she in my car

Today I walked out of the bank and saw a woman leaning against my car trying to see into my cargo area and pounding on my rear window. As I approached she started to scream at me calling me an animal abuser . Saying my dogs were unresponsive in their “horrible cages” and I “left them in the car with the windows closed to slowly cook them” . She told me she called he police and I better walk faster to come open my car and get them some air. Said she was about to break the window to save them.

I very calmly opened the cargo area to reveal empty dog crates . I didn’t say a word. She ran off to try and tell the police they weren’t needed. People suck ! Lmao

With You

 a few of you said you really liked my parallel fics, and this idea just came to me while i was scrolling through my dash. so here’s my third parallel fic, “With You.” hope you enjoy :-)

Meredith stood in the elevator, surrounded by scans and pictures Derek had pinned all over the walls. She looked around in awe, wondering what in the world this all could be for. She glanced at the scans of the infamous Katie Brice. Derek spoke surely, “It was the first surgery we ever scrubbed in together on right? Our first save.” He pointed to another scan.

“Right here is a cerebral cyst. Tough save, but we did it. I kissed you in the stairwell after the surgery. And this right here is where Dr. Bailey kicked you out of the surgery because she caught us in your driveway in my car.” They laughed in sync.

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So, as much as I’ve said I wouldn’t, I’m going to go back to college. I’ll give it another go.

I had a conversation with my aunt that I wasn’t expecting, and she made me a deal.

Basically she’ll pay for my car, my IUD (birth control), if I want money from her I can ask as long as she knows what it’s for (like makeup, clothes, gas). The only thing is I have to get a bachelors degree. I brought up my financial situation (a lot of things recently hit me hard) and she told me she’d pay for it.

I understand how generous she’s being, so I’m hoping that January I’ll start. I technically never took the SAT and ACT (previous college didn’t require it), so I’ll have to study for that/take the tests this fall.

Stress week continues.
So in addition to realizing I’m a back up girl for a guy I thought might like me, my car is having issues and I’m taking it in for a diagnostic on Wednesday. It’s $115 just for them to tell me what’s wrong with it.
I haven’t gotten my tax money back so if they tell me the repair job is over $400 I’m basically fucked.
Not only that, I was waiting to get my cavities filled until my tax return came in (because it’s about $450 to fill them all) but now I will most likely have to choose to fix my car or take care of my teeth and the car would win.
If the repair would cost more than that, I don’t have the means to fix it and I’ll have to beg my grandpa to sell me my late grandma’s car when she’s only been gone less than half a year. And oh yeah, it’s a stick shift and it’s still 2000 miles away. I can’t drive stick very well at all.
And while my mom is driving me around to work and back home, she’s also taking that time to tell me I need to save more money and maybe get a second job and “well you might have to give up on some fun” like I have any fun at all anyways.
I work 40 hours a week and every other hour is spent sleeping or eating or sitting in my apartment. I don’t “have fun”, I “rest until I have to go back to work again”.
Please send good vibes ya’ll ;-; I really need some right about now.

I loved watching him get his big dick sucked

My junior year of college was when I realized that girls really love big dicks.
My roommate Greg had an enormous cock, bigger than most porn dicks. His whole life was like a plot to a porno. For him to have a female male female threesome was nothing… Girls would come to our apartment at 1 in the morning just suck his dick. I remember the hottest girl around, she was a cheerleader and dated the quarterback but Amber always showed up at our apartment because Greg’s dick was so big. Every girl around must have knew about his cock, even Toni a 30 year old woman who lived the apartment across the street. Toni was really hot but she was married, Toni was that natural kind of sexy. Toni looked just as sexy in sweat clothes as she did dressed up. If someone else was telling this story I wouldn’t believe it but I saw it… She came over to ask if it was my car that had her blocked in, Greg answered the door in his gray sweats that showed off his dick print. She stepped inside and I remember looking down at her flip flops and thinking “She’s sexy down to her feet” there was no denying that she was looking at his bulge. After a few minutes I walked into the kitchen and by the time I came back Toni was sucking his dick! It was the first time I saw Greg hard and Toni had way more than she could handle. She sucked his dick so good and neither minded that I was watching. Toni took her mouth off of his cock long enough to say “God please fuck me!” Greg stood up and Toni peeled her shorts down and bent over.
Greg started fucking her from behind… He pulled her hair and said “Do you like being watched?” She looked at me and said “I’ll do anything you want me to for your big dick” she couldn’t take it long and she finished him off with her mouth and begged for his cum. Toni didn’t even know Greg and she swallowed his cum… At that time I dated a girl for a year before she would even let me get off in her mouth and he talked to Toni for 10 minutes and cummed in her mouth!…

More to come later…

Background on Arye time I guess.

