she insisted that he catch her

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"Its dangerous out there! Take this!" *hands him Comet* MC/Atlas

I love this prompt. MC= Mari Clark

“Wait, it’s dangerous out there.”
Atlas rolled his eyes and was about to inform his over excitable girlfriend that most likely the noise she was insisting he investigate was probably just Jaxon getting a midnight snack, when she finished the rest of her sentence.
“Take this!” And all of a sudden he found himself holding a half asleep ball of green fluff.
He scowled down at the little green alien “How is Comet going to help me?”
“Well, Comet is cute. You can use it to distract whoever it is before they can hurt you”
“You know it’s probably just Jax, right?”
Mari let out a little huff “Then throw Comet at Jaxon. He’ll drop whatever food he’s stolen to catch it.”
She looked up at him with pleading eyes “Please. I know it’s probably nothing, but I’d feel better if you checked, and if you weren’t alone.”
“It’s not fair how cute you are” He grumbled, then placed a kiss on her lips before she could reply.
“Fine,” he said moving out the door, “I’ll take the damn rabbit”
“Space Chinchilla” was the only reply he heard as he closed the door behind him.
He scowled again as he headed toward the kitchen. Jaxon better be ready to catch a Comet fastball special.


This is absolutely insane I am just blown away that this many people follow me and my weirdness…

Storms and Visitors
Sirius Black x Reader
by @notanotherausten
“Regulus invites you at his house to stay for the night until the storm stops but Sirius has other plans.”

Sirius Black x Reader
by @blueelf
“You agree to help Sirius study for his OWL’s, however what you failed to realize that tutoring the marauder was like babysitting. After various failed attempts, you finally find a way to keep Sirius somewhat focused and, interested.”

Frosting and Crushes
Newt Scamander x Reader
by @inkstainedfanfics
“Newt has been distant the past week, focusing only on Tina and their work. You try to strike up conversation with him at dinner, but, after many failed attempts, grow irritated and leave early. Queenie decides to take matters into her own hands.”

Body Heat
Sirius Black x Reader
by @wizardwritings
Reader is the younger sister of James and is in a relationship with Sirius.

Sirius Black x Reader
by @deerprongs
Lilly gives Reader a potion to help her with her headache but ends up adding putting too much of an ingredient in that makes Reader loopy and giggly. Completed Series

Air B&E
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @avengerofyourheart
“When a mission requires close proximity with your least favorite teammate, you try to make the best of it, but a change in plans adds new challenges and possibly a new opportunity.”

Lost My Way
Tom Holland x Reader
by @intheheartoftomholland
“Famous actor Tom Holland has been in the film industry for years now after making it big as Spiderman and he loses himself along the way.”

Being Pregnant With Steve Rogers’ Baby
Steve Rogers x Reader
by @fvckingsteverogers
Basically an imagine…

The Bunkhouse
Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes
by @angryschnauzer
“Bucky is backpacking through the Canadian Rockies when he decides to stay at a bunkhouse for the night. The only other guest is a loud and arrogant stranger by the name of Steve that does nothing except boast about his bravado and prowess. Its time for someone to take him down a peg or two.”

Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @after-avenging-hours
Basically sex demon Bucky begin a sex god.

Don’t Be Ashamed
Newt Scamander x Reader
by @fantasticnewtimagines
Handicapped!Reader requires a cane to walk around and Newt is a sweetheart about it.

Urgent Care
Avengers x Reader
by @arrow-guy
Reader brings Peggy to help diffuse the Civil War between Steve and Tony. Completed Series

Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @marvelous-fvcks
“You accidentally walk in on Bucky as he gets ready for his date - completely naked - and your natural awkwardness only causes things to go from bad to worse. In an attempt to resolve the situation you get some of the worst advice from some of your friends who are no help whatsoever”

A Personal Connection
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @sebastianstandoffish
“Bucky may or may not have a crush on Steve’s PA.”

The Voice Inside My Head
Deadpool x Reader
by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord
I don’t really know how to summarize this one, just read it, trust me.

You Should Be Here
Dean Winchester x Daughter!Reader, Sam Winchester x Niece!Reader
by @winchesters-favorite-girl
“Dean took Amara down with the spirit bomb they made, leaving Sam to raise Dean’s young daughter.”

What’s Between Us
Steve Rogers x Reader
by @bovaria
“Reader breaks her arm during a mission so she has to stay in the tower to heal. After a while she gets really bored and glum so Steve takes her out to cheer her up.”

The Past On Your Doorstep
Dean Winchester x Reader
by @atwistoffate
“After more than 4 years Dean knocks on your door, surprising the hell out of you. Then it’s his turn to be surprised when he sees a little girl standing next to you.”

Fire And Ice
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @beccaanne814-blog
Bucky has a crush on the Reader who is a nurse for the military.

Going To The Yule Ball With Sirius
Sirius Black x Reader
by @blueelf
An imagine of what would happen if Reader were to go with Sirius to the Yule Ball.

Study Hard
Sirius Black x Reader
by @notanotherausten
“Reader has been studying for hours and Sirius forces her to take a break.”

Newt Scamander Smut
Newt Scamander x Reader
by @13reasonswhyiblog
“You and Newt had met at Hogwarts, and had both left a while ago, Newt left before you due to being expelled. But Professor Dumbledore had asked you both to return and fill temporary positions. You were going to teach DADA, and Newt, quite obviously was teaching Care of Magical Creatures”

The Smallest Moment Makes The Biggest Difference
Newt Scamander x Reader
by @captainhopelessromantik-808
Reader works at the ministry with Newt and he asks her out on a date.

Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @avengemebuckyy
“You’re a doctor for the avengers and when Bucky comes in with a hunk of metal in his side you find that it’s not his injury that’s making you sweat.”

You Good?
Sam Wilson x Reader
by @marvelfic
“Reader works for Shield, more as a backup agent with the computers. She’s shy, but has a kind personality. She meets Sam one day buy getting shot at an attack on the Shield base and he helps her get away safely. Later they become friends and one day while running together she gets flustered by him and runs faster to hide her face but it causes her to loose her breath and when he catches up, she admits she likes him.”

Hazelnut and Hurricanes
Sam Wilson x Reader
by @marvelfic
“Sam finds you in a busy coffee shop and can’t keep is eyes off of you. After buying you a coffee he insists on taking you on a date. You finally agree, but will the awful weather ruin the night?” Completed Series

Bucky’s Baby
Sugar Daddy!Bucky x Reader
by @lancefuckrr *On AO3*
“Down on your luck, you meet a man named Bucky - a handsome and wealthy businessman - who changes your life completely.”

Newt Scamander x Reader
by @omg-imatotalmess
Reader helps Newt deal and tame his beasts.

Avengers x Reader
by @theliteratureloser
“Reader is getting a tour of her new job at the Avengers tower, but happens to be the only one who notices an oncoming jet, about to crash into the building.” Ongoing Series

Modern Times
Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers (Platonic)
by @itsanerdlife
“Reader whose a none romantic and doesn’t believe in relationships trying to explain her lifestyle to the Avengers Team, specifically the two men from the 40′s who don’t understand as she teases them.”

Drunk Love
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @winter-childrens
“Bucky is drunk and is very sweet and cute.”

