she is a cutie patootie too

disney princesses if they had tumblr
  • Pocahontas:The popular as hell, proud to be black, feminist blogger. Posts infinite selfies, all of which get at least 1000 notes because damn
  • Rapunzel:A lot of those cute ass emoticons. Adds comments to every single picture she reblogs but cares about every single one of her few followers. In reality, a chill cutie patootie
  • Belle:Ships a whole lot of stuff, writes a lot of fanfics and loves reading them too. Reblogs a lot of sunset pictures from road trips and stuff yknow the pics I'm on about. Probably finds Ben C attractive. Feminist.
  • Aurora:Pale blog. Hella selfies that get a fair few notes. Slowly turning into a feminist blog. Also loves zodiac.
  • Snow White:Chill. Doesn't have hardly ANY followers but loves all of them. Probably an animal blog.
  • Tiana:Has absolutely no time to blog because she's busy all the time, but when she does, she's probably correcting a load of bullshit theories and facts. Harry Potter fan.
  • Cinderella:Pretty feminine blog. Posts a lot of selfies because she has some gorgeous clothes and loves reblogging pretty dresses and stuff. Goes to Starbucks
  • like 15 times a day and takes a lot of pictures. Prefers Instagram to Tumblr but at least here she gets to reblog nsfw stuff without her aunt seeing it on Insta.
  • Ariel:Dreamy blogger. Likes to reblog pictures of sights around the world in a filter, also has a weird interest in ocean life. Also a superwholock fan because she's adventurous, and loves mystery, especially loves Doctor Who.
  • Jasmine:Human rights blogger, has a huge selection of beautiful hijabs and takes infinite selfies in them. Also reblogs hella Nicki, Rihanna and Bey
  • Merida:Stressing college student, probably a humour blog
  • Elsa:B/w blog, recovering depression and talks about it a lot on her blog.
  • Anna:Another hipster blogger but tries to talk to as many followers as she can. Way too many selfies w/ Kristoff

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headcanons for RFA x MC who stays up for days on end for some reason or another? how do they coax her back to bed and how do they deal when they go to sleep and wake up to find her still awake?

This is a cute af ask!! If this ever happens to you, make sure to get some sleep, my friends~! <3

~Admin MP


  • He also does not sleep very often
  • He stays up really late so if he notices MC awake, he’ll try to steer her back to bed
  • It actually helps him get on a regular sleeping schedule too, because he is a light sleeper sometimes so if she gets out of bed he can wake up and go get her
  • Most of the time he just hugs her gently and helps lead her back to bed
  • He’s never aggressive or frustrated
  • He just yawns a lot and looks like a cutie patootie
  • If MC really can’t get back to sleep he’ll stay up with her and find something for her to do 
  • Then he waits until she passes out and (tries) to carry her to bed.


  • I have mentioned in a previous ask that once this boy stayed up for 72 hours
  • At first, he would do it with you before realizing “oh fuck this isn’t good for her??? fuck??”
  • Then he’d be like “it’s time for bed for you young one” and try and take her to bed
  • Then he’d go back to work 
  • But she still comes out because she just can’t sleep 
  • And he’s like ?? But I thought you were in bed?
  • “I can’t sleep”
  • “Okay?? But you were in bed?”
  • he would forget that MC was there or think it was normal until he’s like “it’s 5am you get to go to sleep rn”
  • Eventually he realizes the best thing is for the both of them to go to sleep together 
  • And he just wraps her up in his arms and they pass tf out


  • This woman would not rest until you did
  • She’s like “I’m not going to sleep until you do.”
  • She’s already so sleep deprived
  • Why does she do this to herself?
  • When looking on the internet, she notices that people say it is good to play soothing music to try and sleep
  • So Jaehee puts MC to bed and puts on some nice soothing yoga music.
  • Then she goes to try and work but she’s so worried about MC that she ends up going back into the bedroom
  • MC is not there
  • WHerE D I D sh E GO??
  • She goes out to the living room
  • MC is there watching tv
  • “..Sorry…I couldn’t sleep…”
  • Jaehee sighs softly and just smiles.
  • “No, I’m sorry. I wasn’t there with you.”
  • She takes MC’s hand and guides them back to bed where they cuddle.


