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Imperfect Celestial (Castiel x Reader)

Plot: Cas doesn’t understand why the reader feels so insecure. Why should she? To him, she’s the most beautiful thing in the Universe.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warning: Selfhate, Cas being a sweetheart, almost smut (Winchesters be cockblocking), lots and lots of fluff, angst

(In this fic, all the crap with April and Meg didn’t happen but I still hardcore ship Megstiel. I apologize because this is crappy.

Also look how pretty he is in the gif!)

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My Mother Said No One Would Love Me

(warning: long story)

Ever, she said.

That’s why when Tom came along, I was so happy to prove her wrong for once.

No one will ever love you, she said. My “peculiarities” were too much to handle. That’s what she called them, my peculiarities. She didn’t want to acknowledge that it might be something real–not her daughter, not the daughter of Miss Orange County, 1980.

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Monsters (Jamilton)

AN: I want to make this a series if y’all want any more of this

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @theoverlordofeverything @hmltntrsh51 @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @hamilton4starwars @megabooklover18

Request: Anonymous- Jamilton fanfic where uncle James has to help them take care of their children because Alex and Thomas are exhausted because of their new baby.

Warning: swearing 

Word Count: 1,805


There was a split second of quiet before all hell broke loose. The triplets had been up since three in the morning and the baby hadn’t slept for any more than an hour that night. Thomas wanted one kid. One. And then the surrogate found out it was three. And then Alexander managed to talk him into another baby. There was about a ninety percent chance that he wanted a fifth. They had no time or space for a fifth baby. They didn’t have time for the four, four, they had now.

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You request and you shall receive!

This little idea popped into my head last night while I was playing sims lol.

Harry was sitting in your shared bedroom folding laundry when it happened. House Hunters on in the back ground, Harry was softly humming. He pulled a t-shirt out of the basket to be folded and he knew it was your daughters due to it’s size, but he had never seen it before. He flipped it over and saw it, the face of some little boy, apparently a ‘popstar’. Harry felt his heart drop into his stomach. The fangirl ways of her mother had finally permeated his daughter. He knew this day was coming but hoped it never would. “Athena, petal, could you come here for a minute?” He was still in shock, horrified that one of his worst nightmares had come true.

You and Harry’s eleven year old Athena came trotting down the stairs happily. When she appeared in the doorway she was instantly concerned seeing Harry’s mortified expression. “Daddy, what’s wrong?”

“What is this?” He asked cocking one eyebrow and holding up the shirt.

Athena knew she was caught. The little secret her and mommy had been trying to keep had slipped through their fingers. She dashed across the room and snatched the shirt from Harry, her cheeks a flaming red.  “Daddy your weren’t supposed to see it! It’s nothing anyway.” Her face held a distressed and embarrassed expression, she knew she was never going to hear the end of this now.

“Athena. Baby. You have got to be kidding me. Him? Really? Of all people why this little scrub?” He was trying to hide his smile, because even though he was terrified of what this meant, it reminded him of Athena’s mother. He remembered the first time he met y/n. At the time she was only nineteen, she was working in a coffee shop and she had dropped a costumers order when he walked in. He remembered how cute he thought her embarrassment was when he was helping her clean the mess, knowing he was the cause of it. He had asked her name and she had stuttered out a  response, immediately apologizing. He snapped out of his memory and returned his attention to his blushing little girl.

“Daddy! He is not a scrub! He is kind and talented and adorable!” She was really trying to get her point across that this boy was not a scrub, he was a perfect little angel in her eyes and she loved him with all her heart.

“Oh, give me a break.” Harry chuckled and rolled his eyes excessively.  “I thought me and your mother shaped your taste better than this. What do you even see in him?  You want to see real talent go listen to some of daddy’s records baby.”

But Daddy I love him!” She shouted the cliche with intense emotion and flung herself onto Harry. Harry caught her and pulled her into his chest. He. Was. Petrified. He never wanted to hear those words leave his little princesses mouth. Suddenly, he realized how lucky he was that she was pining for this boy rather than one who was going to break her heart. He kissed the top of her head and pulled her closer to him.

“It’s alright baby, Daddy understands, I’m just teasing you. Does your mom know about all this?” As soon as he asked the question you came through the doorway into your bedroom and saw your daughter beside herself on Harry’s lap. She was now crying into his chest mumbling about how much she loved the little boy harry was so suspicious of.  He pulled a face that was a mixture between being scared and deeply confused and pointed at the sobbing little angel on his lap. You laughed and came over, sitting next to Harry and rubbing Athena’s back. “It’s alright darling. I understand. I used to be this way about your dad believe it or not.” Harry shot the same horrified look at you and your head fell back in laughter. He obviously knew you were a fan, but he didn’t ever think about you doing this over him. You just kissed his cheek and focused your attention to your hysterical daughter. You thought about the flights you would be taking to see this boy in concert, how much money you would spend on meet and greet, and how you would drag Harry along for the ride.  


Short but I hope you liked it! I think this is a really cute idea!

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Would you please do the story of Giselle?

so we start out in this random ass peasant village with this guy, prince albrecht.

he is a bit bored with his life, as rich privileged guys can get, and decides FUCK IT i wanna live a little yolo swag. he dresses up as a poor guy and starts living in this village where this adorable babe giselle lives.

giselle is a PERFECT ANGEL and cute as a button and this bitch loves to dance. more than anything she is literally a dancing fool. problem is, this chick has a heart condition, so her mom is like “please don’t dance you might drop dead” but she’s like “I MUST DANCE”

so shes dancing around in the village one day like she does and along comes albrecht all like “hey baby”and they dance a little, as one would, you know, they don’t have jobs in this peasant village, and she plucks a daisy and decides to play he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not and starts plucking petals- but then counts then all and realized DAMN THIS IS GONNA SAY HE LOVES ME NOT. he sees her turn, plucks a petal off, and is like “no ily giselle”

aside from this display of shadiness, giselle dances with him all smitten until they are interrupted by hilarion, the town gamekeeper who is also in love with giselle because she is a huge catch.

he’s all like “no giselle this dude is not the guy for you” partially because he wants to get out of the friendzone, and also because he knows that some real shit is up here.  he decides to sneak into albrecht’s little shack to see what this dude’s dealio is.

(on a different note, look at this sexy, angry fool)

he of course finds evidence of the trick- a sword with a fancy royal coat of arms on it- and decides to FUCK SOME SHIT UP. he sneaks away to go on conniving as the happy peasants come in and dance a little bit, and crown giselle the queen of the vineyard, because it is their harvest festival.

here we find out why giselle’s mom is so anxious, because she has heard of the legend of the willis, spirits of broken hearted brides. these poor sad hellcats come back as spirits to get revenge by dancing men to death and literally being the most badass spirits ever. mama giselle doesn’t want her to risk that shit, but like any young girl still living with her mother, giselle ignores her and goes to dance anyway.

a group of noblepeople arrive in the village, including bathilde, a princess who is actually engaged to marry albrecht. seeing the entourage from afar, albrecht busts out of there because he knows that if she sees him, shit will hit the fan. (also sometimes this scene has DOGS)

giselle is immediately in awe of her because she is so fancy, and starts like touching the fabric of her dress because as a peasant girl she has probably never seen something so damn expensive before. bathilde, instead of getting pissed as to literally “why is this filthy peasant so close to me” is charmed and asks giselle to dance for her, and then is so happy that she gives giselle her necklace because she has bling to spare.

while the nobles go inside to have some booze and snacks, the peasants once again dance, until hilarion bursts through giselle and her boyfriend all like “i have proof this dude is fake as hell.” she doesn’t believe him even with the sword as proof until bathilde emerges and is like “yoooo what is my fiance doing here dressed as a poor boy”

giselle, realizing she has been betrayed,  goes mad with grief, and bursts through the two. 8she attempts to stab herself, because apparently whoever came up with this ballet thinks that boys are a life or death dealio and that suicide is so r O m A n T i C. she begins to see the spirits of the willis on the horizon. she runs into her mother’s arms, before running to albrecht, collapsing and dying in his arms.

act 2 opens on a forest where hilarion is at giselle’s grave, mourning her death when he is scared away by suspicious activity in the woods. enter myrtha, the HEAD BITCH IN CHARGE. she is the queen of the willis, the first woman to ever die of heart break and she is pissed as all hell.

using her mytle branches, she calls her willis out of the graves. these girls are boss ass bitches, and they want revenge. they literally roam the woods just waiting for a good dude to kill, it’s amazing. they make these guys dance all night until they are so tired that they die, or else they force them into the lake and drown him. literally original misandrists.

