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Headcanon where MC is a vampire so she has been alive for like 400 years and when she meets her s/o she offers to change them because she could not live without them for the rest of her immortal life. [RFA+V+Saeran] (for saeyoung if you wanna add changing saeran as well because he loves his brother so much and do the same for saeran's turn I don't mind fam)

This was an interesting one? Disclaimer: This is more crack than anything….we’re so sorry.  So…*Mario voice*here we go~


  • He’s down for it
  • Because he likes you so much
  • But then…you tell him he won’t be able to see himself in mirrors anymore 
  • In that case…

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  • He’s a little scared of you when he first finds out
  • When you say you want him to join you, he’s a little unsure
  • After thinking about it a little, he’s happy to spend basically forever with you
  • also, he’s a masochist, so…

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  • She thinks it’s a joke until you walk past a mirror 
  • She’s very sensitive about avoiding stereotypes…and garlic 
  • When you offer to turn her into vampire, she just shrugs 
  • “This is turning out a better story than that one book I read.”

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  • He takes a lot of convincing at first 
  • Reads a lot of books about vampires and their dietary restrictions 
  • He refuses your offer at first, scared of how he might change
  • But the thought of being with you forever changes his mind

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  • When you get into fights, he’ll put garlic around his room
  • Or if you’re mad at him, he’ll purposely hug you with his cross necklace on
  • When you want to turn him into one, he’s ready for it…as long as Saeran can join too 
  • He’s so excited that he actually gets to spend forever with you

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  • Thinks it’s both hot and creepy?
  • He wants to accept your offer
  • But he also feels badly, since his brother had done so much for him
  • When you also offer to turn Saeyoung into a vampire, Saeran just

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  • Finds beauty in your sometimes gruesome habits
  • Doesn’t even argue or question your offer
  • He’ so touched you want to spend forever with him

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