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VIP Package - Drummer!Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Drummer!Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 10,128

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (female receiving), Multiple Orgasm, Public Fingering, Spanking, Sneaking Around to Fuck

Notes: Drummer Dylan does things to me y’all. Send help. Special thanks to @writing-obrien because she was a sweet pea and proofread this for me while I am trying not to fall asleep. Because we all know not to let me proofread when I’m sleepy. 

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Devoid Of Color - Smut

Originally posted by multihxe

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Dylan O’Brien/Reader
Words: 4,170
AN: This was an anon request for a Soulmate AU where you didn’t see colors until you met your soulmate. I hope I did this justice because Soulmate AU’s are my FAVORITE. Love ya’ll, let me know what you think!

Title taken from Halsey’s Colors. The Veselka and Space Billiards are real places in NYC. You’re welcome.

If there was anything you wanted more in life, it was to meet your soulmate. As strange as it sounds, meeting your soulmate was a top priority in everyone’s life, because you needed to meet them in order to see color. The world was just a drab mixture of blacks and greys before that. Your mother had explained it to you once when you were small, that color would wash over your vision slowly, dull and drab, but still there. It was only when you got to know them more that the colors would become brighter, streaks of red and blue and yellow lighting up the world in full HD.

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The Masterlist (Mobile Friendly Version)

The Masterlist Guide
(a)- angst
(f)- fluff/flirt/romance
(s)- smut

LAST UPDATED: 01/10/17


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Great Comet characters as shit I have said
  • Natasha: She touched my leg once so we're basically married.
  • Pierre: The number of times this week I have thought "death doesn't sound so bad" is truly staggering. I was just eating bread and boom, there it was again.
  • Sonya: You know I can't hold your hand to your car next year, right? I'm graduating? I know the wind is scary but no.
  • Marya: I am the law here and we play Viking metal at practice now, bitch. It fuels my aggression.
  • Anatole: Yo I got this chick's number even though I hit myself in the face with a pen because she has a thing for drummers, which I kind of am. Just not, like, in a band. It's fine, she lives in a different time zone. She'll never know.
  • Dolokhov: I will fight you with my two broken hands!
  • Helene: Once I thought I was a heterosexual. Then girls happened.
  • Bolkonsky: Sometimes I miss my hawk screech tic, other times I think having friends is fine too.
  • Mary: Not all of my suffering is because of women. Just, like 65%. Some of it is general life.
  • Balaga: (going 80 in a 25) Stop signs are suggestions!
  • Andrey: I wasn't at this party but I still heard all the ways y'all fucked up.
Ever Since Shanghai

A/N’s: This is the first part of my new Harry Styles mini-series, there will be more parts, hope you guys like it. All the love. xx

Word Count : 1.62 K words

Pairing: Harry Styles X Reader



“We are here, finally!” Cindy, my best friend, said before stretching her arms.

“Finally,” I sighed happily and tiredly.

“Sarah just texted me, she said she’s here we should go towards the gate now,” Cindy said checking her phone.

“Okay,” I replied then looked around the airport, we are here in Shanghai currently to attend the victoria secret fashion show. Sarah Jones, the drummer of Harry Styles and elder sister of Cindy managed to get us two tickets.

“I’m so excited for the show,” I said after claiming our luggage and making our way towards the gate.

“Yeah I’m glad the exams are over, it sucked the life out of us,” Cindy said happily.

“True, we have a well deserved break before starting uni,” I said contently.

“Let’s make the most of it,” she cheered.

“We will stay till the end of tour with the band so yeah it’ll be fun,” I said.

“Yeah Harry’s tour are so fun to attend, though we only attended two shows.”

“Well now we have 7 shows to attend, it’ll be fun!”

“Uh huh!”

“There’s Sarah! Hi!” I said before we both ran towards her.

“I’m so glad you guys made it here!” Sarah hugged me and Cindy and smiled widely.

“Our pleasure, so sorry couldn’t be here in the beginning you know because of fucking exams,” Cindy said.

“Oh I understand, I’m just happy I’ll get you two for the rest of the tour,” she said.


“Okay nerds, now c’mon, you must be starving from the flight,” Cindy said before dragging us towards the car waiting outside the airport.

