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To the anon wondering if Shawn likes blondes: in an over the phone interview he did yesterday with a radio station in Australia he said that he wishes he could marry Margot Robbie because he thinks that she's "absolutely the most perfect woman in the entire world" and she's blonde(: I really don't think appearance matters that much to him. Everyone has preferences, but at the end of the day that doesn't seem to be what's most important to him in finding a significant other.


but I totally agree I honestly don’t think he would care about appearance, and his “I want to marry her” person changes constantly? so yeah…

anyway my favorite thing about the trashladins is how absolutely perfect pidge got keith’s hair, she got the exact way that his bangs lay & she even got the little sprig of hair at the top of his head & she clearly spent a fair amount of time attaching multiple pieces of trash together to make it look just like his hair

but with lance she just

absolutely did not try at all, that’s not even kind of what his hair looks like, pidge what the whole hell

I love how her teeth are perfectly aligned, and mine aren’t. I love how her body is absolutely perfect, but she goes to the gym everyday. I love how she knows there’s no such thing as imperfections, yet she strives to be perfect.
—  Hassan S. Abdillahi, Letters to Elizabeth 

“While Outlander is a brilliant period show, Claire represents so many qualities of a 20th-century modern-day woman, someone who is forging her own path, fighting for what she believes, and doing so with integrity,” Balfe said in a statement to press Monday. Elaborating exclusively to Vanity Fair, she added, “Right now it’s a very important time to stand up and voice our beliefs and reiterate that we are 50 percent of the population … that we have a voice and we need to use it. Even though Claire is a woman from the 40s, I think that she does have a resonance today. We need to stand up for our  b e l i e f s  and our  r i g h t s , and I think she embodies that kind of spirit.”

“…getting to play Claire was an absolute dream. She is strong-willed and, not perfect, but a survivor and a fighter, and I think that is such a great place to go to in your work every day—to play someone who has such resilience. It can only make you feel better about everything in your life. I feel very grateful to be able to go to work every day and play her.”

~ Caitriona Balfe on Why Outlander’s Caitriona Balfe Hopes Women Take a Cue from Claire Fraser, Vanity Fair

Happy International Women’s Day, sisters!


everyone’s in love and happy and everything

Angie Martinelli is the hero Peggy Carter deserves

mikkeneko replied to your photo “[7] One of these days Mokona is going to start one of these calls and…”

Yuuko seems more like a bath person than a shower person to me. A huge, claw-footed bath, with water that can raise steam in swirly and obscuring patterns (which does nothing to actually obscure HER, but is still part of the Aesthetic.)

If anything I feel like she would arrange it so that the steam would obscure everything BUT the parts that might need obscuring. 



“Adrift in Memories over Paris” by Sandi Snow of Lutz, Florida.

This is my personal favorite from the Florida Competition (aside from mine, of course). I love all of Sandi’s work, and this one has such ease and charm to it.

The background fabric is actually a print of a French map, and I love how she achieved the tucks in the balloon’s ribbon. Her border is absolutely perfect.

Photo taken at World Quilt Show Florida, 2017.

Mycroft was turning 45 and Molly wanted to do something special for him. And once she learned from Anthea that he preferred yellow cake with chocolate frosting she knew just the thing to make.

And it turned out perfect. Absolutely perfect.

It took more time than usual to make it, mostly due to the fact she wasn’t using her own kitchen but the one in Baker Street, but finally Molly was done with the cake and carefully moved it to the fridge. Of course she personally cleaned and disinfected the whole thing to ensure she doesn’t accidentally poison anyone.

Sherlock was suspiciously quiet the whole time and just watched her from his spot on the leather armchair. A few times she glanced his way, expecting to hear a barb about his brother needing to go on a diet and not a Birthday cake, but it never came.

“Everyone will be here at 7. Make sure you text Mycroft shortly before and tell him there is an emergency.” she instructed before turning to walk to the bedroom and get some clean clothes before jumping under the shower, “And do not tell him about the surprise party.”

Molly entered the bedroom so she didn’t hear Sherlock huff, or saw him sink lower on the armchair. He was sulking and he knew it. But he couldn’t help it.

It was so unfair.

When they celebrated his Birthday he knew beforehand about the dinner at Angelo’s and Molly brought store bought cake. But Mycroft gets a surprise party and a home made one.

He eyes the fridge for a moment, arguing with himself. It would be so easy to sabotage Molly’s hard work and make the cake inedible. But he loved Molly and would never intentionally do something that would make her upset. The cake she baked looked really good.

Really, really good. And he was certain it tasted great too. Molly Hooper was skillful in many ways.

With an over-dramatic flair Sherlock got out of his armchair and sauntered to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and looked at the perfectly round, chocolate frosting covered cake. And he just had to know.

Later on when Mycroft arrived he was pleasantly surprised to see tea and biscuits and friends. And then Molly announced she baked cake especially for him.

And then she look it out of the fridge.

And sighed.

