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Thor Ragnarok Headcanon

Thor and Loki are total Valkyrie fanboys. I bet they had the Asgardian equivalent of posters all over their rooms and argued about who was the greatest Valkyrie of them all.

I can see it now. Both of them in awe and watching Val (trying to be subtle and failing spectacularly) while she spars with the Hulk.

Gladiatorial Romance

Hulk X Reader

So a beautiful Anon recently screamed at me:


And it gave me a brilliant idea so I decided to look at it as a request!

Please enjoy! <3

Hulk has recently landed on the planet Sakaar (RAGNAROK BABY!) and captured as a gladiator slave. Hulk isn’t use to not being the strongest there is so adjusting to this new life is difficult. As he fights his way through the ranks of the arena he finds someone who makes him feel he is not quite alone. 

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Bruce Banner attempting to pick up Mjolnir and then pretend hulking out and being judged by the rest of squad is the best thing of life. Not just because it’s adorable, but it shows the progression of his mental and psychological health. Banner is finally at a place where he feels safe and comfortable around these people to joke about something which previously isolated him from everyone and everything and that’s beautiful.

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Prompt that none of the avengers ever went to prom and tony jokes that they should throw their own but then THEY ACTUALLY RUN WITH IT WTF SERIOUSLY and steve is cute in his nervousness to ask tony :D

Okay soooooo high school stuff isn’t exactly my wheelhouse so I had to kinda… Tweak this so I could make it work in my head. Avengers Assemble verse:


Tony shook his head. “What the hell…”


Clint stumbled to his feet. “Okay, what wise guy-”


Steve grabbed Thor’s arm and helped him up before heading over to Tony. “It’s Bong. He’s a small-time villain. She-Hulk faced off against him once.”

“It is I! Bong!! And I have captured you, Earth’s supposed Mightiest Heroes! Now you must play by my rules if you wish to escape back to your precious real world.”

Tony pressed his hand to Steve’s elbow, reassuring him with his touch. As he did he looked around, taking in the blank, cube-shaped room they were in. Natasha stumbled to her feet in one corner, cracking her neck as she straightened. She was the first to point out something Tony should have realized already.

“Where’s the Hulk?”


Tony–and the rest of the Avengers–whipped their heads around to the far corner of the room. There, looking vaguely uncomfortable in a button up shirt and pants, was… “Bruce?” Tony asked.

Bruce stretched and flexed his joints, eyes darting around the room in assessment. “I… I don’t think he’s blocking the Hulk. I’m just… Banner, right now.”

“Correct!” The voice boomed from the ceiling. “Because who ever heard of a prom with a green rage monster? Besides the green EYED monster, of course!” Bong’s magical cackles were underscored by the room flickering to life around them, a thousand lasers and pixels flaring with color.

“It’s a holodeck,” Tony called out. “Holodeck rules, people. Nothing you see is real, don’t-” Tony’s warning trailed off as the scene solidified around them, “…worry?”

Steve and Thor were peering at their surroundings, bafflement clear on their faces. It was Natasha called it first.

“It’s a high school prom.”

Tony spun around in a circle, confirming what she observed. The room looked like a high school gym or cafeteria, but all done up with streamers, punch bowls, mood lighting, and plenty of dance space. As the Avengers blinked at the scene surrounding them, pop music started blaring through the room’s speakers.

“A prom.” Tony glanced at Steve, who still looked mostly confused. “What…?”

“Yes, a prom!” Bong pontificated. “As your single underage avenger is participating in his own prom tonight, and the rest of you Avengers have missed out on this pivotal experience, you may now use this opportunity to act it out. Now! Fulfill the all the tropes of prom to my satisfaction, and you may leave!”

“Not with our dignities intact,” Tony grumbled.

Natasha was the first to jump into action. She strode across the room, slapped Tony across the face, and announced in a flat tone utterly devoid of emotion “he’s mine you bitch.” Then she walked across the room, grabbed Thor’s hand, and started dancing awkwardly with him.

Thor seemed ready enough to go along with this as he shuffle-stepped with Natasha. The rest of the avengers were left staring at each other in confusion.