“Yeah flight from London to Shanghai is no joke,” I replied yawning.

“Oh oh turn the radio on,” I said.

“Okay okay,” Sarah turned it on.

Slow Hands started playing.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS OH THIS IS THE BEST,” Cindy shouted, she’s a huge Niall fan.

We all started jamming, I’m sure the driver might think we are all insane. Sarah laughed loudly.

“Man I love this song, I love Niall,” Cindy fangirled.

“Sarah, is Mr. Horan attending any shows?” I asked.

“No I don’t think so, plus if he does and you meet him then pretend me and Cindy are not related, she’ll embarrass herself and I’ll also get embarrassed if he knows we’re sisters,” she shook her head.

“Oh I’m also not related to her either,” I agreed.

“You guys are so mean, oh my god.”

“We love you though,” me and Sarah said in unison.

“Okay kids, we’re here, brace yourself for the best times of your lives, that is seeing me play drums on stage,” she winked.

We giggled, but there’s no denying our girl slays the stage with her drumming skills.

We entered the luxurious hotel, and looked at each other before smiling widely, “we will have a memorable time, I’m so excited.”

Oh it was indeed going to be a memorable trip.

“I love our room Cindy, it’s so big, Sarah went all above and beyond,” I said before seeing the hotel room we will be staying for few days before going to another country.

“Indeed, I’m so proud of my sister, she always dreamed this, you know to be a successful drummer,” she said fondly.

“Remember when we first became best friends and I came to your house to hang out and she tried to teach us to play drums?” I giggled, fondly remembering that day.

“Oh god yes, we were in middle-school back then,” she chuckled. 

“When will she be done by rehearsal?” 

“I think in a couple of hours, she mentioned we all will dine together.”

“Sounds fun, I can’t wait to meet the rest of the band.” I said smiling.

“Styles innit,” she winked.

“Well his songs are cool,” I shrugged.

“I spoke to him once briefly, he’s a gentleman, also he looks so good in pictures and much more good in person, how is this possible?” 

I just chuckled, I never actually met him, Cindy attended few parties and met him, I’m not that big of a fan but the times Cindy made me listen his songs I actually liked them.

Few Hours Later

After freshening up and eating light snacks me and Cindy got dressed up into something comfortable yet fashionable and began watching a random movie that was playing on the tv, waiting for Sarah to come to us.

After half an hour later, Sarah arrived, she looked really tired.

“Just took a shower and quickly got dressed before coming here, it was such an exhausting day, it was worth it though,” she said.

“Are you excited for tomorrow’s show?” I asked smiling.

“Absolutely, now let’s go, we’re going to a restaurant Mitch found for dinner, sounds good?”

“Yes, I miss Mitch, how are you two with all this lovey-dovey process?” Cindy wiggled her eyebrow.

“Uh, I’m not discussing my love-life with my two little sisters, but he’s very nice,” Sarah said blushing slightly.

“Aww, look at her blush,” I teased.

“Shut up you two and follow me,” she said.

We saw three cars waiting for us outside.

“Where’s others?” Cindy asked.

“They’ll join us in a bit,now c’mon get in the car,” Sarah said.

“Hey ladies, how are you two?” Mitch said before engulfing me and Cindy into a welcoming hug.

“Mitch! Hi! We missed you,” me and Cindy replied enthusiastically.

“I missed you guys too,” he replied flashing a smile.

“C’mon let’s go I’m starving!” Sarah whined.

“Relax woman, we’re going,” he said giving Sarah a peck.


We are now at the restaurant right now, and the place looks beautiful, it is a rooftop restaurant and the weather was a bit windy so it felt really nice. There was even a bar setup where we can order drinks.

The table that we sat on was huge, there were all band members of C.H.A.S.M, me, Cindy, Jeff, Glenne, Lou and another guy  that looked around our age but I didn’t know his name.

I looked over at Harry and I couldn’t help but stare at him, he’s absolutely gorgeous, the way he smiles is indescribable. I noticed how he’s the center of attention always cracking a joke and talking about everything stuffs other than work. Now I know why Cindy is so mad over him along his other 1D band members, especially Niall.

