she hates having blankets or anything on her

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Just stay with me: marichat?

Marinette huddled under her blanket, her hands clutched around a mug of steaming tea to help fight off the cold. 

She didn’t want to go inside. 

She had thought she had seen the worst of it. She had faced down so many akumas. She had fought against her best friend with barely a flinch of hesitation, knowing that she could do what needed to be done and that everything would be alright. She thought there was nothing she couldn’t handle. 

She had never thought she might have to fight her own mother. 

Marinette huddled further into the corner of her terrace. 

They had been victorious of course. Cleansing the akuma and restoring the city to rights. But while the superficial damage may have been repaired, the emotional damage was taking a toll that Marinette had never realized was possible until it struck at the heart of her own family. 

The attack last night had been all over the news. They always were. The first time the footage aired that morning Marinette had watched in horror as her usually indomitable mother had burst into tear, shutting herself in the bedroom and leaving a silent Tom and Marinette to finish the morning preparation. The normally bustling bakery had been a ghost town, and even though Marinette was off from school her father had told her there was little she could help with and to go enjoy her day off since there wasn’t much to be done.

Alya had insisted that this was normal and would die down in a day or two, sending Marinette several links to articles and interviews she had done on the subject. It didn’t do much to lift Marinette’s spirits, but she couldn’t help but feel an awed sense of pride at the incredible dedication her friend had towards her site.  

Sabine had of course eventually recovered after a few hours. Coming down and joining Tom in the empty shop, but in spite of her attempts to act as though everything was fine, the general atmosphere was sullen. Tom had ultimately retreated to the kitchen to take his frustrations out on a new bread recipe he had wanted to try, and Marinette had retreated to her balcony. 

She felt like a failure. 

She kept seeing the image of her mother- twisted and transformed into one of Hawkmoths minions, glaring at her lunging forward to rob her of her Miraculous. 

It had been by far one of her worst fights. Her mind had been unable to focus, instead racing with questions and wondering if she could have stopped this. 

Thank God for Chat. He had immediately registered her distress and more than picked up the slack, taking the lead for a change. He had forsaken his habitual good humored flirting and managed the battle with a quiet, efficient intensity that she would not have expected from her usually exuberant partner.

It had been over in a matter of minutes, one of their shorter battles if she was being honest. But it had somehow felt like an eternity, and she had barely been able to get through the traditional fist bump before fleeing the scene so that no one would see her burst into tears. 

Now here she was, huddled helplessly against the wind, her face stained with tears that had been falling on and off for the last few hours, ashamed to go inside. 

She heard the sound of footfalls on the roof and looked up expecting to see her father. Instead she was met with the concerned green eyes of her partner. 

“Chat… what are you doing here?” she asked fighting the urge to attempt to straighten up her appearance. 

“I like to check up on the victims after the attacks,” he said collapsing his baton and stowing it behind his back. 

“I wasn’t the victim.” 

“I know. I already spoke to your mother down in the bakery.”

“Oh,” Marinette said, surprised, “How…” she trailed off. 

“She’ll be ok,” Chat said coming to sit down beside her. “She was blaming herself for something she had no control over.” He gave Marinette an assessing glance. “Seems to be a trait with the Cheng women I see.” 

She laughed softly then scooted closer and dropped her head against his shoulder. Too tired and too heartsick to care that she was untransformed and therefore shouldn’t be showing this level of familiarity.

Chat’s eyes widened slightly in surprise but he made no effort to stop her, only adjusting slightly so they fit together in a more comfortable angle. 

“I didn’t know you did this,” she said quietly. 

“Did what?”

“Visited with the victims. It’s very kind of you.” 

“No one should have to go through something like this alone,” he said, “pain is worse if you don’t talk to anyone about it. It can change you, leave you broken. Even hurt the people around you.” 

“You sound like you have some experience on the subject.” 

“I might.” 

She nodded slightly and took a small sip of her tea. “Do you talk to all of the victims?” she asked curiously. 

“No, not all of them. Some of them don’t need it, I’ll go to check in on them and they will already be on the road to recovery. Your friend Alya for example. She had her own ways of coping.” 

“You should have talked to her anyways. You know she would have adored getting a personal visit from Chat Noir.”

“You know in retrospect you are right,” he said with a small smile. “Next time I’m on patrol I’ll make a point of letting her catch me for an interview. Unless you want to make my life easier and just help with a set up?” 

“She’s coming over for a sleepover tomorrow night,” Marinette said feeling warmer for the first time all day.

“I’ll be sure to coincidentally land on your balcony during my rounds. Say around 9:00?” 

Marinette smiled. 

“So, who was the most difficult person for you to talk to?” she asked. 

Chat thought for a moment, his brow furrowing in concentration. 

“Probably the little girl, the one who stole all your dolls, remember?” 

“You talked to Manon?” 

“Yeah, that one was rough. Not gonna lie I went home that night and put together a Hawkmoth dart board. Might have gotten a little carried away. Even stabbed the thing with a fencing sword if you can believe it.” 

Marinette laughed, pressing closer against her partner and he wrapped an arm around her. 

“That’s actually kind of fantastic,” she said, “Do you still have it?” 

“Nah, my father made me take it down. I think it freaked him out that I was violently lashing out what most of Paris thinks of as some unknown mystical super being.” 

“What do you think of him as?” 

“Exactly what he is- some guy in a suit who thinks its ok to terrorize innocent people for his own selfish gain. He might have powers but he’s just an ordinary man.” 

“Like you are?” she said, looking up at him and for the first time desperately wishing she could know the boy behind the mask. 


They sat in silence for a few minutes, Marinette sipping on her tea without really tasting it and Chat rubbing his hand idly up and down her arm over the blanket. 

“Why did you come to talk to me?” Marinette asked at last. 

“Because you looked like you needed a friend,” he replied. 

“I do,” she admitted, hating the pricking of tears she could feel returning to her eyes, “I really do.” 

“Is there anything I can do for you princess?” he asked tenderly, wrapping his other arm around her and pulling her in close. 

“Just stay with me.” 

Look I did angst!!!! Part of my 4 word prompt drabbles. Not taking on new ones atm just finishing the ones I have. 

Blue Kisses.

Pairing: Hoseok / Reader.

Genre: Fluff, angst.

Summary: “But you do know that I care right?” he whispered against the skin of your cheek, his thumb brushing heat over your bottom lip, making your lips part to accommodate his digit.

Word count: 12,821


Note: Ahhh, I wrote this so long ago and I’m not sure if I still like it .But here! All revamped and made pretty for the masterlist so meh~

After standing alone in a unfamiliar living room for the last half hour, you were officially ready to kill Jung. It was no secret that you hated frat parties, favouring curling up in your second - hand (hey, it was cheap), worn chair with one of your favourite books or watching reruns to staying out late with drunk students. You could be quite shy around those you didn’t know, and hated being forced to down bitter tasting beer while drunk classmates would pull you into their sweaty embraces. Also, due to your dislike of alcohol, you were often the only sober person in the house, having to deal with your classmates drunk antics. 

You would never forget that on the rare occasion that you went to a party, the boy who sat next to you in Art History had pinned you to a wall and tried to shove his tongue down your throat. Obviously he was too drunk to aim and ended up with a mouthful of hair rather than your lips, but it was enough to put you off parties even more than before. You hadn’t been able to look at him the next day, awkwardly nodding when he had apologised. However you did try to enjoy yourself on the weekends, earning it after the gruelling week. Sometimes you would invite some of your friends to your tiny dorm room provided by the school to go on a movie marathon. There had been a slight mix up with the rooms at the collage, meaning you didn’t have a roommate, and the school hadn’t assigned you one yet. However after a disastrous week, chock full of meetings and assignments due in, you were ready to get a pizza, hide in a mountain of blankets and fall asleep in front of the season finale of the crown. However when Jung had arrived at your door in the early evening, and almost broke down your door with her violent knocking, your plans had been thrown to the wind.

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What is apparent throughout the whole episode, from every interaction between MH and BS, is THAT MIN HYUK IS MAKING EVERYTHING ABOUT BS. He wants to help her, but in a way that doesn’t get her killed or hurt. He knows best how she rushes to help those she loves, how recklessly with a complete disregard of her own safety. HE KNOWS BECAUSE HE TOOK THAT KNIFE FOR, HE KNOWS IT ALL AND HAS A SCAR TO PROVE IT. So all he wants now, is to make sure that she doesn’t find herself in the same danger.

He is literally imploring her here not to do this own her own, not to abandon her own safety, because he is desperate to protect her and that very desperation makes him put on her that key necklace and beg her to wear it all the time. It has a tracker device and he does it without her permission but he would rather have her hate him than have anything happen to her - HE IS READY TO PROTECT HER FROM THE WHOLE WORLD, EVEN IF IT MEANS PROTECTING HER FROM HERSELF AND HER OWN SELFLESS HEART.

This whole moment is so beautiful and precious because BS in her stupor and grief is almost oblivious to most of what MH is saying to her, but he is so desperately trying to get through to her, to soothe her (OMG! That little gesture of placing a blanket on her knees! You don’t see it but you know he did it because she is unable to do anything in her state), to wipe away her tears while being on his knees the whole time.

