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Either/Or: Duck

Imagine the soulmate AU where the first words your soulmate will say to you is tattooed on your wrist, but Person A’s tattoo is something completely ridiculous or nonsensical. 

It could have been the twelfth interview, but still, Lena knew the question she was going to get no matter how hard she laid on the charm and steered the conversation toward her own accomplishments and hopes in moving to National City. An entire day of press, she’d told herself, and then hopefully no more. What was the worst that could happen?

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Some MBTI Types in Female Artists (still sensing types to come)

 DISCLAIMER: So basically as we all know typing celebrities is a relatively hard thing to do, to use the example of Stephen Colbert who was constantly typed as an ENTP by many websites, after taking the test on television his results was INFP. All that to say that these types might not represent the genuine type of these powerful divas but is what I think a conclusion I take from their career and lyrics and aesthetic or artistic choices. This post is just for funsies and not to be taken too seriously. 

ENTP -Lily Allen

The queen of intelligent subversive sarcasm and poking fun at society while simultaneously having a strong message of progress. Lily Allen rose to prominence with her song “smile” which includes the very catchy phrase ‘when I see you cry, it makes me smile.’ that to me is perfect example of how an ENTP would take what could be cliche break-up song and with the oh-so-clever Ne-Ti combo make into some unique snarky phrase. Other songs from her first album also use the typical dark cynicism that ENTPs usually have, like LDN where she goes about her treasured city of London and exposes it for what it truly is with her dark commentary. Her next albums expand on ENTPs vision of the general big picture of society and what they (in this case Lily) believes should change. Her song knock-em-out talks about men’s persistent behavior in pubs and how they badger and pester girls so they have to come up with ridiculous excuses to get them out of their hair. Her most recent work has included more and more social commentary such as Hard Out Here, where there is a brilliant feminist message with air of satire at the same time, she even says in the song “if you can’t detect the sarcasm you’ve misunderstood”. If you are thinking Lily’s music it too emotional for her to be a thinking type, here’re some examples of how she knows what she’s about and doesn’t sugar coat things: Her song URL BADMAN, where she mocks bloggers in the UK who aspire to work for vice, and all they do is sit behind a computer and say ridiculous things about other people, kinda like I’m doing right now, except I’m cute and Lily would probably love me. Another song that exemplifies this is: Insincerely Yours, this song is a perfect example of how ENTPs love to tell the shocking truth in a more humorous way, ironically enough she says “I ain’t being funny” in the song but the truth is Lil, you are being funny

Anyway, fight me on this, but Lily’s music to me is fabulously ENTP. Witty, intelligent, sarcastic, fun, deep, logical, and bold. 

some other possible examples: 

-Kate Nash 

-Azealia Banks (unfortunately) 

-me lmao 

-Bianca Del Rio and Bob the Drag Queen 

ENFP -Melanie Martinez 

This one might be one of my more controversial typings, and I am not so sure of this typing myself, being that Melanie could be a variety of different things. One thing is for sure to me about bby Melmel; She is iNtuitive. Her whole album is deeply conceptual and it obvious that Melanie thrives and lives in her imagination. Now according to the cognitive functions iNtuition is very strong within ENFPs and ENTPs alike, being that it is their first function, of course INTJ and INFJ as well but there is a reason I chose Ne and not Ni. I say this because the other typing someone might automatically go to for Melanie is INFP, being that they are usually the freak of the bunch. But I beg to differ, Melanie wears her oddball flag proudly and loudly, although many even herself might identify her (or her music in this case) and an introvert I will beg to differ. Melanie created a whole world for herself with her debut album and though every song we get a glimpse of that world, and get taken on a bit of a journey as she personifies her feelings (her Fi in other words) as a character named Cry Baby. I can see this as a very ENFP thing to do, to intelligently personify your deep mysterious feelings in order to understand them better. Besides Cry Baby her album also pursues social commentary with songs like Mr. Potato-Head, criticizing the way we see beauty as a society. Now its true that her songs also have an tone of darkness, and that is not characteristically ENFP, regardless I still think it fits. I think a song like Soap adds to my Melanie being a extrovert theory, where she says more than she wanted too, because as an Ne-Fi dom you suffer from the paradox of being an outspoken person who also wants to keep your feelings to yourselves because their precious, or something like that. Another song that I think adds to my theory is Alphabet Boy, now in that song she describes a relationship with a douche who thinks hes smarter than her and is obviously pretentious af, and many times because of their relatively bubbly attitude ENFPs can come off a bit ditsy, but the truth is they are highly perceptive and usually quite intelligent. I mean in your face tho pretentious lil bitch that dated her lmao she dragged you with that song. Ne is characterized as having a general big picture of society and usually something to say about it, as an Idealist Melanie would have this, and in her Sippy Cup, she slays us all with her true commentary on society and families by using a fucking sippy cup analogy. 

