she hates herself for asking for help

i keep seeing people hating on Caitlin for no reason yeah i agree she did wrong by hidding the stone but what else she would have done huh? no one of her so called friends helps her nor cares about her, she is so damn afraid of her powers and they keeps on asking her to use them without caring about her and they saw a future where she will turn killer frost and what they all did oh nothing? so for once she thought about herself and even then she wasn’t totally selfish she wants to get rid of her powers because she don’t want to hurt others, don’t want to hurt her friends, so i don’t see how this is even *selfish*, even her hiding the stone actually helped the team in the end she was indirectly stopping savitar from coming out of the speedforce,she was so afraid and had no one so she did what she thought was right what she thought would keep the team safe,would keep everyone safe.

Caitlin Snow is the most selfless person ever, she always helps others without her team would be dead by now,she lost so much and never asked for anything she always stayed by their side,all she always want is to keep her friends safe caitlin snow deserves the world and all of the happiness and friends who cares about her.

  • she is a stubborn person, but not like normal stubborn, no sir. Lily Evans is so stubborn Sirius I always get what I want Black bows down.
  • her stubbornness reaches new heights when she knows she is right, even when she actually isn’t. Only James knows how to deal with that, others generally run.
  • she’s a little hot headed
  • when she gets angry she tells things she shouldn’t. 
  • During a particularly nasty fight with Sirius over Snape she yelled “Well no wonder your parents hate you” She gasped herself, too and James almost hexed her.
  • She has a need for everyone to have the same morals as she does, not that her morals are wrong but she sometimes does not understand that not everyone lives the same way.
  • This caused her to disregard Snape’s wrong-doings and Marauders and the girls’ effort to help her see.
  •  rather than ask, hex later she always hexes first and asks later.
  • she keeps everything in and just let’s them out at once. 
  • Let’s say you did something wrong and you say you’re sorry to Lily but she brings up whatever happened 5 months ago and she was like “no problem” back then but turns out she wasn’t. This drives Marlene mad.
  • When she dislikes someone, everything that person does gets to her even though they literally do nothing wrong. (ehem, James Potter)
  • a little bit too stern, not as much as McGonagall of course but a little too much for a girl her age
Of Ninjas and Foxes (SLBP) After story

I must have been crazy. To go against the village. Or at least that’s what Kiyohiro told me. But for her, I would do it again, in a heartbeat.

I don’t even know when I fell in love with her. Was it when she came to my door asking for help? Or when she yelled at me how much she hated me? When she asked to come with me because she thought being with me was safer than being by herself? When she refused to let go of me in the tree? When she gave me her coat, even though she was cold and terrified?

Now when I look at her, when she talks with Masaru and Ryuuzaki she has that smile on her face. That smile I got a glimpse of when she went to say goodbye to that fool of a dragon. And at some point, I realised she was giving me the same smile too. And for that smile, I would do anything.

The village elders must have known, they aren’t stupid. But still, they chose to go after her just after Ryuuzaki was born. Demanding her to give them the newborn. I have never been more proud of her when I heard from Sasuke how she had drawn her blade and told them they would have to pry the baby out of her cold dead hands.

I don’t know what the elders had expected, thinking a woman would just give up her baby without a fight. And what they certainly didn’t expect was for the staff of my restaurant to defend her against them.

Their plan was good, I was away for a long mission at the time, but at that point, there was already several children she was looking after. The first one had been Hiyori. Her mother had worked at the restaurant and she had asked her to look after her. So, when she was killed Hiyori stayed. Some other children ended up under her wing when they were sent to the restaurant as aid. She wouldn’t hear of it, even though I tried to tell her ninja children were used to working as soon as they could, but she insisted and I didn’t have the heart to resist. We trained them of course, but other than that they were her responsibility, a responsibility she took on gladly.

So, when the elders tried to take away the newborn baby of their beloved ‘mother’, they defended her with the rest of the staff. It must have been quite a sight, her carrying a baby and a sword, surrounded by children so loyal they would rise against all they had been taught for this one woman.

