she is 6 months pregnant

For Sixpenceee: A Glitch In The Matrix.

Have you ever tried to recall the oldest, earliest memory you can think of? Like an early childhood memory?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this memory of being in a car with my mom and her (then) fiance at a drive-in movie theater. From what I remember, we were watching The Crow. I even recall my mother’s fiance switching the radio stations so we could hear another movie that was playing on the screen next to ours. This memory is vivid.

Fast forward to present day. While casually conversing with my mom, I ask her if she remembers when we went to the drive-in to watch The Crow. I explained my memory to her and Immediately she gets a serious look on her face. She then told me that it was impossible for me to have this memory because in fact she and her fiance did go to a drive in theater to watch The Crow and my recollection of everything was perfect, except for one thing- I hadn’t been born yet. She was 6 months pregnant with me at the time.

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I don't know if you're still taking requests or not but I have an idea for a tfln. Gemma or a mutual friend is out with a 6-7month pregnant missus while harry and the boys are in an interview with nick or sm and H gets a texts saying they took the missus to the hospital halfway through shopping cause she fell unconscious, she's alright but they wanna keep her in for a day or two bc of dehydration, but he's still on his way to her xx

Harry. Adie.

I know you have an interview with Grimmy right now and I’m not saying anything is really bad that you need to leave mid-interview.

And I know you have interviews all day today with the radios.

But, (YN) collapsed during our ladies breakfast this morning. Gemma’s taken her to A and E to get looked over by a medic and we’re following behind Gemma in the car.

We gave her lots of water. Informed them that she was just freshly turning 6 months pregnant and we were allowed to nip back to the kitchen where we kept her cool. But, she fell against Gemma when we went to leave and we packed up and left. I’m with Eleanor at the moment.

I promise to keep you updated though.



Why didn’t you call me?

Adie, this is something you call me over!


She said she wasn’t feeling well today.

She woke up feeling rough and I insisted she stayed home but she wanted to go out with everyone and have a girly day. 

Harry, she’s fine. I promise.

You still call me!


Are they both okay? The baby?

They’re both perfectly fine. Heartbeat on the little is as strong as ever. She was a little too dehydrated and she hasn’t been eating much. They just want to keep her in for a few more days to make sure she gets back to her health.

Especially since she’s pregnant.

Let her know I’m on my way to her?

I had my manager call up the radios and reschedule some interviews for after (YN) has come home from the hospital. I’d be the shittest husband if I wasn’t there with her.

She’s been asking for you.

They want to do an ultrasound to see how the baby is settled in her but she won’t go head with it until you’re here. She said “it doesn’t feel right without Harry. He needs to be here to see this” so, they’re waiting for you.

She knew I’d come.

You’re the sweetest guy she’s had, H. I’m glad she married you, you know? I’d come and kick your balls up your throat if you didn’t come and see her right now.

Give me 10 minutes. 

I’ll be there a soon as possible.

Just, sit with her and make sure she’s okay and reassure her that I’ll be right there with her.

I will.

Hurry up though. Because the doctors are getting stressed that she won’t have the ultrasound.

Tell her to have it. Please. Beg her to have it. I don’t mind missing this one. She needs it so they can see the baby.


I’ll get her to have it. 

Just get here soon. She wants you here. Said “the closest thing to Harry she has is Gemma”. x

So when I’m asked about The Theory™ or if I think there’ll be a twist in this Robron/Rebecca/baby snooze-fest storyline, it’s honestly hard to know how to answer because I’m constantly flip-flopping between; “there must be a twist, this is too stupid to be real.” and “this is so stupid, and written so badly, surely they aren’t clever enough to make it more than it seems?”

There are a lot of storylines I haven’t liked, not just with Robron and not just with Emmerdale, but I have appreciated that they’ve been well told, well written, and well executed. This storyline has been bad and unnecessary, but above that it has just been executed so poorly.

All of this could’ve been done while keeping all the characters intact (even Rebecca’s!) Like….that’s what bothers me most, the way there have been times where they have just utterly slaughtered these characters (Robert especially), and it has just been….unrealistic? That’s what’s most hard to stomach for me. I can handle most things as long as they’re believable.

I ended up watching last Friday’s episode (the episode following on from Maxine’s). I’d been told not to watch it, but I reached a point where I just thought “screw it” and I did. Honestly, it wasn’t actually as bad as I expected. To me it was just….lazy. Like really shockingly lazy.

The scene in the pub. It was like the writer (I believe it was Sharon Marshall but correct me if I’m wrong?) had been told “right, we need Chrissie to blurt out to a pub full of people that Bex is still pregnant.” It was like Sharon yawned, rolled her eyes, and just….couldn’t really be arsed to think of a realistic way in which Chrissie could do this.

So she had Robert randomly man-handle Bex for literally no reason??? More or less unprovoked, he just grabbed her?? It was so stupid, that I don’t even accept that as a thing that happened; I accept it for what it was, which was an Incident purely to provoke Chrissie to yell “don’t, she’s still pregnant!” or whatever the chuff she said. 

It was lazy. Which….yeah, lazy writing happens. But why did she have to make Robert behave like that?

If the writer had’ve just taken like…..3 minutes, she could’ve come up with a situation which wouldn’t make Robert look like a mad-man. It took me approx. 30 seconds to think of a realistic scenario that would’ve prompted the needed reaction from Chrissie without throwing Robert under the bus yet again.

Say Aaron goes over to C+R, as he did. Has a word, as he did. Then Chrissie could’ve made some bitchy comment (which she kinda did, but….it should’ve been worse). So say Chrissie says something mean to Aaron “you’re a total idiot forgiving him, what a mug you are!” etc etc.. Cue Robert standing over Chrissie, in an intimidating fashion, protecting his husband and himself, but NOT BEING PHYSICAL WITH HER. Just standing over her and telling her to shut her mouth or something.

Then Rebecca could’ve jumped up to her sister’s defence, knowing full-well Robert wouldn’t hurt her but not liking the way he’s standing over her. Say Aaron puts a hand on Robert’s arm too, trying to get him to cool it.

And then Robert sort of shrugs both Bex and Aaron off, not aggressively as such, but just enough for Bex to lose her footing and maybe stumble into the table (she’s dramatic, it would work). Then Chrissie can deliver her Needed Line and be like “omggzzzz careful, she’s still pregnant!!!11!!!” and BAM - the required moment, the typical Pub Reveal is achieved.

Like….it took me about 10x longer to type it out than it did to think of that. Because…’s really not hard.

But this is Emmerdale’s problem lately; it seems like people - the writers - just simple cannot be arsed. And that is why this storyline is a shitshow. This is why it’s embarrassingly bad. And this is why I’m unsure if there’s a twist or not.

Is this done on purpose? Do the writers know a big twist is coming, and they either A) are just going through the motions until things Get Good, B) they think this whole thing is stupid so they literally cannot be arsed to try and make it any good, or C) this is all deliberate; they’re fucking with us, deliberately being inconsistent, unrealistic, messy, lazy, just so we lose faith, so that when The Twist finally comes, it’ll be all the more surprising, like “omg!! they tricked us, this is awesome!!!” 

or maybe it’s D) and there is no twist, this storyline really is this bad, the writers know it’s this bad, and they’re just….putting as little effort into it as possible.

