she is a man baby

(2x17 spoilers)

So I know there have been theories of Trixie being important in some way, and the more I think about it the more it seems plausible (if not this season, the next one). It’s rather interesting to see how she interacts with people - she becomes Maze’s first friend when Maze is alone, constantly affirms to Lucifer that she adores him, lets Amenadiel know in their first interaction that he’s good. And, it makes sense that it’s not Chloe who’s special as the miracle, but that Trixie is, since she’s the child of both a miracle baby and a man who could somehow resist the pull of the blade. 

And what stood out to me on a rewatch of that scene with Amenadiel - one of the first few things she says to Amenadiel is that she likes his necklace. She’s the first one who ever brings attention to it (to the best of my memory), and lot and behold, his necklace is the final piece. It’s pretty cool to me that she immediately notices the piece; I’m interested in what other people’s thoughts on it are - if she has powers (or some intuition, or is important in some way), if it was just clever foreshadowing on the writers’ part, if she’s just a normal kid, etc. 


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alright you know what i got mad anyway sorry

  • sally jackson is a phenomenal mother but she does a fucking lot more than bake cookies okay
  • this woman lost her family when she was five
  • this woman grew up being neglected
  • and then proceeded to drop out of high school to take care of the man who neglected her
  • and then she raised a fucking baby entirely on her own, with no family at all
  • a baby that had a death warrant on his head since the day he was conceived, no less
  • she had nothing and she worked her ass off to make a good life for her son, and she did a fucking good job of it
  • and then she spent years in an abusive relationship all while continuing to work her ass off and make a good life for her son, despite being verbally and physically abused about everything she did
  • and then she fucking got herself out of that abusive relationship, and there is nothing fucking cute about sally jackson feeling so desperate and afraid of her abuser that her only way out was to kill him okay
  • and then she uses her new money to get a new apartment for herself
  • and then she fucking saved up enough to fulfill her lifelong dream of going to college to become a writer
  • and she still routinely has to let her son risk his life to save the world because she knows it wouldn’t be fair of her to try and beg him not to, it’s part of who he is and she knows she needs to respect that, so instead of guilting him and giving him ultimatums, she fucking gives him her blessing
  • do you know how fucking hard that must be for her though? and do you ever hear her guilt him or take it out on him? n e v e r
  • so like fuck yeah she’s kind and beautiful and loving but she aint soft and sweet this woman is tough as fucking nails, she’s strong, she gets fucked over and over again and she still never gives up
  • she pulled herself out of tons and tons of extremely tedious and difficult situations even when literally all the odds were stacked against her
  • percy even says that there’s steel in her, that she has a rebellious streak that’s just like him
  • and like i really don’t wanna ever hear anyone forgetting this part of her ever again
  • so next time you talk about her baking cookies remember that she’s also an orphan who grew up in an abusive household, dropped out of highschool, became a single mother, survived an abusive marriage, and worked her ass off to get herself to where she is today
Since people don’t seem to understand what “Men’s Reproductive Rights” means,

I will explain it in a way using popular characters. 

This is Nancy Hicks Gribble from popular animated show King of the Hill. One of the biggest controversies and stories about her is that throughout her marriage, she spent 14 years of it cheating on her husband , Dale Gribble 

with muscle bound Native American masseur, John Redcorn. 

During one of their frequent…encounters, Nancy becomes pregnant and has a son, Joseph Gribble. 

Now obviously Joseph isn’t Dale’s biological son, but Dale is not smart enough and too trusting of his wife to question it (he has even caught them in bed together and incorrectly assumed his wife was just getting a massage). It is obvious to John Redcorn however. So what does this have to do with men’s rights? Well since Nancy kept the continued affair a secret, Dale has been taking care of Joseph, another man’s son, with the false assumption that it is his own. John Redcorn, who desperately wants to be a part of Joseph’s life, is unable to do so properly because the son believes that Dale is his father and Nancy refuses to be truthful. So one father is being tricked/forced to take care of a child that isn’t his, while another man is being refused his right to parenthood. 

Need another example? 