The elders thought this was due to her youkai powers, that she had somehow tricked all of them. What they failed to see was that each and every one of them was there because she had moved something in them, that it had nothing to do with supernatural but with love and trust. Something they will never understand.

When I saw the graves their visit left behind and heard what they had done I had only one choice. I went to the village. And I told them if they ever come after her or the children again I would kill each and every one of them. I made my emphasis by leaving behind some dead bodies of my own.

Hearing her laugh now makes all I have done worth it. The first time I realised how much I loved her laugh was when I could no longer hear it. That time Yukimura thought I was crazy too when I talked to him about it. But seeing how her smiles turned dead and the look in her eyes hollow after we returned to Tsutsujigasaki, I had to do something.

I don’t even know why I let her tag along in the first place. Why had I even spent time with her, when my orders were only to make sure she wouldn’t run away. But something pulled me to her, was it the eerie resemblance to the girl I remembered from my childhood or my curiosity about ayakashi, I don’t know. I let her get under my skin even when I knew she was toying with me.

Getting her out of the temple wasn’t part of my orders, I was there just to spy on the Date army. But bringing her into Tsutsujigasaki palace was a mistake. I should have taken her to Ueda, but Yukimura was waiting for me in Tsutsujigasaki with Shingen. I saw the predatory look Shingen got in his eyes when I told who she was. There was no point in hiding it, many people had seen her and knew who she was if I were to try to hide her identity it would have gotten her killed. Still, it felt like I had thrown her into the tiger’s den. I guess that was the first time I realised I felt something for that silly girl I had watched and trained for months.

I kept telling myself she was better off without me. That she’d be happier if I kept pushing her away and let her become Shingen’s pampered plaything. Even when she half asleep confessed her love after I had taken her innocence I thought she should go to Shingen. But after that one night, she spent hidden in my closet I knew I was too far gone, that I would do anything to make her smile again. I should have known better than to lose myself when I saw that bruise on her arm. I hadn’t realised what he was asking of her, what she was offering because she felt like she had no choice. I wanted to kill Shingen for making her suffer.

When she told me, she was with a child, possibly with my child, my first thought was that she was lying. Trying to trick me into whatever schemes she was up to. It didn’t take me long to realise how wrong I had been. I should have seen the signs earlier, how she was feeling unwell, didn’t have an appetite and how tired she was.

I knew I had to get her out of there. The whole way to Kyoto I was afraid she’d get sick because I was asking too much of her. The spring air was even colder at night and every night she shivered in my arms. But somehow we made it and Amaya took her under her wing. I don’t think I’ve ever been interrogated so thoroughly than when she asked me what had happened to her.

I had no objection when Amaya wanted her to work at the restaurant. She seemed to enjoy it, every time I saw her in the kitchen she had a genuine, happy smile on her face, a smile I had longed to see.

When I returned to Tsutsujigasaki I could tell Yukimura was angry, but I just shrugged him off, telling I had lost her, that she had run off to the night and I had been unable to find her. I was willing to be punished, even killed if it meant she was safe. Shingen was upset after he had lost his plaything, but he had another war to fight so he couldn’t go search for her right away. Not that he would have found her even if he went to Kyoto. I had told Amaya he might be after her and she had promised to keep her hidden. I could see Kansuke knew what I had done, but his desire to keep her away from Shingen had kept his lips sealed.

When Masaru was born, she was so torn. When I got to Kyoto, she was begging me to forgive her, holding a beautiful red haired baby. I told her there was nothing to forgive, that it didn’t matter to me whose the baby was, as long as she was safe and happy. That she’d always have a place to stay at the restaurant.

I knew it was only a matter of time before the word about her got to the village, but when they saw her baby wasn’t mine, they let her be on the condition I’d have a child with her too. I agreed, even though I had no plans of having children of my own. Masaru, Hiyori and the other children were enough for me and the last thing I wanted was to force her into anything after what Shingen had done to her.