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I was having a pretty shit day until I read your happy headcanons. They're so warm and fuzzy! Keep 'em coming!

awww sorry you had a shit day, hope todays better tho… but this message was so sweet thank you!

i got a family headcanon thing comin soon to own on dvd and video, but heres some more fuzzy shit :$)

-mulder adn scully cuddle at any possible opportunity.
like big family gathering? dont bother with the extra chairs, ill just sit on top of mulder!
wow, humans really do waste a lot of water per day, maybe we should conserve more… and that leads to mulder and scully sharing baths and showers for the sole purpose of environmental conservation. the only purpose. whatsoever.
jeez, this hospital bed is so cold. i could use some more warmth but theres not a thermostat in sight… scully what are you doing? climbing into my bed! well this is a welcome surprise.

-in the very beginning of their relationship, mulder was very nervous about being with scully, thinking he didn’t deserve her, that he was bad for her, etc, and one of the arguments that he used was “you deserve someone who will take you to brunch, to art museums, for walks in the park” and scully countered with “why can’t you do any of that. what if i want all of that, i just want it with my spooky partner who will point out aliens in renaissance paintings.

and so at least once a month, they go out to brunch then to an art museum and a walk in the park. mulder always makes a point of taking her past every statue and painting of people kissing, and then sticking his tongue down her throat. “life imitates art. right, scully?”

-the lazarus bowl got them hooked on crappy movies. anytime the shittiest, corniest, obvious trainwreck comes to their local theater, they go, make out in the back of the theater and then go to dinner and make fun of the parts of it that they did see.

-mulder has a list of the best huggers in the entire world:

1. Maggie Scully
2. Dana Scully
3. That Big Bald Beautiful Man

-the only reason maggie’s above scully is she always lets him have like a five minute long hug because lets be honest the man is kind of hug-deprived and she always smells like cinnamon buns right out of the oven and her cardigans are so soft and shes his new mom now.

-scully carried mulder over the threshold.

-ok i know this is another lazarus bowl one but hear me out:

the sex files still happens because of that movie and anytime scully’s out of town, the two can simultaneously be found watching it miles apart.

-mulder takes a weekly pottery class and by the time they actually got around to getting married, their “wedding china” was made up entirely of his creations. scully adores it and if anyone other than mulder breaks a plate they need to vacate the area for at least 12 hours.

-when william was born, mulder tried to stick tiny little vulcan ear tips onto his son’s ears and scully almost murdered him right then and there when she saw him putting him in a star trek uniform onesie

-they’ve been banned from at least four different dry-cleaners in the dc area because of unidentified substances on their clothes. it was almost five but the last one was luckily convinced that it was their son’s spit-up not mutant goop (again).

-scully and mulder are regulars at the batting cages and years later, they’re still going to that same one, but they get there and notice their son with his (future) husband and they just back away and go get ice cream. they write a review of the venue for the newspaper. “10/10 would recommend. my husband took me on our first date there. my son took his on his first date.”

-mulders been kicked out of multiple flea markets for “harassing the vendors” about “ghosts in their products”.

-their dog’s favorite chew toys are mulders ties.

-they have a fireplace and since mulder’s no longer afraid of fire, they curl up together in the winter, wrapped up in the same, huge blanket maggie made them and they fall asleep listening to the snowy wind whipping past the house. if it gets so bad, the wind is literally howling, tiny little scullys will toddle down the stairs with their baby blankets dragging behind them adn crawl onto the couch between their parents.

-the uber-scully’s history projects are always really something, given that their father has a million different takes on every event in history.

-mulder adn scully call each other “honey” as a subtle reference to the bees they didnt let beat them.

-scully HATES cooking. like with a fathom. she never was good at it when her mother tried to teach them kids, and anything that she tries to make always turns to crap. so in those rare occasions when she does have to cook, mulder always waltzes into the kitchen with a cd player, drops it on the counter and grabs her hips from behind and dances her around the kitchen until the mood is lightened. their second child was conceived shortly after he pulled this shit.

-mulder kisses every injury scully has. paper cuts? kiss. rolled ankle on the stairwell? unfortunately it was only a kiss while he was down there.

-*mulder clutching scully’s hand, tears forming in his eyes as he whispers*: “i don’t know if my being here… will help bring you back. but i’m here”.
scully then wakes up and locks him out of the room. ‘im pregnant with your miracle baby and you’re commenting on me sleeping a lot????“

-if one is out of town, they’ll fall asleep talking on the phone. will’s learned by now to check the master bedroom before he goes to bed to make sure the phone hung up properly and they’re not gonna be charged out the wazoo for his parents stupid “platonic” relationship. to this day mulder’s convinced that the phone magically making its way to the stand is an x file. william doesnt correct him he finds it too funny.

-theres a bakery in the town they live in thats run by a little old lady who adores mulder and his children and his wife and helps him brainstorm romantic things to do for scully because she deserves it miriam, she jsut deserves it so much. the kids go there to do homework sometimes if its bad enough weather that they can’t walk home and the buses aren’t running. she always gives- “what do your parents call you, sweetie? uber-scully’s?”- always gives the uberscullys hot chocolate adn the coveted seat by the radiator.

-maggie is the one who taught the uber scullys how to play poker.

-his children always beg him to act normal for open houses and school plays adn shit, and so whenever the event occurs, mulder always wears his pink, Rob Petrie polo shirt and tells the kids to “go shovel the driveway, it builds character! you know kids school plays are a scam created by the government. drink a gallon of milk a day, william, it makes you grow chest hair adn that makes you manly. GO HYPER-MASCULINITY!!!” and they just have to stand there and suffer. “mom, dads being weird again we just said we wanted him to not talk about aliens.” 

-mulder always gets really cut if skinner doesnt like his selfie. mulder’s not 100% sure what liking is -“will is it just when he texts me and tells me he likes it?”, “no he presses a button and it says he liked it.” “but how do i know.” “uuuuugggggghhhhhhhh dad he doesnt even follow you.” “wait how do you know that?” -and now, out of sympathy for his godchildren, skinner texts mulder to tell him he liked the selfie.

-they have a big bookshelf of sci-fi books in the study and he and scully take turns reading them to the kids, but occasionally he’ll be reading along adn find that a cryptid is spoken about inaccurately and mulder will just close the book and they pick another one. how dare they.

-the kids know the story of “bad blood” by heart and each take a different side. will thinks scully’s retelling is mostly correct but he definitely thinks hartwell had buckteeth. 

-when their children were babies, scully would occasionally find mulder asleep next to the crib in a very uncomfortable position, with his hand through the bars and the lil uber scully is just clutching his finger for dear life.

-mulder has a thing about big fuzzy wool sock and anytime he gets them it makes his day

-scully broke the kids out of school once because a researcher that had been an asshole to her in med school had come to lecture in town and mulder was in a meeting with skinner nad she needed a mulder spawn with their father’s throwing arm to help her egg the guys car. 

-mulder cant explain why a fuzzy pink sweater on scully turns him on so much, but it does. he gets it even worse when she wears it while traveling. “you okay mulder?” “not really and i dont know why…” 

-william was so proud, he ran out of school and out to a payphone and called the hoover building collect just to tell scully that they read a paper she wrote in his science class and he didnt know how to tell the teacher that he could recite the thing from memory because dad had been reading this stuff to him since he was a baby

-both the uberscullies and mulder are those lemon people. like you go to a restaurant with someone, and theres a lemon wedge on the water glass. and then they take it off and eat it like an orange. but its a lemon. but they eat it. 

-at a school dance, once they played “walking in memphis” and the scully children just exchanged looks adn groaned knowing what was about to happen.

-at movie theaters or restaurants or anything mulder and scully dont share soda cups or straws or anything, no “hey mulder can i have a sip?” because hes a filthy straw-chewer and scully doesnt approve until its later that night adn she realizes what talents came out of that oral fixation.

-bill scully jr wears socks on the beach. 

-mulder, and the offspring who share his hair genes, have a longer hair preparation process than scully, but she doesnt complain because she likes stroking it so much. 

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um can you please babble on any thoughts regarding the inner circle + gifts both recieving and giving?? it's something my mind keeps bouncing back and forth cause i remembered rhys gives amren sparkly jewellry from time to time - just think abt who Suffers ('please just fuckin tell me I Need Help' vs who's flawless or who has too many things they could buy) or if any of them get emotional (my poor deprived bbys when it's their first gift ever) PLS give me your thoughts if u wil

okay okay let me see, let me see. Some of this is from past fics I’ve written that I’m shamelessly stealing (can you steal from yourself??) and some of it is just on the spot babble but okay. 

Feyre: Does not like giving gifts.  Does not like giving gifts because no matter what she does or how hard she thinks about it and spends hunting….Somehow it’s never quite right. And she tries, she tries so damn hard but, well, the Circle gets good at pretending they like whatever she’s bought. (She is not fooled. But she is touched that they try. And forever pissed that she can’t just give them money because ffs Rhys did you have to pay them so much all these years!?) 

Does not like receiving gifts either. It’s just….It always generates this Fuss and she does not like Fuss. She insists every year that they don’t have to do anything or get her anything she’s fine, really, she doesn’t want them all going out of their way to get things for her. Unfortunately for her she’s mated to Rhys and there is no way on this planet isn’t taking the opportunity to celebrate every single tiny thing he can about his mate. (”For the last time, Rhys, we are not making celebrating the first time you made me come with just my wings as an annual anniversary.” (Half-horrified, half-delighted Cassian in the background, “That’s what this is about!?”)) 

