she is a true warrior

#927. Cia mercilessly made short jokes about Midna in her imp form. The Twili Princess memorized them, and repeated every single one to Cia when she regained her taller true form. Her revenge didn’t go exactly as planned, as the sorceress was too overwhelmed by Midna’s beauty to notice. Midna still considers that a win.

Your Dad had been missing since that dreadful night. Your Uncle Dean had left to try and defeat Amara, but, somehow he and Chuck- aka God- managed otherwise. You’d come home with Cas and your Dad in nothing but silence. Cas disappeared when a lady threw her hand on a bloody symbol she’d written on the wall. A man then came up behind you and stabbed a needle in your neck. You were out cold in seconds. Cas woke you up days later when he found you half-dead. Your head bashed in from the fall.
The scar was still there.

You’d met someone you hadn’t expected to, though. Your Grandmother.
Her name was Mary and she was badass as all hell. A true warrior of a hunter.
She wasn’t graceful when she killed like most would expect. She was rough and ruthless like she should be. An expert.
You remembered your first hunt with her. It was a salt and burn. She insisted on getting back into the swing of things by starting off simple but she didn’t need it.
Her moves were as experienced as your Dad and Uncles. She had fantastic knowledge and took everything in her stride. No pinches of salt needed.

What amazed you most is when she complimented you on how well you hunted. You stood in awe, your jaw felt as low as the ground. “You stuck like that, honey?” She laughed.
Her laugh. It was so comforting. Not to mention confident.
“Thanks.” You mustered, looking to your Uncle Dean for guidance.
“Your Dad’d be proud, Y/N.” He smirked before getting in the Impala.
You took the front- Mary’s call.

Back at the bunker Cas appeared. Your Dad slumped at his side, bloody and bruised to pulp. Immediately you were at his side, quickly followed by Dean.
You noticed Mary- Gran sounded too strange for now -hesitated. She wasn’t afraid. Nor was she panicked.
She was respectful. You Dad had been overwhelmed enough.
“Dad?” You whispered, feeling tears threaten to fall.
“Cas can you heal him?” Uncle Dean pleaded more than asked.
“I couldn’t where I found him but I can here- it’s safe and there are no angel warnings.” He bent down and put his front two fingers on your Dad’s forehead. His wounds healed and his colouring returned. He was left breathing heavily, his hand clasped round yours.

His eyes then fell on her. Mary Winchester.
The woman who’d created this family. The woman who didn’t live long enough to watch it grow and save lives.
His mouth opened and closed- lost for words. “M-Mom?” He managed, getting up from the floor.

Mary smiled, her eyes misty as she took confident started towards her son. She enveloped him and he hugged back- too stunned to say anything.
You have your Uncle Dean a smirk and he winked back, bringing you into a side hug.

You watched in silent fright as your Dad limped down the stairs of the bunker. Your Uncle Dean followed closely behind, his arms slightly outstretched but he was too hesitant to physically help. Cas might have healed him but recovery time wasn’t something he could just hand out.

He reached the last step and hobbled to the table you were sat at, researching on your laptop. “Hey, sweeheart. Found anything?” He asked, tilting the screen back a little to adjust the light.

“I can’t tell. Might be a shifter. Might not be. I’m working on it though.” You answer, your eyes still scanning the pages you had up.

“That’s my girl.” He smiled and gave you a side hug, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“Where’s Mom?” Uncle Dean wondered, leaning over you to look at what was up on the screen.

“She went to get some food. You know, like, proper food. Said you two needed to know how to cook.” You explain, putting your head back to look up at him.

“What and you don’t need to?”

“Am I an adult? No.”

“Yes but are you helpful?” Your Dad raised an eyebrow.

“Also no.” You answered.

“Actually, you usually are. Which means you’re cooking too.”

You tried to frown but you couldn’t. Instead you smiled. “Ugh, fine.”

Your Uncle Dean pulled up a chair next to you. “Our family’s gone from two to four eh Sammy?” He let out a small chuckle.

Your Dad looked over to his brother and they shared a smile to last “Sure has…I wonder what we’ll be cooking…?” He thought aloud.

“If it isn’t pie I’m gonna flip a table.”

You laughed “This one’s nailed down but sure I’d love to watch you try.”

“Shut up.”

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And note this is just random and obviously not canon as I have no idea what Season 12 will involve.

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So I got the box set of Prima guides for The Legend of Zelda some time ago

It even came with a lettersigned by Aonuma 

But I looked in the Twilight Princess one and saw the bio for Midna



A fighter. That’s what they called her, from the second she was born.

