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Villainous Headcanons

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Anyway, let’s get started

•It’s a house rule not to attempt to remove Flug’s bag

•Dementia will pick at the edges to mess with him, but she’d never actually try to take it off
•5.0.5. learned his lesson when Flug almost had a panic attack when he started to lift it up
•Black Hat had completely removed it once, snatched it off his head in a fit of rage, and was actually surprised to see Flug curled up tightly on the floor, covering his head with his arms so no one could see any part of it at all.
•He was shuddering and crying, mumbling and pleading for Black Hat to give it back
•Black Hat, either out of the kindness of his bleak little black heart or maybe just because he was sick of Flug’s whimpering, he gave it back and even turned around, allowing him to put it back on without Black Hat seeing his face
•They eat at the table, all of them

•Black Hat’s rule
•"We’re evil, not slobs! It’s so I won’t find any plates in people’s rooms, Dementia. How would we look in our advertisments if this place was a mess?“
•Dementia eats more like an animal than 5.0.5. does
•Flug either waits for everyone to finish so he can participate in the conversation then eat alone at the table or he simply asks to eat in his room if his social battery isn’t too high, for obvious reasons
•"I better not find that plate in there or it’s your soul.”

•One day, Flug sat down at the table and seemed to worry about something
•Nobody was paying his fidgeting any heed until Dementia glanced over at him and her mouth dropped, prompting the other two to look where she was looking. Their reactions to the phenomenon were the same.
•Flug had pushed up his bag juuuuust enough to allow him to take bites of his dinner, revealing a small part of his mouth and chin
•His hands were shaking and he was trying to ignore their gawking
•"I-I-I-p-please lo-look away. Yo-you’re staring is m-making me uncomfortable,“ he squeaked, etching the bag back down.
•In an instant, the conversation went back to being just about it was before, but glances were stolen at his mouth
•Black Hat likes cats

•As in: If they wander in because the door is open on a hot day, he doesn’t immediately shoo it out and lets it wonder around til it leaves
•If it bumps his leg wanting affection, he’ll nudge it away a bit, but he won’t kick it
•If it brings him dead things, then it gets a pet
•Black Hat made the mistake of letting a cat fall asleep on him
•"You sneaky devil! How’d you even get in my lap?”
•He wants to move, but something compels him to stay put until it wakes up
•Dememtia is jealous as all hell when she found Black Hat asleep with the little fuzzball in his lap
•5.0.5. can be found sleeping anywhere at any point of the day.
•Flug: “I’ve been awake for a week with nothing but coffee and Ritz crackers to keep me alive.”
•Black Hat: “For once, that isn’t my fault.”
•Flug and Dementia sing together some times

•One of the few times you’ll ever see them getting along
•Dementia handles the more…provocative dance moves of the songs they sing together
•Flug can rap pretty damn well
•Though she may tease and sometimes bully him, Dementia likes seeing Flug so happy when he’s singing
•They usually sing until either Black Hat yells at them to turn it down/off or if 5.0.5. tells them that their music is ruining his cleaning time
•They usually high five before going about their day.


Nearly 3 years ago Sage was brought in to the clinic by an owner who did not wish to deal with her medical issues. They were going to take her to the shelter instead. My boss asked them to let Sage stay at the clinic to be treated and we would see if we could find her a home. I had been without a kitty since Charlotte died and this tiny little cat with such a friendly personality won me over; I couldn’t say no to those blue eyes and that purr.

I brought her home, and she immediately strolled out of the carrier and hopped onto my lap, ready to be friends, not scared of anything.

She was such a love. Recently I mentioned to my apartment manager that we needed some work done but please not to let the cat out; he called back and said he always made sure to sit down with Sage and pet her so she didn’t wander out while the maintenance crew worked. She was like that with everyone - instant friends no matter what. When friends gathered in the kitchen or living room to chat, she would sit in the center, waiting for someone to give her belly rubs or pick her up or give her a lap to sit on.

What a sweet girl. She’s been fighting cancer for the last several weeks, but she lost so much weight by the end, and was clearly tired as you can see in the top two pictures. It was time to say goodbye today, and she went easily and peacefully, purring until she fell asleep. She was a silly, happy little fuzzball. 💜

Bye-bye, Sage kitty.

Marichat May: Day 26 & Day 9; The Stray & Bell Collar

Adrien gaped looking straight up panic filling him at the sight before him. Marinette the sweat selfless classmate who sat behind him was crawling along a thin ledge several stories up trying to rescue a tiny black blob at the very corner of the building.