OR MAYBE IT’S E) and they actually think this is good, they think they’re doing well, but it’s just coming across badly on screen?

This is why I’m so unsure. There are enough loose ends to make a twist totally believable. I do think Bex is actually pregnant, because if she isn’t then they’re really going to have to explore her mental health, as clearly there is something very, VERY wrong for someone to go to these extremes to pretend; or maybe if she isn’t actually pregnant, she believes she is. So ED would have to explore some kind of delusion, we’d have to dig deeper into Bex and her mind which would be something we have never, ever had. She’s not a real character at this point, so I would actually be totally down for this. I wonder if ED actually care enough to explore this, which is why I think she really is pregnant.

If she really is pregnant (it does seem so), it’s so bizarre that nobody has really questioned whether or not the baby is definitely Robert’s? Like even Aaron? Like he asked if R+R were “safe” when they slept together, but he didn’t say “yeah but how can you/she be 100% sure the baby is yours…?” - like I’m not sure why they’re making all of these characters appear to be utterly stupid when they’re not? If I was Aaron or Robert, I would be demanding a DNA test. No question at all. If I was Bex I’d want a DNA test too. Same if I was Ross!!!

Like….there are so many holes it makes my brain ache. I’m honestly trying not to think about it too much, or speculate too much, because….it hurts. It’s exhausting. There are so many holes and loose ends that we could all go on until the end of time about why this is stupid, why there HAS to be more to it….

….but as time goes on, I don’t know….it seems less and less likely.

But I’m also convinced Moira is pregnant? I haven’t watched ED since like Tuesday or something, and I’ve missed the odd episode before that (for example, Maxine’s Thursday episodes the other week, I’ve only seen the Robron stuff, as I was working/out/away and literally didn’t have a chance to catch up with several days worth of episodes until Wednesday) so I don’t know if anything more has been said about why she’s been acting odd lately, but I do think it’d be awesome if we/she found out she was like 6 months pregnant or whatever, with either Pete or Cain’s baby. In which case… I know two women are allowed to be pregnant at the same time, but would they really have two complex baby storyline’s going on at once? 

This is getting long and I know I’m offering nothing new, but I haven’t really spoken about any of this in weeks haha, apart from briefly in a few chats with people, and I was just sort of thinking more about the behind the scenes stuff (the writing) than trying to write meta for the characters or anything, because I don’t feel like we’re having enough consistency for me to try to understand what’s going on in Robert’s or Aaron’s heads right now, because - apart from Maxine’s episodes - it just has not been good enough and it’s all been about plot instead of the actual boys.

We had that Friday episode ending with that “showdown” between Aaron and Rebecca, and in the next episode it was like it never happened. Friday ended with Aaron seemingly completely thrown, contemplating his entire marriage, and then the next time we see Robron everything is kind of okay, and there’s no mention of what Bex said?? Does Robert even know Aaron saw her? We had Aaron crying, more or less saying he couldn’t accept the baby, and then in the next episode he’s like “whatever you want to do is fine by me” to Robert???

Then we had Robert apparently not giving a flying fuck about Bex and the baby, and the next he’s anxiously looking at his phone waiting for news on Bex/the baby when she’s in hospital.

So like….there’s too many gaps to try and figure out WTF Aaron and Robert are properly thinking right now. And it’s really poor storytelling, and it looks even WORSE off the back of Maxine’s episodes, which were consistent, realistic, character-driven and they MADE SENSE. Which is something most other episodes have been lacking lately.

So yeah. For now I can only really focus on the motives of the show as a whole, of the writers, of the behind the scenes crap….because all of this has been so poor, so poorly executed, that it’s made it hard for me to connect to the characters involved properly, which therefore makes it impossible for me to really focus on their thoughts and feelings right now (apart from Aaron knowing his husband cheated which is just……almost too painful for me to even really contemplate lmao).

I still want to talk about ED, about Robron, about Aaron and Robert as individuals… I don’t want to lose that. But what’s been happening on screen for over 2 months now has been so exhausting and disappointing that I don’t really have too much to give right now (apart from all of this!!! which is a lot longer than I anticipated!) 

so yeah….I’m just trying to get my head around all of this, trying to figure out whether to properly truly accept this as our reality or whether to desperately hang on to a twist that might never come. I’m honestly, genuinely in a constant battle between thinking “this is it” and “this can’t be it”. So….yeah!

Moriel baby Headcanons

Moriel baby headcanons!

 This is long overdue and was requested by @fandomtras-h ! Hope this lives up to your expectations xx

 I also have baby headcanons for Feysand, Manorian, Nessian and Rowaelin, more Azriel as an uncle headcanons and and Elucien headcanons if you wanted to check them out!


-Mor wants a baby. And Mor wants a baby now. The only problem is if Azriel deems himself to be ready or not. Mor has seen him with the children or their family, yep, literally everyone else has a child. Cassian has three the selfish bastard. And poor Mor hasn’t got even one.

-She knows Azriel would be an amazing father from the way the he takes care of other peoples children. And she knows that she’s ready to be a mother. This is the perfect time. There’s peace in Prythian, everyone’s happy, and SHE JUST BLOODY WANTS A CHILD OKAY.

-When she approaches Az to talk about it he tenses up and says he doesn’t think he can do it. Mor is emotional and demands why and he looks away from her. It’s just that he can’t look her in the eye and remind her that if they have a child she’ll be stuck with him forever, and she can never move on if she finds someone better, and he doesn’t want that for her. He wants her to be free.

-Mor starts sobbing and calling him an Illyrian idiot because why the fuck would she ever want someone else? When is he ever gonna get it through ridiculously handsome head that he is all she wants, all she’s ever wanted, and there is no such thing as ‘better’.

-He approaches her to comfort her through her tears but she pushes him away because she’s just so mad at him for saying bullshit like that.

-He concedes and says that they’ll leave it to chance. They won’t actively try to have a child, but Mor won’t take any tonic to stop it from happening if it does.

-It just so happens that Mor has a crazy sex drive, and after 10 months, which really isn’t a long time for Fae, Mor is pregnant.

-She is so elated and runs from the healer and winnows to all the places she thinks Az could be. She starts with their home: nope. House of Wind: nope. Their family’s homes: nope. She’s getting seriously impatient as to where he could possibly be.

-It’s not until she frantically runs into Rhys that he tells her he’s gone to Hewn City on unexpected but urgent business. She sighs and rolls her eyes because shouldn’t be be informed of shit like this but goes home anyway to wait for her husband.

-She has to wait 8 excruciating hours for him to come home.

-When he does he’s utterly exhausted and throws himself beside her on the bed.

-She tells him she’s pregnant with tears in her eyes, and holds his scarred hand over her stomach as though he could feel the life growing in there.

-He goes pale and all he says is ‘okay.’ He leans forward and kisses her forehead and leaves. Just like that.

-He flies to Cassian and Nesta’s home and frantically bangs on the door until his brother answers. When Cassian finally does, all it takes is one look at Azriel’s face for him to summon Rhys as well and usher Azriel into his home.