myrtha calls giselle from her grave, and initiates her into the badass girl squad of death ladies. and who should wander into their midst but hilarion, and angry ghost style, they corral him and force him to DANCE BABY DANCE, until mytha’s assistants, zulme and moyna, knock that asshole out into the lake.

curse his luck, albrecht, who apparently lacks the good sense to know you shouldn’t wander through the woods at night, goes to see giselle’s grave and starts bawling out of guilt, because turns out he actually liked this girl and then KILLED HER (always tell the truth it saves lives). while the willis are killing somebody else somewhere else, and giselle comes out and dances with him. she realizes “damn i still love this two timing cheater” and forgives him

too late though before he can run ENTRE THE WILLIS. they’re like damn it’s a man, let’s fucking kill him like the usual. giselle is all like “pls no i lub him” and mytha’s like “haha no he’s a man he’s gotta go”

giselle calls albrecht to the cross at her grave, where myrtha, being an evil spirit, cannot get him, and dances in his stead. 

he is unable to stay away, like an idiot, and comes out to dance with her, only to be locked in a pas de deux with giselle, and forced to dance by himself until homeboy is literally falling on the floor from exhaustion. myrtha forces the two to dance, until ding ding sunrise

as the church bells sound, the sun begins to rise. typically ghost style, the willis cannot stay out in the sun, and myrtha melts away into her grave with the rest. albrecht, protected from these byotches forever is free, saved by giselle’s love, despite the fact that he was a cheater who probably didn’t deserve this bitch being so nice to him. she is released to rest in peace, and albrecht is left alone, with only a single flower to remember her. 

*shuts down the kindle app* and that is the story of giselle. a little messed up, but still really pretty.

nyo finland just as a concept is just complete perfection like im so….. imagine a 4′11″ angel with marshmallowy soft rosy cheeks and beautiful warm brown eyes and her adorable beret and her little dog and she’s ripped so she can lift the couch and you up with one hand and vacuum under it and then go out back and chop down trees for the fire??? and while the fire is going she makes you the best spiked hot chocolate u have ever had in your entire life??? can you imagine anyone more wife material

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If you're open, can I get some headcanons for a poly relationship between Allura, Shiro, and a very affectionate reader?

~I’ve never really done a polyamorous request before, so forgive me if this one is turns out to be bad ^^~

Allura + Shiro 🎀✨

• Shiro has never been in a polyamorous relationship before, but he doesn’t seem to mind, while Allura is very open and very interested in being in one. Both aren’t very experienced, but they’ll try their best to get to their partner’s needs.

• Shiro might be confused at what to do at first, but he’ll get the gist of it not too soon.

• Allura is curious and would love to explore and delve deeper in the relationship at any time.

• These two would get along pretty well very quickly, which explains their dynamic during missions. 

• Both of them absolutely love your affection that you give to both of them, they strive for it actually.

• Shiro would be the one who would crave more affection, he’s a very troubled man and needs the comfort from both his partners.

• Snuggles sessions with these two are the best. 👍

• Allura would tell you stories and folklores that her father and mother use to read to her as a child, and one time during her story telling, Shiro tears up in the middle of the tale of the cursed prince. 

• Allura loves it when either you or Shiro strokes or runs their hand through her hair, and same goes for Shiro.

• Please lightly scratch your fingers against Shiro’s scalp, the feeling just soothes and calms him down completely. 👈

• The three of you would share Allura’s room, cause she wants to be as close to her partners as possible and her room is bigger than yours or Shiro’s.

• Shiro might be a little hesitant when showing affection at first, but only because he doesn’t really know what to do. But he’ll eventually open up as time goes by.

• Allura is very fond of kisses and pecks from the both of you, 💋

• Shiro secretly loves it when you and Allura just both sleep on his lap, its like watching two angels in front of him. 

• Also, Shiro tears up a lot in this relationship, he just can’t help being with two perfect beings.

• Absolutely adores you and Allura. ❤️

• Both Shiro and Allura love surprise hugs from behind and pecks from you. 

• Though both might get a little overprotective of you from time to time, especially during missions. They both don’t want anything bad happening to you.

• Shiro gets nightmares and PTSD flashbacks sometimes when sleeping, and both you and Allura have to be there to comfort him.

• This man just feels so blessed to have the both you…. 😇

• Allura doesn’t get any frequent nightmares or flashbacks like Shiro does, but nonetheless she still has them, and she would also need comfort from the two of you.

• If you were ever harmed or injured during the heat of the battle, you can bet my ass they’d be running over to you and getting you inside the castle or anywhere far from the battlefield as quickly as possible.

• Both of them would fuss and scold you for not paying attention, always diving into battle head on or to always follow orders. 😡

• Though they’ll both apologize later on after the battle is over. They hate seeing you upset.

• Allura would absolutely spoil you though, giving you gifts and stuff, while Shiro disapproves of this, but secretly joins in sometimes.

• Also, Shiro loves to bury his head in Allura’s hair. It’s just so fluffy and soft.

• Allura’s hair is so soft actually. 

• And also Shiro’s thighs are… 👌😩💦

• They both just love you dearly, and they appreciate you a lot…

chansey sprite rating


hmm! a very happy angel! with cute colours to boot! i appreciate that but… shes a little lopsided! :( if she had the perfect egg shape, the rating would be much higher… 7/10


oh!!!! look at how she runs to greet you!! so happy and excited!! and they improved the lovely palette from red/blue!! perfect!!! 10/10


this is cute… it looks like she’s trying to ask for a hug! very adorable. the colours are so dark though… very unfitting for such a happy egg! 8/10


oh! what is this?! she looks like she has a question!!! what could be on this mysterious angel’s mind…. :3c/10


ah!! now it looks like she asked her question and is happy to have heard your reply!!! very good!! 8/10


ooooh what a lovely palette! it has a more reddish tint; a nice change from the excessive pink! and she is craddling her egg!! what a sweet baby. a lovely egg shape too! 9/10


oh! hmm… she looks a little dull! not round OR eggy shaped enough… she is lacking a certain amount of colour in her… she looks sad :( 4/10


look at her!! shes coming in for that high five!!!!!!!! will you highfive her back?!?! high5/10


hmm… pretty, but… where is the emotion! just a little too plain for my tastes :( 6/10


they went back to more pinkish tones for this one! it looks kinda nice! her hands are placed in a way that looks like she has invited u over to her dinner party and is pleased to see you! 8/10


hm…. again! where is the emotion?? this is just a plain egg! i appreciate her :D smile but that is not enough to make up for it… it needs something more 7/10




best quality? her wiggles/10

Prismatic (Soulmate AU: Changkyun)


The lively whispers and excited chatter were music to Changkyun’s ears, the smile on his face refused to leave.

He’s used to these fan meetings by now, at this point it’s practically routine; the lines, the signings, the high touches, the screaming and squealing that left his ears ringing just a little afterwards.

He loved it.

On the outside he was calm, relaxed even, but inside he was just as giddy as the first time they had a fan meeting half a year ago after their debut, just as giddy as the fans were. There was a kind of rush (no pun intended) to being there, not the same adrenaline-fueled, sensory overload a stage performance gave him. But a calmer and warmer feeling that came from smiling faces and a sense of pride and accomplishment for working hard enough to gain this number of fans.

Also, it was awesome seeing the other members struggle trying to communicate in English.

“Hi! How you doin today?” Changkyun greeted a younger girl, maybe fifteen or sixteen who owned a pair of the lightest brown eyes he’d ever seen; they were big and doe-like but soft. She stuttered and blushed when he took her hands, only able to force out a few words as he spoke then signed her look book. He waved goodbye to her while she stepped down off the stage, with that same starstruck expression lingering on her face.

Changkyun tried not to laugh as a girl was skipping in excitement when she found herself in front of Wonho, three seats away from Changkyun who sat at the end. Hoseok looked lost as to how to react and Changkyun had to fight harder to focus on the fact that Kihyun had leaned in and asked a question.
“Were her eyes really gray?” He meant the girl who was staring at Wonho like he’d hung the stars in the sky and Changkyun didn’t need to look again to remember the real color of her eyes.

He shook his head. “They were orange hyung, more like amber really.” He explained and Kihyun nodded, frowning briefly as if to ponder or think of what orange might look like but Changkyun would never be able to describe it in perfection.