I heard Sarah say, Harry rented the entire rooftop so they could have some privacy and enjoy the meal. 

The dinner was absolutely delicious and I was so full. Cindy and the boy our age whose name I learnt was Max seemed to be engrossed in conversation. I saw almost everyone was busy talking among themselves.

“I’ll be back, just want to see the view,” I said to Cindy pointing towards the railing where we can see the view.

“Sure babe, I’ll join you in a bit maybe?” She replied.

I nodded.

I walked towards the bar section and ordered a sprite. I then proceeded towards the railing of the rooftop and observed the view below. It was a busy city and all the lights and everything made it seem so wonderful.

“Hi,” I heard a voice from behind.

I turned around to see it was none other than Harry, I was a bit taken aback, “Hello,” I replied politely.

“We haven’t met properly, you’re Sarah’s sister’s best friend?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’m Y/N,” I said offering my hand to shake.

“And I’m Harry,” he said smiling, shaking my hand.

“It’s a beautiful view from here wow,” he said before standing beside me.

“Indeed,” I replied sipping my sprite, “are you excited for the show tomorrow?”

“I am, a bit nervous if I must add.” He said sipping his own beverage.

“Don’t be, you’re amazing on stage, I’ve been to two of your shows and it was such a great experience,” I said smiling encouragingly.

“Really?” He asked grinning.


“Thanks, I appreciate that. Uh you a fan then?” 

“Well Cindy is. Me? Not really.” I said.

“Ouch that hurt,” he said in mock offence.

“But I liked your album, I mainly came for Sarah but you were so good,” I said.

“Thanks,” he said chuckling.

We talked for two more hours, starting from where we live and which show is our favourite to what type of ice-cream flavor we prefer.

“Guys we gotta head towards the hotel, got a big day ahead,” Jeff said loudly catching everyone’s attention, at this point everyone was scattered around different places talking among themselves.

“It was nice meeting you Harry, goodnight,” I said before hugging him.

“Likewise, um-Y/N -um see you again then, yeah,” he said smiling.



Since the moment we arrived at the hotel, Cindy couldn’t stop talking about Max and how amazing he was. 

“He also plays violin, I mean that’s so hot,” she gushed.

“Who is he related to?” I asked.

“He’s Jeff’s cousin, he also finished his exams recently so Jeff and Glenne asked him to tag along,” he explained.

“Oh,” I said.

“I saw you talking with Harry, oh my goodness how did you even manage to speak in front of such a perfect human being for so long?” She started asking loudly.

“First of all speak gently, second of all he’s a real gentleman and it didn’t seem like he’s some celebrity he was so down to earth and I enjoyed talking to him.”

“I always knew he’s a gentleman, oh tell me something I don’t already know,” she began singing the last part.

I just rolled my eyes, “Go to sleep kid, I’m so tired, goodnight.”

“Goodnight, can’t wait for the show and meet Max,” she said before turning off the lamp placed on top of the hotel’s nightstand.

BTS Reaction masterlist.

My masterpost was starting to get a bit full, so I decided to make two separate ones for the texts are reactions. Enjoy. 😊 

Scenario masterlist

Text masterlist

Imagine Dean being jealous when you have a date and failing in hiding it.

“Will you just stop that?” Sam’s voice laced with annoyance broke the silence that had surrounded the three of them. Well, almost silence if we could exclude Dean’s constant foot taping.

“Stop what?” Dean asked in a gruff voice and the only thing Sam did was give him a bitch face.

“You know what.” Sam huffed “That!” he pointed at him and that wa the only moment Dean realized what he was actually doing, a deep frown was still set on his face but much to Sam’s liking he stopped tapping his foot.

“Why does it bother you in the first place?” Dean huffed like a little child, crossing his arms over his chest with almost a small pout; making his mother grin softly.

“I don’t know- why does it bother you that (Y/n)’s going on a date?” Sam asked back sassily and Dean glared hard at his younger brother. No sooner had he said the words that Dean’s foot resumed to the tapping impatiently, making Sam only roll his eyes.

“What does that even mean now?” Dean asked defensively but Sam didn’t respond, he only rolled his eyes. He hadn’t gotten his brother to confess how he felt about you when he was calm, much less now that jealousy clouded his vision.