Every time I visited Kyoto she looked so happy to see me. I asked if I could sleep next to her and she said yes. I couldn’t get enough of her sleeping form, I stayed up most nights stroking her hair, just looking at her, falling for her harder every time. I saw how confused she was, how much she wanted to please me, how she would do anything I asked because she still thought she was ‘mine’. I knew it was selfish of me to ask her to sleep next to me but even the couple nights of the month I could spare made me so happy. I loved her so much I felt like dying every time I had to leave Kyoto, but she wasn’t for me to have.

I had told myself I would not get any more involved with her. That she didn’t deserve it. That she was better off without me. That eventually she would find someone else, someone safe. But when she kissed me one night, whispering how much she had come to love me, how she missed me every time I went away, I realised I didn’t want to let her go either. That I wanted to be the only man she would want and wait for, even if she’d have to wait to join me in next life.


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Bellamy has done nothing except try to be a good man and do the right thing. Even if he hasn't always succeeded, he's always tried to be helpful for the last four seasons. Octavia only thinks about herself. Bellamy has spent this entire season trying to reach out and support Octavia even though she's been acting like a brat and being shitty to him. It makes no sense to hate him but support Octavia.

Anon, I think you accidentally sent me, a pro-Octavia blog, a mistyped ask? Don’t worry - I edited it for you so that it actually reflects reality: 

Never, In Fact, Homeless - Part 2

Relationship: Dean X Daughter

Words: 1,956

Summary: Reader has found herself in a bit of a situation and since the boys have offered their help, she feels it’s only right to return the favor.

Warnings: talk of hunger, mostly just sad Daddy!Dean feels tbh

Tagging: @mysaintsasinner because she asked to be tagged in her followers’ stuff and I figured why not? If anyone else wants to be tagged in stuff let me know!

A/N: Here it is! Just like I promised! Please don’t hate me for being so slow!

Part 1

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For supposedly being made of water vapor, clouds were actually incredibly warm. So soft and comfortable, you couldn’t recall a time when you’d slept on something as pleasant. The cloud even smelled nice, too, like worn leather and faint cologne. It reminded you of better, happier times, when the worst things you had to worry about were your grades or the latest gossip at school. It reminded you of coming home to fresh baked pie right out of the oven, of sweet lemonade with two straws that twisted around each other. It reminded you of –

You bolted upright, heart racing wildly in your chest. Whipping your head around, you noticed you’d somehow ended up in a motel room. But when? Why? How was it possible that you’d slept on a bed, a real, actual bed?

The realization had you almost in tears.

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Look, I know it’s coming out soon so I’m just gonna state my theory. This theory, while it can be supported by evidence, is mainly based on speculation and I will not be providing evidence. Feel free to add anything.

What if Nesta and Cassian get their own series. Now, hear me out:

- Rhys and Feyre defeat Hybern with Tamlin’s help. He sacrifices himself to save Lucien and Feyre. 

- Hybern has no heirs and is left with an empty throne. Nesta hates the Night Court because during her time there she tried to kill herself and no one knew about it or even asked if she was doing fine. She pushed them away and they all focused on Elain.

- As a result, Nesta volunteers to rule Hybern until they can become their own nation with their own government.

- Cassian is lost after everything that’s happened to him. He doesn’t know who he is anymore after the war and everything else. The only person who’s really helped him recover was Nesta.

- Rhys doesn’t want Nesta to run Hybern without any allies- so he says that he will send an emissary. Cassian volunteers.


Now, if anyone has anything to add, please feel free and thank you for reading this :)