I’m bi. And mixed race. I struggle with depression and bipolar disorder. And I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness. I used to have to hide things that I liked, books, video games, you name it, in my grandfather’s car because my grandmother burned them if she found them, because they were “demonistic.” When I misbehaved or wanted to play with my friends instead of going to the Kingdom Hall for the third fucking time that week, my grandmother would sit me down and tell me “Sweetie, your friends are going to burn in hell. Do you want to burn in hell? Do you want me to forget all about you? Because I’m going to live forever, and I’m going to have a new, obedient granddaughter, and I’m going to forget all about you if you keep acting like this.”

I spent my entire young life putting up a pretty, uncontroversial front so that the people around me would approve of me. And when I didn’t want to do that anymore, they shunned me. I was told, at thirteen, that I would burn in Hell forever while my family lived on a perfect paradise planet. Because I wanted to go to a fucking anime convention.

So it kind of really pisses me off. To have people talking shit about how I don’t understand the religious and emotional abuse they went through, because I like the fucking Templars in fucking Dragon Age and they don’t. I don’t have to justify myself to you. Fuck off.

smh idk why im my moms kitchen telling her ill eat the food she made and she’s actually fixing me a plate which i will down and then I got all the take out I just picked up sitting in my car…idk she hasn’t cooked for me in weeks i can’t break her heart 🤓❤️


she had the world // panic! at the disco


Favourite characters: Summer Smith (Rick and Morty)

You don’t love people in hopes of a reward, dad. You love them unconditionally.

i. she runs her fingers across the back of my hand and it feels like being struck by lightning. there is a storm overhead that hasn’t started yet, but the grey skies are not nearly as intimidating as her eyes on my lips

ii. we fall asleep under the same stars every night but years stretch further than the distance between our beds. I never fall asleep in her arms. I have never dreamed of something so much.

iii. a night of firsts. first time skinny dipping. first time breaking into a pool. first time seeing her naked. not a first kiss, yet somehow it always feels so new.

iv. she buys a beat up car and I steal my freedom from under my parents’ thumb. the sound of tires on gravel still sounds like running away.

v. the fireflies stop showing up when we meet. the wind chills and we both freeze in place. I thought time had given us a pause but he doesn’t stop for anyone, not even the young trying to fall in love.

vi. letters only mean so much and no one ever means it when they say “we’ll keep in touch.” her kiss doesn’t feel new and I don’t know if she means it when she tells me “I’ll always love you.”

vii. I loved her. I love her. You never forget your first but it isn’t enough. It isn’t enough.

—  In Scrabble, LOVE is only worth 7 points || O.L.

Gil, everytime Ryder gets back from a mission involving the nomad, probably: RydeR whaT ThE fUCK


lookin straight through you seeing all the broken parts

Steal my groceries? I'll steal your mama's homemade tamales.

Buckle in kids, this is a long one, but well worth the ride. (TL;DR at the end)

This happened nearly 15 years ago, when I was in college renting a house with two other people. In order to understand the gravity of this situation you must first understand the dynamic between my female roommate (whom I’ll call Becky) and myself (also female). We had one guy roommate (I’ll call him Bob), and the three of us all worked together at a restaurant and lived in the same house for 2 years.

So the three of us were pretty close during that time, we shared a friend group, worked together, and had roomed together a year prior. However, to say Becky and I were friends would be a generous assessment of the true nature of our relationship. You see, Becky and I come from very different backgrounds and also have diametrically opposite personalities. She was from a lower socioeconomic group, a racial minority, and street-savvy. I am the WASPiest wasp of all wasps who ever wasped, come from middle class whiteville and am terribly naive. (I’ve learned a lot about my naiveté since then but I can still be a little dim to the true nature of people and have been hurt many times because of this.)

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