like my entire life over here. Yes, I do have some pointers, but they’ll mostly just be my thoughts and experiences. Not everyone will have the same reactions as I do, but I hope this will help.

Internalized Racism

So I’ll just start by saying this is the perfect breeding ground for internalized racism. It is an everyday thing so subtle, so normalized absolutely every time, that the racism is hardly ever recognized for what it is. If your character is somewhat like me or people I know, they will struggle with the urge to not stand out, try to assimilate into the dominant culture or distance themselves from their culture(s) at the expense of their own identity, feeling the need to compensate and deflect stereotypes. They’ll be gaslit left and right, and replying with anything other than silence or agreement will most of the time start discussions or fights. They might at times feel like they’re living a lie, feel out of place and start questioning themselves. There’s more but you get the gist of it.

Reactions to Environment

Now most reactions will come down to: 

1) completely rejecting the white people and their culture,

2) trying to become like the white people and take on their views, 

3) or social withdrawal. 

What they all have in common is A LOT of unease surrounding your roots, your race and expressing your true self. 

Daily Struggles

There will be a lot of tension and anxiety when matters of race surface, even when they don’t end up mentioned or discussed. Feeling like you don’t belong, that you’ll only be accepted as long as you keep your mouth shut about racism.

Feeling unsafe comes to mind. I imagine your character desperately searching for people who might be different, looking for friends of color online, trying to make sense of their experiences by searching online, that sort of thing. If they do try to express themselves it’s because that person gives them the feeling that they just might be a bit more understanding than others and might get into discussions desperately trying for them to understand them. I imagine them not wanting to be seen as a stereotype while not wanting their race/roots/ethnicity pushed aside. High chances they will be passive aggressive about it because they lack any other meaningful way to express themselves. 

Of course there will be Black and brown people who’re content with assimilating into a culture like this. Good for them. But plenty of people also force themselves to believe that in order to survive. 

That’s what most of it comes down to. Surviving an environment that’s hostile towards you while it masquerades as your dear friend. 

~ Mod Alice

Daily Struggles - Racism & Racial Tension

In middle school, I had this friend. I was telling her a story involving someone else when she asked a strangely-worded question. 

“Did she look like you or me?” 

I was all “huh” until she pointed to my arm, my skin.

“Like you…” She said, then pointed to her own arm. “Or like me?”

I instantly fed off of the race-is-scary vibe and just muttered “Oh, like you…”

I grew up in a slightly less intense version of Alice’s environment, and my experience was passive-aggressive racism (micro-aggressions) with both the micro-aggressions and aggressive racism brushed over and kept low key. (That lady moved her purse when you walked by because she thinks you’ll steal it? Nah, she just needed it to warm her lap!)

I rarely felt the heat of racism. It wasn’t as blatant. Still, it happened in pockets.

Daily “racial tension” would be stares in public because seeing a Black person in the supermarket was a marvel. At school and other frequented places, well, they get used to you, so unless you’re the very new kid, it’s not likely she’d be made awkward on the day-to-day for existing (At least not until slavery is discussed and everyone is turning their heads to stare at her..).

Colorblind Environment and Balancing Culture

Alice hit the main points. Some reject the dominant culture, some embrace it (and may even allow and make race jokes at their own expense to cope) and some withdraw completely. I don’t think anyone fits into any neat category. 

Consider that your character may fall on a scale of embracing her situation, and rejecting some aspects. No one person is the same. 

I think background and home life will affect how she copes in this environment. I moved into my super-white town at a pretty young age, prior to that growing up in a culturally-diverse city and had sisters who did as well. We were able to embrace our culture at home among each other and other family even if that openness could not be experienced with most people in the neighborhood. If I’d been older before I moved, I probably wouldn’t have given a damn a bit more, or rejected more of the environment’s culture, but hey. 

Either way, it’s very possible for her to blend and embrace more than one culture. But how one embraces or how much, depends on the person.

Now, embracing different culture depending on the environment and code-switching doesn’t mean you’re at a cultural crisis or both sides cannot co-exist. For example, while I was made awkward about race in one experience, around that same age and time, I brought a bigger celebration of Black History Month to that same school by approaching administration on the severe lack of it. With permission and the help of friends, we made posters and announcements celebrating prominent Black leaders and inventors. That would not have happened if I didn’t have cultural pride being nourished elsewhere.

In Short

With maturity, self-realization, getting away from that environment and/or connecting with a knowledgeable and accepting group of people comes accepting what living in the dominant culture has made you, and hopefully embracing and not losing the culture you might’ve experienced without its influence.

As always, we’d also recommend having appropriate beta-readers take a look at your story for sensitivity and accuracy.

~Mod Colette

P.S. Based on some responses defending colorblindness as a good thing, which it’s not and is in fact racist (!) I would urge you to research the harms of the colorblind approach and learn of the huge disservice it is to People of Color to ignore the beauty that is diversity and in recognizing cultural differences.

PSA: “Seeing color” isn’t the same as “judging color.” 

Won’t dwell on it here. I do want to quote mod Brei from a different ask

Colorblindness is an act of racism by denying to acknowledge differences. I mean, no one ever says “I don’t see gender” so why apply such ignorance to race?

im so fucking angry because terezi pyrope’s personal system of ethics is one of the most nuanced and detailed examples of CLS paired with a critique of justice that i’ve ever seen in a piece of fiction and it’s homestuck