The Perfect Prom
Peter Parker x Reader
by @icat8
“Prom has been more of a nightmare than the dream you hoped it would be. Thankfully, you have a friend like Peter.” Completed Series

My Fake Boyfriend
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @supersoldierslover
“After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.” Ongoing Series

My Hot Nerd
Peter Parker x Reader
by @ships4you
Peter comes back from his nightly shenanigans and finds his girlfriend waiting for him in his bedroom.

Arsonist’s Lullaby
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @soldatbarnes
“Reader is a pyrokinetic, being sought after by both Hydra and the Avengers.” Ongoing Series

This Is War
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @soldatbarnes
“jealous!bucky where he tries to outdo the guy in everything and its just ridiculous and funny.” Ongoing Series

The Only Exception
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @just-some-drabbles
“Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?” Ongoing Series

The Friendly Wager
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @just-some-drabbles
“Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?” Ongoing Series

Guys My Age
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @221bshrlocked
“You’re playing truth or dare with the Avengers when Nat asks you when the last time you got laid was  and Sam dares you to pick a song that perfectly grasps why you haven’t had sex in so long.” Ongoing Series

Newt Scamander x Reader
by @azurakenway
Newt gets turned into a beast and needs Reader to kiss him in order to turn back into a human.

Weak When You’re Around
Sirius Black x Reader
by @lovelysiriuss
“In which Sirius realizes he feels weak when he’s around her, but not knowing what to do about it.”

Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @avasparks
“The whole team is surprised to find out you’re still a virgin, and the news seems to make you more allegeable to some of the men around the compound. Bucky is no less surprised than the rest of the team, and finds it even harder to keep his eyes off you as he nurses a secret of his own, which he feels obliged to reveal to you after an incident in the training room.”

What Passengers Do In Private
Sirius Black x Reader
by @azurakenway
Sirius gets a little possessive on the train to Hogwarts when another guy flirts with you.

Sirius Black x Reader
by @h4rtache
“Gryffindor reader is feeling nervous about graduating when Young!Sirius comes to console her.“

My Girl
Sirius Black x Reader
by @wizardwritings
Reader and Sirius spend a cold night in Hogsmeade.

Fat Bottomed Omega
Dean Winchester x Reader
by @melonshino

Golden Desire
Sebastian Stan x Reader
by @sebuckyverse
“Watching Sebastian work on the set of ‘The Bronze’ is giving you a hard time.“

Let’s Pretend
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @papi-chulo-bucky
“Tony finds a website of two shape shifting mutant pornstars who make their living impersonating the Avengers on their website and decide to show the team.“ Completed Series

Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @oneshot-shit
“Bucky being annoying can lead to fun times.“

My Beautiful Boy
Bucky Barnes x Reader
by @timeforsmut
Submissive Bucky smut

The Elevator
Jensen Ackles x Reader
by @melissaj616
Elevator smut with Jensen

Okay but why couldn’t they still have played Quidditch during Goblet of Fire?

I understand that the champions probably wouldn’t want to deal with that while also competing in the tournament but it’s not really fair to everyone else to just cancel Quidditch for the full year.

What about the 7th years who wanted one last shot at winning the Quidditch Cup?

What about the 2nd years who were excited because they could FINALLY try out for the team?

But more so the 7th years, I mean no one even told them “btw we probs aren’t gonna have Quidditch next year so make this year count” like that’s actually really shitty.

And I understand that they needed the Quidditch field for the third task but there’s only like 5 games a year, you could’ve done them a little earlier and still had time to use this thing you teach called magic to grow the damn maze!

OR EVEN BETTER, instead of having the House Quidditch tournament, have the schools play against each other. I mean 3of the 4 champions are kick ass Seekers so why not?

OR BETTER YET have each of the champions form a team using anyone they want

Harry just asks the Gryffindor team to play with him and they use Ron to replace Oliver like in OOTP and at first he’s really nervous but then he gets his nerves on track because there’s NO WAY he’s losing to Krum after he took Hermione to the Yule Ball.

Cedric decides to try to get the best he can from all of the Houses, though the majority of his team is still Hufflepuff because he knows how they play and likes how they work together. He does find a Beauxbatons boy that makes a great Chaser though.

Karkaroff insists that Viktor only use the boys from Durmstrang (because he’s probably a misogynistic little shit) and he doesn’t really care because he’s the best Seeker in the world. Even if he just lost the Quidditch World Cup to Ireland, it’s IMPOSSIBLE that he wouldn’t be able to catch the Snitch before the other team got too far ahead.

And then there’s Fleur, who has never played Quidditch before but suddenly there’s a 13 year old red-haired Hogwarts girl asking her if she can be on her team because “I’ve been practicing with my brothers’ brooms for years and I’m actually quite good but I won’t be able to make the Gryffindor team for a few years” and Fleur agrees as long as Ginny helps her find some other teammates and gives Fleur flying lessons. Ginny accepts the offer and, in Holyhead Harpies fashion, sets out to put together an all female team because females are very unrepresented on the other teams. Ginny and Fleur ask two Bulgarian girls to be a Beater and Chaser. One of Fleur’s Beauxbatons friends is the other Beater, and Ginny asks a fifth year from the Hufflepuff team (who Cedric didn’t choose) to be the third Chaser, as well as Cho to be their Seeker. She insists that Fleur be the Keeper so that she doesn’t have to worry as much about not being steady on a broom.

Instead of all of the teams playing each other, they do it tournament style. Harry and Cedric’s teams go first. Ron is a nervous new Keeper and let’s quite a few balls in before he makes his first save and suddenly he’s on a roll. Cedric’s team has gained a substantial lead by now, but Harry spots the Snitch and just barely grabs it before Cedric (Fred and George are pleased since they’re still not over the Hufflepuff victory the year before when Harry was attacked by the dementors).

Fleur and Viktor’s teams play next. The girls have 3 superb Chasers that are scoring constantly. Every time Viktor’s Chasers make it to Fleur’s end of the pitch, they get distracted by her flowing silver hair and tend to miss without her having to do too much (which is good cause even though she’s better she’s still not QUITE comfortable on a broom). Viktor frantically searches for the Snitch because if he can get it soon they’ll still be able to pull ahead but then the Beauxbatons Beater hits a Bludger right at him and in the moment it took him to dodge it, Cho had spotted the Snitch and already had her hand stretched out to grab it. Before he could even reach her elbow she had the tiny ball held tight in her fist.

The losers of the first round face off for 3rd and 4th place. Viktor, with a sore ego about getting beaten to the Snitch in the last game, catches it within 20 minutes. Cedric laughs the whole thing off and gives Viktor his congratulations, but he now has a harder drive to win the Triwizard Tournament.

