she hates being a woman

Dear Shadowhunters Writers

Maia Roberts was the only black character in TMI, one of few POC characters (particularly WOC), and the most explored WOC in the series.

Please take care of her.

Please don’t leave her out of the series.

Please don’t relegate her to another stereotype like someone else did.

Please explore her character.

Please give her room to grow.

Please let her be like all the other female characters in this show who have proven to be multidimensional, well-developed characters who make mistakes but learn from them and still kick ass.

The show has done such a great job so far of redeeming characters that I didn’t like/care for in the books, and I really want to see our black female star rise up to the occasion.

i can’t believe that people are still calling bad blood a “woman hate” song when for 8 years straight people were shitting on taylor constantly for writing songs about man hating and she writes ONE song about being angry at ONE specific woman who betrayed her and suddenly she’s anti-women….. like it sounds like you just don’t want her to be angry (however righteously) at anybody