At the start of the table where Hyungwon sat, a girl had brought her sister, a sweet little angel with curly brown pigtails who couldn’t have been more than a toddler. Both girls shared a pair of big rosy pink eyes staring at all seven of them with adoration. Shownu let the older sister put the younger on the table so she could get the hug she wanted and Changkyun decided to step it up by letting her kiss his cheek, basking in squeals and the cooing that came as a reaction.

That’s zero to one, Hyung what you got?’

“You realize it’s not a competition, right?” Jooheon was amused, taking advantage of the time they’d gotten when there was no one in front of them because of disorganization in the line.

Changkyun just smiled. “Of course I know that. It’s for them not us.”

The fansign continued. Several girls passed Changkyun, all with enchanting eyes, such were the genes the Prismaic people were blessed with; they could have the brightest blues, reds, purples, warm ambers, oranges and striking golds, or so people told him. He didn’t really know what gold looked like. The others always just described it as eye-catching; they said it was kind of a deeper yellow so it must have been as loud and expressive as yellow could be.

For a fleeting second he wished he would meet his soulmate just to get it over with, even if he never saw them again.

But he forced such thoughts out of his mind when a fan with shocking red eyes caught Changkyun’s attention not only because his hair was dyed a bright red to match but because he was in fact, a he.

Holy shit, fanboys exist.

All of them were taken back, surprised and delighted.

“Hey man! How’s it going?” Changkyun actually stood to shake the guy’s hand and pull him into a guy hug.

The fan was surprised, he smiled at Changkyun when they pulled away. “Good. I’m good. But I’m guessing you’re surprised to see me here?” He asked in perfect english as he handed over a copy of Monsta X’s Tresspass.

“Am I ever.” Changkyun smiles, taking the cover and signing it where the others hadn’t yet. “You’re a rare species dude.”

The fan laughs at that. “Don’t I know it. But really, you’d be surprised the number of male fans you have in Prismae. Sonora city especially.”

“Yeah, well you’re about to become an endangered species if you keep holding up the line.”

Changkyun looks to the next girl in the line who was in front of an equally surprised Kihyun. They were both ready to tell her to please just be patient when the guy with the red eyes laughed. “Please. If any of them got something to say, they can say it to my face.”

The girl looked behind her at the line then back to him. “I’m telling you they just might Van, and I’m not willing to carry your filthy corpse all the way back to your place.” She shoves his shoulder lightly, playfully, like a friend would. “Go dude!”

The guy, Vann, gets down off the stage but not before turning back one last time. “Go on bitch, get it done.” He says back to the girl who just flips him off.

“Sorry about that.” She tell Changkyun and he gets over his confusion and surprise enough to register her English was just as good as Vann’s but still accented by her Prismaic tongue and her were eyes deep, piercing, the kind that lesser people would shy away from because of the intensity of her gaze. Changkyun found himself at war between ducking his head and staring back when she kept looking at him. “Just didn’t want to cause a riot.”

He takes note of the Rush album she’s slid across the table. “Nah, I get it, don’t worry.“ He smiled at her, signing with the white pen he brought along just for situations like this. While he does he waits for the girl to say something; declare how long she’s been following them or how much she admires them but she doesn’t. She just stands there, hands shoved in the pocket of her ripped jeans, waiting for him to finish. At some point he couldn’t take the silence anymore.

"You’re not a fan are you?”

She smiles. “What gave it away?”

“You’re too detached. Not like, I don’t want to be here, detached but just like I could be doing something else and would be okay, kind of detached.” He hoped that made sense to more than just him but she seemed smart, there was a glint in those eyes hinting at a wit he’d love to test. “You just seem too calm.”

She raised an eyebrow at him in response, almost like she was challenging him to go on. “What if I’m just a chill fan? Surely you’ve met fans like us before.”

“No.” He shakes his head, grinning because he’s figured it out. “Even chill fans at the very least want a hug or ask questions. If I had to say, you’re here for him aren’t you? For Van?”

Her grin confirmed it even before she did. “It’s actually Avan and yeah. I’m here because he wanted to get more than one album signed and called me up when he found out there was a one item limit, which kind of sucks by the way.”

“Yeah, it does. Sorry, it wasn’t our idea.” He frowns, sharing her thoughts on the rules; it was pretty lame but it was there at certain fansigns for arguably good reasons like giving everyone in line enough time to get something signed and making sure the boys had time afterwards for whatever their management had scheduled for them which happened to be a interview with Prismaculture, to be followed by a photoshoot.

“But hey.” He switched topic, acting like he was signing the cd again to fool the staff. Under the table he taps Kihyun’s thigh, who would do the same to Hyungwon at the start and signal them to slow down the process of their signing and conversation. “Do you at least know some of our music? Heard it from your friend?”

She shakes her head. “Unfortunately I haven’t had much time for things like that these past few years. School and work take up too much of it, I’m afraid.”

For some reason that disappoints him. He could picture this girl in his head singing along to their songs or maybe rapping to his parts and found that he liked the imagery. It didn’t hurt that she was pretty cute and her eyes were enchanting, an odd mix between yellow and brown he didn’t quite know the name for. He was no expert on color names after all.

“Hey, you done yet? I don’t want any of these girls to maul me for hogging you for too long.”

He was not done, he’d just been idly hovering the tip of the white marker above the album and never actually touched it. He just liked talking to her. “Oh yeah, sorry.” He quickly scribbled his signature across the cover maybe a little too largely and handed it back. “Here ya go.”

“Thanks.” She says before she follows Van’s path off the stage and even though Changkyun’s already got another fan in front of him, his eyes linger on her. So he doesn’t miss how she stops dead in her tracks and snaps her fingers like she’s forgotten something.

She quickly turns back around and climbs up to the stage again then pulls out an old camera from a sling bag he hadn’t seen her wearing before.

He shakes his head and waves his hand back and forth to stop her before security is forced to. “Wait! You can’t take our pictures.”

“It’s not your picture I’m taking.” She scoffs before she turns around and faces the crowd of girls waiting. She yells something in Prismaic he doesn’t understand save for one word; idol.

“MONSTA X!!” All of the girls shout back.

“Serecinde!” She yells, raising the camera to her eye and Changkyun does recognize the word this time. It was Prismaic for “Cheer” or “Make some noise!”

All the fans smile and cheer just as as the camera flashes.

“Atsaiya!” The girl called out, thanking them all as the picture slides out of the top of her camera. She pulled it free and shook it a bit before turning back to a bewildered Changkyun. “Here.” She held it out for him.

It was still developing when he took it but he could already see the faint outline of the crowd, their smiling faces, happy and excited to see them. He loved it. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” She nods, giving him a salute and a small knowing smile “See you later.” She walked away and didn’t come back this time and he’s a little disappointed that she didn’t. He hadn’t even gotten her name.

She is still on his mind when they return to their hotel room and the rest of the guys are sorting through the things fans had given them throughout the day. He sat on the edge of his bed, staring at the photo she’d given him even as Minhyuk and Wonho were rolling on the floor in front of him, fighting for their lives over a teddy bear.



“Oh my god, hyung just let him borrow it!” Hyungwon lifted his head up from his pillow just to tell them off, only to let it fall back down. Not a minute later he was snoring again.

While Minyuk was left pouting by his bed, and Wonho manhandling the teddy like a child, Kihyun, Jooheon and Shownu were the only ones making progress through the pile of gifts.

“Yah! Hyung take a look this!” Jooheon pulled a small square canvas from the cache and presented it. On it was a oil painting of Shownu, depicting him standing under a tree, while rain fell around him. It was mesmerizing, so life-like; it had the others going “ooh” and “ah” but Changkyun just couldn’t find it in him to focus on it.

“Wow, this is so cool,” Shownu handled the canvas with care, as if he would somehow destroy if he didn’t. He turned it over and read the message from the fan who’d given it, his smile widening as he did. “Monbebe are so talented!”

Kihyun nodded. “And so generous.” He pulled out a little black box from the gifts and opened it up; his expression turned into one of astonishment a moment later. “Woah!”

“What?! What is it!?” Shownu leaned forward and pulled at Kihyun’s wrist, placing the box between them. “Oh! Are those real?”

They had almost everyone’s attention then; Changkyun was still off in his own world. The others gathered around, staring down in wonder at the expensive-looking watch and necklace in the box. They all recognized the label and saw the craftsmanship of both items. If anything it only made them wonder more.

“Who had this kind of money!?”

“Are they really just giving this to us?”

“And if they are, who gets it?”