Everyone is anxious for the Potter/Delacour game. Fleur knows that Angelina, Katie, and Alicia won’t be effected by her the way the Durmstrang boys were, so she trains even harder to keep up with the rest of her team. The game is underway and it’s neck and neck. Both teams have three excellent Chasers, causing the Quaffle to change sides constantly. Ron and Fleur are both highly nervous, but still manage to block most goals. Fred and George know that Ginny is the other team’s best Chaser, but can’t find it in themselves to try and knock their 13 year old sister off her broom. The Durmstrang Beater doesn’t have any such obligations, and aims a Bludger at Alicia as she’s speeding down the pitch towards Fleur. It hits her in the ribs and she is escorted down to Madame Pomfrey. Now that Fleur’s team has the upper hand, they start pulling ahead. Harry and Cho are playing rough searching for the Snitch, trying to psyche the other out by flying in their path. Harry notices Cho following him and decides to dive as though he’s seen the Snitch somewhere near the bottom of the field. He’s surprised when he doesn’t see her dive after him and looks up just in time to see her catch the Snitch 50 yards away. Everyone heads back towards the ground, the girls have a group hug because never in a million years did they think they were ACTUALLY going to win! Harry breaks through to shake Fleur’s hand and tells her “good game”. Fred and George are staring in astonishment at their little sister because “What the hell, Gin? Where did you learn to fly like that?” while Angelina is nearby cursing the fact that they can’t have 4 Chasers on the Gryffindor team.

In the end, Dumbledore allows the teams to throw a party in the Great Hall. Some Hufflepuffs make flower crowns for Fleur’s team to wear as the winners. A hush falls over the Hall when the doors open and McGonagall comes in. They expect her to yell at them for being too loud, but instead she walks over to Fleur and hands her the Quidditch Cup because she “won it fair and square” but explicitly states that if she does not return it to her by the end of the year “I will go to France and take it from you myself”. The Hall bursts into laughter and applause.

Calling it, thanks to a theory I saw (but it won’t let me tag the person–sad)

Magnus has to be a double agent of some kind. He’s way too smart to just blindly follow the Queen, and be ordered around by her or send his people to live in her realm as her subjects or whatever. That has to be “the catch” that Luke was wondering about and we didn’t hear Magnus’ answer–he was asking Luke and Raphael to go along with it because it had to work out for him to find the information he needs. And he knew it would be painful for them to do–going against the people they care about–hence he insisting that they need a drink. She and the Shadowhunters had to believe that he (and Luke and Raphael) were siding with the Queen against the Clave.

Also, Raphael’s “he’s got bigger things on his mind right now” when he was speaking with Izzy makes me think that wasn’t a reference to Malec–I think it was a reference to this and how Magnus is fooling the Queen. 

He knew he couldn’t be emotionally involved with Alec during it–the “betrayal” had to feel real for him to side with the Queen and for her to reveal aspects of her plan to him. He knew he couldn’t do what he needs to do whilst so close to Alec. Also, when Alec said in 2x17 that he couldn’t ask Magnus to keep a secret from his people–this is Magnus respecting Alec’s feelings about being a leader. By not involving Alec in this, he’s not asking him to keep a secret from the other Shadowhunters. 

He is doing what’s best for his people–figuring out how to save them since he knows the Queen will eventually do something shady and he doesn’t want them to live as her “subjects” in her court. And he knows Valentine just wants them dead. 

He had to be clever and find a way to work with the most powerful woman in the Downworld while also saving his people and preventing war with the Clave. 

And, in doing so, he had to hurt the person he loves the most. 

He’s going to expose her to Alec, Izzy, Clary, and Jace. But, of course, he’s still heartbroken (and drinking) because he knows that, by doing this, he’s hurting Alec since Alec feels like he’s lost him.

But, boy, once he reveals himself if this theory is right, I will be so fucking pumped. Magnus Fucking Bane for the win.

Day One Hundred And Thirty-Eight

-A boy tried the classic tablecloth magic trick when handed his change, yanking the dollar bill smoothly out of my hand. The gesture was pulled off perfectly and with a grand flourish. The single fault in his plan, as he swiftly came to realize, was overlooking the importance of a table element. With nothing to catch them, the coins flew into the sky, resulting in a shimmering finale he could not have planned better if he tried.

-I was interrogated by a woman about our Tennessee policies, as she insisted that we were in Tennessee. The last time that I checked, we were still in Virginia, and I was entirely unaware of our relocation, so I am clearly not the one to be asking anything.

-“This is a brand new card,” a woman told me as her card was rejected. “There can’t be something wrong with it.” She tried once more, only to be shut down again. “This card is not that new,” she admitted quietly. “Something is probably wrong with it.”

-A man grew upset with me when I had to inform him that we did not stock bags big enough to carry his new couch. I am equally upset, as I was deprived the knowledge of what his plan would have been, provided the proper tools.

-A woman expressed her disappointment to me that there were no kid-appropriate birthday cards. Instead, she told me, she had to settle for a more mature and risque Spongebob card.

-A young boy was entirely blown away to see yet another Target employee wearing red. His eyes betrayed that he was finally catching onto a pattern, and that his cork board of Polaroids and news clippings connected with a thick red thread is paying off at last.

-I asked a woman if she had found everything alright. She told me that she did not know, and instead called her daughter from across the store to come over and give me an answer. I appreciate this level of devotion towards getting me the truth.

-A Dumbo Tsum-Tsum gel cling was found at the bottom of my register. Naturally, I relocated it to a prominent position directly in front of my eyes, so as to guarantee the proper levels of joy and child-like happiness it was meant to bring me.

-An elderly woman threw a box of coffee onto the counter, narrowly missing my hand. She informed me that she had not meant to do that. Without hesitation, she threw a second box of coffee, this one not missing, betraying precisely what she had meant in the first place.

-I spotted a woman in a shirt sporting a cat in a baby holster so realistic that I took it at first for the real thing. The day I am able to make this shirt a reality is the day I finally have my life fulfilled.

-A pair of parents struggled to keep their child’s energy under control. The boy was thoroughly hyped up about his Trolls backpack, refusing to let it go even for the briefest moment. His mother remarked on how strange this was, as he was not even in school, while his other mother worked to strap him into his new prized possession.

-I overheard a young boy discuss his plans to own a supermarket wherein he would institute speed restrictions on carts, enforced by locking brakes, with the intent of causing children to go flying when they attempt stunts. I knew that if I waited long enough, I would come face to face with my own Moriarty.

-As I entered the bathroom towards the end of my shift, I was met with a man staring me down from over the wall of the handicap stall, body turned at a right angle to the toilet, standing chin above the wall. He spoke no words with his mouth, but far more than needed with his eyes.

Bruise [ VIII ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 6k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

Originally posted by missmanfreda

The jacket around your chest felt too loose, cheeks puffy as the cool air nipped at them while you shuffle your feet against the damp pavement. The snow had melted but the low temperature had stayed, the ground covered by thin patches of ice. It was far too late out to be alone in front of the convenience store, but the buzzing of your phone fifteen minutes before hand had been enough to drag you outside at the hour. You’d wanted to see Chanyeol for days,  the both of you so busy you still hadn’t gotten a chance to see eachother more than a few minutes for an entire week. You’d been trying to focus on the overwhelming amount of coursework professors were dumping on you, while Chanyeol was having a busy time at the studio; at least that’s what he said.

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First of all, sorry for the slow responses! I forgot that I had to work a shift today, so I wasn’t around all afternoon. Which didn’t leave much time for me to write, but here I am, so lets do this (until I inevitably disappear to get some sleep)! Also I’ve gotten some very lovely asks but I wanted to write this down before I forgot. I thought of this headcanon while I was working and it’s too damn good not to share:

Alright, this happens at some point after CW but before Thanos shows up. The team (without Bucky, who’s still in Wakanda, working on getting his head cleared) is back in the US, having signed some form of revised accords. Steve is no longer team leader, but otherwise they’ve gotten off fairly easily with little repercussions. The tension between the old and new Avengers is obvious and especially Tony is met with outright hostility. It doesn’t help that Rhodey still isn’t in any shape to join the fights and is rarely around.