Dean pursed his lips as his eyes moved uneasily around the room, every two seconds glancing in the direction he expected you to show up. He huffed and shuffled in his place all the time.

“Seriously Dean!” Sam exclaimed, shutting his book closed “Enough alright!?”

“What’s up with you?” Dean gave him a look “Why are you so on edge today?”

“Me? I am on edge!?” Sam rolled his eyes in disbelief “Dude are you kidding me?! You haven’t stopped moving and huffing and puffing all the time! You’re so jealous but won’t even admit it!”

“Wh-what?!” he squeaked out, making Mary giggle at the expression he had on his face “I’m- I’m not jealous!” his voice rose an octave and Mary had to bite her lip to keep herself from straight forward laughing right in his face.

“Dean, sweetie-” she started, her too having realized long ago how much her son was bothered by this date of yours only because it didn’t involve him but another man.

“What?! Mom no!” he exclaimed, shaking his head “I’m- I’m not jealous ok? Stop it!” his voice got gruff and he shook his head, not looking at them as his face had started getting all the more red “I’m not jealous.” he grumbled like a little stubborn kid.

“Are you trying to convince us or yourself?” Sam asked with a small smirk and Dean glared hard at his brother, crumbling a piece of paper and throwing it at him.

“Hey kids! Easy!” Mary got stern for a moment.

“Not my fault he’s being a bitch!” Dean exclaimed “I didn’t even bother him and he-”

“Didn’t even what? Dude you’ve been tapping your foot impatiently for like that past one hour! I couldn’t read a fucking sentence or Chuck’s sake!” Sam threw his arms in the air “If you are so bothered by her being with someone else then tell her so!”

“I’m not fucking bothered Sam!”

“Really?” Sam raised his eyebrows “Because last time you saw the guy you almost pulled a gun on him.”

“Well, it’s not my fault he was walking in the darkness like some thief. Besides, what could he be doing here at such a time of the night?”

“I don’t know, probably spend the night with his girlfriend or something? You’re a grown man, Dean, you know how it goes.” Sam said with a smirk that only got bigger once he saw Dean’s anger rise.

“Shut up.” he growled, not really angry at him but at the man that lately had taken the empty place in your bed he usually liked to occupy when using your friendship and movie-nights as an excuse.

“Alright- that’s enough.” Mary pursed her lips “Dean-” she turned to her oldest son, giving him a soft smile “There’s nothing wrong with that, you know it right?”

“Damn it mom-” he rolled his eyes “I told you I’m not jealous!”

“Of course you’re not, just like you have no reason to be upset in the first place because you and (Y/n) are only friends. Aren’t you Dean?” Sam asked, the I-told-you-so look written all over his face.

“Shut up.” Dean grumbled, not looking at his brother. He knew that Sam was right but it wasn’t that which bothered him-but the words that were a fact. You were only friends, sure best friends and had a kind of bond that could not be described, but despite everything he couldn’t tell you who to date or not. He didn’t have a say in your love life, much to his disappointment.

“Right, of course you wouldn’t answer that.” Sam rolled his eyes.

“Will you stop it?” he asked in a low voice, more serious now and finally looking at him.

“Dean” Mary spoke more softly, not teasing Dean the way the younger Winchester was “If you really are bothered by this-then why don’t you do something to change it?”

“What do you mean?” he frowned and she smiled at him. She had not been around for as long as Sam had, or you and Cas for that matter but from the very first moments- hell, from the moment he saw you and Dean interact when he came to the bunker she was absolutely sure about one thing that came to her older son: he was utterly and hopelessly in love with you.

But that didn’t mean it was easy. She knew that as much as Dean loved you he was still willing to sacrifice everything, including his happiness, to make sure you were alright and out of harm’s way. It seemed to be a Winchester thing, reminding Mary so much of her own husband. And as that he was now willing to stand by and let you be with another man only because he wasn’t a hunter and could offer you a better – according to him – life, even if in the meanwhile his jealousy would eat him alive.