“Changkyun take a look at this!”

Even in the faint light they glinted; and he could have just ignored it and them if, out of the corner of Changkyun’s eye, he hadn’t seen it glitter the same color that had been haunting him all day. His eyes widened, he lunged for the box.

“Hey! Watch it!”

The others backed off and allowing him to hold it.

Changkyun stared at it, scrutinized it, trying to figure out what it was he was looking at but he came up with about as much as he started with. It didn’t make sense.

“What’s up?”

He didn’t answer.

“Um..” Jooheon reached out to touch his shoulder. “Changkyun?”

His looked up so fast, it made Jooheon recoil like he’d just been burnt.

“What the hell?” Changkyun held the necklace up to the light, as if he saw it in an all new way; he tugged at the links, twisted the pendant over in his hand. “What is this?”

Jooheon exchanged looks of concern with the other, if not concern there was curiosity. “It’s a necklace.” He didn’t know what else to answer.

“I know that!” Changkyun rolled his eyes, he held the necklace out, asking them to look again. “I meant what’s it made of?”

“Made of?”


Someone knocks on the door of their hotel room. It could only be their manager, telling them their four hours of rest were over and it was time for them to get to Prismaculture for their interview and photoshoot.

Shownu went to answer the door while Kihyun was the one to take the necklace from him, pulling it closer to look for the engraved number on the clasp. “Gold. It’s real gold.”

Changkyun felt his heart stop in his chest.

Gold. Like the color he couldn’t quite place. The color he’d never known. Gold, like that girl’s eyes. He could see it.

“Time to go boys!”

Phyierra Thissel does not cry.

This was the girl everyone in Prismaculture knew as “The Machine”; it wasn’t because she was unfeeling or cold but because she was known to be able to keep working for hours on end and still be ready when you handed her another assignment. Technically she was an intern, a student working there for experience but everyone, even the most senior of producers and editors, knew she was in charge and if not, she would most definitely be in the future. Do not get in her way, do not try to question her authority or her vision, you’re wrong, period. Those piercing golden eyes of hers were always clear and resolute, unwavering against any adversity, they did not crack under pressure or tear up.

Which was why Avan had no idea what to do when they did.

“Did something happen to your mom? To Riya or Teya?”

She shook her head, buried in her hands. Her tears spilled through her fingers.

“Did you lose a camera?”

She shook her head, offended by the very idea.

“Did you finally find your camera?”

Again, she shook her head, this time with sadness and guilt weighing her head down further.

“Then what?!”

Phyierra looked up. She recognized his expression; it was a mix of concern, frustration and fear. He had never seen her like this, she knew that because she made sure no one ever would. Still she had seen that expression before, seen it the same way for years but something changed this time.

Avan had his hands splayed into his red hair, pleading with her for an explanation with his red eyes that contrasted with his beautiful tan skin. The room they had been prepping for the interview was plain brown, the floors linoleum gray. The sky outside was blue, the clouds were white, the strands of hair that fell in her face were soft, muted orange.

“I can see…”

Avan followed her line of sight to the window then looked back to her. “See?” He knelt in front of her, putting a hand on her shoulder. “See what? What are you talking about Phy?” He made her look at him though he hadn’t needed to.

“Your eyes…they’re beautiful.” She gazed deep into them, memorizing the exact shade, the value, hue and intensity and finding herself enchanted. “You lied to me. Red isn’t scary at all.”

His eyes widened in realization.

“Holy shit.”

The doors of the break room burst open and Mitry comes in grinning only for that grin to be replaced with alarm at seeing Phyierra in a crumple on the floor, her eyes sore and puffy as she stared at him in wonder, like he was alien or magical creature she’d never encountered before. “Uh, what happened?!”

“She can see…” Avan trailed off, as awe struck as Phyierra, maybe even more so.

Mitry just looked confused. “See?”

“Color!” Phyierra exclaimed in utter delight, rising to her feet. She grinned at him like a Cheshire cat who planned to steal a madman’s hat. “I can see color, Mit! I see it all! Your eyes! What color is that?!”

Mitry’s jaw fell slack. For as long as he’d known Phyierra (and that was a long-ass time) he’d known her to have total colorblindness. Not just blind to her soulmate’s color, blind to it all; she’d been the most unfortunate person he’d known, being born with monochromatic vision; something so rare that only 1 person in 33,000 could have it. She’d told him before it was something like watching an old television show; everything was in varying shades of gray. So for her to come up to him to say she could see color, all of it, made his brain short circuit and he was unable to respond.

Avan did so for him. “They’re green, Phy. But not like grass or trees, more like the ocean.”

“That’s what the ocean looks like?” Phyierra’s voice broke, imagining it. She’d been by the ocean hundreds of times, travelled by sea, done photoshoots on the beach and had found it enrapturing even when it was just a plain gray but to think the ocean could be a color as beautiful as Mitry’s eyes made her tear up all over again. “I want to see it! I want to see it all!”


“What does a rainbow look like? Is it as pretty as they say?”

“Uh, Phy?”

“What about Lawris park?!”


“When’s it going to rain next?!”


She wasn’t listening. She ran to the window, opening it up and sticking her head through it; she gazed out at the Sonora City in wonder, a thrill she hadn’t felt since she was a child just learning about the world ran through her. Everything was different, yet the same. The city looked gray but had dabbled spots of color everywhere. “Wow…” her breath was taken away, watching a Prismaic pigeon with it’s multicolored feathers fly by. She reached out for it.


Two pairs of hands pulled her back before she could tip and yet as she fell to the floor on top of Mitry and Avan her grin hadn’t faded. She stood up and made a bee-line for the door.

“Where is she going?!” Avan rose to his feet, offering Mitry a hand. “We can’t leave her alone like that.”

Mitry flinched at the soreness in his tailbone. “No kidding.” Phy had fallen right on top of him and used him as a springboard to get up, shoving him to the floor a second time. “I haven’t seen her act like this since we were kids and she discovered photography.” He recalled those time, all those years ago and having to pull her back off the edges of balconies, sidewalks, tree branches and a many other things to keep her from hurting herself while she tried to get the perfect shot, disregarding her safety and giving Mitry early hypertension.

“What exactly happened this morning?” Mitry walked as he talked, more like they ran really, knowing that Phyierra was quick on her feet. “I thought you guys were just going to some fan meeting with that idol group you like.”

Avan nodded, he scanned the office as they came down to it, looking for the telltale orange hair and gold eyes. “We were there.” He confirmed, pushing open the door to the stairwell as they didn’t have the time to wait for the elevator. “She came with to help me get two albums signed. She seemed fine then!”

“Then what could’ve-“ Mitry froze right as he set his foot down on the next step.

Avan stopped too. “What? What is it?”

“Did…did she talk to anybody there? Meet someone new?” Mitry’s brain was going at a mile a minute through all the possibilities, eliminating one after the other until he came down to the only one that made sense. “Did Phy meet her soulmate?”

Avan’s eyes widened in alarm. “No! I was with her the whole time and I don’t remember her talking to anyone in particular except me and…”

“And?” Mitry pressed.

“And the boys. Monsta X.” 


Their original interviewer had apparently run out of the Prismaculture building grinning like a lunatic and mumbling the names of colors as she went and hadn’t return yet so they were instead interviewed by a Dok, a Korean speaking, young man Changkyun was delighted to see because his eyes were gold. They were bright and intelligent but they paled in comparison to the eyes of that girl.

To his soulmate’s.

As the interview was wrapped up, him having spaced out through most of it and the members covering for him out of understadning, he wanted to slap himself for thinking earlier that day at the fanmeet he’d be fine with meeting his soulmate just to get the last color he’d been missing in his life and then never seeing them again. He had been an idiot. His mother, older friends, sunbaes at Starship told him there was an undeniable spark between soulmates demanding they find each other and stay together and he’d dismissed it all as lovesick bullshit.

Again, an idiot.

He had to find her again. To see her, talk to her; he had to. But he didn’t have much to go on other than her eyes, her being a photographer and her friend. It wasn’t hard to remember his name as he was one of the few male fans at that meeting. Still, he muttered it over and over again to himself to make sure he knew it.


“Oh, you know Avan?”

Changkyun head snapped up. “What?”

“Yeah, Avan.” Dok nodded, oblivious to what he just said and what it meant to Changkyun. “Red hair, red eyes. You know he’s actually a fan of you guys and he was supposed to be one of your interviewers but he had to go chase after Phyierra when she ran out to-“

Changkyun stopped caring at red hair and eyes. He lunged forward, grabbing Dok by the shoulders and ignoring the others protests and exclamations. “Where is he?!”

