she is a girl magically created from flowers


Dressed to Party

In Frozen Fever, we see Elsa create new dresses for herself and Anna. I have a hunch that some fans and viewers are confused about the flowers on the dresses and how they got there, since Elsa cannot make flowers from her ice powers. But I have managed to figure it out.

If you look closely in this scene, you can see two vases of two different flowers on the dresser behind the girls. When Elsa waves her hand to create her new dress, watch carefully, and you will see sparkles of magic moving some of the pink flowers from the vase and onto her dress, which turns green. She does the same thing when she replaces the large and small snowflakes in her hair with flowers.

And then she enhances Anna’s new dress by freezing some of the sunflowers on to it, along with one to her hair ribbon.

So contrary to possible belief, Elsa does not use her magic to create the flowers on the dresses. Rather, she releases some magic from her hand, moves the flowers around, and uses ice to freeze the flowers on to her and Anna’s dresses.

Now when it comes to Elsa’s dress turning green, that’s a bit harder to explain. It seems that blue is the only color she could make, since blue is often illustrated as the color of water, and ice is frozen water. During the movie, it seemed that the ice color was completely involuntary and based strictly on how she felt. Although I thought it was possible that by the events of the short, Elsa has gained so much better control over her emotions (and therefore her powers), so maybe she can change colors at will.

And maybe Elsa can do a lot of other things with her magic that she never did or knew she could do before. 😄