How she got up there he had no idea but it was probably through a window slightly above the ledge. The ledge itself was barely wide enough for her to crawl on let alone anyone larger.

No one seamed to realize she was up there as everyone continued about their business as always. He was about to call up to her when Plagg jabbed him in the ribs under his jacket.

“Pistt kid you’ll distract her if you do that. And then your princess will fall.” He whispers sternly worried for the girl himself. Adrien bite his lip looking back up at Marinette who crawled ever closer to the corner edge further away from any open window.

He waved his arms frantically trying to get her attention that way. It seemed to work as she took notice of him peering down at him. He couldn’t hear what she was saying but he thought it might be his name. He made motions with his hands signalling for her to go back to which she stubbornly shook her head. He scowled stomping his foot and doing it again motioning for her to stay there he would get help. He got a nod in return finally.

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This lady in my lab has a rescue kitten she wants to give away because she already has too many pets and Im meeting her and the cat tomorrow and I might adopt the kitty im so excited!!

Also the cat’s name is Chance which I feel strange about bc…i wouldn’t have picked it but…is it ethical to change a pet’s name when you adopt it from a coworker like thats almost as if you adopted someones kid and changed its name and told the biological mom “hey i know u named him john but I like chris better” like who what

Anyway shes a little fuzzball with maine coonish coloring but a lil smoll for her age and shes spayed/vaccinated/front declawed (and seems to have adjusted well, which is a huge relief?)/carrier trained/ almost harness trained and supposedly super friendly idk she sounds so perfect i hope jason likes her bc i fall in love w every cat i meet like she could be supremely terrifying and id still want it

Headcannon that Lance has a Chihuahua

No, no, you don’t understand. Just imagine:

- Lance finding this shivering, 2 lb baby dog in an ally near his apartment and getting his heart completely melted

- Lance taking her in and cleaning her up and naming her Nina

- Lance utterly surprised at the fact that, for some off reason, she doesn’t bark

-Nina picking up on Lances Spanish within a few months and reacting to Spanish commands just like English ones

- Nina laying on Lances shoulders until she’s fully grown (read: five lbs) and can’t fit anymore

- Turns out she looks less like a Chihuahua and more like a condensed Labrador, how the hell does that happen

- Nina turning into a fuzzball as she grows up

- Nine walking all over Lance when he lays down

- Nina using the back of Lances couch as her own personal Nina HighwayTM

- Nina’s nail sounding like a thousand mini elephants when she walks on Lances wood floor

- Keith stopping for the first time (Lance forgot something) and not even noticing her until he sits down on the couch and Nina jumps up and “holy shit where’d you come from?”

- Nina just staring and Keith for a bit then climbing on his lap, curling into a ball, and going to sleep

- “Lance, what do I do?!” “Oh boy, sorry, you won’t be leaving for a bit.” 

- Lance thanking Nina when Keith finally leaves because he ended up getting asked out on a date and fuck yeah best dog ever

-Nina just automatically moving to the side wherever someone walks her way because Lance’s stepped/sat on her too many times

- Hunk making her dog treats whenever he can

- “You’re gonna make my dog fat!” “Then just walk her more often!”

- Nina barks for the first time 

- It’s at Pidge

- They do not get along. At. All

- Nina warming up to Shiro and crying when he leaves

- “Come on! You don’t do that for me!” *blinks* *sighs* *walks into Lances room and takes over Lances pillow*

- Allura dog sitting for Lance when he’s out of town because, holy quiznak, is that tiny creature the cutest think in the world

- Coran putting bows in Nina’s hair

- Lance flipping his shit when he sees them

- Nina pawing at Lances eyes when he forgets to feed her or let her out

- Just. Lance with a Chihuahua, guys, Lance with a Chihuahua

prideofnoxus  asked:

"Ain't never seen a yordle with a tail like that. The hell are you??"

Rin was so taken aback from the shouting white fuzzball that she nearly screeched in retort. Instead, she hopped onto one leg, bouncing away from the assault on her ears in an awkward fighting pose.

“WHAT IN THE ETERNAL HELLS IS—” the red head looked the other yordle over, suddenly intrigued rather than scared. White, scars, jagged teeth, war apparel…lizard? She caught herself with mouth agape in a confused manner before answering his question.