One day Clint signs Tony up for a parenting class. It’s another not-nicely-meant joke because of all the criticism Tony’s gotten for letting Peter fight. Only, the thing nobody expected? Tony actually goes. Because apparently he’s just that masochistic (apparently part of him still desperately wants to fix, to work things out between them). It earns him a lot of harsh ridicule, but Tony finishes it all the same.

Thing is, the Team Cap is so busy making fun of him, they don’t even notice when things start changing. Little things. When Steve walks into an argument between Clint and Tony and asks the latter “What have you done now?” disappointedly, Tony doesn’t snap something, get defensive or flee. He says “Have you ever noticed that you’re always immediately assuming I’m the one who has done something?”. It earns him another hurtful comment from Clint, and the incident is forgotten.

Until. Until, one day, during a debrief, Steve snaps. “She’s just a kid, Tony!” he yells when Tony keeps insisting on harder training for Wanda.

There’s a moment of silence, before, “Oh. Really? Does everyone agree with that?”

“You’re still not done catching up, Stark? So much for the futurist,” Clint sneers, and the matter is dropped. Or so it appears.

For the rest of the meeting, Tony is quiet. Thoughtful. In retrospect, they should’ve taken it for the warning it was.

That evening, when Wanda orders a new dress online, FRIDAY dispassionately informs her the transaction is impossible, as the price goes beyond her monthly allowance.

After a fruitless shouting match with the AI, she goes to Steve. Who (after a just as fruitless shouting match) goes to Tony. Who shrugs. “You told me she’s just a kid. Nobody, not even she herself, disagreed. I’m treating her like one.”

Suddenly, M-rated movies are inaccessible whenever Wanda is in the room. Once her curfew is reached, all electric devices go into sleeping modus (unless in case of an emergency of course). Talking with Tony, screaming at Tony, proves to be completely useless. Tony refuses to budge. Repeats lessons from his parenting class, about enforcing rules and teaching children boundaries.

And it doesn’t end there. The entire team is cut off from Tony’s money–Steve has to admit, he’s entitled to that, and maybe the team has gotten a bit too used to throwing Tony’s money around. That’s not the bad part anyways, they all have their own salaries from the government, they can still live. Just maybe a little more limited than before.

But suddenly the services they’ve become accustomed to are cancelled. They have to buy groceries themselves. There is no cleaning crew after Wanda throws a temper tantrum–she has to clean it herself or one of her ‘staunch defenders’, as Tony calls them, has to do it for her. New furniture doesn’t magically appear out of thin air, they have to buy it. And suddenly–suddenly the costs are starting to add up.

There’s a list pinned to the fridge one morning–on paper even–with their chores, going from doing the dishes to the laundry, that rotate every week. Who hasn’t fulfilled his one has to do all the chores the next week. FRIDAY keeps track of it, and barring missions and injuries, there are no exceptions.

Being grounded is an honest to god possibility now, including all electronics, for when they break one of the House Rules. And they are all enforced ruthlessly.

They all try to talk to Tony about it–they aren’t children, they don’t have to put up with this shit, it wasn’t funny to begin with, when is he gonna stop this already–but he remains unmoved.

It’s all “You told me Wanda is a kid,” and “I am allowed to set rules, considering you’re living under my roof. And there really is no excuse for breaking them, you are all aware they exist and why. They’re reasonable and you know it.”

And the most damning of them all. “If you’re so grown up and independent, you know where the door is. Walk out. This isn’t a prison, and you’re always welcome back, provided that you’re following the rules. You can walk away any time you want.”

Suffice to say, Clint is getting a lot of shit for signing Tony up for that parenting class. (Tony tells him he really appreciates it because clear communication is important.)

Not Northside Material - Part 6

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A/N: This isn’t at all what i planned to happen but it’s okay because when do my plans ever actually…go…to plan? Never! It’s the inevitable contradiction of my life that I crave organisation and yet i am unable to ever keep anything in place. OH WELL ENJOY MY ACCIDENTAL PAIN WRITING!

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 7

Summary: He won’t speak to her, neither of them like it and neither of them know the other is suffering. He just has to manage to stay away from her, that should be pretty simple? … Right?

Words: 2,308

Summary: Serpents, Swears, T E N S I O N, oopsie doodle.

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Fuel to Fire (2)

Stucky x reader

Notes: fluff, tattooing, some angst, smut (m/m and m/m/f), some vague hinting to a troubled past, swearing, alcohol 

Summary: Living their dream, Bucky and Steve run their tattoo shop ‘American Ink’ together, happily married for several years and business is going well. When a girl walks into their shop and inevitably into their lives right after they’ve received some exciting news, they have no idea how their lives are about to change with some harmless but straight-forward flirting.

Fuel to Fire (intro)

A/N: The way Bucky and Steve met is cute, okay? I think it’s adorable. 

“So, what’s up with you and the tattoo dude?” Clint says around a mouth full of pizza, spilling cheese on his shirt. He looks down, lower lip pushed out in a pout. “Aw, cheese”

“Real charming, Barton” Y/N rolls her eyes, throwing the hand towel at him that she saves especially for these occasions. “And there’s nothing going on, if you hadn’t noticed,” she puts the crust of her pizza slice back on her plate and sets it aside, “he’s married to that other ‘tattoo dude’, Steve”

Clint shrugs, “There’s couples who do that”

Y/N furrows her brow, only acting to be oblivious. “Do what?”

“Add a third party to the-.. well, party” Clint takes another bite, miraculously avoiding spilling more cheese, yet still looking like a bum as he slouches low on the couch.

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Amy and the Egos...

Mark made sure to let the Egos know that Amy was absolutely off limits. She is free to roam their building (Ego Inc. as they’ve begun to refer to it) because even Mark would never try to tell Amy where she could and couldn’t go, but if they so much as touch a single golden hair on her perfect head, Mark would definitely put them in the ground.

Amy actively avoids Dark. His parasitic gray aura and snide remarks turn her stomach. It bothers her how much he looks like Mark—those same brown eyes that are full of deceit and hatred for her. But she prefers that hatred to the times when he tries to seduce her, using Mark’s own voice and mannerisms against her.

She goes to the Googles whenever she’s having trouble with her computer, and Yellow practically falls over himself at any chance to help her. Amy pretends not to notice the way his synthetic skin blushes deeply whenever she enters the room. The others, however, oblige because it’s in their programming and give Yellow sideways glares when they think Amy isn’t looking.

Dr. Iplier, at first, insists on giving Amy check-ups whenever he catches her in the hallway. Amy obliges because the Doctor is one of the easier Egos to talk to, but after a while, he becomes jealous of how much attention she gets from the others.

Wilford is Amy’s favorite, and while he tries to pretend that he doesn’t care for her company, he can’t resist an audience. He’s always making flippant threats, but Amy knows he’d never hurt her. In fact, there have been times when Dark has gotten Amy cornered, and Wilford Warfstache swoops in, candy-coated charisma practically lighting up the room, to drive Dark away, back to his office.