Robin Headcanon Rant <3

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  • She tries not to feel old. The younger people around her help with that.
  • She can read nearly every kind of runes and is fluent in 14 languages (reading better than speaking).
  • Her back often hurts, so she uses her powers to massage herself.
  • Don’t make her pout. She’s gonna let you trip over her randomly appearing feet and look super cute and hot while doing so.
  • She sometimes spies on others using her DFP.
  • Luft asked her to do so to find out what Sanji’s cooking.
  • She tends to read while eating breakfast. Sanji doesn’t really like it, but he lets her do so, because she looks genuinely happy while doing so.
  • She loves cute little backpacks.
  • Puberty was hell for her.
  • She can juggle with up to 7 objects.
  • She hates raisins, but actually like the chocolate covered ones???
  • She sings/hums in the bathroom.
  • She drinks a loooooooot of coffee. (or tea, she loves both)
  • She doesn’t read books with orphans as protagonists.
  • She’d really like to know her parents.
  • She’s biromantic and sexual.
  • Robin knows how to summon demons.
  • She likes watching Zoro’s training sessions in the morning.
  • At the beginning she really hated being a tall woman, but by now she wouldn’t want to be a single inch shorter.
  • But she still likes Nami’s nose better than her own.
  • Her hands are SO SOFT!
  • She loves flowers and those on the sunny attract so many bees! Sanji already thought about becoming a beekeeper.
  • She keeps her fingernails very short, but clean. She doesn’t like nail polish though.
  • She’s not a big fan of tomato soup.
  • She likes skirts, but prefers cute shorts or trousers (though it’s hard for her to find fitting ones because of her amazingly beautiful and long legs, thus she wears skirts more often).
  • She hates bras.
  • Sunglasses are her favorite accessories.
  • Buttoned clothes are her favorite.
  • She got an Indiana Jones outfit for her birthday. She likes the hat.
  • She shaves nearly every day. Body hair is ok on others, but not on her, so she thinks.
  • She likes to dance! Especially with Name, Chopper and Sanji.
  • Lavender and cinnamon are her favorite scents.

Sorry btw that there was no post yesterday!
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I have an idea for a fan fiction I probably won’t get to write but:

Imagine Hiccup and Astrid are planning their wedding and it is tradition for the bride to be of the chief to weave a tapestry to hang in the great hall for their wedding day. 

Astrid has neglected this task because she hates weaving and embroidery. She’d rather wield a sword than weft thread and just isn’t very good at it. Plus, she has been busying herself helping Hiccup run and defend Berk and there are so many other parts of the wedding planning she would rather focus on. She does intend to do it, and intends to do a good job too, but time gets away from her.

A few weeks before the wedding her mother asks her how the tapestry is coming along and Astrid has an “Oh, shit,” moment and is all, “We can break tradition. It’s just a fancy piece of cloth,” and her mom wigs out about honour and what not and Astrid realizes she is going to have to weave that tapestry.

Her mother tries to help but she is not the most patient teacher and there is some mother daughter squabbling and her mother leaves her to it alone. Astrid tries her best but can’t get the hang of it and it frustrates the heck out of her, because she likes to be good at everything. 

At a loss, so she goes to the one person she knows who can help.


So for the next few weeks/month or so, you have Snotlout sneaking into Astrid’s bedroom throughout the day and night, helping her weave this tapestry.

People start to notice Snotlout’s coming and goings. Rumours start flying.

Someone approaches Hiccup with accusations. Hiccup nearly dies of laughter. 

“Astrid and Snotlout? Nope. Never. Not even if Valhalla froze over.”

But then one day he notices Hookfang helping Snotlout out of Astrid’s window and he is all “WTF?”

He trusts Astrid. Surely, nothing is going, but he starts watching Snotlout more closely. Sure enough he catches Snotlout sneaking in Astrid’s bedroom window. 

Unable to help himself, Hiccup barges in and sees Snotlout and Astrid nearly completing the tapestry. It is a lovely piece of work.

Astrid is upset that Hiccup caught a glimpse of the tapestry before the wedding but also teases him of being jealous of Snotlout. 

Astrid tells Hiccup about what a help Snotlout has been and Hiccup and Snotlout have a bonding moment and Hiccup is reminded of how much Snotlout has matured and that he is glad to have him on his team. 

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Vivian 72. Are they allergic to anything? 93. What kinds of things anger them?

72. She’s allergic to eggs, but she still eats them anyway. She only really gets a sore throat for a few days afterwords. She’s also allergic to pine, which really sucks for her around spring and summer time.

93. She hates losing at video games. And contrary to popular belief, she sucks at math and it makes her really mad when she doesn’t understand certain problems. Little side note: she also has a bit of a pride issue when it comes to that and would much rather fail a million times trying to figure it out herself than ask someone for help.

Seeing is Relative

Prompt: Soulmates find each other when they look into each other’s eyes. What happens when one of them is blind?