This is Lana Kane from the television show Archer.

Lana had a beautiful baby girl through artificial insemination.

However it came with some issues. She stole the sperm from soon-to-be father Sterling Archer 

 while he was having a cancer scare. Throughout the series, Archer has made it clear that he isn’t ready for a baby yet, so his stance on this would probably be clear. She then impregnated herself without telling him or getting his permission, got him to drown and then revive to save her because she was pregnant, then only after the baby was born, did she tell him it was his baby. Not soon after, she demanded that he “man up” and “take responsibility” for the care of the child, while she simultaneously refusing him any and all parental rights when he shows interest in the baby’s future, even stating that she would rather lose the baby than have Archer raise her. Comments on Archer’s wording of watching the baby as “babysitting” was met with similar responses as Lana’s of “It’s your baby, take responsibility” and “if you are the father, it is just parenting”. This all with him not getting a say in the baby’s creation and again, having no parental rights. 

This is yet another problem that men face. At any time, a woman can either get pregnant through consensual intercourse and leave, steal a man’s sperm, or even rape him, and have complete decision on whether the child is born, and almost always gets custody of the child. At any time, the woman can come back into the man’s life and reveal that the man has a child (one that he didn’t ask for or plan for), and immediately demand the man pay back child support. The mother typically gets it. Men who would like to be a part of their baby’s life, no matter the cause of the pregnancy, can easily be refused that right due to court biases favoring women. 

How about another?

This is Deborah Gallagher from the television show Shameless. 

Deborah is pretty desperate for a relationship. blame it on teenage hormones, blame it on her family’s influence, but she makes some bad decisions because of it. Deborah befriended fellow high school student Derek Delgado. 

They get into a relationship, and Deborah encourages him to have intercourse with her. When he brings up the need for a condom, she stresses that it isn’t needed because she is on the pill. It turns out that she lied about being on birth control pills, actually wanting to trap Derek into a relationship by getting pregnant and starting a family. Derek, shocked by the thought of having a baby, and concerned with the future that he had hoped for, moves out of the state to think and get away from Debby. Debby has also done something similar with a former boyfriend, Matt Baker, who she had originally lied to about her age and eventually raped while he was passed out drunk at a party. Her desperation for a relationship would have probably led to a similar scenario, if it wasn’t almost certain that Matt would have gone to jail for Statutory Rape (a different issue men face)

Derek’s story is actually similar to many men’s. He was clearly not ready for a baby, but was tricked into it. He had a whole life planned worked out, but the baby changed that drastically. The common response is “he should have thought about that before having sex”, which is not the same response a woman would normally get. Consent to sex is only consent to a baby for a man. Debby was ready for a baby, and he was not. But who cares about what he thinks, right? So now he must either halt or even cancel his life plans and dreams to take care of the baby, or leave the baby behind and deal with the guilt of his biological child growing up without him because he wasn’t ready. 

You cannot keep shouting “my body, my decision” when it comes to a baby. A baby is more than 9 months. It is a life changing decision that could cost tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is a decision that takes years of dedication, potentially the rest of your life. Men should also get a choice and a say, but often don’t. not when they are raped, not when they are tricked, not when they are not ready for a baby, not when they have other plans in life, not when they want to be a part of the child’s life, nothing. That should be a problem. That should be considered an inequality. 

Somebody’s Baby

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I was listening to the radio on the way to work the other day and this song came on, inspiring this little Dean x Reader ficlet. Enjoy!

“Hey, Barry. Check out this little miss.”

The middle-aged man nudged the man at the bar counter next to him. Barry turned to see a young woman in the doorway, looking around, as unsure as they had seen anyone in a while. Stepping just inside the doorway, she took her mobile from her purse and dialed a number.

“Dean,” Barry said, “check out this girl. Bet you take her home tonight.”

But Dean was on the phone, not paying attention. Barry rolled his eyes and turned back to the woman at the door. She was looking around again, still on the phone. Neither of the two older men could quite focus on where their conversation had trailed off before this woman had caught their attention.

