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I'm happy you're back!! Anyways please a scenario where kise is hanging out with his s/o and kom+kagami and some of his fans hits and insults his s/o bc shes a jealous fuck u know and kise defends s/o and all that shit sorry that's too much lol bye

It was really rare that KISE would get a day off to hang out with both Kurokocchi and Kagamicchi! Later on, some of his old Teiko teammates would come by too. Today everyone would finally meet his amazing significant other that he’d been talking about for ages already. 

You had only left their table temporarily to get some more drinks at the counter. It was around when Kagami and Kuroko started talking about some Seirin thing that Kise began tuning out. His eyes wander over to the counter where you were standing. He thought he should’ve gone with you, and his suspicions were confirmed when he saw what happened next. 

A couple of girls approached you. At first, it seemed like you were just chatting, but there was something worrying in your expression. You responded to them, but that response seemed only to piss off the girls. One of them shoved you hard in the shoulder, almost making you fall over. Immediately, Kise jumps up from his chair and hustles over to you. No one could touch his dear ____cchi like that!

“What’s the problem? Why are you pushing her?” He tried to keep his voice even, but he was clearly mad. The girls seemed to do a 180 in personality, turning on the cute voices and mannerisms. “Oh Kise! You were here? We didn’t even see you!” It was a lie and it was at that point that Kise knew who they were.

They must’ve been petty jealous fans of his.

He ignores them, first asking you if you were ok. You looked a little shaken up but waved off his concern. “I’m not hurt.” You replied. He sighs, looking back at the girls with a sudden malice in his eyes. 

“Look, I don’t know if you’re jealous that she’s dating me or trying to jeopardize our relationship but–” He points at the two girls. “If you’re real fans of mine, you’ll respect my partner! You wouldn’t try to hurt ____cchi, because that hurts me. Now leave before I get more angry!” The girls were shocked at their idol’s harsh words, but couldn’t muster the guile to come up with an excuse. They just turned tail and left.

It was a side of Kise you hadn’t seen before. You didn’t have the heart to tell him this wasn’t the first time his fans targeted you. In the past, you’d handled it on your own just fine. Still, hearing those words from him really made you feel warm inside. Kise turns to you and asks what the girls wanted from you.

“First, they confirmed that I was the one dating you. Then they told me to back off from you because I wasn’t good enough.” This is the part that you got a little flustered saying: “…I said I couldn’t do that because I’m really in love with the guy.” After spitting it out, you covered your burning face in embarrassment. Quickly, Kise removes your hands and bends down to give you an passionate kiss – right there in front of his friends (Kagami almost dropped his burger mid-bite).

Kise gives you a bright smile. “The one who’s in love is me, ____cchi!”


reminder that @affectatiions and @pernicixsus are the sweetest people on this earth and deserve all the love and attention you can give them at one sitting. reminder that @ukiteki is an amazing person, a great artist, and an even greater human being. reminder that @surreptitiouscrow is a super cutie patootie who makes me laugh all the time. reminder that @leafmedic is a sweet mun even tho i’ve only talked to her a little bit. shout out to @mizukasumi for being the pettiest of bitches in the best of ways. reminder that @medicfxrhire is the fucking best furry in the world, the furry to champ all furries. REMINDER THAT @lionxdog is the dad/mom of us all tb h even tho she fucked up too. SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY FRIENDS HERE I LOVE YOU AND APPRECIATE YOU AND ALL THE THINGS YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME these last few days – you really helped me and i really appreciate you. you give me a lot of strength in myself.

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GAAAH I can't take it. Daffodil, you are such a cutie patootie!!! You are so adorable! Rose, you look hella amazing too!

Daffodil blushes at the compliments. “T-thank you”

“Thanks!” She gives you the thumbs up and a wide, toothy, grin. 

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I assume you've seen the new Akali skin? She looks like a cutie patootie '3'

I definitely did! she’s adorable, and I love the food set coming out overall aaaaaa

I’m hoping to get some art or chibis of them done too ‘ v’)9

I was tagged by @sorry-for-the-inconvieience, niceee I have never been tagged in anything before

Countries you’ve lived in: Norway 

Languages you speak: Norwegian, English and the little I remember of Spanish from school

Favorite film of 2015: Inside out 

Last article you’ve read: I don’t remember, but pretty sure it was about The Beatles tho 

Shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here: Well my Spotify is 90% The Beatles and Pink Floyd so this was no shock:

Eight days a week, The Beatles

Magical mystery tour, The Beatles

Young lust, Pink Floyd

Last thing you bought online: A volume of a comic book series called Alone

Any phobias or fears?: Diseases and death

How would your friends describe you?: “She is a cutie patootie with the brain of a person who actually bothers to study. she is smol, so smol…too smol…
Never ever ever ever ever make time sensitive plans with her you will regret it forever. She likes the bass. You know what she is the bass. The most under appreciated instrument in a band but it’s like cheese on a pizza. can’t live without so you suffer through the bad parts without wanting to stab your eyes out” Thanks @winchesterswaitwhat ur too nice

How would your enemies describe you?: Probably something like boring and quiet

Who would you take a bullet for?: My familyyyyy

If you had money to spare, what would you buy first?: If I had A LOT of money to spare I would buy a freaking red Ferrariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

I don’t know who wanna do this so I tag u guys cuz I know u: @scoote @davidness @winchesterswaitwhat

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Look at my wife. She is so beautiful.

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ahhh my soulmate looking positively perfect! I’m battered from a looong week of work and whatnot so i’ll have to pass this saturday, but ilysm!

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you are beautiful with or without makeup! ❤️