SO in conclusion Melanie teaches many things with her album, and to me shes a good example of an ENFP. 

other examples: 

-Hayley Williams 

-Gwen Stefani 


-Jessie J 


One might think that this would be one of the harder Divas to find being that INTJ women are rare, and INTJ isn’t usually automatically associated to music but rather world domination and or brooding home alone too tired of facing the general populations stupidity day in and day in, (because they don’t go out) But in all seriousness, BANKS doesn’t overtly empower females, like some of the other Divas do, I think it just oozes out of her with her logically coated songs. Now granted many of her songs focus on relationships and not something typical that an INTJ would focus on like how to find extra terrestrial life on other planets in order to become the king or queen of such planet. What convinced me though, is the fact that BANKS took her experience being a child of divorced parents, and did a thesis on it when earning her BA in Psychology. A great example of her INTJ-ness is her song Brain, where she says “Trying to look smart but not too smart to threaten anything they say” a perfect example of what an INTJ woman has to go through in a society that prefers Fe dominant females, not only that but what she probably experienced dating men more stupid than her, her whole life. A song that shows you should never fuck with an INTJ women is Goddess, that encapsulates the exact iron clad confidence that convinced me her music (and probably her tbh) is INTJ. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Ni dominance within INTJs usually gives them a sophisticated artistic (if they are artistically talented) cohesion in everything they do, and you can see that clearly in BANKS in how most of her music videos have the same style of monochrome cold sophistication. As well as her outfits, always the somber serious black, cold and intense. Now many may thing ‘Oh but INTJs were put here on earth by aliens and they don’t actually have feelings and BANKS does!!’ well let me tell you something my mistaken friend, they do. I know, shocker. They hide them well though, and they process them in unique ways much like BANKS does in her music. Her new album is proving my theory even more with songs like ‘’Fuck with myself’” which contains phrases I swear I’ve seen INTJs say IRL. 

Fierce, mysterious, confident, intelligent, consistent, deep, logical, These qualities are very much BANKS, and very much INTJ, do the math, bitch. 

other examples maybs: 

-idk man I cant think of any, raincheck? 

INFP -Aurora 

Aurora. She is a very recent artist, and I am proud to say I have been following her since she wasn’t too well known in America. She is sort of a prodigy of sorts with a wisdom beyond her years, but with an air of innocence about her still. To me she is the perfect example of an INFP. Her songs encapsulate the world of Fi that they create within their minds, her songs are inside the head of the ultimate idealist, but more than that they are of someone who is extremely imaginative. In “becoming Aurora"she basically confesses to her INFPness, with the opening quote of the video being “for me music has always been a way to understand myself and the world” I’m paraphrasing but as a lot of MBTI savvy people know, Fi is about self-discovery and having your sense of self deeply connected to whatever you do. She calls herself a sensitive person that is deeply affected by everything. That to me is the equivalent of screaming at the top of your lungs “IM A TORTURED INFP”. Ok granted that some other personalities are also deeply affected but she’s affected in a more ethereal way, she gets affected by the wrong doings of this earth because she lives in another dimension where people have butterfly wings and where humanity is noble. She recognizes that her songs are kinda dark but she also recognizes that there should be a kind of hope still. In the beginning of her career Katy Perry tweeted about her, and she was later asked if she was a fan of Katy's music in an interview to which she promptly said “no.” which is the clear INFP need to be authentic to what they like and who they admire. Her songs like Conquerer and Warrior show the INFP sense of bravery to fight for what they believe in, and when they decide to do so they are very brave and indeed warriors. 

