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Imagine - Zach breaks up with you

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@thrtreasons Request: “pls zach x reader where they dated for a long time and they were super goals but then they broke up idk why and he’s still in love with her and you know he’s not doing well after the tapes and she notices and helps him?? i mean he tells her everything and thinks she’ll hate him etc anyway thank you💫”

It has been exactly one month since you and Zach have broken up, and it was over something extremely stupid. It was over an argument that the two of you had. An argument over the fact that you and Bryce were “too friendly with each other”. Clearly Zach had gone mad. Because you would never cheat on him, and certainly not with Bryce Walker. That guy was a complete asshole and a pervert. If anything, he was always flirting with you, even though you were dating one of his best friends. But you had no intention what so ever to cheat on Zach with Bryce. You loved Zach, you truly did. And he loved you, but clearly not as much as you though because he couldn’t see how it was not you being “too friendly” with Bryce but the other way around.

It has been a painful month for you after the break up. You and Zach were perfect for each other, in your eyes and in the eyes of most of the students at Liberty high. You two were the “IT” couple. Always the talk of the school on how cute the two of you were together and how others wished that they had what you and Zach had. Why did things have to end between the two of you. You remember the night where everything went downhill, like it was yesterday…

“I’m not ‘all over Bryce’ Zach! That’s ridiculous!” You yell.

You and Zach were sitting in your living. Your parents were gone for the weekend on some business trip and Zach had promise to keep you company in the time being. So he had come over to your house so the two of you could cuddle and watch some movies. But things turned south pretty quickly…

“Sure you’re not.” Zach scoffs “You two are always flirting with each other! And right in front of me too!” He booms out.

“You know I’m really surprised that you haven’t left me for him yet, slut…” He breathes out the last word that you nearly missed what he said.

But it’s too late. You heard it. And you have never been more humiliated and furious in your life.

You look at him straight in the eyes, seething, and slap him. Hard. Right across his face.

“You know what!? Fuck you Zachary!” You spit out. “I fucking hate you! Get out!”

Zach scoffs and then says with malice, “Sure, I’ll leave, but know this, we’re fucking done (Y/N). I don’t even know why I went out with such a slut like you in the first place.” Then Zach walks out your door.

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Make Me

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“Honestly, if they’re not wearing cinder block shoes then they have to be running some kind of illegal zoo up there. There’s no other explanation for the noises that they make,” you complain as you glance up at the ceiling. You’re certain that, one of these days, the base between the two floors is going to give and your upstairs neighbors (along with their fucking petting zoo that you’re certain has to exist) will come crashing down into your bedroom in the middle of the night.

“They could be fucking,” Taehyung offers as he flips a page in his Biology textbook, “they could be into some really weird shit. You never know about these crazy college kids.” He glances up in time to catch the blank look you offer and shrugs. “Or they could have a petting zoo. I don’t know. They are loud, though. Have you tried talking to them?”

You sigh as you fold another t-shirt and place it into your suitcase. “No,” you grumble, “I wanted to avoid problems. I knew after the first day of living here that I wouldn’t be renewing but I didn’t think it’d be this bad for the whole year.”

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Alright. Give me Florist!Newt and Businessman!Graves. Give me the usual ball of sunshine Newt who can get sassy whenever someone steps on his tail and awkward but bossy Graves who never bought flowers in his entire life. No, actually never bought anything by himself in his entire life. Mind him, he has maids, butlers, secretaries, etc. I mean, why would he bother? Then this small - read “big” - incident happens(he upsets someone, idk) and he needs to apologize, but as Queenie says, if he wants to appear sincere, he should at least make the effort of buying the flowers himself.

Flowers? No problem, pal, he’s got a deal done and contract signed when the other party’s director was bathed in cold coffee, so this was just a piece of cake. It couldn’t be that hard, right?

He enters the flower shop (Queenie could be really helpful when she wants, and when her tape changes from “Percy, darling, stop with that bitch please face of yours.”) and there’s someone at the counter talking with the plants in front of them and Graves considers walking out for a moment there.

He reluctantly approaches the Dork and when he actually looks at Graves, talks to him and smiles shyly, the Dork immediately gets promoted to British Ball of Sunshine, but wait, when the British Ball of Sunshine stands up and turns to get some flowers, he quickly accelerates to Holy Fuck, DAT ASS.

He buys the flowers, and no, he doesn’t know for whom they were, and what he was even doing in that shop again? Oh yes. Newt. This was his name. He reads it on the tag. He gives the flowers to Newt and at the surprised face of the man, he just shrugs telling him that yes, Newt, you deserve these flowers much more than the person they were for, and no, probably you deserve all the flowers in the world.

dating madelaine petsch | (would include)

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a/n: im well aware that mads is straight & in a relationship but this is a request and im a people pleaser.


- sass -so much- sass

- texting alot

- always taking silly photos together and of each other

- but turning into photographers when needed

- being really close with lili because they’re best friends

- facetimes

- clingy, oh so clingy

- long distance when she’s in vancouver

- helping her self tape

- goodluck kisses before a audition

- celebrating season two pick up with wine and pizza

- having to order vegan pizza because your girlfriend is insane

- mads taking -dragging- you to veggie grill

- “mads c'mon not veggie grill AGAIN”

- trying to turn you vegan

- styling each other, aswell as hair and makeup

- being extremely envious of her long luscious locks

- “you’re my favourite red head”

- always being her date on the red carpet

- helping madelaine go public about being openly gay

- karaoke

- both of you dancing around your shared apartment in nothing but your underwear

- kisses

- cuddles 24/7

- loud -off key- singing in the car

- girls nights in because mads hates going out

- “you’re such a grandma”

- movie nights

- adventures to the super market

- beach days

- madelaine checking you out in your itty bitty bikini top

- inside jokes

- mads talking about you in interviews

- posting embarrassing photos of each other on your instagram stories

- laughing 24/7

- tickle fights

- jealous mads

- binge watching riverdale with madelaine when it comes out on netflix

- trying to convince her your theory about who killed jason was correct

- “i totally knew it was clifford by the way”