Bim Trimmer is Amy Nelson fan #1. She’s pretty sure he has a t-shirt with her face on it, not that he would admit it. He shows her his collection of tiny plants that he keeps in his changing room (a modified broom closet, but it’s still something). Amy secretly talks to Will about giving him a better space, and when Warfstache shows Bim his new room, he may or may not have dropped a few hints that it was Amy’s idea.

At first, Amy is scared stiff of the Host, but after a while, her curiosity wins out. She’s seen the videos of him as the Author, but the man that she finds hunched over his desk in the dark is not the Author. The Host is impressed that she isn’t fazed by the bandages, and when he finds out that she’s read his books, he becomes Amy Nelson fan #2. Together, they discuss the Host’s podcasts (which Amy listens to while she’s on her adventures) and his story ideas.

On rare occasions, Amy will spot the King of the Squirrels scampering through the halls with peanut butter all over his face, screaming something about his beautiful, fluffy subjects. She once tried to make a PB&J in the building’s kitchen when the King walked in on her. She forgot how high-pitched Mark’s screams could be…

{If you enjoyed this and have an idea for another imagine or a fic, please send me requests!}

So I Fell For You

50 Prompts 

#27 - Fall

Miraculous Ladybug

Prompt List

Reposting this because I didn’t trust my judgement last night and wanted to do one last proof read and touch up.

- - - -

Adrien knows he is not a very competent human being when he’s really sick.

The first sign is there on Monday as a vague burning in his throat, followed later that day by a slightly runny nose. Nothing life threatening, really only a mild discomfort that does not impact him. The next day he starts coughing a little, just a small burst here and there when he gets that occasional tickle in his throat. His classmates show concern, but he assures them it’s just a minor cold and he’ll be fine, trying to assuage their worry.

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And I need you to be cool Uncle Ace! Okay?!

Prompt; Law accidentally gets Fem-Luffy pregnant; everyone’s reaction.

In an AU where nothing hurts and Ace got to live.

Law’s a doctor.

More importantly than that though, Law is a paranoid little bastard.

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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Twelve

Summary: You fly out for Asylum and meet up with the rest of the cast, only to find out that you have to do your first ever solo panel in front of two thousand fans
Words: 4.4k (+ tweets)
Jared x Reader x Gen, Misha, Kim, Briana, Danneel, Jensen, JJ
Warnings: smut-ish phone calls, mild angst, fluff
Beta: @blacksiren

IKYW Masterpost

Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Your name: submit What is this?

In-flight wifi was a God sent gift on the flight to London.

Despite appearing calm and feeling tired, you couldn’t get to sleep for the first few hours due to anxious energy.

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Full Disclosure

destiel, PG-13, 3.7k

This fic was inspired by the following prompt I received from @imsounoplogetic:
So I recently came across this video. And me being the trash that I am, I immediately though of destiel. I was wondering if you could write something base off of this video where Dean is popular kid who Cas thinks is a jerk. Cas is a theatre boy and Cas comes by the rehearsal room and hears Dean singing and is completely shocked?

Thanks to @captainhaterade for their beta work!

AO3 link

Summary: Dean’s the popular kid, and Castiel’s the drama kid who holds a grudge against him due to an incident on his first day of school. They’ve stayed out of each other’s way ever since, until one night Castiel stumbles upon something completely unexpected in the drama room… 

“Cas? Did you actually hear a word I just said or are you too busy checking out Winchester’s ass?”

Ash’s typical laid-back drawl cut through Castiel thoughts, and he turned to the long-haired boy with a scowl.

“I was not looking at Dean’s ass,” he said, though it sounded more petulant than aggressive.

“Sure you weren’t.” Ash’s raised eyebrows were a pretty good clue that he didn’t believe Castiel at all. “So what did I say, then?” he challenged.

“You were talking about…” Castiel frantically cast his mind back to the last two minutes. Okay, so he had perhaps been looking at Dean. But certainly not at his ass. Not that there was much to look at (or so Castiel had convinced himself). His face, now there was a work of art. Especially those freckles that dusted his nose and cheeks and –

Castiel forcefully cut off that train of thought. Freckles or no freckles, Dean Winchester was a jerk. One of the popular, “cool” kids who looked down on Castiel and his nerdy, geeky friends. He was good at sports, got above average grades (to Castiel’s annoyance) and had a line around the block of boys and girls wanting to date him. Naturally, he only dated the prettiest people, and his circle of friends were similarly aesthetically blessed.

Of course, those things alone would not merit the descriptor “jerk”. Dean’s attitude towards Castiel, however, did. Castiel had transferred to Lawrence High at the start of his senior year, and he’d met Dean on his second day of school, in front of the classroom where Mr. Thompson’s English class was about to start. Dean had been chatting to one of his friends (Castiel would later find out that her name was Bella) and was blocking the doorway.

“Excuse me,” Castiel had said politely, meeting Dean’s ridiculously green eyes. Dean had given him a once-over, making Castiel feel like he was on display in a zoo, before grabbing Bella by the arm and pulling her towards him so Castiel could pass by.

“Sorry, dude,” Dean had said, frowning and looking troubled. Castiel had stepped into the classroom without another word, but he could hear Bella giggling and whispering something to Dean, to which Dean had responded with a derisive snort and a “he’s all yours – not interested.”

Castiel had felt humiliated, and ever since he’d avoided Dean like the plague, scowling at him whenever their eyes met, which usually had the effect of Dean looking down with a tight, unhappy expression. Dean was a shallow jerk, plain and simple, and Castiel wanted nothing to do with him.

The only good thing about him was that he was a member of the school’s LGBT+ Alliance, which was headed by Charlie Bradbury who was also their only mutual friend. But Castiel had always taken care to stay away from Dean during those meetings, and had sometimes avoided them altogether if he knew Dean would be coming. It exasperated Charlie to no end, as she was convinced they’d be great friends if they would only talk to each other and give it a chance.

But she was wrong – they were too different. Getting closer to Dean would only lead to disappointment. It wasn’t worth trying.

“About what, Cas?”

Oh, right, his conversation with Ash. Damn, Castiel really needed to sleep more – he was having a hell of time concentrating lately.

“About who we could cast to replace Bradley as Mal,” Castiel said confidently. He hadn’t been that zoned out, thankfully, and remembered just enough to answer Ash’s question about The Addams Family musical performance the drama club was holding at the end of the year.

Ash regarded him suspiciously for a moment, but then shrugged and let it go. “Yep, so me and Jo were thinkin’ maybe Garth could do it?”

Castiel considered it. “Maybe. But I’m not sure his singing voice is strong enough to carry Mal’s solo songs. Besides, didn’t he say he’d rather work behind the scenes? Last I heard he was helping with lighting and sound. Don’t we have any other candidates?”

“Not really – everyone else either already has a part or is helping out backstage. Yeah, Garth was assisting Kelly but she can probably do it on her own. I don’t see how we got much of a choice. We ain’t got much time left.”

True enough, they couldn’t afford to wait much longer to decide on a replacement for Mal’s part. Why did Bradley’s family have to take him skiing, anyway? Such a dangerous, expensive and completely pointless sport.

Castiel wondered if Dean skied.

Standing up with his now empty lunch tray, Castiel nodded at Ash. “I see your point. I’ll go mention it to Jody and Donna, then. See what they think.”