So she keeps getting plied with really good gifts which makes her hate giving them even more because she just feels guilty she can never find anything that good. She forcibly puts her foot down one year and puts a blanket ban on all gift giving. Rhys ignores it but everyone else obeys (just about….she’s sure that’s a new dress in her wardrobe..and she didn’t have that bow last week….and her paints have definitely been topped up….she hates them all.) 

Rhys: Loves giving gifts. Delights in it. Will use genuinely any excuse to buy gifts for everyone. Also loves shopping for gifts. (Feyre loves Velaris she really and truly does but there’s only so much she can tolerate wandering aimlessly around ‘RHYS. JUST KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GOING OUT FOR. GO INTO THE STORE THAT SELLS IT. BUY IT. COME HOME. IT’S NOT THAT DIFFICULT.’) Mor typically ends up going with him and Feyre is just, yes, take him, ridiculous male. Anyway, Rhys is one of those annoying pricks who just knows instinctively what people want and then he goes and gets them. 

A bit like Feyre on the gift receiving thing (his Circle have been ignoring him on this for years) He protests. They ignore him. Gifts are exchanged and it’s lovely. They don’t really do the whole party thing but they do make sure they all get him something and take him out for a nice meal or what have you so they can give it to him. 

Mor: would happily spend the rest of her existence buying gifts for other people and giving them to them just because. She and Rhys kind of have a friendly competition going to like out-shop each other. So every year they’re always trying to out-do one another on birthday/solstice gifts and see who can make the other happier with their gift. (They’re utter nerds, seriously) Mor gets the things people don’t know they need until they’re opening it and then oh yes, we need this. Rhys’ gifts can sometimes be more practical but Mor’s are always just ‘yes you definitely need a dress made of nothing but diamonds and starlight, have at it’ and they typically go down well. 

Shamelessly loves getting gifts. But it’s not so much for the stuff she just…Likes having everyone gathered together and opening things and seeing what it is and she’s like a child at Christmas every single year for her birthday. Really does subscribe to the whole ‘it’s the thought that counts’ type thing. She has a lot of stuff but her family going out of their way to find things she doesn’t have and might like touches her. Especially when they give her food. Which they inevitably do. 

Cassian: A bit more like Feyre but he has the benefit of centuries worth of experience. Hates shopping for things. Literally despises it. Very predictable in his gift giving, they can all tell what he’s going to have bought for them (it’s a game - guess the gift before they even open it and they have like a 95% success rate with Cass.) He doesn’t mind, his gifts are practical and pragmatic, he wants to give them something they’ll actually use and enjoy. Big fan of making things - weapons, food (Mor gets cake every year. Mor enthusiastically rips into the box every year and before she’s even tasted it announces they’re all having cake for breakfast. Mor loves these cakes more than some people) the occasional roughly carved decoration. 

Likes getting gifts. Opens them all in approximately 0.2 seconds but then spends a long time afterwards examining them and testing them and properly thanking everyone. Has definitely cried over well chosen gifts in the past. People are torn between wanting to get him something great because it makes him so happy and…Not because they’d rather keep their ribs intact and his happy bear hugs are infamous. 

Azriel: It is widely assumed that Azriel uses his network of spies and his shadows to deduce what his friends deepest, darkest gift desires are. He doesn’t. He’s just that good. Bit like a fusion of Mor and Rhys in that his gifts are always absolutely perfect but not at all what the person thought they wanted/needed. Quite subtle, understated little things but it’s always the gift that people pause over, that they linger when examining while he sits there just a little bit smug, basking in their shocked delight. 

Hates receiving gifts. Hates it. Always manages to somehow wiggle out of attending parties for him. Really doesn’t like people making a fuss over him at all. Like Feyre but jacked up to a million. Most of them just leave his presents somewhere he’ll find them later (because they might finally concede in not giving him a party/making a fuss over him but they are not just going to ignore his birthday and not get him anyway) Mor however takes it as her personal challenge in life to be able to properly give Azriel his present. Has definitely sat on him in the past and she always insists on taking him out somewhere for a meal so he can have a night to himself (usually does this within a months window of his birthday so he doesn’t realise she’s doing it (he does but he lets her pretend)) Feyre surprises him in being almost as persistent as Mor and the two of them team up to get him a small meal out with everyone on bigger birthdays. 

Amren: Too old for this shit. Very rarely bothers giving people gifts for special occasions. She’ll come to parties and things but doesn’t have time for all that nonsense. She will give people gifts if she sees something that she knows she needs to get that they’ll like but there’s never an occasion for it. The Circle all treasures the few gifts they’ve been given by Amren over the centuries. Mor still wears the diadem Amren gave her before her first visit to the Court of Nightmares as its queen whenever she goes. It gives her strength. Cassian has never dared use the jewelled hunting knife in battle for fear of losing it but it’s always strapped somewhere on his person at all times. Az wears the ear cuff she gave him whenever he wants to destroy Mor. Feyre keeps the amulet she gave her before going to The Prison for the rest of her days. She still wears it whenever she needs a bit of extra courage. 

The only person people actually don’t bother buying gifts for when she tells them to. They kind of subscribe to her idea on gift giving - if they see something she has to have immediately they buy it for her and just give it regardless of occasion but otherwise they don’t bother. 

Here u go friend, these are my thoughts. I hope they were okay??? 

Jongin - Come Home (M)

Jongin x (Y/N) scenario

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Oral sex, vanilla sex

Word count: 4552

Saturday mornings always bring tired eyes and lazy Netflix binges tangled in a blanket on the sofa. At least, they have for the past month. I don’t have anything better to do anyway. My roommate won’t be back from her home-stay for another 6 months. I’ve nearly forgotten the scent of her floral perfume wafting through the apartment as she scurries around getting ready for work. She hates her job, but keeps a smile on her face regardless. Despite frequently working overtime and off-duty business calls, not to mention lowkey harassment from a coworker (something she doesn’t trust will be properly dealt with if she notifies her lackadaisical boss), she remains optimistic. She’s like a ticking bomb. Though she doesn’t like to admit it, I know that she has a limit. It’s only so long until she explodes, and I’m not ready to see such a mess sprawled out before me.

But honestly, as I sit flipping through an endless scroll of B-movies I can’t be bothered to waste brain cells sitting through, all I can think about is one person, and it certainly isn’t my optimistic roommate. Letting the remote go limp in my hand for a moment, I grab at my phone lazily perched on my hip. No new messages. Damn. How long has it been anyway? 3 days? He could at least drop a text to say “Good morning” or “Sweet dreams” or “I love you~”. Even a “Thinking of you” would do. But he’s been completely silent for far too long (3 days can seem like a long time when you’re completely and utterly in love with someone who isn’t near you). It’s not like we promised to talk everyday, but considering that he’s 92093842347 miles away from where I am, I would be willing to hear even just a small peep from him at least once a day. He must be busy, I tell myself, setting my phone aside again as I begin to harass the remote buttons. “God damn it, there has to be something to watch on here!” And yet there isn’t. Either I’ve watched everything already or there’s nothing interesting left. So I pull up YouTube instead. Perhaps a few random tutorials and Story Times down the road, I’ll actually find something to binge on. As soon as I open the screen, however, one thumbnail catches my eye and I feel a pang in my chest. ‘170425 EXO’rDIUM in NY - Acoustic Medley’. I try to hide my frown, if not only to trick my spirits into staying light. My fingers move on their own, and I’m sucked into the melodic harmony of all the members singing Call My Baby and Love, Love, Love, and other songs he’s sung to me while I fall asleep nestled in his warm embrace. He looks so content, sitting there among his near brothers, lifting the mic to his lips when it’s his turn to sing, gazing out at all the fans who adore him so passionately. And it’s almost the same look he gives me when he comes home sometimes after work and holds me in his arms, something we aren’t able to do as much as we’d like. I know that I’m the only one who gets that extra special look, that look of “this is the most beautiful person I’ve ever met in my life”. I give him the same one.

Kim Jongin is warm-hearted to a fault. Literally anyone who meets him could tell you that he’s always a gentleman, and he’s always polite, but he also knows how to joke around. He’s the epitome of the perfect sweetheart. It’s no wonder he has young girls worshiping him around the world. But, of course, what they see on the screen, even what they are sometimes lucky enough to see in person, is only a part of the man we know as Kim Jongin. Behind closed doors he’s so much more. He shows me aspects of his personality that he’d never show anyone else. There’s so much to know about Jongin. There’s so much to understand, and adore, and protect. Although he’s undoubtedly tough, he also has a certain fragility about him, which only makes me care for him more deeply.

I just want him to come home. A month is a long time to be deprived of seeing the one person you love above all else. He’s been really good about replying to my texts of encouragement and also the ones that say things like “Oh my god, when the fuck are you getting home, I’m about to die!!!” Although I know he’s busy and probably isn’t supposed to be on his phone. I get his messages and have to remind myself that it’s not, in fact, 4am where he is when he sends them. I can only imagine how the time difference affects him. Poor baby works too hard anyway. We’d tried calling each other once only to have to keep it short because he was getting ready to go to rehearsal at 8am while it was 9pm in Korea. Before we’d even had a chance to talk heart-to-heart, his manager called him away. He promised he’d call another time or maybe even Facetime, but his schedule got more detailed as the days went by. Even before the tour, they were so preoccupied with preparations that he decided it was best to just stay at the company for the time being until after their return. Hence why we haven’t seen each other for a month. EXO’s schedules get especially rigorous during comebacks and tours. I feverishly worry for him, for all of them.

