she is a classy badass

women inspiring women

in honor of International Women’s Day, here are some hcs about few of my favorite OMGCP ladies’ female role models

Larissa Duan:  Yayoi Kusama. In grade school her art teacher did a lesson on Yayoi Kusama and she was immediately fascinated with all the bright colors and whimsical patterns and polka dots. It was the first time art actually looked fun to her, and she loved it. She owns Infinity Net, and sometimes when she’s in a slump she reads it or looks at Kusama works to try and spark that feeling from the first time she really truly loved art.

Camilla Collins: Serena Williams. Her little sister plays tennis, too, and Camilla always loved when they were younger and played doubles together just like Serena and Venus. When she was just getting into tennis, she admired Serena for her wicked backhand and serve. Now, though, she loves Serena for everything she represents - bravery, strength, grace, activism, courage. She loves how Serena always stands up for herself and for others, and she tries so hard to emulate that in her own life.

Georgia Martin: Laura Halldorson. Halldorson was her coach when she played hockey for Minnesota, and she really pushed Georgia to take her game to the next level. Still to this day, Georgia credits Coach Halldorson with getting her to the Olympic team. They kept in touch even after Georgia graduated, and it was Coach Halldorson that really encouraged Georgia to get into coaching. When Georgia was offered the HC job for the Falconers, the first thing she did was call Laura, who told her that she deserved it and she would be amazing and she should go for it.

Suzanne Bittle: Allison Bittle. Allison is Suzanne’s older sister, and from the time Suzanne was 3 and Allison was 7, Suzanne wanted to be just like her big sister. Their dad worked a lot, and there were three other kids under Suzanne, so their mom had her hands full, and it was up to Allison to teach Suzanne how to tie her shoe laces and do long division and make macaroni and cheese. She taught Suzanne other things, too - things that Suzanne didn’t even realize she was learning from Allison, like how to stick up for herself, how to be respectful and polite but still assertive, and how to figure out if a boy is worth your time.

Alicia Zimmermann: Audrey Hepburn. Alicia’s mom loved Audrey Hepburn movies, so Alicia grew up loving them, too. She loved how classy Audrey always was while still being pretty badass. Plus Audrey’s work with UNICEF really resonated with her, and she always wanted to be able to help peope - specifically children - like Audrey did. When she needs to slow down and take a minute, she’ll sit down and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Sabrina or My Fair Lady

narcissa malfoy in hp fanfics

drarry fanfics :
-loving and caring mother
-protects draco from evil big bad lucius
- actually kinda cares for harry

dramione fanfics :
-rich bitch
-pureblood elitist
-plans the wedding ( ALWAYS )

golden trio fanfics:
-will kill anyone and everyone
-spoiled draco too much ( thats probs tru )
- really really really cold hearted

cissatrix fanfics :
- submissive af
- cant kill a bug
- cries bc of everything

lucissa fanfics :
- thinks just like lucius
- perfect wife
- is blonde bc of him

narlily fanfics :
- dominatrix af
- never satisfied
- marrying bc of her family

androcissa fanfics :
-either hates or loves andy
- scared of bella
- dreams of being a wife and mom

i just want a fanfic where narcissa is as badass and classy as she really is

The Devil Within...

I’ve been away for a while but that’s because I got married IRL :)  Now that my husband and I are back, we’ve both reached 65 on our mains and we’ve even started a new journey together.  He wanted to roll a Castanic and we also wanted our characters to match.  I didn’t feel like rolling another Castanic lady so I picked the not-so-popular ram Elin and used some gold I had earned through alchemy to turn her into my suit-wearing, classy, little, demonic badass.  She isn’t quite a Castanic, but she feels like part of the team ^^

So, I have always thought Gina Torres would make the BEST human!Impala. She is beautiful and classy, sexy and badass, a little older than Dean…she’s PERFECT.

Last night, I had a conversation with a friend of mine about it, and now I NEED to write a smutty Dean x Human!Impala one shot.

Anyone interested in reading it?

Spoilerfree opinions on Shadowhunters...


Matthew Daddario IS Alexander fucking Lightwood. Holy shit. I have full and total confidence on all his future performances in this role to be honest. He had some very book canon Alec lines to deliver and he did them dead on. If this continues we struck gold with him.

Alberto has really impressed me with his Simon. I feel like this was one of the perfect castings. He has that quirky nerdy-yet-accidentally-sexy thing. Chemistry with Clary. I am feeling it.

Emeraude, so far, has really captured the essence of Izzy. She was very very sexy and still classy and confident and badass. I really look forward to seeing more.

Harry had little Magnus time, but I think he’s gonna do well. In the previews they have been showing us, we saw more of him so I think we’re gonna be just fine!

Dom… oh Dom I have faith in you. The show needs to give him more Jace lines of cockiness but the few he had seemed fine. I totally bought the larger-than-life hero complex from him. The writers just need to give him more of his book Jace lines.

Isaiah is gonna be a great Luke. The show itself has him written differently, such as being a cop (which we knew from the previews/news articles) but as a whole Luke seems to be, so far anyhow, as expected. And to be honest Isaiah is just so damn sexy in face, body, and voice, that it’s just a bonus.

There wasn’t enough Jocelyn for me to have much opinion on Maxim. But the screen time she did have was very maternal so that’s a plus.

Kathryn seemed to have the general concept of Clary. I think as the show progresses and we see more I can make a more informed opinion.

I am holding out my opinions on Valentine at this point.



Well they changed it from the books in many ways in order to make it screen worthy for television. And I am glad. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would totally watch a tv show that was 100% canon of the book… but then there would be no surprises either. I am fine with the subtle changes they have made, such as Clary turning 18 and trying to get into college. They have made major ones too. One of the biggest changes is Luke being a cop. Now I loved him being who he was in the books, truly. But him being a cop on the television show will give us access to potential story lines the books never covered. I like that. They can keep the essence of all the characters, and overall major character experiences/development while still mixing up the smaller plotlines to be more TV worthy.

I know that there are book-purists out there who are losing their minds over the changes. But please remember that book to screen, whether big or small, will always have changes.

If you are one of the people struggling to accept the changes, try to think of it this way: you are already invested in a world about Warlocks and Vampires and Shadowhunters… consider that this could be an alternate timeline. The books are the main world where those things happened, but then in an alternate dimension this is how things happen. I mean, it’s not a stretch really. You already believe in magic.

 TL;DR see the stuff in bold..