There was a deep grove in the frosting, going all around the cake. A trench in the chocolate frosting made, she was absolutely certain of it, with a finger.

“You just couldn’t help yourself?” she grumbled after entering the sitting room, the cake in her hands. There was no use trying and fix things. It was too late.

Sherlock just shrugged, “I wanted to taste the frosting and you refused to give me the spatula. It’s good, by the way. When will you make it again?”

Daily McBride #6

I love her sense of fashion. She’s not the type to show up with an outfit that has a famous name attached to it. She has her own style and she creates outfits that, even though are unique, are absolutely perfect for her. It could be very simple, or have a lot of accessories, and she still somehow makes it work.

It just shows that just because you don’t have the same fashion, doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful.

So which Melissa style is your favorite?

The three images below are my top three. The last is my number one b/c… lord have mercy she’s hot!!

INFJ Confession #2949

Guys if your having relationship issues find an INTP they’re absolutely perfect!!! My bestfriend is one and she has helped me get through everything and sure she never fully understands but she gets when I need space or when the world needs to turn off she always there it’s amazing find yourself one in Myers’s brigs INFJ and INTP are known as the golden pair holy shit is it true I’ve never experienced anything like this


a/n: This could be for any guy tbh. I did cry while writing this. Also this has an important message. Please please pleaseeee DONT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!! You can hurt yourself and others. I’ve seen it happen multiple times.

What’s the most depressing word in the English language?


Why? Because it emphasizes that we were almost there, but not quite. That’s what happened with my relationship with Y/N.

We’ve been going out for almost 6 years. I remember the the day we met like it yesterday.

She was sitting on the beach, tanning, when a football hit her right on her head. She always had a tough skin, so she was fine. But she started giving us this attitude. Blabbering on about respect and being total dumbasses. But I don’t even know what she said. One of the guys told me. I was too busy admiring her. She looked absolutely perfect. Like a goddess, only angry. I was able to get her number, and a week later we went on our first date. 6 years later, I proposed that day. 6 months later, today actually, we were almost married. There’s that word again.

It was 2 days before the wedding. She wasn’t nervous for the actual reception, but all the other stuff. Like invitations, food, dj, all the unimportant stuff. I remember she was sitting at the kitchen table, at 2am, with her glasses and her famous messy bun, staring at the computer and papers surrounding her.

I came downstairs and was surprised to find her, considering she said she was going to bed at midnight.

“Babe, what are you doing up?"I asked.

She didn’t hear me, still staring at the computer screen.

"Babe"I said again, a little louder.

She looked up at me and rubbed her eyes, pushing her glasses on top of her head.

"Why aren’t you asleep?"I asked, massaging her shoulders.

She pushed off her, making her way towards the fridge and opening the orange juice.

"I have so much to think about still. People are still saying they don’t have the invitations, and I’m sure someone isn’t going to like what’s there for food, and-”

“Woah woah woah woah. Why are you worrying so much?"I asked her.

She looked at me like I had 13 heads.
"Um, are you insane?"she asked me, sitting down on the counter. I came between her leg, my hands resting on her thighs.

"Babe, everyone is there to see a wedding. It doesn’t have to be a perfect wedding. All that matters is that I’m marrying a perfect girl, and gonna have a perfect life"I said, my hands running up and down her sides.

"You’re annoying you know that"she said, leaning in.

"I know"I smirked, kissing her lips.

"I love you"she said, releasing from the kiss.

"I love you more"I said. She laughed and kissed me again.

The next day, she was going to get her nails done and her dress picked up.
She called me before she went.

"Babe I’ll be back in like 2 hours"She said.

"That’s so long. We need to be together for as long as possible before we’re married"I whined.

"Nate, you’re such a dork. I love you”

“I love you more"I said.

I wish I said it again. And again. I wish I said I’ll come with you. I wish I would’ve made her wish 5 more minutes. Because she wouldn’t have left.

The next call I got was from the police. They called me to tell me they found a woman, with the name of Y/N Y/L/N, found in a car crash. That was the last think I heard before I dropped the phone. I rushed out, crying, to the hospital. I saw them drag her in. They rushed her to the ICU. They didn’t let me in. I tried so hard.

"But we’re family!"I yelled. "We’re almost married!” They still didn’t let me in.

I sat in the waiting room, as one of the nurses accompanied me. She told me it was a drunk driver. People started rushing in. My parents, her parents, her family, my family. Her friends, my friends, our friends. Everyone was waiting.

But no one talked to me. I isolated myself. I told myself this couldn’t be happening. She would wake up, and tomorrow we would get married. We would live happily ever after, like it’s a movie. Except all movies don’t have a happy ending.

After 3 hours, they allowed some people to visit her. They let me go in first. I walked in and she had tubes in almost every part of her body. She was scratched up and bruised. I saw all the cuts over her body. But she still looked like a goddess to me. I sat next to her, holding her hand. Her hand was ice cold. I tried to warm it up with my hands.

