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Kyle + Cartman + Heidi Parallels

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When it comes to Kyle, Eric acts almost on impulse, not stopping to think about what the other may think. That is to say, forcefully wants to express their feelings or that they are correspondences, as in the case of imagination land. But also we are witnesses of its conduct in season 19.

Although Kyle did not want to make peace. Cartman is no longer frustrated at stopping him, just lets him go.

When it comes to Heidi, he is a little more focused on how he should show her his interest. As it makes note of qualities rather than defects. As he does with Kyle, because she gives him trust and affection.

Both Broflovski and Heidi do not hate him, but the problem with Kyle is that he is always in a dilemma, he finds it hard to accept that he does not hate as much as everyone thinks.  

But the circumstances and their position are somewhat reasonable.

In short, both give him something he appreciates. And it is very interesting to see, as he reacts when it comes to any of them.

The way he tries to get Kyle’s attention, and then the way he puts all of his attention on Turner. As he tries to keep Nicole away from Kyle and then do the same with Butters, but curiously Heidi never lets him go.


I try so hard to not post hate on some of the Clexa fandom…but this is so wrong on another level. This person bought The 100 book and rewrote Bellamy’s parts to Lexa’s. I’m planning to be a writer someday and for this to happen and letting Kass Morgan see it, I know this hurts more than she’s letting on. She put so much time and effort into making these books. I feel extremely bad for her and her handling this in a mature way, we don’t deserve this angel. We DO appreciate her and this show wouldn’t have started without her.

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S3 was actually great, the stories were fun to watch and Cami dying was the cherry on top. Once you get used to Hayley and just ignore her it's not even that bad imo. I hate Hayley and the kid as much as everyone else but Hayley is busy crying over Elijah anyways so I don't really care that she's on the show anymore I just ignore everything she does. Oh and I'm with you the originals is much better than tvd.

Well in general I think TVD was the better show, but TO has become insanely more tolerable to me, as opposed to TVD. I hated every minute of 7x14 that didn’t have Klaus in it, I’m not even kidding. 

I mean, her mary sue moments are uber annoying, but I gotta make-do, we’re never getting rid of her so *shrugs*. But yes, S3 wasn’t all that bad, I did have some moments where I genuinely was like ‘oooh’, ya know? And S3 gave me my son, Lucien, lmao.

Okay, okay, I saw it...

And yeah, it sucks.  And yeah I personally think it was uncalled for and unprofessional.  (seriously, this is why I have never been interested in actor interviews or con panels)  So I get the anger.  I do. BUT DON’T HATE. 

Understand that, SHE IS NOT A WRITER and frankly, our meta team probably has more insight into the shows subtext and direction than she does.  Her (not very nice) opinion of our ship does not change this;

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GUYS!!!!! I don’t care what she says!!! We aren’t making this SHIT up!!!!!  



Fandom: Melissa needs to take Kenz out of that environment but she won’t do it because Maddie is treated well and she doesn’t care how Kenz is treated. Mackenzie should be focusing on more important things than DM

Melissa: *pulls Mackenzie off the show*

Fandom: omg why would she do that??? Mackenzie doesn’t want to leave, why won’t Melissa keep her child in an abusive environment?? We have no idea what projects are coming up for Mackenzie but clearly this shitty reality show is more important!!1!

About the cancellation shows, guys management is in charge of that, non of the girls are. Blaming Camila, honestly, is so stupid. Can we all stop the hate. I know she have solo projects and that doesn’t mean they are leaving. Having solo projects helps them to stay sane. Example KPop groups the members do that so the group stay healthy because they are doing what they want. I was in the Dallas Show and I met a lot of people, I know most of you are teenagers or between 13-21 years old; I’m older than that 👀 more than 25…. And the people I met are around the same age they were telling me they heard IKWYDLS and loved Camila’s voice and they started to search more of her music and they found Fifth Harmony and started to love the group. Them having solo projects will help not just keeping sane also will help the group. So guys let’s stop drama and blaming the girls. BTW the shows that were cancel are around the days of the MTV Europe Music Awards, probably they will perform or have promo. Love you guys and please lets not pressure the girls (Sorry about my english is not my main language)

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people are so obsessed with Ruby Rose that it’s funny but there’s no frickin reason to hate her for that? if anything, that means she is doing something right, i don’t get this whole bashing of her

like you’re saying people can’t be excited that she is acting here or there just because there are other actors who are in it that we should be excited for

but they have been in the show for 2 seasons, why can’t we be happy for a new face? a genderfluid person is in more than one show and more and more people are starting to accept her for who she is

EDIT:  somebody did bring up a good point of her being a traditionally pretty (even though she’s not your cookie cutter type of person) white person and if she was of any other race or heritage that maybe she wouldn’t have done as well and I agree with that actually, that is a good reason not to be too excited with all the fuss about her but still no need to hate on her acting!