She took a few more tentative steps into the bar, still on the phone and searching around for the person she was presumably meeting.

Barry punched Dean in the shoulder. “You don’t get off the phone, you’re gonna miss a helluva shot, Winchester.”

But Dean just held up a hand and turned his back to the two older men. They just rolled their eyes and turned their attention back to the woman.

“Damn,” the first man said, shaking his head as she ended her phone call and made way for the bar with purpose. “She must be somebody’s baby.”

Dean finally turned around, and smiled at the approaching woman. As you headed in his direction, Dean held out his arm and slipped it around your waist. He kissed you lightly, then helped you onto the barstool next to him.

Before giving you his full attention, Dean turned back to Barry and the other man. “You’re right, boys. She is somebody’s baby – mine.”

You grinned at Dean, kissing him again while the bartender retrieved your drink.

whenever i see the “what’s your rep in the fandom” post i always just think of a film noir sequence. you walk into the abandoned hotel lobbey. i’m standing on the stairwell, smoking a cigarette. you pause, hand on the rail.

“who are you?”

i puff my cigarette, dress glittering in the lowlights.

“im the whore, squirtle”

What Nancy didn’t know was that her drink was spiked with powerful fertility drugs that negated her birth control. So when she drunkenly spread her legs for her boyfriend that night she unknowingly had plenty of eggs waiting for his potent seed.<p>
Five months later, swollen with quads, Nancy was happy with her new figure. She even forgave her boyfriend when she found the pills in his drawer. Besides, how could she be mad at the man who made her swell with babies?

  • Simmon: You're very tall.
  • Marie: Yes, I am two centimeters taller than a baby giraffe.
A Dangerous Game

Betty closed her eyes as she leaned out the bus window, the cool breeze felt good on her flushed cheeks and she pulled her hair from the ridiculously tight ponytail. Looking to her right she smiled at the pair beside her, an older couple, the man had his arm securely wrapped around the woman and she was fast asleep on his shoulder, his own eyes shut as he rested on the top of her forehead.

The bus came to an abrupt stop and she tugged her leather jacket tighter around her body, she turned to the sleeping couple as she was getting out of her seat, gently tapping the mans shoulder

“I don’t mean to be nosy but I think I heard you mention Riverdale being your stop? Well, we’re here. I didn’t want you to sleep through it.” She shrugged with a weak smile.

“Oh thank heavens! That’ll be the second time this week! Thanks darlin’ my names Pop, Pop Tate.” He gathered his things as the older woman gushed over Bettys long blonde hair. As soon as they got off the bus Pop Tate smiled

“I own the Diner just down the road, Pops, you stop by anytime for a free milkshake.” He winked at her and his wife squeezed her shoulder

“I’ll have to take you up on that, thanks so much.” She waved at their retreating backs, she wasn’t used to people being so friendly, normally the huge Serpent emblazoned on her jacket was enough to send anyone the opposite way.

Betty Cooper was a legacy, her mother was the leader of a chapter of the Southside Serpents, she ran the Toledo gang. Betty was a prominent member of the gang and was a shoe in to take over leadership when her mother passed it on, that’s what brought her here to Riverdale

The town with Pep.

The Riverdale South Side Serpents were in some type of trouble, apparently they were being dragged into some small town Drug ring and gang members were being killed and arrested. Betty could still see the tears in her mothers eyes when the news came that Viper had been found dead in a motel room, if that wasn’t enough one of her closest friends F.P jones had been arrested. Gladys came running through the bar doors late one Friday night sobbing begging Alice to help her husband.

That’s where Betty came in, it was her job to investigate the town, she needed to find out who was behind the heroin and she needed to report back to her mother, it was almost somewhat of a final test, if she could help out Riverdale she would be ready to take over the Toledo Serpents.

Finding the Southside was as easy as she expected, the familiar looking trailers and stray dogs reminded her so much of home she instantly felt her shoulders relax. She took a deep breath and walked through the bar, the door slamming against the wall as everyone went silent about a hundred eyes turning to her.