“You know very well what I mean Dean.” she shook her head softly “Maybe she is oblivious to what is going on but- you can’t fool me. I know you like the back of my hand and this- it’s hurting you, Dean. More than it’s making you jealous.”

“I’m not jealous mom.” Dean huffed and Sam scoffed loudly.

“That’s what he calls being annoyed even by the guy’s name. Not jealous.”

“I don’t get annoyed at the mere mention of his name!” Dean defended.

“Really? Because I think I remember someone that looked an awful lot like you sitting in that very same place saying ‘Shannon? Seriously where did she find that guy? And that name? Hell, Shannon and a drummer? I can only imagine what a douche he can be! Tattoos everywhere, rolling through town no strings attached dude!’ Unless of course it was ashapeshifter and I didn’t realize it.” Sam said matter-of-factly with a smirk mocking him by repeating what Dean had said just three months ago, and Dean growled, rolling his eyes.

“Point is-” Mary intervened, giving a stern look to the younger Winchester “If you don’t like this then- you can change it. Just talk to (Y/n), tell her everything. And above all what you feel, trust me you’re not going to regret it. Come on Dean, don’t let her go out tonight. Talk to her, tell her everything Dean.”

Dean opened his mouth to speak but he didn’t have the chance to as you walked in and interrupted them “So?” you asked with a nervous smile and the moment Dean took a look at you he felt all air get knocked out of his lungs.

“What do you think?” you fidgeted nervously with your hands as they all took a look at you. You hadn’t done anything special, simple make up, simple hairstyle and a pretty floral dress on giving all kinds of summer vibes as it left your arms and legs on full display. It wasn’t something you usually went for and not something he was used to seeing you in but god was it a pleasant surprise and change.

Sadly it wasn’t for him.

“You’re… wow.” Dean breathed out and felt his heart leap to his throat once he saw your smile widen and your eyes sparkle with happiness.

“You look amazing (Y/n).” Sam said sweetly.

“Really?” you breathed out “I mean it’s not something I really wear but-” you bit your lip “I just wanted to give it a try and… yeah.” you laughed nervously and before he could realize it Dean was up on his feet and walking to you.

“Sweetheart-” he cupped your face with both his hands “You’re stunning.” he whispered with adoration written all over his face “He- He’s the luckiest man on Earth to be with a woman like you.”

“You think so?” you smiled but still frowned at the expression on his face.


And although he had plenty of time to speak, he didn’t. He didn’t say anything, instead only watched as he came and picked you up and tried to force a smile on his face. He tried to be happy for you but despite his jealousy there was still something else in his chest holding him back. Pure pain.


@deathmeowtal  🎩: draw a character in fancy wear

I did both because I honestly couldn’t decide. Abby looks A+++ in a suit so that was an easy decision, but demon Pickles was kinda hard and, in the end, I decided he was sewn into the damn thing. Just given a shirt and jacket with an open back and someone honestly sewed him into it. Because wings aren’t fun for anyone.

Used reference for both, just random Pinterest searches. Honestly, if you search “women in suits” and “men’s fashion” you’ll find em.  

Spring Awakening Appreciation

10 Little Things I Love About Spring Awakening

1. The way Moritz’s voice is dressed as a punk rocker

2. The moment at the beginning of the show where Wendla hands her voice a guitar, and Voice of Wendla hands Wendla her dress through the fake mirror

3. How other people have to come in and sign for Hanschen during the masturbation scene

4. The signing of the line “oh, you’re gonna be my bruise” on the other person’s forehead

5. Voice of Ernst’s happy little spin on his piano stool when Ernst and Hanschen kiss (!!!)

6. The tragic symbolism of Martha’s voice never being near her, unlike all the other voices

7. Ali Stroker wheeling across the stage with a flirty hairflip like the queen she is

8. The human tree

9. The drummer who is no one’s voice but works so hard. He is on stage the whole time and is absolutely performing from start to finish.