-When Rhys gets there Az tells them what happened and how he has no idea what to do seriously what the fuck is he going to do??

-Both explain calmly and try to assure the now shaking Azriel but he’s nearly impossible to be consoled.

-“What if the baby is a shadow singer?” He says through gritted teeth while trying not to sob. “I can’t inflict that on a child.”

-Rhys says that they’ll work it through as a family, and if that’s the case, they’ll never expect the baby to do anything that it doesn’t want to, whether as a child or as an adult.

-Azriel is still freaking the hell out when Cassian’s two year old daughter glides down the stairs. Literally glides. She can’t quite fly yet but at least she has that down.

-Cassian mumbles about how they must have woken her up and goes to walk to her to take her back but she sidesteps him, can barely walk and barely reaches his knees but she somehow manages, and heads over to her uncles. More specifically Az.

-Azriel is used to this. It’s been the same with every child in the family. He scoops her up and cradles her to his chest.

-Rhys and Cass give him a pointed look. “You’ve helped us raise our children, why do you think yours will be any different?” Asked Rhys.

-Az doesn’t have an answer, and begrudgingly admits he should probably go home and sort it out with Mor (not before he puts his niece to bed, of course. And gives his brothers/best friends long, thankful hugs).

-Mor’s still in bed when he silently walks back into their home and he is completely heartbroken to see her sobbing in their bed, clutching at her stomach and making small noises because crying alone isn’t enough to convey the pain she’s feeling.

-She looks up at him as he enters and is shaking so hard that when she tells him she didn’t know if he was going to come back it’s barely understandable.

-He crumbles and goes to his knees beside her, so thats she’s sitting up on the bed and he’s kneeling on the ground at her side.

-He’s says of course he came back. He’ll always come back to her. But he expected to have more time before he had to figure out how the hell he’s gonna be a father. He’s never, not once in his life, had a father figure he could look up to. Thank the cauldron he at least had his mother and Rhys’s, otherwise he’s be completely fucked in the parent department.

-Mor grips his hair to pull back his head so he’s looking directly into her eye. “Never, ever leave me again Azriel. Not without giving me some kind of cauldron damned explanation. And especially not when I’m carrying our child. I need you Az. This baby needs you. We need you so for the love of the mother get into bed right now.”

-And that was that. Azriel accepted that he’s going to be a father and helped Mor in any way he could.

-Everything was fine until she was 6 months pregnant and started having contractions. The healers managed to stop it, but poor Mor was ordered to bed rest.

-She huffed and complained about it but did as the healer ordered.

-Luckily she had Feyre come by constantly to entertain her, and her doting husband the rest of the time.

-Azriel was especially good in this time. He always brought her home treats after work, and started the baby shopping. He had to fly all the way to the summer court to get Mor the crib she wanted.

-Mor’s favourite though is when they would take baths together at night. Not even in a sexual way, it was just really nice to have someone she loved wash her hair and massage her back and make her feel beautiful at a time when she really didn’t (added bonus naked Azriel yes pls).

-Then at night he would wrap his arms and wings around her and they would sleep peacefully.

-It was on one of these nights when Mor awoke to sharp stomach pains. She instantly woke up Az too and they pulled back the covers to see that her water had broken.

-They looked at each other with wide eyes before Azriel raced off (like they had pre-planned) to go find their healer. On the way he also got Feyre and by default Rhys.

-By the time he was back at his house with the healer, nearly every member of their family was anxiously waiting in the living room.

-After 4 hours (in which Az fainted) it’s finally over and Azriel and Mor have a little baby girl to call their own. -She has little blonde curls and her mothers eyes to match, but Azriel’s ears and skin.

-The family all comes in to say hello, leaving gifts as they come and go. Nesta and Cass come in first with Cass whistling and then saying “bout bloody time.” He then places a kiss on all of their heads (even Az, the man ain’t ashamed to show affection). Then comes Rhys. Feyre had already been in the room, helping Mor while she was in labour, and who was now cleaning up. Rhys told them that’s she’s beautiful and as Az and Rhys embraced they both had tears in their eyes.

-Others came and went but as the night went on and the couple grew more wary, Rhys and Cass started shooing people away (Cass nearly lost an arm when he jokingly shooed away Nesta). -Everything was perfect. Azriel was no longer afraid, and was the brilliant father Mor knew he would be.

-As a baby their daughter loved to do two things: wriggle and bite things. She was constantly wriggling from the moment she was born. She would never stay still, even when she slept her little arms would flail about. One night Az and Mor were watching her moving in her cot, Mor behind Az with her arms around his waist and head resting on her shoulder. Mor pressed a sweet kiss to his neck and murmured, “She’s going to be dancer.” As for the biting the baby would munch on anything that got close enough to her mouth. Usually this wasn’t a problem until one day, when she was 10 months old, she found a small coin and ended up choking on it. It all ended up fine but poor bby bat Az had a heart attack and Mor refused to let her daughter sit in the ground for a month. She was in someone’s arms or she was asleep.

-The first real hiccup happened when their baby was 5, and Azriel noticed that some of his shadows would cling to his daughter instead of him. He tried to keep it a secret, not because he didn’t trust Rhys but any other High Lord or person in a position of power that heard would undoubtedly try to steal her away from him. The only person he told his fears to was Mor.

-But there was no hiding it by the time she was 7, and has her own shadows dancing around her, there was no doubt that she was a shadowsinger. All it took was for one person to see it, and both the Court of Dreams and the Court of Nightmares knew.

-This created problems on two fronts. Firstly, Mor’s family demanded that she and any offspring she had return to Hewn City so that the baby could be raised with its ‘family’. Mor’s father said that they’ve been lenient with her over the years, but this is something that they will fight for. Truthfully, all they wanted was the power of a shadowsinger to be wielded by them and no one else.

-Of course Mor said no and was given free reign by Rhys to punish them however she wanted, and oh how she punished them. They would likely never speak to her again, not that she minded.

-When it came time for Azriel to set up shop in an Illyrian camp with his daughter when she was 10 (every child had by a member of the inner circle had done the same thing, so that they had the training and skills of the Illyrians) Mor fell pregnant again.

-This made things more difficult for the couple, but in the end they decided that they would just have to half their time between the two for now and wait for the blissful few years when their daughter was old enough and their other child (they have a son and he is Azriel incarnate physically but is as bubbly and charming as Mor) is young enough that they are all living in Velaris.

-But another horrid suggestion was made. Unbeknownst to Azriel, his eldest biological brother has had a few children, centuries older than Azriel’s, who were semi powerful and lords and lady’s of multiple factions of Illyrians. It was suggested by Lord Devlon that Azriel’s biological brother take care of his daughter while he attends to his his wife and duties. As Devlon was saying this, one of the men that had caused Azriel so much pain and left brutal psychological and physical scars on him stepped into the room they were in, a smirk on his face.

-Az immediately ordered Devlon to leave, so that he could talk to his ‘brother’ in private.

-Azriel’s brother started listing the accomplishments of his children and of him but Az interrupted him by slamming his face against the wall behind him. He heard a satisfying crack as his nose shattered the pushed him to the ground and slammed his fist into his face.