Sensitive, brave, unique, quiet, creative, actual fairys, fierce, spacey, childlike, wise, Aurora, is a glowing example of INFP magic. 

another possible example of INFP; 

-Lady Gaga


-Florence + the machine 

-Regina Spektor

INFJ -Beyoncé 

Hi, yes, I did just type Queen Bey as non Se dominant. I think this is one of the myths I want to eradicate. When did it become commonly accepted that Beyonce is Se dominant? How shallow was this assessment of her behavior? Real fucking shallow let me tell you. To me artists that are obviously Se dominant are artists like Britney Spears, or Rihanna, who don’t conceptualize too much. But Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter has a vision, and it has been obvious the past all-of-her-career. Now yes yes Se dominant people can have visions but not as their primary mode of operating, its not immersed in everything they do like Beyoncé’s is. What is her vision you may ask? Empowerment. Empowerment for females, empowerment for African-Americans, empowerment for African-American females. Its to take her experience in the industry and in her life and use it to empower others to be victors of their situations. Since the early two thousands she’s been telling everyone who’s boss, she is. With songs like Diva she takes a word that can be used to belittle women and flips into an empowering song. Now what that demonstrates is someone who is Ni dominant, the cohesion that all of her albums have when viewed together is astounding, since the beginning of her solo career she has been giving the same message but in different ways. Now as we all know each album has its own theme but essentially the underlying message is the same. Her most recent albums have been extremely conceptual, and the genius in which she’s chosen to go about her marketing and releasing decisions are well thought out and deeply digested. Ni is taking the patterns you’ve observed in the world and subconsciously working on them in the back of your mind to fit your long term vision. When she released in the middle of the night her album Beyoné with many music videos with no marketing whatsoever it was a well thought out subversive creative decision and of course everyone loves to credit men, like her husband for those decisions but it’s obvious that her work has a mastermind behind it, and I am of the belief her INFJ-ass is that mastermind. With the visual album Lemonade, you see people trying to discredit the genius behind the work saying oh well Warsan Shire wrote the poetry blah blah, yes she may have helped, but the whole cohesion of the albums message was created by Beyonce. She knew exactly what she wanted to say, and she said it perfectly. INFJs are the classic example of the warrior who fights against injustice, and Beyoncé’s music is not arbitrary, it has a clear vision of what she wants to change in society in general, its not about the details of her experiences (si) its not about living for the moment (se) but its about how we all can work together to solve some critical issues in society in general (Ni-Fe). 

The Queen is an INFJ, or at least her music and career seem to be. Holistic, harmonious, private, visionary, metaphorical, committed, deep, compassionate, seeks meaning.  

Also others: 

-Troye Sivan 

-Sufjan Stevens 

INTP -Lorde 

Dear Lorde, I have a bone to pick with you. Before I do that I will say that’s a really weird expression. So my bone, is that you need to release new music. I can only listen to Pure Heroine so many times, Lorde. Lorde is an INTP. She is. Her music in Pure Heroine is full of alliteration, and writing techniques that is way beyond someone of your age at the time. As well as an album that isn’t primarily focused on relationships and love, which is what most girls your age I think might be singing about. (that was not a sexist statement being that statistically speaking most girls are ISFJ and relationships would be one of their primary interests) Ti is demonstrated in songs such as Royals, where she cleverly disses many things in popular culture while at the same time contrasting the rich life she observes on TV and her own mundane life. Even her album title Pure Heroine is a clever classic Ti play on words. She likes to be the boss of her own aesthetic to directing her own music videos, and having a very cohesive style. Everyone loves to tease her “awkward” dancing and facial expressions, but I just think its classic INTP, known for not being 100% aware that they are a physical being in a physical world. And also I think her self-expression in her dancing is fabulous, and unique, but that’s besides the point. Lorde is primarily a rational being, which is why I think she’s handled so much criticism fairly well for someone so young, to contrast her and J-biebz who does not take criticism well and reacts emotionally, or even her biffle T-swizz who also reacts fairly emotionally. One of the most memorable lines from her album to me is “Im kind of over getting told to throw my hands up air, so there” why did I like that line so much? because turn on the radio and you have some Se dom telling you to throw your hands up in there, and live in the moment. Sorry Se dom, people like Lorde and I, can’t seem to get out of our heads and imaginations. Are we better than you because of it? No, but there are more of you than there are of us so be happy. Lorde’s talent and skill I would say is primarily Lyrics, her lyrics analyze the patterns around her and what she’s experienced and she cleverly phrases them in a unique way. Her music is innovative, and intelligent, and I’ve revisited Pure Heroine so many times I have memorized every song practically. I will also add that Lorde’s songs are mostly metaphorical, which is where the Ne comes in. She lives alternatively not concretely. 