Dok is frozen is shock. If he’d known this was how his day was gonna go…

“I-I don’t know!” He stuttered, not quite out of fear; that wasn’t what Chankgyun made him feel, it was more like he was just caught off guard. “He’s probably still chasing Phyierra!”

Changkyun felt his spirits drop a little but he refused to let that deter him. “What’s his number?! What time will he get back?”

“After your photoshoot in Lawris! He’s part of the crew!”


Chankgyun kissed the top of his head with a loud smack. “Thanks Dok!”

He ran in the direction of the elevator, once again ignoring the others calling for him and almost closing the door on them until Wonho forced an arm in between the doors.

“Wait for us you dumbass!”


They had found Phyierra in the most obvious place; she was in Damu, the second section of Lawris park running across up the orange hills.

Mitry had to tackle her to the ground.

“Oooooh the sky is pretty! So blue!” She exclaimed as Mitry pinned her down in the grass.

Avan ran up to them panting, regretting the dozens of boxes of pizza and kebobs he’d devoured during the last exam week. “Finally! Jesus Phy, if I wanted a work out I’d go to the gym or get laid!”

“I didn’t tell you to chase after me.” Phyierra smiled at them, continuing to stare up at the sky with dreamy eyes. When it was clear she wouldn’t try to go “exploring” again, Mitry rolled off of her, collapsing onto the green, his chest heaving up and down.

He groaned. “Next time, I’m leaving you to get run over.”


He flipped her off.

“At least you had the sense to come here.” Avan got his words out in between gasps for breath; he allowed himself to fall back on the green (orange?) across from the two of them. “We’ll be able to make it to the photoshoot.”

Phyierra laughed. “Of course I came here. I do have to thank the bastard that literally gave color to my life.”

“Wait what?” Mitry lifted his head up to frown at her. “You mean you know you met your soulmate?”

Phyierra scoffs. “Duh, I talked to one new person all morning and after that I suddenly knew what the world really looks like.” She looked at them like it was the most obvious and easy to understand thing in the world and they stared back like she was crazy and maybe she was. “What other conclusion was I supposed to come to? A miracle?”

“So you knew what you were doing the whole time and weren’t going on some manic, euphoric galavant?!” Mitry’s voice was a mixture of frustration and disbelief, his expression a perfect match to it.

“I really should have let you get run over!” 

Not my best. Thanks for bearing through it.

Romance to lose your lunch to.

Or, how to read and how not to write.

So, I started this new book yesterday (I’ve finished it, of course). It starts with the main protagonists yelling insults at each other. I mean, really yelling, calling each other a brat, stupid (she actually uses the word ‘stupid’ and other slurs more than once), and lots of names, for more than 2 chapters. Then she gets a stick and starts to beat him with it. She strikes his shoulder, his shoe, his back (and who knows what else, I skipped the following 5 paragraphs of hitting). He finally has had enough and grabs it (the stick) and splinters it across her knee.

Long (and disgusting) story short, they both go home to their families, where a mother and a grandmother respectively proceed to explain to them why we don’t talk to people that way (let alone don’t hit them). They both say, fine, I’ll apologize, as long as you know that the other person is horrible.

The mother and grandmother sigh “ah, young love” (yes, it’s a romance! Was that not clear? Oops) and the two protagonists proceed to insult each other for the next 20 chapters. During these chapters, they kiss once (in the middle of calling each other a spoiled brat, and a homeless person who was born under a rock and other lovey-dovey stuff like that) and break up once (don’t ask me what they break up. Their meanness? Not probable.)

They end up together.

Now, this is where the thing is problematic. (Everywhere.)

1. Two people having a really unhealthy antagonism is perfectly ok to add tension to a storyline. But when you make them love interests, let alone THE love interests, you are making it very hard for us to believe or relate. Who, in their right mind, would want to date someone who upon first meeting them, not knowing them at all, wants to call them “stupid”? Even if they did something irritating, why would you want ANYTHING to do with that person?

2. It’s not romantic. Insulting others is NOT ROMANTIC. What’s romantic, in the sense of enemies turned friends, is someone having a different opinion of the other, and gradually changing that opinion as they get to know them. That not only is extremely romantic, but it’s swoony and highly addictive to read. (see Pride and Prejudice. I mean, if Darcy had called Elizabeth a spoiled brat to her face, I don’t see her mind changing about him, ever, do you?)

3. It sends the wrong message. Now I know some writers might want to add an extra pinch of drama in their novel to spice it up, and write about something that would never happen in real life (I personally think that makes up for sloppy story telling, but it might just be me). But basing your ENTIRE story on two people being rude and bullying each other, and calling it love, is highly irresponsible. You might get away with someone yelling to the other person when they’re in danger, to stop them from falling or getting killed, but that’s pretty much it. You can also have ONE scene where the love interests yell at each other, but you are going to have to do a heck of a job giving me a good reason why they are yelling, if they’re supposedly falling for each other. There is NO REASON why it would be ok for the dude to yell at me, no circumstances whatsoever in which I would think it’s ok. There are some times when I would forgive him, if he did, but those are very few, and if one should arise, it would DEFINITELY NOT be romance-novel worthy material. The idea that someone might yell at you because they are fighting a really strong attraction to you is WRONG. This does not happen in real life, and it shouldn’t happen in fiction. If someone calls you names, that person is not someone you need in your life. And you certainly don’t need them in your book, be it a girl or a the other person when they’re in danger, to stop them from falling or getting killed, but that’s pretty much it. You can also have ONE scene where the love interests yell at each other, but you are going to have to do a heck of a job giving me a good reason why they are yelling, if they’re supposedly falling for each other. There is NO REASON why it would be ok for the dude to yell at me, no circumstances whatsoever in which I would think it’s ok. There are some times when I would forgive him, if he did, but those are very few, and if one should arise, it would DEFINITELY NOT be romance-novel worthy material. The idea that someone might yell at you because they are fighting a really strong attraction to you is WRONG. This does not happen in real life, and it shouldn’t happen in fiction. If someone calls you names, that person is not someone you need in your life. And you certainly don’t need them in your book, be it a girl or a boy.

4. I kept the most disturbing part for the end. What I didn’t tell you before, was that both the love interests kept having sexual thoughts while they were yelling. That’s right, they were attracted to the person they were insulting. The author didn’t take any pains to make it clear if that was so romantically because they were falling in luuuurve and so couldn’t control their vitriolic tongue, of if they were just being themselves, letting their lovely personalities show while ogling the other. I won’t go into what is wrong with characters staring at each other’s assets when they meet for the first time here, that’s another post. But for an author to imply that it’s possible to be attracted to someone and bully them at the same time, is a bit too much. You know who is attracted to someone’s body and acts in a repulsive way? Murderers. (I loved her, so I killed her.) Rapists. (I couldn’t resist that tight shirt, so I took what I wanted without waiting for a yes.) Abusers. (I want her so bad, I can’t help myself, even if she’s a kid.) The list goes on… You get it.

Main point: In this book (written by an international bestseller, btw, right now it is in many of your homes, sadly) the characters were angels. No, I mean that. Not the winged, white kind. The good people kind. One of them had a little niece to whom he was a kind of father figure. He played with her, talked to her, defended her. He was a gentleman to every woman he met, he treated old people with respect, he lent a helping hand to whoever needed it. Nothing insulting came out of his mouth, except when he was talking to our heroine. She, on the other hand, was the perfect daughter, everyone adored her, and she kept sacrificing herself for the good of others. She even defended a person of lower income/rank when someone tried to imply he was inferior. Of course, whenever our hero spoke to her she was all gritting her teeth and muttering “what do you want again, you big blob?”.

And so it’s obvious that all the insulting and bullying was done for the sake of the romance. Someone (actually a lot of someones, including the writer, beta readers, agent, editor, marketers, a LOT of reviewers, and the list goes on) thought this was a clever idea for a romance. What if she falls in love with that dude who breaks a stick across her knee? What if he falls in love with the feisty young girl who will take no nonsense and she calls him a stupid, selfish bastard upon first meeting him, for no other reason than he has a REALLY broad chest, and she’s flustered?

I’ll tell you what if.