(Inspired by this ask/post)

Y/N’s jaw gaped while she stared on in shock. She had been in Jedha for…certain reasons when a fight broke out. Hating the bucket heads herself, she wanted to fight. However, she quickly realized that she was not needed when one of the ‘beggars’ she had passed earlier was doing fine on his own.

She was even more amazed when she remembered he was blind. He was blind and could kick ass like nobody’s business. She couldn’t help the admiration that was prickling in her chest. She smirked when she saw the blind man’s friend finish the job, shooting more incoming Stormtroopers.

“That was amazing,” she voiced, stepping out into the open, her eyes on the dead Stormtroopers.

The man smiled. He had heard her voice earlier when she passed him. There was something about it that kept his interest. He smiled in her direction.

“Seeing is relative,” he told her, “It helps that the Force keeps me safe.”
“Did the Force shoot the rest of them?” the second man mumbled.
“The Force is in everything, Baze.”

Y/N chuckled, amused at Baze’s disgruntlement. It wasn’t long until the trio were joined by another trio. A scruffy man, a tough girl, and an imperial droid made up the second trio. The man furrowed his brows.

“Whose this?” he asked, pointing to Y/N.
Chirrut rolled his gaze over. “A friend.”
“Y/N if you want to be specific,” she added with a chuckle, “Your friend here is easily a warrior.”
“High praise,” the blind man replied, “Thank you. I am Chirrut.”

Y/N smiled at him. Something drew her to look into his hazed eyes. Immediately, her body felt as if it were on fire. Her breath caught in her throat. She couldn’t believe it; she had only heard stories. Had she really found her soulmate? But, something seemed…off.

Chirrut simply furrowed his eyebrows. A thoughtful expression covered his face. He was suddenly warm, but he was unsure of what that meant.

“…Is it…” Y/N trailed off, still in shock.
“I am not sure,” he admitted quietly.

Baze, Cassian, Jyn, and K2 awkwardly glanced around. Each one was a little unsure of what was happening. Determined to settle it, Y/N closed the space between her and Chirrut. With both hands, she held his head. Her thumbs traced his cheeks as she directed his gaze directly to her own eyes.

To Chirrut, the small light that had been Y/N exploded around him. He gripped her arms as he felt the Force coursing through him and Y/N. The flaming beam created a shape that he could…see? Was that right? He knew he wasn’t regaining his sight. But, in that bright glow, he could ‘see’ the other soul. It was a soul tied to his own.

He let out a breath. “Y/N.”

She let out a laugh of relief as she felt her and Chirrut truly connect. The blind man smiled at her. Y/N slipped her arms around his neck and embraced him. Chirrut closed his eyes as he held his soulmate. The joy he felt was amazing. Being blind, he thought he had lost all chance of experiencing this very moment. Yet, here she was.

“I can’t believe it,” he whispered to her, “I didn’t think it could happen.”
She tightened the hug. “It did, and we’ve found each other.”
“What is going on?” Baze asked aloud.

The two laughed, pulling apart. Y/N gripped Chirrut’s hand tightly. He never wavered his blind gaze from her.

“Another ancient tale has been proven real to one who didn’t think it could ever happen.”

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do waitress too (':

                                                 SEND ME A MUSICAL!

Listened to It | wtf is that | LOVE IT | meh | um…hate it | heard of it | yes!!


Favorite Lyric:  okay so: 
“i’ll show them all how goddamn happy i am!” 
“she’s imperfect, but she tries. she is good, but she lies. she is hard on herself; she is broken and won’t ask for help. she is messy, but she’s kind. she is lonely most of the time. she is all of this mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie. she is gone, but she used to be mine.” 

Favorite Song:  I REALLY CANT PICK OKAY,,,,, whats inside, opening up, what baking can do, a soft place to land, she used to be mine, and everything changes

Favorite Character: idk maybe jenna hunterson shes ok /: 

Best Moment: WHEN LULU IS BORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOE

Something that makes me angry: earl fucking hunterson

Gives me the chills:  every jenna / earl interaction in the entire show

Overall opinions:  waitress saved my life


Aradia Week Day 5: Ghosts

For today’s prompt, I drew two pictures! Because, quite frankly, I have no self control.