The video ends and I scold myself when I realize a tear has trickled from my eye. “Come home…” I murmur, my voice cracking. My phone buzzes and my hand has never flown so fast to pick it up. A big smile graces my lips when I look at the screen.

'Sorry, we got really busy. It’s times like these when I really, really miss you… xoxo, Nini <3’


The tour comes to an end. EXO is finally coming home. I’ve spent the entire day preparing dinner, creating a nice romantic atmosphere. The dining room has been expertly transformed into a more fancy setting with a table for two all dressed up with a brand new tablecloth and candle, and a little vase of lavender. I’m thoroughly impressed with myself, though I don’t like to brag. I collapse onto the couch when everything is ready, dinner only needing to be put into the oven. Holding my phone above my face, I open my texts, reading over the last message Jongin sent me. 'Omg omg omg can you believe I’m coming home to you today?!’ which was a more giddy response than usual. This is the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other in at least a year. We’ve grown accustomed to being able to be together at least twice a week. Sometimes we get lucky and EXO’s manager will secretly let me come to practice on the condition that Jongin won’t get too distracted.

'When does your plane land?’ I type, looking at the time to see that it reads 1:23pm (I got too excited and prepared everything way too early in advance, but oh well). I would go to the airport, but I’ve been warned that because somehow no one has figured out about mine and Jongin’s relationship yet during the two years we’ve been together, it’s risky to show up and have people suspect anything. We aren’t ready to reveal anything just yet, partly because I’m not famous or anything, so both of us want to protect my privacy for as long as we can. There’s no way I want to touch the surface of sasaeng territory.

My phone buzzes almost immediately. '6 more hours… >.<’ I giggle at the cute little emoji. Even when he’s not with me, he still manages to make my heart flutter just as much. I send back a crying emoji and tell him to get some sleep (if the boys will let him). And then I go to take a shower. Dinner and ambiance aren’t the only surprises I’ve conjured up. A cute little pink parcel with a silk bow tied around the handles sits waiting at the end of my bed. I’ll slip that new gem on later tonight after dinner when he least expects it…

6 hours pass by agonizingly slow. Even Netflix isn’t helping to make time fly quicker. Every now and then I’ll get a cute little text from Jongin saying he wants to call, but the guys won’t shut up so hearing each other would be difficult. I tell him it’s fine. We talked on the phone just yesterday anyway, and we got a good hour in. He says he wants to hear my voice. I reply that he will soon~

We text for a little while and then he says he’ll get some shut eye so he’ll have energy when he gets home to me. His manager has generously arranged for him to be allowed to see me first thing when they arrive. The clock ticks mockingly above the mantel piece. It’s only 4 now… 3 hours to go. It’s never felt so long. If time keeps acting like this, I’m never going to let Jongin go on tour again… But that would be selfish and how would I even be able to pull off something like that? Still, Jongin has me missing him like there’s no tomorrow.

Finally, the clock reads 8pm. 'We’re landing!’ he texts and sends an excited gif to go along with it. I chuckle to myself and jump up from the couch where I’ve been wasting time on nothing in particular.

I push the braised chicken into the oven and turn on the timer. After quickly checking to make sure that everything is in place, I go to the bedroom to make sure everything looks neat and the lingerie I bought is out of sight in case he happens to go into the bedroom for some reason. It’s a strapless black and red lace piece with garters and stockings and everything. There are even tiny pink bows down the bodice. Best of all, it fits me perfectly in all the right places~ I’ve only ever gotten one set of lingerie in the past, but after using it twice, I figured it was time for something fresh that Jongin has never seen me in before. This certainly was a contrast to the rather plain white one I had before. I was much shier then and I’d never worn anything so scandalous in my entire life. Jongin had told me then that he didn’t care if it was the plainest one in the whole world. “You look stunning in anything~” I blush remembering those words, just imagining our night steadily approaching.

I slip into a cute little dress and finished up dinner just as I get a text from him. 'On my way over~ ;)’ My stomach does flips in anticipation. Seeing his face in person for the first time in what seems like forever, hearing that voice that sounds like melted caramel, feeling his arms tightly wrapped around my figure as if our bodies are perfectly molded together, breathing in his familiar scent, kissing him with all the passion I’ve saved up while he’s been gone, these are the things that have me practically sprinting around the apartment in excitement. He’s minutes away and yet those minutes feel like 6 hours all over again.

Suddenly, a soft knock comes at my door. Without even meaning to, I hold my breath. Taking one last look in the mirror to make sure I appeared just right, I speed over to the door and collect myself before turning the knob and opening it to see him standing there, smiling bright with a bouquet of lilies in his hand. I stare at him, starry-eyed. He stares right back, his smile never faltering as we both drink in each other’s presence. He hands me the bouquet, a bashful look on his face, and my heart skips as I breath in their sweet aroma. Where did he find the time…? Breathlessly, I speak first. “Jongin…you’re home…” And then he suddenly rushes forward and scoops me into his arms, twirling me around in the air as I hold on, giggling with pure joy. He kicks the door shut and immediately attaches his lips to mine. I wrap my arms around his neck as he massages my waist with his thumbs.

“God, I missed you so fucking much…” he says in almost a whisper, his forehead pressed against mine. I smiled blissfully and caress his cheek with my hand.

“Honey, you can’t even imagine know how much I missed you.” He smirks, pecking my nose.

“I think I can guess~”

He practically gapes at the setup I’ve prepared. “Woah, you actually cooked for once?” I playfully shove him and tell him to “just sit and enjoy it because now might be the only time you get something like this from me.” He laughs and we sit, and over dinner, he tells me all about the tour and how the boys drove him nuts, but it was okay because being with them was always worth it. He tells me the story about how Sehun, Junmyeon and Jongdae got lost on their first day in New York and they had to pretend that they totally meant to be in some shoe store when really it was the only familiar thing to them in the vicinity. And he tells me about how after one show, he a few others got drinks in their rooms and he had a little too much. “The guys told me the next morning that I had been crying and acting like a total baby, rambling on about how I didn’t deserve you and how you were probably going to find somebody else way better than me and then what was I going to do because you’re my world and…” He trails off, seeing the look on my face. “Babe, what’s wrong?” I reach across the table for his hand and give it a tight squeeze. I want to hold him when I hear him say those things. What you say when you’re drunk is often what you’re actually thinking in the back of your mind, even if you don’t realize it.

“You deserve me more than anyone, love. I’m not going to find anybody else. Why would I need to find anybody else? I love you, Jongin. I can’t imagine loving another person quite like how I’m in love with you…” I gaze into those gorgeous chocolate pools, a serious yet soft expression on my face. He gets all shy then and grins like a little boy. I love the small moments like these. They’re never awkward, although when we do stuff like this in front of the members, most of their reactions go something like “gEt a rOom!” and “jUNMYEON JONGIN AND (Y/N) ARE DOING THAT MUSHY THING AGAIN-” or “help! the cheesiness in slowly killing me!” (of course Junmyeon and Yixing are in the corner, cooing at us like doting parents).

After I’ve put the dishes away, I tell Jongin to wait in the living room while I change into something a little more comfortable. Unlike the last time, I feel not a tinge of embarrassment while putting on my lingerie because I know Jongin genuinely loves this kind of surprise and would never want me to be ashamed of showing him my body. And the hungry look he gets in his eyes when we do these things is honestly the hottest look in the universe, way more so than what he displays on the stage. Once everything is in place, I sneak back out into the living room. He sits on the sofa with his back towards me. 'The perfect opportunity’ I think, tiptoeing over to him. I lean down and cover his eyes with my hands, getting close to his ear and murmuring in a husky tone, “Guess who~” I can feel his entire body tense. I remove my hands and make my way around the sofa to stand in front of him, letting my hair fall loosely around my shoulders. His jaw hangs as he looks me over.

“Is that new?” he asks, and I can hear a tinge of excitement in his voice. I nod, swiveling my hips a little. He smiles. “Do a little turn so I can see it better.” I do this, and when I’m facing him again and I can see that he’s swallowing hard, starting to imagine things.

“Do you like it?” He stands up and stalks over to me, pressing his body against mine with his hands squeezing my hips.

“Do I like it?…” His lips come dangerously close to my ear as his breath tickles the sensitive skin around it. “I love it…” I lean into him as his hand travels a little farther and grabs my ass, pulling me closer. Our lips collide and his tongue soon slithers out to fight with mine. This. This is what I had desperately waited for during those 2 months. After not having it for so long, I never knew it could already feel this good.