Marry him. There’s a dude who comes up to you and tells you you’re a spoiled, mindless brat, and then proceeds to repeat that and other insults up until the point where he breaks down and goes on one knee, crying that he loves you, he’s loved you ALL ALONG, he hasn’t been able to sleep at nights thinking of your lips, he’s soooo sorry for yelling at you, it’s just that he was so crazy about you, he couldn’t control himself. And asks you to marry him.

So, I’m telling you, author who wrote this, and reader who read it:

Marry him. Marry that guy. Marry that harpy girl. Because all I got from your book is that it’s super romantic. Not that he/she’ll start yelling at you when you’re at home together. No. No way is that behavior going to resurface once the honeymoon is over - even before then.

No way is he/she going to break your back next, after breaking that stick. No way is he/she going to bully you into giving them whatever they want, ignoring your wishes.

And the thing is, if you wouldn’t date that person, then why the heck would you read their story for entertainment? Why would it be published in the first place? What if someone reads it and gets a twisted perception of how dudes should treat you. (Again, don’t get me started on how impossibly wrong and irresponsible it would be for ANY reader to think that way, but that’s yet another post.)

Romance is supposed to be something we aspire to. Something higher, loftier than our boring existence. Not something that makes us sick. Pick your reading material carefully.

Pick your writing scenes with respect.


My girlfriend, an angel, the sweetest blessing this world has ever given to me, saved me an adorable little jar that the sauce for our homemade pizza came in because she knows I’ve been getting inspired by tumblr witchcraft, and we used the first harvest from this year’s basil seedlings to season said pizza… Life is Good, being gay and a witch is Good, living with the love of my life is Perfection. These reminders keep me strong. Happy Saturday all.

Last Time I Take a Bullet For You.

Summary: Steve, Bucky, and you take a walk in the park as Tony and Bruce try to find a cure. 

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader

Previous Part: Google It, You Idiots.

Thank you nonnies, @angelsdeadromance​, @thirstybitchqueen​, and @fraueninflammen​ for the suggestions! They helped immensely!

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Who’s Your Daddy?

A/N: The finale has arrived! Chapter 2.0, 2/2, 4/4, whatever you so please to refer it as! All credit for the au idea goes to @shadowfear-art, you are awesome btw. And to all reading, thank you and enjoy!

Fandom: Borderlands | Prompt: Angel is roughly 2-4, and since Jack’s a workaholic, she doesn’t really get the amount attention she wants. So naturally, Angel finds someone who will pay attention to her. | Pairing: Rhack | Baby!Angel AU

As Jack made his way down to the Central Hub. He’d given that Frits person the task of scanning the man with his daughter. What came back was a small, but decent, sized document on a Hyperion employee named Rhys Somerset, working in middle management. Nothing very serious came up other then the few expected infractions from any average Hyperion worker.

“What are you up to, Angel?” Jack mused as the lift came to elegant stop before it’s doors slid en to reveal the bright, spacious Hub of Heroism. Which had surprisingly been named that before Jack’s hostile take over of both the space station and the entire company itself. But that wasn’t really important, now was it?

To his delight, the Hub was practically barren of life. Not that it mattered per-say. Without his usual two body guards and an always-different-from-the-last PA, he didn’t nearly have as much of a presence, and was rarely ever noticed. Not that people ever really paid much attention to anything that wasn’t five centimeters from their noses. What was actually delightful about it was he wouldn’t have to murder his way through a crowd. Not that he was ever opposed to doing so. It was kind of a fifty/fifty way to pass the time usually.

Jack walked briskly to where he’d marked off a small green park, usually only there for aesthetic purposes as it was filled with nothing real, only synthetic crap to help distract people from the fact that they were actually floating around in fucking space. But, to be fair, weren’t planets just technically floating around in space too? Although, there was a more minuscule chance of an entire planet exploding he supposed. Whatever, wasn’t important.

He walked slowly and carefully along the pathway until he caught sight of the two at the very centre of the area where there were less trees and more room to fool around. He stood up against a fake tree nearest to where they were. It could almost have been described as awkward, the feeling that gripped him as he watched his daughter goof around with the lanky brunette, seemingly having the time of her life.

“I’ve got you now!” The guy, Rhys, said as he picked her up and swung her around carefully, making her scream in glee.

“No! No-ooooo…” She tried to say between fits of laughter.

Rhys was smiling himself as he slowly spun her back down to the ground, standing back upright and stumbling in place a bit. “Thank you for flying Air-Rhys.”

“Rice! Rice!” Angel chanted in reply.

“Fine, fine. Thank you, little lady, for flying Air-Rice.” He smirked, tousling her hair and then tweaking her nose. Putting his hands on his hips he straightened out again, now surveying the area- his gaze just nearly catching Jack before he ducked behind the tree. When he peeked back out from the behind the tree, the brunette had returned his gaze to Angel, with one brow raised. “Now, aren’t we supposed to be looking for someone?”

“No!” She squealed, jumping up and throwing herself into him, knocking him flat on his ass.

Rhys clenched his teeth, but still offered her a smile. “Come on, Angel. We can’t stay here forever.” He pointed out, poking her on the nose as she sat between his legs which were extended out lazily.

She didn’t say anything, only crossed her arms and blew a raspberry. It honestly shocked Jack. He’d never seen her act so animate around anyone really, aside from himself. She always seemed to treat everyone with the same bored expression, making them lucky if see even gave them a passing gaze. Who is this guy? Jack subconsciously moved around the tree to see his daughter more clearly, his leg scrapping against the synthetic bark and drawing Angel’s attention to him, and by extension the brunette’s.

Angel’s face blanked first as she watched him step out away from the tree’s cover, then a light clicked on in her eyes. “Daddy!”

Jack continued walking forward to meet her as she got up and ran toward him, flinging her tiny arms around his neck as he kneeled down to embrace her back. “What have you been up to, kiddo? It was very naughty of you to disappear like that, Angel.” He told her, holding her back at arms length so she could read how serious his expression was. Then his eyes darted to the younger man who’d gotten up and followed Angel over, carefully edging his way closer. “And who exactly might you be?” His tone dropped, become low and dangerous as he stood up to his full height. This close, dude was definitely tall, but just a touch shorter then Jack himself.

The younger man stared at him with recognition once he got a little closer. The smallest hint of fear present in his brown eye, the blue one remaining dull and expressionless, as did all EchoEyes. “So I take it you’re daddy.” Jack could pinpoint the exact moment regret had crossed his face after the words had left his mouth. “Her daddy, I mean- wait, no, father, her father, ha ha… ha ha ha…”

Jack watched with sick amusement as he tripped over himself, running a surprisingly shaky hand through his bronze hair. Jack hadn’t known nervousness could affect the performance of equipment like that. An interesting tidbit. “You can just call me Jack, sweetheart.” He interrupted, holding out a hand.

Rhys stared at the hand like it was a foreign concept he’d never been faced with before. It wasn’t until Angel lightly took hold of his fleshy hand and laid it in Jack’s that the handshake could commence. “Like dis, Rice.” She whispered loudly, patting their two hands in hers.

“Ah-hm. I see.” The lightest hue of pinks dazzled his paled cheeks as he cleared his throat. “I- uh, you can call me Rice- no, wait, I mean Rhys. I’m Rhys.”

Normally Jack despised the whole star-struck idiot routine, but this guy seemed to have the perfect mix of fear, respect, and confusion to actually be kinda adorable. Jack passed a quick look down at Angel who was giving him a look that caused him to give her a double take. Cheeky little… Finally taking back his hand, Jack stood with his arms crossed tightly over his chest, pinning Rhys with a malicious stare. “So how is it that you crossed paths with my daughter, exactly?”

Rhys blinked as a primary response, looking down at Angel for some sort of a clue as to how he should respond. She merely smiled expectantly at him. Looking back up at he stoic wall before him, his mind drew a blank, the only answer surfacing was a mimic of something Angel had said early. “I'uhno.”

With e slight crease of Handsome Jack’s brow, Rhys watched his life flash before his eyes. Man, had it been a dull kaleidoscope of blah. What way was he going to end it off though? He didn’t exactly fancy being pummeled to death by the man’s large hands, but being slammed out an air-lock didn’t sound very desirable either. It was the sound of genuine laughter that brought Rhys back to the situation at hand.

“Oh, Angel, you sure pick the funny one’s, don’t you?” Handsome Jack shook his head, his two toned eyes alight with humour. His eyes… was that what Angel had meant? “Okay now, seriously, answer the question or I might lose my patience with you.”

Rhys’ heart lifted from the second wind, setting his mind in better order. “Ah, well… I don’t know how she did it, but… She just sort of, appeared?” God, he had to sound crazy.