- eye rolls

- “yeah sure babe”

- back massages

- body massages

- being proud to call you her girlfriend

- mushy love

- insanely proud of your girl when you watch the riverdale finale

- hand holding

- neck kissing -sweet- neck kisses

- buying cheap lipstick so when you kiss each other it leaves marks

- protective over each other

- walking in a gay pride parade

- playing around his her hair

- face makes and manicures

- long warm baths together

- matching pj’s

- buying each other lingerie

- strip teases

- watching madelaine and camila’s rehearsal for their dance scene

- sharing clothes

- always posted photos on you on her insta

- long hugs

- sweet kisses

- spontaneously driving to the beach to watch the sunset

- visiting home with her and meets her family -vis versa-

- buying flowers

- wearing her perfume when she was away because you miss her so much

- unconditional, unwavering, unapologetic love.

A Song We Used to Know: a Meredith Quill/Yondu friendship fanfic.

Based on this post I made. 

Warning: Contains a lot of spoilers. 

Meredith Quill was feeling melancholy. Being dead gave one a lot of time to reflect, and her mind was taking her back to memories she would much rather forget. She knew that she should try to be more like the others, and revel in being free from worldly woes and responsibilities, but even after nearly forty years, her heart still had a tie to the land of the living: her son. It was hard to be lighthearted and relaxed when she was always worried about him. 

She had her Walkman headphones on. Music usually helped when her spirits were low. She had only one tape, but it was a special one bequeathed to her when she first entered the afterlife, and she could make it play any song she wanted just by thinking of it. Having a vast and substantial store of songs in her memory, she never ran out of things to listen to, and she never got tired of the same old ones either. 

However, on that particular day, she was having trouble making the music play on her tape. It kept pausing and skipping, and the singing voices sounded gloomier than they should. She eventually gave up and pulled the headphones off, sighing. That’s when she felt a hand gently press her shoulder. 

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Supernatural S1 Ep 6 - Skin

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A/N: Any feedback would be v much appreciated:)

Your name: submit What is this?

Word Count: 9,760 (it’s long but worth it)
Warnings: angsty shifter?

tags: @sojustturnyourface @skeletoresinthebasement@msdooos@edward-lover18@castielgirl21 @typicalweirdbookworm @the-lightning-bolt-8 

You duck from the incoming jacket that Sam throws your way with a small laugh. He turns and picks up his phone shortly afterwards, as you pull his jacket into your lap. 

“Alright, I figure we’d hit Tucumcari by lunch, then head south, hit Bisbee by midnight,” Dean says, pulling over into a gas station and turning off the engine. 

“Yes, sir,” You joke, pretending to salute him. He smiles before looking over at Sam, who doesn’t respond.

“Sam wears women’s underwear,” Dean attempts to grab Sam’s attention.

I’ve been listenin’, I’m just busy,” He says quickly in a quiet voice.
“Busy doin’ what?” You ask.
“Reading e-mails,” He replies, as Dean gets out of the car, but then stops and leans into the open window. 

“E-mails from who?” Dean asks, walking around the car to start filling it with gas.
“From my friends at Stanford,” Sam replies, opening another email.

“Really?” You ask.
“You’re kidding. You still keep in touch with your college buddies?” Dean asks in disbelief.

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A Helping Hand (Clay Jensen Imagine)

Clay Jensen….someone you had known for years, someone you had developed a deep friendship with and connection, someone you thought would always tell you if something was wrong.

But, you were wrong, oh so wrong to the point where Clay had shut his bedroom door in your face.

“You know what Clay I’m done with you! I’m done being your friend! If you can’t even tell me why you’re being so distant from me then this friendship is going to shit!” You yelled angrily, before you choked back a sob threatening to escape you, you just couldn’t deal with it anymore, Clay’s distance from you ever since Hannah had committed suicide, his tendency to avoid you whenever you tried to even speak to him about why he had distanced himself from you.

As a last attempt to restore your friendship you decided to come visit Clay at his house, but it had obviously ended in failure.

This brought you back to the present, you stood there for what seemed hours, when it was only mere minutes, choking back that sob that you so desperately were trying to hold back, your throat burning, and your vision becoming a blur as tears clouded it.

Just as you were about to leave the door opened revealing a disheveled Clay, dark eye bags prominent, and he looked like a train wreck.

After a couple of seconds of silence you spoke in a small whisper, “Clay…please just tell me what’s troubling you. I c-can’t help you if I don’t know Clay.”

Clay looked at you his eyes barren, emotionless, bit a hint of sadness or sympathy just this broken look in his eyes and you couldn’t help but pity him.“

“Hannah….she sent me tapes and everyone else who caused her to kill herself.”

Your eyes widened in shock and horror.

Clay began to explain everything, telling you every single detail, his eyes showed how tired he was, how these tapes had emotionally wrecked him and changed his life, his mentality, his everything.

“Clay I know you had something for her and I’m sorry that she’s gone.”

Clay’s eyes widened, “No, (Y/n) she was just a friend, I felt like I could relate to her and she was just an amazing person that’s why I’m sad and because I’m one of the reasons why she killed herself.”

It was silent for a couple moments once more before you asked a question, “Clay have you listened to your tape yet?”

“No….I just don’t have the emotional strength to be able to listen to it. I just can’t…” Clay muttered, his hands trembling as he reached to grab the tape, but stopped midway.

You gently grabbed his hand, rubbing circles in the palm of his hand, a look of care and worry in your eyes as you stared into the abyss of his dark brown eyes. You kept calming him down until eventually his hands stopped trembling. Just as you were about to stop holding his hand, he connected your hands together again.