It was true. She was a warrior, swift and deadly. To watch her, it was like watching a dance. Smooth movements melded together, intricate rhythms blending seamlessly into a dangerous whirl of blades.

She was like the piercing cry of a wolf on the hunt, a wave about to crash onto a rocky shore, the yellow sky that precedes a storm. She was elegant and sharp, a lightning bolt cutting through the sky.

—  that unwritten fantasy book

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also, Lexa was DEAD-EYES before she got HEART-EYES when Clarke came along

[glares at you] I hate that this is actually 100% true. She is haunted by Costia and the warriors that have died because of her command. Because of her. Then Clarke. She sees someone that is like her, haunted but still breathing…like her. Clarke gets her. Gets her responsibilities and the weight that is on her shoulders. Clarke is smart, able to lead her people when she was thrust into a leadership role…like Lexa. Lexa sees herself in Clarke, she want to help her. She gives Clarke lessons that she has learned being a leader. “You’re doing what I did when I first took command” “You think killing the shooter will make you feel better but it won’t” “Clarke, you need to focus. We do what we must to survive, the enemy does the same. It’s not personal.” “This is war Clarke, people die.” “That’s what it means to be a leader, Clarke. We must look into the eyes of our warriors and say ‘go die for me’.” 

There are many many more lessons Lexa gives Clarke to help her cope with the responsibilities and burdens a leader must have and hold. That is one way that Lexa shows her love towards Clarke. Preparing her. Preparing her so that she will make the right choices for her people. Preparing her to protect herself so that she will survive this harsh world. Clarke changes Lexa, she gives Lexa hope. Hope that she isn’t doomed to live a secluded life, that maybe her life can be more than just impossible decisions and a tragic end that life can be about more than just surviving. She has met someone that understands and is her equal – same as me.

I bought this Wonder Woman action figure today. It has brought me so much joy to just sit here and stare at it. Because it is just everything I ever needed and it reminds me why I love Wonder Woman and why I love superheroines and why we need them.

Look at her. Just look at her. She looks like a doll. With her wonderful hair and thin arms and cute red boots she looks like the Barbie doll I always wanted to buy as a child, but I never could – my mother never allowed it, because “boys don’t play with Barbie dolls, Martin!”. And yet this Wonder Woman is not just a doll. She holds her sword in one hand and her shield in the other, she is a true warrior. This toy is not just doll, it’s also an action figure. And that’s the point of Wonder Woman, isn’t it? That she doesn’t have to be just a doll or just an action figure, she could be both at the same time. She is the princess and the knight, the beauty and the beast. And she does it in such a wonderful way.

I wouldn’t say Wonder Woman is a “manly” woman, just like I wouldn’t say I was a “girly” boy when I was growing up. Because all these gender-based definitions are really inapplicable in this case. You could never call Wonder woman “girly”, nor “manly”. You can’t use words like that to describe her. She is what she is. Just like I am what I am. Just like many people are what they are. Wonder Woman is a warrior princess and the “warrior”-part doesn’t invalidate the “princess”-part, just like the “princess”-part doesn’t invalidate the “warrior” one. Those different sides of her don’t have to be contradicting, all pieces of her actually work together to create something truly wonderful. An icon.

I saw this toy a few months ago. I didn’t buy it right away. Then I had a car accident and I lied on a bed for two months. And in that time I thought it would have been nice if I had bought that toy, it would have felt good to be able to see her and take strength from her. Now I can walk with one crutch. The store is like 10 minutes away from my apartment and it took me an hour to get there. But I got there. And I bought my Wonder Woman. And now I can’t strop staring at her.

Kidagakash Nedakh (kida) princess of Atlantis. She witnessed the near destruction of her city and the abduction of her mother by the heart of atlantis to save the city. Her father tried to erase Atlantian’s past culture. She believes her people are starting to lose their sense of self and she starts investigating about their past culture before everything fades away completely.
Kida is a master linguist, knowing multiple languages from all around the globe. She has also become an skilled hunter and gatherer, often left in charge of exploring caverns and catacombs for extra resources.
She’s a true warrior princess, among the finest protectors of Atlantis.
She’s so under appreciated and i don’t get why when you have princesses like her people are obsessed over elsa from frozen.


While the Padawan Lost arc was the most demonstrative one for Ahsoka’s character, I feel that the Citadel was the one where Ahsoka truly lost any delusions of innocence or purity. 