Jack only nodded, his previous stone-faced countenance returning. “Where? Was it just one second nothing, then boom, you had a baby?”

“Sort of… See, I was at my desk when I was basically electrocuted in the leg. When I looked, boom, baby.” Rhys made hand gestures to imply an explosion, which was a little far from an accurate depiction. He smiled awkwardly.

Jack continued to nod, shifting his gaze to Angel, who slowly bowed her head, looking down at her feet as she clasped her hands behind her back. “Angel, look at me.” She did so, but very slowly, looking up at her father with huge blue eyes through dark fringe. “What have I told you?”

“You love me?”

“Yes, what else?” Jack continued, but Rhys noticed the softening in his tone.

She sighed, swinging her arms and looking down. “I don’t do the scary thing.”

“Mhmm. And what did you do?”

“… the scary thing …”

Rhys had been rather engrossed in their little dispute, but was starting to feel that he was coming close to missing his opportunity to escape. He had shifted barely half a step when Jack’s gaze snapped back to him. He quickly retook his original spot, hands held tightly at ease as he stared back innocently. Jack squinted at him before returning his attention back to his daughter.

“Now what do you need to say, Angel?”

“Thank you?”

“No, the other other thing.”

“Dahl sucks?” She said with incredibly good pronunciation,chick could only have come from saying it a lot.

“No, no, the other other thing.”

Angel gave him a pitiful look of misunderstanding.

‘I’m sorry’, Angel.”

“Why you sorry, daddy?” She replied almost immediately. Jack sputtered for a moment until catching the tiny smile that crossed the child’s lips. “I’m sorry, daddy. And, Rice.” She added, turning and giving Rhys a sincere smile.

Rhys nodded, reaching out to ruffle up her hair, without considering how Jack might feel about him being so casual towards her. “No harm, no foul, little one.”

“Oh yes, now to deal with you, Ricey.” Jack finally acknowledged him again, but his attention was still on his daughter as he lifted her up, holding her against his side. “What do you think we should with ‘em, cupcake?” Angel made a seriously thoughtful look before leaning in and whispering into her father’s ear whatever her thoughts were. “Is that so? You sure, Angel?” She gave a definite nod. “Alright. Say, kiddo, you do work for Hyperion, right?” Here he finally rested his eyes on Rhys.

Although it didn’t seem the best idea, he spoke his mind. “Yup. Middle management. Which, ha ha, I should probably get back too. Work and stuff.” He jabbed a thumb over his shoulder to signify his desire to jump ship.

“Nah, don’t bother.” Was the only reply.

“D- don’t bother?” Rhys asked, unsure if he actually wanted an answer.

“Yeah, you’re fired.” Jack shifted his daughter’s weight, still staring at Rhys with an unreadable expression. Both of them seemed to be staring at him like he was a bug under glass.

He was floored. He was fired? Just like that? But as far as his knowledge was concerned, there was only one way that someone lost a job on Helios. Especially when it was the CEO of the company who was firing you- in person no less. “Oh.” He nodded, drowning in his inner monologue of how impossible this was, but he projected an air of neutral stability.

Jack mimed his nodding, moving to walk around him, but paused dead in front of him instead. “You’ll start your new job as my PA asap. Your main detail will be keeping a careful eye on this little one here.”

Rhys was certain that the amount of times his heart had stopped in this short span of time was terrible for his health. “Your PA? Me? A- are you sure I’m qualified?”

Jack slapped a heavy hand on Rhys’ shoulder, his smile none to kind. “For your sake, you’d better hope so. I’d hate to loose two PA’s in one day.”

Rhys looked from the man that stood just a touch too close, then to the girl in his arms, who immediately stuck a thumbs up in his face. “Me, daddy, and Rice!”

Rhys gave an ever so obviously forced smile. “Yay…” He added quietly as Jack’s hand left his shoulder and finally tuned to actually leave the small green park. He spoke openly to his daughter, asking what they should do with the rest of the day. Rhys, who was still trying to process the direction his life had just taken, watched dumbly as they walked away.

It was just before the pair would have left the area that Handsome Jack paused, looking around as if he’d lost something, until his eyes fell on blank faced Rhys. “Oh, I’m sorry, what part of 'you start asap’ wasn’t clear enough for you, kitten?” He called back in a mock apologetic tone.

Rhys’ brows rose in unison before his mouth made a perfect 'o’ shape. He then jolted forward, his face flustered as he quickly caught up. “Sorry, sorry…” He giggled unintentionally as he fell half a step behind Jack’s even stride- as he assumed a PA would.

“Off to a poor start there, Rhysie.” Jack said, and although his tone invoked caution, he’d also ended it with a wink. Rhys just assumed being in such close proximity to Angel must put the otherwise terrifying man in a more tolerant mood.

“Sorry… Sir. Do you think I should invest in a clipboard, or notebook so I can remind myself of the dos and don'ts of the job?”

“Nah, I’m sure my old PA’s should be somewhere, feel free to use that. After all-” Here he put a hand over one of Angel’s ears, holding her head against him before continuing, “I really don’t think they’ll have much of a use for it anymore.”

Despite the seriousness of the implication, Rhys found his lips quirking into a smile. “Neat.”

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UNIQ gif reaction to you being good with kids? If it's too difficult just do it without gifs ^^ thank you! Love your reactions!!

Omg, my first Uniq reaction! Sorry this took me a bit, but here you go. *cracks knuckles* Let’s do this thing.


He would be pleasantly surprised. As soon as he saw you, wrapping your arms around the kids and laughing, he’d feel his heart start to flutter in his chest. He’d probably pause in whatever he’s doing and just look at you with a mixture of awe and adoration. Since when has she been good with kids? He’d be shocked, but he’d hide it well. He’d look at you from then on with a goofy smile on his face, thinking She’s perfect.


Sungjoo would laugh at seeing you interacting with little kids. He’d think this was cute, and probably make a note of it, but to be honest, he’s a bit young so he would just think it’s super cute. Oh wow, look at how cute she is! He’d join you and play with the little kids, probably wrapping an arm around you. Ahh, you’d make a really good mom one day, he’d say, causing you to smile.


Wenhan would look at you with an adoring smile on his face. He’d be the type to grab a little kid and say something like, Look at my angel, isn’t she perfect? This would cause you to blush and smile. This would be one of the moments when he realizes how much he really likes you. Wenhan seems to me like he’s really shy, so when you’re alone he’d probably compliment you with a soft flush on his cheeks, and he’d probably play with your fingers nervously.


He’d be too busy playing with the kids to notice you, to be honest. He’s such a child himself, with an extremely playful personality. But when he does notice it, he’d make a big deal out of it. I can see him clutching his heart and exclaiming dramatically Ahh TOO CUTE! as he falls back. He’d cover his eyes with his hand and continue yelling, causing the kids to look at him weirdly and you’d just roll your eyes at his antics, laughing lightly. He’d look up at your laugh and smile widely, thinking to himself that he’s so lucky to have you.


Let’s be honest, Yibo is so young that he probably would not care. I can see him being more of a tease than anything. When you’re done playing with the kids, you’d be putting the toys up when you feel him wrap an arm around your back, letting it rest on your hip. So you’re good with kids? You’d nod and he’d smile teasingly, already causing you to blush and the next words out of his mouth make your whole face flame. Kids are fun, right? But you know what’s more fun? Making them. Do you want to practice?