Lorde has a sharp tongue and is  a ingenious, independent, original, analytical, curious, critical, logical, witty, and speculative young artist. 

Other Examples: 

-Imogen Heap 


ENFJ -Lianne La Havas 

Lianne, is a put together woman. Her voice is smooth and her lyrics are delicious. Focused on her relationships she soars through her songs in her new album going through stories and concepts and beautifully describing her put together ENFJness. “Grew a thicker skin, and now its wearing thin” Ok, so everybody who is close to an Fe dominant will have realized by now they carry the weird juxtaposition of being ruthless and opinionated but at the same time being sensitive and to the harmony in the environment, they will call you out, but in a magical mama way, so its ok. If you are looking to feel like you are doing everything right in your relationship and that you are floating in a cloud of love listen to her songs on a loop, from songs like ‘Elusive’ to ‘unstoppable’ she describes shiny diamond encrusted relationships that are something only an ENFJ can accomplish. Their state of total love for their relationships is something you see in her songs constantly as well as the emotional intelligence ENFJs usually have. ENFJs are very much masters of their own fate, and that fate usually is attained by their hard work, vision, people skills, and in Liannes case, a voice that is smoother than liquid gold. If you doubt that she is an ENFJ for any reason, just listen to her songs, really listen. It is about believing in her partners, believing in who they are and supporting and being in love with them, expressed through her metaphors and long term vision. Like the song “What you don’t do”. 

An angel brought to earth to grace us with her compassion, vision, relationship focused, diplomacy, creativity and her warm nature. Lianne is an ENFJ icon. 

other examples: 

-Corrine Bailey Ray 

-Adele (her music her personality i think is ENTJ) 

rogue one: headcanon: chirrut imwe


this was originally supposed to be, like, two paragaphs max. um.

I’ve always imagined that Chirrut had been brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant as a baby or toddler. He grew up in the creche and trained with other younglings. (Canonically, Obi-wan is five years older than Chirrut, so maybe he had to help babysit him at some point.) He liked trying to prank Yoda, lbr.

But when he went to the Gathering - the ritual for all Jedi younglings where they travel to the Crystal Cave of Ilum and earn their own personal kyber crystal - he does not pass, technically. He conquers his fears, his failings, but… the crystals won’t shine for him. He can feel them - oh, how he can feel them! He’s always had a knack for that. But not a single one sings to say, “You are mine, and I am yours.”

He leaves, shame-faced, among his exuberant creche-mates

(He goes again and again every year, but the results are the same. Conquering his fears becomes harder.)

I don’t know if failing to find your crystal equals automatic failure in the Initiate Trials, but in any case, no one chooses Chirrut as a Padawan. He’s given a choice: serve the Jedi by joining the Service Corps, or leave the Order and, we ask, help others with what you’ve been taught.

“I will go home, Master Yoda,” says Chirrut, “to Jedha.”

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anonymous asked:

Eposette headcanons but it's before they became a thing and Éponine has Marius introduce her to Cosette, if that's possible?

Anything is possible my friend.
So Marius and Cosette dated in high school but eventually went on a break. Marius wanted to figure out his bisexuality and just basically find himself a bit more. They remain incredible friends honestly. They always had been.
Eventually Marius takes Cosette along to a les amis meeting.