You shot a look of confusion to him, “Clay?” you whispered softly. He suddenly enveloped you in a hug. “(Y/n) as cheesy as this may seem I love you. I’m sorry I have been distancing myself from you I just didn’t want you to be wrapped up into this whole mess.” The sudden confession made you shocked as you stood there in silence for a couple moments before a small smile formed on your face.

“Clay I love you too, but you should’ve told me so I could’ve helped you. Thank you for telling me, let’s listen to your tape together. I’ll love you no matter what you did. But, promise you’ll tell me the truth and only the truth for Hannah.” You stated calmly staring at him deeply in the eyes.

Clay nodded, his hand slightly trembled again and you held it, you grabbed the tapes.

Just as you pressed play he leaned in his forehead touching against yours as you gave him a small smile. Wrapping your arms around him as you pressed the button of truth ‘play’.

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~~~~ Together~~~~ Hannah x Reader~~~~ 

 ***You know everything that was on the tapes except she told you and didn’t make the tapes. You helped her tall her parents, a councilor, the police and stuck with her through all the investigations. You were a source of comfort for her in those times*** 

 You ran around your backyard frantically trying to put everything in its place. You wanted everything to look perfect for Hannah. You asked your parents to let you call in sick so you could give her the best surprise anyone could ask for. They reluctantly agreed because you argued that you has better grades sense meeting Hannah and you were socializing more too.

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Hi there! ^_^ Could I please get a fluffy scenario where Tsukki's female s/o wraps his fingers after a game because they're hurt/bruised?

You sure can! I have to get back in the groove of writing so it’s probably not very good..

 "Tsukki!“ you smile and rush over to your boyfriend after his win hugging his waist tightly. “Congratulations!” You could feel him stiffen at the contact for a moment before he looked around to see if his teammates were anywhere in sight.

 "Thanks..“ he mutters as you let go of him just to grab his hand. You hear him hiss in pain under his breath and you look down to see two of his fingers bruising. "What happened??” you ask him with a gasp.

 "The ball just hit my fingers harder than I thought it would when I was blocking.“

 "Come on. Let’s go find Kiyoko. I’m sure she’ll have some tape and I can fix it for you.”

 "It’s not a big deal, (y/n).“ Tsukishima tells you, "It’ll heal on it’s own.”

 "Stop being stubborn.“ was all you say before taking his other hand and pulling him towards his team that were down the hallway. He begrudgingly followed you, not that he had much choice though.

 You found the team in a few minutes and walked over to the manager, Tsukishima still in tow. "Kiyoko do you have any medical tape?” you ask as you go up to her.

 "Yeah, what for?“ she grabs leans down and grabs the tape that she kept in her bag for the team.

 "Tsukki hurt his finger and I just want to help him.” you tell her, taking the tape that she handed you. “Thanks Kiyoko.” you offer a smile and turn to your boyfriend, sighing and shaking your head at him.

 "What?“ he raises an eyebrow at your expression as you lift his hand and start to tape his fingers.

 "I just want you to be more careful. I don’t like it when you get hurt and I know you say it isn’t a big deal but I just worry sometimes.”

 He won’t admit it, but he likes how gentle your touch is against his bruised fingers. He likes how gentle you are with him when he’s hurt. He watches you as you rip the tape off and finish. Another sigh leaves your mouth as you bring his fingers to your lips.

 "Be more careful, promise?“

 Tsukishima’s face lit up when he felt your lips on his injury. He pulled them away from you, embarrassed that his teammates had seen it since you could hear some of them snickering.

 "You and your girlfriend are so cute!” Tanaka teases Tsukishima, smirking as he nudges him with his shoulder. “I wish I had a cute girl to help me when I got hurt.”

 "Shut up…“ he grumbles under his breath. "At least I don’t have to wish for a girlfriend when I already have one.”

Rwby skateboarding au

Co thought with @interdimensional-meatpie

Bumbleby works at the skate place and likes to tease the customers while checking them in to make the other jealous b4 giving their partner a big smacking kiss or a swat on the bum with a towel at the concessions stand

Renora have been skating around for years as bffs cuz same orphanage or neighbors or whatever and wind up teaching classes there eventually cuz shorty on cash

Ruby drags her bestie Weiss along to learn this undignified sport and there crashes into Penny and does this poly ship have a name

Neptune and Sun are awkward dorks on the sidelines but damn can Sun do things with a tie even if he never wears one and always steals Neptune’s

Cfvy wins all the big tournaments

Neon is yangs rival/ has a crush on her

(Asshole adorable neo with a tank top and a backwards cap  boarding into yang’s shop and scaring people out of the way before she makes her way up to the counter, scrawls a challenge (7:30. Skate shop. Be there, loser.) before she smirks, and rides out the door and does something remarkably petty/jerkish like knock a board off a rack)

This is just such great fodder for yang being lewd, like with Blake trying out a board and yang offhandedly throwing something out like “I bet that’s not the only thing you’re gonna ride later”

And Blake falls off her board

Ren offering to let Nora try his board cuz they have different types and she’s thinking of getting a new one

“Sure, Renny, I’d love to ride yours!” (said very loudly in public)

Yang saying nothing, quietly screwing in a wheel with her left hand as her right is in a sling; she broke her arm in a fight with Blake’s ex after a cheap move down in the park (she has a few choice places to shove her board) but as Ren and Nora go on, she throws this at them:
(image of boner speed cream, a lubricant for boards)

And says something to the effect of “if you ride your board too long, your ball bearings will overheat and you’re not gonna have a good time.”

