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I think he actually loves River in a way he sort of doesn’t love anyone else, really. River is a space vixen. [Tasha] is just some crazy woman who runs a church. – Matt Smith

In honour of Clara being confirmed as bi, I put together a list of known LGBT companions over the years (to the best of my knowledge).

You might notice that nearly all of these are from the Expanded Universe. Yeah, the books, comics and audios have always kind of been left to pick up the slack in terms of diversity in the TARDIS. A few of these characters are only confirmed as LGBT in their last appearances (Izzy), get killed off (Oliver), or both (Cinder), so we’re not entirely free of sucky trends here.

So we have:

- Oliver Harper (First Doctor), stockbroker from 1960s London (confirmed gay in The Cold Equations)

- Chris Cwej (Seventh Doctor), ex-police officer from the 30th century, adorable lost blond puppy (confirmed pansexual in Damaged Goods)

- Sam Jones (Eighth Doctor), teenage activist from 90s London (confirmed bisexual in Seeing I)

- Fitz Kreiner (Eighth Doctor), wannabe rocker from 60s London, longest serving companion in the Eighth Doctor books (confirmed bisexual in The Blue Angel)

- Izzy Sinclair (Eighth Doctor), sci-fi geek from Stockbridge (confirmed lesbian in Oblivion)

- Fey Truscott (Eighth Doctor), glamorous-as-fuck MI6 agent from 30s England (confirmed bisexual from the get-go, I believe)

- Cinder (War Doctor), resistance fighter against the Daleks from Moldox (confirmed lesbian in Engines of War)

- Jack Harkness (Ninth Doctor), ex-time-agent-turned-con-artist-turned-Torchwood-leader from the 51st century (confirmed pansexual in The Doctor Dances)

- Clara Oswald (Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors), schoolteacher from 21st-century London (confirmed bisexual in The Magician’s Apprentice)

Also, just because I don’t want to not mention them:

- Dorothy “Ace” McShane (Seventh Doctor), never confirmed but widely believed in fandom to be lesbian or bisexual

- Madame Vastra, confirmed lesbian as of A Good Man Goes to War but it’s unclear if she was actually a companion; nonetheless a major supporting character

- River Song (various Doctors, mainly Eleventh), confirmed bisexual by creator Steven Moffat but not confirmed in-canon

- Erimem (Fifth Doctor), confirmed bisexual by out-of-canon sources

If I’ve missed anyone, by all means feel free to add them. I’m not pretending my whoniverse knowledge is anywhere near complete.

I think River is a woman who is completely fearless and not always entirely scrupulous and doesn’t suffer fools at all. She’s brilliant, she’s great, kind of- almost a super hero character to write for. You know she’s never apologised, she’s never fussed and she’s always on the move. I think, as a heroine, she works tremendously well. She’s fun, she’s funny. I’m always happier when River turns up.
—  Jenny Colgan, Behind the Scenes of The Diary of River Song

I’m River Song

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Fic title: I am older now

This just screams a Rory Williams centered character study.

And it would basically be from the beginning when mad Amelia Pond met him and went on about the Raggedy Doctor, how he was already head over heels for her and did anything for her. How he befriended Mels and they formed their group, it would gloss over how he finally got Amy as a girlfriend.

And then it would sort of go into his character growth, because this man spent 2000 years as The Last Centurion protecting the love of his life, he’s older than even the Doctor. And it would be a compare and contrast of how he handled things when he was first introduced to this world of craziness as opposed to now: he has a grown up daughter? Alright that’s cool, at least he knows she’s alright and he loves her. River Song is actually Mels? Doesn’t change anything, his best friend is safe and he would still punch a Nazi for her so…

And you know also him getting over his insecurities regarding Amy, it would probably end with him being sent back in time and never doubting that Amy would come back for him too (because it needs a happy ending)

So yeah, Rory Williams tribute fic basically.

Thanks for the ask! Send me a Fic Title and I’ll tell you what I’d write for it!

Character: Amy Pond
Appears in: Doctor Who
Commonly interpreted as: Straight

But really: Through her run on the show Amy is shown to be engaged first, and then married to Rory Williams. Amy knows that she is a very sexual person. Her first job shown on the show is of a kissogram, she stated when asked about it “I go to parties… and kiss people”, implying that she kisses men AND women. In “Victory of the Daleks”, she says “Ever fancied someone you know you shouldn’t? Hurts, doesn’t it? But kind of a good hurt”, implying that she had feelings for another girl (possibly one of her friends). She was also seemingly attracted to River Song, before she finds out that she is actually her daughter. In the mini-episode “Space/Time” she and her future self flirt with each other

Amy Pond is bisexual

With many thanks to hermionemollypeggypond for this write-up!


Who are you calling twelve year old?

Well, it’s River Song back in action - you know, at her best and funniest and most outrageous. But most fun thing, I think, about the Christmas Special is she doesn’t know it’s him because this is, of course, you know, the unlicensed regeneration. He’s gone past his allotted number, and she doesn’t know that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is her husband. And it takes her a long time to realise who he is.

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River is to me what the Doctor is to everybody else. She's the one who gives me hope, who convinces me to believe in myself, who inspires me to want to do bigger and better things. If a TARDIS ever appeared out of the aether and swept me away through time and space, I would want River to be the one flying me away, not the Doctor.

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Actually, I thought she was a regeneration of River Song, because Missy was in the afterlife, and in the episode they say that the heaven-thing is a place where the consciousnesses of the dead are uploaded, same as what happened to River in Silence in the Library..

Honestly, not a bad theory at all! I think Missy-is-River would have been the most obvious choice, and I think mostly everyone is glad that that wasn’t the case.

I love River, and I actually would be curious to see how she and Twelve would interact (her violence-prone tendencies, her strong emotions, even the fact that she’d actually be visually the same age as the Doctor, actually even 5 years younger than him, if you wanna get technical about it), but I don’t think that reveal would have been exciting (or even make much sense, based on Missy’s purely evil motivations).

I am curious to see though if the interpretation of the afterlife in Silence in the Library will be mentioned at all in next week’s episode.

8760 nights.

He used to remember when he couldn’t stand time passing by slowly, one second after another. He would go mad thinking about how humans were able to survive such boredom. He was a Time Lord, for God’s sake. Time Lord, Lord of Time, someone who could control where and when and how. Funny thought, but thuth was the Doctor had no time for the time itself. 

But in this moment, he was with her. The woman who made time disintegrate because didn’t want to harm him. She hasn’t much more patience as he has about time passing normally around her, but right now both of them could use something like that.

Actually, they kind of wish time would stop, and then go back just a couple of minutes, because it was almost painful that he got to call himself a Time Lord but was not able to give them more time.

The Doctor asked himself for so many years why Darillium? Why the singing towers? What’s so special about the place, why would I take her there in our last night together? He found out, eventually, after centuries avoiding the mention of this place, that one night in Darillium meant 8760 nights. And he was almost grateful for that. Almost.

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I think, in going back to what I was saying earlier about how I’ll just work instinctively from the lines, I guess there’s always going to be an element of yourself in the roles you play because, ultimately, that’s what you’re sourcing. You’re sourcing a sort of instinctive response to something. But I’m not as badass as River Song! … I’m not actually like River Song at all!

Alex Kingston, MegaCon Q&A, 12 April 2015 [x]

(And then she made a funny face at the audience, so goodness knows how she actually feels about that last bit.)