Love. Not hate.

SM is saying that they are going to be catious with sulli and f(x)’s activities which leads to the possible,and more likely than not, uncertain future of f(x).
With this is mind, the ultimate achievement and job as f(ans) at this point is to show them endless love and support.
If sulli does end up leaving, it would more likely than not be on her own accord. If she then continues to be an actress, the best thing we can do is show support.
If f(x) gets close to having a chance of disbanding, we need to give sm a full on show of why they shouldn’t do that.
If out of the blue, anything happens to any member, the best plan of action is to show love and support.
F(x) fighting!

You know, for being such a well-written and thought-provoking show, you’d think the Psycho-Pass fandom would be a little more mature. Instead of talking about the things we don’t like, why don’t we all try spreading some positive energy for once and talk about the elements of the series that we do enjoy? The movie just got subbed, and I can’t scroll more than once in the tag without seeing an absurd amount of posts beating up a character and saying that she deserves the hate. Let’s please try to keep in mind that just because the majority dislikes something doesn’t make it okay to spam the tags with hate and negative energy. I personally dislike Akane and Shinkane with a burning passion, but you don’t see me flooding the tags with negative posts about it, do you? Honestly, you all need to grow up and quit your bitching. There’s a difference between sharing your opinion and senselessly flaming. For accusing Mika of being a whiny little brat, you aren’t doing much better yourselves xD

honestly i can’t understand the logic of this fandom, because before i remember read things as ‘wE WANT MORE THAN JACE, CLARY, SIMON, WHAT ABOUT MAX? THEY NEED TO CAST MAX¡’ but now you are angry about it and ‘the show will suck’, you guys say that want to see character development in clary but when you see that she will have trust issues at the start you freak out, you say that will do anything for a second chance when ‘they ruin the book in the movie’ and now that we got it you just send hate based on rumors and no proof.

So Taylor Swift thought the line about Kanye having sex with her was tongue n cheek but was humiliated at the word ‘bitch’.
Don’t get me wrong, I hate the way bitch is used in rap music. But it makes no sense to me how she was cool about him saying that he feels like he’ll have sex with her - a line you could argue shows that he feels like he has more authority over her body than she does (if we want to get that far into it) but the word bitch was really the thing that got to her??
I’m very confused.
Kanye tried to do a decent thing, he does so many shitty things and this time he actually tried to do a decent thing and notify her that he was mentioning her in his song and then she vilifies him.

Stop shitting on Kit and Maisie’s nominations. It’s crap, and you’re crap for doing it. Like I’m peeved that Sophie wasn’t nominated either because her work this season has been truly great, and there are plenty of amazing actors on the show, but that doesn’t mean Maisie doesn’t deserve her nomination or that it’s in any way her fault she’s been recognized. She managed through a shitty first half and nailed her last episodes. Also, rewatch a first season clip of Kit as Jon, and then watch something from this past season and you’ll understand how far he’s come and what we mean when we say he deserves to win far more than Peter (not hating, just stating the obvious), who was given so little quality material to work with this past year but got a nod anyway despite, let’s be honest, not really deserving it. Emilia has improved, too, but I’m a little more confused as to why she keeps getting nominated for acting that isn’t nearly as good as some of her co-stars. Maybe it’s the impact of her character. But I’ll let that rest because this cast is amaze-balls, so the more the merrier. Also, Lena kicks ass because, well, duh. A queen is a queen for a reason.

Malia and Theo parallels

So I’ve been thinking a little bit about Malia and Theo lately. I think it was Cody Christian who said in an interview that Theo and Malia had a sort of connection that we would learn more about later. I know Jeff hates love triangles so I don’t think that’s it even if Malia has shown appreciation for Theo’s appearance and Theo seem to be intentionally using his body to sort of entice her (he did strip when he realized she was coming). Not that it seem to work much - instead Malia showed she was stronger than him, you go girl! 

What I do see though is a lot of parallels between the two. Hit the link for a list of parallels and ramblings. 

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