Suddenly, he hoists me up and I wrap my legs around his waist, our lips never parting for more than a second so that he can adjust my position to be more comfortable. He then makes his way towards the bedroom. My heart pounds with excitement. I can barely contain myself and I know he can tell. My fingers become tangled in his hair as he pushes the door shut with his foot and sets me on the bed, immediately crawling over me. I let my hands wander up his shirt to feel his toned stomach as he attacks my jaw and neck and collar bones with his kisses, leaving a few marks in their wake. He’s already got me sighing, wanting as much as I can get. As he moves to my shoulders, he pulls one of my legs to his hip with the hand that isn’t propping him up. His fingers tease down my thigh over and over and my entire body begins to tingle. Jongin pulls away for a moment to that I can assist in discarding his shirt. “Thank you, that was really in the way,” I breathe, my fingers returning to his exposed skin right away. He places a hand over mine and guides it against his stomach. His eyes bear into mine all the while, as if daring me to go further. Not just yet…

With my other hand, I reach up to grab his shoulder, pulling him down and rolling on top of him. I straddle his hips, carefully dragging my lips from his chest to his neck where I leave my own marks. They’ll fade before he needs to be seen in public again. The boys will have a couple of days off anyway. A small groan leaves Jongin’s throat and I chuckle. “Already?” As I scatter his collarbones with small but noticeable love bites, he writhes underneath my touch as my hands inch closer and closer to his growing erection hidden behind the fabric of his skinny jeans. I pull myself up to admire my work and that’s when he turns the tables and again I’m beneath him. His eyes are full of beastly hunger. I can see it dripping through his skin almost and it immediately ignites something within me. He scours my laced intimate and cocks his head, rolling his tongue against the inside of his cheek in thought. He traces his thumb over a bit of the delicate material just above my breast. “As much as I could drunk on seeing you in this,” he says in a deep voice that’s already getting me heated. “I’m afraid it’s going to have to come off right this minute.” My tongue darts out over my lips as I reach up and gently drag my finger across his jaw.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” I say, my voice laced with honey. “Take it off of me~”

He wastes no time in doing so. He promptly rips the lingerie from me and absorbs my body in all it’s naked glory. “Fuck, you’re so gorgeous~” he coos, kissing my breasts, and then my stomach, and then my hips. “How is that a person can be this beautiful no matter what?” I gently grab a fistful of his hair as he props up my legs and teases my inner thighs with his butterfly kisses. “I’m the one who gets all of this,” he murmurs, getting dangerously near to my gradually aching womanhood. “Tell me how you want me to make you feel good, baby~” His lips press against my thigh again. “Here?”

“Yes…” I breathe. He kisses a little closer to my core.

“Here?” The heat within me only grows. I nod.

“Yes~” His lips inch closer.

“How about here?” A soft whimper emerges from my mouth. I need him already! He finally kisses my womanhood, which is becoming wetter by the moment. “And what about this spot…right here?” His tongue flicks out and I slightly arch my back, squeezing the fistful of his hair a little tighter.

“Yes, Jongin!” I moan. He laughs breathlessly.

“So that’s the spot, hmm?” His tongue teases it again. My lips purse. “Should I keep doing it like this for a bit?” He gives a long lick right up to the tip of my folds. I nod enthusiastically. I hear him do that smug grin he always does when he’s about to do something really “good”. All of a sudden, his tongue begins to swirl around my core, pumping in and out, swirling, in and out, more spirals. I’m a writhing mess, but his hands on my waist keep me grounded. I can tell he enjoys seeing me so vulnerable under his touch. As I’m approaching my high, he incorporates his fingers and I whine a bit at the sudden contact. One finger, then two, then three. I’m almost there. I can feel a knot twisting in my stomach, slowly growing more intense. My back arches off the mattress and that’s when he ceases his actions. I give a little noise of discomfort at the suddenly cold air hitting my womanhood. “Don’t worry, baby, you won’t be upset for long.” He crawls up over top of me again and takes me hand in his, leading it to the button on his pants. He gives a small smile, a mischievous one. My whole body is throbbing with want. I quickly unbutton his pants and he kicks them off of the bed. He’s getting impatient, too, just like I am. Now he’s just in his boxers. I eye them for a moment and then look back up at him, my hand moving to the bulge pressed against the fabric. As I start to palm him, his brows furrow with pleasure and his eyes shut momentarily.

“Look at me, Jongin,” I command sweetly, going a bit fast. He kisses me roughly and then he can’t stand it anymore. I grabs my hand and pins it above my head, tearing his boxers off and letting his member spring free. My mouth opens silently as I anticipate what’s going to happen next. “Don’t go easy on me, hmm?” I say, letting my free hand slowly travel up his tones bicep.

“Oh, I won’t, so get ready.” He positions his cock at my entrance. Before I can even prepare myself, he’s pushing into me. I squeeze my eyes shut. It’s been a little while since we’ve done this, but luckily I’m wet enough so that it’s not all that painful. “Are you okay?” he asks, his tone suddenly laced with concern. I tighten my grip on his arm and nod.

“I’m fine, keep going…” He slows his pace when inserting and finally I’ve taken all of him. He pauses to let me adjust. “Okay,” I signal. Jongin starts thrusting at a leisurely pace, making sure I’m not uncomfortable. He’s such a sweetheart, no matter what. I look at him with an arched eyebrow. “I thought you weren’t going to go easy,”

“Yeah, but if you-”

“Jongin…” He knows what that means. I nod as one final reassurance that I can handle him. He inhales and all of a sudden his pace picks up. I hold back my moans for a bit, but soon he’s pounding into me and I can’t help out. I let out a loud whine and the smug grin returns as he starts to pant. My hand wanders over every inch of his body that I can reach, but he teases and places it with my other hand so that I’m completely pinned underneath him. My torso twists with pleasure as he abuses my womanhood in only the best of ways. Low grunts and groans simmer in his throat. A few moans of “(y/n)” lathered in sex emerge from his lips. The noises coming from me become more frequent, too, more needy. His name slips out every so often in the form of a cry whenever he hits a particular spot.

The room is filled with the sounds of skin slapping against skin and feverish breathing and whines and pleasureful moans of ecstasy. In that moment, I’m so thankful that the walls have been somewhat soundproofed so the people in the apartment next door won’t be able to hear as much. Jongin buries his face in the crook of my neck, his steamy breath trickling over my skin. I’m getting close and so is he. “Cum on my stomach, baby,” I tell him, hardly any strength left to speak. He groans in response, picking up the speed a bit. My back arches to meet his chest as his thrusts become uncontrollable and lose their rhythm. My orgasm explodes within me and I swear I’ve never felt anything so beautiful in my life. White strings of release flow out onto him as Jongin rides out my high. His breathing get more staggered. He inhales sharply and pulls out quickly before his release quirts out onto my exposed stomach. He lets out a loud groan as he strokes himself off, leaning his head back in pure paradise as he calls out my name. Once he’s finished, he collapses on his side next to me, both of us completely out of winded.

“I should have come home sooner,” he pants, turning my head to face him. He plants a passionate kiss on my lips, taking my bottom lip between his teeth.

“That’s what I’m saying.”

Once we’ve composed ourselves, he sits up and goes into the bathroom. I hear the bathtub running and a smile comes to my face. He appears again with a towel in his hand and gently helps me to wipe away the excess on my stomach. I give him a look and confirms my thoughts with the same one. 'We’ve never done it in the bath before,’ I think to myself. Oh well, there’s a first time for everything~

Be Together(2/2)

Summary: Jared and Y/N have their little boy and they couldn’t be any happier

Pairings: Jared Padalecki x Reader

Word Count: 1,042

Warnings: Nothing much, just fluff 

A/N: This was supposed to be a one imagine but @sea040561(I’m sorry sweetheart, for some reason I can’t tag you) asked for a sequel and I was like why not. Hope you guys like this and as always feedback is much appreciated ♡

*Italicized part is flashback*  

*Picture is from Google*

Part 1 

Jared couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down his cheeks as Y/N gave one last push and their baby boy’s cries filled the room. Once he was placed on Y/N’s chest the two knew they were complete, both not being able to take their eyes off their son that they waited for so long. And finally, he was here, making them feel blessed as they were all together. They settled on the name Aaron, a name Y/N wicked out and despite Jared not liking it at first he knew there wasn’t a better name for his son. During the night, Y/N asked the nurse to allow Aaron to stay in the room with them even though they were suggesting for her to rest, she didn’t want to be away from him so they agreed and made sure to tell them if anything happens to call one of the nurses; since he was a week early. Despite hating the scratchy sheets and blankets, Y/N fell asleep right when her head hit the pillows. The sleep she longed for and couldn’t wait to have. Jared slept on the couch even though he was too big for it and it wasn’t the most comfortable thing to sleep on, he was more than okay to stay like if, in the end, he would be with his family. After the small scare he had he didn’t want them out of his sight even for a second.

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anonymous asked:

Would you do a really dark trini kim prompt? Like one that needs a trigger warning?

Thanks for the prompt!

TW: self hate and mentions of suicide. Also, I haven’t lost any limbs so I’m sorry if this completely inacurate

Kimberly somehow loses her leg. It baffles her every time she looks at her legs and only sees one. The sight makes her face twist with disgust; makes her want to cry until tears stop; makes her mad enough to throw her phone across the room when she gets a call from Jason about wanting to visit; and she doesn’t know what to do. Doesn’t know how to react because how does someone react to losing their leg? She feels humiliated - like a freak - and she hates it. The anger and the frustration swirling in her gut as her shoulders tense, her eyes looking at the spot to where her missing leg should be.