Betty straightened her back and crossed her arms, her most intimidating smile playing across her features. Out of the crowd came a burly, muscular man she knew very well.

“Baby Betty Cooper, my very favorite niece” the older man smiled down at her, dropping an arm around her shoulder, she grinned up at him and squirmed under his arm. Instantly the murmurs began

“That’s her!”
“That’s Alice’s daughter”
“She’s here about the drugs”
“She’s hot as shit!”

Betty rolled her eyes and laughed
“Nice to see you too uncle Hause, but don’t call me baby Betty.” She mock glared at him and he laughed heartily, clapping his hands he drew all the attention to himself

“Listen up Serpents, this here is Betty Cooper, I’m sure by now you all know what she’s here for. I want you all to treat her with the utmost respect, I’m looking at you jovan.” He said pointedly at the drooling young man in front. “Betty is Alice Coopers daughter so if you know what’s good for you, you’ll treat her like the diamond she is” he ruffled her hair and nudged her forward, encouraging her to speak.

Betty cleared her throat and began the speech she had prepared

“I’m here to help you all, no matter where we’re from Serpents are all a family. I’m gonna find out who’s putting us in danger and I’m gonna stop it, I can promise you that. Because… no one messes with a snake.” She finished darkly, sending the entire bar into room shaking cheers, she smiled proudly and turned to her uncle

“I’m looking for F.Ps son, I have to talk to him.” She said quietly “who is he?”

“That would be me.”

Whipping around Betty came face to face with the most attractive thing she had ever seen in her life, dark black waves and light blue eyes all wrapped up in a leather jacket. James Dean eat your heart out, he seemed to be just as interested in her as she was in him, he stood before her, his eyes surveying every inch of her.

“Betty Cooper” she stuck her hand out, he took it quickly, gripping her fingers with a gentleness she hadn’t seen in a gang member

“Jughead Jones”

“Well I’ll leave you two to it, Lizzy I’ll have aunt charla show you to your trailer after you and the boy have your discussion, oh and Jughead?”

Jughead turned to Hause, still clutching Betty’s hand

“Don’t forget to do your homework,” he warned.

Betty giggled from in front of him and he turned to her with pink stained cheeks
“Yeah yeah yeah” he grumbled, finally pulling his hand free.

Betty slid into a stool at the bar and grinned at the handsome boy

“Alright Jughead Jones, let’s get started.”

Please never f*cking do this

So, this happened to me recently, and I wanted to share this with everyone.

I was sitting outside a laundromat, waiting for my clothes to finish drying. My dog, Willow, was sitting next to me at a bench. I was kind of looking off into the distance, minding my own business, and was snapped out of it by a man saying “Hello!” very close to my ear.

I turn my head around, and there he is, sticking his NEWBORN CHILD DIRECTLY IN MY DOG’S F*CKING FACE.

Now, nothing bad happened. Willow is a good dog. She loves kids. She sniffed the baby, and the man happily told me how much she loves the dog they have at home.

But, here’s the thing:

Not all dogs like infants. Some dogs like older kids, but not babies. Some dogs are scared of children of all ages, and do not like being pet by them. Some dogs are ok with children being nearby, but don’t like being touched by them. Some dogs, when scared, react with aggression.

I feel like I shouldn’t need to say this, but when you’re meeting an animal for the first time, do not stick your baby 2 inches away from it’s f*cking face. ASK THE OWNER IF IT’S OK TO PET THEIR DOG, ALWAYS.

This has been a PSA. Thank you!


Requested: no.

Warnings: none.

This is really different but I really like it. I’m proud of this one. Hope you enjoy it.

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Would you believe me, if I said I went To the same church as Justin Bieber? I doubt it. People never did. But then again, who would?

But I do. And I have for a while now.

It’s not like we’ve talked or anything. In fact, I don’t think Justin even knows my name, but I still see him every week. So much that seeing him around isn’t even a shock anymore.

To me, he’s now just a normal person, attending church on a Sunday - who goes upon there normal day just like any one else would.

The church I attended was a private one. Very closed off and self kept. It was no wonder Justin came along.