I sat there, waiting for good news. If I wanted, I could’ve waited for eternity. But after another 2 hours, they said there was no more brain activity. They declared her dead.

I sat there. I sat there and cried my heart out. What else was there to do? I was supposed to go to bed, happy as the next day, I would be marrying the love of my life. Instead, I watched the love of my life, lifeless.

As I sit here, looking at the wedding plans sprawled out across the kitchen table with her laptop open. I look at the screen, a picture of us, smiling as she showed off her engagement ring. I still had the ring I was supposed to give her today in our room. It was supposed to slip on her finger like a glove. We would be kissing, saying our vows.

I knew I would have to explain it to someone. We were almost too perfect for each other. We were almost married. And I almost thought it was too good to be true. I guess it was.

Instead of planning out the wedding, I’m now planning out the funeral. I may have gotten hurt before, but this one hurts the most.And the worst part it, nothing could cure it.

It was almost a happy ending. Almost.

here’s the thing. I’m not that big on Beyoncé, cause being a fan of any artist has never quite clicked in my head. but I’m a performer and I’m also a person with a functioning brain, so I can tell that she is objectively the greatest performer on any stage in which she appears, and that the work she creates is expertly crafted beyond casual description. I can’t claim that she’s overrated, even if I’m not interested in being a fan of hers. she’s really, really not overrated. she can master any genre or aesthetic she endeavors to try, and she can perform as a live singer and dancer with absolute perfection. that is such a rare skill nowadays. no one who bothers to perform live can match her. not to mention that Lemonade was the most incredible artistic achievement in recent music history.

by contrast, Adele released an album with one and a half hits on it that no one actually talked about, then completely botched a tribute performance by singing in the wrong fucking key, because she’s 14 and hasn’t developed relative pitch yet, I guess. and then!! she threw a fit and made the entire orchestra start over! like, two fucking minutes into the song! not to mention that her range is minuscule and her live performances are boring (and they always start out flat in pitch). her songs are appealing fun to sing along to, and that’s about it. she in no way deserved to win over Beyoncé.

people are upset because the greatest black performing artist of our time can’t get a non-genre Grammy even when she dedicates her entire life to creating high art. she’s passed over again and again, most recently for a white woman whose performance abilities can be effortlessly matched by any classically trained teenager in the country. that’s not about preference, it’s a function of white supremacy.

The Originals 4x01

Seriously, i have been waiting 10 months for this show to return and the anticipation was real. I’m a glass down and I am truly reminded why this was my favourite show for so fucking long.

Let’s begin with Klaus Mikaelson and the amount of greatness that is Klaus Mikaelson. He honestly hit the nail on the head in that last scene with Marcel. Everything about his scenes was everything. I loved how Klaus dealt with the situation, i LOVED THE writing, i LOVED that they continued to bring up his daughter too. i felt the hurt and anxiety that hit me in the chest when they mentioned that they wanted to find his daughter and of course Klaus was going to retaliate the way he did, he would have retaliated that way no matter what the irish had said but it just made it mean so much more when that happened.

I absolutely love Hayley Marshall. She can do absolutely no wrong for me, she is perfect in every single way, I’m not joking when I say she slayed in this episode. i loved that she hadn’t given up on the mikaelson’s I love that she mentioned her daughter was a Mikaelson too to Mary. I loved everything about those scenes where she declared that she truly had integrated herself with them, I loved that scene between her and Elijah too, although i’m truly not a fan of that ship I am so here for it. 

I am so here for a lot of things, I am so here for Hayley transitioning to a Wolf the way she did in that fight action scene. i loved everything about that scene too, it was so authentic and I cannot wait to see Klaus Hybrid out too. 

Fuck i love this show. 

Freya was a queen as per usual, she never shocks me, her scenes are so pure and I felt the Klaus Mikaelson or really the Mikaelson in general come out in her in that scene too. i loved how they put in the two new female characters in it too. i love that werewolf, the last of her kind too. I love that she’s a ED doctor. We need another doctor somewhere on this show, so that will definitely be interesting dynamic to throw in there. i am really looking forward to hayley seeing where ever Freya puts her. 

I also love the use of syphons too. I really enjoyed that bit, but we did jump over that too. i wanted to see if she used Caroline’s children for that? That would have made a heap of sense so I’m awaiting to see where that goes. 

All in all this episode was extremely heavy and really rich in content it quite literally set us up for an amazing season and I’m gutted that we’re only going to get 10 episodes and i’m going to have to wait another 10 months for another season. 

I also want to comment that I enjoyed thoroughly that Marcel never once went after Hayley and Hope. i want to really point out that he wasn’t stupid in his decision that he knew exactly how the Mikaelson’s were still alive, how Elijah and Kol were still alive. I loved that Marcel mentioned Rebeckah too. We all know that although Marcel loves Rebeckah whole-heartedly we also are completely aware that Marcel keeps Klaus alive for entirely different reasons, the same reason that Niklaus would never ever kill Marcel. 

10/10 for a series premier!