· Eponine is gone on her the minute she walks through the door. The first thing she hears is her laugh.
· Marius introduces them and Eponine doesn’t actually know what to say so she just smiles. Cosette just accepts it and sits next to her.
· half way through Cosette ends up contributing some points about feminism and Eponine joins in and basically they just end up chatting really animatedly to each other whilst Enj and Marius glow with pride.
· At the end of the meeting Cosette asks Eponine out for drinks and carrying on their discussion.
· They have a good chill night out but Ep is convinced they are “”“"just friend drinks”“”“
· When Eponine doesn’t make a move on their date Cosette assumes she’s not interested so she drops it.
· They become super close friends. They are actually inseparable.
· Cosette was there holding Eponine’s hand when she came out to her parents. Eponine was there holding Cosette’s hand when she went for the job interview she was scared for.
· In general a LOT of ”“”“"platonic”“”“” hand holding.
· Eventually Eponine snaps and asks Cosette out.
· Cosette is completely stunned cause she was so certain she had no chance she just leaps into Eponine’s arms.

The Women Of 'GLOW' Are On A Group Text, And It's Supportive As Hell

GLOW,” the Netflix show that centers around a gaggle of budding women wrestlers, is, ostensibly, about wrestling. There is a ring, there are fights, and ’80s-style leotards make more than a few appearances. But the 10-episode series, brought to you by co-creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch and executive producer Jenji Kohan, has layers. Peel away a few of them, gratuitously stuffed with leg warmers and heavily permed heads, and you’ll find a story about the pain, love and complexities of forming relationships ― and keeping them, too. 

It’s heartening, then, to hear that the women who portrayed the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling ― actresses like Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Sydelle Noel and Britney Young ― are friends in real life, as well as on screen. According to Young, the various “GLOW” players are still on a group text, which they use to keep in touch, celebrate each other’s successes, and just generally support each other until (fingers crossed) Season 2 actually happens.

“We have a text chain where we text almost every day,” Young told HuffPost in a phone interview. ”We just support each other, no matter what it is,” she added.

Young, born in Tokyo, Japan, but raised in Eagle River, Alaska, plays Carmen, the daughter of a male wrestling dynasty who enters into the gimmicky world unbeknownst to her father and brothers. Unsurprisingly, it’s not all smooth sailing. In one standout scene, Carmen battles a panic attack before her first fight, a scenario that Young portrays with authenticity and care, a rarity on television. She presses on, though, flanked by Ruth, Debbie, Cherry and the rest, steadfast in their solidarity, even when complicated personal issues wedge some of them apart. 

We checked in with Young this week to discuss the show’s lasting impact on her life, the group text we all wish we could join, and the reasons she was honored to act out Carmen’s experiences with anxiety.

Carmen’s relationship with her family is a pretty important aspect of your “GLOW” character. Were you able to draw on any of your own personal family relationships when preparing for the role?

I love Carmen’s relationship with her family, but I will say, my family is so, so much more supportive and encouraging than Carmen’s family is. But I think I drew a lot from thinking to myself, what happens if they weren’t supportive? Specifically in that scene in Episode 4 when she stands up to her father, I thought a lot about what it would be like if my father wasn’t as supportive or encouraging. How would that make me feel? I drew from her passion, of wanting this support and not getting it. That’s what really brought out that [attitude of], “Fine, you can do you and I’m going to do me.”

My dad is actually a football and basketball coach for high school, and has been for years, so I drew a lot from noticing the little things that can encourage you. Specifically in the finale when Goliath comes [to the fight] and starts chanting, “Machu, Machu!” That, to me, was something my dad would do, where it’s just kind of a look or a word, where you’re just like, yes, I can do this. That force is behind me and they’re not going to let me fall, so I might as well try. 

In “GLOW,” Carmen struggles with anxiety ― she has a panic attack before her first appearance as Machu Picchu. Did you identify with her experiences with stage fright or anxiety at all? 