Ash waved his hand in a lazy salute. “Thanks man, ‘ppreciate it. Oh, and Cas?”

Castiel turned back around.

“You really should give Dean another chance. I know you guys got off on the wrong foot, and I don’t blame you for that, but he really ain’t all that bad once you get to know him.”

“And since when do you hang out with Dean Winchester?” Castiel asked, feeling betrayed. He’d had no idea Ash was even on speaking terms with Dean.

“Since he gave me a ride home in that beautiful car of his ‘bout a month ago when I was stranded here after my sis bailed on me. We got to talking after.” Ash waggled his eyebrows at Castiel. “He really isn’t just a pretty face, y’know. And don’t pretend you don’t think he’s pretty. You’re a terrible liar.”

“So what? The guy’s an arrogant jerk - his looks mean nothing to me. He basically gave me the Darcy treatment on my second day of school, Ash. Before he even knew me! As if I was even interested in him!”

“Yeah and we all know how that story ends, don’t we?” Ash was grinning now. “Look, I ain’t gonna deny that was a dick move, but from what I’ve learned about the guy, he tends to put his foot in it when he’s flustered.” He looked at Castiel pointedly. “Maybe something about you just throws him off his game?”

Castiel had had about enough of this conversation. The memory of their first meeting always left him feeling hollow and in a foul mood, and he needed to keep his spirits up to survive ethics class with Mr. Adler later this afternoon.

“Whatever it is, I’m not interested in finding out. I doubt I’m missing out on much. I’ll see you at rehearsal, Ash.” He walked away before Ash could say anything else.

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Back on Earth Headcanons 1 (Eiffel & Minkowski)
  • The first time Minkowski cries back on Earth, it is at a supermarket self-checkout. The voice sounded like Hera for a second. She doesn’t tell Eiffel this.
  • Eiffel can’t stand small spaces. They make him think too much about all those days in the shuttle, with only the voices in his head for company. 
  • Minkowski hates looking at the stars. If she has to go out on clear nights, she keeps her eyes down on the pavement
  • Minkowski calls Eiffel Doug, which initially unnerves him. He continues to call her Commander. After a while, she stops correcting him.
  • Eiffel learns sign language. He dials Kate’s number but isn’t able to find the courage to speak to her. He writes letters to Anne that he never send
  • Minkowski finds Eiffel a therapist but refuses to go to one herself. She spends a lot of time insisting to Eiffel that she is fine
  • She keeps her own death certificate on the wall of her office
  • Eiffel can’t stop calling Siri Hera
  • He gets Hera’s name tattooed on his right wrist in binary code
  • Eiffel binges Netflix. He is keen to catch up on all the pop culture he’s missed, but he finds it difficult to watch anything set in space and films featuring artificial intelligence make him want to cry.
  • Minkowski dreams of alarm sirens and wakes up shouting “Hera? What’s going on?”
  • He buys endless wigs because his hair never properly grew back from all the cryo-freezing. None of them are in natural hair colours. He likes to carry several round with him and change them mid-conversation. Minkowski will look away for a second and suddenly his hair is blue, wasn’t it pink before?
  • Eiffel worries about his health all the time, but is freaked out by doctors and hospitals. He tries to go for a check-up, but the flashbacks of Hilbert are too much. He googles symptoms a lot, but WebMD isn’t very helpful on the subject of ‘Is there still a lethal retrovirus in my body?’
  • Minkowski starts writing musicals again. She talks to Eiffel about her ideas and he does his best not to laugh.
  • She had hoped that being back on earth would mean she devoted less of her energy to worrying about Douglas Eiffel. This is not the case. She checks up on him at least 6 times a day.
  • Eiffel sets his ringtone for calls and texts from Minkowski to a noise similar to the Comms buzzer on the Hephaestus
  • He calls Minkowski when he feels himself on the verge of a relapse. No matter where she is or what time it is, she will get to him as quickly as possible, give him a talking-to and take the bottle from his hand
  • He can’t get out of the habit of talking to himself. He starts a podcast that is basically just him ranting about films and television. It has 21 positive reviews on iTunes but 19 of those are secretly Minkowski with fake accounts
  • Together they burn their copies of Pryce and Carter and their Goddard Futuristics uniforms on a bonfire. It is Eiffel’s idea, but Minkowski is incredibly grateful that he suggested it.
The Other Woman - Request

Requested by anon:  Hi i just read your latest Sherlock x reader and loved it ! Please could I request One similar where reader meets Irene when she talking to Sherlock on his chair but the reader sees how far she can push Irene by doing things with Sherlock in front of her !!
& @fourtyninekirbygamzeegirl:  I was wondering if you could do a Sherlock fic where he and the reader are close, but Irene Adler comes back around, ticking the reader off, but they get into a competition until reader ends up in Sherlock’s bed, both pissed to the core. Well, it ends in angry smut, but they need it more than anything. 
& anon: May you do another one where Irene turns up again and Sherlock picks the reader! 

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 1,828

Warnings: Smut - unprotected, angry - and Irene being an asshole.

A/N: This took too many surprising turns. Also, I used my favourite quote from Romeo and Juliet because it was fair and necessary.


* <— If you don’t want the smut, reall until here. ;)

Sherlock was sitting on his usual seat, while (Y/N) occupied Watson’s couch. A heated debate was being held by the two, it was something about a pumpkin patch and another victim dressed in pink. They seemed to be absolutely focused on the topic, acting angry at the other’s suggestions as part of their game – yes, game – in order to keep the appearance of being focused on the victim rather than finding yet another excuse to spend time together.

“Maybe the dress was blue.” (Y/N) snapped, lifting her eyebrow.

“That doesn’t make any sense!” Sherlock exclaimed, but his fake anger was soon vanished by a smirk and a chuckle.

They’re happiness lasted two seconds more, because afterwards the typical soft moan that identified Irene’s text messages invaded the air. Sherlock and (Y/N) stared at his phone in silence. Sherlock didn’t know if he should check it, considering the kind of relationship he was hoping to achieve with (Y/N).

“Aren’t you going to read it, Sherlock?” A third voice spoke from the door. Irene was there, wearing a tiny black dress that accentuated her subtle yet classy curves.

“Irene.” Sherlock whispered.

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What are roommates for?

Summary: She has an Anatomy exam tomorrow that is really important. Tom and Haz, being the wonderful roommates they are, take good care of her.

Pairings: Reader (?) x Tom Holland x Haz Osterfield 

Word Count: 2.3k

Warnings: None?

A/n:  I could have used roomies like this (Tom and Haz specifically, is what i mean) when I was dying over exams two weeks ago tbh. Man I hope you guys enjoy this, its been like a month and a half in the making. It’s basically a fluffy domestic piece and I really pray to god its not boring af :/ This part of @spxderman-s and I’s Roommates Collection. We’d love to hear what you guys think of that, our collection. Any requests or ideas maybe? Anyways, hope y’all like this and I’m so sorry it took me so long to get something posted, I appreciate your patience x

Originally posted by starkquinzel

She came out of her room, messy bun drooping to one side, feet dragging with each step. It was late. She rubbed her temples with one hand, her empty mug loosely grasped in the other. She was drained. She had one final exam tomorrow – Anatomy, her worst subject. Despite managing to ace all her assignments throughout the semester, this exam would determine whether she passed or failed.