10. The tension when Voice of Moritz hands Moritz the gun

Im In The school’s marching band, the largest bass drum of 5. The band director, let’s call her D.T., brought in a volunteer, let’s call him j.o., to help set up the marches and instruct the percussion. Problem is j.o. Doesn’t know shit about music. He once yelled at us for saying an eighth note triplet was worth one beat in 4/4 time, and insisted that it’s worth 2 beats. He wants to make us a competition Band, but only tries getting the percussion to that level. He told us to wear out shakos a certain way last year so we would look like “those West Point Boys”. He also has us do this thing called a “bass beat” which we all hate, mainly because it sounds so fucking dumb.

D.T. Is no better either, once making us do the same 3 fucking routines over and over again. Not playing, mind you, just doing the March. we would usually take our drums off for this, because they’re super fucking heavy. Not this time. Wore those things the whole three and a half hour practice (now, officially, the band practices are three hours long, but they’re always roughly 30 minutes longer, because fuck us. Fuck you. Fuck everybody). That same practice, d.t. Went out onto the Field with a cowbell, and was OUT OF TIME. Another time, j.o. Was trying to keep us in time by clapping, BUT IN A DIFFERENT TIME THAN THE DRUM MAJORS. Had to start all that shit over again.

We did a Halloween parade recently, and during the one rehearsal, she sent the one drummer who gives a shit home because he was was pissed at her for treating him like shit. She and j.o. Consistently scream at the percussion for nothing. I’ve been yelled at because I can’t get into my place in line, even though the cunthead in front of me doesn’t fucking move in time. Not to mention they expect the bass line to move 16 feet in eight 12.5 in steps. We’ve all legitimately considered quitting all at once.

Shameless [a reddie fic] CH 1

Richie Tozier, 17, lead guitarist of your resident small town alt-rock band band Gifted just wants to make it big as a musician.
Eddie Kaspbrak, also 17, resident pretty boy of Derry High School just wants to live for once in his fucking life.

(i just needed to write this sdjkfkj punk!richie and preppy!eddie are life ok. AO3 link - pls check here for rating, warnings and notes for now, if something in particular applies i’ll include it here too, for now it’s just language i guess?)

Chapter One

“I want to fuck off from this town,” Bev puffs her cigarette. The smoke is hitting Richie’s face but he doesn’t mind. “As soon as possible.”

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Your Fave Female Movie Character Is Clearly A Lesbian And The Writers Were Too Weak And Cowardly To Make It Canon: A Lesson (Not Including Padme, She Gets Her Own Separate Post)

1. Cher

She’s extremely picky when it comes to men, doesn’t really want a boyfriend, gets along with other gays, instantly gravitated towards the cool new girl who “had never had straight friends before”, and was a good person dedicated to charity and helping others….sounds gay. And yeah, she’s a little femme for my usual taste, but I’m still in love with her and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t also. 

2. The Bend It Like Beckham girls

This one is so obvious it hurts. I haven’t seen this movie since I was really, really young, but even my tiny little baby brain knew they were gay. It’s very very obvious. They’re sporty, they love each other, they’re gay. It’s not my fault the writers were cowards who threw it a half baked heterosexual romance at the end. We can ignore that. 

3. Watts From Some Kind Of Wonderful

Raise you hand if Watts caused your gay awakening. I was twelve when I watched SKW and it changed my life. Seriously. She made me gay. She was a “tomboy” (butch) drummer who wore red fingerless gloves and had a very gay hairdo. Heck, she was subjected to constant rumors that she was gay (which she denied, but let’s face it, it’s high school, most people are closeted). I have always and will always be in love with her and even at twelve years old I knew her relationship with Keith was fake. Obviously she was in love with Amanda and confused and misplaced that attraction, assuming it was Keith she was into. A classic closeted lesbian move. I salute you, Watts. I love you. 

4. Bella from Twilight

home girl is only into feminine and unattainable boys and she drives a truck. Next. 

5. The friends from Freaky Friday

The kind of goth one and the one with the curly hair were definitely fucking on the side. Case: the one on the left is wearing plaid pants with things hanging off of them, she has a cool gay haircut, she plays in a pop rock band, she exudes gay energy. The one on the right had cool dyed hair and was lead singer of said pop-rock band, which was named Pink Slip (sounds gay)

6. Claire from The Breakfast Club 

Idk, something about her just sets off my gaydar. Can’t quite put my finger on it. 