And she winks and waits for Nora to yell and Ren to hide amongst the racks of hoodies before bursting out in laughter

And Blake gives her gf a smack to the back of the head and a kiss on the cheek

Imagine Pyrrha Nikos, world class skater, with a pair of yellow headphones in place of her circlet and whatever badass skater gear she may have, flipping off the wall and sliding to a halt in front of the counter
And behind her, comes Jaune arc, with last season’s board, covered in bubble wrap or a ridiculous amount of padding as “suggested” by Nora
Pyrrha helping Jaune buy new wheels and the basics while dolts+Weiss sit there and pop the bubble wrap on jaune’s back
And Pyrrha using the excuse of teaching him how to skate so she can touch him
And he doesn’t catch on until yang points out to Pyrrha that she really didn’t need to grab his ass to steady him
 Some incidents lead to “inadvertent” French dips with Jaune in her arms

Blake chiming in “She’s not nearly as bad as YOU were when you were teaching me.”

Yang goes red.  “For the last time, cupping you was a happy accident!”
No one believes her.

Also imagine fluff like Ruby teaching penny to skate for the first time and helping her when she falls and taping her up when she's  hurt
And a little hug and a helping hand to pull her up so they can keep going
And Yang teasing them about holding hands cuz they just forgot to let go and Ruby is flustered but then Penny just kisses her on the cheek and smiles and Yang is just so proud

At 16 years of age, group founder DeVante Swing ran away from his home in Charlotte, North Carolina, en route to Minneapolis,Minnesota’s, Paisley Park Studio’s, to audition with the legendary musician, Prince.[14][15]“I was up at Paisley Park every day begging for a job, asking people to listen to my tape. The receptionist kept saying she couldn’t help me".[16] The rejection from Prince motivated DeVante; “…So I took my ass right back to Charlotte, N.C. I wrote a song about a girl I liked…”[17] Upon arriving back to Charlotte, North Carolina, DeVante continued to record with the Hailey brothers, eventually forming Jodeci.

With only $300, the members drove to New York City with a 29 song, 3 tape demo, anticipating a signing deal with Uptown Records.[18] Upon arriving to New York, and without the knowledge of the whereabouts of MCA’s subsidiary Uptown Records, the group grabbed a phone book to find the company’s address, located on Clinton Street in Brooklyn. DeVante later recalled, “We didn’t have an appointment, I didn’t even know who Andre Harrell was, but I knew what Uptown was, and I wanted us to be there.”[19] They entered the company, initially being denied an audience until Uptown Records CEO, Andre Harrell, was summoned in to hear the demo. In skepticism of the high quality production, Harrell requested the group to perform. Jeff Redd recalls, “We went to the office that they were in, and Andre asked them to sing again. When they did, we were all blown away.“[20] Mr. Dalvin remembered,"We sung ‘Come and Talk to Me’ and ‘I’m Still Waiting’ to him live.”[21]Hip hop artist and record producer Heavy D overheard the performance and consulted Harrell.[22] Dalvin reminisced, “The next thing we knew he was taking us out to dinner and he signed us to a deal that same day. It was pretty cool.”[23]

Jodeci was assigned to Uptown’s, then intern, Sean "Puffy” Combs, who took on the task of developing the new act. Counteracting the refined style of acts like Milli Vanilli and Boyz II Men, Sean Combs developed the group’s “Bad Boy” image by perpetuating the hip-hop fashion (baseball caps and Timberland boots) the group is known for.[24] Harrell told Combs,“Dress Jodeci the same way you dress in the office.”[25] The group was introduced by singing background vocals for rapper Father MC, on the song “Treat Them Like They Want to Be Treated”. Jodeci made their live performance debut on the June 11, 1991 episode of Soul Train.[26]

Jessie’s Girl | Rucas Fic

Lucas is excited for his camping trip with the guys. He was expecting some hiking, fishing and canned food. What he wasn’t expecting was meeting an amazing girl who he immediately has a connection to. The only problem? She’s his friend’s girlfriend. *Inspired by Rick Springfield’s song ‘Jessie’s Girl’.* 

Prt. I 

Being raised in Texas, I know a few things about the great outdoors. So when my college friends from New York said they wanted to go camping to celebrate graduation, I didn’t know what to expect.

My city friends aren’t that experienced so I invite my best friend Zay from back home, who’s visiting, to join us. Including myself and Zay there should be about 5 of us. My roommate from University Farkle, his buddy Josh and our mutual friend, Jessie, were the ones who set up the trip.

Apparently, Jessie’s family owns a big chunk of land in upstate New York where they happen to have a cabin so the 5 of us make plans to meet there bright and early…

Except these are New Yorkers, so I’m not exactly surprised when I pull up to the cabin and no one is there yet. I forgot ‘bright and early’ was code for noon.

Zay and I hop out my truck and start setting up our camping gear. He starts to unpack while I go on the search for some firewood.

I make my way through the woods and come across a huge tree stump and next to it is a crate full of logs. ‘Looks like someone already took care of the wood.’ I think out loud.

I go to turn back but from the corner of my eye I spot a person in the middle of the clearing. I get closer to take a better look. It’s a girl. She’s about my age with long brown hair that cascades down her back. She appears to be writing in a book.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little captivated. She looked so serene and the way the morning sun danced off her skin was unreal. Who the hell is this girl?

I start to realize how weird it is that I’m watching a random girl from the woods so I decide to make my way back. That was until I hear Zay’s voice from behind me say “Who’s the hottie?” Which causes the girl to look up, straight in our direction. I shove him behind a tree and join him there. If this wasn’t weird before it was definitely weird now.

I peak and see her tuck her book into her bag and stand up, walking to where we were poorly hiding.

“You guys here for the camping trip?” She says out loud for us to hear even though we’re still behind the tree.

In a quick motion Zay pushes me out from behind the tree, practically colliding with the girl. The first thing I notice is how warm her eyes are. They look like honey.

My eyes study her face as I try to catch my balance. She has a beautiful smile, full lips and dimpled cheeks. This girl was gorgeous.

“Hi, sorry about that.” I say, gesturing to the tree. “I didn’t want to disturb you.”

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everlark 4 please :)

teacher/single parent au

Also requested by lyndsaylovegood.

Thank you to the ever beautiful perksofbeingpeeta for proofreading!


Katniss padded softly down the halls of the elementary school, stalking almost.