“Well, uh… not to be RUDE…” Rin shot him a hint of a sassy side glance. “But you already answered that question. ‘the hell am I’? I am a yordle, too, simple as. Your eyes… er, eye…. does not deceive you. The tail is just… abnormal, but not entirely foreign.”

As in Champagne

Oh, hello … This is part one of two, and was inspired by this picture that ducky17 posted, like, three months ago. I started this right after she posted it, and then a few weeks later she posted her first chapter, and I put this aside, but then feels came back and I figured the stories are different enough. (And my motto is ‘Everyone write it!’ so I should heed my own words, I guess.)

Anyway, like I said, this is the result of on and off writing for a couple of months … And I do plan to post a second part, which I’ve only JUST started. So, not sure when it’ll show up. But I think this part is about as done as it’s going to get, and I hope getting it out there will free up headspace for part two and other fics I’ve been working on.

Also, I figured with all the angst over episode 1, maybe it would be nice to have a clean slate/tabula rasa type fic, where they’re only just meeting each other. *shrugs* I don’t know, I just hope you like it! (Tags are at the bottom.)

* * * * *

Rae has just finished re-alphabetizing the punk section when she feels something warm curl around her ankle. She tenses momentarily before realizing who it is.

“Back again, Sandi?”

The cat purrs, rubs its head once more against her ankle/ and then leaps up onto the bins, surprisingly nimble for an animal of its size. Laying back across a row of CDs and pulling its paws up to under its chin, the cat knows exactly what it’s doing.

Rae reaches out to scratch it behind the ears briefly, a rueful smile on her lips. “I know what you’re after …” She makes her way over to the break room, and opens the door that reads: “Employees Only! KEEP OUT” glancing behind her. “Well? Are ya comin’ or not?”

The cat jumps to the floor and pads through the doorway like it was one of the crew at ShipWreckords. It’s been coming to the store almost every day for the past three weeks, having walked in with one of the customers the first time, surprising Rae when it sprang onto the counter and rubbed its whiskers on the corner of the till.

She had been a little annoyed at first, but the cat was so friendly and affectionate, purring and trilling and butting its little furry head against the back of her hand to be petted, she couldn’t help but fall a little bit in love.

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This is Schnickelfritz (sometimes called Schnickle Pickle). She showed up in my garage a few months ago as a tiny kitten and now she’s a huge fuzzball that chirp purrs when she first sees you. Don’t be fooled by that face, though. She’s thinking about how fun it would be to attack your toes when you’re not looking.

(submitted by @zoomonkees)

As in Champagne, Part the Second (and Final)

Part the First

This was a long time coming, and I’m still a smidge worried about it, but it will never be perfect. In fact, several people who read this will probably think “Uh, what was all the fuss about, Shawna?” And that’s cool, that’s cool. 

A lot of the so-called ‘action’ happens interior to the characters. I find myself writing these man vs. himself plots a lot, getting all up in their brains, and I’m not sure if that’s good, bad or indifferent. But there’s enough here that I don’t hate, so I’m just going to post it and stop the agonizing. The story strayed a little from how I originally thought it might go, but I kind of like where it ended up instead.

Anyway, enough rambling. I’m basically going to copy and paste the tags I used for the last installment on this one, but I’m always of two minds about tags. (As ever, if you want off this crazy train, please let me know. I won’t take offense!) I hope you guys enjoy!!!

Tag list: @ch1darkcy @hohumi @sassy-curmudgeon @slothpaws @adaftmyriad @greenangelheart @old-lady-at-heart @teastaindiary @lametwentysomething @fantasticab @allimidori @robichaux-prefect @llexis @thisissomefreshbullshit @boysweatandckone @someday-youwillfindme @kneekeyta @justagirlnamedkayla @14000romances @darlingdiver @mirandasmadeofstone @how-ardently @icshly @gushington-central @i-love-mmfd @carpe-libris @raernundo @broughttoyoubythelettera @i-dream-of-emus @mallyallyandra @anglophileyoungblood @fuckintentshop @aggressively-lamps @chrryblsms @nipasir @areyousad8118 @milymargot @sharoonroney @sarahlouise88ni @celestev31 @scumothaearff @bitcheslovebeck @magicalgrandma @kerrv0rting-and-sn0rting ililypop @happyfrasers @ilovefinnnelson @sammylbc @anca82 @idontcareifyoudontbelieveme @murderyoursoul @losingpudge @heartnotbrain @jackiewalsh2013 @dairingoriginal @sunflowerdope @omgbananasnailus @bitchy-broken @pigeonfarmrace @rinncincin @mellamoaiko @finnleysraemundo @kristicallahan @musicfreak1 @alyssaloca @girlwithafoxhat @karinskyme @irish-girl-84 @tinakegg @luvs-jade @2muchtosee2littletime @voodoomarie @annemarieted @wandering-soul-7 @arashian-emu @courtkismet @sicklittlejag @fangirlwithoutshame @zero-for-starters