She watched a Jedi Master die and carried his dead body back to the troops, and only a few hours (?) later stabbed someone in the back in order to save the mission. While she had killed before, that was usually while the villains had a gun on her–this time, the split-second decision involved protecting someone else, and she took the “kill them” course of action. A true warrior’s solution–but was it a Jedi’s?

The worst part of it was that she had forced her way into this mission. She went out there because she no longer wanted to be protected, and she found herself dealing with the consequences. Even with all of her experience, the clones under her command still died–simply because of the odds they faced.

This show was messed up.

Wonder Woman needs to get some more love.
Seriously. She’s pretty awesome. She’s the one true Amazonian warrior: carved from clay and not born of man’s seed. She’s not only a fierce Amazonian, she’s a princess, whose graceful demeanor and diplomacy has been unmatched by her fellow Justice League members (accept maybe Martian Man Hunter). She not only an Amazonian Princess, but her day job is an American agent who solves cases and helps people as Diana Prince. She’s gentle, graceful, caring, intelligent, and strong, ferocious and violent, but only when she needs to be. I swear if Batman vs Superman makes Wonder Woman some violent chick who likes to hack and slash without much thought to who she’s doing it to and why, imma be an angry waffle.

2015 Women’s World Tour Ranking

#14 | Silvana Lima

When the season first started, Silvana came to life. She was putting 10 point rides on the board and her results were good. Unfortunately for her, the back half of the season wasn’t as kind to her as the first. She’s one of the most progressive surfers on the women’s tour. Considering she’s the oldest, that is something I respect very much, as well as her passion.
You won’t be seeing her next year on tour (unless she’s given a wildcard, but to be honest, I don’t think that is going to happen).
She’s a true warrior, so, I’m sure she’ll be battling on the QS, next year, to regain her spot on tour.

Ph: Kirsten 

So we went into Ski Lodge knowing that the Triangle would officially end. We went in assuming that Lucas would pick a girl and now people are complaing about how Lucas led Maya on…You are aware that if Lucas picked Maya he would’ve been leading Riley on as well right. Oh Wait. That’s not true because Lucas Friar is allowed to feel what he wants as well, he is allowed to be confused, he is allowed to like two people at once like both Riley and Maya have and he is allowed to choose what makes him happy. Riley and Maya aren’t the only ones with feelings. Riley and Maya aren’t the only ones who should be included in what the decision is. 

To pretend like Maya has no one is dumb af, yes I get that she didn’t get Lucas but according to spoilers,  she has Josh (And while I may not approve at this point you can’t ignore that). Maya still has Farkle and the fact that so many people are putting Lucas over Farkle pisses me off because no matter what Lucas and Maya’s relationship is Farkle has been and always will be there for her. Maya is a priority to him same as Riley and while I may be Ria*kle af I am not going to ignore how far the Farkle/Maya relationship has come. And she still has Lucas, don’t act like just because they aren’t together that his feelings weren’t there (unless he himself said so idk). Even on a non-romantic level Lucas will always be there for her, don’t act like he’s just going to ignore her.

What, Riley has had 2 guys more like her than Maya. TWO and people are losing their sh*t. People are acting like no one likes/liked Maya when it is Canon…Yes, Canon that 3 people have.

Part of me can’t be mad because I know if roles were reversed the same thing would happen so…The other part knows that no one on the show needs a relationship to be happy and wants people to stop acting like Lucas is Maya’s happiness and he’s not. He could make her happy but it would be very out of character for Maya to need a relationship to be happy. 

Thoughts on Lexa's death

As a Bellarke shipper, I was clearly never on Team Clexa. That being said, Lexa was still one of my favorite characters. I was very upset to learn that she was killed. While we saw characters like Kane, Abby, Clarke, and Octavia willing to reach out a hand towards the grounders for peace, we never saw much of that in the grounders. Sure there was Lincoln, and then Indra after quite a bit of time, but Lexa was the most relevant in this season. Sure, people questioned how much she was willing to change for Clarke, but I believe that’s what made her strong. Her willingness to go against tradition and risk her life, not just for her love for Clarke, but for the love she had for her people made her a true warrior. I don’t believe she got the death she deserved. Over the past seasons, I’ve realized death is an important part of the grounder life. It is important for them to die as a warrior. Lexa just walked into a room and was accidentally shot by a trusted companion. That is not a warrior’s death. The commander deserved more. Heda deserved a true warrior’s death.