At first, he would come along with his family. Sometimes alone. Basically just came to say grace, attend mass then leave. And it was like that for around a year, before I noticed someone else.

A girl who’s name I learnt to be Y/N. She was sweet from what I had seen. A religious girl who had good intentions. It surprised me to see her considering we usually don’t get a lot of new faces here.

She was friendly to everyone - including Justin. They looked like a couple of old friends who had grown up together and I actually think that’s what they were.

From what I had heard from my mother they have been best friends since as long as they could remember. And apparently Y/N’s normal Church closed down, so Justin invited her to join him at ours until she found a new parish.

But What was supposed to be a one time thing turned into a series of repetitive events, and after a month, she was considered a member of the church.

I honestly didn’t mind. It wasn’t like she was bothering me or anything and she was rather friendly. I liked her.

Months had passed and everyone in the church had begun to see a change in attitude around the two. It was as if they both a had a secret they were too afraid to tell each other but otherwise tried to act as if it wasn’t there.

But everyone else in the church had noticed. I remember my mother talking to Mrs smith one weekend after church about the two - they were saying how they ‘had seen this coming since the day Justin brought her to the church.’ Whatever that meant.

What did they see coming?

It wasn’t until weeks later I realised what they were talking about. One week at mass I watched them intensely, there was something about them that was just so interesting.

I may have been sitting a few seats behind them, but it was impossible to miss the way they were looking at each other when the other wasn’t. The love in there eyes.

That’s when I knew that they both had feelings for each other, they were just too afraid to admit it.

Time went by and nothing had changed. The problem about our church though is the church mothers love to gossip, and the kids love there media.

Apparently, some of the teen girls had seen on tmz some rumours that the two were dating, and they must have passed that message to there parents because it wasn’t long before the whole church was talking about it.

I didn’t believe it. I never believed anything the church mothers talked about. They’re always full of crap. But it came as a surprise the next Sunday when justin and Y/N walked in, smiling at each other with so much love, hand in hand.

Honestly, I was glad. It was about time. If I’m being honest, I think they looked cute together.

They were touchy throughout mass. Rubbing each other backs, winding their fingers through each other’s and even giving each other short, small pecks throughout.

It was honestly adorable.

And of course the church talked. No one in this place can keep there mouths shut but I didn’t mind talking about them. They were fascinating to me. And no one was saying anything bad.

A couple months had gone by and nothing had changed. They still had the same amount of love and passion in there eyes for each other. Sometimes they would show up looking a little pissed and avoided each other, but the next week they’d come back as if nothing had happened.

Just like a normal couple.

Justin continued making music and I even heard that Y/N got into modelling. Good for her, she had the body for it.

But that got the church talking once again. I think the girls were jealous honestly since from then on out people began throwing crap Y/N’s way. But after a while it passed.

Years had gone by and i think they were around 23 now. I know because Justin was exactly 6 years older then me. And I had just turned 17.

They still attended church, still sat in the same seats and shared the same love but one thing was different. Not only did they seem a lot more happy, but something in particular seemed to stand out.

Of course, this had the Parrish gossiping like crazy. Especially once they caught the size of the 27 carat diamond engagement ring wrapped around Y/N’s slender finger.

From that day on, the church began looking at her differently which was really uncalled for and rude. She had done nothing wrong and minded her own business - not disturbing anyone. But the Parrish saw her as spoiled and a gold digger.

Which didn’t make sense. It wasn’t like she askedfor the ring. It was Justin’s idea to propose. And they were a beautiful couple. Not just by looks but by personality as well.

Yet the couple went unphased. And a couple months later they both sported another ring each. Both just a simple wedding band.

Of course I didn’t attend the wedding personally but I heard they got married in the Parrish church. And the photos that flooded the internet only proved that theory.

Everything about the two was perfect. And they continued to attend mass together like a normal couple would.

All until a few weeks later. When Y/N walked in looking tired and saddened. Alone.

No Justin. And it was like that for a little while. She was alone.

I couldn’t believe it and apparently neither could the Parrish. They talked like crazy, some saying that they saw it coming and knew they wouldn’t last but others in as much shock as I was.