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When Rae awakes, it takes her awhile to come around. She’d been having the most delicious dream, and she vaguely knows she didn’t want to leave it. Finn was there. She lingers in that realm between unconscious and conscious, wandering around the remnants of her dreamscape. They had been somewhere together, outside. It had been cold, and she wasn’t wearing a coat. He tried rubbing her arms, and holding her hands, but she couldn’t get any heat in her fingers or toes, her bones felt cold. And then, he’d swooped her into an embrace and kept her there until she felt warmed through.

She smiles in her half-sleep and hums, stretching her arms away from her, concaving like a cat, and startles the real one still curled up next to her who jumps up to the back of the sofa at her unwelcome movement.

When she fell asleep, it was so quiet she could hear the ping of the pipes and the hum of the mini-fridge in Finn’s kitchen. But now there’s a faint strain of music (was that Jarvis Cocker?) and the sound of a spoon gently clinking against the inside of a mug. She sits up rapidly, finally aware that someone else is there. The movement causes her to tangle in a blanket she doesn’t remember pulling over her, and when her vision still clouded by sleep clears a bit, she sees it’s Finn.

Shit, she thinks. Shit shit shit.

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i will always hold you close, but i will learn to let you go (i promise i'll do better)

{i decided to write lawstein because i was hit with some major feels, and to be honest, i think they’d be a very interesting duo. i apologize in advance.}



You jolt awake and a sharp pain in your side makes you hiss. The world is swirling around you and you grab the headboard behind you to steady yourself as you slowly lean on your elbows. You look around slowly (your body is aching and your arms feel like they are on fire). You catch a glimpse of Danny sitting on your bed, only then do you realize that you’re laying on Laura’s bed, and Laura is not in your dorm.

Danny is staring at you and she looks so, so sad, and she’s all cut up and bloody, and Laura’s not in your dorm, and oh god no.

“Laura?” Her name comes out as a croaked whisper. Tears well in Danny’s eyes (oh god no, not Laura) and she hangs her head. “No.” You manage to get up and you push yourself off Laura’s bed (it’s burning; her bed is burning you) and collapse onto the floor. Danny rushes over to you and grabs your arms softly. You toss your elbow out and manage to jab her in the shoulder; she grunts and falls back and your arms fucking hurt. You’re trying to stand but your legs are jelly and your ribs are cracking and your sobbing.

Danny is on her knees next to you saying something but you can’t hear her over the whirling in your ears. You feel her hands on your back and sides but you don’t really feel them because you feel numb.

Laura’s dead. And you didn’t save her.


You wake up to voices whispering in your dorm. You lay there, feeling numb, and you don’t really want anyone to notice you.

You recognize the ginger squad’s voices and you want to throw up. Of course they’d be in here. Maybe they are waiting for you to roll over so they can kill you for letting Laura die. You really wish they would kill you, if they could.

“What are we going to tell Carmilla?”

“What do you mean, Perr, I’m sure she knows about…”

“Well, LaFontaine, she might just think that she’s out somewhere. Maybe getting cookies or blood, or… something.”

“She knows.” The amazon’s voice breaks, and if you didn’t hate her entire being, you would’ve felt bad for her.

“How can you be sure she knows?”

“Perry, Carmilla’s not an idiot.”

“LaFontaine, I didn’t ask you, I asked Danny. And I never said she was, it’s just that she died in the light and Danny carried her back here, so maybe she doesn’t know about…about Laura.”

Now that makes your eyes widen; Xena saved you? She should’ve left you to rot.

“Perry, she knows. I was here when she woke up. LaF helped me get her back in bed. She knows.”

“She was delirious.”

“She’s been sleeping for days. It might’ve slipped her mind.”

“Oh my god, Perry, she’s been sleeping because she died and three fourths of her body is broken. She wouldn’t forget Laura.” It’s quiet for a while and all you can hear is three sets of sniffling breaths. “We all won’t.”