7. Ripley

I haven’t seen alien, but I’m going to have to thirst watch it because she’s very attractive and not straight. 

8. Mary Poppins

Always prepared, practically perfect in every way. She’s a sensible dresser, stern but kind, and very elegant. She’s a no-nonsense femme queen. She defies genres, she defies norms, there isn’t anything about her that doesn’t scream lesbian. 

9. The Girls From Whip It

I will always, ALWAYS be bitter about this. 


Requested by anonymous

How your friend convinced you to do this, you’ll never know. She was the drummer of a band, and their lead singer got very sick right before a gig, so she begged you to fill in. She knew you could sing well, and you knew most of the songs the band tended to cover. You were nervous, but at least most of the audience will never see you again if you do happen to mess up.

Tarzan and Jane were swingin’ on a vine

Candyman, Candyman

Sippin’ from a bottle of vodka double wine,” you sang.

You leaned into the mike to whisper the next part, “Sweet sugar candy man.

As you leaned in, you noticed people walking in. First was Tony Stark. Of course he would find out you were going to be performing. You suspected your friend invited him, not knowing you didn’t want people who actually knew you in the audience. But behind him was Steve and Bucky. Your crushes. You shot a glare at Tony, but he didn’t notice. And behind them was the rest of the Avengers.

Nonetheless, you continued the song.

I met him out for dinner on a Friday night

He really had me working up an appetite

He had tattoos up and down his arm

There’s nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm

He’s a one stop shop, makes the panties drop

He’s a sweet-talkin’, sugar coated candy man

A sweet-talkin’, sugar coated candyman.

The Avengers found seats towards the back to watch you. Bucky in particular seemed to be enjoying the song. Steve, however, blushed at the “makes the panties drop” line.

He took me to the Spider Club at Hollywood and Vine

We drank champagne and we danced all night

We shook the paparazzi for a big surprise

the gossip tonight will be tomorrow’s headline.

Maybe you could have fun with this. Maybe it wasn’t so bad that Tony brought the Avengers.

He’s a one stop shop, makes my cherry pop.” You winked at Steve and Bucky. Luckily they were so far in the back that you could’ve been winking at anyone, or no one. The two of them leaned close to each other to whisper, seeming confused.

“He’s a sweet-talkin’, sugar coated candy man

A sweet-talkin’, sugar coated candyman

He’s a one stop shop, makes my cherry pop

He’s a sweet-talkin’, sugar coated candy man oh

A sweet-talkin’, sugar coated candyman.”

You turned to look at your drummer friend, who only grinned and winked at you. You shot her a glare in return. You had a feeling she planned this. You rolled your eyes and turned back to the audience for the next verse.

Well by now I’m getting all bothered and hot

When he kissed my mouth he really hit the spot

He had lips like sugar cane

Good things come to boys who wait.

If there was any hiding what the song was about, that was now out the window. Only thing to do was to play it up.

Tarzan and Jane were swingin’ on a vine

Candy man, candy man

Sipping from a bottle of vodka double wine

Candy man, candy man.

You took the microphone off the stand and walked to the edge of the stage. You leaned in, an innocent look on your face, and your finger up to your lips as if telling a secret. “Sweet sugar candy man,” you whispered. You then stood up straight for the next line.

“He’s a one stop, gotcha hot, making all the panties drop.” You fanned yourself with a hand as you sang this line, as if you were actually hot.

“Sweet sugar candy man,” you whispered again with a wink.

“He’s a one stop, got me hot, making my uh pop,

Sweet sugar candy man.” On this whisper, you made sure to look at Steve and Bucky. They were both red with a blush, especially Steve.

“He’s a one stop, get it while it’s hot, baby don’t stop

Sweet sugar.”

You finished off the song to an enthusiastic cheer from the crowd. You heard a whistle that you were pretty sure came from Tony, and you bowed. You knew there was a small break before the next song, so you stepped off the stage to go greet the Avengers.

“That was really good, Y/N,” Steve said, with Bucky agreeing.

“Didn’t know you had it in you!” Tony cut in. “You’ve probably earned some admirers with that performance.” He gave a sly smile and poked both Steve and Bucky in the back. The two of them again blushed.

“Stark,” Steve said in a warning tone.

