she hates having blankets or anything on her

AN: WalMart had these Pumpkin Pie poptarts, and they are honestly the best thing that exists in the world. They’re even better when you warm them up.


• Though she doesn’t get it, Zarya loves how warm it smells. She finds that pumpkin has a scent that reminds her of comfortable nights beneath a blanket.

• She doesn’t mind the taste, but it’s not her favorite. She has to be in the mood for anything flavored pumpkin, so she’d have to find ways to avoid having it shoved in her face by her S/O.

• She might get tired of it quickly though.


• At first, he doesn’t mind it. He doesn’t mind the smells of pumpkin every time he walks into the house. He doesn’t mind the food that tastes of pumpkin pie.

• That changes quickly. He starts to hate it. He gags when he smells it, especially with how strong it can be. He wasn’t really fond of the taste anyways, but having it constantly ruins his tolerance.

• Reaper hates it after that. He doesn’t get the obsession, and he spends each day hoping it’ll go away.

Jesse McCree

• McCree would probably join his S/O in the obsession. He grew up surrounded by pumpkin in everything when Fall came around.

• He’s a big fan of pumpkin pie, so he’d consume a large sum of that. If both him and his S/O go to the store, they’ll return with bags of everything smelling and flavored with pumpkin.

• The only thing he doesn’t get is pumpkin spiced lattes. He’s more a fan of black coffee, and he doesn’t like it when people flood their drinks with sugar and cream.