She felt like a giant, despite the normal ceiling height because of all the sized down lockers painted brightly around her. A set of yellow ones in particular made her squint.

As she passed them, she couldn’t help but smile a little, seeing her daughter’s name taped to the locker.

V. Everdeen.

Her daughter was so proud that she now had a locker, and in her favorite color.

Looking across the hall to avoid scorching her corneas anymore on the bright yellow, she saw a much softer, warmer color of orange, almost like a sunset.

She paused for a moment as she passed over the name directly across from her daughter’s locker.

B. Mellark.

She leaned into her walk with a newfound urgency to get to the classroom. She had to beat him there. She would not be last, so help her-

She stopped dead in her tracks as she entered the doorway of the classroom.

All eyes were on here. Haymitch wearing a sardonic grin and his eyes surprisingly clear, that annoying Odair couple smiling politely with a nod of their heads in unison as they held hands, and him, eyes blue as ever staring back at her, that lopsided grin as big as ever, and that feeling in the pit of her stomach as wild as ever.

“Sorry,” she mumbled, clearing her throat as she approached one of the tiny desks as far away from Peeta as possible.

She felt his eyes following her, lingering, and she wished he wouldn’t. Innocent flirting in high school had gotten her nowhere then, and he was not about to make up for lost time as far as she was concerned.

“Nice of you to finally join us, sweetheart,” Haymitch said with a lilt in his voice.

“Haymitch,” she addressed coldly.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said over dramatically, a hand to his heart as his face turned a menacing shade of mischief, and he tilted his head down as if looking at her over his non-existent glasses frames. “Mrs. Hawthorne.

Katniss shot daggers at Haymitch, her scowl the deepest it had been in a while. “You know it’s Everdeen again, Haymitch.”

He held up his hands in surrender, chuckling lightly as he went to look at the papers on his desk.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Peeta fuming with a glare at Haymitch. Chancing a look over at him, he turned to look at her, too, and the haze in his eyes faded along with his features into a look of sadness before his face fell along with his gaze to study the floor.

He looked good. The years had been kind to him. But he looked ridiculous in that tiny desk they were all forced to sit in.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to find Annie looking at her sympathetically. Katniss managed a small smile back.

They had all gone to high school together, had been friends, inseparable. But then life happened and everyone went their own way, even the emails became sporadic.

Haymitch had been their Math teacher, and somehow now he taught second grade English.

Katniss was astounded that he knew more than a few choice words he had taught them in high school, most of which had only four letters.

But he looked good. Despite his ribbing and his need to poke the bull, he looked healthier, seemed more full of life and happiness, and somehow a weight had been lifted.

"Down to business,” Haymitch’s voice brought her back to the subject at hand. He was tapping a stack of papers against the desk. Setting them down as if they were hazardous waste, he folded his hands together in his lap, leaned back in his chair, and surveyed the group in front of him, lips drawn in a tight smile.

“You are all here because your children are little ankle biting hell raisers.”

If Katniss hadn’t been the mother of one of the children he was referring to, she would have laughed at the sight around her.

All four parent’s had their jaws dropped to the floor.

Finnick chuckled darkly, leaning forward on the little desk, and if not for the situation, Katniss would once again be laughing at the absurdity of how he looked compared to the miniature desk.

“Haymitch, are you telling me that Gus is a problematic child?”

Haymitch nodded. “Along with Violet and Ben.”

If possible, Peeta and Katniss’ jaws dropped further, and they looked at one another.

Katniss could read it in his eyes, he was about to explode. But ever the peace maker, Peeta took a deep breath before turning to their old teacher.

“And how, Haymitch, please tell us, are our children, if I may quote you, ‘little ankle biting hell raisers’?”

Peeta had his serious debate team face on. He meant business. She had been on the end of that look many a time in high school, and she squirmed now at the memories.

Haymitch seemed to shrink a few inches before leaning forward on his desk as he chuckled, shaking his head ever so slightly.

“As individuals? Your children are the three brightest in my class. As a group? Well, let’s just say they remind me a lot of how you guys used to be.”

Jaws slowly closed as recognition showed in their eyes.

“Our children are a bunch of ‘little ankle biting hell raisers’,” Katniss mumbled, causing the four of them to chuckle lightly.

“I’m surprised they haven’t burnt the school down yet,” Peeta mused, causing the laughter to grow.

“Yet. Just give ‘em a little while,” Finnick added, making everyone laugh a real laugh.

Katniss caught Peeta’s eye across the room, and held his gaze. Just like all those times years ago the room faded around her, and she barely noticed Finnick and Annie leaving, saying they would talk to Gus.

“Lovebirds!” Haymitch yelled with a rap of a ruler on his desk. “Get out!”

They mumbled their own apologies and they would talk to their respective kids as they gathered their things, their eyes never really leaving one another’s.

They walked slowly side by side down the hall when Peeta stopped suddenly in front of a set of dark green lockers.

“What?” Katniss stopped beside him.

“This used to be your locker,” he said with a reminiscent smile on his face.

“How do you remember that?”

He turned to her, and the look in his eye caused her breath to hitch. “I remember everything about you.”

“I thought you ended up hating me in high school.” She couldn’t think of anything else to say.

Peeta rubbed the back of his neck, his nervous habit. “Actually just the opposite. I was a total goner, Katniss. I had a crush on you forever. All through high school I couldn’t bring myself to talk to you. Quite frankly, you scared me.”

Katniss laughed, and he smiled along with her, his hand falling from his neck.

“But my favorite memory is laying out in the meadow with you that one night, just looking at the stars.”

That night was so long ago, it had faded from her memories, but now it was as vivid as if it had happened just yesterday. “You have a remarkable memory.”

“Like I said, I remember everything about you.” He reached out and brushed a piece of hair behind her ear, his hand lingering. “You’re the one who wasn’t paying attention.”

