she is alive!


Let’s just say he had some help.


you’re just too good to be true
can’t take my eyes off of you



“Credence Barebone’s rise to national acclaim in the American wizarding world is nothing short of a miracle. Deprived of any magical schooling until his adult years, the young auror has proven himself to be a remarkable new talent amongst the forces at MACUSA, flourishing under the dual mentorship of Chief Inspector Porpentina Goldstein and Director of Magical Security Percival Graves.

However, perhaps the most miraculous detail of all is that Barebone is a fully-developed Obscurial as a result of his oppressive childhood years. He has contradicted all documented accounts of past Obscurials, not only by surviving past the age of ten and well into adulthood, but by harnessing the Obscurus–previously assumed to be an uncontrollable, parasitical mass of corrupted magic–and utilizing it at will. The full breadth of his abilities are as of yet undisclosed…

Despite the fact that Barebone has contributed definitively to the safety of the American wizarding world through his work as an auror, many are conflicted as to whether his mere existence is a security concern in and of itself. The catastrophic events of late November 1926, when his uncontrolled rampage across New York City resulted in massive security breach and an ensuing city-wide Obliviation, have earned him an inevitable loose-canon reputation that will be difficult to overcome.

Both Graves and Goldstein have issued public statements concerning their accountability for Barebone’s actions, claiming that they would not have him in the field if they were not assured of his capability to control the Obscurus. Barebone himself could not be reached for comment.”

– The New York Ghost, March 1933