“Here.” Trini says, snapping Kimberly out of her thoughts. Brown eyes spot the white pill in tan hands and her body tenses. She doesn’t want it, doesn’t want to depend on medicine to get her by even if the pain is unbearable. She shakes her head as she sees Trini roll her eyes in annoyance. It makes her sigh because she knows she’s being difficult, she knows she’s not the easiest person to deal with, but she doesn’t know how to stop being mad all the time, doesn’t know how to be anything but depressed and bitter.

“I don’t want it.” Kimberly grumbles out, throwing the blanket over her lap - sometimes she can just pretend that it’s there.

“You’re in pain.” Trini points out seriously, cocking her hip as her hands are still stretched out with pain medication in one and water in the other. “It’ll make you feel better.”

“I don’t want it, Trin.” Kimberly responds, her brows furrowing as she feels her chest fill with frustration. She lets her eyes fall towards the TV playing in their room, trying to avoid looking at the other woman. She doesn’t need Trini looking at her as if she were weak.

“Will you just take it?” Trini huffs out, urging the pill closer, worry swirling in green eyes as her wife ignores her.

“I told you I don’t want it!” Kimberly yells, teeth clenched as she glares at Trini. She pushes the other woman slightly, trying to urge her out of the room, she doesn’t want Trini here anymore - at least not yet. She probably looked like some freak just sitting there with a leg missing - there wasn’t much to see.

“Kim, if you fight me on this…”

“You’ll what!? Cut my other leg off!?” Kimberly snaps, scoffing as she crosses her arms over her chest. “Go ahead. It’s not like I need it, that why I have that stupid wheelchair.” She glares at the wheel chair in the corner, brown eyes dark with hate.

“Will you stop?” Trini says with frustration, shaking her head in annoyance, her voice a little edgier as she tries to control her temper..

“Why?  You’re just going to leave me anyway.” Kimberly scoffs out, head bowed as she looks at her legs, the blanket blocking her view from where her right leg is missing. She hates this, hates feeling this weak, like she can’t do anything for herself. She hates herself and she hates her stupid ass leg.

“Kimberly.” It’s a hushed whisper as Kimberly sees the other woman kneel beside her. It feels like a shock to the system when Trini touches her, that familiar jolt when their skin meets, and she feels like crying because she just wants her old life back. If she had been counting right, Trini hadn’t touched her - hadn’t touched her lower than her waist - in three days and the thought of not being wanted by her wife just seems to frustrate her, so when she feels a warm hand on her thigh, she doesn’t do anything but stare at it.

“Don’t.” Kimberly says, shaking her head, not wanting to meet Trini’s eyes in fear of seeing pity. She couldn’t handle that, she couldn’t feel like a failure to her own wife.

“Kim,” Trini says stubbornly, her hand running up her shoulder before cradling Kimberly’s cheek, her thumb grazing over unnatural pale skin. 

“You barely come in here,” Kimberly starts, shaking her head as she tilts her head into Trini’s hand unconsciously, the feel of her wife’s skin making her just a tiny bit better.

“Because you don’t want me here.” Trini admits with a sad frown.

“Of course I do, Trini-”

“You basically just shoved me out earlier. You specifically told me you don’t want me here because you’re a ball of anger - and you’re right. I don’t want to fight with you every second over your leg. I get it, it’s a big adjustment, and I wanna be here, but I don’t need us hurting each other because you want to act out.” Trini reasons, her green  eyes swirling with concern and longing.

“You never touch me anymore.” Kimberly confesses, sniffling as she tries to keep the tears in her eyes.

“Seriously?” Trini asks incredulously, arching an eyebrow as she green eyes look disbelievingly into brown.

“I feel like you don’t want me anymore.” Kimberly says, her breath hitching as tears spill over. She wipes at them furiously, Trini helping wipe them away with a swipe of her thumb.

“Baby,” Trini starts, scooting closer before leaning in and kissing chapped lips. It’s a small peck, and Kimberly doesn’t want her wife to leave, not now - not ever - but Trini leans back, anyways, and smiles at her. “I want you. I didn’t marry your leg, I married you.”

It makes her cry. She’s full out sobbing as Trini tugs her in a hug, her head falling onto the shorter woman’s chest, the comfort of her beating heart giving Kimberly something to distract her slightly. 

Kimberly hates all of this, just wants her life to end, but Trini somehow brings her back, makes her realize there’s more outside of their bedroom. It’s not easy, just being in Trini’s arms doesn’t stop the hate and the rage she feels coursing her body - there’s still plenty in her system to last her a life time - but Trini does quell the ire she feels in her chest. She hates she’s being so difficult with her, hates that she can’t seem to control her anger as depression seeps itself deeper into her mind, but she convinces herself Trini is the one person she’ll try anything for - and it’s not like she needs a lot of convincing, she would gladly die for her wife.

“And I’m not leaving, you idiot.” Trini adds with a scoff, a smile playing on her face as she pushes Kimberly away far enough to see her eyes, “I love you too much.”

“Ugh,” Kimberly groans, as she wipes at her cheeks, rolling her eyes because even though she was hurting, Trini wasn’t much for talking about feelings - the fact brings her a weird sense of comfort. She’d be fine as long as she didn’t leave, anyways. The last thing she wanted was for her wife to be stuck in here while Kimberly just fills with anger. She wants to hit something, wants release from all the anger she feels boiling in her veins, and that somehow makes her want to get up, makes her want to get better because she doesn’t need her life filled with self hate. She had that all throughout high school, she had already lived through it, she didn’t need to dig herself further into it.

“You’re an idiot.” Trini says as she rolls her eyes, watching as Kimberly throws her blanket to the ground and quickly grabs her crutches, putting them underneath her armpits before hoping her way towards the living room, plopping herself on the couch with a sigh, the light coming from the window hitting her warmly against her skin.

“I’m the idiot and you’re the asshole.” Kimberly says with a small grimace as she tries to get comfortable.

“I think you should be the asshole for a while.” Trini mutters underneath her breath.

“What? Why?” Kimberly asks with a pout, reaching for the remote. Trini turns back into the room for a few seconds before walking out with a blanket, and Kimberly’s pain medication.

“Because you won’t take your medicine.” Trini says with an eye roll.

“I told you I don’t want it.” Kimberly pouts, her brows furrowing with frustration again when she see the white pill.

“How bout you make me a promise.” Trini says as she throws the blanket over Kimberly’s lap, just like her wife liked it. Kimberly groans but nods her head, grabbing Trini’s arm when the woman moved away from her. Trini sits down on Kimberly’s left, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and tugging her softly into her chest, kissing her forehead as long arms wrapped around her waist. “Promise me you’ll take to me? I don’t care what it is - if you’re in pain, if you’re mad or frustrated, if you just want someone to hear you - just promise, you’ll talk to me?”

It’s quiet for a long time, so much so that Trini thinks Kimberly fell asleep, but she feels the other woman shift every few minutes, small huffs of pains escaping pink lips every so often. She just sits there, her fingers combing through black hair, as she takes in the comfort of having her wife in her arms. Everything is calm and still, the TV barely audible, when Kimberly just sits up, brown eyes earnest as emotions swirl in them, and Trini can see just how much her wife is suffering.

“I promise.”

mewringo13  asked:

“This is the third time I’ve had to put you back in the bed. Why the heck do you want to lie on the floor so bad?” - aaanndd SS Zelink :3

I went with Link’s pov again :P


I jumped from my loftwing and fell through the clouds. They did not enjoy going to the surface, I needed to call mine down under emergency circumstances. Zelda was very sick, and neither of us had a clue how to make medicine.

Many still lived in Skyloft, including the only people I trusted to make a potion. Luv and Bertie are masters at concocting such things. I had complete faith the shimmering blue liquid in this bottle would help her. So I ran home as fast as I could.

Zelda and I lived in Faron woods not too far from lake Floria. Originally we were going to have separate homes. Then, we got to talking about our relationship… After everything that happened, things we felt before, and decided we wanted to be together. Always. So we built a single house that we both lived in together.

As I arrived home, I noticed it was no warmer than outside, which happened to be quite cold given it was the end of autumn. I could only hope Zelda was still under the blankets in bed. I set up the fireplace before heading to the bedroom.

She wasn’t in bed. Again.

I rounded the bed to find her lying on the floor once again. I knelt down and lifted her in my arms. “This is the third time I’ve had to put you back in the bed. Why the heck do you want to lie on the floor so bad?” I asked, heartbroken by her miserable expression.

“It’s too hot” she whined.

Laying her back in bed was easy. Getting her to take the potion, was not. Her weak shoves were not enough to push me away, but enough to make me feel awful about forcing her to take it.

“Please Zelda, it’ll make you feel better!” I begged.

She shook her head in disgust “No! It’s made of bugs it tastes horrible!”

I hung my head in exhaustion. I hated seeing her so sick. She wouldn’t eat anything, slept all day because she couldn’t get comfortable at night. Whenever she got sick, she got sick hard. Never a simple cold, but the flu. Not a cough, but pneumonia.

I looked to her with pleading eyes “pleassseee Zelda. I hate seeing you like this. After you take it you can have anything you want.”

She finally relented, taking the bottle and downing everything in one go. I took the bottle back with a smile. Now she would start to feel better again. But when I turned back to her, she was shivering like a baby remlit. She gripped my shirt like her life depended on it and yanked me down with newfound strength.