-“You will never get your disgusting hands on my family. But I guess there is something I should thank you for,” he snarled, “because of you, I found an actual family and actual happiness. Something you will never have. Something else you will never have is the satisfaction of knowing you can kill anyone you want to and never have to face repercussions. In fact, it would be encouraged for me to do so. Do not forget what happened the last time you encountered the High Lord and I.”

-With that Azriel left and flew back to Velaris, telling Mor that it was no longer an option to have their daughter train there.

-As Mor and Az were talking their 10 year old came to see them with wide eyes filled with tears, and shadows swirling around her. All she knew was that her father got in a fight with another very scary man, and that this mans blood was still on her fathers hand.

-Az saw her and scooped her up like he did when she was a toddler regardless of her age, and assured her that everything was fine. Mor looked on with her hands clasped in front of her, the love she had for them both was overwhelming sometimes. Both their shadows came together, leaving them in a darkness that is different from Rhysand’s or Feyre’s. She couldn’t help but walk up to the pair and wrap her arms around them, soothing both father and daughter.

  -The decision was made that she would be trained in the Illyrian ways from a combination of Az, Rhys and Cassian, and Cassian’s oldest child and Rhys’s daughter who were in their late 20’s and mid 30’s.

  -This was for the best, in the end.

-Not only did she get to grow up with her family, but also got to be raised with her little brother, both surrounded by people who love them.
30 Days of Call the Midwife

Day Fifteen

Favourite Pyjamas - The Tardis of Nightwear (aka Shelagh’s Bri-nylon nightie)

Shelagh’s Bri-nylon nightie fits her perfectly in South Africa and yet it also fits her perfectly when she is 6-7 months pregnant in 6.5.

How is this possible?  Is there a spare foot of fabric hidden from view or is it like Dr Who’s Tardis where things are not what they appear to be.

Whatever the mystery of the Bri-nylon nightie, Shelagh looks amazing. 

Does Patrick like it?  - Absolutely.

Don’t you dare | Lex Luthor x Reader

Warnings: General fluff honestly there’s so much lmao and pregnancy with like a little bit of overprotectiveness. 

Words: 1,308

RequestHi can you a cute(bvs) lex luthor x pregnant reader where she is 6 months in the pregnancy and he’s overprotective of her thnxs if ya can 😘🙊 by @lovely-wagner

A/N: Hey! I’d like ya’ll to know that considering I’ve wrote half of my requests, I’m opening up requests again!! Please look at my rules page before submitting a request!! thank you x

P.S, I tried to make this as Lex as possible but he is very OOC anyway due to this request!! nevertheless, i enjoyed it and thank you!! (Also I know like nothing about pregnancy lmao I’ve never been pregnant so ahh I tried. This fanfic is soo bad lmao pls don’t hurt me.)

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You walked down the lonely backstreet of Metropolis. Your hand to your stomach and the other on your bag. It’s not that you didn’t trust Metropolis, it’s just that you didn’t trust Metropolis. You had only gone out for milk and bread and you knew that this would’ve worried Lex because ever since you got pregnant he kissed the ground you walked on. He became very overprotective, not in the way he’d stop you from doing stuff but in a way that couldn’t get you in harm or the baby that was growing inside you. 

I don’t think Lex realised how much of a weakness you and the baby were to him but it’s what consumed his every day thought. How were you and the baby doing? Was it going to be a boy or a girl? What shall we name them? Has she got not enough to eat without going out tonight or ordering food whilst I’m at work? Lex knew that he loved the feeling of becoming a father to the son or daughter you were going to birth and he couldn’t wait. However, right now, he was pulling up behind you in his car.

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Lexa having a meeting she needs to go to.Raven babysits pregnant Clarke who's 6 months.Clarke forgetting things/highly emotional & Raven knows she just has to 'gently'support her.Raven drives them to the store for a 'light snack' Clarke getting impatient forgets the car is still moving so she tries getting out where Raven FREAKS.Clarke shutting the door upset like WTF RAY 😢. They get the food,hormones are wild,Clarke is in the back with child protection locks,Lexa is home 5 hours earlier 😂😂👌

Clarke having pregnancy brain is so funny lmao like I feel like Lexa worries about her CONSTANTLY bc she’s always doing stupid shit 


*** YOU’RE ALIVE*** 

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3    Part 4 

“Is it a boy or girl?” You smiled at the middle aged woman and poured her another cup of coffee. “Don’t know yet. Wanted to keep it a surprise I think. Wait until he or she gets here.” The woman nodded and took a sip, motioning for you to sit in front of her in the booth. You looked around and figured why not, you were the only one still working and it’s not like your boss was here to yell at you for relaxing on the job. You sat across from the woman who you’d come to know was named Beth from your frequent interactions and begin talking, getting lost in conversation about children. She always came in at the same time every day to have her 8 pm coffee. You recently transferred to this diner since it was closer to your apartment. The farther along in your pregnancy you got, the less you wanted to stress and exert yourself. You were already 6 months along and things weren’t exactly getting any easier. 

You were low on money and all you really owned was the belongings you had packed when you left Charming and a shitty apartment in the bad side of town. If you were being honest, you hated it but you were saving every penny you could so you could provide for the baby when it got here. You had the capacity to get a better job and make better money but the issue was staying off the radar. If you got an official job on the books, your cover would be blown. You knew how good Juice was with tracing so you decided to work under the table for straight cash, no checks or payroll. You had been away from Charming for a while now but you knew the club was probably still looking for you. Not Clay, you didn’t think he cared about you anymore, but you figured the others might be. You were usually in limbo as to how that made you feel. A part of you wished that they wouldn’t. Wished that they would just forget you. You hoped that they weren’t sad or distressed in the wake of your absence. After all, they were disappointed in you. 

But the other side of you hoped that they still looked for you every now and then. You hoped that they at least missed you, thought about you from time to time. To you, Clay was the only one you could see truly not giving a shit. He’d been the one to kick you out in the first place. He hadn’t meant for you to take off though and you wondered how he felt about everything. Above all else though, you wondered about Happy. How he’d reacted when he found out you had left. If he still thought about you. If he missed you or if he hated you. If he had a new girl now, one that he could parade around and be proud to own, not like it had to be with you. The thought made you sick. 

 The sound of your name being called pulled you from your thoughts and your eyes snapped up to see Beth waving her had in front of your face. She smiled when you made eye contact. “You alright there darling? Lost you for a second.” You chuckled in embarrassment and ran your hand through your hair. “Sorry Beth. Just stuck in my thoughts.” Beth simply nodded and tossed back the remainder of her coffee before grabbing her purse to get ready to leave. “Well it’s getting late. I better get going. You too.” With a nod, you stood and grabbed the empty mug taking it to the back. 

After you tossed it into the sink, you walked back out to say goodbye but Beth was gone, $50 on the table. You shook your head but were still thankful. Her coffee had cost $3 every night but she still always left you a large tip. ‘Buy the baby something nice.’ she always said. You were definitely struggling when it came to money and those extra dollars helped more than she‘d ever know. With a small smile, you turned back to the kitchen and went in to start doing the dishes, thinking about your family and your old life. 