Katniss swallowed. She had no idea where to go from here. His thumb brushed her temple and she shuddered. The moment she had always wanted was so close, so real.

“You know, there was one thing I wanted to do that night that I didn’t have the courage to.”

“And what was that?” She breathed.

“This.” Katniss’ eyes fluttered shut as he put his other hand to her cheek and pulled her in, ghosting his lips on hers.

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Arthur Recap Season 7 Episode 9 Part 2 The Return of the Snowball

You want to know how really crazy the time warp is in Arthur-land?

D.W.’s Snow Mystery, which has the first appearance of the snowball, took place in season one. This follow up episode is in season seven.

In a “Star Wars” reference the episode opens up with rolling titles. Arthur narrates our tale for the day: there is unrest in the Read household. D.W is still bitching about the snowball despite the fact that it’s been seven years or however they keep time in this time warp. As Arthur discusses plans to defeat D.W.’s dark side, D.W. interrupts the narration insists that Arthur did take her snowball and she demands narrating privileges. Jane tells Arthur to let D.W. do some of the talking and then he informs her that it’s about the snowball.

“Oh no. That again?” asks Jane.

Damn. If your mom is tired of your four-year-old bullshit, guess what? It’s four-year-old bullshit, D.W.

I wonder why this episode title is in reference to the third Star Wars film when it’s the only follow up to the snowball episodes. I guess “The Snowball Strikes Back” didn’t have as a good of a ring to it.

Wait a minute, yes it does! Why didn’t they pick that title?

It’s Jane’s birthday and the Read family is celebrating with cake and dinner. From the kitchen, D.W. shrieks excitedly and runs into the room to tell everyone that her snowball is back! “And right on the six month, two week anniversary since it went missing!” she adds.

Jesus. D.W. has been thinking about this snowball for six months and two weeks? This is when Jane and David probably should have sat down and looked a list of child therapists but everyone’s in a good mood after cake so they just cheer D.W. on and cogratulate her.

But no seriously, they should have been trying to see if Supernanny is still doing house calls. D.W. spends all evening sitting at the kitchen table and staring at the snowball. D.W. even makes Jane close the fridge super slowly as to not damage the poor, fragile snowball.

And then she reminds Jane to also put the peas back in the freezer.

That night, D.W. has a dream about the snowball. She dreams that she, dressed in fancy ball gown, enters the snowball’s ice palace and waltzes with him as onlookers made of ice watch on.

That’s…that’s one imagination, I’ll tell you that.

Snowball asks how he got back into the freezer and D.W. shrugs that she doesn’t know. Snowball could have just let this slide and then he and D.W. could have done The Hustle in that kick ass ice castle but no, he has to trigger the conspiracy theorist in her.

“If someone took me once, what’s to stop them from taking me again?” he asks ominously.

“What do you mean?” gasps D.W. Suddenly, a giant Arthur enters the scene and scoops up Snowball, laughing maniacally.

D.W. wakes up and goes down to the kitchen to make sure the snowball is still there.

It is. 

But D.W. is awake and so is her crazy!

She puts the snowball in a container and locks it with a bike chain. Still not satisfied, she sends the night in the kitchen with the freezer open to catch any possible thieves.

In the morning, Jane is not pleased that D.W. spent all night making a mess and is not impressed with the “If it was stolen before, what’s to stop someone from stealing it again?” defense. This is her expression when D.W. makes it:

Arthur pipes up to tell D.W. that her snowball thief theory is stupid. Of course this makes him Suspect No. 1 to her. When Arthur goes into the kitchen to clear his plate D.W. follows him and tries to reopen her snowball container to be sure he didn’t take it.

Jane walks into the kitchen in time to see D.W. about to stab her container open with a fork. Jane immediately stops her and scolds D.W. for playing with sharp objects. I have a feeling that if PBS didn’t have a “If your character is wielding a sharp object, make sure to include a PSA how you need Adult Supervision to do so”, Jane would have walked right by without batting an eye. 

The Reads are pretty neglectful sometimes.

Anyway, she helps D.W. unravel all the tape, chains, and gadgets around the container and D.W. is horrified to see that the snowball is smaller.

Jane lets D.W. keep the snowball in an ice cooler in her room for the night.

“Aren’t you going to punish Arthur? He obviously took the outer part of the snowball!” asks D.W.

Oh, look at that Jane: an opportunity to lay down the law with your kid and put an end to this snowball obsession. Instead, Jane reminds D.W. that the snowball melted because she fussed with it so much. Well, it’s better than nothing so I’ll take it.

That night, D.W. dreams about Snowball, whose ice palace is now melting. He suggests that to find the original snowball thief, D.W. should look for the person who put him back in the freezer.

Come on, Snowball!  Can’t you see that by encouraging D.W., you’re really only hurting yourself?

D.W. decides to launch an investigation. Since she possess the subtlety of, well, a four-year-old, D.W. decides to recruit outside help when her interrogation of Arthur lands her in time out. She tricks Brain into coming over and pays him to answer two questions: Could a snowball hide in a freezer for six months without getting “smooshed”? If not, then where did this snowball come from?

Just as Brain makes a connection between the ice cream from his family’s shop and the snowball, Arthur enters and asks what’s going on. D.W. tries to shoo Arthur away but Arthur points out to Brain that he has been duped by a four year old girl. Brain and Arthur then leave Casa de Read to roam Elwood City like a free range chickens. D.W. can only helplessly yell from the doorway of the house about how Arthur sabotaged her on purpose.

The snowball has finally melted and D.W. actually cries as she pours the melted water in a jar. Arthur appears in her doorway and admits that the snowball was a fake. He explains that when he went to the ice cream parlor to pick up the ice cream for Jane’s birthday, he noticed the new snow cone machine and decided to pick up a plain one and sneak it into the freezer so D.W. would think her snowball returned.

“Clearly, I did not think that plan through,” adds Arthur. 