I don’t have stage fright, thank goodness. But I have posted on my Instagram a while ago a picture of the makeup aftermath of shooting that scene. I really was honored to do that scene. I have, probably since college, had maybe three or four panic attacks where I was at the brink of tears or crying, couldn’t breath, heavy chest, had to get under my covers. I remember one where I was in the corner of my room rocking myself back and forth trying to get a rhythm with my breathing because I couldn’t handle it. I was really honored that Carmen was the one that got to experience this, because I think we kind of, especially in media, shy away from talking about mental issues.

We also shy away from saying that anxiety is a mental issue. So many people experience it, but when they hear “mental issues” they think, I’m not crazy! That’s not what we’re saying. We’re saying you have a problem that is a psychological problem. It’s not something that’s wrong with you, it’s just something you experience.

A post shared by Britney Young (@britneyyoung) on Jun 29, 2017 at 2:30pm PDT

I mention this in my Instagram post, after talking with my aunt, who also experiences anxiety, she once told me, “It’s just the world’s way of telling you you need to calm down and take a moment for yourself. It’s OK to say, hey, I just need a minute.” I got a lot of good feedback for not overdramatizing the scene, for not making it this huge oh-my-gosh-I’m-spinning moment. I just did what I know. And what I know is my panic attacks, where I can’t breathe and I need to sit down and take a beat for a minute. I was really honored to do that scene where it was my truth, and now it’s going to be Carmen’s truth.

In previous interviews, you’ve talked about the importance of representation on TV. Who were some of the actors or characters you looked up to as a kid? 

As a kid, I was obsessed with Raven-Symoné. Here was this girl that was a light-skinned, sassy girl kind of like myself. I really gravitated toward her. As I got older, I really did appreciate what women like Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones have done for plus-size girls, or in Leslie’s case, taller girls. You can kind of go back to this typecasting where we think that plus-size girls always have to be the shy girl in the corner who have no friends and don’t love themselves, or they have to be these mean-girl bitches who are going to beat you up even if you give them one look.

I really appreciate with Carmen that she’s neither of these things. She’s real. She’s real to me. She seems like someone who, when you’re on the bleachers waiting for an audition, would just be like, “Hey, you having a good day?” I gravitated toward that, where it wasn’t so much about being the butt of a joke or being evil because of your size. It was ― we’re going to celebrate your size, we’re going to show you as a real person, because that’s what we want to celebrate.

What was the audition process like for you for “GLOW”?

My audition process was much longer, because I was toward the beginning of when they started bringing in girls. I had originally seen an article in Deadline about the show and had this idea to send my agent an email saying, “Keep an eye out for this.” Never did it. Skip ahead to where I got some audition sides from our casting director, Jen Euston, and I called my agent and was like, “What is this for?” He’s like, “Oh, you’re going in for ‘GLOW,’ Break a leg.”

I went in and ― I don’t mean to say this to be humble or an actor’s cliche ― but I really didn’t think I did a good job in the audition. Jen was amazing. She worked with me for 45 minutes. We did three scenes multiple ways. I wanted the role so bad that I got so nervous and interpreted everything as, eww, I didn’t really do a good job ― she had to work with me! I called my agent after and was like, “Sorry buddy, that ship has sailed. I’ll get the next one.” So I was very surprised when I got an email later that day saying I got a callback with our co-creators and Jenji Kohan. I walked out of that audition and it was a complete change. I thought I nailed it. I thought it was mine. I walked out and was like, “I’m going to be Carmen.”

That confidence threw me, because I didn’t hear anything for weeks. I was so nervous and didn’t know what was happening. Then they finally called me and asked if I would come in and do a stunt audition, which, I later found out, I was the only girl who did a stunt audition. I met with our wrestling coordinator, Chavo Guerrero Jr., and our stunt coordinator, Shauna Duggins, and we just did a couple of things. We ended the session with me telling Shauna to jump into my arms, just so I could show them that I could throw and catch people. I found out the next Monday that I got the role and that we were starting training the next week.

What was your favorite wrestling move you learned during training?