Aradia’s relationship with ghosts has always been interesting. She’s been able to talk to ghosts since she was little, and apparently the ghosts of Vriska’s victims like her enough to get revenge on Vriska when she asks (or they just hated Vriska enough that they’d take any excuse to harass Vriska). Then, of course, Aradia becomes a ghost herself, and has to follow the command of ghosts (perhaps the ancestors?). Then, in the end, she is revived, and becomes a Grim Reaper for her ghostly friends, helping them to accept their death.

Aradia just can’t help but to be a living smiling beacon of hope in the midst of all these ghosts, can she?


imagine missy, receiving the doctor’s confession dial. imagine how terrified she must have been. the doctor is going to die within a day, he knows it, he’s accepted it, he’s sent her his confession dial. he’s certain.

imagine her, searching the entire universe furiously, trying to find him. checking everywhere. messaging him, trying to trace his TARDIS, trying to contact him in every way possible. maybe she attacks a planet they know to try to draw him out.

when it doesn’t work, she stops wasting her energy on the invasion and almost loses hope.

imagine her, swallowing her pride, hating the very idea of it - finally, gathering herself, composing her dignity, to ask a human for help. trying to remain calm knowing she is the doctor’s only chance to survive and being so impatient with UNIT’s incredible slow pace, their threats, clara’s conversation. trying not to fall apart with fear for him.

imagine how mortifying, to missy, that a human knows the only person she cares about in the universe better than she does. his oldest friend.

but she’s just glad she got to him in time.

he ignores her.

I am so angry. My baby sister is having her baby in less than four weeks. She’s about as pregnant as pregnant gets. She’s had a rough pregnancy too, just because she is tiny. She is 5'2 and never weighed 100 lbs before pregnancy. Her tiny frame struggles to support her big belly. She is miserable 100% of the time.

Today at work she asked another manager if they could get something heavy down for her, so she wouldn’t be climbing to the top shelf, and they rudely asked if her legs were broken. I should mention this manager is also our aunt and a mother of two herself. People are hateful towards pregnant women these days. It feels almost shameful to be pregnant and need help. But you have to have it sometimes. I don’t understand why people get so upset.

She is working until she delivers and I really worry. They won’t cut her hours or do anything to help her. She is in so much pain.

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What about fashion designer!Annabeth and model!Percy or viceversa?

  • ooh Annabeth who sees fashion as a form of architecture
  • Percy starts modeling to help his mom out and finds he’s actually really good at it 
  • they meet when Annabeth expands into doing a men’s line and her fellow designer friend, Silena, suggests Percy as a model 
  • she finds herself staying up late at night designing things she thinks he’ll look good in (she hates herself for it and would never ever admit it out loud) 
  • he asks Annabeth if she wants him to turn down other modeling jobs, which of course not she would never interfere with his income like that, but she does get a pang of jealousy when she sees him doing shoots with women hanging all over him 
  • Annabeth is sure to book Percy for Fashion Week/the premiere of her men’s line and she obsesses over every minor detail of every single piece– he laughs as she takes his measurements for the millionth time 
  • “What are you laughing at?” 
  • “Nothing. You’re just really cute when you’re overthinking.” 
  • “Is that so?” 
  • Percy immediately begins to stammer and back-track nervously, scared he crossed a line but Annabeth stands confidently (as always, really) and places a kiss to his cheek 
  • “You’re really cute all the time” 
  • he waits until after Fashion Week to work up the nerve stammer through asking her out, and once again, Annabeth doesn’t think he could look any cuter 

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why the hate on emma roberts

i’m just gonna leave this here (and btw the only reason she cried after was because SHE READ ABOUT IT ON A BLOG, she wasn’t crying because she was sorry, she was crying because IT LEAKED????)

and this when she was on punk’d and didn’t do anything even after her called “best friend” asked her to help 

and when she was dating chord, she treated him like shit all the time, here’s an example

A Mergana AU: Where Merlin joined Morgana but as times went by  things began to change between them and Morgana suspected that he might be blaming her for the downhill his life had taken after he had taken her side. 
He said nothing. However, the look on his face told her everything she needed to know. He resented her. Probably he even hated her. After all, she was the reason he had lost his destiny, it was because of her that he would always be nothing but a treacherous servant. A servant who had given up everything for someone like her.