D.W. demands to know that if Arthur didn’t take her snowball, then who did?  Arthur loses his temper at her. “Why can’t you just let it go?” he begs.

“I can’t just let it go! It was a crime!” yells D.W.

It’s a missing snowball, not the Lindbergh baby. Jeez.

As Arthur storms off, D.W. realizes that maybe she has been obsessed with this snowball for too long. She thanks Arthur for trying to cheer her up and pours out the melted ice out her window. She sees Emily on her way to the pool and D.W. calls out that she wants to come along too.

In the sky, three aliens observe the scene. The dad alien scolds his children for stealing the snowball and causing all of this trouble. The kid aliens shrug off the scolding and argue over who got to eat more snow as they head off into the galaxy.

Thus concludes “Return of the Snowball”.

Keep an eye out for the sequel “D.W.’s Obsessiveness Awakens”.

Grade: A+ (Everything was on point. Voice acting, animation, plot, pacing. I guess it was a good thing we waited seven seasons for this follow up to D.W.’s Snow Mystery because this was gold.)

Rating: 100% intense. Snowballs are intense.

Red Velvet to you getting drunk

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Irene would be extremely concerned because she trusted you not to get drunk and that’s actually what you did. Irene would take care of you by giving water, making you eat, and getting you to sleep. Baechu will stay will you all night but she’ll lecture you a bit in the morning, she only wants you to be healthy and safe.

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Wendy would watch you like a hawk after realizing that you’re drunk, she will constantly hold you hand so you don’ t walk off without her. She may giggle a few times the silly things you say while you’re drunk, but Wendy just wants to get you home safely and quickly.

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Seulgi would have fun watching your drunk antics, this cutie will laugh and tease you about the stupid things you say/do. If you tripped and fell Seulgi would cheekily respond with “You need help do there, jagi?”, she would be the girlfriend to video tape every funny thing you do.

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Joy would feel a tad bit guilty because she was drinking with you and let you drink more than you should have resulting in you getting drunk. She will make your safety her main priority after leaving the club/bar; once you’re home Sooyoung will tuck you sweetly.

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Yeri would be frustrated since she’s inexperienced in taking care of a drunk person and she expected you to be responsible with alcohol. She will call her unnies to help with the situation, after getting advice Yeri will take care of you as suggested. In the morning she might still be aggravated with you which could lead to an argument.


Title: Professor Maximoff.

Summary: Zelda Ruiz is an 18 year old mexican/american mutant, she can stop and travel through time, when she arrives to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, on her first day she meets Peter Maximoff, the silver haired guy with awesome musical taste who turns out to be her teacher.

Parts: 1/?

Fandom: X-Men | Days of Future Past | Apocalypse.

Love interest: Peter/Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver.

Characters: Peter Maximoff | Anne Marie / Rogue | Kitty Pryde |

Warnings: Main character falls in love with Peter Maximoff, her music professor. | 12 year age gap | Swearing |

Notes: At first this was going to be a Reader x Peter fanfic but it was really hard for me to do it so I created a main character, but you can imagine it’s you.

The story takes place in 1990.

PD. I am really sorry if my English kinda sucks, but it’s not my first language.

I would also love to get some feedback, write me if you liked it or if you hated it, please reblog.

I had discovered my mutation after a The Cure concert, it was late, the subway was closed and I had spent all my money in band merch so Nate (my best friend) and I decided to walk home, stupid decision.

A guy with a gun came out of an alley and took our wallets, he got really mad when he realized we had no money so he shoot Nate; long story short, I panicked and somehow managed to stop time, the bullet stopping mid-air, and moved Nate out of the way, two days later I recived a letter from the Xavier’s School.

It took me three weeks to convince my parents that going to the Xavier’s was a good idea, of course they didn’t know about my mutation, and they were really dissappointed, specially my abuela, because I was supposed to start Law School on August, but they ended up being realy supportive.

It was my first day at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, after meeting Professor Xavier, I had Counseling with Professor Kitty, she gave me my class schedule and promised to assign me a room after lunch time.

At the cafeteria I stood in the line and waited patiently, a slice of pizza and a large Pepsi, I managed to find a seat next to the window, I took my Walk Man out of my pocket, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers began to fill my ears while I ate.

Suddenly, my Walk Man disappeared and a guy was siting in front of me, he was wearing my headphones.

He had big brown eyes, silver hair and was wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt, he looked a couple of years older than me.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I shouted as soon as I realized he had took my music away. “Do you usally do this?”.

“Red Hot Chilli Peppers, I like them.” He smiled and I felt my heart beating faster.

“Duh! Who doesn’t?” I rolled my eyes and tried to reach my Walk Man.

“They’re fine, but, have you listened to The Clash? I mean, they’re amazing”

“London Calling is one of my favorite albums” I admitted, he seemed pleased.

“First day at Xavier’s, what’s your name?”

“Zelda Ruiz, and I assume they call you Kleptomaniac”.

“Not even close, Quicksilver.”

I laughed and took a sip of my Pepsi.

“So, Mr. Quicksilver, The Cure.”

“Saw them live last month, my favorite album is Disintegration.”

“You kidding? Mine too! I absolutely love Lullaby, it’s one of my favorite songs.”

“Miss Ruiz, you have a really good musical taste, what about Alice in Chains?”

I was about to answer when the bell rang, lunch time was over and I had to meet up with Counselor Kitty to get my room assignment.

“Can I have my Walk Man back?” I asked him while  picked up my things and packed them in my bag, he handed it to me, there was this bried moment in which his fingers touched mine and it felt like an electric shock.

“See you in class Miss Ruiz.” He smiled and I couldn’t help to smile on my way to the Counselor’s office. I also liked the way he pronounced my last name.

When I arrived to the Counselor’s office, a tall girl, with white bangs was standing next to C. Kitty.

“Zelda, meet your roomie” The Counselor said.