  • This man would not understand
  • Sleep? Is great? 
  • But once he finds out, he buys all the best sleep products ever
  • Soft pillows, soft sheets, temperpedic shit
  • Does that help??
  • how about tea before bed??
  • how about a nice relaxing bath??
  • He even has MC get a massage before bed
  • “Would sleeping with Elizabeth 3rd help?” he asks seriously, holding Elizabeth in his arms 
  • When he puts MC and Elizabeth 3rd to bed he just watches for a few minutes smiling
  • He is Sappy
  • Jesus fuck you’re both so cute and lovely
  • The two most important women
  • Then when he goes to brush his teeth MC leaves to look out at the skyline
  • He goes out to get them and wraps an arm around her shoulders, walking her clumsily back to bed
  • “Please…sleep with me tonight, MC?”


  • He knows everything about how to relax
  • Bath salts? Got it
  • Lavender oil? Got it
  • Sleep sprays for pillows? Got it
  • So he pulls out all the stops. He sprays the pillow, puts some lavender oil on MC’s wrist, has her take a nice bath
  • Then he tucks her into bed and kisses her forehead
  • “Goodnight, my lovely darling~”
  • Less than ten minutes later MC is in the kitchen getting a snack
  • “What are you doing?” he was practicing lines. 
  • “I can’t sleep…”
  • So he marches MC back to the room and sings for them, holding their hand the whole time.

I was like comfortable, and good company, and then later in the night Taylor Swift comes up to me and I really love her! Earlier in my ballet class, I was doing a dance sequence to her music. We were doing a dance sequence to her music that day, and the Tuesday before and then she was there and like, I only listen to her music when I’m working out which is a little too often because of Avengers.

The Painting

“Ugh, I honestly don’t know how anyone can live like this!” Pearl groaned under her breath, grimacing as she rummaged through a pile of garbage that lie on the floor of Amethyst’s room.

               For years now, the sloppiness of her teammate had constantly and silently picked at the back of Pearl’s mind, slowly increasing her need to succumb to an all-out cleaning spree. Today was the perfect opportunity; Garnet was out on some mission in which she found it too dangerous for the others to accompany her, and Amethyst had taken Steven out to get those greasy bits of fries that they somehow found so delicious. Although, Pearl never could completely grasp the concept of eating. Why would anyone wish to put disgusting mush through their body only to excrete it shortly after?

               As she continued to separate the various items that had accumulated in Amethyst’s room into piles she labeled “Obvious Garbage”, “Actual Items”, and “Questionable”, Pearl felt her hand brush over an unwrinkled, pulpy piece of what felt like parchment. With her curiosity peaked, she gently dug through the surface layer of assortments until she reached what her hand had discovered. Pearl took the canvas with both hands, gripping it tenderly at the corners, as a nostalgic smile crept over her face. Before her lay an almost ancient piece of art that had been painted for Pearl many years ago by a human that the gems had met in the late 1400’s. What was his name…? Ah, yes! It was that cordial fellow, Leonardo da Vinci!

               The painting simply depicted both Amethyst and Pearl. The two of them had been much closer in that era, back when things were…easier. Pearl carefully laid her hand over the two of them in loving memory, sighing as she remembered when Amethyst held her as she did in that painting. Her strong arms looped through Pearl’s as she stood from behind, crossing over each other to wrap Pearl in a snug embrace that expressed their unyielding fondness of one another.

“What’re you doing?!” She heard a frantic cry from behind, distinctly of Amethyst’s voice.

               Pearl took in a sharp breath of air, whipping around to face the purple-skinned gem. “I-I, uh, I was simply organizing your things!” Her voice faltered, shaking with surprise.

               Amethyst stomped in Pearl’s direction, her face turning a light hue of red in what Pearl couldn’t decide was either anger or embarrassment. “I’m pretty sure I made it clear the last time I found you in my room that I don’t want you in here anymore!” She shouted.

               Pearl gaped, trying to form a sentence to answer Amethyst in her head, but utterly failing. Amethyst was about to continue her scolding, when she glanced down to find what Pearl had clasped to her chest. Immediately, Amethyst closed her mouth, calmed herself, and silently climbed atop one of her mounds. As she reached the top, she sat down and folded her legs over each other, leaning forward enough that her face lay pressed against a single leg. “A-Amethyst?” Pearl called out, “Amethyst are you alright?”

“No.” The simple, blunt reply hit her.

               Pearl gently placed her feet into a cranny that was surprisingly sturdy for being just a pile of things. With a slight cringe on her face, she began to climb the mass that she could only imagine how many germs must be infesting. When she reached the top, Amethyst sniffled and turned herself enough to face the exact opposite of Pearl’s location. “Amethyst, what’s wrong?” She quietly asked, placing a hand on her shoulder.