Steve spread his hands out. “Okay, what’s a prom?”

“High school dance for the upper classmen,” Tony explained. He glared at the ceiling. “Kinda hard for us to hit all the tropes when half of us don’t even know what a prom is!”

Glancing over his shoulder, Steve shrugged and held up this hand to Tony. “Uh, you want to dance?”

Tony rolled his eyes, ignoring the fact that, okay, Steve asking him to dance MIGHT make his stomach flutter like he really was in high school again. Instead he whistled over at Bruce and Clint as he took Steve’s hand.

“You two! Pair up, let’s go. Or, I don’t know, spike the punch bowl. Prom stuff. Bruce, teach that middle school drop-out how it’s done.”

“I WATCH TV,” Clint pointed out. He shoved his hands petulantly into his pockets, only to pull them back out in surprise. In his right hand was a whiskey flask. He rolled his eyes at the ceiling. “Okay, I guess Brucey and I ARE filling that niche. Fine, come on, babe.” Clint tugged at Bruce’s hand until he took to reluctantly following Clint to the punch bowl.

Steve appeared to be thinking. “So I never had prom because we didn’t HAVE prom. Clint didn’t have one because it’s only for juniors and seniors and he dropped out before then. Thor is… Thor, and Natasha was… Well.” Steve shot a sad smile over to Natasha, who shrugged around Thor’s massive arm.

“I actually have more experience with it than most of you, I’d wager. We had false proms as preteens, so we would know what to do and how to act. Training on American customs to better spy on you.” Thor spun and dipped her low. Peering at Steve and Tony from upside-down, she mused: “they made me prom queen. Because I was the best in my class.”

Tony gave her a wink. “Congratulations. May your reign be a peaceful one.”

Natasha winked back as Thor twirled her away.

Over at the punch table, Clint waved at them. “Alright, punch bowl is spiked. But uh, keep it secret from the. Fellows who. Rule enforcers? Principals, probably. Teachers?” Clint laughed and threw the empty flask away. “Man, am I glad I avoided all that. If I hadn’t dropped out I would have been kicked out, you know it.”

Steve frowned over at Bruce. “Why didn’t you go to prom, Bruce?”

“I was traveling both years. Symposiums sophomore year, college tours junior year.” He shrugged. “And I graduated a year early, so by ‘senior year’ I was a freshman in college.”

“My man,” Tony steered Steve over to the punch table so he could give Bruce a low-five. Bruce returned the gesture awkwardly. “Way to represent the nerds. We don’t need no stinking prom.”

“Was it the same for you?” Steve asked Tony. “You graduated early, you were doing other things?”

“Steve, I graduated high school at fourteen. Plus I went to an all-boys boarding school. I’m not even sure if we HAD prom.” Tony grinned and shot finger-guns at Bruce. “Nothing missed out on, looks like. Am I right?”

Bruce shrugged and leaned against the table with Clint. He smiled as he took a little Dixie cup of punch. “Certainly can’t imagine it would have been much fun. I didn’t have any friends to go with or any girls I liked. We were poor, so I wouldn’t have been able to afford a fancy suit or a limo.”

“Oh yeah, have you seen how much these kids spend on the things?” Clint pointed out. He nudged Bruce and stole a sip of his punch. “Never would have rummaged up the scratch for anything good back when I was a teenager. Plus: high school, dude. HIGH SCHOOL. No dance is worth HIGH SCHOOL.”

Tony grinned. “I’d have to agree, if not exactly for the same reasons as bird brain.” Tony winced as a crumpled-up Dixie cup bounced off his head.

Steve smiled and tugged Tony closer, one arm wrapping around his waist. Tony did his best not to melt against him, under the circumstances. They WERE being held captive by a villain, after all. Technically. But it was nice to bob around awkwardly with Steve’s heat pressing against his front and side, Steve’s bulk crowding around him, making Tony feel like there was some measure of privacy in this pseudo-holodeck.

“Happy prom, I guess?” Steve murmured at Tony.

Leaning in close, Tony breathed in Steve’s ear: “any time you want to go dancing like adults, let me know. I promise not to step on your toes.”