“Hey, my name is Anne” She smiled and gave me a handshake, I noticed she was wearing black leather gloves, she seemed nice.

“Hey, I’m Zelda, but you already know that” I laughed a little.

Anne helped me to carry my things to the room.

“We have 10 minutes before our next class, so, tell me about you.” She said sitting on her bed as I

began to tape a The Cure poster to my side of the wall.

“Well, I’m from Queens, my parents are mexican, they wanted me to be a lawyer but I really want to play music, they were really dissapointed when I enrolled here, specially my abuela, she kind of hates me now.”

“They don’t know about your mutation then?” I shooked my head.

“They believe I won a scolarship here because I’m sort of a Chemistry genious.” We laughed, she helped me to tape a few posters to the wall before the bell rang again.

We rushed to the classroom, it was a blessing sharing classes with her, otherwise, I would have found myself lost in the labrynth of hallways.

“What class do we have next?” I asked her, History with Professor Logan was finishing.

“Music with Maximoff.” She said, I laughed.

“Wait, do we really have Music? I thought this was more like a superhero academy.”

“We have normal school subjects, like History, Math or Music, but we also have special classes depending on our mutations so we can learn how to control them.”

“And how is this Maximoff guy? Please tell me we don’t have to play Ode to Joy in flute because that brings back too many Middle School memories.”

“Absolutely not!” Anne laughed “He’s really funny, he likes rock, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones… that kind of thing.”

“He won me at Pink Floyd.”

We walked to the classroom and sat next to each other, a blonde guy with blue eyes sat in front of her, she introduced him to me, Bobby.

The classroom began to fill with students and I was doodling in my notebook when a familiar voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Class, today we have a new student.” They Quicksilver guy from the cafeteria was standing in front of me. I felt my heart beating faster. “She’s Zelda Ruiz from New York.”

“Um, hi everyone.” I said shyly.

“Well Zelda,  I’m Professor Maximoff.” He smiled and I felt my heart beating so fast I was sure every single person in the room could hear it.

“OMG guys Karin and Sakura are friends!! Now we can all be happy! :D”

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Friends? Yeah… Right.

Karin shows no ill will towards Sakura even though she still loves Sasuke, and assumes they are still good friends as she is the one who sent Salada the glasses and helped deliver her when she was born. 

Sakura on the other hand?

She taped HERSELF over Karin’s face and her daughter’s pictures over the other two team taka members. 

She had formed a “friendship” with Karin when it was convenient for her, she was pregnant and alone as she was chasing Sasuke. Karin was the other person who was there when she needed someone and so as the time would have it she stuck with her, had her baby with Karin’s help and then went back to Konoha. Karin did what she could for Sakura and the thanks she gets is being hidden like a dirty secret?

There was no reason for her to dodge Salada’s questions, no reason for any of them to dodge those questions. WHY couldn’t she simply admit that that she was travelling when she was pregnant and Karin helped her have a child in one of their warehouses?? Karin sent you the glasses for Salada yet you refused to tell the child that, it would have been a lot better than saying you weren’t sure if Sasuke wore glasses or not. She did not want her daughter to know anything about Karin.

This is no friendship. Sakura can not be called a “friend”. She took her benefits and then left and gave no shits after. Karin still loves Sasuke but willingly put aside her feelings because she wanted Sasuke’s happiness. That is a selfless love. 

What a fate Taka was dealt with treated like shit but still help others. Damn.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Schmidt [ENTP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by howtotallyamazing

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): After being rescued from the bunker, Kimmy stays in New York after being on the Today show with the fellow mole women. She’s fascinated by all of the new things that have sprung up within the last fifteen years since she’s been down in the bunker and wants to see the world beyond the bunker and the small town she lived in. Kimmy is good at seeing connections in her external environment. She’s adaptable and resilient, especially when Xan insists on trying to pick her apart to find what she’s been “hiding” from everyone, and often helps Titus brainstorm ideas - such as finding a loophole to get a security deposit back from the costume rental shop. Despite the brainwashing she encountered in the bunker, once in her own environment, Kimmy is able to draw conclusions about people and their true intentions - she’s quick to realize that the GED teacher could care less about actually teaching his students. Often, she gets caught up in the novelty of things.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Kimmy is endlessly fascinated by how the world has changed in fifteen years though she doesn’t understand things like what “googling” means or what “Molly” is. She goes to great lengths to figure out how things work and how to fix things. She exhausts all of her options to get her job back from Jacqueline after she is initially fired. When it looks like the prosecutors will lose their case against the Reverend and the mole women are locked in the bunker (again), she’s determined to find something in the bunker to help win his case - she doesn’t see what relevance the tape they found has at first until she sees the time stamp and using her Ne/Ti, comes to the conclusion that the reverend was lying about the world ending as he taped his audition to be a contestant on The Apprentice right when the world was supposedly about to “end”.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Kimmy is very sensitive to the feelings of others and is quick to comfort or help them. When Jacqueline is upset about the idea of her husband cheating on her, Kimmy willingly helps her in a scheme to expose his cheating. She goes through hoops to convince Titus she can be a good roommate and helps him with his quests. When Kimmy uses her Ne/Ti when a rat is found in the bunker after the supposed end of the world and the Reverend challenges her and tells her to send Gretchen out to see if her claims are true, Kimmy backs down for the sake of Gretchen’s welfare. She confesses first to Titus and eventually to Jacqueline that she’s one of the “mole women” because trying to keep up the lie bothers her. At first she refuses to testify at the Reverend’s trial but after realizing it is the right thing to do, she finally summons up the courage that she has to be the one to help put him away.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Using her knowledge of how she survived life in the bunker, Kimmy uses the same methods to help her survive out in the real world and even uses it to dispense advice to Jacqueline. She’s able to see that the spin class that her and Jacqueline are a part of is really a cult because of her experience with being in the cult. She relates a lot of pop culture references - typically from the 90’s - to what she’s experiencing in present time.