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Actually on the subject of Dream Daddy, I only played a little bit last night but here is an incomplete list of things Hal Forrester has done so far:

  1. Pretended to be dead when his daughter woke him up
  2. Gave a lame excuse for why he fired a flaming tennis ball at a police station and added that the police “didn’t believe it either.”
  3. Expressed pride in his daughter when she smashed something and shouted “I GOTTA PROBLEM WITH AUTHORITY.”
  4. Tried (with his daughter) to con free food out of someone who was clearly giving them free food anyway.
  5. Flirted by saying “Your face…is…good.”

It is so easy to imagine this guy as an alternate-universe Stan that it’s a little scary.

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Literally half of our stock room is full of Christmas stuff, stacked about 8 feet high too. The boss won't let us put it out yet, even though she has never worked here during the Christmas season. She doesn't realize how much more we'll be getting, and she won't listen when we try to tell her. Plus, we now only have a small trail leading through the middle of the stock room because there's no room for anything else. It hasn't been this bad in over a year. Yet she. still. won't. listen.

Send people in at random to ask her for Cristmas merch. Maybe if customers ask she’ll put it out.


whatever you do don’t think about the fact that rey has been wearing the same hairstyle and similar clothing since she was 5 years old bc she was probably worried her family wouldn’t recognize her when they came back for her

y'all should know that one of the reasons why seats are empty at sens games is because ottawa is a government town and the phoenix pay system implemented by the government of canada fucked up to the point where some employees haven’t been payed in 18 months and most of us still aren’t entirely sure when/if our next pay check will come in so spending hundreds of dollars on tickets to a hockey game (no matter how much most people love the team) just isn’t a good idea right now

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My cat is about fifteen years old and recently she hasn't been eating as much, she's been pulling her fur out, and her tail sticks up to one side. Should I be concerned and take her to the vet, or are these just normal things that happen to cats as they age? Note, she's indoor and outdoor, we always feed her at the same time (and with a variety of different cat foods but mostly purina brand), and we always give her lots of love and attention. Thank you for the help if you choose to answer this!

Absolutely take her to the vet. Changes in fur quality, body position, or food intake are always signs you should check in with a vet and doubly so for elderly animals. 

The plan was to just grab a few books, make her way home, and hole herself up in her room in a day or two after slowly getting used to the town. That plan, however, was shot to hell much in the same way her car was. After a few minutes of trying to start it and failing, Kate slid out of her car and approached the nearest person. 

“Excuse me?” she called out, getting close enough to tap them on the back. “Sorry, I don’t mean to be a bother, but would you mind helping me with my car?” 

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Nitpicky and not exactly sex-education relevant but I hate when Erika does suprised or shocked eyes. The expression doesn't look alarmed, it doesn't even look human, it looks horrifyingly scary (even for such a simplistically designed comic) like the character is about to morph into a Pixar Car. 10 years she's been making comics. 10 fucking years and she hasn't found a better way to draw a shocked expression that actually looks shocked and not scary.

Someone draw Lightning McQueen giving sex education advice.

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rules: list 10 of your favourite female characters from 10 different fandoms then tag 10 people!

  1. “Foxtrot” Ford (OMGCP)
  2. Allison Reynolds (AFTG)
  3. Michaela Pratt (HTGAWM)
  4. Elena Alvarez (ODAAT)
  5. Minerva McGonagall (HP)
  6. Amy Santiago (B99)
  7. Nina Zenik (SOC)
  8. Joelle Brooks (Dear White People)
  9. Mona Vanderwaal (PLL)
  10. Sookie St James (Gilmore Girls - I’m only on s2 no spoilers pleeease)

A lot of the people I talk to these days who louise didn’t already tag i know just through one fandom so if this doesn’t float your boat feel free to ignore and also there’s a few on here who haven’t been on tumblr in a while and it’s been even longer since we last spoke but for those people i love you and i miss you even though i’m always shit at messaging you i hope you’re doing well <33 but I’ll taaag @peonyaurora @justaphage @packbat @mundungusfletcher @stultiloquentia @aerefyr @partycrouchwrites @inejsghafa @sundaycamesuddenly @siriusly-lupins

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Name 1 successful lesbian in mainstream media right now. Hm? Oh Ellen, yeah read up on what she went through in Hollywood the past 30 years. Kate McKinnon? Hasn't been cast as a lesbian character once in Hollywood. Not once. Name a show on tv with a lesbian as a main character. Name a lesbian playing a lesbian on tv. Name a lesbian in a kids tv show. See? You can't. Being an out lesbian is career suicide and that's a fact.


I thought maybe you could marry me. It’s not like you’re doing anything else. Please, it’s… I’m in a… it’s… it would just be on paper. I’m not asking for an actual marriage.