“Do you love me still?” Morgana couldn’t help but ask. She’d been considering the possibility for a while now but she was…afraid. Scared even of the answer that she might get. She loved him, wholeheartedly and she couldn’t imagine her life with him.

He sighed and looked away. Morgana prepared herself for what might come. The aching in her heart intensified and the burning sensation in the corner of her eyes was a clear sign that she was about to lose the fight to keep her tears from falling.


The man finally turned toward her. Her breath hitched in her throat when she noted the redness of his eyes. This was it, she thought, now it would all end.

“You know that I will always love you…”

“But?” she prompted, her voice barely above a whisper.

Merlin shook his head and shrugged one shoulder, “But nothing.”

“That’s not true,” she argued, standing up, “You’ve changed.”

“Yet the love I bare for you hasn’t.” He told her, reaching for her hands.

She allowed him to grasp them. “Then what happened to you? Why are you distancing yourself from me?”

“Because I don’t wish to harm you.” He said weekly and squeezed her hands.

She frowned and almost withdrew away from him but his grip only tightened when he foresaw what she was about to do. “Why would you?”

He took a deep breath before he responded, “Because there’s a prophecy that say that I’m going to kill you.”


•hated herself sometime after the war
•more than Ginny did
•she gave Ginny advice but never used it herself
•hated the fact she was muggleborn
•was told she wasn’t muggle enough
•or witch enough
•even MORE torn between two worlds
•she doesn’t ask for help
•because she Hermione
•and Hermione never needs help
•she spends all her time in libraries reading mystery
•but never romance
•because she doesn’t need something lovey
•that’ll only get her bored
•Hermione being stubborn about her looks
•her hair is awful
•and there is always grime in it
•and she hasn’t done anything to it in so long
•but for some reason Ron loves her
•she doesn’t understand
•she does love him though
•and she loves his humor
•his smile
•his secret intelligence
•his problem-solving skills
•his hair
•his laugh
•the way he’s patient
•she wants to wait until after marriage
•because she’s afraid
•which is fine
•no one pressures her
•she’s made it open she’s waiting
•she’s also made it open she’s so confused as to why Ron loves her
•She loves him loving her
•but why her?
•Ron is kind though
•he tells her she’s beautiful
•even when she doesn’t believe him (all the time)
•he tells her her scar is a sign of bravery and not shame
•in return she love him back
•applauds him
•teaches him
•It’s wonderful
•it really is

Imagine Emily being so excited to have a baby. She’s going to be a mother. They’ve decorated a nursery, light pinks and pretty floral designs, something elegant and beautiful. Richard sits with her at night, hand over her stomach as the baby kicks, and everything seems perfect.

Imagine Emily biting her tongue when Richard suggests naming the baby “Lorelai.” He wants to name their baby after his mother, the same woman who has openly ridiculed Emily since they first met. Her mother-in-law HATES her, but she still agrees because she knows it will make Richard happy. They’ll name the baby “Lorelai.”

Imagine Emily in tears late at night because her daughter hates her. They fight at every interaction, and she can’t help but blame herself. She must have done something wrong to merit this level of hatred. And she has to ask herself why every “Lorelai” she knows seems to hate her.

Imagine Emily absolutely horrified when she learns that her granddaughter is named Lorelai. Imagine her doing everything she can to make sure that at least ONE Lorelai doesn’t despise her. Imagine her decorating a bedroom in their house so that her granddaughter will feel at home. Imagine her serving pudding for dessert because she thinks it’ll make her happy. Imagine Emily, who has spent entire decades of her life being hated, trying so hard to make sure that at least one person likes her.

Then ask yourself if she’s still overbearing and manipulative, or if she’s just desperate for one person in her family to like her.