Stupid exams worth 70%. Ugh.

She heard the television playing quietly in the living room and found herself wandering in, drawn to the emanating light like a moth. She needed a break anyway. Harrison was on the couch, a Friends rerun playing in the background as he scrolled through his phone. She flopped down beside him with a heavy sigh.

“How’s the study going?” he asked, locking his phone and turning to her.

“I just can’t wait for this thing to be over,” she groaned.

“You’ve been studying your ass off for the past fortnight. If anyone is going to ace it, it’s you,” he encouraged, patting her leg.

“Thanks, Haz,” she smiled half-heartedly.

“You look really tired though, shouldn’t you sleep?” he questioned, voice full of concern.

“I should. I feel a headache coming on, but I feel like there’s mo–,” he cut her off.

“Nu-uh, no more; you’ve studied as much as you possibly can. You literally can’t cram any more information into that brain,” he stated matter-of-factly. “You know everything. You’re going to nail it tomorrow, ok? I believe in you. And so does Tom.”

“Now, I’m going to make you some tea, and then you gotta go to bed, alright?” he finished, standing up and taking her mug.

She nodded helplessly, accepting his truth. As he left, she pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. She settled in, watching Chandler and his own roommate, Joey, up to their usual antics.

Not too long after, Haz returned with a steaming cup of tea. He lowered it into her outstretched hands and sat back down beside her, careful not to spill the hot liquid.

“I added some honey and lemon, I know that’s how you like it.”

“Thanks,” she smiled gratefully, taking a sip.

“No problem.”

When her cup was empty, she placed it on the stool and snuggled into his side, resting her head on his shoulder.

“How’s your head?”


“Good,” he leaned his own head atop hers.

As she watched the television absentmindedly, her eyelids began to feel heavy. She strained to keep them open, before she finally gave in, closing them and stilling her mind. She fell asleep, snoring softly.

As the credits started rolling, Tom walked in. He noticed that she was asleep and gestured at Harrison.

“Is she okay?”

“She’s really tired,” he responded in a whisper. “Can you put her to bed? I don’t want to wake her.”

Tom walked up to them and slowly slipped his arms beneath her knees and around her shoulders. He gently picked her up, so as not to interrupt her sleep. As he cradled her against his chest, she nuzzled her face into his neck, seeking warmth. She seemed so small, curled up in his arms. He carried her to her bedroom where Harrison pulled back the covers of the bed. Tom lay her down and she turned onto her side into a more comfortable position. He tucked the covers around her and stroked the loose strands of hair out of her face.

“Goodnight, love.”

The boys tiptoed out of the room, shutting the door quietly behind them.

“Poor thing, she’s exhausted. I’ll be glad when she’s done tomorrow,” Harrison said sympathetically.

“We should do something tomorrow night.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, a movie night or something? Just buy all her favourite stuff and watch whatever she wants,” Tom suggested.

“She’d love that,” Haz agreed.

“Sweet, it’s sorted then.”                                                


The blaring alarm woke her with a start. She poked the screen blindly until it shut off. Snoozed for nine minutes. Warm and cosy under the covers, she sunk a little further and drifted off again.

The second alarm made her sit up straight, disoriented. She checked the time as she turned it off. She had four hours before her exam, plenty of time to get a little extra revision in. Clambering out of bed, she headed straight for the kitchen to make herself some coffee. She wasn’t normally a coffee drinker, but exam season was brutal and she needed all the help she could get.

Wafting down the hallway was not only the smell of freshly brewed coffee, but bacon as well.

“Mmmm,” she swept in through the doorway, mouth watering at the delicious smells.

“Hey, you’re up. How did you sleep?”

Harrison was at the stove, stirring eggs in a pan.

“Great, but I need coffee. And some eggs. And some bacon too, please,” she beamed.

He poured her a mug of coffee and handed it to her.

“Waffles, too?” he asked.

“Mmm yes, please. You’re too good to me, Harrison Osterfield.”

“Well, we need you at your best today. Don’t get used to this though, alright? It’s only because you have a super important exam.”

She poked her tongue out at him as she took the heaped plate. She was pouring maple syrup when Tom walked in. He yawned, rubbing his eyes and pushing his unruly curls to the side.

“Morning,” she said to him cheerfully.

“Morning, love. You seem to be in a good mood… which is a little strange considering what today is.”

“I’m just excited to nearly be free, I guess.”

Tom took a mug from the cabinet and poured himself a coffee.

“What are your plans? Anything special?”

“Mm, not really, I might just sleep,” she shrugged, scooping a forkful of eggs into her mouth.

“Fair enough,” Tom nodded, taking a sip from his steaming mug.

“What time do you finish?” Haz asked, sitting next to her at the counter.


“I’ll pick you up after your exam,” Tom said.

“What, no, you don’t have to do that.”

She stood and picked up her plate.

“I’ll just catch the train home.”

“It’s fine,” he insisted. “You’ll be burnt out after your exam; I’ll pick you up. We can grab dinner on the way home, it’s no biggie.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to go out of your way,” she was still unconvinced.

“Yes, I promise, it’s totally fine. I’m happy to do it. What are roommates for?”

“Okay, fine,” she laughed, rinsing her plate and mug at the sink.

“Thanks for breakfast, Haz.”

As she moved past him to the door, she gave him a peck on the cheek.


“Where’s my kiss?”

She turned to a pouting Tom.

“Oh, sorry, kisses are reserved for those who actually do things for me.”

“What? I just offered to pick you up.”

“Ah, but you haven’t picked me up yet,” she pointed out.

Haz sneered as she spun on her heel and left.

“I see how it is,” Tom grumbled, finishing his coffee.

“Smooth, mate.”

“Shut up, Harrison.”


“Students, you have five minutes remaining,” a monotonous female voice rang over the speaker system.


She reread the last couple of lines she had written before hurriedly adding a concluding statement to her answer. Her hand cramped and she shook it vigorously. Oh come on, not now. She had one question left. Almost done.

Three marks, three key points. She knew the answer to this one. She scribbled out a short paragraph. God, please let them be able to read my handwriting. The muscles in her hand were tight as she released the pen from her grip, having stabbed a full stop onto the page. She flicked through her exam in the last two minutes, making sure she hadn’t missed anything.

“Pens down, students. Your time is up. Anyone caught writing after this time will immediately be given a fail.”

She fell back in her chair with a sigh of relief. Done.

Ten minutes later she was outside, allowing the filtered sun to shine down on her. She faced the great hall in which she had sat so many exams. Ugh.

Turning away, she walked down to the street, checking her phone. There was a message from Tom. He was parked near the fountain. She made her way there, spotting his car immediately. She strode over and swung open the door, getting in.

“Hey, how was it?”

She pulled the door shut and looked down at her lap.

“Not great,” she said forlornly.

“Aw no, what happened, love?”

He waited for her to answer, ready to offer comforting words.

A grin spread across her face and she looked at him, eyes twinkling.

“Pretty sure I totally nailed it.”

Her contagious joy spread and he grinned too.

“Yeah! See? I knew you could do it,” he raised his hand for a hi-five. She slapped her palm against his.

“Couldn’t have done it without the support of my loving roommates,” she nudged him.