I couldn’t believe that they had broke up. They were so happy. I just couldnt figure out what went wrong.

But if you think that was a surprise, then you had to see how much more surprised we were to realise a couple months later, that Y/N’s stomach had grown.

No not fat. But Baby weight.

She was pregnant.

I couldn’t believe it. I felt so sympathetic for Justin. And the church couldn’t either. The news and rumours spread so fast after that and I even remember the day I heard it.

It was from Mrs Banks, the young housewife with the twin girls. Her daughters where bitches.but I remember my mother talking to her, and the way the news slipped Mrs banks lips, as if she was talking about a convict in prison. So much disgust.

‘She cheated on him.’

She said.

'she got pregnant with the other mans baby and poor Justin couldn’t take the heartbreak - left the sorry women just like she deserved.’

I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe such a sweet women could do such a terrible thing. Or maybe she wasn’t as sweet as i thought.

I avoided her for a long while after that. She tried being friendly, tried to say hello or throw a smile at me but I kept my distance. I was surprised father Gabriel hadn’t kicked her out.

A few more weeks went by, her stomach grew and so did the gossip and rumours. But suddenly, a month or two later, something happened. Something so small, yet it caused the whole church to shut there mouths.

Justin showed up one day. Not alone. Not with family. But with Y/N. Smiling.

He was walking behind her, with one hand on her swelling stomach and the other clutching her hand which also rest on her stomach. He guided her down the isle and into there usual seats, cuddling next to her.

Like nothing had happened.

Every pair of eyes where on them. Even father Gabriel’s.

Everyone was confused. Why had Justin gotten back with her? After what she did. I would never have forgiven her.

But it wasn’t long for word to get around. The truth. A girl who was a fan of Justin had actually asked him.

I don’t know how. I would have been so embarrassed. Thats such an invasion of privacy, yet she did it and I’m honestly glad she did.

Y/N never cheated. And the baby was Justin’s! The reason she showed up alone was because Justin had been on tour and everyone had overreacted.

I told you the woman were full of crap.

Anyways, months passed and Y/N’s stomach continued to grow. Swelling with life and beauty. Justin and herself looked so happy. And every time they walked in, I couldn’t help but notice how Justin clutched her stomach. It was so beautiful.

Everything was normal until one day, they both just stopped showing up.

It disappointed me. I really enjoyed watching the two from a distance, examining there lives. I wondered where they went. And hoped they would come back to the Parrish.

But they didn’t. Not the next week, or the week after that. Not even the week after that. They were both MIA.

I was convinced they had found a new Parrish. One with less crap and gossip. I wouldn’t blame them.

But that wasn’t the case, and we all found that out when they finally one Sunday, showed up again. This time, Y/N was not pregnant.

And Justin seemed a lot happier. So did Y/N but she also seemed tired. Not sad though. It was like a happy tired.

It was pretty obvious what had happened but I was still shocked when Justin’s body came into full view.

In his hands, he held a beautiful baby girl, dressed in a pink dress with a white flower band on her hair.

The girl was stunning. She had a full head of hair which was obviously inherited from her mothers thick dark brown hair, but was a dirty blonde like her father. Long thick eyelashes supported her eyes and a cute button nose sat on her face.

She was really small. But I think she was actually premature by a couple of weeks. So it made sense that the two weren’t at church for the last few weeks. They were busy looking after there new born baby girl.

And although Y/N brought a pram along with her, Justin didn’t put his little girl down. It was obvious he was proud of his little beauty. I would be too. She was really cute.

And well behaved. I hadn’t heard her cry all mass. There was a few times when the baby girl would stir, become a little restless but all Justin would need to do was say “shh it’s alright” and she would settle.

It truly was adorable.

And it wasn’t until Justin wrapped his arm around his wife, as Y/N placed a hand on her daughters leg and another around Justin’s torso that I truly realised.

This family was unbreakable.

if you’re sick of people reducing rosalie hale to a two-dimensional, vapid, baby-crazy character clap your hands