“I am freezing and I need you to warm me right now!!! What was in that?!” Her teeth chattered with each word. Wrapping her tightly working the blankets, I pulled her into my lap and cuddled her. “Whatever it was, It seems like it’ll keep you from sleeping on the floor anymore.”


The bed is big enough for them all, and for that Pike is grateful. Not because she hated being cramped in a smaller bed, but if she had to sleep on the floor one more night, she might punch something. Here she can wedge herself between the half elves, burrow into blankets and pillows, and let herself be at peace. 

She knows Vex likes it too, because she didn’t complain about soreness in the morning, doesn’t have half of a bear on her when she wakes up. Keyleth doesn’t seem to care either way just so long as she’s close, and Pike wonders if it has anything to do with her headmaster position. 

Months ago it was glorious to even have a night they could curl up together. Now it is an everyday luxury to spend the full day together if they wanted, breaking only for meals. They didn’t always choose that, but it was a comfort knowing there will always be a place for her, a place for them to be together. Months ago it was a tentative thing, a shot in the dark to see if it could really work. Now they still have their bumps and misunderstandings but she wouldn’t change any of it for all the gold in the world.



It’s the first of December and Harry’s being a bit of a Scrooge because he’s a little bit poorly.

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shikatema week | day 3 - entice

This is just suggestive, no actual smut I promise. Just a needy Temari and a denying Shikamaru. I’m not sure about this and I’m sorry this is a day late, but I wanted to post it anyway.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .


With an entirely neutral expression, he slapped down a piece and fell back with a sigh. His lips remained parted slightly as he reached up and let his hair down with a yawn, eyes focussed on the board and the pieces like soldiers upon it.

“Explain,” whispered Shikamaru. “It’s so late - why are we playing shogi? You never want to play when I do, troublesome woman…”

Instead of answering, Temari bit down harder on her lip. She’d been pinning it so tightly between her teeth she was sure that soon it would begin to bleed.

For over than hour and a half the pair had sat their, both half dressed, staring at the board and listening to the sharp click of when he put a piece so aggressively down. Well, he’d been staring at the board; she’d been staring at him.


Her moves were softer, much lighter the motion of her hands as she gently tapped the edge of the board to distract him. Not like it would stray her boyfriend from the game that held his focus better than anything else on the planet - he payed more attention to shogi moves than he did to her when she spoke.

“Because I felt like it,” she lied. “And I’m wide awake.”

Shikamaru forced a laugh through his concentration. “You yawn every five minutes, Tem. You’re tired, I know you are.”

“You love the game. Shut up.”

He couldn’t argue the truth she spoke. After all, it was because he liked the game so much that she wanted to play.

Looking up from the pieces below she stared at him intently. Something about watching him as he strategised and executed his passion riled her up with all sort of feeling, although she’d never admit so to him. And now, late at night with  a single lamp illuminating his skin from forehead to the base of his bare chest and abdomen, he seemed more irresistible to her than ever.

In a matter of seconds he slapped down his next piece, drawing his hand back into his lap with determination blazing in those dark eyes that beat down over the wooden board. He stopped, his breathing heavy as he awaited her next move. When her hand stood still and her gaze remained on him, his eyes darted up, agitated by the lack of continuation.

“It’s your move,” he growled.

“I know.”

With a huff he crossed his arms. “Go on then.”

“I’m not ready.”

“Temari, your next move is painfully obvious. Stop being a drag and make a move or-”

“Fine,” she sighed, breaking her stare for a moment to guide her hand, picking up a piece completely at random and slapping in down.


Shikamaru frowned at the blank expression she wore, looking up and down at her and the pieces. “You’re kidding me?” He was in shock, unimpressed, troubled by her attitude. Temari always wanted to beat him, even at the pettiest of things, let alone games.

She should’ve been scheming, intrigued and too clever to give away her next move or allow him an easy one. But, instead, all night she had been sat there in a shirt that truthfully belonged to him, playing it safe, and allowing him to take whatever he pleased whenever he wanted to.

He hated it when she didn’t put up a fight. He wanted to play, not to demonstrate.

“Stop staring at me, and listen. If you’d have put your knight there then I wouldn’t be able to do this.” His hand hovered above a piece and swooped down, dropping said tile elsewhere.



Temari bit down on her lip again, but this time not out of concentration. His hair was falling into his eyes, a messy and dark blanket shrouding him and accentuating the sharp edge of his jaw. More than anything she wanted to pull him towards her and kiss it, and have his hands roam her body and progress further and further until-

“Tem, stop this. It’s really getting on my nerves.”

“So what?” she groaned, running a hand through her loose blond hair. “It’s only a game, Shikamaru.”

“But you never treat it as just a game,” he barked in response. “What is wrong with you, woman? And why do you keep looking at me like…like…”

“Like what?” snapped Temari, frowning and crossing her arms just under her breasts. Even through the baggy shirt of his she war, he couldn’t deny how blatantly obvious she was being. “Spit it out.”

Shikamaru swallowed - not out of nerves or embarrassment, but because he thought he’d soon forget to breathe and choke on his saliva if he didn’t stop staring at her chest. “Like I’m enticing you.” His face flushed and his brow furrowed deeper. “Like you want to have sex with me…”

She snorted and got to her feet, towering above him, but the hem of the shirt she wore fell just in Shikamaru’s line of sight, beneath it the pair of legs and hips that he loved to stare at as they swayed so elegantly. Teal eyes bore down her nose at him, with her lip once against firmly between her front teeth.

He had to admit, she was starting to scare him, and it was making him want her, too.

“Then why haven’t you made a move yet?” Temari hissed gently, taking steps around the board to his side, where she fell to her knees right beside him, lips on his ear. “If you noticed, you should’ve done something, shouldn’t you?”

The whisper sent chills through his body, and he could feel his trousers tightening by the second. He could only hope she wouldn’t notice, too preoccupied by the brushing of her supple pink lips against his neck to pay attention to anything else.

Across his skin he could feel the fluttering of her eyelashes, continually brushing up and down as she kissed over and over until she reached his collarbone. “Are you going to answer me?” she said, her tone low and her breath hot against his cold skin.

“Uh-huh,” he gulped, letting his eyes close. Slowly a smirk started to appear on his lips. “I just wanted to play the game. I was engrossed in it- ah!”

A mixture of a wince and a moan escaped his lips as she gently nibbled on his collar bone. “Shikamaru, when will you learn that a woman needs your attention more than a stupid, wooden board does?”

He pushed her back slightly, reaching down and cupping her cheeks with his hands. A deep, lustful look took over his eyes as he held her chin. “Maybe when a woman stops being so troublesome and giving me such hassle.”

“No woman but me, I hope.” Temari’s smirk grew as she closed the distance between their lips.

“Oh, I wouldn’t dare.”

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

I don’t really know what to think about this but I wanted to post something for ‘entice’ anyway, I really like writing shogi scenes (as you’ll see in a request I have coming up soon).

I hope you enjoyed it at least a little.

Motionless - Part 6

Bucky x Reader ; Steve x Reader (Platonic)

Summary: Reader gets shot in the back during a mission leaving her paralyzed from the waist down

Word Count: 5,043

Warnings: angst, language, major character injury, light fluff

A/N: Bucky’s POV again, guess who finally talks to Bucky? This parts long, mainly because I didn’t want to cut out anything. Thank you for waiting patiently for it! 

(GIFs are not mine, credit to owners)

Originally posted by sebjpeg

Bucky’s POV

“I’m sorry (Y/N)…I’m so sorry. P-Please forgive me. I love you…p-please c-come back to me.” I sobbed against my hands; the wind rustling through the leaves and the crickets drowned out my plea’s as my world completely shattered around me. And now there was nothing I could do to fix it.

                                                     - - - - - - - - -

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anonymous asked:

Can I get RFA + V and Saeran comforting MC whose so worn out about school they honestly are considering dropping out? plz bcus this is me and no one in my RL life ever comforts me :(

((Aw, I’m sorry to hear that. Here’s the RFA to comfort you and a virtual hug. Also let’s assume that MC is in college))


  • MC comes home from class and Yoosung can see that she’s been crying
  • “MC, what’s wrong?”
  • MC admits that classes have been stressful, the teachers kept piling on more and more homework, and she hadn’t been sleeping well because of all the work she’s been getting
  • “I don’t know any more Yoosung… I think I might just drop out of school and work.”
  • Yoosung pulls MC into a hug, and cuddles with her for a bit
  • “MC, look at me. I know how hard school is, I’m a student myself. If you need help studying, I’ll be more than happy to help you. However, if you try your best, and you still want to drop out, I’ll support your decision. My princess’ health and happiness comes before anything…I love you MC, no matter what you choose.”


  • MC failing that quiz when she had studied for so long was the last straw 
  • Maybe school wasn’t for her. Maybe she’d do better just going into the work force.
  • She came home and didn’t even greet Zen. She just went straight to the bedroom and faceplanted onto the bed
  • Zen, as sweet as he is, comes in and asks who hurt MC. He will fight them (ง •̀_•́)ง
  • When she tells him that it’s school, he admits that he can’t beat up the school (he might try though)
  • “Zen, I can’t deal with this anymore. I’m done. I just want to drop out and go straight to the work force”
  • He has MC look into his eyes, and he holds her tiny hands in his
  • “As much as I want to convince you to stay in school, I don’t have the right to. I dropped out of high school, and if you think that dropping out will be for the best, then so be it. I will say this…no matter if you choose to stay in school, or drop out like me, I’ll always be here for you MC. I love you more than anything.