You crack open your eyes and see the yellow pillow, and it still smells like her, and it’s burning you so you roll off the bed and land on the ground hard. You scream because that really fucking hurt; you’re sure you heard bones snap. The three jump and the ginger twins try to get you back into her bed, but you’re crying and Danny jumps off your bed and tells the other two to put you on your bed.

They do and you’re in so much pain and you realize that your arms and torso and your left leg is wrapped up in bandages and that’s when it really hits you: you died. You really died. For Laura. Then it hits you again:

Laura’s dead, and you didn’t save her. She was your second chance, and you let her slip through your fingers.


It’s been a week and your body has healed (you do have a slight limp though) and you’re curled up in a ball in your bed. LaF and Perry were checking in on you, but you almost killed them one day, so LaF just leave bags of blood outside the door whenever you need it.

You’re debating about going to take a shower (you smell but you don’t want to get up and make the effort to get into the bathroom) when the door slams open. You jump, growl, and swing your head over to the door. There stands Beanpole in all her green pants glory, and you swear, you’re going to kill her.

“Get up, Dead Girl.”

“No.” You grumble and bury your head into your sheets.

“Get. Up” You want to throw something at her; how dare she just waltz into your room and order you around? Who does she think she is? You roll over, preparing for a verbal onslaught, when Laura’s bed catches your eye. It’s empty and the sheets are still rumpled and you miss her, but you feel like you’re suffocating in here, so you look at the ginger and slowly slide off your bed.

You assume you were going too slow for her and annoyed her (that was the plan, of course, you still hate her) because she walks over to you in two strides and yanks your arm. You stumble on your feet and jar your leg, and you yelp, and she drops your arm like it was burning her.

You stare at her and when she doesn’t move, you gesture towards the door and she rolls her eyes, but walks out of the dorm anyway. You start to limp after her, put one hand on the door, look back into the empty room, and close the door.


She leads you into the forest that resides behind Silas U. You have to walk a little faster than her to match her strides, her legs are ridiculously long.  You grumble and complain the entire way. She steps over a large fallen tree and waits for you. You have trouble getting over it; your leg is aching from all this movement and your legs are too short for this. She leans over, puts one leg on the tree and reaches for your arms. You slap her hands away with a grunt.

“Do you seriously want to fall over, because I will never let you live that down.”

“You’d never let me live down needing your help.”

“Come on, Dead Girl. We need to get there. I’ll let this one slide.”  You stare at her, not really believing her, but she looks so tired and pissed and you could say something to really piss her off even more, but she’s here trying to help you when no one else would, so you hold out your hands. She grabs them and leads you closer to the log, and when you start to lift your leg, she puts her hands under your armpits and lifts you over the tree. She sets you down gently and steps off of the tree, and when she’s asks if you’re good, you nod. She rubs her hands over her face, and your eyes are drawn to the scratch across her face and nose, and she starts walking again.


You end up in a clearing by a river. She sits down on a large rock and you sit on the smaller one next to her. You both sit in silence for a long, long time, just listening to the water gently sloshing against the river bank. The sun is setting, it was high up in the sky when you came here, and somehow the time just slipped by you.

She had changed positions a few times: she laid down with her back against the rock, then sat in a tree that she didn’t really have to climb, stood with her feet in the water, and now she’s lying on her back next to your feet. She hasn’t said anything and it’s creeping you out.

“Why did you bring me here?”

“Hm?” She sits up on her elbows and looks at you.

“Why did you bring me here, Xena?”

“Hey now, no need to insult me.”

“You insult me!”

“No, I do not!”

“Whatever you say, Fuzzball.”

“Watch it, Fangs.” She growls.

“You insult my form all the time, you just did. Not really funny, is it?” It’s a low blow and she got you out of the room that you were drowning in, but she insults you all the time, so it doesn’t really bother you. You slide off the stone you were sitting on, lay down in the grass, and there’s a lot of space between you two, but just enough for you to kick her shin: so you do. She kicks back and a lot harder; you should’ve remembered how long her legs are because she ends up kicking your thigh. You growl when you hear her chuckle.

“I brought you here because you weren’t getting better in there.” She says.

“Maybe I don’t want to get better.”

“Maybe,” she whispers, “But before everything went down, she asked me to take care of you if…if anything happened.” You both stay silent after that. What can you say?