“Hey, don’t get mad at me. You enjoyed the performance. I’m the reason you knew about it,” Tony defended himself.

My One Complaint About Solo Harry Styles

Ever since Harry Styles began his solo work and it was announced that he had formed a band, something felt very off to me. Once he started performing again, that so-called off-ness only increased ten-fold but what the heck was it? I know that it had nothing to do with Larry or theories about the content of his songs and lyrics…so what on earth was bugging me about his current attempt at a rock n roll image?

Earlier today, I was listening to classic rock music in the car and it hit me like a rock skipping across a stream - one revelation and then another. So, what is my problem with Harry Styles current rock image? Take a wild guess…

Can’t figure it out? Well, if you’ll allow me:

Every well-known rock band (or even those not as well known) from the 70s and 80s where bands in which every member was treated equally. What do I mean by that? I mean that every member was equally known BY NAME to the public. It wasn’t just about the lead singer, even though he was probably the most well known of the group and most likely still is. Think about it: If you name one famous band from that time period, you (or many of your parents at least) could probably name at least one member from that band, even from the ones that have gone through several changes.

Let’s play a game:

Name one member from The Beatles.

What names came to mind?

Paul McCartney perhaps? John Lennon? Ringo Starr? Maybe several of you thought of George Harrison?

How about The Rolling Stones? Both the original band and the current.

I bet many of you thought of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood…Some of you might have thought of Charlie Watts, Brian Jones, or Ian Stewart. What about Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman?

AC/DC anyone?

Did you think of Angus Young? The famous Axl Rose? Malcolm Young or maybe Stevie Young?

Led Zeppelin? This one might be a little bit tougher.

There’s Jimmy Page, John Paul Johns, Robert Plant, and John Bonham

Can you name anyone from Fleetwood Mac?

Of course there’s Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks, and Lindsey Buckingham. Perhaps that band name brought up the faces of John and Christine McVie.

Pink Floyd?

My mother was never a fan of the band and even she can name Roger Waters. There’s also David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Richard Wright, and Syd Barrett.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the band Queen?

Freddie Mercury, John Deacon, Brian May, and Roger Taylor.

You get the point.

Now, If the band WAS primarily focused on the lead singer, there were usually two ways of doing this. Either the entire band itself was named after the frontman/a member in some way or the entire band was labeled under a specific name:

Bon Jovi

Van Halen

Fleetwood Mac

Guns N Roses



(this is the route that most bands take)

OR the instrumentalists (backing band) had a name that followed after the lead singers name to signify that they were an extension of that particular singer:

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Harry Styles is attempting to bring back what could highly be considered a dead music genre (classic rock) and will probably be given every praise simply because of his name and the fact that he’s attempting what might seem like an impossible feat in this modern society.

So…what is my problem here?

Harry Styles is hardly acknowledging his band at all other than saying that they are “amazing.” The only ones that he’s giving any credit to is Mitch, the long-haired guitar player who is apparently one of his closest friends now, and the female drummer, who every body LOVES…simply because she is exactly that - a female drummer (which could be considered sexist but that’s an entirely different topic). I believe that was also the woman that the crowd was applauding for like crazy during his album release party and Harry said something along the lines of “You’re supposed to pay attention to me. That’s why she’s in the back.” Other than that, he hardly ever acknowledges them by name, especially in interviews.

Why is this such a big deal?

Rock bands have always been about the group as a whole, not simply the lead singer or a specific member. It was always a team effort and the credit was not given to just one person. The band has yet to be given a name to let people know that they’re associated with Harry Styles. As of right now, the band is simply known as HARRY STYLES. However, the name HARRY STYLES is a name that is not associated with the entire backing band but simply the man himself. It is focused on him and only him. His band gets zero credit.

Even as an ex musical theater performer, if you are giving a solo performance with a band to accompany you, you better damn well thank them at the end of your performance because they were as much of the performance as you were. You give them all the credit in the world because they were an extension of you and, without them, the performance would not have happened.

That, my friends, is my #1 complaint with Harry Styles at the moment. Start giving your band some credit, Harry! You would not be here now if it wasn’t for them!

Thank you and goodnight.