  • MC is just so tired of school. It’s basically an office job, but she’s paying people instead of them paying her…
  • Jaehee comes home to see that MC literally has piles of work surrounding her
  • MC just looks at all the work and face-desks
  • Jaehee is a bit concerned that MC may have hurt herself by slamming her head down on the desk
  • Once she’s sure that MC is fine (at least physically) she calms down
  • “Jaehee, I need to talk to you about something”
  • “Sure MC, just let me get us a nice cup of coffee, and then we can talk”
  • After they get their coffee, MC explains that she just can’t handle the stress of school, or the workload she receives each day
  • It honestly sounds like MC is working for Jumin, only she’s paying Jumin instead of him paying her.
  • “MC, if you want to quit school, that’s fine; but you can’t just sit around the house. If you get a job, and help out around the house, it’s your choice. I just want you to be happy. I understand why you want to quit, but you’re a strong woman, and you have to do what’s best for you. I promise that I will 100% support you no matter what you choose.”


  • MC is just so done with everything that has to do with school. Her grades were down, her stress level was up, and she was just fed up with it!
  • MC decided to talk to Jumin about it, because he was so level headed
  • When she mentioned dropping out, she did notice his slight frown
  • However, when MC finished, he sat quietly as if thinking about the options laid out before him.
  • MC was getting nervous, and Elizabeth, sensing that something was wrong, tried her hardest to cheer her up. 
  • Eventually, Jumin broke the silence
  • “MC, as much as I believe that having an education is important, above that, I want you to be happy. If you have a contract with someone, both sides of the contract must benefit somehow for it to be considered. However, you are basically getting an unfair deal, and thus the contract should be nullified. If you want to try again, I can personally assure you that I can help you succeed. However, should you choose to drop out, I will support your decision completely. You are my world MC, and I love you. Don’t forget that.


  • One day MC just decided not to go to school. It was stressful, she was getting teased, and the teachers were less than sympathetic towards her. 
  • Saeyoung came in and saw that MC was still in bed
  • He’s going to turn MC into a burrito…but wait, didn’t she have class this morning?
  • He goes over to MC (who had turned herself into a blanket burrito) and gently booped her on the nose
  • “Hey sweetie, didn’t you have class today?”
  • “I don’t wanna go. I hate it…I can’t deal with school anymore. I wanna just drop out!” MC shouted before bursting into tears
  • Seven is silent for a moment, before picking the blanket burrito up and holding her.
  • After getting herself out of the blankets, Saeyoung held MC close to him.
  • “MC, I’ve been noticing that you’ve been more stressed lately, but I didn’t want to say anything in case it made you upset. If you need to drop out of school for your health, do it. I don’t want you to be unhealthy like me…also, from now on, I want you to tell me when something’s bothering you, because I love you MC. So please, do what’s best for you. I’m here for you, my princess.”


  • MC is so done with school. Why the hell should she have to write a five page essay on some dumb book about everything wrong with the tomato production in the United States? 
  • MC is so frustrated that she takes the book tomato land and chucks it across the room.
  • V comes in when he hears the slam of the book against the wall (it was a hardcover)
  • “MC, what’s going on?”
  • “I’m just so frustrated. I don’t feel like I’m learning anything at college, and I just want to leave and never go back.”
  • “Alright.”
  • “Can I just…wait, what?”
  • “If you want to quit, that’s fine. I’ll always be there to support and love you. Just do your best in whatever you do, and nobody can say that you didn’t try.”
  • He does offer to teach you photography, which doesn’t require a degree
  • The guy is honestly a pushover. He’ll let you take over the country if that’s what you wanted.


  • MC screamed in frustration. Her CS class was super competitive and she couldn’t figure out what the hell was wrong with her code. 
  • She’s even using the rubber duck method. (RIP rubber ducky)
  • Saeran comes in to almost get hit in the face with a flying rubber duck
  • “What the hell did I do?”
  • MC apologized, and showed him her assignment
  • He took a glance at the code and fixed it immediately
  • She had been working on that for hours, and he just fixed it in less than one minute.
  • “Why the hell am I even going to school? Everyone hates me and obviously I’m not learning anything!”
  • Cue MC faceplanting onto the keyboard, completely destroying the code Saeran just fixed for her
  • “Hey, if you don’t want to go to school, then just drop out. I never went to school, and obviously you want to code, so I’ll teach you. Your school can go to hell for all I care.”
  • “Saeran, would you really teach me how to code?”
  • “Hell yeah I would, and you’ll be better off than those damn bastards at your school.”
  • “I dunno… I mean, what if I’m being irrational, or what if I’m just a stupid failure.”
  • MC, don’t you dare say that you’re a failure. You are the best fucking thing that ever happened to me. You need to stay happy and healthy. So do what’s best for you, not those damn idiots”
  • He’s trying to be supportive and tell MC that he loves her…he’s really trying!

((Also sorry that Saeran got really vulgar…if anyone’s uncomfortable with Saeran cussing let me know))

An open letter to her next love

If you’re reading this then that means you’re one lucky soul. You got her. You got the girl I’ve romanticized for months. But just because you got her doesn’t mean you get to keep her. There are so many things you need to remember. If your’re ever lucky enough to hear her talk about the random facts that come to mind, listen and smile. She’s weird but it’s really cute the way her eyes light up when she speaks so passionately about something. Her eyes, tell her your favorite color are her yes. When she’s sick, she doesn’t like to be touched. As much as you want to hold her when she’s crying, you just need to sit next to her. Your presence enough will let her know that you’re there. Know when to push her and when to let her come to you. I learned the hard way most days, but waiting for her is worth so much. If you ever want her to smile, buy her a big baggy shirt. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just way oversized and comfy. She likes broccoli cheddar soup, and if you can find a panera who never runs out of bread bowls. GO there. Sometimes she’s needy, but like a fake annoying needy to the point where its actually really adorable. Don’t text at the dinner table, she hates when someone is on their phone during a meal. She needs the room to be super cold when she goes to bed, but when you wake up she’ll probably have all the blankets on her, She’s stubborn, my god that head of hers is thick. Bare with her, she’s very understanding but it’ll take her time to open up to new ideas. She’s quite in awkward situations, and although she loves new places, she gets overwhelmed. Hold her hand, let her know you’re right beside her through anything. If you want to hear her real laugh, squeeze her sides, you’ll hear and replay it on your bad days. Don ever touch her feet, you’ll realize how strong she is when she kicks you off your own bed. Remember that behind this beautiful eyes, and a breath-taking smile that theres a girl. She’s vulnerable at times but she will act so strong on the outside. Remember that she’s go the most genuine heart, and an extraordinary mind. You’re never going to meet another soul like hers. So when you have it, hold on to it. Remember that you need to love her flaws, and show her that they’re still beautiful. That she is still beautiful. And lastly, remember that she was the most important being in my life and she’s no longer mine to take care of so its your responsibility. Don’t mess this up. She will be the greatest blessing God will ever give you.


Her first love

Captain Swan AU Prompt Series No.1

Prompt credit to the original poster! Getting back into writing for CS after a bit of an absence, so this piece is slightly all over the place, but it’s a first step so…not going to beat myself up about it. Thanks for reading!

‘I totally wasn’t breaking into your apartment I locked myself out of mine and I’m directly above yours so I picked your lock and was gonna use the fire escape and climb in through my window’ AU

Alphabet City

“This isn’t what it looks like,”

Almost as soon as the words were out, Emma Swan wanted to take them back. She was a professional for god’s sake. Awkward, barely legal situations were part and parcel of the bail bonds business, and one of the first rules everyone learnt was that nine times out of ten, it was indeed exactly what it looked like-which was why it was better to never get caught in the first place.

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Teen Wolf Preference: That Time Again...

Requested by anon


When you hit your period you were always grumpy, sad, you felt sick all the time and nothing seemed to go right. It was at that time that it was up to Stiles to be there. He’d provide you with anything you needed whether it was a hug and a shoulder to cry on or a massive tub of ice-cream and chocolate. He viewed it as a time to help you out with the shit that mother nature had handed you and making you smile during that time was his main goal. He cared about you like that. 


At first he didn’t understand anything at all. Isaac didn’t understand the anger and the cramps and how much pain you went through each month…until he learnt and he learnt relatively quickly after you yelled at him all the things that were wrong with your period and how nature hated you. From that point on he’d bring you hot water bottles, painkillers, blankets, just about anything he thought would help relieve the pain he got. Because he did care. He might have been clueless, but he did care. 


Lydia understood without being told what was going on each month…in fact you were pretty sure she new your cycle off by heart and probably wrote it in her diary just so she could help. From day 1 she was always there with all the necessities, she kept an eye on you and she showered you with love and kisses when you needed it. She didn’t take the irritability or anger to heart because she understood completely what it was like to have your uterus try and kill you. 


If he could get you morphine when your period came about he probably would…but instead he had to make do with putting a bucket by your bed, tucking you in, easing your cramps in anyway he could and talking to you until you fell asleep. He’d learnt quickly that you were only content on your period when you were asleep, painkillers didn’t work and hot water bottles only worked for so long…but sleep, sleep was a master at dealing with the pain.