 “That must’ve been why she left. She didn’t want to have to face us and say she was pregnant. Not after the scene her little rendezvous with Happy caused.” Bobby was the only one really talking while the others sat with their head in their hands. Tig looked in disbelief, Chibs was stoic and Jax had a look that could kill. He didn’t know who he was angrier with, all he knew was that he was angry and that he wanted his baby sister back. There was great relief in knowing that you were alive and ok but the thought for you out there all alone had always hurt him to think about but now finding out that you were pregnant too? His heart was broken. 

 Some days were better than others but right now he would barely stomach the guilt he felt for letting you walk out of the clubhouse that day. Maybe if he had followed his instincts, ignored Clay and went after you, everything would be fine. But everything wasn’t fine and he was making it his job to fix this mess and bring his little sister back home. The first step to do that though meant that they needed to have Happy back down in SAMCRO. That wasn’t going to be the hardest part though. Telling him that you were carrying his baby would be.


“Happy? Hap!” Happy grumbled and rolled over in his bed, pulling his pillow over his head to ignore the repetition of his name at the door. It didn’t stop though and simply got louder, now accompanied with impatient knocking. “What?!” Happy’s gruff and angry voice barked out causing Kozik to start talking from the other side of the door. “Happy man, you gotta call SAMCRO. Jax called, said he’s been calling you all morning and you’re not answering. It sounds really important.” The Killer groaned as he remembered that he had turned his burner off the night before when he had taken a croweater to bed, not wanting to be interrupted. He’d forgotten to turn it back on though and now his Charming VP was pissed.

 Happy rubbed his eyes and sat up, grabbing his burner from off of the nightstand. “I’ll call him back now.” “Ok brother.” With that Kozik walked away from the dorm door while Happy started his phone back up, 7 missed calls and 4 unread texts lined up, all from his brothers down in SAMCRO. He cleared his throat and hit the speed dial for Jax’s number, pressing the phone to his ear and shoving the sleeping croweater. “Get out.”

 The girl groggily left the room while Happy listened to the phone ring before Jax’s voice came over the line, not bothering with pleasantries or small talk. “I’ve been calling you. You need to answer your phone.” Happy nodded and swung his legs over so he was sitting on the edge of the bed. “Sorry Jax. What’s going on?” There was a silence on the other end as Jax contemplated how to deliver the news but he settled on just being upfront. “Juice tracked down Y/N.” Now it was Happy’s turn to be silent. Even though he stayed quiet, there was a flood of feelings and emotions going through him. Fear, anger, betrayal, curiosity. Out of all of them though, the one that suck out was relief. Relief that at least you were alive. The others could come later. “She’s alright?” “We think so. We tracked her in El Paso. She’s…” There was a pause and Happy’s mind was scrambling as he waited to hear what Jax would say next.

 Maybe you had found another man. One that worked a regular 9 to 5 and would be home with you. No runs or jail time. While the thought of you being happy and protected made him at ease, the thought of any man other than him being with you had him seeing red. His brain kept churning as he thought of all the things that could come at the end of that sentence. She’s happy, she’s single, she’s married, she’s coming back. It was none of those though and Happy felt his heart drop into his stomach as he heard Jax finally spit it out. 

 “She’s pregnant.” 

 With just those 2 words, Happy felt his entire body go hot and he looked around for something to break, a wall to punch. The thought of you with another guy made him furious but you carrying a baby that belonged to anyone other than him? He grit his teeth together and stared forward at the wall, his left hand in a fist and clenching by his side. “Do you know who the guy is? Did she run off with him? Or did she meet him over there? I swear to god Jax, find out who he is and send me the name.” 

 There was a silence again and Jax blew out a breath, closing his eyes. “It’s yours Hap. Juice hacked the file, she’s 6 months along. That means she was pregnant when she left. That’s why she took off. It’s your baby.” Happy sat there for a good 10 seconds in complete shock before suddenly everything started to make sense. How you had picked him over the club but then taken off. How you had been willing to leave him and your family behind. You wouldn’t have been able to hide your pregnancy from the club and that would’ve been a whole different problem. You’d left to make things easier for him and avoid issues within the club. It had, but you’d ended up breaking his heart in the process, even though he’d probably never admit it.

 “We’re gonna head over to Texas and find her, bring her back home. We could use you back.” Without any hesitation Happy nodded and stood up from the bed, his jaw set and pure determination on his face. Even after months of lying to himself saying he didn’t love you anymore and drowning himself in booze and pussy to try and forget you, he still loved you, you were still his and he was going to get you back. 

“I’ll be there tomorrow.”

“Wow - you look… amazing.”


It had been a wild ride of a past few months for Jasmine and Anthony. Getting many new job opportunities and also finding out that Jasmine was pregnant with their first child. Jasmine still doing very well with her work, decided to take a break and really focus on her becoming a mom skills. Meanwhile Anthony on the other hand, was moving up in the industry, booking acting jobs, and becoming friends with some top notch Hollywood actors and actresses. While still being a great husband to Jasmine.

With all of Anthony’s new friendships, the two were invited to the premier of a new movie that Anthony’s friend was taking part in. Which meant red carpet and paparazzi for Jasmine which she was excited for but remembered that she was also almost 6 months pregnant. This bringing down her excitement a few levels considering she thought she possibly couldn’t pull anything off. Though Anthony thought otherwise.

When the day of the premier came and the couple was getting ready at their home in LA, Jasmine was getting into her dress when she asked Anthony to help her zip it. “Holy crap” he said instantly. “What. Oh god Anthony I swear to god.. please tell me it doesn’t look bad.” She said nervously and almost tearing up which Anthony noticed immediately rushing over to her. “ Oh god no baby, wow.. you look… amazing.” He said smiling and zipping up the dress.

She turned around to face him as he was still observing her. Rubbing his hands up and down her body in a protective manner, when he came to notice her bump. “Your bump, Jasmine. Oh my gosh. It makes the look, your glowing.” He says “That was why I picked the dress… baby’s first red carpet.” She said laughing.

“As much as I would love to stay here and look at how beautiful you are all day… we gotta go. You ready to hit the road princess?” He says “I was born ready.” She said laughing, taking his hand as they walked to their car service.

The rest of the night was a blur to Jasmine but she couldn’t help but remember that Anthony loosing it over her appearance as the highlight of her night.

Teddy Lupin Imagine

Request: Hi I love your blog :) could you do a next gan imagine where you’re caught snogging teddy by one of the adults and they gst upset cause they think you’re bad for teddy.

A/N TW for depression.

You and Teddy had found somewhere to be alone together. It wasn’t that you didn’t like his family, more that they really, really didn’t like you. The worst part was that you didn’t blame them, not that that made you feel any better about it.
Being with Teddy was one of the few ways you could feel happy, and you didn’t like to admit it but you needed him. He knew it too and had stood up for you on countless occassions. You quite literally owed him your life.

The two of you were sitting in each other’s arms, talking, and sharing a rare kiss. You were perfectly content, for once.
And then, in the middle of a kiss, the door opened - it was Harry, Teddy’s godfather. Suddenly, the moment was ruined; his face turned to anger.
“What do you think you’re doing? Get off him!” He commanded. You shot back, not wanting to provoke him further. “Get your filthy Slytherin hands off my godson.” He was fuming. Teddy rose to defend you but was ordered out. “Teddy, leave us now.” With an apolotegic look he did so.