(I’m sorry about Yibo’s… I don’t know how this happened…)


Don’t get in her way, she might shoot you~ 

This edit is for @umbranheart, why do I dedicate one of my edit to her ? Because she is a real angel. I mean, I don’t talk to her a lot however everytime I have the chance to do so, she is just adorable with me. Her blog, is the first blog I followed when I arrived here! Because of her amazing drawings, and her crazy bayojeanne headcanons. Well I really love everything she does *^* Moreover when she is reblogging a post, reading her tags are always priceless. They are so funny and cute. Anyway, I could keep babbling about her, telling a hundred times that she is amazing, and witty and everything. She is a perfect little Jeanne and yeah I adore her :D

MFW guys and newborns

He was watching you with endless adoration in his eyes as you cradled her. Reaching out, he brushed your damp hair away from your face. You looked so exhausted but so radiant.
“She’s perfect.” His voice was quiet, but rich with excitement. “Our little angel. Thank you, honey.”
“You want to hold her?”
“Yes please, dear.” His pale eyes shimmered as you eased your daughter into his arms. She squirmed in annoyance, and scrunched her round face.
Saeki felt his chest swell with pride as he held her. “Sorry Ayame, I didn’t mean to wake you.”
The newborn blinked up at her father and gurgled softly, and giggled.
“She likes you” You smiled.
“All the ladies love me” Saeki chuckled and touched his daughter’s cheek lightly. “I know you do.” His Cheshire grin came out. “And you love me too, right little angel?”
Ayame gurgled again and swatted at him with a tiny hand.
(Ayame: iris)

He slipped into your room silently, beaming at you with an earnest look. You looked up from the tiny bundle in your arms. Norio was clinging to Takao’s hand, looking a little nervous and confused.
“How are you feeling?” Your husband’s low voice was soft. “You look exhausted. Should I get you something?”
You smile through your fatigue and shook your head slightly. He sits down beside your cot and the five year old climbs into his lap. Takao leans in and peeks at his newborn.
“I love you, _______.” He kisses your temple. “She’s beautiful.”
Norio’s voice came in a tiny whisper.
“Mommy can I see her? I want to see her before Masao.” His father, chest bursting with pride, lifted him to kneel on the edge of the cot and peer at his new sibling. “Hello Kiyomi. I’m your biggest brother.” He kissed her forehead carefully.
Takao patted his son’s head, lifting him off the bed as he stood.
“I’m spending the night with you and Kiyomi.” He promised with a quick peck to her hair. “I’ll be right back. Tatsuki is picking up Norio now.”
“Bye mommy.” Norio said in his tiny, excited whisper. “I’m going to tell Uncle Tats and Masao alllllll about Kiyomi!”
(Norio: lawful man)
(Masao: righteous man)
(Kiyomi: pure beauty)

He had you wrapped in his arms as he gazed at the twins. He was almost on the verge of tears, and something in his chest lifted its head with pride.
“Thank you so much.” His hand stroked your hair and a hint of a smile crept into his adoring expression. “Michiko looks just like you, all pouty. Masaru has that face too, look!”
You glare at him.
“You’re oddly appreciative of your children’s appearance.”
“It’s not a bad kind of pouty.”
You sigh and relax into his embrace, snuggling deeper into the comforting warmth of his chest. You can feel his heart pounding as he gazed at his children.
“After all, they have my genetics too.”
You nudge him with your face, an unamused frown twisting your lips.
“Awww pouty, don’t be like this.” Yamato turned your head to plant a kiss over your grimace. “I love you, you know that.”
“I’m tired.” You mumble,
“I’ll stay with you all night. You rest up.” His eyes brilliant with happiness, he looked wide awake. He tightened his arms around you and whispered into your ear.
“So, how long do you think before we give these two some siblings?”
(Michiko: beautiful, wise)
(Masaru: victory)

Your husband had staggered into your hospital room, looking even more worn out and exhausted than you. When his eyes fixed on you, however, they lit up and turned alert again.
“Are you alright, _____?” Ren asked, arriving beside you and flopping into the chair by the cot. “I’m sorry I came so late.” He kisses you quickly, and searched your face with a worried look.
“I’m fine.” You pull a smile for him despite wanting to sleep there and then. Adjusting the small bundle in your arms, you show your daughter to her father.
“Hello there, Aina.” He whispers, reaching out to brush his fingertips over her little tuft of blonde hair. “Still just a little sprout, aren’t you?”
He turned his attention back to you, entire figure glowing with a new pride.
“She’s so perfect.” He kissed you again and stroked your face tenderly.
“I’ve always wanted a daughter.”
You lean into his touch, entire body suddenly drained and heavy.
“I’ll hold her if you want to sleep.” Ren held his arms out for his daughter, but he looked anxious. You blink gratefully and pass her over to him, watching his nervous expression soften as he cradled her, carefully pressing his lips to her forehead.
(Aina: connected to the earth {likes plants})

“Sorry that we’re late.” Your husband seemed to have not gotten time to change, hair still in a ponytail and his suit slightly scrunched from his hurry.
“Mommy!” Your four year old threw aside his father’s hand that he was holding and scramble over to your cot. Climbing up on the chair beside it, Toshio leaned close to you. Your newborn son in your arms started to bawl at his brother’s voice. You carefully rocked the infant in your arms.
Kunihiko was by your side now, gently removing the toddler from the bed and placing him on the chair. He leaned in to kiss you and embrace you.
“I’ve really never expressed how much I love you, ______.” His violet eyes glimmered. “I’ll never be able to show it enough.”
Tiredly, you smile up at him, shifting to let him to gaze lovingly at his son. The warmth in his heart was no different than when Toshio was born. If anything, his love for his children has only grown stronger, seeing Tsutomu’s tiny face finally relaxed from his fright by his brother. He pulls Toshio into his lap.
“Sorry daddy. Was I scary?”
“Just a little loud. Tsutomu isn’t used to that yet.” He turns to smile at you. “Have some rest. I’ll hold him.” Reaching out, he gently cupped your face, pressing a kiss to your lips.
(Toshio: genius leader, hero)
(Tsutomu: diligent)

It was almost amusing to watch your husband admire your son. He looked childishly happy, excited, sand-colored curls bobbing as he ducked down to kiss him. He trembled slightly as he beheld the son he had waited nine months for and would continue to wait on for years to come.
“He’s so tiny!” Yuta exclaimed as he walked over to sit down beside you, a spring in his step. Pressing against you, he kisses your cheek. “You’re amazing, did you know that?”
You blush a little and let your tired lips curve into a smile. He reached around you, pulling you into his arms so you could rest your head on his shoulder.
“Take a nap on me.” He grinned. “I’m sure you’re exhausted. I’ll tell you jokes as you rest?”
And so he continued, holding you close, spilling joke after joke, recounting anecdotes, his comforting voice softer in volume as you drift off to sleep.
“I love you so much.” He whispered against your ear, knowing you cannot hear him. “I love you. I love Yoichi. I love both of you.”
(Yoichi: positive, sunlight)

Gosh this one is probably going to be the last one until the weekend rolls around again.
The kids are always more interesting to write than the guys oops…

Maybe I’ll play with the feels more and do another sad one after this.

Common People, Ch. 5

Hello sweet readers!

We would like to thank you all for hanging in there with this story. Hopefully
Chapter 5 will make up for the long wait ;)

As ever, we are absolutely grateful to @madfatty, without whom…


Dear Tix,

Well, my life continues to be a right ridiculous mess. I’m really struggling not to give in to the dark thoughts, Fatty, but it’s hard. A cold war is raging in the Earl household. My mum and I aren’t speaking, other than her barking orders at me, and me huffing at her and rolling my eyes.

After she’d humiliated the ever-loving shit out of me at that stupid dinner, making sure I never want to show my face again in any social situation, she is now walking around the house acting as though it was my fault, and I’m the one who’s fucked up. I’m pretty sure she called Karim on a Tuesday specifically to bitch about me, and then she gave me the phone and stood there with her arms folded across her chest, while on the other end of the line Karim was trying to do as she expected of him and bite my head off. But that’s just not him, is it? And so I just stood there and nodded and hummed, pretending to be thoroughly chastised, while he softly and kindly asked me to “please be good girl, take care of your mother, yes? Be nice to her, she is having hard time. And you big sister, very important.” I get all chokey when he starts talking about how we’re his girls, and that he is trusting me with his little baby that he misses so much. I think it’s amazing that this man thinks I am his daughter, when my own for-real wanker of a dad doesn’t remember my actual existence. I did get a little softer after talking to him, and promised him I would be better, and when I gave mum the phone back I could see her eyes getting all misty and lovey-dovey when he started talking to her. I suppose she really is having a hard time being away from him. Love is so weird.

I got over my momentary empathy for her, though, when she wouldn’t come around on me being grounded. I can’t go anywhere and escape the house, can’t see my sweet Archie, who is walking around out there, like a sexy gazelle amongst the hungry lionesses. God only knows what desperate girl is throwing her tits at him as we speak. He does call me a lot, which is just the sweetest thing. He doesn’t seem to mind that we can’t see each other, and we talk for hours (until mum yells) about so many interesting things, like music and art and history. Archie knows so much, and I try to keep up. All right, on occasion I do let him go on while my mind goes to a wonderful land where he talks dirty to me in that informative, geeky voice, but mostly we really have the best phone conversations. He’s so easy to talk to. I just wish he would be in arm’s reach again. I really want to try all that kissing-and-more stuff Izzy is always on about, you know? I need to experiment.

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