You’re traversing through the woods looking for her and you really don’t want to, but Perry was worried and you have vampire senses, so you pretty much had to go. You keep stumbling over twigs and it’s fucking with your leg and you are not happy.

She’s been missing for a while. By a while, you mean two days. But none of her Sorority sisters have heard from her and she’s been over at your dorm everyday for two weeks, but you’re not really worried (that’s a lie, you are).

You know where she might be and you find yourself walking into the clearing she took you two all those days ago. She’s laying in the dirt next to the river bank and you smell blood. You quicken your pace a little and stop by her side. She rolls over on her back and looks at you. Her clothes are ripped up and she’s covered in blood and crying. You sigh (bad hunt, you assume) and help her up. You let her lean on you and together you stumble back through the forest to the Summer Society’s dorm.

One girl opens the door and looks suspicious and mildly hostile (vampires and werewolves never get along) until she sees Danny hunched over you, her arm around your shoulder, you practically dragging her towards her. She call out behind her and jumps down the steps and runs over to the two of you. She grabs one of Danny’s arms and throws it over her shoulder, and now Danny is between the two of you and you’re walking her to the house. Most girls are clustered together in the doorway and some have their heads sticking out the windows.

You’re grunting and limping badly; Xena’s all dead weight and while you could use your vampire strength to carry her by yourself, you haven’t been taking very good care of yourself lately, so you haven’t been drinking a lot of blood. One girl runs up to you and tells you she has Danny, then wraps Danny’s arm around her shoulder and her hand around Danny’s waist and together, the girls drag Danny up the stairs.  

You stand there, watching the girls take her inside and a few in the doorway follow, but most stay there and watch you. You feel somewhat awkward and you’ve started turning around to walk back to your dorm when one girl runs up to you.

“Thanks, for bringing her home.”

You nod at her. “Could you, ah, tell LaFontaine and Perry that she’s alive?” She nods and so you start walking back to your room. Your leg is burning and you can’t really step on it, so you end up practically dragging it behind you.

You don’t hear anyone move back into the house. They watched you walk back until the couldn’t see you anymore.


It’s been two weeks since you found her all bloody and lying in the river. Right now, she’s sitting in Laura’s (no, not Laura’s, not Laura’s) bed grading papers and you’re reading a philosophy book in your bed. You keep stealing glances at her every once and a while to make sure she’s alright. She’s healed up nicely, she just has a small scar across her face from the battle. You’ll never tell her that you’ve been looking out for her, just like she is for you, but Laura made her promise to take care of you, and you feel like you should look after her too.

You glance at her again; she’s scribbling something on someone’s paper, her face is scrunched up, her hair is in a loose bun and a few strands of hair are falling around her face, framing it. She’s really pretty, and that thought makes you jolt. She looks at you quickly, worry etched across her forehead.

“You okay?”

“Yeah.” You grunt and reposition yourself. “Just…my leg.” She nods.

“Whatever you say, Dead Girl. Maybe if you didn’t jump around for mysterious reasons, your leg would hurt.”

“Shut it, Teen Wolf.” You catch her rolling her eyes. Your nickname game hasn’t weakened, but they seem to have less of a punch these days. She finishes grading that paper and picks up another one.

“Thanks, by the way.”

“What? Speak up, Xena.”

“Don’t make me not say it again.”

“Fine, fine. I’m listening.”

“Thanks for, uh, bringing me home.” She looks shyly at you and you know it probably gave her physically pain to thank you.

“Ditto.” She looks sharply at you; she didn’t know that you knew she was the one to carry out of the pit. She nods, and that’s the end of that. She yawns and you tell her that it’s late and she should be heading back to her dorm, but she says that she can crash here and blame the boring papers.

You really want to tease her for that, but tonight marks two months that Laura’s been gone, so you decide to let this opportunity slide. Both of you have been looking after each other and while you’ll admit it’s annoying, you’re glad in a way. She went through the same loss as you had and now you’re healing together.

You pull a blanket over her legs after she passes out.


You crash through the door and collapse on your hands and knees. You’re on the library roof and sobbing your lungs out. You fucked up, you really fucked up.

You didn’t mean to do it, but you did, and holy shit, you fucked up so bad.

You had just walked into your dorm with Danny behind you, and you both had just come back from the dinner.
(You started going to the University’s dinner with the ginger squad after Laura died because they said it would help everyone recover. You had scoffed but agreed when Danny threatened to kick your kneecap in. Danny also made you walk through the park between the locations because, “It’ll help your leg out, Stupid.”)