Now, with Teddy not there to calm you down, you knew you wouldn’t be able to control your temper.
“Not all Slytherins are evil you know.” You said quietly. A look of horror flashed across his face.
“You think I don’t like you because you’re a Slytherin?” He laughed cruelly. “Your parents were Death Eaters, Y/N. I won’t have you around my godson.”
“You’re judging me based on my parents?” You spat. “Believe it or not I’m not actually a Death Eater. I’m a good person, or at least I try to be. You can sympathise with that can’t you?” You pleaded, eyes welling up. His face turned cold.
“I don’t waste my sympathy on people like you.” He said slowly. That hurt, a lot. You felt your anger bubbling away.
“Then where does your sympathy go, heh? Because you didn’t show a whole lot of sympathy for the hundreds of people you sent to Azkaban either. What makes you any better than any of them?” You were shouting now, very aware of the fact that both the Weasleys and the Potters where just one door down from you.
“How dare you? How dare you speak to me like that. You know nothing about it. Those people deserved it, all of them.” That did it.
“Most of those people were scared into it. Not everyone is as brave as you claim to be Mr. Chosen One.” You panted deeply, knowing that by now your face would be scarlet with fury.

“You sent my mother to Azkaban when she was 6 months pregnant, with me.” You reminded him, finally getting to the point, the real reason behind your anger. “Do you have any clue what that does to a person? Not just to her, to me. That feeling of despair doesn’t leave, it follows you wherever you go.” You were quieter now, tears welling up in your eyes. “You know how it feels, dementors all around you. I feel like that all the time.” Your voice shook. “And then I have to live like an orphan, with the knowledge that my parents were not those people who were scared into siding with V-Voldemort. They enjoyed it. At least your parents were good people. Mine weren’t.”

You wiped away the hot tears running down your cheeks.
“I’m sorry if you think I’m not good enough for Teddy, but he’s the only person in the world who makes me feel okay. He takes away the pain, just by existing.” You stopped talking and let your hands fall from your face. Finally, you dared to look into Harry’s eyes. They were filled with remorse and a single tear trickled silently down his aged cheek.
“I’m sorry.” Was all he said. The two of you stood there for a moment, in the deafening silence. Then, all of a sudden you were pulled into a warm hug. In that moment you felt accepted.
When you emerged, tear stained cheeks, if became clear that everyone had heard. Surprisingly, you were okay with that. Teddy rose and enveloped you in a tight embrace and you were happy.

Best Friend

I’m a guy and my best friend was a girl. I say ‘was’ because after 3 years of lusting after and pretty much being in love with her, I finally convinced her to let me fuck her. We fucked 5x total our first sexual encounter. She was on the pill, so I went bare and came inside her tight pussy every time. 

So it ended up she had been taking antibiotics for a sinus infection before that and since they interfere with birth control, she totally got pregnant. I have a 6 month old daughter, but we’re all doing great and have a good thing going. Plus it’s an open thing, so I can get pussy on the side, but I always come home to my family. 

anonymous asked:

I'm single because my ex husband was cheating on me and I didn't know until his other girlfriend showed up at our house because she was 6 months pregnant with his baby and didn't want to live alone anymore

I am so sorry.  I hope you laid the smackdown on your way out. 

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Naomi Solace (Part 1 of Will Solace Head Canon)

I haven’t read any headcanons about Will’s relationship with his mother Naomi, or about her life, basically we just know that she is/was an alt-country singer. But we didn’t get any more details about her. So this is my tiny contribution to the fandom!

  • Naomi Solace grew up in a big citric farm in Texas, that also had a bed and breakfast, which belonged to her family for many generations. Since she was little she demonstrated a talent for music, learning to play the guitar at a very young age and for having a beautiful voice.
  • She began performing when she turned 10 years at the bed and breakfast for the costumers. She played both covers of famous songs and also her own music.
  • She was 19 years old while doing a small tour with her band in Texas, when she met Apollo at a bar in Austin. She had just signed a contract with a big Nashville label and her first single was a success, reaching number 4 in the top 25 alt-country charts. They didn’t really have a relationship; it was just a series of very passionate hookups that lasted not longer than a few months, before Apollo had to go. She never resented him though, after all, she was also a free spirit.
  • She found out she was pregnant when she was already 2 months along.
  • She was so scared at first of being a single mom. Her family being very devoted Christians and even though they weren’t closed minded, she knew they wouldn’t take the news very well. She was also scared for her career, she was the opening act for a “very famous country singer” while they were touring the southern states. 
  • She didn’t tell her manager nor her family until she realized she could no longer hid her belly. That day she wrote a song called “It’s raining here in Georgia” about her fears and how she had to tell the truth.
  • Her parents definitely weren’t happy, but supported her.
  • The company was very understanding though, and didn’t cancel her contract. She continued opening for the “very famous country singer” until she was 6 months pregnant. Then moved to Nashville to work on her first album.
  • She went back to her parents’ farm in Texas to rest for her final month of pregnancy. She wrote more than 10 songs that month about her situation. 
  • Will was born on December 21th (I read @cyansonata‘s headcanon that Will was born on this day, the shortest day of the year and the first day of winter and that his mother always told him that it was because the world and her life needed more sunshine, and I loved it!).
  • When she first saw him, she swore he was glowing, but later dismissed it as the medications making her seeing things. She wrote a song called “My little bit of sunshine” the next week that was included on her second album about how happy she was with her baby boy. She never told anybody but Will the real story behind the name. 
  • She named him William after her father, though his name was Wilfred, but now way she was naming her son that! 
  • Will was the cutest baby, with his very big sky blue eyes and blond hair. All her band mates love to carry the cute baby all the time and everywhere she went she had people complimenting her baby.
  • Most of the time she and Will lived in her parents farm. She also had a small house in Nashville where she stayed when she was working on an album.
  • When Will was about to turn 1 year old he became very sick. Doctors didn’t know what was wrong with him. They told her there was a big chance that he might die. 
  • A few days later, while she was watching Will in the hospital, Apollo visited her as an intern. She didn’t recognize him at first because he looked younger than when they were together. He explained who he really was and told her not to worry, that their child would be ok. And that their son was meant to do great things. He also told her about the dangers of being a demigod and that she might need to send Will to a special place for people like him so he could be safe. Before he left, he claimed him and he kissed Will and the baby started glowing (the only time Apollo used a different way of claiming) it was then, when Naomi knew that what she saw when Will was born, did actually happened. Apollo never came back again and Will never really met his father until the events of ToA.
  • She won her first CMA one year later.
  • She noticed that as Will grew older strange things happened around him, most of them good. Like dying plants suddenly became healthy again, then small animals, until people with minor illness told her how they felt better the minute they met Will. Or Will classmates claiming he could heal their small wounds by just touching them. She knew that the most powerful her son became the most he will be in danger and dreaded the day when she finally had to send her son away.
  • She loved sharing her love for music with her son. It seemed that he understood her passion better than anyone. She taught him to play guitar and the piano. They also sang together and even wrote silly songs. When she was on tour she would leave Will with her parents, or some times she would take him to Nashville with her.
  • It all changed when Will turned 6, he had been telling her for weeks about how he saw monsters hiding behind trees. She didn’t want to believe it; she didn’t want to have a reason to be apart from Will. Then one day a monster attacked them in the farm. She hit her head trying to escape and only remembered a bright light when she woke up.
  • She didn’t tell her parents anything about the attack.
  • The next day she contacted the place Apollo told her about.
  • New Years Eve morning she received a letter telling her that someone would come to the farm and pick Will up as soon as possible. 
  • Next day, during dinner she explained Will who his father was and that he could no longer stay with her, as it wouldn’t be safe for him. 
  • Two days later a teenaged girl, who was also a child of Apollo, arrived at her home and explained everything about Camp Half-Blood and how her son would be safe there. That same day, she took Will away.
  • It was very hard for her watching her son leave. Especially when she couldn’t talk about it to anyone. To all the world Naomi Solace’s son was accepted to a very exclusive music academy in New York. 
  • She tried to focus on her career and eventually won two more CMA’s and a Grammy. But she missed her son very much. She didn’t dare to take Will away from camp for very long periods of time. So going on short vacations became their thing, that, and weekly letters to keep updated.
  • Will came out to her when he was about 12 years old. She always suspected her son might be gay, but never forced him to come out. She even read about gay relationships and gay sex education to give him “the talk”, which she did a few weeks later. 
  • Naomi knew her son had a crush on a boy named Nico, because Will wouldn’t stop writing about him. Even if Will didn’t realize it until much later. She felt very sorry for all the misfortune that the boy had to endured. She began sending Nico little gifts, like some clothes in dark colors. 
  • She met Nico when she picked up Will for their Christmas vacations. 