I don’t even know if this is a move, but I love running the ropes. I think it’s so fun to just run the length of the ring and just hit those ropes. I’m a bigger girl, so when I ran them the first time, Chavo was, I think, expecting that I’d have these long strides and be pumping my arms. No, I run like a T. rex. I got my arms tucked into my arm pits, and all the girls are laughing. “Try longer strides!” And I’m just like, dink-dink-dink. I think it kind of plays into Carmen and her innocence and her kind soul. She going to go out there and still be a little bit of her when she’s Machu Picchu. She’s going to daintily run the ropes.

Obviously the “GLOW” cast was dominated by women. Given the large number of actresses on set, did you have a close friend or group of friends that you gravitated toward?

Oh, everybody. And I don’t say that because I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. Literally, what I loved about our cast, was that every day when they set up our cast chairs, we were always sitting by someone different. And I think that really helped us a lot to get to know each other. I also loved that at lunch, we never had cliques. You never saw the same group of girls eating together every single day. It just felt very natural for us. That’s something that helped in portraying the personalities on screen. Because it was like, OK, we know where you’re coming from. We understand why you are the way you are.

I just love them all. We have a text chain where we text almost every day. We hang out. A bunch of this weekend just went to see Alison [Brie] in a new movie, “The Little Hours.” A bunch of us all over the country [in the text chain] were like, “We just saw this!” We just support each other, no matter what it is. We want to continue to work together and continue to be friends. 

If it goes forward, what would you like to see happen in “GLOW” Season 2?

Season 2! I would love to come back. I really want to see how these women start to embrace or react to this newfound fame they’ll have. Most of them are actors, so they wanted this fame. I want to see how this really does start to shape their characters or change and strengthen their relationships.

With Carmen, I want to continue to see her grow within herself. She is this innocent person, she hasn’t been exposed to a lot of things. Especially coming into Hollywood in the ’80s ― drugs, alcohol, boys, relationships, sex. Those things are going to come up, and I’m very curious to see how she reacts to those things if she’s put into those situations. I’m really interested to see how she embraces the ’80s Hollywood lifestyle, if she even does at all.

“GLOW” is now streaming on Netflix. 

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.
Friendly Witch AU

Just graduating from The University of Magic, double majoring in potions and spells… Hinata is just a witch trying to make a living by selling love potions and other eccentric things to curious humans.

Sasuke, just happens to take a different route home and sees a smiling woman selling what looks like little bottles of colorful liquid.

“Hello, would you be interested in a love potion?”

Was she serious? He looked over the table and up at her. “…is this a joke?”

She blinked. “Um…no.”

“You’re supposed to be a witch?” He motioned to her pastel sweater and ripped jeans. Where was the warts and broomstick?

“Officially on Halloween, yes!” She clasped her hands.

Sasuke scoffed and picked up a charm of a cat. “What does this do?”

“…its just, um, pretty.” She mumbled, with a growing blush.

Why was he even entertaining this crazy woman? It was cold and he needed to get home. “Why are you doing this?”

“Well…I’m a bit homeless for the moment but… I’m raising money for an apartment! I have ten dollars b-but it’s growing!” She tried convincing herself.

His brow rose. “Get a real job.”

Her eyes widened. “I…um, well…”

He had no idea why he was trying to help a crazy person but she only had ten dollars? She couldn’t even get a hotel room. “I work at an herbal shop on Cherry St. come by tomorrow…” He told her.

“Herbs!” She gasped. “I know all about those!”

“Sure.” He said, placing the cat charm down. After that he left.

Hinata sighed and sat down on her floating broom. The charm glowed before transforming into an actual tabby cat. “You were going to sell me!” He hissed.

Hinata giggled and patted his head. “I wouldn’t dream of it, Kurama.” She was excited. She had a job interview!

#SelfieSaturday: Globelamp

Driving down the coast of Dana Point on a sunny Sunday afternoon, we met with Elizabeth le Fey, better known as Globelamp, at a funky local Mexican restaurant called Olamendis. With a new album out on June 10th chronicling a past breakup and the loss of a friend, we learned more about how she feels putting her emotions out in the open, enlisting her friends to collaborate with her musical project, and recounting the time she met one of her idols, Jenny Lewis. 

Pre-Order The Orange Glow here out via @wichita-recordings.

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