She was saying something about tomorrow and grading papers and the reading assignment, but all you could look at was her pretty, pretty face. You don’t know what came over you but all of a sudden you were kissing her with everything you had, and she was kissing you back. She fell back onto your bed, pulled you on top of her and had one hand behind your head and the other under your shirt. You groaned at the feeling of her hands against your skin and started grinding down into her.

She moaned, which encouraged you, so you placed one hand next to her head, lifted one of her legs over your back and held it in place with a hand on her thigh. She groaned and you started sucking on her neck, which made her moan louder. You let go of her thigh and stripped her of her shirt. You ran your hands up her torso and started palming her breasts through her bra. She was kissing you hard and panting, and something made you snap back into reality.

You shouldn’t be doing this with her.

You had pushed yourself off of her and fell on the ground, twisting your leg in the process. You had stuttered that you were sorry and ran out of the room.

Which is why you are up on the roof now, crying your eyes out. You feel like you’ve betrayed Laura. You try to catch your breath and you look up at the stars. Tears are streaming down your cheeks, and you repeat, “I’m sorry, Laura. I’m so sorry,” over and over again. You say it so many times, you’re sure she heard you in heaven.


You walk back into your room the next day and it’s night, actually, but you’ve been in your favorite field all day, so it doesn’t really matter to you. You sit on the edge of your bed and rest your head in your hands. A bang makes you raise your head, and it’s her, wearing orange skinny jeans. Of course.

She closes the door and you both just stare at each other. You sigh and lower your head back into your hands because you’re so tired and you aren’t mentally prepared for this conversation. You feel the edge of the bed dip and you know she’s sitting next to you. You’re both quiet for a long, long time, because you don’t know how to breach the subject.

“I don’t regret it.” You move your head so that only one eyes is looking at her, but she’s staring at the wall next to Laura’s (no, not Laura’s) bed. You gently nudge her foot with yours to encourage her to continue. “I..I feel…guilty in some way, but I don’t regret it.” She whispers to you, and she says it like its a secret that she’s never told anyone before (it is, though).

“Why?” You ask quietly. You’re not sure why you’re whispering; you’re the only ones in the room.

“I…Laura asked me to take care of you. She wanted us to get along. Maybe she didn’t see this happening but, she would’ve wanted us to be happy. She would’ve wanted us to move on.” She’s moving her foot back and forth and you’re certain it’s scuffing the floor, but you don’t really care. You reach out and grab her forearm gently and her foot stops moving.

“I don’t regret it, either.”

She smiles softly and you smile back (Laura would understand; she was the most understanding person you had ever met).


Later that night, you fuck her into the mattress and she leaves scratches down your back. You had fallen asleep on her chest, listening to her heartbeat, your legs tangled together. When you wake up, the scratches ache beautifully.


“Come on, Beanpole.”

“Where are we going?”

“If you’d hurry up, you’d know by now!” You hear her huff and you grin. It’s dark outside, the sky is the clearest it’s been in months, and you’re walking in a large, open field. You finally reach your destination: a small hill topped with a lone tree.

“Whoa.” She breathes. “What’s this?”

“You showed my your favorite place, so, I’m showing you mine.” You gesture to the tree. She walks past you, but not before hip-bumping your side. You grunt and she laughs softly, then plops down on the ground with her back against the tree trunk.


She’s resting and looking at the stars. You have your legs draped over her lap and she’s massaging your bad leg, but you don’t think she’s noticed that. You look at her; she’s wearing blue skinny jeans, her letterman with a hoodie under it, glasses, and a beanie. Her nose is slightly red from the cold. You follow her gaze and she’s staring at Laura.

(You were walking back from the dinner at night a few days ago and you spotted a bright star, one that you hadn’t noticed before. It was her idea to name it after Laura. “See, she’s watching out for us, Fangs.”) (Danny is not Laura. No one could be Laura. But Danny is a close second, and you’re very grateful to have a third chance)

You place your gaze back on her.

“Danny?” She looks at you, worried. You realize that you called her by her name, which you never do. You reach out your hand to her. She takes it, and her forehead softens.

“Yeah, Carmilla?”

“I’m really glad it was you.”

She smiles at you and squeezes your hand. She knows what you mean.

She always does.