I wrote a lot more than what I originally planned. I feel that the last bit was a little rushed, but I had this on hold since the beginning of June and due school stuff I didn’t have the time to edit it and post it, so I decided to just post it now that I’m free. This is just one of a few headcanons I have for Naomi Solace. I hope y’all like it!

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Raven looks for jaklyn. Last thing she knew was she was still 6 months pregnant. She wanted to show her the soulings since she now had twins. "Mistress? Jacky?"

“shh Ravy come here” Jacklyn sounded a bit tired, but also very happy, she quietly called her girlfriend over to her smiling.

Imagine Harrison Wells being vibed by Cisco and finding out you were dying

Requested by Anonymous: (One shot) the reader is wife of Harrison and Wells is 6 months pregnant when she was abducted by Zoom and he finds you hurt badly.

Words: 988

Warnings: Mention of torture

Tags: Torture, Violence, Physical Abuse, Choking, Beating, Imprisonment

IMPORTANT NOTE: This imagine mentioned LOTS OF torture and for those who feel uncomfortable with TRIGGER, PLEASE SKIP THE FIRST TWO PARTS OF THE IMAGINE AND GO STRAIGHT TO THE LAST PART OF THE STORY. Thank you.

For the anonymous who requested for this imagine, if you ever feel uncomfortable with TRIGGER, please feel free to let me know, I can write you a total trigger-free imagine. Just hit my ask box any time and specify you’re requesting a non-trigger imagine. I don’t want any of my requesters not getting what they asked for just because I wrote something that make them feel uncomfortable.

I love my readers, so all of your feelings and concerns are always my first priority! :)

You can treat this imagine as a prequel of “Imagine going into labor while Harrison Wells and Team Flash were having an argument”, or a complete independent imagine. It’s up to you! :D

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You were laying and panting weakly on the rough floor. You could feel your strength slipping away from your body and changed into shivering cold.

Cold and pain were all you could feel right now. Your tears were messily lingered and running dry on your cheeks when the freezing wind mercilessly smacked against your bleeding skin.

You could barely move, a slight twitch of your finger spread the agonizing pain through your worn out body. But still, you managed to place a hand on your six-months-pregnant belly. Yes, you were pregnant with Harrison’s child and the unborn baby was the last straw that kept you alive. Even though you wanted so badly for Zoom to just shove his hand into your chest to stop your heart, to end all your pain and suffering; but feeling the tiny little life that struggling to live inside of you, always kept you from having those thoughts. No, you couldn’t give up, you couldn’t die, not yet. The baby needed you. You were meant to protect your child, yours and Harrison’s child.

You kept telling yourself to wait just a little longer, long enough till Harrison came for you. You always had faith in him. You knew in your heart that he would eventually rescue you from Zoom. You believed he would.

After countless times of failed escapes, you had already accepted the fact that you couldn’t run away from Zoom, no matter how hard you tried. The dreadful fear was like a nightmare haunting you, eating you alive every time Zoom showed up.

Zoom practically came to your cell every single night since he captured you. He would start the long night with questioning you about Harrison Wells, and although you knew exactly what would coming for you next, you kept your mouth shut every time, unwilling to betray your husband. When Zoom didn’t get an answer, he usually slammed you against the crude wall, pressing and tightening his strong claw on your throat. He would release you only when the glow behind your eyes started to fade and everything began to blur. When you just about gained enough oxygen in your lungs beneath his feet, he showed you no mercy and choked you again and again until you fell into a swoon.

Apart from choking, beating was another of his favorite games, which he frequently did onto you. The psychopath liked leaving endless marks on your body. Your swollen cheeks were covered by multiple handprints and your right eye was surrounded by a black ring. And since the aching pain on your chest was killing you lately, you guessed some of your sternums had already been broken.

You had begged him to stop torturing you at first, but soon you realized all your pleadings and screaming were actually an enjoyment to him and he would only hit you harder, non-stoppable, just to receive his own insane pleasure.

When Zoom got tired of all the choking and beating, he would threaten to take away your unborn baby right out of your stomach. He would rub his hand on your trembling belly and force you to watch him squeezed your abdomen into a tight fist causing you to scream and cry so hard. Sometimes you would feel blood streaming down your thighs, and as a pregnant woman, you knew that was the omen of abortion. Zoom often sneered at your limp, powerless, wounded body when he was done with you. His disgusting laugh somehow reminded you of how weak, how vulnerable you were, and that made you hate yourself even more.


As you saw the dark shadow was approaching your cell, you knew your doom was coming.

“I know Wells went to the other Earth.” Zoom said, dangerously stepping towards you with a few wide strides, “Why?”

Being too exhausted to answer him, you replied him with silence and ignorance.

“Your loyalty is admirable, Y/N.” Zoom speeded beside you, revealing the cold sharp knife in his hand, “I guess this will finally get you to speak.”

Similar to any other sanguinary nights, your blood-curdling screams once again penetrated the darkness and filled the empty cell.


That was what Cisco just saw from his vibe. He was horrified by the ruthless scene.

“Who’s Y/N?” Cisco asked with a shaking voice.

“How did…” Harrison looked at Cisco with wide eyes, helplessly placing his hand on Cisco’s shoulders hoping he would vibe about you again, “Y/N is my wife. Zoom has her. She is pregnant. You’ve…” He took a deep breathe, “You did vibe me.”