“Yeah, yeah,” he started the car.

“Seatbelt,” he reminded as he checked for traffic. She pulled the strap over her body and clicked it into place.

“What’s for dinner?” she asked. “I’m starving.”

“Up to you. What do you feel like?”

“Pizza, duh.”

“Of course, how stupid of me.”

“Tom, if there is ever a day where you ask me what I want and I don’t say pizza, please know something is very wrong.”

“Yes, princess,” he teased, rolling his eyes at her dramatic words.


Soon after, they were walking through their front door.

“We’re home,” she sing-songed.

“Haz! Guess what?” Tom called out.

“I’m in here,” came a shout from the living room.

She and Tom took off their coats and went in. They found him with a stack of blankets and pillows so high, only the top of his blond quiff was visible. He dropped the pile onto the sofa with a huff and put his hands on his hips.

“So?” he asked, looking between the pair.

“Our girl totally nailed the exam, Anatomy has got nothing on her,” Tom answered proudly.

“Well done, babe! I knew you could do it.”

He stepped over to her and gave her a hug.

“Thanks, Haz.”

“But, is, uh, someone sleeping on the couch tonight?” Her face expressed confusion at the heap of blankets.

“Actually, this is for you.”

I’m sleeping on the couch?”

“No,” Haz shook his head.

“We’re celebrating,” Tom clarified. “We’re celebrating you finishing all your exams. We thought you’d like a night in, just the three of us.”

“It was Tom’s idea. We bought those sour strips you like, mini m&m’s-”

“Because they taste better,” Tom added excitedly.

“And ice cream. Plus you pick the movies.”

“Triple chocolate ice cream?”


She squealed. She threw her arms around their necks and pulled them into her.

“I love you guys!”

Upon release, she smiled broadly.

“You guys are actually the best. Thank you!”

“We know,” Tom said with mock arrogance.

“Get comfortable and choose something good. We’ll get the snacks.”

“Pizza should be here soon too.”

The boys left. When they returned, they were confronted with the sight of their roommate cocooned, head to toe, in fabric. She was scrolling through Netflix’s rom-com selection.

“What do you think of 27 Dresses?” she asked, eyes not leaving the screen.

“If that’s what you want,” Harrison replied, sitting on her left and opening the tub of cold dairy. He handed her a spoon and dug his own into it.

“It is. James Marsden is gorgeous,” she swooned.

“He is.”

She clicked play and spread the blankets over herself and Harrison’s laps. She held up one end of the covers.

“Hurry up, Tommy.”

He jumped in next to her and the three of them wiggled closer together. He held a piece of candy out to her whilst popping a piece in his own mouth.

Shortly into the beginning of the film, the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” Harrison handed her the ice cream and stood up.

She paused the movie as he left and looked at Tom.

“Thank you for this, and for picking me up today. It’s really sweet of you.”

“Anytime, darling.”

She leaned over and lightly kissed his cheek.

“I owed you.”

Harrison entered with the pizza, managing to catch the tail end of his roommates gazing at each other. He subtly smiled to himself.


Full stomachs, multiple bathroom breaks and a rom-com and 80’s adventure movie later, they were struggling to decide on a third film.

“Maybe we should just go to bed,” said one.

“It’s only nine o’clock. I’m not tired.”

“Me neither.”

“Nor me, to be honest.”

“Then what should we watch?”

“How about something Disney?”

“Yeah, I love Tangled!”

Two heads turned to look at Harrison in surprise.

“What? It’s a great movie about finding yourself and being your own person.”

“Right,” Tom said skeptically.

“I love it, too,” she declared. “Actually Haz, Mother Gothel kind of reminds me of you.”

“It’s the eyes, right? Same blue,” Tom teased.

“Absolutely,” they cracked up.

Muttering curses at them, Harrison reached over and picked up the ice cream. He shoved a spoonful into his mouth, brow knitted in annoyance.

“We’re just kidding, Haz,” she soothed. “I happen to think you have very pretty eyes.”

Having been appeased, he put the ice cream on the stool and shoved her into Tom.

“Move over.”


“I wanna lie down.”


She and Tom scooted over, Tom into the corner with his body angled towards her. She pressed her back against his side, resting her head on his chest. He let his arm fall around her waist loosely, content to have her in such close proximity. Harrison shifted his body to lay down on what was left of the space. He rested his head on her knees. She grabbed a pillow and tucked it under his head, stroking his hair.

“Everyone comfy?” he asked.



He found Tangled and put it on.

By the time Rapunzel had discovered she was the lost princess, the three roommates, cuddled together, were fast asleep.

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The Wolf of Kattegat

Ivar x Reader

AN: Selene is the Greek goddess of moonlight but I’ve reworked it so it’s more a moon / werewolf curse rather than a goddess thing? Like… it’s inspired by the goddess and also i used the name because I really like it and couldn’t find a moon related Norse name I liked.

Proof reading done by the wonderful @cohdychristian

Ivar grunted as he pulled himself along. She had lied to him. He had payed for her promise, that the full moon would bring him the ability to walk and yet, here he was, crawling through wet mud, trying to decide the best way to end her life.

“Völva!” He bellowed. “You have lied to me!” He almost snarled, more angry than usual.

“I have not, you are simply impatient.” She sighed, walking towards him with the same elegance that days before had lured him to make the deal his brothers disapproved of. This elegance now angered Ivar beyond reason, making him want to satisfy the pit of anger in his stomach with the taste of her blood.

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Sorry - Monty

request: can you write something where you & monty get into a huge argument and don’t talk then his friends start talking about your relationship & he can’t take not talking to you so he just goes up & kisses you & apologizes for whatever he did

Originally posted by knightlley

Sorry - Monty

He watched you sitting and talking with your friends across the courtyard. You were laughing carelessly, looking so happy. He couldn’t help but feel angry, hating that you were acting like everything was fine and acting like you didn’t even care that the two of you hadn’t spoken in two weeks. The last time you did speak it ended with you yelling and accusing him of cheating and him just storming out.

But as much as he didn’t want to admit it, he missed you. He missed the little patterns you traced on his hand when he was talking. He missed the way you’d look into his eyes as if you could understand everything he was thinking. He missed holding you and having you with him.

“Monty just go talk to her.” Zach groaned annoyed by his love-sick stares directed toward you.

“No. She doesn’t even trust me why would I talk to her?” He asked flexing his jaw and glaring at Zach who rolled his eyes in response.

“You never shut up about her. We’ve known you for years and we’ve never seen you care about anyone the way you do with her.” Justin insisted.

“Monty she’s a catch. If you don’t take her back, someone else will swoop in.” Zach told him. Just at the idea of anyone touching you Monty stood up while forming a fist. Although he tried not to show it, he loved you a lot. And the idea of anyone else loving you the way he did killed him.

He stalked past his friends towards you, turning you around and taking your face in his hands passionately kissing you. As shocked as you were you missed him just as much as he missed you. SO you wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him even closer. This is what you had been missing for the past two weeks and he was all you wanted.

When he pulled away he moved his arms to your waist, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for just leaving. I just hated that you would ever think I would cheat on you. I love you so much and I hate that you think that I would ever betray you like that. I know I’ve made mistakes in the past but Y/N you are all that matters to me and I would never do anything to screw that up.”