               Pearl expected her companion to pull away and make some harsh comment to hide the fact that every once and a while, Amethyst was capable of expressing her emotions through some method other than sarcasm and crude actions, but she did the exact opposite. Amethyst firmly grabbed Pearl’s hand, pulling her forward and as she was halfway over Amethyst’s shoulder, Amethyst wrapped her arms around Pearl’s small waist in an upside down, awkward hug. “Amethyst!” She called out in a gasp of bewilderment.

“Just shut up and hug me.” Amethyst grumbled as she pulled her forward just enough to right Pearl’s body into a more traditional embrace.

               Pearl was confused as to what brought on this sudden expression of affection, but at this point, she wasn’t going to refuse it. At first, with hesitant movement, Pearl wrapped her arms around her shorter companion, but within seconds, it all felt so familiar and their bodies fit together so perfectly, as if they were two puzzle pieces. “I missed you.” She heard Amethyst whisper into her ear.

“I know.” She breathed, running her fingers through that exquisite, flawless purple hair of hers.

“Pearl…I love you. I always have.” Amethyst pulled her head away just enough to look into Pearl’s big, blue eyes.

               Pearl only replied with a small chuckle and a pining smile. “All of these years, and you finally decide to tell me now?” She ran her thumb across Amethyst’s cheek, brushing away a single tear.

               Amethyst returned the smile, grateful for this moment. The years had been long and difficult; trying to hide her feelings. At one point in time, they had become very close (the time period in which they had the canvas painted for them) but Amethyst had quickly distanced herself when she found that she had started feeling something for Pearl that was more than just friendship. She didn’t want to love anyone. She couldn’t love anyone. It was forbidden back where the gems had originated. Now, they were free from their control, they couldn’t be reprimanded for being more than pawns in an army, they were free to do whatever they pleased.

“Just kiss me already.” The usually precautionary and sensible gem demanded.

Amethyst was taken by surprise at Pearl’s sudden dominance. It was a new factor, but one that was surprisingly pleasant. With no sign of hesitation, she leaned in close. In that one moment, their lips crashed together, they laughed, and they loved.

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so i've just kinda dipped my toe into the pool of TO rpers, and i was wondering if you'd have any suggestions of who to follow - be they canon or oc :)

Oh boy! I’m not incredibly old myself, I’m just a noob in the TO list too b u t! I can slam down a few people for you!

@anditsxsorrows g r a n d Klaus, and I love the aus we got going. Def follow worthy.

@seesgood What a cutie patootie, she’s a great Caroline and duper nice!

@carolinedearest ALSO a Caroline I love following, she’s super nice!

@neurotickiddiepool another great Caroline whom I have yet to really rp with yet but the mun is super sweet!

@crescentvein Marvelous Jackson Kenner that says enough (jfc stop changing your url pet >I <3 )

@immortallionheart an ABSOLUTE sweetheart and a great Camille!

@sonxofxansel Yes, yes. Not a canon, but still someone I very much enjoy on my dash!!

@vikingbeauty beautiful baby sister, nuff said ( no shes grand pls follow her )

@kolhearted absolute tra– I mean, no, this is lil bro, he’s cool too ( go follow <3 )

@littlemikaelson and @relaxdcrling also a grand Kol to have on your dash!

@spookedrage Another great Klaus I talked with! <3


@ofdavina @ancestralweapon @fallenregent Davinas I havent interacted with yet but I enjoy on the dash!

@dxnxvans Matt nuff said <33333

@lockpup @oflockwoods my lil bitc– I mean, Klaus pls sod off. Great tylers who you should go follow! <3

@spookyrebekah my beautiful baby sister who’s v nice and a joy to have!

@fatheroriginal Great Mikael, much laughter ( klaus doesnt like him much I wonder why )

@eterniityofmisery @damaseisotiras @thefunsalvatorebrother Damons that I love to follow also worth a follow!! <3

@allroundlostcause ALARIC. That says enough. Great threads with thefunsalvatorebrother too!! <3

@fourmoonspast ANSEL. [ weeps] THAT SAYS NUFF ALSO GRAND MUN <3

@wclfgirl and @nowimamxnster HAYLEY

@aphoenixcaged and @ladamedemartel two grand Aurora’s whom I adore seeing on the dash!

@knowsdeath and @petrcvadcppelganger great Elenas and

I think that’s about it jfc i’m missing people but

have at it!

Twyla’s such a cutie patootie. Finally got her hair the way I wanted. For a long time I thought she had a wonky face but she just had a jacked up, shit cut fringe (typical, what else do you expect from Mattel’s QC). I had to bring some hair to the front to cover part of her fringe which was cut way too wide. I’ve noticed quite a few other Twylas on here have hair problems too.