“Yes.” Cisco said quietly, still in a state of shock.

“What did you see?” Harrison hurriedly asked, desperately wanting to know whether you were alive or not.

“I saw your wife.” Cisco simply replied, trying to avoid the bloody details he had witnessed, “She was with Zoom.”

“But she and the baby are alive?” Harrison’s voice was almost cracking, he was afraid of what he was going to hear in some way.

Cisco hesitated for a moment, not sure how Harrison would react when he learned about the violent situation you were in.

“She’s dying…” Cisco finally spoke up, “She’s covered with blood…”

Harrison gasped, helplessly taking a step back. His world had just fell apart. A burning rage was rapidly spreading through his body and he exasperatedly punched the hard wall with his fist causing the blood to run down his fingers.

Harrison wasted no time packing up his things, determined to go back to his Earth.

“Hey, where’re you going?” Cisco dragged Harrison’s arm, stopping him from leaving.

“I am going to offer myself to Zoom!” Harrison ranted, violently pulled out his arm from Cisco’s grip, “And maybe Zoom will let my wife go!”

“No, you’re not.” Cisco firmly said, “We’re going to help you save Y/N.”

He added, “We’re going to Earth-2.”

My Sweetheart

Request: Can I have a Dean x reader where the reader is pregnant, and she has really bad hormones Dean always tries to help her by getting her off, but they don’t actually do it cause he’s scared he might hurt her. She is able to convince him it’ll be fine? – @mrsdeanwinchester16

Pairings: AU!Dean x Reader

Warnings: swearing, detailed smut, bad pregnancy hormones, pregnancy sex

Word Count: 1975 

About to be dad Dean is a babe. And I worked on my smut, making it more detailed than how I write it :))

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Dean’s POV

My dearest wife, (y/n), has been pregnant for 6 months and she has complained, nonstop, that all her clothes don’t fit. When she started showing, we already went ahead and bought maternity clothes for her and she chose to wear my clothes for when she sleeps, not that I minded it, in fact, I loved seeing her in my clothes, makes me fall in love for her more.

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#63 Momma's boy

Louis: “C'mon Clayton,” Louis said, jogging down the stairs in his soccer uniform. “Let’s hurry outside. The other boys will be over in a bit and we can play a quick game before it rains.” “But dad,” The eight year old whined. “I’m helping mom right now.” “I’m sure she can handle it on her own, Clay. The sun won’t wait for us.” “Go on, Clay. It’s alright. I can finish making the cookies myself. I don’t mind.” Clayton shook his head, determined to stay and help his mother make cookies rather than play soccer. “You can stay if you want Clayton,” Louis interjected. “I’ll be outside if you want to join me.”

Liam: “C'mon boys, if you want to go with Daddy for his bands’ practice,  we have to leave now.” The two boys groaned but trudged into the kitchen with Liam. “Can’t we stay here, Dad?” Ben said, giving Liam his best puppy dog face which he had inherited from Liam. “Your mother needs a break. She’s already 6 months pregnant and she needs a break from all of us.” “But we wanna take care of her,” Adam said, trying to convince Liam to let them spend the day with you. “Can’t we stay here, please?!” Liam sighed but nodded. “Go on but you better not tire her out. She needs her rest. Now, go on before I’m late.” He said, shooing the boys to go visit their mother.

Niall: Niall watched in awe you held your son, Lucas. He was barely 2 hours old but Niall was convinced that he’s be a momma’s boy. “Look at that, he’s already taking after me.” You looked up at Niall, a smile seemed to be painted on your face since you had finally met your son. “How so, Niall?” “He loves his mother so much already.” He says, reaching forward to caress your cheek with his thumb. “Can’t say I blame him though. He’s got the perfect mother. I think he likes you more than he likes me!”

Zayn: You were sitting on the floor, your twin sons, who were only five years old, sitting in front of you as they colored. Zayn stumbled through the doorway and chuckled at the sight of his family on the floor. “What are you tree doing?” He laughed, leaning against the door frame as he observed you. “We’re drawing mommy.” Sam, the younger twin, said while Dean, the older twin, focused all of his attention on making his drawing of you perfect. “Yeah,” Dean chimed in, biting his lip in concentration. “We gotta make her look perfect.” “But she already looks perfect, right boys?" Zayn said approaching you and leaning down to ruffle Sam’s hair. "Duh, but it’s hard to draw that so that’s why we need to focus!”

Harry: By the time Harry got home, it was almost midnight. He expected his family to be asleep in bed but was shocked when he saw his wife and son, Jordan, asleep on the couch. Jordan fell asleep on your chest and Harry felt his heart swell at the scene before him. The credits of his favorite movie, The Lion King, was playing as you both slept. Quietly, Harry moved and lifted his 6-year-old son into his arms. “Mommy.” The boy groaned as he was being moved. “She’s asleep buddy. She’ll see you in the morning though.” The boy seemed content with that answer and fell back asleep as Harry placed him in bed before going back downstairs to carry you up to bed with him.


Imagine your old man Happy being Jealous of your pregnancy pillow 

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You hugged him tightly as you felt yourself fall asleep on the wide king size bed, whispering into it and wrapping a single leg around it, dragging it towards you and you enjoyed it scent. You loved Fred more than anything in the world right now. You hugged him tightly and smiled against it, rubbing your cheek shamelessly and you felt his soft touch on your 6 months old pregnant belly. 

Fred was your body pillow. Your sister had lend it to you on your baby shower, as she used it when she was pregnant. Being 6 month old with twin pregnancy wasn’t like the magazines or internet said it would be. It was way harder. Your back was killing you, you could barely walk without looking like a whale and sleeping was starting to be as hard as winning an Olympic medal; In fact, you had your theory that they should give you an Olympic medal. But then again, being pregnant, you tended to overreact a little bit. 

You heard Happy’s footsteps outside your door and looked at the door frame already smiling at him from your comfortable place on the middle of the bed. He got inside, taking off his kutte and placing it at the table near your closet, looking at you and rolling his eyes at the sight of the large, green and old pregnancy pillow. 

“I fucking hate that thing.” Happy said sitting down kicking off his boots and stripping off his shirt, throwing it at the bin as he got up and slid off his jeans, staying only in black boxers. You rolled your eyes and hugged him by his back, your belly bumping his lower back making him smirk, looking back. 

“His name is Fred.” You said kissing Happy’s cheek and laying back down.

“You put a name on that thing?” He said, taking off his necklaces and gloves. “That’s kinky as fuck, (Y/N)”. You laughed as you hugged the pillow, wrapping your legs around it, making your butt, now fatter due to the weight you were gaining, stand out more. Happy looked at you, ran his eyes up and down your body and denied, biting his lip and running his hand up and down your ass, making you blush and smile, your eyes almost closing due to your sleep. “Use me as a pillow…” 

“You’re too hard.” You said. “Too many muscles, Hap. Fred is softer.”

“Yeah, well, fuck Fred.” He said, turning off the light. “I’m gonna rip that shit the second you walk out of this room.” You laughed in the darkness. 

“You’re jealous of a pillow, Hap?”

“It became a man the second you put a name on it.” You laughed out loud at the silliness of your old man; and how he meant every single word of it.